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SOUTH SUDAN 2017 ISSUES now available:  Severe inflation has caused the Sudan Post Office to surcharge 19 different stamps.  These surcharges are now in stock in extremely limited quantity.  These are the first South Sudan issues in five years!  To avoid disappointment, please reserve yours now.  Call or email for further information.
Thursday, December 13, 2018


Scott # Description Condition Price
Beautiful Never Hinged Collection in a DeLuxe Lighthouse Hingeless Album.  Pages run from 1958-2003 and stamps span 1958-1999.  Missing a few sets for completion.  Retail value of everything exceeds $1350.  Great value at:NH800.00
1989 DRDefinitive Reprints (3)NHAsk
1990 DRDefinitive Reprints (2)NH6.00
1991440-44,448,458,463-93,458a,476a, 476bNH68.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1991 DRDefinitive Reprint (1)NH3.00
1991 BSBooklet Makeup SheetNH25.00
1993531-53A (16),554-76,566aNH43.00
1994 BK2 BookletsNH21.00
1994 H M/S553C Hologram MiniSheet of 10NH200.00
1995 BKBooklets (2)NH29.00
1996 C S/SCapex Overprint Sheet (677a)NH29.50
1996 CBCommem Booklets (2)NH26.00
1996 DBDefinitive Booklet (1)NH3.00
1997 ERRyder Cup S/S, no denominationNH16.00
1997 BKBooklets (3)NH30.00
1998 BKBooklets (3)NH33.00
1999 BKFlower BookletNH5.00
1999 PBKPrestige Booklets (2)NH53.00
1999 M/SMiniSheets (8)NH93.00
2000 PBKPrestige Booklet (1)NH27.75
2000 BKBooklet (1)NH4.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
2000 M/SMiniSheetsNHAsk
2001 HF S/SHafnia Show Sheet (900e)NHAsk
2001 E M/S Europa 918a-919a MiniSheets of 10NHAsk
2002 PBKPrestige Booklet (1)NH26.50
2003 BKBooklet (2)NH18.00
2003 M/SLord of the Rings MiniSheetsNHAsk
2004 BKBooklets (2)NH39.50
2004 HP M/SHarry Potter MiniSheetsNH99.00
2005 E M/SEuropa MiniSheet of 10NH30.00
2005 BKBooklets (5)NH69.00
2005 HP M/SHarry Potter MiniSheets (6)NH55.00
2006 BKBooklets (2)NH15.00
2006 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets of 10 (2)NH33.00
2006 Q M/SQueen's Reign MiniSheets of 16 (2)NH20.00
2007 P15Motocycles "1180G-P" with Horizontal Tabs, Perf 15NH65.00
2007 BKBooklets (3)NH70.00
2008 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets of 10 (2)NH55.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2008 PBKPrestige Booklet (1)NH45.00
2008 BKBooklets (2)NH30.00
2008 S M/SSmilers MiniSheets (3)NHAsk
2008 RAF M/SRoyal Air Force MiniSheets of 4 (2)NH49.50
2009 BKBooklets (3)NH46.00
2009 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets of 10 (2)NH52.50
2010 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets (2)NH30.00
2010 BKBooklets (2)NH25.00
201195 Stamps + 3 S/S (or, more properly, 69+7 S/S)NH185.00
2011 BKBooklet (1)NH11.50
2011 M/SMiniSheets (4)NH82.00
201271 Stamps + 3 S/SNH175.00
2012 BKBees Booklets (2)NH21.00
201371 Stamps + 3 S/SNH179.00
2013 BKBooklets (2)NH21.00
2013 E M/SEuropa MiniSheet of 10 (1)NH25.00
2013 C M/SCoronation MiniSheets of 8 (6)NH135.00
201492 Stamps + 3 S/SNH230.00
2014 BKBooklets (2)NH57.50
2015117 Stamps + 1 S/SNH233.00
2015 BKBooklets (3)NH55.00
2016114 Stamps + 6 S/SNH314.50
2017107 Stamps + 5 S/SNH315.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
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1991-1999440-850+S/S (Basic Year Sets as listed above)NH599.00
2000-2003Basic Year Sets as listed above.NH469.00
1973-1982DUES J1-24,J1a-8aNH55.00
1973-1990BOOKLETS and SACHETS (35)NH200.00
1-72d-5d Pre-Decimal Regional DefinitivesNH4.50
  1  2p Rose red with WatermarkNH.60
  2  3p Light purple with WatermarkNH.40
  "2c"  3p  Light purple on Chalky Paper with WatermarkNH19.00
  2p    3p Light purple, Phosphor with WatermarkNH.40
  3  4p Ultramarine with WatermarkNH1.75
  3p    4p Ultramarine, Phosphor with WatermarkNH.50
  4  4p Ultramarine without WatermarkNH.40
  5  4p Olive brown without WatermarkNH.40
  6  4p Bright red without WatermarkNH.50
  7  5p Dark blue without WatermarkNH.40
8-112p-7p First Regional DecimalsNH2.25
  8  2p Bright pinkNH.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
  9  3p UltramarineNH.40
  10  5p Blue lilacNH.80
  11  7p Red brownNH.80
  Please inquire about stamps with PVA gum on cream paper.   
12-27Independent DefinitivesNH8.00
BK 11973 10p DerbyhavenNH15.00
BK 2  25p ChurchNH2.25
BK 3  30p CastleNH30.00
BK 4  50p QuaysideNH12.00
SC 1  10p Sachet, p,2p StampsNH.50
SC 2  10p Sachet, p,3p StampsNH.50
BK 51974  30p Bridge BookletNH2.25
BK 61974  40p Bridge BookletNH2.75
BK 71974  50p Chapel BookletNH3.00
SC 31974  30p Pink SachetNH1.50
SC 41974  40p Green SachetNH1.75
SC 51974  50p Yellow SachetNH2.25
29-32Steam RailwayNH1.70
33-34Grand PrixNH.35
35Royal WeddingNH.70
40-43Motorcycle RacesNH1.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
44-47Historical ScenesNH.90
51a S/SChurchill Sheet of 4NH1.25
52-594d-13d Views and ScenesNH2.25
  52,55  4d,8d Views and ScenesNH1.00
  53-54  5d,7d Views and ScenesNH1.00
  58-59  11d,13d Views and ScenesNH1.25
S 61975  20p Sachet, 2p,3p StampsNH3.00
S 71975  20p Sachet, p,1p,5p StampsNH2.75
S 81975  20p Sachet, p,1p,5p StampsNH3.00
S 91976 20p Sachet, 1p,6p StampsNH1.25
62-65Cleveland SettlersNH1.00
66-69Motorcycle RacesNH1.25
70-73Sir George GoldieNH1.10
74-77Manx BibleNH1.00
78-81USA BicentennialNH1.25
"80a" BKINTERPHIL'76 Booklet of 4 with Airmail Labels and Postal RatesBOOKLET7.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
81a S/SUSA Bicentennial Sheet of 4NH1.75
82-85Horse TramsNH1.20
86-91Europa - PotteryNH2.25
86-91 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 9 NH7.75
96-98Silver JubileeNH1.00
99-100Europa - LandscapesNH1.00
99-100 GP  Europa Gutter Pairs NH3.25
99-100 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 20 NH19.00
101-04Motorcycle RacesNH1.20
105-08John WesleyNH1.20
109-12Royal Air ForceNH1.20
113-29Landmark Definitives (our choice of perfs)NH16.75
113//25Definitive Views (mixed perfs)NH9.50
113-25 (13)d-16d Views, Perf 14x14NH10.75
  113  d Perf 14x14NH2.50
  114  1d Perf 14x14NH.40
  115  6d Perf 14x14 NH.50
  116  7d Perf 14x14NH.75
  117  8d Perf 14x14NH.50
  118  9d Perf 14x14NH.60
  119  10d Perf 14x14NH.60
  120  11d Perf 14x14NH.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
  121  12d Perf 14x14NH.75
  122  13d Perf 14x14NH1.50
  123  14d Lighthouse Perf 14x14NH2.50
  124  15d Perf 14x14NH1.50
  125  16d Lighthouse Perf 14x14NH4.50
113a//25a (12)d-16d Views, Perf 14NH85.00
  113a  d Perf 14 NH2.50
  114a  1d Perf 14 NH2.50
  116a  7d Perf 14 NH18.00
  117a  8d Perf 14 NH.90
  118a  9d Perf 14 NH.75
  119a  10d Perf 14 NH.90
  120a  11d Perf 14 NH2.50
  121a  12d Perf 14 NH1.10
  122a  13d Perf 14 NH.75
  123a  14d Lighthouse Perf 14 NH3.50
  124a  15d Perf 14 NH.90
  125a  16d Lighthouse Perf 14 NH53.00
126-2920p-1 High ValuesNH6.00
S101979 20p Sachet, 1p,6p WardNH5.50
B8 BK  20p Millenium BookletNH1.25
B9 BK  40p Millenium BookletNH1.75
B10 BK  60p Millenium BookletNH2.75
130Coronation AnniversaryNH.80
131-36Europa - ArchitectureNH1.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
131-36 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 9 NH7.00
137-38Manx Pioneer WardNH.40
139-40Commonwealth GamesNH.50
142-45Natural HistoryNH1.20
  146  3p InsularemNH.35
  146a BP    Pane of 6, 3p Insularem x4, 4p x2NH.75
  146b  3p InsularumNH.50
  146c BP    Pane of 6, 3p Insularum x4, 4p x2NH1.25
152-53Europa - CommunicationNH.70
152-53 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 20 NH15.00
154-55Royal VisitNH.75
156-57Year of ChildNH.40
158-61Captain QuilliamNH1.20
162Odin's RavenNH.60
163-67Geographical SocietyNH1.60
168-73Steam PacketsNH1.60
173a S/SSteam Packets Sheet of 6NH2.20
174-75Europa - CelebritiesNH.60
174-75 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 20 NH15.00
176Norway's King OlavNH.85
176a S/SOlav Sheet of 2NH1.10
Scott # Description Condition Price
177-81Kermodes FamilyNH1.60
189-90Wildlife Booklet StampsNH.70
B111980 40p RamNH1.75
B12  80p FalconNH3.00
B131985 50p RamNH12.50
191-92 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 20 NH15.00
193-96Colonel Mark WilksNH2.00
197Women's SuffrageNH.40
198-99Royal WeddingNH1.20
199a S/SWedding SheetNH2.50
200QE II 1 DefinitiveNH5.75
201-04British LegionNH1.60
212-13Europa - HistoryNH.80
212-13 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 20 NH15.00
214-18Motorcycle RacesNH2.75
223 S/SDiana's BirthdayNH2.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
224-391p-1 Bird DefinitivesNH14.00
240-43Salvation ArmyNH2.40
244-45Europa - GeniusNH1.50
244-45 M/S  Europa - Genius MiniSheets of 12 NH12.00
250-51Post Office AnniversaryNH1.20
254-58Karran FleetNH3.75
259 S/SFalkland IslandsNH3.25
260-61Europa - BridgeNH1.10
260-61 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 20 NH22.50
267-71William CainNH4.50
276-80Girl GuidesNH5.00
281QEII 5 DefinitiveNH12.75
282-83Europa - Music YearNH2.75
282-83 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 20 NH27.00
287-90SSA PresidentsNH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
291-93Sir Mark CubbonNH3.25
297-300Commonwealth GamesNH3.75
301-05Manx MuseumNH4.25
306-07 (4)Europa - Environment PairsNH2.50
306-07 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 20 NH30.00
308-11Standish, PilgrimsNH3.75
311a S/SPilgrims SheetNH3.00
312-132p,10p Heritage YearNH1.90
B14 '86  50p Heritage BookletNH3.75
B15 '86  1.14 Heritage BookletNH8.75
314-15Royal WeddingNH2.50
316-17Royal BirthdaysNH2.90
321-262p-34p Victorian ScenesNH4.20
323a BK  50p Victorian Booklet of 8NH3.00
324a BK  1.10 Victorian Booklet of 8NH7.00
331-34Europa - Architecture PairsNH3.75
331-34 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 20 NH22.50
335-39Motorcycle RacesNH4.75
339a S/SRacing Sheet of 5NH5.00
340-43Wild FlowersNH4.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
344-46Victorian ChristmasNH2.50
347-58D1p-1 Rail, Tram DefinitivesNH15.50
  347-58  1p-19p ValuesNH9.00
  358A-D  20p-1 Railway High ValuesNH8.00
349,353,356 RP 19891989 Definitive Reprints (3p,14p,17p) 
  356 RP 1989  17p Tram Inscribed 1989NHAsk
354,358 RP 19901990 Definitive Reprints (15p,19p)NH6.00
356 RP 199117p Tram Inscribed 1991NH3.00
355C,355D RP 19921992 Definitive Reprints (50p,1)NH6.50
  355Ca RP 1992  50p Groudle Glen Train Inscribed 1992NH2.50
  355Da RP 1992  1 Royal Train Inscribed 1992NH4.50
B181988 50p Rail, TramNH3.00
B19  1.99 Rail, TramNH12.00
B201989 5.30 BountyNH19.00
B21  50p Rail, TramNH3.00
B22  2.09 Rail, TramNH9.00
B231990 50p Rail, TramNH2.50
B24  1.74 Rail, TramNH7.50
359-62Car RacingNH4.50
363-66Europa - Transport PairsNH3.00
363-66 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 16 NH29.00
370a S/SShips Sheet of 2NH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
380-83Manx CatsNH4.50
384-88Knox Art WorksNH4.25
389-93Mutiny on the BountyNH4.25
394 S/SMutiny Sheet of 3NH3.25
395-98Europa - Child Play PairsNH3.25
395-98 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 10 NH35.00
399-402Sea Birds - WWF (our choice of format)NH5.75
399-402 STR  Sea Birds - WWF Strip of 4NH6.00
399-405 BLK  Sea Birds - WWF Block of 4NH6.75
399-402 M/S  WWF MiniSheet of 16NH77.00
403-07Red CrossNH4.50
412Queen, Lord DefinitiveNH6.00
418-21Europa - Post OfficesNH4.00
418-21 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 10 NH42.50
422 S/SPenny Black Essays SheetNH5.00
422h S/SPenny Black Essays Sheet with "Stamp World London" OverprintNH18.00
422g,423z,424a BP  Penny Black Booklet PanesNH13.00
422g,423z,424a BK  3.50 Penny Black Booklet of 3 PanesNH14.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
423 M/SPenny Black MiniSheet of 25NH2.50
424 S/SPenny Black SheetNH5.00
425Queen's BirthdayNH3.75
426-31Battle of BritainNH6.00
426-31 M/S  Battle MiniSheets of 8 with Decorative MarginsNH34.00
426-31 M/S  Battle MiniSheets in a Special Commemorative Folder NH39.00
432-35Winston ChurchillNH5.00
439a S/SChristmas Sheet of 4NH4.00
445-47These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
448,458 '914p, 21p Rail, TramNH4.75
B261991 50p Rail, TramNH2.50
B27  1 Rail, TramNH5.00
449-55These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
457This number not utilized by Scott. 
458a S/SRail, Tram Sheet of 4NH3.50
456,459 '9218p, 23p Train, TramNH4.75
B291992 1 Rail, TramNH3.00
B30  2 Rail, TramNH6.00
460-62These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
468-71Europa - Space PairsNH6.75
468-71 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 10 NH70.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
476a S/SMotorcycling Sheet of 5NH6.00
476b S/SMotorcycling Sheet of 5 with PhilaNippon Overprint at TopNH15.00
477-81Fire EnginesNH5.00
492-93Christmas Self-AdhesiveNH4.50
493a BK  4.16 Christmas Self-adhesive Booklet NH27.50
494-98Elizabeth AccessionNH5.00
499-504Parachute GroupNH5.75
499-504 M/S  Parachute Group MiniSheets of 8 with Decorative MarginsNH
499-504 M/S  Parachute Group MiniSheets in Special FolderNH35.00
505-08Europa - America PairsNH5.25
505-08 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 10 NH55.00
509-13Marine LaboratoryNH5.00
514-17Trains, StampExpo Pairs with Central TabsNH5.00
514-17 M/S  Trains, StampExpo MiniSheets of 10 with Decorative MarginsNH55.00
514-17 M/S  Trains, StampExpo MiniSheets as above in a Special FolderNH60.00
517b,518a,518b BK  Union Pacific BookletNH14.50
518 S/STrain SheetNH7.50
519-22Manx HarborsNH4.25
523 S/SHarbor SheetNH4.50
529-30Racing CarsNH1.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
531-53C1p-5 Ships, Flag, Elizabeth DefinitivesNH35.00
  531-34,543-50  Ships, Part 1, 1p-5p,20p-27pNH10.00
  531  1p HMS AmazonNH2.00
  532  2p FingalNH.90
  533  4p ChurchillNH1.50
  534  5p Dar MlodziezyNH.50
  535-42  These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
  543  20p Tynwald INH.90
  544  21p Ben WegNH1.00
  545  22p WaverlyNH1.00
  546  23p HMY BritanniaNH1.50
  546a S/S '97  HMY Brittania SheetNH2.00
  547  24p Francis DrakeNH1.00
  547a BP    20p x4,24p x6 Pane of 10NH8.00
  547a BK    20p x4,24p x6 Booklet of 10NH8.50
  547b BP    20p x2,24p x3 Pane of 10NH4.75
  547b BK    20p x2,24p x3 Booklet of 10NH5.00
  548  25p Royal Viking SkyNH1.25
  548a BP    4p x2, 21p x2,25p x2 Pane of 10NH8.00
  548a BK    4p x2, 21p x2,25p x2 Booklet of 10NH8.50
  549  26p Lord NelsonNH1.50
  550  27p EuropaNH1.50
  551,552-53A  30p,40p-1 Ships, Part 2NH7.25
  551  30p Snaefell VNH1.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  551A '96  35p Sea Cat, Part 5NH5.00
  552  40p Lady of ManNH1.75
  553  50p Mona's Queen IINH2.75
  553A  1 QE2, Mona's Queen VNH6.75
  553B '94  2 Red Ensign, Part 3NH6.00
  553C '94  5 Elizabeth Hologram, Part 4NH15.00
  553C M/S '94  5 Elizabeth Hologram MiniSheet of 10NH200.00
1995 RP '9520p, 24p with 1995 ImprintNH5.50
  543 RP '95  20p Tynwald with 1995 ImprintNH2.75
  547 RP '95  24p Francis Drake with 1995 ImprintNH2.75
  547 RP '974p// 1 with 1997 Imprint (4)NH13.50
  533 RP '97  4p Churchill with 1997 ImprintNH4.50
  544 RP '97  21p Ben Weg with 1997 ImprintNH2.50
  546a S/S '97  23p Sheet with 1997 Imprint 
  548 RP '97  25p Royal Viking Sky with 1997 ImprintNH2.50
  548a BK RP '97    Pane with 1997 ImprintNH9.75
  553A RP '97  1 QE2 with 1997 ImprintNH4.50
554-57Manx RailwayNH3.50
557a PBK  Manx Railway Prestige BookletNH13.50
558-61Europa - Art PairsNH3.00
558-61 M/S  Europa - Art MiniSheets of 10 NH32.50
566a S/SRacing Sheet of 5NH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
"573a,574a" BK  Christmas Booklets of 10NH18.00
586a BP  Tourism Pane of 10 plus Pane of 12 labelsNH9.75
586a BK  Tourism Complete BookletNH11.50
587-92Birds PairsNH5.75
593 S/SBird over Castles SheetNH3.75
594-99Europa - Discoveries Strips of 3NH6.50
594-99 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 5 Sets NH35.00
600-07D-Day Invasion PairsNH6.00
608-13Postman PatNH4.75
614 S/SPostman Pat SheetNH3.50
608a-14a PBK  Postman Pat Prestige BookletNH15.00
615-19Olympic CommitteeNH4.75
620-22Christmas, Thomas the Tank EngineNH3.25
623-26Electric RailwayNH4.50
"623a-27a" BK  Snaefell BookletNH12.00
627 S/SRailway SheetNH3.50
628-32Steam VehiclesNH5.25
633-34Europa - PeaceNH2.00
633-34 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 10 NH22.00
635-42Victory in Europe Day PairsNH6.50
635-42 M/S  Victory in Europe Day MiniSheets of 4NH29.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
643-48Motor Car RacingNH6.50
649 S/SRacing SheetNH3.50
655 S/SMushroom SheetNH3.50
656-61Thomas the Tank EngineNH6.75
657a-61b BK  Thomas the Tank Engine BookletNH18.00
666a-71a PBK  Lighthouses BookletNH16.00
672-76Manx CatsNH5.50
677 S/SCats SheetNH5.00
677a S/SCats Sheet with CAPEX InscriptionNH29.50
678Douglas BoroughNH1.20
679-80Europa - Famous WomenNH2.50
679-80 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 10 NH26.00
681-82These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
683,693,6974p,20p,24p Ship DefinitivesNH1.50
697a x2 BK  4p,20p,24p x2 Ships BookletNH4.00
684-92,694-96These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
698-700These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
705 S/SRacing SheetNH3.25
706-09Legion, PoppiesNH5.00
710-15UNICEF AnniversaryNH6.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
716a-22a PBK  Dog Prestige BookletNH20.00
722 S/SWoof-Woof SheetNH3.75
733 S/SOwls SheetNH4.00
727a//733a PBK  Owls Prestige BookletNH15.00
738-43Europa - LegendsNH6.50
738-43 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 10 NH32.00
744-51Aircraft PairsNH6.75
752-55Ryder Cup GolfNH5.00
756 S/SRyder Cup SheetNH5.50
756b S/SRyder Cup Error (the denomination omitted!)NH18.00
752a-56a PBK  Ryder Cup Golf Prestige Booklet of 4 PanesNH22.00
761Wedding Anniversary Strip of 4NH6.50
762 S/SAnniversary SheetNH3.80
766-70 SNGFlowers Singles inc ButterflyNH7.25
766-70 STR  Flowers Strip of 5NH11.50
766a RP '99  4p Shamrocks with 1999 ImprintNH5.50
768a BK  Flowers Booklet of 10NH19.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
766-70 BKS  Flowers Special Booklet SheetsNHAsk
771-74Viking ShipsNH5.00
775 S/SViking Ship SheetNH3.75
776-80Marine LifeNH5.50
780a BK  Marine Life Booklet of 14NH11.75
784a BK  Trains Booklet of 4NH4.75
785 S/STrain SheetNH4.00
785a-b  Trains Sheet SinglesNH4.00
784a//785c PBK  Trains Prestige BookletNH16.00
785d '99 S/STrain Sheet with PhilexFrance'99 EmblemNH29.75
786-87Europa - CelebrationsNH3.00
786-87 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 10 NH32.50
788-92Motorcycle RacesNH6.00
793Princess Diana Strip of 4NH5.00
793 SO  Diana Strip of 4 in Scott OrderNH15.00
793 M/S  Princess Diana MiniSheet of 16 with Decorative MarginsNH22.00
793a-d  Diana Singles from StripNH3.75
793 FLD  Princess Diana Limited Issue Folder with MiniSheet, FDC, Blocks and Extensive TextNH29.50
794-01 (8)1p-30p FlowersNH7.00
  794,95,97,98,801 '98  1998 Flowers (1p,2p,10p,20p,30p)NH5.00
  796,99,800 '99  1999 Flowers (5p,22p,26p)NH3.00
800a '99 BK  Flowers Booklet of 6NH13.50
802Queen, Queen MotherNH9.00
802 FDCQueen, Mum FDC - 2 Large Birds are part of the Cachet.FDC7.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
808-09Europa - ParksNH3.00
808-09 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 10 NH32.50
810-15Post BoxesNH7.00
820a BP  Lighthouse Pane of 5 plus TabsNH7.75
821-2243p,56p Lifeboats from Older Stamp IssuesNH29.50
822a S/SIBRA Exhibition Lifeboat Sheet of 5 plus 4 TabsNH29.00
823 S/SLifeboat Sheet of 1NH6.00
820a-23a PBK  Lifeboat Prestige BookletNH35.00
824-27Seasonal JewelryNH5.25
828 S/SMonarchs Sheet of 6NH5.75
828a-f  Monarchs Singles from SheetNH5.50
831a-34a PBK  Buses Prestige BookletNH19.00
835-37Royal WeddingNH6.75
837A-BWedding PhotosNH2.75
842-47Bee Gee SongsNH7.00
848-49 S/SBee Gee SheetsNH8.75
850 S/SMillennium SheetNH13.00
851-56History of TimeNH12.50
857-58Queen Mother Strips of 3NH8.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
857-58 M/S  Queen Mother MiniSheetsNH29.00
859 S/SQueen Mother SheetNH3.75
859a S/SQueen Mother Sheet with London 2000 EmblemNH12.75
860WWF - Song Birds Strip of 4NH7.50
860 M/S  WWF - Song Birds MiniSheet of 20NH39.00
861-63Man at War Pairs with TabsNH9.50
861a-63b  Man at War Singles (shown in some albums)NH9.25
863c-64c PBK  Man at War Prestige BookletNH28.75
864 S/SBattle of BritainNH6.75
865 S/SPrince WilliamNH7.50
866-71Gaiety TheatreNH8.75
866-71 M/S  Gaiety Theatre MiniSheets of 20NH145.00
872-77Global ChallengeNH9.75
878-82Tourism PosterNH7.00
883Europa - StarsNH7.00
883 M/S  Europa - Stars MiniSheet of 10 NH70.00
884-87Christmas - Europa RelatedNH5.25
888 S/SYear of the Snake SheetNH4.75
889-94Coins, ScenesNH7.50
895-99 TAB  Insects with Insects on TabsNH12.50
900 S/SQueen Elizabeth II SheetNH5.50
900e S/S '02Queen Elizabeth Sheet with HAFNIA EmblemNHAsk
901-06Manx PostmenNH8.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
907-12Motorcycle Racer DunlopNH9.50
913-17Horse RacingNH7.00
918-23Gourmet Foods with EuropaNH9.00
918-23 M/S  Gourmet Foods (with Europa) MiniSheets of 10 NHAsk
919-20  26p,36p Europa-CEPT Gourmet FoodsNHAsk
919a-20a M/S  Europa-CEPT Gourmet Foods MiniSheets of 10 NHAsk
924-28Architecture of Baillie ScottNH8.00
929-34Queen Elizabeth II ReignNH8.50
929-34 M/S  Queen Elizabeth II MiniSheets of 8 with Decorative MarginsNH75.00
931a,934a BP '02  Queen Elizabeth II Panes of 3NHAsk
940 STRReign of Queen Elizabeth Strip of 5NH15.75
940a-e  Reign of Queen Elizabeth Singles (called for in some albums) 
940 SH  Elizabeth's Reign Sheet of 20 with Large Pictorial Gutter 
940f BP  Queen Booklet Pane of 3NHAsk
940g BP  Queen Booklet Pane of 2NHAsk
941 S/SQueen Elizabeth II SheetNH4.00
"941X" S/SElizabeth II Sheet with "The Isle of Man Celebrates The Jubilee . . ." SheetNHAsk
941a BP  Queen Elizabeth II Pane of 1NHAsk
931a//941a PBKQueen Elizabeth Prestige BookletNH23.00
942-47Commonwealth GamesNH7.00
948Queen Mother NH10.50
949-53Painter OnleyNH8.50
954-59World Cup SoccerNH9.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
960-65McCartney ArtNH10.50
966 BLKScenes Block of 10NH10.50
967 BKScenes, Self-adhesive Booklet of 10NH23.50
968 BLKPhotography Block of 10NH9.50
969 BKPhotography, Self-adhesive Booklet of 10NH23.50
970-74Christmas and EuropaNH10.75
  972Europa - CircusNH3.00
  972 M/S  Europa Circus MiniSheet of 10 plus 10 Tabs  NH30.00
975 S/SChristmas SheetNH5.00
976-80Post VehiclesNH9.00
981-84Space ExplorationNH10.00
985 S/SSpace SheetNH6.00
986 BLKQueen's Coronation Block of 6NH11.00
986 BLK PR  Queen's Coronation Blocks of 6 in PairNH23.00
986 SH  Queen's Coronation Sheet of 4 Blocks with Decorative MarginsNH60.00
987-88 STRPowered Flight Strips of 3NH11.00
989 S/SDambuster's Raid SheetNH7.50
989a S/SRaid Sheet with Ticino EmblemNH9.50
990-93Prince William BirthdayNH8.00
994-99Manx Literature inc EuropaNH9.50
  997  Europa - Poster ArtNH3.75
997a M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 10 plus 10 Tabs NH32.50
1000-05Tudor ReignNH9.00
1006-07Noble Trust Strips of 5NH9.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1007F-OHenry Bloom Noble, Self-adhesiveNH19.00
1007Jp,Oq BK  Henry Bloom Noble, Self-adhesive BookletsNH39.75
  1007Jp BP    Henry Bloom Noble Booklet Pane of 10NHAsk
  1007Oq BP    Henry Bloom Noble Booklet Pane of 10NHAsk
1013-20Lord of the RingsNH15.00
1013-20 M/S  Lord of the Rings Decorative MiniSheets of 6NHAsk
1021 S/SLord of the Rings SheetNH9.00
1028-31D-Day CommemorationNH14.00
1032 S/SD-Day SheetNH8.50
1039-44Actor FormbyNH10.50
1045-49Olympic GamesNH10.50
1050-51National Heritage Strips of 5NH11.00
1052-61National Heritage Self-adhesive from BookletsNH29.50
1056a,1061a BK  Heritage Booklets of 10NH39.50
1062 S/SLaxey Wheel SheetNH9.50
1062a S/SSindelfingen Emblem on Laxey Wheel SheetNH18.50
1063-68Cooper Paintings inc Europa NH11.50
  1064-65  Europa - PaintingsNH4.50
1064-65 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 10 plus 10 Tabs NHAsk
1069-7325p-68p Robins SinglesNH17.00
1069 ST  25p-68p Robins Strip of 5NH17.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1073a S/SRobins Decorative MiniSheet of 10NH35.00
1074-81Harry PotterNH19.00
1074-81 M/S  Harry Potter MiniSheets of 5 with Decorative MarginsNH99.00
1082-85Battle of TrafalgarNH14.00
1086 S/SBattle of Trafalgar SheetNH9.00
1087-90WWII VictoryNH16.00
1091 S/SWWII Victory SheetNH9.50
1092-95Ship PaintingsNH14.00
1093c-95e BP  Ship Paintings Booklet PanesNHAsk
1093c-95e BK  Ship Paintings BookletNH33.00
1101a M/SMotorcycles MiniSheet of 12NH39.75
1102-07Rotary InternationalNH11.00
  1105Europa - CuisineNH2.75
  1105 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 10 NH30.00
1108-09Daily Life Strips of 5NH12.00
1110-19Daily Life, Self-adhesiveNH12.00
1114a,1119a BP  Daily Life, Self-adhesive Booklet Panes of 10NH30.00
1114a, 1119a BK  Daily Life, Self-adhesive BookletsNH30.00
1120 S/S TABYouth Day Sheet with TabsNH9.00
1121-26Harry PotterNH12.00
1121-25 M/S  Harry Potter MiniSheets of 5 
1127 S/SBattle of Trafalgar SheetNH8.50
1127a  Nelson Funeral SingleNH8.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
1133-34Queen Elizabeth Strips of 4NH16.00
1133-34 M/S  Queen Elizabeth Decorative MiniSheets of 16NHAsk
1135-40Natural HistoryNH14.00
1141-42 STRLocal Birds 2 Strips of 5NH13.00
  1141  28p Birds Strip of 5NH6.00
  1142  31p Birds Strip of 5 
1142f S/SBelgica Birds SheetNH45.00
1142G-HLocal Birds Strips of 5, Self-adhesiveNH49.00
1143 S/SQueen's Birthday SheetNH8.50
1144 S/SEuropa Anniversary SheetNH5.50
1145-50World Cup SoccerNH14.50
1151-56USA LinksNH14.00
1157-62Peel CarsNH13.00
1163-70Portrait GalleryNH17.00
1171 S/SBeatrix Potter SheetNH10.00
1172-77Christmas inc EuropaNH13.00
  1173,75Europa - Christmas, IntegrationNH4.50
  1173,75 M/S  Europa - Christmas, Integration MiniSheets of 10 NH47.50
117828p Christmas, Self-adhesiveNH2.50
1178a BK  28p Christmas Booklet of 10NH15.00
1179Europa - Christmas, Integration Self-adhesiveNH2.50
1179a BK  Europa - Christmas, Integration Booklet NH22.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1180-81Motorcycle Races Strips of 5NH27.50
1180-81 TAB  Motorcycle Races Strips of 5, Perf 14, Tabs Top or BottomNH37.50
1181f M/SMotorcycle Races MiniSheet of 10 with 10 Tabs, Perf 14 (not in Year Set)NH53.00
"1181G-P"Motorcycle Races, Perf 15, Tabs Right or Left (not yet listed in Scott although it should be because of the new Perf gauge)NH65.00
"1181G-P" M/S  Motorcycle Races. Perf 15, Tabs Right or Left (not yet listed in Scott although it should be because of the new Perf gauge) Complete Large Sheet of 10NH75.00
1182-87Europa - Scouting, Hiking NH14.00
  1183-84Europa - Scouting ScenesNH3.25
  1183a-84a M/S  Europa - Scouting MiniSheets of 10 NH35.00
1184a//88c PBK  Europa - Scouting Prestige BookletNH35.00
1188 S/SBoy Scout Centennial SheetNH8.00
1188d S/SScouting Sheet with Jamboree Emblem in MarginNH14.50
1189Queen's Wedding AnniversaryNH14.00
1190-97Norman Sayle Paintings from SheetsNH13.75
1198-01Norman Sayle Paintings from BookletsNH14.75
1199a,1201a BKNorman Sayle Paintings Booklets of 10NH35.00
1202-07Jamestown SettlementNH13.00
1208-13Charter of LiverpoolNH15.50
1214 S/SLiverpool SheetNH9.00
1215-20Historical Manx MapsNH14.75
1221-26International Polar YearNH16.00
1227 S/SManx-Northern Canada ConnectionsNH12.50
1228-33Plowing ChampionshipsNH16.00
1239 S/SCunard Ships SheetNH12.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1239d-f S/SCunard Ships Smiler Sheets (3)NH135.00
1240-45Royal Air ForceNH14.50
1243a-45c PBK  Royal Air Force Prestige BookletNH45.00
1240-45 M/S  Royal Air Force Decorative MiniSheetsNH60.00
1252-57Manx Bank NotesNH14.50
125830p Bank Note Self-adhesiveNH3.00
1258a BK  Manx Bank Notes Booklet of 10NH30.00
1259 S/SBeijing Olympics SheetNH5.50
1259e S/SBeijing Olympics Sheet with OLYMPEX InscriptionNH12.75
1259f S/SBeijing Olympics Cycling, Torch SheetNH35.00
1260-67Inter Celtique MusicNH16.50
  1262,1264  Europa - Flags, MailsNH4.50
  1262a,1264a M/S  Europa - Flags, Mails MiniSheets of 10 with Maps in Decorative Margins NH55.00
1267a M/SInterceltic Music MiniSheet of 8NH37.50
1268-73Motor RacingNH16.50
1274 S/SMotor Racing Sheet of 6NH13.50
1275-76Manx Worthies Strips of 5NH16.50
1277-82End of World War INH13.50
1283 S/SWorld War I SheetNH11.00
1290-95Christmas PostmanNH12.00
1296-98Hamilton, Formula 1 Race Car Driver PairsNH13.00
1299-00Naval Aviation Strips of 3NH12.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1299d//1300f BP  Naval Aviation Booklet Panes of 4NH32.00
1299d-00f PBK  Naval Aviation Prestige Booklet of 16NH35.00
1301-02Henry VIII Accession Strips of 4NH11.50
1303-06Photographs of Mills PairsNH11.50
1307-10Photographs of Mills from BookletsNH5.50
1308a,1310a BK  Photographs of Mills BookletsNH19.50
1311 M/SPeonies MiniSheet of 8NH6.50
1312-17Moon Landing PaintingsNH13.75
  1312,1314  Europa - AstronomyNH3.75
  1312a,1314a M/S  Europa - Astronomy Decorative MiniSheets of 10 NH52.50
1318 S/SOn the Rim SheetNH7.50
1318a S/SMan on the Moon Sheet with Anniversary Emblem OverprintNH12.50
1319-24Racing MotorcyclesNH14.50
1325 S/SEngland-Australia Cricket MatchNH9.75
1326-27Bee Gees Strips of 4 plus TabsNH16.00
1328-33Paul Wildlife PaintingsNH15.00
1333a S/SWildlife Paintings Sheet of 6NH17.50
1334-39Archibald Knox WatercolorsNH14.00
1340 S/SEllan Vannin Sinking SheetNH9.50
1347-48Christmas Self-adhesiveNH4.75
1349-52 (10)Island Life inc 2 Strips of 4NH16.50
1353-60Island Life, Self-adhesiveNH12.50
1356a,1360a BK  Island Life BookletsNH29.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
1361-64Girl Guide Pairs with Europa NH14.00
  1362,1363  Europa-CEPT BooksNH3.50
1362,1363 M/S  Europa-CEPT Books MiniSheets of 10 NH30.00
1365 S/SGirl Guides Sheet of 2NH9.75
1365c S/SGirl Guides Sheet with Camp EmblemNH16.75
1366-67Battle of Britain Strips of 3NH12.00
1368 S/SBritain at War SheetNH9.00
1369-74King George V AnniversaryNH16.00
1375-80Model T FordsNH14.00
1386a M/S  Railroads MiniSheet (not in Year Set)NH28.50
1387-92Manx CoinsNH13.00
1393 S/SPapal Visit SheetNH9.00
1394-99Artwork by InterneesNH17.50
1400 S/SChristmas - Friends and Heroes SheetNH9.50
1401-06Snowfall PhotographsNH15.00
1407 S/SRoyal Engagement SheetNH9.75
1408-13Elizabeth ReignNH13.75
1414 S/SRoyal Service SheetNH14.00
  Royal Service MiniSheetNH13.75
1415-22Manx GeneaologyNH15.00
1vEuropa - Trees, Perf 13NH3.75
1vEuropa - Trees, Perf 12NH5.75
M/S  Europa - Trees, Perf 12 Decorative MiniSheet of 10 NH49.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
6vTitantic Strips of 3NH15.00
2 M/S  Titantic Strips MiniSheets of 15NH75.00
PMSTitantic Personalizeable Sheet of 9NH32.00
1494Europa-CEPT - Harbour LighthouseNH2.00
1494 M/S  Europa-CEPT - Harbour Lighthouse MiniSheet of 10 NH23.75
2vBees, Self adhesiveNH2.75
BKBees Self-adhesive Booklets of 10NH26.00
7 values5p-5 Values (Emblem, School, Cathedral, Tynwald)NH19.00
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J1-8p-20p First DuesNH29.00
  J3  2pNH1.00
  J4  3pNH3.00
J1a-8ap-1 Dues Reprints Inscribed "1973 A"NH4.75
J9-16p-1 Arms plus Denomination HorizontalNH5.00
J17-241d-2 Manx EmblemNH11.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
J255 Triskelion SymbolNH14.50
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