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SOUTH SUDAN 2017 ISSUES now available:  Severe inflation has caused the Sudan Post Office to surcharge 19 different stamps.  These surcharges are now in stock in extremely limited quantity.  These are the first South Sudan issues in five years!  To avoid disappointment, please reserve yours now.  Call or email for further information.
Thursday, December 13, 2018


Scott # Description Condition Price
1984 BKBooklets (6)NH56.00
1984 UPUnfolded Panes (6)NH190.00
1988 BKBooklets (6)NH30.50
1988 UPUnfolded Panes (6)NH60.00
1989-1995  All World War II issues are included in the appropriate Year Set.  Individual WWII Sets, Tabs and MiniSheets are listed below.
1990246-70,347,350,353,357,359,  360,361,365,366-90,361aNH61.00
1991271-96,346,349,351,354,355,  358,362,365A,391-413,398aNH71.00
1992297-328,348,352,356,363,364, 414-33NH64.00
1993329-37,434-40,443,444,446,447,  448,455,456,459,463,464,467-  477,567-76NH54.00
1994441,445,449,451,452,453,457,  465,466A,466B,466C,478-  503,562,577-88,586bNH119.00
1995442,450,454,458,460,461,462,  466,504-24,563,589-601NH129.00
1995 CRCorrected WW II Issues (3 Blocks of 4)NH95.00
1996 OLY OVPOlympic Centenary Block with OLYMPHILEX OverprintNH24.50
1997 STSe-tenant Singles (28)NH26.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1998 BKBooklets (2) (Also in Year Set)NH21.50
1998 STSe-tenant Singles (14)NH13.00
2001757-91 (includes the Scott-skipped 783)NH185.00
2008 M/SMiniSheets (3)NH85.00
2015142 Stamps + 4 S/SNH289.00
2016170 Stamps + 4 S/SNH229.00
2017 Stamps + S/SNHAsk
2018Click to reserve now for earliest delivery.NHRESERVE!
Scott # Description Condition Price
1984-2003The Country Complete to 2003 as listed above!NH1,575.00
1989 WWII239-45NH5.75
1990 WWII246-70NH23.50
1991 WWII271-96NH24.00
1992 WWII297-328NH30.00
1993 WWII329-37,467-77NH21.00
1994 WWII478-503NH32.00
1995 WWII504-524NH35.00
1995 WWII CR288a-91,308a-11,485a-88 - the Corrected Inscription UnitNH125.00
WWII COMPLETE COLLECTION (with Corrections) 239-337,467-524, 288a-91,308a-11,485a-88NH295.00
1989 WWII TAB239-45 TABNH10.00
1990 WWII TAB246-70 TABNH38.00
1991 WWII TAB271-96 TABNH66.00
1992 WWII TAB297-328 TABNH67.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1993 WWII TAB329-37,467-77 TABNH45.00
1994 WWII TAB478-503 TABNH68.00
1995 WWII TAB504-524 TABNH87.00
1995 WWII TAB CR288a-91 TAB,308a-11 TAB,485a-88 TAB Corrected InscriptionsNH230.00
WWII COMPLETE COLLECTION with TABS (with Corrections) 239-337,467-524, 288a-91,308a-11,485a-88NH599.00
MINIATURE SHEETS (100 M/S - Numbered W1 to W100
1989 WWII M/S239-45 MiniSheets (4)  W1-4NH60.00
1990 WWII M/S246-70 MiniSheets (13)  W5-17NH200.00
1991 WWII M/S271-96 MiniSheets (13)  W18-30NH225.00
1992 WWII M/S297-328 MiniSheets (24)  W31-54NH405.00
1993 WWII M/S329-37,467-77 MiniSheets (12)  W55-66NH235.00
1994 WWII M/S478-503 MiniSheets (19)  W67-85NH435.00
1995 WWII M/S504-524 MiniSheets (15)  W86-100NH479.00
1995 WWII M/S CR288a-91,308a-11,485a-88 Corrected Inscriptions MiniSheets (3)NH409.00
1989-95 WWII M/SWWII MiniSheets COLLECTION (100 M/S) 239-337,467-524NH2,350.00
1989-95 WWII M/S CRWWII MiniSheets COMPLETE COLLECTION (with Corrections) (103 M/S) 239-337, 467-524, 288a-91,308a-11,485a-88NH2,700.00
All Stamps issued se-tenant (attached) are supplied in that format.  If you need separated stamps, please let us know as we can supply some issues separated at reduced prices (an adjustment will be made when your order is processed).
1//21Singles Mint, Hinged and Used available.  Please let us have your want list.NHAsk
1-6German stamps with "Marschall-Inseln" OverprintH670.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1  3Pf, Dark BrownNH625.00
  1a  3Pf, Light BrownNH8,200.00
  2  5PfNH400.00
  3  10PfNH200.00
  4  20PfNH175.00
  5  25PfNH575.00
  6  50PfH155.00
7-12German stamps with "Marshall-Inseln" OverprintNH350.00
  7  3PfNH16.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  8  5PfNH30.00
  9  10PfNH55.00
  10  20PfNH50.00
  11  25PfNH75.00
  12  30PfNH145.00
13-253Pf-5M YachtsNH660.00
  13  3PfNH1.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
  14  5PfNH1.75
  15  10PfNH1.75
  16  20PfNH2.00
  17  25PfNH3.25
  18  30PfNH3.00
  19  40PfNH3.00
  20  50PfNH5.00
  21  80PfNH12.00
  22  1MNH21.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  23  2MNH24.00
  24  3MNH35.00
  25  5MNH575.00
263Pf Yacht with Lozenges WatermarkNH2.75
275M Yacht with Lozenges WatermarkNH150.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
31-34 BLKPostal Service Block of 4NH1.80
31-34 SNG  Postal Service SinglesUSED1.70
35-491c-50c Maps, NavigationNH10.00
35-49 F/SFull, intact Sheets of 100. Quite scarce thus!NH975.00
  35 '84  1c AstrolabeNH.50
  36 '84  3c CompassNH.50
  37 '84  5c CompassNH.50
  38 '84  10c BuoysNH.50
  39 '84  13c AilinginaeNH.50
  39 IMP L    13c Ailinginae, Imperf at LeftNH1.25
  39 IMP R    13c Ailinginae, Imperf at RightNH1.25
  39 IMP PR    13c Ailinginae Pair, Imperf Left and RightNH2.50
  40 '85  14c Stick ChartNH.75
  40 IMP L    14c Stick Chart, Imperf at LeftNH1.25
  40 IMP R    14c Stick Chart, Imperf at RightNH1.25
  40 IMP PR    14c Stick Chart Pair Imperf Left and RightNH2.50
  41 '84  20c Stick ChartNH.75
  41 IMP L    20c Stick Chart, Imperf at LeftNH1.25
  41 IMP R    20c Stick Chart, Imperf at RightNH1.25
  41 IMP PR    20c Stick Chart Pair Imperf at Left and RightNH2.50
  41+39 IMP PR    20c+13c Pair, Imperf Left and RightNH5.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  42 '85  22c LodestoneNH.60
  42 IMP L    22c Lodestone, Imperf at LeftNH1.50
  42 IMP R    22c Lodestone, Imperf at RightNH1.50
  42 IMP PR    22c Lodestone Pair, Imperf Left and RightNH3.00
  42+40 IMP PR    22c+14c Pair, Imperf Left and RightNH5.75
  43 '84  28c CompassNH.65
  44 '84  30c Stick ChartNH1.25
  45 '85  33c Stick ChartNH1.50
  46 '84  37c QuadrantNH.90
  47 '85  39c CompassNH1.00
  48 '85  44c ChronographNH1.25
  49 '85  50c NocturlabeNH1.25
49A '84$1 CompassNH2.25
39a,41a,41b BK13c,20c Navigation BookletsNH26.00
  39a BK  13c Navigation BookletNH11.00
  41a BK  13c+20c Navigation BookletNH16.00
  41b BK  20c Navigation BookletNH12.00
39a,41a,41b UBP13c,20c Navigation Unfolded PanesNH90.00
  39a UBP  13c Navigation Unfolded PaneNH39.00
  41a UBP  13c+20c Navigation Unfolded PaneNH46.00
  41b UBP  20c Navigation Unfolded PaneNH39.00
39a,41a,41b PR13c,20c Navigation Booklet PairsNH5.00
40a,42a,42b BK14c,22c Navigation BookletsNH30.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  40a BK  14c Navigation BookletNH11.00
  42a BK  14c+22c Navigation BookletNH17.00
  42b BK  22c Navigation BookletNH13.00
40a,42a,42b UBP14c,22c Navigation Unfolded PanesNH100.00
  40a UBP  14c Navigation Unfolded PaneNH45.00
  42a UBP  14c+22c Navigation Unfolded PaneNH50.00
  42b UBP  22c Navigation Unfolded PaneNH45.00
40a,42a,42b PR14c,22c Navigation Booklet PairsNH8.00
50-53 BLKUPU Congress Block of 4NH2.25
50-53 SNG  UPU SinglesNH2.00
58Christmas Strip of 5NH2.25
58 TAB  Christmas Descriptive TabsNH3.50
58e M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 16NH13.00
63-64+C1-2Audobon with AirsNH3.00
70-73Decade for Women BlockNH1.50
74-77Reef, Lagoon FishNH1.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
78-81Youth YearNH1.60
82-85Missionary ShipNH2.00
86-90Comet, SpacecraftNH4.25
86-90 TAB  Comet, Spacecraft Descriptive TabsNH24.00
NH Wholesale x10120.00
86-90 M/S  Comet, Spacecraft MiniSheet of 15NH33.00
91-94Medicinal PlantsNH1.60
107-09Maps, NavigationNH29.00
  107  $2 GlobeNH5.00
  108  $5 Stick ChartNH5.00
  109  $10 Chart, AtollsNH20.00
110-13Coral LifeNH5.00
114 S/SAMERIPEX SheetNH2.60
115-18Atomic TestsNH1.70
Scott # Description Condition Price
124-27Game FishNH1.70
128-31+C8Christmas, Peace with AirNH2.60
132-35Whaling ShipsNH1.75
142 S/SCAPEX '87 SheetNH2.00
157-59Copra IndustryNH2.00
164-67Marine BirdsNH3.00
  168  1c DamselfishNH.25
  169  3c ButterflyfishNH.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
  170  14c HawkfishNH.30
  171  15c BalloonfishNH.30
  172  17c Trunk fishNH.35
  173  22c LyretailNH.45
  174  25c ParrotfishNH.50
  175  33c BoxfishNH.60
  176  36c Spotted BoxfishNH.65
  177  39c SurgeonfishNH.75
  178  44c ButterflyfishNH.80
  179  45c TrumpetfishNH.80
  180  56c PufferNH1.00
  181  $1 SeahorseNH1.90
  182  $2 Ghost pipefishNH3.50
  183  $5 TriggerfishNH8.00
  184 '89  $10 Blue jackNH16.00
170a,173a,173b BKFish Bookets, Part 1NH14.00
170a,173a,173b UBP  Fish Unfolded PanesNH30.00
170a,173a,173b PR  Fish Pairs from BookletsNH3.00
171a,174a,174b BKFish Bocklets, Part 2NH16.50
171a,174a,174b UBP  Fish Unfolded PanesNH30.00
171a,174a,174b PR  Fish Pairs from BookletsNH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
Some stamps exist precancelled in two lines "MAJURO / RMI".  These are rather scarce and we have just one of the item below available: 
168-70,172-73,175,177-78,180-83 PrecancelsNH35.00
188-89Athletes Strips of 5NH3.80
190 S/SStevenson SheetNH6.75
190a-i  Stevenson Issue on 3 Unaddressed First Day CoversFDC9.00
191-94Ships and Flags Block of 4NH2.25
200-04John F. KennedyNH2.90
200-04 M/S  John F. Kennedy MiniSheet of 15NH15.00
205-08US Space ShuttleNH2.00
205-08 TAB  US Space Shuttle Descriptive TabsNH2.75
*****  *****  *****  *****  *****  *****
    We offer three great collections from our surplus stock to speed you on your way and save you time, effort and money!  An itemized list will be enclosed with each collection.  P.S.:  These collections make great gifts, too! 
    #1 - The Basic  - We'll pick $100 face value of NH Sets, Complete Issues, Souvenir Sheets and Booklets from our stock.  Your cost just:NH99.00
    #2 - The Plus - Greater variety!  Over $250 face value including NH Sets, Complete Issues, Souvenir Sheets and Booklets.  Your cost just:NH245.00
    #3 - The Grand - $1000 face value of sparkling Mnt Sets, Complete issues, Souvenir Sheets and Booklets.  You will receive from one to four of each item.  Super Value Price just $900 (yes, 10% below face value!) which is an estimated 50% to 80% reduction from retail prices.NH900.00
*****  *****  *****  *****  *****
209-12Links to JapanNH3.00
213-15Links to AlaskaNH3.00
213-15 M/S  Links to Alaska MiniSheet of 9NH10.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
221 S/SJapan Emperor SheetNH1.90
222-25Migrant BirdsNH3.25
226-29Ships, Stamps, Cover Block of 4NH3.50
230 S/SPostal History SheetNH9.00
231 S/SPhilex, History SheetNH9.00
232-38Moon LandingNH14.00
238a BK  Moon Landing BookletNH14.00
All se-tenant issues are provided in attached form. 
239Poland Invaded  (W 1)NH1.00
239 TAB  Poland Invaded with Descriptive Tab  (W 1)NH2.00
239 M/S  Poland Invaded MiniSheet of 12  (W 1)NH17.50
240Sinking  (W 2)NH1.00
240 TAB  Sinking with Descriptive Tab  (W 2)NH1.50
240 M/S  Sinking MiniSheet of 12  (W 2)NH15.00
241Finland Invaded  (W 3)NH1.00
241 TAB  Finland Invaded with Descriptive Tab  (W 3)NH1.50
241 M/S  Finland Invaded MiniSheet of 12  (W 3)NH15.00
242-45Battle Scenes  (W 4)NH4.00
242-45 TAB  Battle Scenes Block with Descriptive Tabs  (W 4)NH6.00
242-45 M/S  Battle Scenes MiniSheet of 16  (W 4)NH17.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1990 World War II Issues:
246-47Denmark, Norway Pair  (W 5)NH1.25
246-47 TAB  Denmark, Norway Pair with Descriptive Tabs  (W 5)NH2.50
246-47 M/S  Denmark, Norway Pair MiniSheet of 12  (W 5)NH15.00
248Forest Massacre  (W 6)NH.75
248 TAB  Forest Massacre with Descriptive Tab  (W 6)NH1.25
248 M/S  Forest Massacre MiniSheet of 12  (W 6)NH12.00
249-50Holland, Belgium Pair  (W 7)NH1.40
249-50 TAB  Holland, Belgium Pair with Descriptive Tabs  (W 7)NH1.95
249-50 M/S  Holland, Belgium Pair MiniSheet of 12  (W 7)NH10.50
251Winston Churchill  (W 8)NH1.30
251 TAB  Winston Churchill with Descriptive Tab  (W 8)NH2.75
251 M/S  Winston Churchill MiniSheet of 12  (W 8)NH24.50
252-53Evacuation Pair  (W 9)NH2.30
252-53 TAB  Evacuation Pair with Descriptive Tabs  (W 9)NH4.50
252-53 M/S  Evacuation Pair MiniSheet of 12  (W 9)NH18.00
254Paris Occupied  (W 10)NH1.10
254 TAB  Paris Occupied with Descriptive Tab  (W 10)NH1.75
254 M/S  Paris Occupied MiniSheet of 12  (W 10)NH16.00
255Ners-el-Kebir  (W 11)NH.75
255 TAB  Ners-el-Kebir with Descriptive Tab  (W 11)NH1.60
255 M/S  Ners-el-Kebir MiniSheet of 12  (W 11)NH13.00
256Burma Road  (W 12)NH.80
Scott # Description Condition Price
256 TAB  Burma Road with Descriptive Tab  (W 12)NH1.65
256 M/S  Burma Road MiniSheet of 12  (W 12)NH13.75
257-60US Destroyers Block of 4  (W 13)NH5.00
257-60 TAB  US Destroyers Block with Descriptive Tabs  (W 13)NH7.00
257-60 M/S  US Destroyers Block MiniSheet of 16  (W 13)NH25.00
261-64Battle of Britain Block of 4  (W 14)NH5.00
261-64 TAB  Battle of Britain Block with Descriptive Tabs  (W 14)NH7.00
261-64 M/S  Battle of Britain Block MiniSheet of 16  (W 14)NH25.00
265Tripartite Pact  (W 15)NH1.00
265 TAB  Tripartite Pact with Descriptive Tab  (W 15)NH1.50
265 M/S  Tripartite Pact MiniSheet of 12  (W 15)NH15.00
266Roosevelt Election  (W 16)NH.70
266 TAB  Roosevelt Election with Descriptive Tab  (W 16)NH1.50
266 M/S  Roosevelt Election MiniSheet of 12  (W 16)NH12.00
267-70British Ships Block of 4  (W 17)NH3.00
267-70 TAB  British Ships Block with Descriptive Tabs  (W 17)NH5.00
267-70 M/S  British Ships Block MiniSheet of 16  (W 17)NH17.00
1991 War World II Issues:
271-74Four Freedoms Block of 4  (W 18)NH3.50
271-74 TAB  Four Freedoms Block with Descriptive Tabs  (W 18)NH5.00
271-74 M/S  Four Freedoms Block MiniSheet of 16  (W 18)NH17.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
275Tank Battle  (W 19)NH.70
275 TAB  Tank Battle with Descriptive Tab  (W 19)NH1.50
275 M/S  Tank Battle MiniSheet of 12  (W 19)NH12.00
276-77Balkans Invaded Pair  (W 20)NH1.65
276-77 TAB  Balkans Invaded Pair with Descriptive Tabs  (W 20)NH2.75
276-77 M/S  Balkans Invaded Pair MiniSheet of 12  (W 20)NH13.25
278-81Sinking of Bismark Block of 4  (W 21)NH5.25
278-81 TAB  Sinking of Bismark Block with Descriptive Tabs  (W 21)NH9.00
278-81 M/S  Sinking of Bismark Block MiniSheet of 16  (W 21)NH29.75
282Germany - Russia  (W 22)NH.70
282 TAB  Germany - Russia with Descriptive Tab  (W 22)NH1.50
282 M/S  Germany - Russia MiniSheet of 12  (W 22)NH13.00
283-84Atlantic Charter Pair  (W 23)NH1.25
283-84 TAB  Atlantic Charter Pair with Descriptive Tabs  (W 23)NH2.50
283-84 M/S  Atlantic Charter Pair MiniSheet of 12  (W 23)NH11.00
285Moscow Siege  (W 24)NH.70
285 TAB  Moscow Siege with Descriptive Tab  (W 24)NH1.50
285 M/S  Moscow Siege MiniSheet of 12  (W 24)NH13.00
286-87Rueben James Pair  (W 25)NH7.50
286-87 TAB  Rueben James Pair with Descriptive Tabs  (W 25)NH15.00
286-87 M/S  Rueben James Pair MiniSheet of 16  (W 25)NH68.00
288-91Peal (sic) Harbor Block of 4  (W 26)NH7.50
288-91 TAB  Peal (sic) Harbor Block with Descriptive Tabs  (W 26)NH12.50
288-91 M/S  Peal (sic) Harbor Block MiniSheet of 16  (W 26)NH40.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
288a-91Pearl Harbor Block with Corrected Inscription  (W 26a)NH32.50
288a-91 TAB  Pearl Harbor Block with Descriptive Tabs with Corrected Inscription  (W 26a)NH65.00
288a-91 M/S  Pearl Harbor Block MiniSheet of 16 with Corrected Inscription  (W 26a)NH139.00
292Guam Capture  (W 27)NH.70
292 TAB  Guam Capture with Descriptive Tab  (W 27)NH1.50
292 M/S  Guam Capture MiniSheet of 12  (W 27)NH13.00
293Fall of Singapore  (W 28)NH.70
293 TAB  Fall of Singapore with Descriptive Tab  (W 28)NH1.50
293 M/S  Fall of Singapore MiniSheet of 12  (W 28)NH13.00
294-95Flying Tigers Pair  (W 29)NH2.40
294-95 TAB  Flying Tigers Pair with Descriptive Tabs  (W 29)NH4.00
294-95 M/S  Flying Tigers Pair MiniSheet of 16  (W 29)NH27.00
296Wake Island Falls  (W 30)NH.70
296 TAB  Wake Island Falls with Descriptive Tab  (W 30)NH1.50
296 M/S  Wake Island Falls MiniSheet of 12  (W 30)NH13.00
297Arcadia Conference  (W 31)NH.70
297 TAB  Arcadia Conference with Descriptive Tab  (W 31)NH1.50
297 M/S  Arcadia Conference MiniSheet of 12  (W 31)NH13.00
298Manila Falls  (W 32)NH1.25
298 TAB  Manila Falls with Descriptive Tab  (W 32)NH2.50
298 M/S  Manila Falls MiniSheet of 12  (W 32)NH21.00
299Rabaul Falls  (W 33)NH.70
299 TAB  Rabaul Falls with Descriptive Tab  (W 33)NH1.50
299 M/S  Rabaul Falls MiniSheet of 12  (W 33)NH13.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
300Battle of Java  (W 34)NH.70
300 TAB  Battle of Java with Descriptive Tab  (W 34)NH1.50
300 M/S  Battle of Java MiniSheet of 12  (W 34)NH13.00
301Rangoon Falls  (W 35)NH1.25
301 TAB  Rangoon Falls with Descriptive Tab  (W 35)NH2.50
301 M/S  Rangoon Falls MiniSheet of 12  (W 35)NH21.00
302New Guinea Falls  (W 36)NH.70
302 TAB  New Guinea Falls with Descriptive Tab  (W 36)NH1.50
302 M/S  New Guinea Falls MiniSheet of 12  (W 36)NH13.00
303MacArthur, Corregidor  (W 37)NH1.25
303 IMP BLK  MacArthur, Corregidor Sheet Number Block of 4  (W 37)NH5.75
303 TL BLK  MacArthur, Corregidor Traffic Light Block of 4  (W 37)NH5.75
303 TAB  MacArthur, Corregidor with Descriptive Tab  (W 37)NH2.00
303 M/S  MacArthur, Corregidor MiniSheet of 12  (W 37)NH17.50
304Saint Nazaire  (W 38)NH.70
304 TAB  Saint Nazaire with Descriptive Tab  (W 38)NH1.50
304 M/S  Saint Nazaire MiniSheet of 12  (W 38)NH13.00
305Bataan Surrenders  (W 39)NH1.00
305 TAB  Bataan Surrenders with Descriptive Tab  (W 39)NH2.00
305 M/S  Bataan Surrenders MiniSheet of 12  (W 39)NH17.50
306Doolittle Raid over Tokyo  (W 40)NH1.25
306 TAB  Doolittle aid over Tokyo with Descriptive Tab  (W 40)NH2.50
306 M/S  Doolittle over Tokyo MiniSheet of 12  (W 40)NH11.00
307Corregidor Falls  (W 41)NH.70
307 TAB  Corregidor Falls with Descriptive Tab  (W 41)NH1.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
307 M/S  Corregidor Falls MiniSheet of 12  (W 41)NH13.00
308-11Coral Sea Battle Block of 4  (W 42)NH5.50
308-11 TAB  Coral Sea Battle Block with Descriptive Tabs  (W 42)NH9.00
308-11 M/S  Coral Sea Battle Block MiniSheet of 16  (W 42)NH30.00
308a-11Coral Sea Battle Block with Corrected Inscription  (W 42A)NH30.00
308a-11 TAB  Coral Sea Battle Block with Corrected Inscription with Descriptive Tabs  (W 42a)NH60.00
308a-11 M/S  Coral Sea Battle with Corrected Inscription MiniSheet of 16  (W 42a)NH125.00
312-15Battle of Midway Block of 4  (W 43)NH7.50
312-15 SNG  Battle of Midway Singles  (W 43)NH6.50
312-15 TAB  Battle of Midway Block with Descriptive Tabs  (W 43)NH12.50
312-15 M/S  Battle of Midway Block MiniSheet of 16  (W 43)NH39.75
316Village of Lidice  (W 44)NH2.75
316 TAB  Village of Lidice with Descriptive Tab  (W 44)NH5.50
316 M/S  Village of Lidice MiniSheet of 12  (W 44)NH25.00
317Sevastopol  (W 45)NH.70
317 TAB  Sevastopol with Descriptive Tab  (W 45)NH1.50
317 M/S  Sevastopol MiniSheet of 12  (W 45)NH13.00
318-19Convoy Pair  (W 46)NH2.00
318-19 TAB  Convoy Pair with Descriptive Tabs  (W 46)NH4.00
318-19 M/S  Convoy Pair MiniSheet of 12  (W 46)NH17.00
320Guadalcanal  (W 47)NH1.00
320 TAB  Guadalcanal with Descriptive Tab  (W 47)NH2.00
320 M/S  Guadalcanal MiniSheet of 12  (W 47)NH18.50
321Sano Island  (W 48)NH.70
321 TAB  Sano Island with Descriptive Tab  (W 48)NH1.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
321 M/S  Sano Island MiniSheet of 12  (W 48)NH13.00
322Raid on Dieppe  (W 49)NH.70
322 TAB  Raid on Dieppe with Descriptive Tab  (W 49)NH1.50
322 M/S  Raid on Dieppe MiniSheet of 12  (W 49)NH13.00
323Stalingrad Battle  (W 50)NH1.50
323 TAB  Stalingrad Battle with Descriptive Tab  (W 50)NH2.50
323 M/S  Stalingrad Battle MiniSheet of 12  (W 50)NH23.00
324Eastern Solomons  (W 51)NH.70
324 TAB  Eastern Solomons with Descriptive Tab  (W 51)NH1.50
324 M/S  Eastern Solomons MiniSheet of 12  (W 51)NH13.00
325Cape Esperance  (W 52)NH1.50
325 TAB  Cape Esperance with Descriptive Tab  (W 52)NH2.50
325 M/S  Cape Esperance MiniSheet of 12  (W 52)NH23.00
326Battle of El Alamein  (W 53)NH.70
326 TAB  Battle of El Alamein with Descriptive Tab  (W 53)NH1.50
326 M/S  Battle of El Alamein MiniSheet of 12  (W 53)NH13.00
327-28Barents Sea Pair  (W 54)NH1.70
327-28 TAB  Barents Sea Pair with Descriptive Tabs  (W 54)NH3.25
327-28 M/S  Barents Sea Pair MiniSheet of 12  (W 54)NH14.50
329Casablanca Conference  (W 55)NH.80
329 TAB  Casablanca Conference with Descriptive Tab  (W 55)NH1.50
329 M/S  Casablanca Conference MiniSheet of 12  (W 55)NH13.50
330Kharkov  (W 56)NH.80
330 TAB  Kharkov with Descriptive Tab  (W 56)NH1.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
330 M/S  Kharkov MiniSheet of 12  (W 56)NH14.50
331-34Bismark Sea Battle Block of 4  (W 57)NH5.75
331-34 TAB  Bismark Sea Battle Block with Descriptive Tabs  (W 57)NH14.00
331-34 M/S  Bismark Sea Battle Block MiniSheet of 16  (W 57)NH38.00
335Yamamoto Interception  (W 58)NH1.25
335 TAB  Yamamoto Interception with Descriptive Tab  (W 58)NH2.50
335 M/S  Yamamoto Interception MiniSheet of 12  (W 58)NH16.00
336-37Battle of Kursk Pair  (W 59)NH2.00
336-37 TAB  Battle of Kursk Pair with Descriptive Tabs  (W 59)NH3.60
336-37 M/S  Battle of Kursk Pair MiniSheet of 12  (W 59)NH23.50
345 M/SSpace Exploration MiniSheet of 25NH29.00
345a-y  Space Exploration Singles (25)28.50
346-65A1c-$2 Bird DefinitivesNH25.75
  346 '91  1c Black NoddyNH.40
  347 '90  5c Tropic BirdNH.40
  348 '92  10c SanderlingNH.40
  349 '91  12c TernNH.40
  350 '90  15c TattlerNH.40
  351 '91  20c CurlewNH.40
  352 '92  23c ShovelerNH.45
Scott # Description Condition Price
  353 '90  25c Brown NoddyNH.50
  354 '91  27c Sooty TernNH.50
  355 '91  29c ShearwaterNH.60
  356 '92  29c Pintail DuckNH1.00
  357 '90  30c Golden PloverNH.60
  358 '91  35c Brown BoobyNH.70
  359 '90  36c Red-foot BoobyNH.70
  360 '90  40c White TernNH.80
  361 '90  50c Great FrigateNH1.00
  362 '91  52c Crested TernNH1.00
  363 '92  65c Sand PloverNH1.25
  364 '92  75c Little TernNH1.50
  365 '90  $1 Reef HeronNH2.00
  365A '91  $2 Masked BoobyNH4.00
361a S/SBirds Sheet of 4NH4.00
366-69Child GamesNH3.25
370-76Penny BlackNH13.00
376a BKPenny Black BookletNH13.00
377-80Sea TurtlesNH3.25
381Chart, Canoe, Flag (Joint Issue)NH.90
382German ReunifyNH1.10
Scott # Description Condition Price
387-90Bread ActivityNH3.00
391-94Space ShuttleNH3.50
398a S/SPhilaNippon SheetNH4.75
399Desert StormNH1.10
406a BKBirds BookletNH20.00
411UN Admission, ShipNH.70
413Peace CorpsNH.90
424a BKVoyages Booklet of 7NH16.50
434-40Reef LifeNH14.00
440a BKReef Booklet of 7NH14.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
The Ship Definitives are often seen with short or missing perfs.  Our prices are for stamps with full perfs.  If you can accept short or missing perfs, these stamps, when available, cost 50% of the prices shown.  Just let us know when you order and we will adjust the amount due.
441-66B (28)10c-$10 ShipsNH65.00
  441 '94  10c San JeronimoNH.40
  442 '95  14c Cape CorwinNH.40
  443 '93  15c BritanniaNH.40
  444 '93  19c Micro PalmNH.40
  445 '94  20c EendrachtNH.40
  446 '93  23c CornwallisNH1.00
  447 '93  24c Schooner DolphinNH.50
  448 '93  29c Morning StarNH.60
  449 '94  30c RurickNH.60
  450 '95  32c Santa MariaNH95.00
  451 '94  35c SMS NautilusNH1.00
  452 '94  40c Brig NautilusNH1.25
  453 '94  45c Nagara, IsuzuNH.90
  454 '95  46c EquatorNH.90
  455 '93  50c LexingtonNH1.00
  456 '93  52c SerpentNH1.50
  457 '94  55c PotomacNH1.10
  458 '95  60c AssateagueNH1.20
  459 '93  75c ScarboroughNH1.50
  460 '95  78c MorganNH1.60
  461 '95  95c TanagerNH2.00
  462 '93  $1 Walap, EniwetokNH2.00
  463 '95  $1 Tole MourNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  464 '93  $2 Walap, JaluitNH3.50
  465 '94  $2.90 FishingNH6.00
  466 '95  $3 VictoriaNH6.00
  466A '94  $5 Tipnol, AllukNH8.00
  466B '94  $10 CanoesNH14.50
466C S/S '94Ships, Hong Kong SheetNH4.00
466Cd-g  Ships, Hong Kong Sheet SinglesNH3.75
466Cd-g HPR    Ships, Hong Kong Sheet Horizontal PairsNH3.90
466Cd-g VPR    Ships, Hong Kong Sheet Vertical PairsNH3.90
467-70Sicily Invasion Block of 4  (W 60)NH6.00
467-70 TAB  Sicily Invasion Block with Descriptive Tabs  (W 60)NH10.00
467-70 M/S  Sicily Invasion Block MiniSheet of 16  (W 60)NH32.00
471Flying Fortresses  (W 61)NH1.25
471 TAB  Flying Fortresses with Descriptive Tab  (W 61)NH2.25
471 M/S  Flying Fortresses MiniSheet of 12  (W 61)NH20.00
472Smolensk Liberation  (W 62)NH.75
472 TAB  Smolensk Liberation with Descriptive Tab  (W 62)NH1.50
472 M/S  Smolensk Liberation MiniSheet of 12  (W 62)NH13.00
473Bougainville  (W 63)NH.75
473 TAB  Bougainville with Descriptive Tab  (W 63)NH1.50
473 M/S  Bougainville MiniSheet of 12  (W 63)NH13.00
474Tarawa  (W 64)NH1.25
474 TAB  Tarawa with Descriptive Tab  (W 64)NH2.00
474 M/S  Tarawa MiniSheet of 12  (W 64)NH19.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
475Teheran Meeting  (W 65)NH1.25
475 TAB  Teheran Meeting with Descriptive Tab  (W 65)NH2.00
475 M/S  Teheran Meeting MiniSheet of 12  (W 65)NH19.00
476-77North Cape Battle Pair  (W 66)NH1.75
476-77 TAB  North Cape Battle Pair with Descriptive Tabs  (W 66)NH2.50
476-77 M/S  North Cape Battle Pair MiniSheet of 12  (W 66)NH12.00
478Eisenhower  (W 67)NH1.50
478 TAB  Eisenhower with Descriptive Tab  (W 67)NH3.00
478 M/S  Eisenhower MiniSheet of 12  (W 67)NH23.00
479Anzio Invasion  (W 68)NH1.25
479 TAB  Anzio Invasion with Descriptive Tab  (W 68)NH2.00
479 M/S  Anzio Invasion MiniSheet of 12  (W 68)NH19.00
480Leningrad Siege  (W 69)NH1.25
480 TAB  Leningrad Siege with Descriptive Tab  (W 69)NH2.00
480 M/S  Leningrad Siege MiniSheet of 12  (W 69)NH19.00
481Marshalls Liberated  (W 70)NH1.50
481 TAB  Marshalls Liberated with Descriptive Tab  (W 70)NH3.00
481 M/S  Marshalls Liberated MiniSheet of 12  (W 70)NH23.00
482Truk Defeat  (W 71)NH.75
482 TAB  Truk Defeat with Descriptive Tab  (W 71)NH1.50
482 M/S  Truk Defeat MiniSheet of 12    (W 71)NH13.00
483Germany Bombing  (W 72)NH1.25
483 TAB  Germany Bombing with Descriptive Tab  (W 72)NH2.00
483 M/S  Germany Bombing MiniSheet of 12  (W 72)NH19.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
484General Mark Clark  (W 73)NH1.25
484 TAB  General Mark Clark with Descriptive Tab  (W 73)NH2.25
484 M/S  General Mark Clark MiniSheet of 12  (W 73)NH20.00
485-88D-Day Landings Block of 4  (W 74)NH8.50
485-88 TAB  D-Day Landings Block with Descriptive Tabs  (W 74)NH12.50
485-88 M/S  D-Day Landings Block MiniSheet of 16  (W 74)NH43.00
485a-88D-Day Landings Block with Corrected Inscription  (W 74a)NH32.50
485a-88 TAB  D-Day Landings Block with Corrected Inscription with Descriptive Tabs  (W 74aNH70.00
485a-88 M/S  D-Day Landings Block with Corrected Inscription MiniSheet of 16  (W 74aNH145.00
489V-1 Bombs  (W 75)NH1.40
489 TAB  V-1 Bombs with Descriptive Tab  (W 75)NH2.50
489 M/S  V-1 Bombs MiniSheet of 12  (W 75)NH22.00
490Saipan Landing  (W 76NH.80
490 TAB  Saipan Landing with Descriptive Tab  (W 76)NH1.65
490 M/S  Saipan Landing MiniSheet of 12  (W 76NH14.50
491Philippine Sea Battle  (W 77)NH1.35
491 TAB  Philippine Sea Battle with Descriptive Tab  (W 77)NH2.25
491 M/S  Philippine Sea Battle MiniSheet of 12  (W 77)NH21.00
492Guam Liberation  (W 78)NH.75
492 TAB  Guam Liberation with Descriptive Tab  (W 78)NH1.50
492 M/S  Guam Liberation MiniSheet of 12  (W 78)NH13.00
493Warsaw Uprising  (W 79)NH1.25
493 TAB  Warsaw Uprising with Descriptive Tab  (W 79)NH3.00
493 M/S  Warsaw Uprising MiniSheet of 12  (W 79)NH22.50
494Paris Liberation  (W 80)NH1.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
494 TAB  Paris Liberation with Descriptive Tab  (W 80)NH2.50
494 M/S  Paris Liberation MiniSheet of 12  (W 80)NH23.00
495Peliliu Landing  (W 81)NH1.90
495 TAB  Peliliu Landing with Descriptive Tab  (W 81)NH2.90
495 M/S  Peliliu Landing MiniSheet of 12  (W 81)NH26.50
496MacArthur Returns!  (W 82)NH4.00
496 TAB  MacArthur Returns! with Descriptive Tab  (W 82)NH7.50
496 M/S  MacArthur Returns! MiniSheet of 12  (W 82)NH45.00
497Leyte Gulf Battle  (W 83)NH1.40
497 TAB  Leyte Gulf Battle with Descriptive Tab  (W 83)NH2.50
497 M/S  Leyte Gulf Battle MiniSheet of 12  (W 83)NH22.00
498-99Tirpitz Sinking Pair  (W 84)NH2.25
498-99 TAB  Tirpitz Sinking Pair with Descriptive Tabs  (W 84)NH4.50
498-99 M/S  Tirpitz Sinking Pair MiniSheet of 16  (W 84)NH27.50
500-03Battle of Bulge Block of 4  (W 85)NH7.00
500-03 TAB  Battle of Bulge Block with Descriptive Tabs  (W 85)NH11.00
500-03 M/S  Battle of Bulge Block MiniSheet of 16  (W 85)NH37.00
504Yalta Conference  (W 86)NH.85
504 TAB  Yalta Conference with Descriptive Tab  (W 86)NH1.65
504 M/S  Yalta Conference MiniSheet of 12  (W 86)NH14.50
505Dresden Bombing  (W 87)NH1.40
505 TAB  Dresden Bombing with Descriptive Tab  (W 87)NH2.25
505 M/S  Dresden Bombing MiniSheet of 12  (W 87)NH21.00
506Iwo Jima, Flag  (W 88)NH2.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
506 TAB  Iwo Jima with Descriptive Tab  (W 88)NH4.00
506 M/S  Iwo Jima MiniSheet of 12  (W 88)NH39.00
507Remagen Bridge  (W 89)NH.85
507 TAB  Remagen Bridge with Descriptive Tab  (W 89)NH1.65
507 M/S  Remagen Bridge MiniSheet of 12  (W 89)NH14.50
508Okinawa  (W 90)NH1.40
508 TAB  Okinawa with Descriptive Tab  (W 90)NH2.25
508 M/S  Okinawa MiniSheet of 12  (W 90)NH21.00
509FDR Death  (W 91)NH1.25
509 TAB  FDR Death with Descriptive Tab  (W 91)NH2.00
509 M/S  FDR Death MiniSheet of 12  (W 91)NH19.00
510US, USSR Troops  (W 92)NH.85
510 TAB  US, USSR Troops with Descriptive Tab  (W 92)NH1.65
510 M/S  US, USSR Troops MiniSheet of 12  (W 92)NH14.50
511Berlin Falls  (W 93)NH1.65
511 TAB  Berlin Falls with Descriptive Tab  (W 93)NH3.00
511 M/S  Berlin Falls MiniSheet of 12  (W 93)NH22.00
512Camps Liberated  (W 94)NH2.00
512 TAB  Camps Liberated with Descriptive Tab  (W 94)NH4.00
512 M/S  Camps Liberated MiniSheet of 12  (W 94)NH31.00
513-16Victory in Europe Day Block of 4  (W 95)NH12.00
513-16 TAB  VE Day Block with Descriptive Tabs  (W 95)NH22.00
513-16 M/S  VE Day Block MiniSheet of 16  (W 95)NH69.00
517UN Charter  (W 96)NH1.00
517 TAB  UN Charter with Descriptive Tab  (W 96)NH1.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
517 M/S  UN Charter MiniSheet of 12  (W 96)NH13.00
518Potsdam Conference  (W 97)NH1.65
518 TAB  Potsdam Conference with Descriptive Tab  (W 97)NH2.75
518 M/S  Potsdam Conference MiniSheet of 12  (W 97)NH23.00
519Churchill Resigns  (W 98)NH1.65
519 TAB  Churchill Resigns with Descriptive Tab  (W 98)NH2.75
519 M/S  Churchill Resigns MiniSheet of 12  (W 98)NH23.00
520Atomic Bomb - Enola Gay  (W 99)NH5.75
520 TAB  Atomic Bomb - Enola Gay with Descriptive Tab  (W 99)NH11.75
520 M/S  Atomic Bomb - Enola Gay MiniSheet of 12  (W 99)NH75.00
521-24Victory in Japan Day Block of 4  (W 100)NH16.00
521-24 TAB  VJ Day Block with Descriptive Tabs (W 100)NH33.00
521-24 M/S  VJ Day Block MiniSheet of 16  (W 100)NH90.00
525-61These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
562 '94 S/SMacArthur SheetNHAsk
563 '95 S/SUN Anniversary SheetNH4.00
567-70Capitol BuildingNH2.00
571 S/SMobil Tanker SheetNH.90
572-751800's LifeNH2.25
577 S/SConstitution SheetNH4.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
578 S/SPostal Service SheetNH.65
579-80World Cup SoccerNH4.50
580-579Soccer, Reversed PairNH7.50
582 M/SSolar System MiniSheetNH13.50
583-86First Moon LandingNH5.00
586b S/SMoon Sheet of 4 
587 S/SButterflies SheetNH3.75
589 S/SYear of the Boar SheetNH1.60
590Marine Life BlockNH8.75
591John F. KennedyNH5.75
592Marilyn MonroeNH5.75
594Mir Space ShuttleNH4.75
595Fish Block of 8NH11.50
596Island LegendsNH2.50
597 S/SSingapore '95 - Orchids SheetNH2.50
598 S/SStamp & Coin Expo SheetNH.90
600 M/SJet Fighter Planes MiniSheet of 25NH15.75
601Yitzhak RabinNH1.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
602Year of the RatNH.85
603Birds Block of 4NH7.00
603 M/S  Birds MiniSheet of 16NH34.00
604Wild Cats Block of 4NH4.50
604 M/S  Wild Cats MiniSheet of 12NH15.50
605 M/SSailing Ships MiniSheet of 25NH13.00
606Olympics Centenary Block of 4NH4.25
606 M/S  Olympics MiniSheet of 16NH18.00
"606X" Note:The Olympics Centenary Block below was overprinted by the government with APS logo and Olympic Philately in gold.  Had this been done on a stamp, the item would have been according full listing status in Scott.  However, the item is now mentioned in a footnote which states that "A small number were overprinted . . . in the margin."  Most M/S were broken for individual blocks. 
"606X"Olympics Centenary with Gold Overprint in MarginNH24.50
"606X" M/S  Olympics Centenary with Gold Overprint in Margin MiniSheet of 16NH135.00
607 M/SIsland History MiniSheet of 12NH12.00
608Elvis PresleyNH1.60
608 M/S  Elvis MiniSheet of 20 with Decorative MarginsNH45.00
609 S/SChina '96 SheetNH1.40
610James DeanNH1.30
610 M/S  James Dean MiniSheet of 20NH38.00
611 S/SFord Automobiles Sheet of 8NH7.00
612Island Legends BlockNH2.25
612 M/S  Legends MiniSheet of 8NH4.50
613Steam LocomotivesNH12.00
614Marine LifeNH2.25
615Free AssociationNH5.50
616Christmas AngelsNH.60
616 PRF  Christmas with Four Color Progressive Proofs AttachedNH6.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
616 M/S  Christmas Angels Decorative MiniSheet of 16 with 4 Proofs AttachedNH15.75
617 M/SLegendary Planes MiniSheet of 25NH13.50
618Crafts Block of 4NH2.00
618 SH  Crafts MiniSheet of 20NH10.00
619 S/SYear of the Ox SheetNH2.50
620-21President KabuaNH1.50
620-21 M/S  President MiniSheet of 8NH12.00
622Elvis PresleyNH2.00
623-24Hong Kong '97NH2.00
626 S/SChristianity SheetNH4.75
627 M/SThe 1900's MiniSheetNH18.00
628Deng ZiaopingNH1.00
629Crafts BlockNH2.60
630Crafts StripNH2.60
636a,637a BK  Stamps-on-Stamps Complete BookletNH7.00
638 M/S  Curlew MiniSheet of 16NH8.50
639 S/SHong Kong Bank SheetNH1.00
641 M/SLegendary Aircraft MiniSheetNH14.00
642USS ConstitutionNH.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
643Island LegendsNH2.20
644Marine LifeNH3.00
645Princess DianaNH3.25
645 M/S  Diana MiniSheet of 15NH18.00
Marshall Islands $5 Diana Memorial Coin.  Just one in stock at a bargain price of:NH10.00
646 M/SThe 1910's MiniSheetNH18.00
647-48Christmas CherubsNH1.10
649 M/SUS Warships Sheet of 50 (folded)NH22.00
649 F/S  US Warships Sheet of 50 (unfolded)NH26.00
649 BLK  US Warships 2 Blocks of 25NH21.75
650 S/SShanghai '97 SheetNH1.00
651 S/SYear of the Tiger SheetNH1.75
652Elvis PresleyNH1.70
652 M/S  Elvis MiniSheet of 15NH8.50
653 M/S  Seashells MiniSheet of 16NH8.50
654 M/SThe 1920's MiniSheetNH18.00
655 M/SCanoes MiniSheetNH4.00
656Berlin AirliftNH4.00
657 M/SThe 1930's MiniSheetNH18.00
658-64Czar Nicholas IINH10.75
664a BK  Nicholas BookletNH10.75
665Babe RuthNH.60
665 M/S  Babe Ruth MiniSheet of 15NH12.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
666 M/SAircraft MiniSheetNH13.00
667 M/SChevrolet Cars MiniSheetNH8.00
668 M/SLanguage, Alphabet MiniSheetNH13.00
669New BuildingsNH1.60
669 M/S  Buildings MiniSheet of 9NH5.00
671-77Space-John GlennNH10.50
677a BK  Space BookletNH10.50
678 S/SDrought Supply Plane SheetNH5.50
679 M/SThe 1940's MiniSheetNH18.00
680 M/SWarships MiniSheetNH15.00
681 S/SYear of the Rabbit SheetNH2.50
690 M/SCanoes MiniSheetNH4.75
691-98Self-adhesive CanoesNH6.00
691-98 M/S  Canoes MiniSheet of 20NH13.00
699 M/SIndian Chiefs MiniSheetNH13.50
700National FlagNH.60
701Pacific Flowers BlockNH4.00
701 M/S  Pacific Flowers MiniSheetNH9.00
702 M/SThe 1950's MiniSheetNH18.00
703 S/SAustralia '99 Ship SheetNH2.25
704Elvis PresleyNH.65
Scott # Description Condition Price
705 S/SIBRA Stamp Expo SheetNH4.50
706 M/S  Constitution MiniSheet of 6 with IllustrationNHAsk
707Post OfficeNH2.25
708 M/SLegendary Aircraft MiniSheet of 25NH15.00
709 S/SPhilexFrance SheetNH1.80
710 S/STanker SheetNH1.10
711 M/S1960-69 Events MiniSheetNH19.00
  711a  Invention of the LaserNHAsk
  711b  Family PlanningNHAsk
  711c  Cosmonaut GargarinNHAsk
  711d  Communism FailsNHAsk
  711e  Endangered Planet EarthNHAsk
  711f  Edge of WarNHAsk
  711g  EcumenismNHAsk
  711h  Railway Speed RecordsNHAsk
  711i  Cultural RevolutionNHAsk
  711j  Arab-Israeli WarNHAsk
  711k  Organ TransplantsNHAsk
  711l  Viet Nam WarNHAsk
  711m  Political AssassinationsNHAsk
  711n  Supersonic ConcordeNH12.50
  711o  Mankind Goes to the MoonNHAsk
712 S/SMoon Landing SheetNH2.50
713Ships Block of 4NH2.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
723 M/S1970-79 Events MiniSheet of 15NH19.00
724-25Earth, Millennium PairNH1.75
726 M/SThe 1980's Events MiniSheet of 15NH19.00
  726a  Freedom's QuestNHAsk
  726b  New DiseasesNHAsk
  726c  Charles and DianaNHAsk
  726d  Information Age BeginsNHAsk
  726e  Armed ConflictsNHAsk
  726f  Cell PhonesNHAsk
  726g  Every Person a Movie Maker, SoccerNHAsk
  726h  Space ExplorationNHAsk
  726i  Nuclear RisksNHAsk
  726j  PerestroikaNHAsk
  726k  War TechnologyNHAsk
  726l  TerrorismNHAsk
  726m  Endangered OceansNHAsk
  726n  Tiananmen SquareNHAsk
  726o  People and DemocracyNHAsk
727 S/SYear of the Dragon SheetNH3.00
728 M/SAircraft MiniSheet of 25NH15.50
729Roses Block of 6NH4.00
729 M/S  Roses MiniSheet of 12NH9.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
730 M/SThe 1990's Events MiniSheet of 15NH19.00
  730a  Free Markets and TradeNHAsk
  730b  Iraq Expelled from KuwaitNHAsk
  730c  End of ApartheidNHAsk
  730d  The InternetNHAsk
  730e  Soviet Power EndsNHAsk
  730f  Middle East Peace PromisedNHAsk
  730g  Engineering FeatsNHAsk
  730h  Ethnic ConflictsNHAsk
  730i  Athletes, PeaceNHAsk
  730j  Scientists, Life's SecretsNHAsk
  730k  Hong Kong, Macao to ChinaNHAsk
  730l  Space ExplorationNHAsk
  730m  Global HeroinesNHAsk
  730n  Modern ArchitectureNHAsk
  730o  World Population GrowthNHAsk
731Panda Bears Block of 6NH5.00
731 M/S  Panda Bears MiniSheet of 12NH12.50
732-38 M/SUSA Presidents MiniSheets of 6NH16.00
739Zeppelins Block of 4NH2.75
739 M/S  Zeppelins MiniSheet of 16NH12.00
740-46Winston Churchill NH9.00
746a BKChurchill BookletNH9.00
747US Military Horitzontal Strip of 3NH2.00
748National Government Block of 4NH2.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
749Ships Block of 6NH6.75
749 M/S  Ships MiniSheet of 12NH14.00
750Queen Mother 100th Birthday Block of 4NH5.00
750 M/S  Queen Mother MiniSheet of 16NH20.00
751 M/SReef Life, Fish MiniSheet of 8NH5.00
752 M/SButterflies I MiniSheet of 12NH12.75
753Germany ReunificationNH.60
753 M/S  Germany Reunification MiniSheet of 16NH15.00
754Submarines Block of 4NH2.75
754 M/S  Submarines MiniSheet of 8NH6.50
755 M/S  Christmas Sheet of 20NH13.00
756 BKSun Yat-sen Booklet NH9.00
757 S/SYear of the Snake SheetNH2.50
758-69 TABFlowers of the Month with TabsNH10.00
  758 TAB  January Carnation with TabNH.75
  759 TAB  February Violets with TabNH1.00
  760 TAB  March Jonquil with TabNH.75
  761 TAB  April Sweet Pea with TabNH.75
  762 TAB  May Lily of the Valley with TabNH1.25
  763 TAB  June Rose with TabNH1.75
  764 TAB  July Larkspur with TabNH.75
  765 TAB  August Poppy with TabNH.75
  766 TAB  September Aster with TabNH.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
  767 TAB  October Marigold with TabNH1.00
  768 TAB  November Chrysanthemum with TabNH1.50
  769 TAB  December Poinsetta with TabNH1.50
770-71 $5, $10 Canoes, Walap of Jaluit (Slania)NH50.00
770Canoes, Walap of Jaluit (Slania)NHAsk
NH Block of 4Ask
770 M/S  Canoes, Walap of Jaluit - Scarce Sheet of 30 (Slania)NHAsk
771Canoes, Salap of Enewetak (Slania)NHAsk
NH Block of 4Ask
771 M/S  Canoes, Salap - Scarce MiniSheet of 15 (Slania)NHAsk
772-75Famous PeopleNH4.25
776 M/SButterflies II MiniSheet of 12NH17.50
777Fairy Tales Vertical Strip of 7NH4.50
777a-g  Fairy Tales SinglesNH4.25
778Boat Racing Block of 4NH2.50
778a-d  Boat Racing SinglesNH2.40
779 TABManned Spaceflight Block of 4 with TabsNH6.00
779a-d TAB  Manned Spaceflight Singles with TabsNH5.75
780Stamp DayNH.70
781America in Space Block of 4NH5.75
781a-d  America in Space SinglesNH5.50
782Marine Life Block of 4NH2.50
782a-d  Marine Life SinglesNH2.40
783Sports Block (Basketball, Bowling, Rowing, Ping Pong)NH6.00
783a-d  Sports Singles (Basketball, Bowling, Rowing, Ping Pong)NH5.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
783 M/S  Sports (Basketball, Bowling, Rowing, Ping Pong)MiniSheet of 16NH30.00
784Atlan AnienNH1.00
785 M/SZodiac Signs MiniSheet of 12NH11.50
786 M/SPhila Nippon '01 MiniSheet of 12NH19.00
787 M/SUS Naval Heroes MiniSheet of 9NH14.00
788Classic Cars Block of 8NH5.00
788a-h  Classic Cars SinglesNH4.75
789 BK9/11 BookletNH6.00
789a-g  9/11 Booklet PaneNH6.00
790 HZ STRChristmas Horizontal Strip of 4NH3.50
790 VT STRChristmas Vertical Strip of 4NH3.75
790a-d  Christmas SinglesNH3.25
791Airplanes Block of 10NH15.00
791a-j  Airplanes SinglesNH14.50
792 S/SYear of the Horse SheetNH1.50
793Shells Block of 6NH4.00
793a-f  Shells SinglesNH4.00
794 S/SQueen Elizabeth SheetNH1.50
795US PatriotismNH.75
796Classic Cars Block of 8NH5.00
796a-h  Classic Cars SinglesNH5.00
796 M/S  Cars MiniSheetNH10.00
797Coral Block of 4NH2.75
797a-d  Coral Singles NH2.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
798 M/SButterflies MiniSheet IIINH19.00
799 M/SHorses MiniSheet of 12NH7.75
800 S/SHorses SheetNH1.50
801 M/SFairy Tale MiniSheet of 12NH9.00
802Carousel Horses Block of 4NH6.50
802a-d  Carousel Horses SinglesNH6.25
802 M/S  Carousel MiniSheet of 16NH26.00
803 M/SBirds MiniSheet of 16NH11.00
804Ben Franklin PairNH3.00
804a-b  Ben Franklin SinglesNH3.00
805Turtles Block of 4NH3.00
805a-d  Turtles SinglesNH3.00
806Stamp Collectors Block of 6NH9.00
806a-f  Stamp Collectors SinglesNH8.75
807Navy Ships Block of 6 
807a-f  Navy Ships SinglesNH4.40
808 M/SInsects MiniSheet of 20NH9.00
809Classic Cars Block of 8NH12.00
809a-h  Classic Cars SinglesNH11.75
809 M/S  Classic Cars MiniSheet of 16NH27.50
810Queen Mother Block of 4NH6.00
810a-d  Queen Mother SinglesNH5.75
811 S/SCruise Ship SheetNH1.50
812WWI Heroes Block of 8NH12.00
812a-h  WWI Heroes SinglesNH11.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
813Christmas Cookies PairNH2.00
813a-b  Christmas Cookies SinglesNH1.50
814 S/SYear of the Ram SheetNH2.00
815United NationsNH1.30
816 TABFolktales Block of 4 with 4 TabsNH(4.25)
816a-d TAB  Folktales Singles with TabsNH(4.00)
816 M/S  Folktales MiniSheetNH(18.00)
817-19Famous PeopleNH31.00
820Native Culture Block of 8NH5.50
820a-h  Native Culture SinglesNH5.50
820 M/S  Culture MiniSheet of 16NH12.00
821 M/SButterflies MiniSheet IVNH19.00
822Aircraft Block of 10NH13.00
822a-j  Aircraft SinglesNH11.50
822 M/S  Aircraft MiniSheet of 20NH32.50
823Classic Cars Block of 8NH6.00
823a-h  Classic Cars Singles NH5.75
823 M/S  Cars MiniSheet of 16NH12.00
824Native Culture Block of 8NH6.00
824a-h  Native Culture Singles NH5.80
824 M/S  Culture MiniSheet of 16NH13.00
825Christmas Block of 4NH3.00
825a-d  Christmas SinglesNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
826 S/SYear of the Monkey SheetNH2.00
827Ships Horizontal Strip of 3NH2.00
827a-c  Ships SinglesNH2.00
828Classic Cars Block of 8NH5.50
828a-h  Classic Cars SinglesNH5.50
828 M/S  Classic Cars MiniSheet of 16NH12.00
829 M/SGreetings MiniSheet of 8NH6.00
830-32Postal ServiceNH6.00
832 M/S  Postal Service MiniSheet of 8NHASK
833Lewis and Clark Horizontal Strip of 3NH2.50
833a-c  Lewis and Clark SinglesNH2.50
834D-Day Block of 4NH4.50
834a-d  D-Day SinglesNH4.50
834 M/S  D-Day MiniSheet of 16NH19.75
835Shells, Sea Life Horizontal PairNH2.00
835a-b  Sea Life SinglesNH1.50
836Ronald ReaganNH2.50
NH Wholesale x41.25
837Moon Landing Block of 4NH3.00
837a-d  Moon Landing SinglesNH3.00
838 M/SArts Festival MiniSheet of 12NH9.00
839 F/SAircraft Sheet of 50 (sent folded)NH24.00
839 UF/S  Aircraft Sheet of 50 (sent unfolded)NH26.00
839 BLKS  Aircraft Two Blocks of 25NH23.75
839a-ax  Aircraft Singles from SheetNH21.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
840Lewis and Clark Horizontal Strip of 3NH4.00
841John WayneNH1.50
842 S/SUPU SheetNH7.50
843 M/SSea Life MiniSheet of 10NH7.50
844 M/SChristmas MiniSheet of 9NH6.50
845Lewis and Clark Horizontal Strip of 3NH2.75
845a-c  Lewis and Clark SinglesNH2.75
846Battle of the Bulge Block of 4NH4.50
846a-d  Battle of the Bulge SinglesNH4.40
846 M/S  Battle MiniSheet of 16NH19.75
847 F/SPresidents Full Sheet of 45NH29.75
847a-an  Presidents Singles (45) from SheetNH28.50
848 S/SYear of the Rooster SheetNH3.50
854Hans Christian Andersen Block of 4NH3.75
854a-d  Hans Christian Andersen SinglesNH3.75
854 M/S  Andersen MiniSheet of 16NH15.00
855Lewis and Clark Strip of 3NH3.00
855a-c  Lewis and Clark SinglesNH3.00
855 M/S  Lewis and Clark MiniSheetNH10.00
856First Day Covers Block of 4NH3.75
856a-d  First Day Covers SinglesNH3.75
856 M/S  First Day Covers MiniSheet of 16NH16.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
857V-E Day Block of 4NH4.50
857a-d  V-E Day SinglesNH4.50
857 M/S  V-E Day MiniSheet of 16NH20.00
858Pope John Paul II Vertical Strip of 5NH4.50
858a-e  Pope John Paul II SinglesNH4.50
859United Nations PairNH3.65
859a-b  United Nations SinglesNH3.50
864Space Shuttle Horizontal Strip of 5NH4.50
864a-e  Space Shuttle SinglesNH4.40
864 M/S  Space Shuttle MiniSheetNH25.00
865Classic Cars Block of 8NH7.50
865a-h  Classic Cars SinglesNH7.40
865 M/S  Cars MiniSheet of 16NH16.00
866V-J Day Block of 4NH6.00
866a-d  V-J Day SinglesNH6.00
866 M/S  V-J Day MiniSheet of 16NH30.00
867Lewis and Clark Horizontal Strip of 3NH3.00
867a-c  Lewis and Clark SinglesNH3.00
867 M/S  Lewis and Clark MiniSheet of 9NH10.00
868 M/SBattle of Trafalgar MiniSheet of 25NH32.50
869 S/SBattle of Trafalgar SheetNH6.75
870Christmas Block of 4NH4.50
870a-d  Christmas SinglesNH4.40
870 M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 16NH16.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
871Lewis and Clark Horizontal Strip of 3NH3.00
871a-c  Lewis and Clark SinglesNH3.00
871 M/S  Lewis and Clark MiniSheet of 9NH10.00
872Native Culture Horizontal Strip of 5NH4.50
872a-e  Native Culture SinglesNH4.50
872 M/S  Native Culture MiniSheet of 20NH25.00
873 M/SBen Franklin SheetNH11.50
874 S/SYear of the Dog SheetNH3.00
876 M/SButterflies MiniSheet of 12NH22.00
877Yuri GagarinNH1.25
882 M/SWashington Philtelic Exhibition MiniSheet of 20NH7.50
882u S/SExhibition SheetNH2.50
883Sharks Block of 4NH4.75
883 M/S  Sharks MiniSheet of 16NH22.50
884 M/SAtomic Bomb MiniSheet of 6 with TabsNH6.50
885Lewis and Clark Horizontal PairNH2.50
886Culture Strip of 5NH4.00
886 M/S  Culture MiniSheetNH17.50
887 M/SShips Registry Sheet of 10NH8.00
888 M/S  Christmas MiniSheet 
Scott # Description Condition Price
889Greeting Block of 4NH4.00
889 M/S  Greeting MiniSheet of 16NH17.00
890 S/SYear of the PigNH(3.25)
891Trains Block of 6NH(5.50)
891 M/S  Trains MiniSheet of 12NH11.00
892Dolphins Block of 4NH5.00
892 M/S  Dolphins MiniSheet of 16 
897 M/SSpace Age Themes MiniSheet of 10 
898Scouting Block of 4NH4.00
898 M/SScouting MiniSheet of 16NH17.00
899Purple Heart 
900 M/SUSA Air Force MiniSheet of 25 
901Culture III Strip of 5NH5.00
901 M/S  Culture III MiniSheet of 20NH21.00
902 M/SYacht Registry MiniSheet of 10NH9.00
903Christmas Block of 4NH4.25
903 M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 16NH18.00
904 M/SFlower Bouquets Sheet of 25NH19.50
905 M/SLunar New Year Sheet of 12NH6.00
906Lighthouses Block of 6NH19.00
906 M/S  Lighthouses MiniSheet of 12NH38.00
907 M/SWild Cats MiniSheet of 12NH10.00
908 M/SSailing Ships MiniSheet of 12NH10.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
909 M/SConstellations Sheetlet of 20NH15.75
910 M/SIwo Jima MiniSheet of 10NH8.00
911-231c-$16.50 Fish DefinitivesNH60.00
  914,915,919,921,923  27c//$16.50 Tropical Fish, Part 1NH50.00
  911-13,916-18,920,922  1c//$5 Tropical Fish, Part 2NH16.00
924 M/SBirds of the World Sheetlet of 25NH19.50
925 M/SDinosaurs MiniSheet of 12NH9.50
926 S/SFishing Flies Sheet of 5NH4.00
927 M/SWild West Portraits MiniSheet of 16NH11.75
928Endangered Species Block of 6NH5.00
928 M/S  Endangered Species MiniSheet of 12NH11.00
929Culture Strip of 5NH4.25
930 M/SExploration of the Universe MiniSheet of 10NH8.50
931 M/SChristmas MiniSheet of 8NH6.00
932Owls Block of 6NH4.75
932 M/S  Owls MiniSheet of 12NH9.00
933 S/SUSA Airmail Anniversary SheetNH1.90
934 M/SFloral Bouquets MiniSheet of 25NH20.00
935Abraham Lincoln Block of 4NH7.75
936Robert Peary, North PoleNH3.50
937 M/SPortraits of American Indians MiniSheet of 12NH10.50
938 M/SMilitary Air Heroes MiniSheet of 16NH14.00
939 S/SPostal Service Anniversary SheetNH1.00
940-44Ocean LifeNH7.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
945 M/SConstellations II MiniSheet of 20 
946Roses of the Year 2005-2009 Strip of 5NH4.50
946 M/S  Roses MiniSheet of 15NH15.00
947Hot Air Balloons Strip of 5NH4.50
947 M/S  Hot Air Balloons MiniSheet of 10NH9.00
948Solar Eclipse StripNH2.75
948 M/S  Solar Eclipse MiniSheet of 9NH9.00
949Steam Locomotives Block of 6NH5.25
949 M/S  Locomotives MiniSheet of 12NH10.50
950Marshallese Culture VII Strip of 5NH4.50
950 M/S  Marshal Culture VII MiniSheet of 20NH19.50
951Eagles Block of 8 
952Dogs Strip of 5NH4.50
953 S/SDogs Sheet of 4 
954Christmas WreathsNH4.50
954 M/S  Christmas Wreaths MiniSheet of 15NH14.00
955 M/SEndangered Species MiniSheet of 12NH16.50
956Prehistoric Animals Strip of 5NH6.75
957Shells Block of 4NH5.75
958 M/SSigns of the Zodiac MiniSheet of 12NH16.50
959 M/SWaterfowl MiniSheet of 8NH11.00
960 M/SAmerican Indians MiniSheet of 12NH19.00
961Boy Scouts Block of 4NH5.75
962Shells Block of 4NH12.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
963Astronomers Strip of 5 
964 M/SConstellations MiniSheet of 20NH27.50
96528c Mandarin Goby FishNH2.50
966 M/SAlphabet MiniSheet of 24NH32.50
967 M/SStatue of Liberty MiniSheet of 9NH14.50
968 M/SClassic Cars MiniSheet of 5NH7.50
969Carousel Horses Block of 6NH8.75
970 M/SUS Warships MiniSheet of 15NH21.00
971-7228c,98c ShellsNH6.75
973Culture Strip of 5NH6.50
974Santa Claus Strip of 4NH5.75
975 M/SJohn F. Kennedy MiniSheet of 6NH7.75
976 M/SOrchidsNH19.00
977 M/SButterflies MiniSheet of 12NH18.00
978Tulips Block of 8NH8.50
979 S/SYear of the Rabbit SheetNH13.50
980Ronald Reagan Strip of 5NH8.00
980 M/S  Ronald Reagan MiniSheet of 15NH25.00
981First in Flight Strip of 5NH7.50
982-851c-$10 Turtle DefinitivesNH32.50
986Fish, Corals Strip of 5NH5.00
987 M/SAmericans Indian MiniSheet of 12NH17.00
988First in Flight Strip of 5NH5.50
989Man in Space Strip of 3NH7.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
990 M/SRoyal Wedding MiniSheet of 15NH19.50
991 M/SApostles of Jesus MiniSheet of 12NH16.50
992 M/SFlowers, Butterflies, Insects MiniSheet of 12NH16.50
993 M/SAntarctic Treaty, Penguins MiniSheet of 9NH28.00
994First in Flight Strip of 5NH7.50
995-1000$4.95 - $29.95 High Values inc Canoes, Flowers, Flag, Pigeons, ShellNH245.00
1001 M/SSpace Shuttle End MiniSheet of 7NH9.75
1002 Marshall Islands Culture Strip of 5NH6.75
1003 M/SFish MiniSheet of 12NH17.50
1004First in Flight Strip of 5NH7.75
1005-08National Buildings, SymbolsNH7.50
1009 S/SU.N. Admissions SheetNH15.00
1010 M/SChristmas MiniSheet of 12NH24.00
1011 S/SFree Association Sheet of 3NH9.00
1012First in Flight Strip of 5NH7.00
1013 Hanukkah Block of 8NH11.00
1014 M/SAmerica in WWII MiniSheet of 10NH15.00
1015 M/SStained Glass MiniSheet of 9NH13.00
1016 M/SRhododendrons MiniSheet of 9NH10.50
1017 Marine LifeNH2.50
1018 M/SYear of the Dragon MiniSheet of 4NH12.75
1019 Whales Strip of 4NH6.75
1020-25$5.15-$38.00 Canoes, Flowers, Ships, Fish, Marine LifeNH250.00
1026 M/SQueen Elizabeth II MiniSheet of 6NH16.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1029 Chinese Terra Cotta Warriers Block of 6NH9.50
1030 Inuits Block of 6NH9.50
1031 Coconuts Strip of 4 
1032 M/SScientists MiniSheet of 20NH27.50
1033 M/SClouds MiniSheet of 15NH21.00
1034 Birds Block of 10 
1035 M/SWWII MiniSheet of 10NH15.00
1036 M/SEuro Currency MiniSheet of 9NH16.00
1037 S/SAmerican Civil War SheetNH7.00
1038 Native American Dance Block of 6NH7.50
1039 S/SShips SheetNH14.00
1040 M/SChristmas MiniSheet of 12NH14.00
1041 M/S UFDLocomotives MiniSheet of 50 (shipped unfolded)NH85.00
1041 M/S FLDLocomotives MiniSheet of 50 (shipped folded in half)NH75.00
1042Canoe - Priority MailNH10.00
1043 M/SBirds of the World I Sheet of 10NH9.00
1044 M/SAustralia 225th Anniversary MiniSheet of 10NH9.50
1045-5333c-$44.95 Fish High Value DefinitivesNH255.00
  1045-50,1052  33c-$16.85,$23.95 Fish High Values INH70.00
  1051,1053  $19.95,$44.95 Fish High Values IINH190.00
1054 S/SYear of the  Snake Sheet of 4NH9.00
1055Camellias Block of 8NH7.50
1055 M/S  Camellias MiniSheet of 16NH16.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1056 M/SBirds of the World II Sheet of 10NH9.50
1070 S/SGettysburg Address Sheet of 5NH7.50
1072 M/S46c Military Aircraft Diagrams I MiniSheet of 15NH21.00
1073 S/SPostal Service Anniversary Sheet - BoatsNH17.50
1074-7634c-$1.15 ShellsNH7.50
1077 S/SLunar New Year of the Horse SheetNH13.75
1078Insects Block of 10NH15.00
1079Castles in Great BritainNH14.75
1080 M/SUS Flags MiniSheet of 15NH22.75
1081 M/SEuropean Costumes MiniSheet of 20NH29.75
1082 M/S49c Military Aircraft Diagrams II MiniSheet of 15NH22.50
1083-844c,$19.99 ShellsNH60.00
1085Trees Block of 6NH9.00
1086 S/SOpening of the Panama Canal SheetNH17.75
1087 M/SAmphibians and Reptiles MiniSheet of 15NH18.00
1088 S/SStar-Spangled Banner Anniversary SheetNH17.50
1089 M/S49c World War II MiniSheet of 10NH15.00
1090-94$5.75-$17.90 Shell High ValuesNH145.00
1095Movie Monsters Block of 10NH15.00
1096Christmas Themes Block of 6NH9.00
1097Seahorses Strip of 4NH6.00
1098 M/S49c Military Aircraft Diagrams III MiniSheet of 15NH22.50
1099Children Space Adventure Strip of 4NH6.00
1100Flowers Block of 10NH15.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
All New Issues are available for MARSHALL ISLANDS and over 200 Countries and Topics.
B1 M/SNuclear Testing Sheet of 8NH5.00
C1-2Birds (see 63-64) 
C7 S/SAtomic BlastNH4.00
C8Statue of Liberty (see 128-31) 
C9-12Girl ScoutsNH2.75
C13-16Marine BirdsNH2.75
C17-20CAPEX '87, EarhartNH3.00
C21Space ShuttleNH.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
C22a,C23a, C24a,C25a, C25b  Booklet Pane Issue:
C22a,C23a, C24a,C25a, C25b BK  Aircraft Complete BookletsNH39.00
NH Wholesale x10225.00
C22a,C23a, C24a,C25a, C25b UP  Aircraft Unfolded PanesNH46.00
C22a,C23a, C24a,C25a, C25b PRBooklet PairsNH8.50
UX120c ElvisNH3.50
UX2-520c CanoesNH4.25
UX620c ChristmasNH1.20
UX732c TurtleNH2.50
170a,173a,173b1988 FISH, Three UNFOLDED booklet panes w/Tabs x8 ea - advertised retail $240. Unusual item for topical dealer.NHAsk
39a,41a,41b1984 Maps, Three UNFOLDED booklet panes W/Tabs x7 ea - advertised retail $700, VF NHNHAsk
39a,41a,41b1984 Maps, Three UNFOLDED booklet panes W/Tabs x7 ea - advertised retail $700, VF NHNHAsk
39a//C25b1984-98 Collection of 23 Booklets inc 238BOOKLETAsk
39a//C25b1984-98 Collection of 23 Booklets  inc 238BOOKLETAsk
170a//174b1988-89 FISH Bklts: '88 set x9, '89 set x3BOOKLETAsk
62a//C16aPretty Collection of 35 Cacheted, Unaddressed FDC's with high Brookman RetailFDCAsk