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SOUTH SUDAN 2017 ISSUES now available:  Severe inflation has caused the Sudan Post Office to surcharge 19 different stamps.  These surcharges are now in stock in extremely limited quantity.  These are the first South Sudan issues in five years!  To avoid disappointment, please reserve yours now.  Call or email for further information.
Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Scott # Description Condition Price
1992 BA1-4 + 9 Unlisted SurchargesNH12.50
1992 IMPRocket 0,30 Surcharge ImperfNH6.00
1992 ADAdvanced Rarities (10) as listed in MichelNH1,290.00
1996 M/SSpecial Butterfly MiniSheetNH25.00
1997 M/S187b Zodiac MiniSheetNH17.50
1998 M/SMiniSheets (2)NH54.00
2000 BKBooklet (1)NH19.00
2002 BKBooklets and Folders (5)NH58.00
2002 M/SMiniSheets (6)NH139.00
2004 BKBooklet (1)NH8.00
2004 M/SMiniSheet of 12 (1)NH12.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2005 E M/SEuropa MiniSheet of 20NH150.00
2005 V M/SWWII Victory MiniSheetNH22.50
2005 O M/SOther MiniSheets (5)NH150.00
2006 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets of 10 (2) (the normal M/S and the Special Tete-Beche M/S)NH245.00
2006 O M/SOther MiniSheets of 6, 8, 10 or 12 (6)NH200.00
2006 XXKAZAKSTAN 2006 Offers: 45 Stamps + 2 S/S + 8 MiniSheetsNH585.00
2007 E M/SEuropa MiniSheet (1)NH15.00
2007 O M/SOther MiniSheets (9)NH179.00
2008 M/S 1MiniSheets of 8 (4)NH52.50
2008 M/S 2MiniSheets of 10NHASK
2008 OOOlympics Overprints (2)NH60.00
2008 OO M/SOlympics Overprints MiniSheet of 5NH300.00
2009 TBTete-Beche Pair (1)NH25.00
2009 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets (2)NH110.00
2009 O M/SOther MiniSheets of 8, 9 or 10 (29)NH860.00
2011638-64,644 S/SNH95.00
2011 E M/SEuropa MiniSheet (1)NH45.00
2011 O M/SOther MiniSheets of 8 or 10 (19)NH289.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2013 M/SMiniSheets ()NHASK
2015724-end (37 Stamps + 14 S/S)NH165.00
2016 Stamps + S/SNHAsk
2016 TBTete-Beche Pairs (2)NHAsk
2016 M/SMiniSheets ()NHAsk
2017 Stamps + S/SNHAsk
2018Click to reserve now for earliest delivery.NHRESERVE!
1992-19991-289+S/S in basic Year Sets as listed above.NH599.00
2000-2003Basic Year Sets as listed above.NH295.00
Information about the 1992 Overprints (1-6, 8-11) has been supplied by the Kazakhstan PTT Minister.  We have submitted this information to Scott hoping that they will each change their listings!  Michel has recognized these as the first issues!

    A copy of the interview (conducted in German) will be included with each order for #1-6 or is available for $2 plus a SASE. 
Mi = Michel(Quantities issued: 1-2  2,000;  3-4  3,000;  5-6  5,000) 
Mi 1-2Mar 17: Gargarin Overprint PairNH775.00
Mi 3w-4wMar 17: 12k Technology Pair on Chalky paperNH265.00
Mi 5w-6wMar 17: 13k Technology Pair on Chalky paperNH265.00
1Mar 20: Ancient WarriorNH.40
Mi 3v-6vJul 15: 12k,13k Overprints on Smooth paperNH55.00
On the stamps below, the surcharge covers only 90 stamps per sheet with the left column being unsurcharged.  This was for "technical printing reasons," we were informed. 
Scott # Description Condition Price
Mi 8A-10Jul 26 Rocket SurchargesNH3.50
Mi 8A-10 var    Rocket Surcharges - Horizontal pairs, left stamp without surchargeNH11.50
These are similar in principle to the Latvian surcharge format which has gained Scott Catalogue recognition.
Mi 8B0,30 Rocket Surcharge IMPERFNH6.00
Mi 8B PR0,30 Rocket Surcharge IMPERF PairNH9.50
Mi 8B SMRocket Imperf Single with Sheet MarginNH6.50
Mi 8B varRocket Imperf Pair from left side of sheet, one stamp with surcharge and one withoutNH45.00
3Train PaintingNH.40
4Flag and ArmsNH.50
Mi 1324,50 High value SurchargeNH1.80
Mi 143,00 SurchargeNH1.25
Mi 165,00 SurchargeNH1.25
Mi 151,50 SurchargeNH1.25
Mi 232,00 SurchargeNH1.00
Mi 2410,00 SurchargeNH1.25
5-21These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
Most Kazakhstan issues have a Marginal Imprint (similar to United Nations) near the corner of a sheet.  One Imprint usually exists for each of the basic colors of the stamp.  We price only one Marginal Imprint Block per issue but complete sets are available.
22-26Space, Rockets, SunNH2.75
22-26 MIB  Space, Rockets, Sun Imprint Blocks of four (the high value has two different color Imprints)NH32.00
27-34These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
Scott # Description Condition Price
35Rocket around EarthNH1.50
36Year of the Rooster - ZodiacNH1.75
37Space StationNH2.00
38President NazarbajevNH1.00
39Poet Bukar JirauNH.40
40First President, MapNH2.50
47-50Lillehammer OlympicsNH3.50
51-52Olympics II PairNH1.75
51-52 M/S  Olympics II MiniSheet of 12 PairsNH21.00
53Olympic Winners OverprintNH1.10
53 M/S  Olympic Winners MiniSheet of 24NH35.00
54Year of the Dog, ZodiacNH.75
55-56 S/SAstronautical Day plus SheetNH4.25
56A S/S  Astronautical Day Imperf Souvenir Sheet (RARE)NHAsk
57-63These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
64,6915t,80t Space DefinitivesNH4.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
65-68These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
70-74,76-77 '951te,2te,3te,4te,6te,12te,20te  SurchargesNH5.00
  71,71,77  1te,2te,12 January SurchargesNH2.25
  72-74,77  3te,4te,6te,20te February SurchargesNH4.00
75 '958te on 80ti SurchargesNH1.75
78 '04200te on 80ti Surcharge NH11.00
"70a" INV  1te Inverted SurchargeNH35.00
"71a" INV  2te Inverted SurchargeNH21.00
"72a" INV  3te Inverted SurchargeNH21.00
"73a" INV  4te Inverted SurchargeNH21.00
"75a" INV  8.00 Inverted SurchargeNH30.00
"77a" INV  20te Inverted SurchargeNH25.00
79-80These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
81-82Music CompetitionNH2.50
81-82 M/S  Music MiniSheets of 10NH28.00
83-89 S/SReptiles plus SheetNH3.50
90-96 S/SDinosaurs plus SheetNH4.50
97Day of the RepublicNH1.30
98Year of the BoarNH.85
98 M/S  Year of the Boar MiniSheet of 10NH13.50
99-100Poet KynanbaevNH1.00
99-100 M/S  Poet MiniSheets of 10NH11.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
99-100 ERROR  Poet Set with KAZAKHSTAH ErrorNH145.00
101-02Space DayNH17.00
101-02 M/S  Space Day MiniSheets of 10NH180.00
103-04Mahatma GandhiNH13.00
103-04 M/S  Gandhi MiniSheets of 10NH140.00
105-07WW2 Victory DayNH13.00
105-07 M/S  WW2 MiniSheets of 10NH140.00
108-1520t-12te Spaceship, Yurt Definitives, Perf 14x14NH9.50
116-19 M/S  Paintings MiniSheets of 10NH150.00
119A-BSurcharges on Music '94NH3.25
120-21Composer DouletkereyNH9.00
120-21 M/S  Composer MiniSheets of 10NH95.00
122Scott has renumbered this 8te surcharge stamp as Scott 75. 
123-24United NationsNH7.50
123-24 M/S  United Nations MiniSheets of 10NH80.00
125,127-28,1301t,2t,3t,48t Alma-Ata BuildingsNH14.00
126,129 '961t,6t Smaller Alma-Ata BuildingsNH2.00
131-36 M/S  Birds MiniSheets of 10NH120.00
141Year of the RatNH2.75
141 M/S  Rat MiniSheet of 10NH30.00
142-44Day of CosmonautsNH10.50
142-44 M/S  Cosmonauts MiniSheets of 10NH110.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
145 S/SSave the Aral Sea Sheet (Joint issue with 4 CIS Countries)NH5.75
146-48Atlanta OlympicsNH101.50
146-48 M/S  Olympics MiniSheets of 10NH110.00
149 S/SOlympics SheetNH5.00
150-52 M/S  Architecture MiniSheets of 10NH80.00
153 S/SArchitecture SheetNH4.00
156-57 M/S  UPU MiniSheet of 10NH55.00
158Shambil ShabaevNH1.50
159-60Cosmonaut PairNH8.00
159-60 M/S  Cosmonaut MiniSheet of 8NH40.00
160B1 into 21 SurchargeNH2.50
161-64 M/S 1  Butterflies MiniSheets of 10NH48.00
161-64 M/S 2  Butterflies - Special Unified M/S of 10NH25.00
161-64 M/S 2

165-66 inc S/SHunting Dogs plus SheetNH5.50
167Costumes Strip of 3NH14.00
167 TAB  Costumes Strip of 5 with TabsNH17.00
167 M/S  Costumes MiniSheet of 10NH37.50
168-69National ArchivesNH4.75
170 S/SCinema (Chaplin) SheetNH12.50
170a-d  Cinema Sheet SinglesNH11.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
171-74WWF - Polecat SinglesNH7.50
171-74 M/S  WWF - Polecat MiniSheets of 10NH80.00
174a BLKWWF - Polecat Block of 4NH8.50
174a M/S  WWF MiniSheet of 8NH18.50
187b M/SZodiac MiniSheet of 12NH17.50
(Note: 187b is not in the basic Year Set.)
187AYear of the OxNH1.75
187A M/S  Year of the Ox MiniSheet of 10NH25.00
188 STRSpace Strip of 3NH4.00
188 STR  Space Strip of 5NH5.00
188 M/S  Space MiniSheet of 9NH11.00
189-90UNESCO - BookNH4.75
191-92Painter AuezovNH3.25
191-92 M/S  Painter MiniSheets of 10NH35.00
193-96Orders and MedalsNH3.60
197-99 M/S  Tulips MiniSheets of 10NH40.00
200-02 M/S  Paintings MiniSheets of 10NH44.00
206a S/SMinerals SheetNH5.25
207-10Desert SpidersNH5.50
207-10 M/S  Spiders MiniSheets of 10NH60.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
211 S/SNature Park SheetNH3.75
212-15Sports, HorsesNH5.00
212-15 M/S  Sports, Horses MiniSheets of 10NH60.00
216-17Winter OlympicsNH2.25
216-17 M/S  Olympics MiniSheets of 10NH28.00
218-19Child PaintingsNH3.50
218-19 M/S  Child Paintings MiniSheets of 10NH40.00
220Year of the TigerNH2.00
220 M/S  Year of the Tiger MiniSheet of 10NH25.00
221Composer SagyrbaevNH1.50
221 M/S  Composer Sagyrbaev MiniSheets of 10NH20.00
222Writer BethusynovNH1.50
222 M/S  Writer Bethusynov MiniSheets of 10NH20.00
222 ERERROR:  175 instead of 125NH65.00
223-25Gold JewelryNH4.00
223-25 M/S  Gold Jewelry MiniSheets of 10NH45.00
226-28Cosmonauts DayNH4.50
226-28 TABCosmonauts with TabNH5.75
226-28 M/S  Cosmonauts Day MiniSheet of 8NH29.00
229-3210te-20te Capital AstanaNH3.00
232A25te AstanaNH2.00
233 S/SAstana SheetNH9.50
234-38These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
239 S/SMount Everest SheetNH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
240-42 TAB  Birds with Bird TabsNH7.00
240-42 M/S  Birds MiniSheets of 10NH55.00
243-45Wild CatsNH6.50
243-45 TAB  Wild Cats with Cat TabsNH8.50
243-45 M/S  Wild Cats MiniSheets of 10NH70.00
246 S/SUPU Membership SheetNH6.00
247-541te-40te Mixed DefinitivesNH6.50
  247-51  1te-5te ArmsNH2.00
    247 '98    1te Arms, Inscribed 1998NH.50
    248 '98    2te Arms, Inscribed 1998NH.50
    249    3te ArmsNH.50
    250    4te ArmsNH.50
    251 '98    5te Arms, Inscribed 1998NH.50
  247a '99  1te Arms, Inscribed 1999NH.75
  248a '99  2te Arms, Inscribed 1999NH.75
  251a '99  5,00te Arms, Inscribed 1999NH.75
  252  8te Arms, OrangeNH1.50
  253  30te World Stamp DayNH1.90
  254  40te Tenge CurrencyNH2.25
255-57 M/S  Horsemen MiniSheets of 10NH85.00
257A S/SNational Park SheetNH3.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
259-6015te, 20te SembaebNH1.75
26130te IntelsatNH1.50
262-65 M/S  Locomotives MiniSheets of 10NH150.00
266-67Day of CosmonautsNH22.00
266-67 M/S  Day of Cosmonauts MiniSheets of 10NHAsk
268Year of the RabbitNH4.75
268 M/S  Year of the Rabbit MiniSheet of 10NH55.00
269This number not utilized by Scott. 
270-743te-30te Small DefinitivesNH3.25
  270,272  3te,9te IntelsatNH.90
  "270a" '03    3te Intelsat Inscribed 2003NH1.90
  271,274  4te,30te FlowersNH1.75
  273  10te UPU AnniversaryNH.60
275This number not utilized by Scott. 
276-78Flowers, MedicinalNH17.50
276-78 M/S  Flowers, Medicinal MiniSheets of 10NHAsk
279 M/SCinema, Film MiniSheet of 10NH17.50
279a-h  Cinema, Film Sheet SinglesNH17.00
280-82Wild DogsNH13.00
280-82 TAB  Wild Dogs with Proper Paw Prints TabsNH15.00
280-82 M/S  Wild Dogs MiniSheets of 10NH145.00
283 S/SEcology, Rainbow SheetNH6.00
284-86Hockey, TrackNH6.00
284-86 M/S  Hockey, Track MiniSheets of 10NH60.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
287-88 M/S  Cosmonauts MiniSheets of 10NH50.00
289 S/SUPU Anniversary SheetNH3.00
290-99 (11)1te-50te Small DefinitivesNH9.50
  290,291,300  1te,2te,50te FlowersNH2.75
  "290" '03    1te Flowers Inscribed 2003NH1.00
  "291a" '03    2te Flowers Inscribed 2003NH1.00
  291A,295,297  5te,15te,20te Space DefinitivesNH2.00
  292  7te Oil RigNH1.25
  293  8te M.X. DulatiNH.60
  294  10te Writer MukanovNH.90
  296,299  20te, 50te Coat of Arms (inscribed 1999)NH3.00
298,300These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
301 M/S  Navruz MiniSheet of 10NH50.00
303Day of VictoryNH.50
304 S/SNew Millennium SheetNH5.00
305Chinese Ceramics Pair (Joint issue with PRC)NH3.75
306-09Sydney OlympicsNH8.50
310 S/STurkestan 1500 Sheet of 3NH11.50
310 BK  Turkestan BookletNH19.00
311Hero MomyshulyNH.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
31210te on Cartoon "Block" of 3NH1.50
312 INV  10te on Cartoon Block Inverted SurchargesNH40.00
312 DB  10te on Cartoon Block with Double SurchargesNH65.00
313Year of the Snail (2000)NH1.50
313 M/S  Year of the Snail MiniSheet of 10NH18.00
314-15Space Day 2000 (Dogs and Rocket)NH5.75
314-15 M/S  Space Day 2000 MiniSheets of 10NH60.00
314-15 L/S  Space Day 2000 Limited MiniSheet of 10NH40.00
316Year of the SnakeNH1.60
316 M/S  Year of the Snake MiniSheet of 10NH20.00
317 S/SCommunicationsNH8.00
318-19Space Day 2001NH4.50
318-19 M/S  Space Day 2001 MiniSheets of 10NH49.00
320,3233te,10te Flower DefinitivesNH.90
322,324,325,3278te,15te,20te,50te Animal DefinitivesNH4.75
328-29 M/S  Khans MiniSheets of 10NH50.00
330-32 M/S  Owls MiniSheets of 10NH95.00
333 M/S  Telecommunications MiniSheet of 10NH20.00
334 S/SNational Park III Sheet of 3NH8.50
335 S/SLocal Fauna Sheet  of 6NH10.50
336 S/SRailroads Sheet of 3NH18.50
337-38Anti-AIDS, TBNH.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
339-40 M/S  Mountains MiniSheets of 10NH42.50
341-42Space AchievementsNH12.00
343Year of DialogueNH7.50
NH MiniSheet of 10Ask
344-47 M/S  WWF MiniSheets of 10NH35.00
348CIS AnniversaryNH1.75
NH MiniSheet of 1021.00
349Pope John Paul II PairNH5.50
349 M/S  Pope MiniSheet of 5 PairsNH30.00
350Independence, MapNH2.00
351 S/SIndependence SheetNH4.50
352Costumes PairNH3.50
352 M/S  Costumes MiniSheet of 4 PairsNH15.00
353-54 BK  Olympics BookletNH16.00
355Year of the HorseNH2.00
355 M/S  Horse MiniSheet of 15NH65.00
356-58 TAB  Horses with Horseshoe TabsNH8.50
356-58 M/S  Horses MiniSheets of 10NH68.00
359-75 (17)1te-50t Combined Small DefinitivesNH14.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  359,360  1te,2te Plants, Part 2, May 7NH.60
  361,367,373  3te,10te,35te Plants, Part 1, AprilNH4.25
  362  3te Politician MuratbaevNH.40
  363,370,374,375  5te,15te,40te,50te Fauna DefinitivesNH5.50
  364,365,366,371  6te,7te,8te,23te Trade House in PetropavlovskNH1.75
  368  10te Writer MustafinNH.50
  369,372  12te,25te Plants, Part 3, May 14NH1.50
376-77Day of SpaceNH4.50
378-79World Cup SoccerNH1.75
378-79 M/S  Soccer MiniSheets of 15NH30.00
378-79 BK  Soccer BookletNH9.75
380TransEurasia ConferenceNH1.25
381 S/SNational Park Sheet of 3NH3.75
385Birds Pair - Joint Issue with UkraineNH2.50
385 M/S  Birds MiniSheet of 10NH30.00
385 BK  Birds BookletNH9.00
386Seals Pair - Joint IssueNH3.00
386 M/S  Seals Pair MiniSheet of 10NH35.00
386 BK  Seals Pair BookletNH9.00
387 S/STown of Taraz SheetNH2.50
387 BK  Taraz BookletNH15.00
388 S/SYear of the Mountains SheetNH3.75
389Writer K. MusrepovNH.85
Scott # Description Condition Price
390-91 M/S  Airplanes MiniSheets of 15NH45.00
392-409 (19)1te-150te Combined Small DefinitivesNH24.00
  392,394  1te,2te Plant DefinitivesNH.50
  393,400  1te,8te Monument DefinitivesNH.60
  394A,401  3te,9te Intelsat Satellite INH.90
  395-98,402,406,409  4te,5te,6te,7te,10te,63te,150te Animals Definitives NH13.50
  399,403-05  8te,15te,20te,35te Small Animals inc MiceNH3.75
  407-08  84te,100te Intelsat Satellite INH7.00
413Year of the RamNH2.50
413 M/S  Year of the Ram MiniSheet of 20NH50.00
414-15Space, CosmonautsNH4.50
416Scientists AcademyNH2.00
417 S/SPeoples SheetNH5.50
418-19Musical InstrumentsNH2.75
420-21Fairy Tales with AnimalsNH3.50
425-27Historical PeopleNH6.00
428Bank HalykNH1.00
429International ConferenceNH1.50
430Day of the PostNH.90
433National CurrencyNH.90
434Paintings Pair (Joint issue with Uzbekistan)NH8.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
"438"This number now refers to Scott 78 
439Painter KasteevNH4.25
439 M/S  Painter MiniSheet of 15NH75.00
440Year of the MonkeyNH1.00
440 M/S  Monkey MiniSheet of 20NHAsk
441-42Cosmonaut DayNH3.00
441-42 M/S  Cosmonaut MiniSheets of 15 (2)NH52.50
443Kazakhstan FlagNH.90
444-55 (12)1,00-200,00 Arms CombinedNH20.00
  444,445,446  1,2,4 Coats of Arms - April 19NH2.00
  447,448,449,452  5,10,16,50 Coats of Arms - June 10NH3.00
  450,451,453,454,455  20,35,72,100,200 Coats of Arms - May 11NH16.00
456 S/SRailroad SheetNH3.50
457 S/SPeople of Kazakhstan SheetNH4.50
458-59FIFA AnniversaryNH7.00
458-59 M/S  FIFA MiniSheets of 15NHAsk
460-61Children's DrawingsNH2.75
460-61 M/S  Drawings MiniSheets of 20NH65.00
462 S/SAthens Olympics SheetNH4.50
463 S/SNational Park SheetNH5.00
464 S/SKazakhtelecom SheetNH3.00
465Archaeologist, Scientist MargulanNH2.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
465 M/S  Scientist MiniSheet of 20NH65.00
465 BK  Scientist BookletNH8.00
466 M/S  Congratulation MiniSheet of 12NH12.00
467-68Day of the PostNH1.25
469Happy New YearNH1.60
469 M/S  Happy New Year MiniSheet of 16NH35.00
470Music (Joint Issue with Tajikistan)NH4.50
470 M/S  Music MiniSheet of 10 PairsNH50.00
471Writer SeyfullinNH.90
471 M/S  Writer Seyfullin MiniSheet of 20NH22.00
472Headdresses Pair (Joint Issue with
472 M/S  Headdresses Pair MiniSheet of 10 PairsNH55.00
473Veterinary ResearchNH.50
  We have been informed that a small part of Kazakhstan is now inside the official PostEurope border and, therefore, they are justified in issuing Europa-CEPT stamps. 
482Europa - Cuisine, HorseNH7.50
482 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 20 NH150.00
483World War II Victory (Joint issue with Belarus)NH2.25
483 M/S  Victory MiniSheet of 8NH22.50
484 S/SBaikonur Constitution SheetNH6.50
485Peace and Harmony Palace (on Foil)NH2.00
485 M/S  Peace and Harmony Palace  MiniSheet of 16NH39.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
486-87 M/S  Minerals MiniSheets of 20 (not in MiniSheet Year Set)NH80.00
488-89Fairy TalesNH2.50
488-89 M/S  Fairy Tales MiniSheets of 20 (Not in MiniSheet Year Set)NH55.00
490Constitution AnniversaryNH2.25
490 M/S  Constitution MiniSheet of 20 (not in MiniSheet Year Set)NH50.00
491 S/SOlympic Champs Sheet of 4NH11.00
492Overprint on Scott 222 (Baitursynov)NH1.00
492 M/S  Overprint on (Baitursynov) MiniSheet of 10NH10.00
493-94UPU, GlobeNH2.00
495Hunting Dogs Pair (Joint issue with Estonia)NH7.75
495 M/S  Dogs MiniSheet of 10NH48.00
496UN DefinitiveNH4.00
497New YearNH2.00
497 M/S  New Year MiniSheet of 16NH30.00
498Composer BrusilovskyNH4.25
499All-Kazakstan AssemblyNH2.25
500 S/SState Symbols SheetNH12.50
501-0212,100 Nature DefinitivesNH6.00
503Hans Christian AndersenNH5.00
504Parliament AnniversaryNH1.40
504 M/S  Parliament Anniversary MiniSheet of 20NH33.00
505Ismailov PaintingNH2.50
505 M/S  Ismailov Painting MiniSheet of 16NH40.00
506Turin OlympicsNH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
506 M/S  Turin Olympics MiniSheet of 20NH70.00
507-08Cosmonauts Day Pair - PaintingNH5.25
507-08 M/S  Cosmonauts Day - Painting MiniSheet of 20NH105.00
509Adornments Pair (Joint Issue with Latvia)NH5.25
509 M/S  Adornments (Joint Issue with Latvia) MiniSheet of 10NH26.00
510Saksaul TreeNH.60
510 M/S  Saksaul Tree MiniSheet of 20NH15.00
511Europa - IntegrationNH9.50
511 PR  Europa - Normal Vertical Pair (needed to distinguish from Tete-Beche Pair) :NH19.00
511 M/S  Europa - Integration MiniSheet of 10 NH100.00
511a TBEuropa - Integration Special Tete-Beche Pair NH29.00
511a M/S  Europa - Integration Special Tete-Beche Pair MiniSheet of 10 NH145.00
512TurkSib Road - PaintingNH4.75
512 M/S  TurkSib Road - Painting MiniSheet of 16NH82.50
513World Cup Soccer ChampionshipNH3.60
513 M/S  World Cup Soccer Champs MiniSheet of 16NH60.00
514The Year of DesertsNH3.00
514 M/S  The Year of Deserts MiniSheet of 12NH36.00
515-18,519-21Mosques DefinitivesNH17.50
518A100te DefinitiveNH4.75
522Geologist MashaniNH2.40
522 M/S  Geologist Mashani MiniSheet of 20NH48.00
523-24Church, SynagogueNH1.75
523-24 M/S  Church, Synagogue MiniSheet of 20NH45.00
525 S/SFamous Men SheetNH9.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
526Meeting of ECO Postal AuthoritiesNH5.00
526 M/S  Meeting of ECO Postal Authorities MiniSheet of 10NH50.00
527Ankara Overprint on Meeting IssueNH5.00
527 M/S  Ankara Overprint on Meeting Issue MiniSheet of 10NH50.00
528Composer ZhubanovNH2.25
528 M/S  Composer Zhubanov Sheetlet of 20NH45.00
529-30Towns Coats of ArmsNH2.50
531New YearNH1.50
531 M/S  New Year MiniSheet of 16NH20.00
532Musician HamadiNH2.90
532 M/S  Musician Hamadi Sheetlet of 20NH60.00
533-38Kozybaev, Malataev - Famous Kazakhs Definitives, Part 2NH4.50
539Kazakhstan Opera (round stamp)NH2.00
539 M/S  Kazakhstan Opera MiniSheet of 6NH12.00
540Ancient Kazakh Uniform, ArmsNH2.50
540 M/S  Ancient Kazakh Uniform, Arms MiniSheet of 8NH27.50
541-45Architect RipinskyNH18.00
546 S/SKurgaldino Nature Reserve SheetNH6.00
547Kaz Trans OilNH.90
547 M/S  Kaz Trans Oil MiniSheet of 8NH7.50
548-49Cosmonaut DayNH5.25
548-49 M/S  Cosmonaut MiniSheets of 10NH54.00
550Europa Scouting Drawings Pair (our choice of format)NH3.25
550  Europa Scouting Drawings with 25 on Right NH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
550 SO  Europa Scouting Drawings with 25 on Left (Scott order) NH6.50
550 M/S  Europa Scouting MiniSheet of 8 with Tabs NH15.00
551 M/S  ESCAP MiniSheet of 8NH6.75
552Poet OrmanovNH.80
552 M/S  Poet Ormanov MiniSheet of 10NH8.75
554-56Philologist BalakaevNH2.50
557Alma-Ata Zoo PairNH4.00
557 TAB  Alma-Ata Zoo Pair with TabNH6.00
557 M/S  Alma-Ata Zoo  MiniSheet of 8 with TabNH16.00
558-6120T-100T Bird DefinitivesNH8.75
562Horse's SaddleNH2.40
562 M/S  Horse's Saddle MiniSheet of 8NH18.50
563First Satellite NH9.75
563 M/S  First Satellite MiniSheet of 6NH59.00
564-65Coat of Arms DefinitivesNH2.75
566 S/SOlympic Champions SheetNH15.00
567 S/SPeoples of Kazakhstan SheetNH6.75
568New YearNH.90
568 S/SNew Year Sheet of 8 plus TabNH10.00
569 M/SWomen's Day Flowers MiniSheet of 6NH8.00
570Navruz Bayram FestivalNH.90
570 M/S  Navruz Bayram Festival MiniSheet of 8NH9.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
571Beijing Olympics, TorchNH.90
571 M/S  Beijing Olympics MiniSheet of 10NH9.00
572Postal Service, MapNH.90
572 M/S  Postal Service, Map MiniSheet of 8NH9.00
573-74Cosmonaut's DayNH6.00
573-74 M/S  Cosmonaut's Day MiniSheet of 10NH65.00
575Europa - Flying Birds PairNH6.00
575 M/S  Europa - Flying Birds MiniSheet of 10 NH30.00
576Beijing Olympics PairNH4.75
576 M/S  Beijing Olympics MiniSheetNH25.00
2vOlympics Pair with Overprint (not in Scott)NH60.00
M/S  Olympics MiniSheet of 10 with Overprint (not in Scott)NH300.00
577Deer Pair (Joint issue with Moldova)NH5.00
577 M/S  Deer Pair (Joint issue with Moldova)MiniSheet of 10NH28.00
578Ancient Jewelry (Joint Issue with Iran)NH4.75
578 M/S  Ancient Jewelry MiniSheet of 10NH27.50
579Human RightsNH.90
579 M/S  Human Rights MiniSheet of 10NH9.00
580Poet ZharokovNH.90
580 M/S  Poet Zharokov MiniSheet of 8NH9.00
581Writer KudaiberdyuluNH.90
581 M/S  Writer Kudaiberdyulu MiniSheet of 8NH9.00
582"Alash" MovementNH.90
582 M/S  "Alash" Movement MiniSheet of NH9.00
583Musical Instruments PairNH2.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
583 M/S  Musical Instruments MiniSheet of 8NH11.00
584Paintings PairNH2.75
584 M/S  Paintings Pair MiniSheet of 8NH11.00
585Fauna, Bugs PairNH2.75
585 M/S  Fauna, Bugs MiniSheet of 8NH11.00
586Musician Petr Aravin DefinitiveNH1.50
587Golden Eagle DefinitiveNH2.00
588-89Atyrau, Taraz Coats of Arms DefinitivesNH2.75
590Polar Areas, Bear, MapNH4.75
590 M/S  Polar Areas MiniSheet of 8NH45.00
591Feast of NauryzNH.60
591 M/S  Feast of Nauryz MiniSheet of 8NH6.00
592Louis BrailleNH4.50
592 M/S  Louis Braille MiniSheet of 8NH44.00
593-94Europa CEPT - AstronomyNH10.00
593-94 M/S  Europa - Astronomy MiniSheets of 10 NH110.00
595Earrings Strip of 3 (Joint issue)NH10.00
595 M/S  Earrings (Joint issue) MiniSheet of 9NH32.50
596-97 M/SAstronomy MiniSheets of 8NH60.00
598Horseman and ShieldNH9.50
598 TB  Horseman and Shield Shield Tete-Beche PairNH25.00
598 M/S  Horseman and Shield MiniSheet of 8NH45.00
599Painter, Writer LisogubNH3.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
599 M/S  Writer Lisogub MiniSheet of 10NH36.00
600Musician Kenen AzerbaevNH3.40
600 M/S  Musician Azerbaev MiniSheet of 10NH36.00
601Singer KurmangalievNH3.40
601 M/S  Singer Kurmangaliev MiniSheet of 10NH35.00
602World Tourist OrganizationNH2.75
602 M/S  World Tourist MiniSheet of 8NH25.00
603 S/SBallet SheetNH22.00
604Horse Riding PairNH6.00
604 M/S  Horse Riding MiniSheets of 10NH32.50
605Poet, Writer TajibaevNH3.40
605 M/S  Poet, Writer Tajibaev MiniSheet of 8NH32.00
606-07Flora and FaunaNH6.75
606-07 M/S  Flora and Fauna MiniSheets of 8NH53.00
608Cameraman TynyshpaevNH.75
608 M/S  Cameraman Tynyshpaev MiniSheet of 8NH7.50
609Architect BasenovNH.60
609 M/S  Architect Basenov MiniSheet of 10NH6.75
610Musician KozhagulylyNH.60
610 M/S  Musician Kozhagulyly MiniSheet of 10NH6.75
611Gas PipelineNH15.00
611 M/S  Gas Pipeline MiniSheet of 8NH125.00
612Kazakstan Chair of the OSCENH4.75
612 M/S  Kazakstan Chair of the OSCE MiniSheet of 8NH45.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
613Feast of Navruz BayramNH1.25
613 M/S  Feast of Navruz Bayram MiniSheet of 10NH11.00
614WWII VictoryNH1.25
614 TAB  WWII Victory with TabNH2.75
614 M/S  WWII Victory MiniSheet of 8 with TabNH12.00
615-16Vancouver OlympicsNH4.50
615-16 M/S  Vancouver Olympics MiniSheet of 10NH45.00
617Europa-CEPT Children's StoriesNH4.50
617 M/S  Europa-CEPT Children's Stories MiniSheets of 10NH45.00
618Temirtau AnniversaryNH.60
618 M/S  Temirtau Anniversary MiniSheet of 10NH6.50
619Entertainment CenterNH.70
619 M/S  Entertainment Center MiniSheet of 10NH7.00
620World Cup SoccerNH4.50
620 M/S  World Cup Soccer MiniSheet of 10NH45.00
621-22Arms of Aktyubinsk, ChimkentNH.40
623Constitution AnniversaryNH.60
623 M/S  Constitution Anniversary MiniSheet of 10NH6.50
624Musa BaijanulyNH.60
625Baikonur AnniversaryNH3.50
625 M/S  Baikonur Anniversary MiniSheet of 10NH35.00
626Mukhamedjan Karataev CentenaryNH.40
627 S/SBaurjan Momasuhly Birth SheetNH2.50
628General ValikhanovNH2.50
628 M/S  General Valikhanov MiniSheet of 10NH26.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
627Chopin Birth BicentenaryNH4.50
627 M/S  Chopin Birth MiniSheet of 10NH48.00
630Water Agreement (Joint issue with Kyrgzystan)NH.75
630 M/S  Water Agreement (Joint issue with Kyrgzystan) MiniSheet of 10NH7.50
631 S/SEuropean Safety and CooperationNH6.50
632Caspian Sea Birds Pair of our choice (Joint issue with Azerbaijan)NH5.75
632 SO  Caspian Sea Birds Pair in Scott Order (Joint issue with Azerbaijan)NH7.75
632 M/S  Caspian Sea Birds Pair (Joint issue with Azerbaijan) MiniSheet of 8NH22.00
633 BLKVII Asiatic Games Block of 4NH16.00
633 STR  VII Asiatic Games Strip of 4NH16.00
633 SO  VII Asiatic Games in Scott OrderNH22.00
633 M/S  VII Asiatic Games MiniSheet of 8NH32.00
634Dulatov Birth AnniversaryNH1.00
634 M/S  Dulatov Birth Anniversary MiniSheet of 10NH11.00
635Fish PairNH4.00
635 SO  Fish Pair in Scott OrderNH6.00
635 M/S  Fish Decorative Sheet of 5 PairsNH21.00
636 S/SNature Reserve SheetNH6.75
637 S/SKazakh Costumes SheetNH4.00
638Yuri GagarinNH3.50
638 M/S  Gagarin Decorative MiniSheet of 10NH37.50
639Europa-CEPT Forests (Bird)NH4.25
639 M/S  Europa-CEPT Forests (Bird) Decorative MiniSheet of 10 NH45.00
640Shanghai Cooperation OrganizationNH4.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
640 M/S  Shanghai Cooperation Organization Decorative MiniSheet of 8NH35.00
64130 Years of AIDS ControlNH.90
641 M/S  30 Years of AIDS Control Decorative MiniSheet of 10NH9.75
642EurAzEC - Economic CommunityNH.75
642 M/S  EurAzEC - Economic Community Decorative MiniSheet of 10NH8.00
643Poet, Composer AmanzholovNH.75
643 M/S  Poet, Composer Amanzholov Decorative MiniSheet of 10NH8.00
644Ancient Coins Block of 4NH2.40
644 S/S Ancient Coins Sheet of 8NH5.00
645Scientist Orymbek ZhautykovNH.75
645 M/S  Scientist Orymbek Zhautykov Decorative MiniSheet of 10NH7.50
646EURASEC Customs UnionNH.75
646 M/S  EURASEC Customs Union Decorative MiniSheet of 10NH7.50
647Regional CommuicationsNH2.75
647 M/S  Regional Commuications Decorative MiniSheet of 10NH29.50
648Writer Gabdol SlanovNH.70
648 M/S  Write Gabdol Slanov Decorative MiniSheet of 10NH7.00
649-54A,50,80,100,200,500 DefinitivesNH17.75
655Scientist Umirzak SultangazinNH.75
655 M/S  Scientist Umirzak Sultangazin Decorative MiniSheet of 10NH7.50
656Composer Dina NurpeisovaNH.75
656 M/S  Composer Dina Nurpeisova Decorative MiniSheet of 10NH7.50
657CIS - 20th AnniversaryNH2.75
657 M/S  CIS - 20th Anniversary Decorative MiniSheet of 10NH29.50
65820th Independence AnniversaryNH.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
658 M/S  20th Independence Anniversary Decorative MiniSheet of 10NH7.50
659Isatai Isabayev Birth AnniversaryNH.75
659 M/S  Isatai Isabayev Birth Anniversary Decorative MiniSheet of 10NH7.50
660 M/SBirds Decorative MiniSheet of 8NH37.50
66120th Independence AnniversaryNH.75
661 M/S  20th Independence Anniversary Decorative MiniSheet of 10NH7.50
662Expedition to the South PoleNH3.75
662 M/S  Expedition to the South Pole Decorative MiniSheet of 10NH39.50
663Kumkol ResourcesNH2.75
663 M/S  Kumkol Resources Decorative MiniSheet of 10NH29.50
664Electronic GovernmentNH.75
664 M/S  Electronic Government Decorative MiniSheet of 10NH7.50
665Scientist KunaevNH1.90
665 M/S  Scientist Kunaev MiniSheet of 10NH20.00
666 Nature Park KatynkaragayNH2.00
666 M/S  Nature Park Katynkaragay MiniSheet of 8NH17.00
667"2012 50" Overprint on Warrior of 1992NH1.50
668Europa-CEPT - Visit, MountainsNH4.00
668 M/S  Europa-CEPT - Visit, Mountains MiniSheet of 10NH42.50
669Fauna - Hedgehogs PairNH7.50
670Nauryz FeastNH3.50
671Outer Space - Space ShipNH4.75
671 M/S  Outer Space - Space Ship MiniSheet of 10NH49.50
672Scientist Ufa Ahmedsafin NH2.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
673Anti-Nuclear ConferenceNH1.75
674Filmaker Mazhit BegalinNH1.75
675Lev Gumilev Birth CentenaryNH1.90
676-77Zhienkulova, Snegin CentenariesNH3.50
678Kazakstan Art PairNH9.50
678 M/S  Kazakstan Art MiniSheet of 8NH38.00
679Broadcasting Company MIRNH.75
680Contract of Collective SafetyNH1.50
680 M/S  Contract of Collective Safety MiniSheet of 10NH17.50
681Birth Centenary of Zein ShaskinNH.85
682Birth Centenary of Zhamal OmarovaNH.85
683Birth Centenary of Zhumagali SainNH.85
684-86Birth Centenary of Kulyash BaisetovaNH2.25
687Flag, Coat of Arms AnniversaryNH5.00
688Union of DesignersNH1.50
689Ancient Art Pair (Joint issue with Bulgaria)NH9.00
689 M/S  Ancient Art (Joint issue with Bulgaria) MiniSheet of 8NH37.50
690Raul Wallenberg Birth CentenaryNH8.75
690 M/S  Raul Wallenberg Birth Centenary MiniSheet of 10NH98.75
691-93Astana ArchitectureNH5.75
694-95Costumes NH7.50
694-95 M/S  Costumes Pairs MiniSheetsNHAsk
696 M/SSummer Olympics MiniSheet of 7NH20.00
697Postman on CamelNH3.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
697a TB  Postman on Camel Tete-Beche PairNH11.50
698 M/S  Postman on Camel MiniSheetNH23.75
699-00Tereshkova Space FlightNH6.50
699-00 M/S  Tereshkova Space Flight MiniSheetNH47.50
701-02 S/SInternational Diplomatic Relations SheetsNH22.50
703-04 S/SRenaming Akmola to Astana SheetsNH17.75
705 S/SNavruz Bayram Sheet of 4NH10.50
706 S/SWar Sheet NH6.25
707 S/SOlympic Champions Sheet of 3NH8.50
708 S/S2010, 2012 Nuclear Summits Sheet of 2NH5.25
709 S/SFlowers Sheet of 4NH5.50
710 S/SPostal Service SheetNH3.50
711 S/STenge Currency Sheet of 4NH4.50
712 S/SBirds Sheet of 6NH16.00
713 S/SWildlife of the Ustyurt Reserve SheetNH7.00
714Composer TolebayevNH.75
715Singer KashaubayevNH.75
716Cosmonaut TereshkovaNH.75
718 S/SArt - Yurt Decoration Sheet of 3NH10.00
719 S/SHistory of Communications SheetNH4.00
720-22Birth CentenariesNH4.50
723Weight LifterNH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
724 S/SYear of the Horse SheetNH3.50
725Poet A. AkhmatovaNH1.00
726Poet M. LermontovNH1.00
727Employment RoadmapNH2.50
728First MultiManned SpaceshipNH2.50
729Olympic Torch in SpaceNH2.50
730Spaceman Talgat MusabayevNH2.50
731 S/SSpace Communications SheetNH5.00
732 S/SBerdauletuly Sheet (dated 2014)NH3.50
733 S/SFilm Director Shaken Aimanov Sheet (dated 2014)NH3.50
734 S/SKimeshek National Headdress SheetNH3.50
735 S/SNurzum Nature Reserve SheetNH10.00
736 S/SSochi Olympics SheetNH13.00
737 S/SParalympic Games in Sochi SheetNH16.50
738Energy Charter Conference (dated 2014)NH1.75
739Ice Hockey (dated 2014)NH1.75
740Happy Nauryz (triangle) (dated 2014)NH3.25
740 TB  Happy Nauryz Tete-Beche Pair (triangle)NH7.50
741Europa - CEPT Musical Instruments Pair (dated 2014)NH5.75
742Children's Fairy Tale Drawings (dated 2014)NH3.35
742 BLK  Children's Fairy Tale Drawings (dated 2014) Block of 4NH3.75
742 STRChildren's Fairy Tale Drawings (dated 2014) Strip of 4NH3.75
743 S/SAgainst Nuclear Tests Sheet (dated 2014)NH4.00
744 S/SCharlie Chaplin Sheet (dated 2014)NH6.50
745 S/SZhoshy Khan Mausoleum Sheet (dated 2014)NH13.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
746Vaccines as PreventionNH1.00
747 S/SWorld War II Victory Sheet of 3NH5.50
748Euro-Asian Economic UnionNH2.50
749Writer, HeroNH.75
750Writer GabdulinNH.75
751EXPO 2017NH.75
752Space Walk AnniversaryNH1.25
753 S/SAssembly of the Kazakh People SheetNH2.00
754Constitution 20th AnniversaryNH2.00
755Kazakh KhanateNH7.75
756Happy NauryzNH2.25
757Europa-CEPT Old Toys PairNH6.50
758Kazakh-UAE Joint issue PairNH5.25
759World Post DayNH1.80
760 S/SYear of the Sheep Sheet (round stamp)NH4.00
761Cosmonaut AimbetovNH2.75
762First Spacewalk PairNH4.00
763Future Energy EXPO 2017NH2.75
764Capital Architecture Pair plus TabNH4.00
765 S/SAktobe Region Sheet of 2NH3.25
1vLunar New Year of the GoatNH3.75
766Wrestler, WarplaneNH3.00
774This number not utilized in Scott 2018 but it likely reserved for the Europa-CEPT issue below.NHAsk
"774"Europa-CEPT Think Green, Cycling Pair (our choice)NH30.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
"774" HPR  Europa-CEPT Think Green, Cycling Horizontal PairNH30.00
"774" HPR SO  Europa-CEPT Think Green, Cycling Horizontal Pair in Scott OrderNHAsk
"774" VPR  Europa-CEPT Think Green, Cycling Vertical PairNH33.00
"774" VPR SO  Europa-CEPT Think Green, Cycling  Europa-CEPT Think Green, Cycling Vertical Pair in Scott OrderNHAsk
"774" M/SEuropa-CEPT Think Green, Cycling MiniSheet of 12NH195.00
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B1Children's Fund BlockNH1.25