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SOUTH SUDAN 2017 ISSUES now available:  Severe inflation has caused the Sudan Post Office to surcharge 19 different stamps.  These surcharges are now in stock in extremely limited quantity.  These are the first South Sudan issues in five years!  To avoid disappointment, please reserve yours now.  Call or email for further information.
Thursday, December 13, 2018


Scott # Description Condition Price


Scott 73 missing MOLDOVA, WWF and the Denomination!  One of the scarce errors in our stock!


are located at the end of the Moldova listings.

1991 M/SMiniSheets of 16 (3)NH35.00
1992 PEAs above plus Engraved Defins (11)NH110.00
199346,72-91,82-91 CP,94-112, "112A"+C5-8NH75.00
1993 LSSLimited Edition S/S (2)NH46.00
1993 BKBooklets (5)NH150.00
1994 WOC113-30,133-52,"141A"+J1-2 (without 131-32 Cards)NH115.00
1995 WOC153-84,187-89 (without 185-86 Cards)NH105.00
2000 BKEuropa BookletNH35.00
2001 BKEuropa BookletNH37.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2002 BKEuropa BookletNH37.50
2002 FLSpecial Folders (2) 
2003437-64,443a,"464A" S/SNH85.00
2003 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets (2)NH100.00
2003 EBKEuropa Booklet (1)NH40.00
2003 BBKButterfly Booklet (1)NH11.00
2004465-83,467+468 ST,467+468 S/S,468a BKNH85.00
2004 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets of 10NH60.00
2004 OMSOther MiniSheets (14)NH180.00
2004 IMPSeveral values exist IMPERF.  Please see the individual set listings. 
2005484-508,489 S/SNH59.00
2005 E M/S 1Europa MiniSheet of 10NH70.00
2005 E M/S 2Europa Special MiniSheet of 6NH30.00
2005 EBKEuropa Booklet of 6NH30.00
2005 OMSOther MiniSheets (22)NHAsk
2006509-46,523-24 ST,539-42A ST, 524a,542aNH86.00
2006 EBKEuropa Booklet (1)NH22.00
2006 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets of 10 (1)NH55.00
2006 O M/SOther MiniSheets of 10 (24)NH250.00
2006 XXThe GRAND Collection (43 Stamps + 3 S/S + 1 Booklet + 25 MiniSheets)NH409.00
2006Also see TIRASPOL Year Sets below. 
2007547-76,556-57 S/S,576aNH65.00
2007 M/SEuropa MiniSheets of 10 (2)NH40.00
2007 BKEuropa Booklet (1)NH30.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2007 O M/SOther Small MiniSheets of 10 (23)NH195.00
2007 XXThe GRAND Collection of all Year Units listed above:NH320.00
See TIRASPOL at the end of this listing for additional 2007 issues.
2008 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets of 10 (2)NH37.50
2008 O M/SOther MiniSheets of 10 (24)NH359.00
2008 EBKEuropa BookletNH8.25
2008 SSBKStamp-on-Stamp BookletNH4.50
2008 XXThe GRAND Collection of Moldova 2008 - All 5 Year Sets above.NH475.00
2009 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets of 10 (2)NH75.00
2009 EBKEuropa Booklets (2)NH55.00
2009 OMSOther MiniSheets (34)NH380.00
2009 XXThe GRAND Collection of 2009 Moldova.  All 4 Year Sets listed above:NHAsk
2010 M/SEuropa MiniSheets (2)NH15.00
2010 EBKEuropa Booklet (1)NH7.50
2010 O M/SOther MiniSheets (36)NH315.00
2010 XXThe GRAND Collection of 2010 Moldova.  All 4 Year Sets listed above:NH390.00
201167 Stamps + 4 S/S (or more properly 36+10 S/S)NH61.00
2011 STSe-tenant Pairs (2)NH8.00
2011 EBKEuropa Booklet (1)NH9.00
2011 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets of 10 (2)NH26.00
2011 O M/SOther MiniSheets of 6, 8 or 10 (19)NH165.00
2011 XXThe GRAND Collection of 2011 Moldova.  All 5 Year Sets listed above:NH265.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
201234 Stamps + 6 S/SNH60.00
2012 BKBooklet (1)NH11.00
2012 TABStamps with Tabs (2)NH5.00
2012 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets (2)NH25.00
2012 M/SMiniSheets (32)NH285.00
2013 BKBooklet (1)NH11.00
2013 M/SMiniSheets ()NHAsk
201435 Stamps + 4 S/SNH37.50
2014 BKBooklet (1)NH6.00
2014 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets of 10 (2)NH27.50
201546 Stamps + 4 S/SNH42.75
2015 BKBooklets (1)NH5.75
2015 M/SMiniSheets ()NHAsk
201646 Stamps + 6 S/S inc M/SNHAsk
2016 BKBooklet (1)NH6.50
2016 M/SMiniSheets ()NHAsk
201738 Stamps + 2 S/SNH29.00
2017 M/SMiniSheets ()NHAsk
2018Click to reserve now for earliest delivery.NHRESERVE!
1991-19993 Unlisted Arms,25-340,50a, 82-91 CP,199a,C1-8+J1-2NH899.00
1991-1999Similar, but without Stamp Cards  131-32 and 185-86NH660.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1991-1999The DeLUXE Collection with all Special items above (MiniSheets, Booklets, Limited S/S, and the 11 Engraved Definitives)NH1,175.00
2000-2005341-508,443a,464A S/S,467-68 ST, 467+468 S/S,468a BK,489 S/SNH409.00
Moldova used covers in well-assorted packets of 21 covers, including scarce frankings and attractive motifs for:NH85.00
1-3Arms and FlagNH.50
1-3 CMB  Arms and Flag Corner Margin Blocks of Three plus Labels in four languagesNH32.00
1-3 M/S  Arms and Flag MiniSheets of 16 with Tabs and LabelsNH35.00
1-3 M/S  Arms and Flag but some M/S have creases in one or more cornersNH27.00
PS1First Postal Stationery First DayNH2.50
25Duck, NatureNH.30
26-30Coat of ArmsNH.75
38Romulus and RemusNH.30
"39-42B" (10)Surcharges (10 basic stamps exist not the 4 or 5 distributed by others!)NH26.50
"39//42"  Basic Five Litho Surcharged StampsNH3.00
"39E//42E"  Basic Five Engraved Surcharges StampsNH25.00
(The Basic five Engraved stamps are not included in the 1992 Year Set.) 
Scott # Description Condition Price
Five stamps were surcharged on engraved Russian issues; five on lithographed issues on normal paper and three on lithographed issues on shiny paper.  Various inverted surcharges exist and are in stock.  However, some of these are unpriced until market conditions stabilize.  Reservations will be accepted for these inverts.
First Day Cover of the 5 Lithographed stamps (scarce)NH28.00
2.50 on Litho Stamp on:
39  2.50 on Litho Dull PaperNH.50
39i    2.50 on Litho Inverted SurchargeNH9.00
39D  2.50 on Litho Double SurchargeNH24.00
39C  2.50 on Litho Coated, Shiny PaperNH4.50
39E2.50 on Engraved StampNH6.50
39Ei  2.50 on Engraved Inverted surcharge 
6.00 on Litho stamp on:
40  6.00 on Litho, Dull paperNH1.25
40i    6.00 on Litho, Inverted surchargeNH9.00
40C  6.00 on Litho, Coated, Shiny paperNH4.50
40E6.00 on Engraved StampNH3.75
40Ei  6.00 on Engraved Stamp, Inverted surcharge 
8.50 on Litho Stamp on:
41  8.50 on Litho Dull paperNH1.75
41i    8.50 on Litho Inverted surchargeNH9.00
41C  8.50 on Litho Coated, Shiny paperNH5.75
41E8.50 on Engraved stampNH5.25
41Ei  8.50 on Engraved Inverted surcharge 
4210.00 Red on Litho stampNH2.00
42i  10.00 Red on Litho Inverted surcharge 
42E10.00 Red on Engraved stampNH6.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
42Ei  10.00 Red on Engraved Inverted surcharge 
42A10.00 Black on Litho stampNH2.00
42Ai  10.00 Black on Litho Inverted surchargeNH18.00
42AE10.00 Black on Engraved stampNH6.00
42AEi  10.00 Black on Engraved Inverted surcharge 
39Ei-42AEiSet of five inverted surcharges on the Engraved Stamps 
39i-42AiSet of five inverted surcharges on the Lithographed Stamps 
Basic Grape Surcharges:
43-50a (7)45k-4r Black, 4r Red (7) on Litho stampsNH7.50
(43-50 are in the Year Set, the C and E variations are not.)
43C-50aCSix on Litho stamps, CoatedNH40.00
43E-50aESix on Engraved StampsNH35.00
Individually listed with Inverted surcharges: 
  0,45 Black Surcharge on:
43    0,45 Black Surcharge Litho - Dull paperNH1.10
43C    0,45 Black Surcharge Litho - Coated, Shiny paperNH4.50
43E    0,45 Black Surcharge Engraved stampNH6.50
  0,46 Black Surcharge on:
44    0,46 Black Surcharge Litho - Dull paperNH1.10
44C    0,46 Black Surcharge Litho - Coated, Shiny paperNH4.50
44E    0,46 Black Surcharge Engraved stampNH6.50
  0,63 Red Surcharge on 1k:
Scott # Description Condition Price
45    0,63 Red Surcharge Litho - Dull paperNH.30
45i      0,63 Red Surcharge Inverted surchargeNH15.00
45+45i      0,63 Red Surcharge Normal+Inverted in PairNH17.50
45+45i F/S0,63 Red Surcharge Scarce Full Sheet of 100 with the entire 6th row having the inverted surcharge!  Also other surcharge variations are evident.  A rare find still unbroken so many years after printing.NH250.00
45C    0,63 Red Surcharge Litho - Coated, Shiny paperNH8.00
45Ci      0,63 Red Surcharge Inverted surchargeNH40.00
45C+Ci      0,63 Red Surcharge Normal+Inverted in PairNH50.00
0,63 Black surcharge on 3k on:
45E    0,63 Red Surcharge Engraved stampNH6.50
45Ei      0,63 Red Surcharge Inverted surchargeNH50.00
45E+Ei      0,63 Red Surcharge Normal+Inverted in PairNH60.00
  0,63 Black Surcharge on: 
46 '93  0,63 Black Surcharge Litho stamp - Dull paperNH1.90
46i '93    0,63 Black Surcharge Inverted surchargeNH10.00
46+46i '93    0,63 Black Surcharge Normal+Inverted in PairNH15.00
46C '93  0,63 Black Surcharge Litho stamp - Coated PaperNH4.50
46Ci '93    0,63 Black Surcharge Inverted surchargeNH35.00
46C+i '93    0,63 Black Surcharge Normal+Inverted in PairNH40.00
46E '93  0,63 Black Surcharge Engraved stampNH6.50
46Ei '93    0,63 Black Surcharge Inverted surchargeNH55.00
46E+Ei '93    0,63 Black Surcharge Normal+Inverted in PairNH60.00
  0,70 Red Surcharge on:
47    0,70 Red Surcharge Litho - Dull paperNH.30
Scott # Description Condition Price
47i      0,70 Red Surcharge Inverted surcharge 
47C    0,70 Red Surcharge Litho - Coated, Shiny paperNH9.00
47E    0,70 Red Surcharge Engraved stampNH6.50
48-49These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
  4,00 Black Surcharge on:
50    4,00 Black Surcharge Litho - Dull paperNH1.50
50i      4,00 Black Surcharge Inverted surcharge 
50C    4,00 Black Surcharge Litho - Coated, Shiny paperNH10.00
50E    4,00 Black Surcharge Engraved stampNH6.50
  4,00 Red Surcharge on:
50a    4,00 Red Surcharge Litho - Dull paperNH1.50
50ai      4,00 Red Surcharge Inverted surcharge 
50aC    4,00 Red Surcharge Litho - Coated, Shiny paperNH10.00
50aCi      4,00 Red Surcharge Inverted surcharge 
50aC+i      4,00 Red Surcharge Normal+Inverted in Pair 
50aE    4,00 Red Surcharge Engraved stampNH6.50
Stamps "57F" and "57Fi" below are fabrications!  A government representative has informed us personally that the 25,00 Surcharges were prepared and ready for issue.  However, counterfeit overprints were being sold in the capital city of Kishinev well before the day of issue of the genuine stamps.  Hence, the genuine 25,00 stamps were never issued.  Accordingly, all 25,00 stamps are false.
57F25,00 Red SurchargeNH8.00
"57Fi  25,00 Red Inverted SurchargeNH18.00
53-60,57aSummer Olympics: 7+2 S/SNH19.50
Summer Olympics First Day Covers (3) 6+1 S/SNH35.00
  53-57a  Olympics (5+S/S)NH14.00
  58-60  Olympics Winners (2+S/S)NH5.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
61-64UN, KSZE AdmissionNH2.50
61-64 M/S  UN, KSZE Admission MiniSheets of 10NH30.00
68-70Columbus Discovery of AmericaNH2.50
69-70 M/S  Columbus Top Values MiniSheet of 8 pairs (Scott 70a) with Inscription and Pictorial MarginsNH19.00
71 S/SColumbus Discovery SheetNH10.00
72-74Snakes-World Wildlife Fund Block + 2vNH7.00
  72-73 M/S  Snakes-WWF MiniSheets of 16NH29.00
  74 M/S  Snakes-High Values MiniSheet of 16NH75.00
"73a"15r Reptile MISSING Country Name and Denomination.NH375.00

"74a"25r Reptile MISSING Country Name and Denomination.NH375.00

"73a+74a"Both Errors as a set:NH700.00
"74B" S/SSpecial Sheet of two sets in a new format.  This is an unfolded Booklet Pane.NH21.00
72-74 BK MWWF-Reptile Pane of 12, Moldovan TextNH25.00
72-74 BK GWWF-Reptile Pane of 12, German TextNH30.00
72-74 BK EWWF-Reptile Pane of 12, English TextNH35.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
Don't overlook the items above.  We think they are sleepers and have great potential! 
75-81Birds IINH4.50
Coat of Arms Definitives:
82-91Coat of Arms - Ordinary PaperNH2.50
82-91Coat of Arms - Coated PaperNH2.50
98-104Flowers + S/SNH6.00
105-10Kings and LordsNH10.00
110 var  Stefan I MISSING DenominationNH125.00

110A S/SKings and Lords Limited Printing Special S/S of two sets in Se-tenant formNH25.00
110 BK R  Kings, Lords Booklet, Romanian TextNH28.00
110 BK E  Kings, Lords Booklet, English TextNH35.00
Do not overlook this Limited Printing Sheet and Booklets! 
111-12Europa - ArtNH5.00
111-12 VST  Europa - Art Vertical Se-tenant Pair NH12.50
111-12 HST  Europa - Art Horizontal Se-tenant Pair NH12.50
111-12 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 15 NH90.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
"112A" S/SEuropa Art SheetNH30.00
"112A" also exists with vertical perforation from the top only to the bottom of the stamps.  Thus the bottom margin of Type B is completely imperforate.  We believe Type A is much more common than B. 
"112B" S/SEuropa Sheet Bottom Imperf NH45.00
113-14Lillehammer OlympicsNH3.00
There are two types of surcharge on #118 and #120.  Type 1 has the denomination underneath the bottom grape at the lower left corner of the stamp.  Type 2 is a completely different setting with the denomination at the lower right of the stamp.  Type 2 is found just once per sheet on certain sheets of 100.  Relatively scarce and overlooked by most (until now!).
114A-CSurcharges, Type 1NH.75
  "114Aa"  3,00 Surcharge, Type 2NH35.00
  "114+114Aa"    3,00 Surcharge Types 1 and 2 Se-tenantNH37.50
  "114Ca"  50,00 Surcharge, Type 2NH45.00
  "114C+114Ca"    50,00 Surcharge Types 1 and 2 Se-tenantNH47.50
115-17Europa - SpaceNH8.00
115-17 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 10 NH100.00
118-30Order with caution as Scott has renumbered these Coats of Arms. 
118-30Arms DefinitivesNH48.00
  118,122,125,128,130  June 11 Arms: 0,01  0,45  1.50  4.50  24.00NH22.00
  119,120,128A,128B,129  July 16 Arms: 0,10  0,30  5.40  6.90  13.00NH18.00
  121,123,126,127,128C  August 13 Arms: 0,38  0,75  1,80  2,50  7.20NH10.00
131-32Map, Flag Stamp Cards of 6 Strips eachNH69.50
131a-32f (12)  Map, Flag Strips (for the same denomination, each Map position is different) NH69.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
131-32 SPStamp Cards with SPECIMEN  OverprintSPECIMENASK
133-36Musician, Writer, PainterNH4.00
137-39Stamp Day - PrintingNH5.00
137-39 M/S  Stamp Day - Printing MiniSheets of 10NH52.00
140-41Olympic CommitteeNH2.00
"141A" S/SOlympic Special SheetNH12.00
142-43NATO, MapNH5.75
142-43 M/S  NATO, Map MiniSheetsNH60.00
144-46Year of the FamilyNH4.50
144-46 M/S  Year of the Family MiniSheetsNH50.00
147-50Soccer Championships + SheetNH12.50
147-49 M/S  Soccer Championships MiniSheets of 10NH60.00
151-52 M/S  Christmas MiniSheets of 10NH50.00
Most Sets issued in MiniSheets of 10 with Decorative Margins 
153-57 M/S  Mushrooms MiniSheets of 10NH125.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
158-60Nature ProtectionNH7.50
158-60 M/S  Nature Protection MiniSheets of 10NH75.00
161-63Natural History, ArtNH13.00
161-63 M/S  Natural History, Art MiniSheets of 10NH125.00
164-66 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 10 NH80.00
167-70Artist, Writers, MusicianNH4.00
167-70 M/S  Artist, Writers, Musician MiniSheets of 10NH40.00
171-77Dukes II + S/SNH22.00
182-84United NationsNH13.00
185-86 SCUN Stamp CardsNHASK
185a-86a  UN Stamp Card Single SetNH65.00
187-89The CinemaNH13.00
190-94Mushrooms IINH5.00
190-94 M/S  Mushrooms II MiniSheets of 10NH49.50
195-98Atlanta OlympicsNH5.75
199 S/SAtlanta Olympics SheetNH3.50
199a S/SOlympic Sheet - Winners OverprintNH3.75
205-09Birds + SheetNH7.50
205-08 M/S  Birds MiniSheets of 10NH60.00
210-11Europa - WomenNH8.00
210-11 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 10 NH80.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
212 S/SEuropa - Women Writer SheetNH8.00
213-18Personalities + SheetNH13.00
219-21City of KishinivNH8.75
222-24Christmas FlowersNH5.50
222-24 M/S  Christmas Flowers MiniSheets of 10NH54.50
225-28Grapes and WineNH6.50
229-31Easter + Easter SheetNH10.50
236-37Europa - MythsNH13.00
236-37 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 10 NH140.00
238 S/SEuropa SheetNH14.00
243 S/SInsect SheetNH5.50
244-46Day of the PostNH6.50
247-49 M/S  Christmas MiniSheets of 10NH65.00
250-55Architectural MonumentsNH7.25
256-62Dukes of Moldova III + SheetNH13.50
NH MiniSheets of 1075.00
  256-61Dukes of Moldova IIINH7.00
  262 S/S  Duke with Horse Sheet NH6.75
263-65Nagano OlympicsNH3.25
263-65 M/S  Nagano Olympics MiniSheets of 10NH32.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
266-69Famous PeopleNH4.00
266-69 M/S  Famous People MiniSheets of 10NH40.00
270 S/SFamous People SheetNH6.00
271-74Art, MonumentsNH5.00
271-74 M/S  Art, Monuments MiniSheets of 10NH50.00
275-76 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 10NH65.00
277 S/SEuropa SheetNH11.00
278-81 M/S  Fruits MiniSheets of 10NH40.00
282 S/SPrincess Diana SheetNH7.50
283-86Moldavian StampsNH7.50
283-86 M/S  Moldavian Stamps MiniSheets of 10NH70.00
287-90Medieval CastlesNH4.50
287-90 M/S  Medieval Castles MiniSheets of 10NH45.00
288 var  60b Castle Error- Black Completely Missing (including denomination)NH325.00

291-92IBRA, BirdsNH7.00
291-92 M/S  IBRA, Birds MiniSheets of 10NH79.50
293-96Regional CostumesNH7.00
293-96 M/S  Regional Costumes MiniSheets of 10NH75.00
297 M/S  Bessarabia MiniSheet of 10NH24.00
298Human RightsNH5.00
298 M/S  Human Rights MiniSheet of 10NH58.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
299-00UPU, Council of EuropeNH2.90
299-00 M/S  UPU, Council of Europe MiniSheets of 10NH30.00
301-02Europa - ParksNH6.50
301-02 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 10 NH65.00
303 S/SEuropa SheetNH12.00
304-05Balzac, PushkinNH1.70
304-05 M/S  Balzac, Pushkin MiniSheets of 10NH19.00
306-07National SportsNH2.60
306-07 M/S  National Sports MiniSheets of 10NH28.00
308-10Space, Apollo XINH5.40
308-10 M/S  Space, Apollo XI MiniSheets of 10NH55.00
311-17Moldovan Awards inc S/SNH10.00
311-16 M/S  Moldovan Awards MiniSheets of 10NH77.50
318-21 M/S  Handicrafts MiniSheets of 10NH32.00
322-23Goethe, Latin LettersNH2.80
322-23 M/S  Goethe, Latin Letters MiniSheets of 10NH30.00
324-25 M/S  Patriarchs MiniSheets of 10NH35.00
326-32Dukes IV inc S/SNH14.00
326-31 M/S  Dukes IV MiniSheets of 10NH125.00
333-35Fish, AnimalsNH4.60
333-35 M/S  Fish, Animals MiniSheets of 10NH48.00
336-37Women's ChessNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
336-37 M/S  Women's Chess MiniSheets of 10NH32.00
338-40 M/S  Treasures MiniSheets of 10NH59.00
341 S/SEminescu SheetletNH8.50
342-44Fairy TalesNH4.00
342-44 M/S  Fairy Tales MiniSheets of 10NH38.00
345-48Famous Scientists and Doctors (inc Norbert Wiener of MIT!)NH7.00
345-48 M/S  Scientists and Doctors MiniSheets of 10NH65.00
349-5220th Century Events (Science, Pope, Computers, Fission, Moon Landing)NH11.00
349-52 M/S  20th Century Events MiniSheets of 10NH100.00
353-54 M/S  Easter MiniSheets of 10NH30.00
355Europa - StarsNH6.50
355 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 10 NH65.00
355 BK  Europa Booklet of 6 NH36.00
356-57EXPO 2000NH1.25
356-57 M/S  EXPO 2000 MiniSheets of 10NH17.00
358-61 M/S  Monasteries MiniSheets of 10NH40.00
362-64Sydney OlympicsNH6.75
362-64 M/S  Sydney Olympics MiniSheets of 10NH65.00
365-66World Teachers DayNH3.75
365-66 M/S  World Teachers Day MiniSheets of 10NH35.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
367-68 M/S  Christmas MiniSheets of 10NH16.00
369 S/SChristmas SheetNH4.50
369AUN Refugee CommitteeNH3.50
369A M/S  UN Refugee Committee MiniSheet of 10NH35.00
370WWF - CornrakeNH8.00
370 M/S  WWF - Cornrake MiniSheet of 8NH16.00
371Cosmonaut GargarinNH2.00
371 M/S  Cosmonaut Gargarin MiniSheet of 10NH20.00
372-75Famous Women inc Actress DietrichNH6.50
372-75 M/S  Famous Women MiniSheet of 10NH65.00
376Europa - WaterNH5.50
376 M/S  Europa - Water MiniSheet of 10 NH55.00
376 BK  Europa - Water Booklet of 6 NH37.50
377Romanian CosmonautNH2.00
377 M/S  Romanian Cosmonaut MiniSheet of 10NH20.00
378-81Children's DrawingsNH3.00
378-81 M/S  Children's Drawings MiniSheet of 10NH30.00
382 S/SFirst StampsNH5.75
383-86Kishiniv ZooNH6.50
383-86 M/S  Kishiniv Zoo MiniSheet of 10NH65.00
387 S/SZoo SheetNH5.00
388 M/S  Independence MiniSheet of 10NH13.00
389-92Musical InstrumentsNH6.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
389-92 M/S  Musical Instruments MiniSheet of 10NH67.50
393-94Civilization DialogueNH8.00
393-94 M/S  Civilization Dialogue MiniSheet of 10NH85.00
395-00 M/S  Dukes MiniSheet of 10NH60.00
401 S/SDukes SheetNH5.50
402-05 M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 10NH87.50
ERROR40b Missing Golden PrintNH50.00
406CIS AnniversaryNH1.70
406 M/S  CIS Anniversary MiniSheet of 10NH18.00
407-08Winter OlympicsNH3.75
407-08 M/S  Olympics MiniSheet of 10NH37.50
409-10Local DancesNH1.65
409-10 M/S  Local Dances MiniSheet of 10NH17.00
411-14 M/S  Paintings MiniSheet of 10NH37.50
415Europa - CircusNH5.50
415 M/S    Europa - Circus MiniSheet of 10 NH55.00
415 BK  Europa - Circus Booklet of 6 NH37.50
416 S/SBotanic Garden SheetNH4.00
417 S/SDa Vinci AnniversaryNH3.75
418-23Cultural PeopleNH5.00
418-23 M/S  Cultural People MiniSheets of 10NH50.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
424-26 M/S  Horses MiniSheets of 10NH39.00
427-29Children's DrawingsNH6.50
427-29 M/S  Children's Drawings MiniSheets of 10NH75.00
430-31CIS Summit in MoldovaNH5.75
430-31 M/S  CIS Summit MiniSheets of 10NH59.50
430-31 BKCIS in Special FolderNH6.00
432-36Wine FestivalNH6.75
432-36 M/S  Wine Festival MiniSheets of 10NH72.50
432-36 BKWine in Special FolderNH9.75
437-39 M/S  Airships MiniSheets of 10NH47.50
440-43 M/S  Butterflies MiniSheets of 10NH80.00
443a S/SButterfly SheetNH7.75
443b BKButterflies Booklet of 6NH11.00
444-45Europa - Poster ArtNH10.00
444-45 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 10 NH100.00
444-45The 2003 Europa issue was printed in two formats:  A) Sheets of 10 of each value and B) se-tenant format in sheetlets of six which were affixed to booklet covers.  We include both formats in our Moldova Year Set. 
444-45 STEuropa Se-tenant Pair NH14.00
445a BK  Europa Booklet of 3 Pairs NH40.00
446 S/SEuropa 10 Years SheetNH6.00
447-48Red CrossNH4.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
447-48 M/S  Red Cross MiniSheets of 10NH40.00
449-51Youth OlympicsNH6.50
449-51 M/S  Youth Olympics MiniSheets of 10NH65.00
452-53 M/S  Anti-Terror MiniSheets of 10NH42.50
454Dimitri CantemirNH2.50
454 M/S  Dimitri Cantemir MiniSheet of 10NH25.00
455European CouncilNH2.50
455 M/S  European Council MiniSheet of 10NH25.00
456-60Famous PeopleNH9.50
456-60 M/S  Famous People MiniSheets of 10NH95.00
461-64Birds, Red BookNH5.25
461-64 M/S  Birds MiniSheets of 10NH55.00
"464A" S/SBirds SheetNH5.50
465-66Famous PeopleNH1.50
465-66 M/S  Famous People MiniSheets of 10NH15.00
467-68Europa - Vacations (from Normal Printing)NH5.75
467-68 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 10 NH60.00
467+68 STEuropa Se-tenant Pair (from a Special Printing) NH7.50
468a S/SEuropa Sheet of 4NH16.00
468a BKEuropa Booklet of 4 NH16.00
469-71King Schtefan DeathNH5.50
469-70 M/S  King Schtefan MiniSheets of 10NH45.00
472FIFA Soccer Anniversary PairNH5.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
472 S/SSoccer Sheet of 6NH16.00
473 S/SLiberation AnniversaryNH1.60
474-75Athens OlympicsNH3.75
474-75 M/S  Olympics MiniSheets of 10NH37.50
476-79National TreasuresNH3.90
476-79 M/S  National Treasures MiniSheets of 10NH39.00
480-83Red Book - PlantsNH4.75
480-83 M/S  Red Book - Plants MiniSheets of 10NH47.50
484-87 M/S  Trains MiniSheets of 10NH46.00
488Church of St. GregoryNH.40
488 M/S  Church MiniSheet of 10NH4.00
489World War II VictoryNH.90
489 TAB  Victory with Label at LeftNH1.25
489 TAB  Victory with Label at RightNH1.25
489 TAB  Victory with Label at TopNH1.25
489 x2 TAB  Victory Strip with Label in CenterNH2.75
"489a" S/S  Victory Sheet of 9 plus Label (in Year Set)NH8.00
490-91Europa - FoodNH7.00
490-91 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 10 NH70.00
491a M/SEuropa MiniSheet of 6 NH30.00
491a BK  Europa Booklet of 6 NH30.00
492Women's ChessNH3.00
492 M/S  Chess MiniSheet of 10NH30.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
493-95Musicians, Violin, PianoNH2.50
493-95 M/S  Music MiniSheets of 10NH26.00
496-97Europa's 50th AnniversaryNH7.50
496-97 M/S  Anniversary MiniSheet of 10NH75.00
498 S/SEuropa Anniversary SheetNH8.00
499Informatics, TunisiaNH3.00
499 M/S  Informatics MiniSheet of 10NH30.00
500 S/SInformation, Passports SheetNH4.50
501-04Amphibians, ReptilesNH3.50
501-04 M/S  Reptile MiniSheets of 10NH35.00
505 S/SReptiles SheetNH3.50
506Church of St. NicolasNH.30
506 M/S  Church MiniSheet of 10NH4.00
507-08 M/S  Christmas MiniSheets of 10NH45.00
50915 Years of Newspaper "Makler"NH.30
509 M/S  15 Years of Newspaper "Makler" MiniSheet of 10NH3.00
510-11Winter OlympicsNH2.75
510-11 M/S  Winter Olympics MiniSheets of 10NH27.50
512-17Architecture, DefinitivesNH2.25
518-21Costumes and HandicraftsNH3.25
518-21 M/S  Costumes and Handicrafts MiniSheets of 10NH32.00
522Composer MusteaNH.40
522 M/S  Composer Mustea MiniSheet of 10NH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
523-24Europa - IntegrationNH5.50
523-24 M/S  Europa - Integration MiniSheets of 10 NH55.00
523+524Europa - Integration Se-tenant Pair from the Second PrintingNH7.50
524a BKEuropa - Integration Booklet of 6 NH22.00
524a S/S  Europa - Integration Souvenir Sheet of 6NH24.00
525World Chess OlympiadNH4.75
525 M/S  World Chess Olympiad MiniSheet of 10NH52.50
526-28World Cup Soccer ChampionshipNH3.75
526-28 M/S  World Cup Soccer Champs  MiniSheets of 10NH37.50
529-32Famous PersonsNH3.25
533-36Red Book, AnimalsNH2.75
533-36 M/S  Red Book, Animals MiniSheets of 10NH27.50
537 S/SRed Book, Animals SheetNH2.50
53815 Years of IndependenceNH1.10
539-42Dogs (Individual Printing)NH3.75
539-42 M/S  Dogs MiniSheets of 10NH37.50
539A-42ADogs (Se-Tenant Printing)NH3.75
542a S/SDogs (Se-Tenant Printing) Special Sheet of 8NH11.50
543National Wine HolidayNH.50
543 M/S  National Wine Holiday MiniSheet of 10NH4.75
544-46Christmas, New Year Paintings (our choice of strip)NH3.75
544-46 SO  Christmas, New Year Paintings in Scott OrderNH9.50
544-46 M/S  Christmas, New Year MiniSheet of 9NH13.00
545-46 M/S  Christmas, New Year Paintings MiniSheets of 10 (the other value does not exist in M/S of 10)NH16.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
547Reservation "85b" SurchargeNH.50
548-51 M/S  Paintings MiniSheets of 10NH23.00
552-55Red Book - Mushrooms NH2.50
552-55 M/S  Red Book - Mushrooms MiniSheets of 10NH26.00
556-57Europa - Scouting, ButterflyNH4.00
556-57 M/S  Europa - Scouting, Butterfly MiniSheets of 10 NH40.00
556-57 S/S  Europa - Scouting Sheet of 6 NH30.00
556-57 BK  Europa - Scouting Booklet NH30.00
558-59Definitives Overprints "25b" and "85b"NH1.00
560-63 M/S  Cats MiniSheets of 10NH35.00
564-67Endangered BirdsNH3.50
564-67 M/S  Endangered Birds MiniSheets of 10NH35.00
568 S/SEndangered Birds SheetNH2.50
569Protected Fish Strip with Tab (Joint Issue with Ukraine)NH1.50
569 M/S  Protected Fish MiniSheet of 5 StripsNH7.50
570-72Writers and ArtistsNH1.75
570-72 M/S  Writers and Artists MiniSheets of 10NH18.50
573 S/SWriters and Artists SheetNH2.50
574Chess ChampionshipNH2.50
574 M/S  Chess Championship MiniSheet of 10NH25.00
576a S/SChristmas Special Sheet of 9 (1L x6,4.50L x3)NH7.00
575 M/S  Christmas 1L MiniSheet of 20NH8.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
576 M/S  Christmas 4.50L MiniSheet of 10NH17.50
577-80Covered WellsNH2.25
581-83Beijing Olympics - Cycling, Boxing, LiftingNH9.25
581-83 M/S  Beijing Olympics MiniSheets of 10NH95.00
584-85Europa - The Post (Computer, Horse)NH3.50
584-85 M/S  Europa - The Post MiniSheets of 10 NH37.50
585a S/SEuropa Sheet of 4NH8.75
585a BK  Europa Booklet of 4 NH8.25
586-87Stamp-on-Stamp AnniversaryNH1.75
586-87 M/S  Stamp-on-Stamp Anniversary MiniSheets of 10NH18.50
587a S/SStamp-on-Stamp Sheet of 4NH5.00
587a BK  Stamp-on-Stamp BooketNH4.50
588Euro Soccer ChampionshipNH2.00
588 M/S  Euro Soccer Champs MiniSheet of 10NH22.00
589-91 M/S  Flowers MiniSheets of 10NH40.00
591a S/SFlowers, Pond Life Sheet of 3NH4.00
592-95Famous MoldovansNH4.50
592-95 M/S  Famous Moldovans MiniSheets of 10NH45.00
596Deer Pair (Joint Issue with Kazakhstan)NH2.60
596 M/S  Deer MiniSheet of 10 (Joint Issue with Kazakhstan)NH14.00
597 S/SBender AnniversaryNH1.90
598Historian Anton KantemirNH.60
598 M/S  Historian Anton Kantemir MiniSheet of 10NH6.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
599 S/SD. Kantemir SheetNH1.40
600-05Dukes and LordsNH6.00
600-05 M/S  Dukes and Lords MiniSheets of 10NH60.00
606 S/SDukes and Lords, Coach SheetNH3.00
607Olympics Boxing WinnerNH3.00
607 M/S  Olympics Boxing Winner MiniSheet of 10NH32.50
608 S/SCentral European InitiativeNH2.80
609Christmas Stylized DonkeyNH.60
609 M/S  Christmas Donkey MiniSheet of 10NH6.50
610 S/SChristmas Scene, Children SheetNH3.00
611Human RightsNH2.00
611 M/S  Human Rights MiniSheet of 10NH20.00
612 M/S  Statehood MiniSheet of 10NH5.00
613 S/SStatehood SheetNH2.50
614-15Early WeaponsNH1.90
614-15 M/S  Early Weapons MiniSheet of 10NH19.00
616-17Polar ScenesNH2.50
616-17 M/S  Polar Scenes MiniSheet of 10NH25.00
618-19Easter EggsNH1.50
618-19 M/S  Easter MiniSheets of 10NH15.00
620Council of EuropeNH1.50
620 M/S  Council of Europe MiniSheet of 10NH15.50
621-22Europa - AstronomyNH7.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
621-22 M/S  Europa - Astronomy MiniSheets of 10 :NH75.00
622a S/SEuropa - Astronomy Sheet of 3 Pairs, PerfNH22.00
"621b-22b" IMPEuropa - Astronomy Imperf PairNH9.75
"622c" S/S IMPEuropa Sheet of 3 Pairs, ImperfNH27.00
622a BK  Europa - Astronomy Booklet Perf NH27.50
622a BK IMP  Europa - Astronomy Booklet Imperf NH27.50
623-25Children's Drawings, PaintingsNH3.00
623-25 M/S  Children's Drawings, Paintings MiniSheets of 10NH30.00
626-28Protected FlowersNH2.50
629 S/S Flowers Sheet of 1NH2.00
629a S/SFlowers Sheet of 4NH4.50
630-33 M/S  Insects MiniSheets of 8NH25.00
634-39Personalized Frames inc Flower, etcNH7.50
634-39 M/S  Personalized Frames MiniSheets of 12 (only 4 exist this size)NH95.00
640-43 M/S  Fruits MiniSheets of 10NH26.00
644-46Provincial HousesNH3.00
644-46 M/S  Provincial Houses MiniSheets of 10NH30.00
647 M/S  Grapes MiniSheet of 10NH12.50
648Human Illegal Traffic NH1.75
648 M/S  Human Illegal Traffic MiniSheet of 10NH22.50
649-52Famous People inc Darwin, Gogol, IonescuNH4.00
649-52 M/S  Famous People inc Darwin MiniSheets of 10NH42.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
653-54 M/S  Christmas MiniSheets of 10NH18.00
655-58Prominent PersonsNH3.70
655-58 M/S  Prominent Persons MiniSheets of 10NH37.50
659 S/SProminent Persons SheetNH1.10
660-61Vancouver OlympicsNH2.40
660-61 M/S  Vancouver Olympics MiniSheets of 10NH25.00
662-63Archeology and History MuseumNH2.00
662-63 M/S  Archeology and History Museum MiniSheets of 8NH17.00
664Chopin Birth BicentenaryNH1.35
664 M/S  Chopin Birth MiniSheet of 10NH14.50
665-68 M/S  Mushrooms MiniSheets of 10NH40.00
668a S/SMushrooms SheetNH3.90
669-72 M/S  Birds MiniSheets of 8NH17.00
673 S/SBirds SheetNH2.25
674-75Europa-CEPT Children's BooksNH1.50
674-75 M/S  Europa-CEPT Children's Books MinISheets of 10 NH15.00
675a S/SEuropa Sheet of 6NH7.50
675a BK  Europa Booklet of 6 NH7.50
676WWII Victory MonumentNH1.25
676 M/S  WWII Victory MiniSheet of 9NH11.00
677-78Soccer ChampionshipNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
677-78 M/S  Soccer Championship MiniSheets of 10NH25.00
679AIDS FightNH1.50
679 M/S  AIDS Fight MiniSheet of 10NH19.00
680-83Flowers on PaintingsNH2.50
680-83 M/S  Flowers on Paintings MiniSheet of 8NH20.00
684-85 M/S  Dances MiniSheets of 10NH35.00
686 M/S  Grapes MiniSheet of 10NH15.00
687-88National Symbols Syncopated at Top and BottomNH1.40
687-88 M/S  National Symbols MiniSheets of 10NH15.00
687a-88aNational Symbols Syncopated at Left and RightNH2.50
688b S/SNational Symbols Sheet of 6NH4.50
689-92Prehistoric AnminalsNH1.80
689-92 M/S  Prehistoric Animals MiniSheets of 10NH19.00
693 S/SPrehistoric Anminals SheetNH4.00
694 M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 10NH4.75
695 S/SChristmas SheetNH1.40
696-98Museum ExhibitsNH2.75
696-98 M/S  Museum Exhibits MiniSheets of 10NH29.00
698a S/SMuseum Exhibits SheetNH3.25
699-0410b,25b,85b,1L,1.20L,1,50L Architecture DefinitivesNH1.30
Scott # Description Condition Price
705-07 M/S  Handicrafts MiniSheets of 10NH33.50
708-11 M/S  Self-Portraits MiniSheets of 8NH22.00
712 S/SAstronauts Sheet of 4NH6.75
713-14Europa-CEPT Forests, Wood, DeerNH2.50
713-14 ST  Europa-CEPT Forests, Wood, Deer Se-tenant Pair NH4.50
713-14 M/S  Europa-CEPT Forests MiniSheets of 10 NH26.00
714a S/SEuropa-CEPT Forests Sheet of 6NH9.00
714a BKEuropa-CEPT Forests Booklet NH9.00
715-18Butterflies and FlowersNH1.25
715-18 M/S  Butterflies and Flowers MiniSheets of 20NH29.75
719Deportation, Candle, TrackNH1.25
719 M/S  Deportation MiniSheet of 10NH15.00
720 S/SFirst Stamps Sheet of 3NH1.60
721-24Various AnimalsNH2.40
721-24 M/S  Various Animals MiniSheet of 8NH22.00
725 S/SWater Birds Sheet of 4 plus TabsNH4.25
726 S/S20th Independence Anniversary SheetNH1.75
727 M/S  Anti-Smoking MiniSheet of 10NH8.50
728-29 SNGMonuments Singles (Joint issue with Romania)NH1.50
728-29 ST  Monuments Se-tenant Pair (Joint issue with Romania)NH3.50
728-29 TABHorizontal Strip with Central TabNH4.50
"729X" S/SMonuments Sheet of 8 (Joint issue with Romania)NH6.00
729a S/SMonuments Sheet of 2 (Joint issue with Romania)NH1.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
730 S/SKishinev Buildings Sheet of 5NH3.50
731UN Refugee AgencyNH.60
731 M/S  UN Refugee Agency MiniSheet of 10NH6.00
732Christmas HornNH.50
732 M/S  Christmas Horn MiniSheet of 10NH5.00
733 S/SChristmas SheetNH1.20
734-37Famous People inc LisztNH2.40
734-37 M/S  Famous People inc Liszt MiniSheets of 10NH25.00
738-41Child PortraitsNH2.50
738-41 M/S  Child Portraits MiniSheets of 10NH25.00
742 S/SMusicians Ion and Doina, Flag SheetNH1.75
743 S/SComposer Mihai Dolgan SheetNH1.25
744-46 M/S  Costumes MiniSheets of 10NH13.50
747 S/SCostumes SheetNH2.00
748-49Europa-CEPT - VisitNH2.50
748-49 M/S  Europa-CEPT - Visit MiniSheets of 10NH25.00
748a-49a M/SEuropa-CEPT - Visit Sheets of 3NH8.00
748a-49a BK  Europa-CEPT - Visit Booklet of 6NH11.00
750-53Medieval Military ScenesNH2.50
750-53 M/S  Medieval Military Scenes  MiniSheets of 10NH25.00
754-57 M/S  Pigeons MiniSheets of 10NH25.00
758-59London Olympic GamesNH1.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
758-59 M/S  London Olympic Games MiniSheets of 10NH14.00
760-63 M/S  Roses MiniSheets of 10NH23.50
763a S/SRoses Sheet of 6NH19.00
764-67Personalities inc NobelistNH3.60
764-67 M/S  Personalities MiniSheets of 10NH37.50
768Opera Singer BiesuNH.50
768 M/S  Opera Singer Biesu MiniSheets of 10NH6.00
769-71 M/S  Landscapes MiniSheets of 10NH65.00
772-73 TAB  Christmas with TabNH5.00
772-73 M/S  Christmas MiniSheets of 8 with TabNH14.00
7741.75L Zero Kilometer MarkerNH3.75
774 M/S  1.75L Zero Kilometer Marker  MiniSheet of 10NH39.75
775-76Mihai Eminescu PaintingsNH2.00
775-76 TAB  Mihai Eminescu Paintings with TabNH8.00
775-76 M/S  Mihai Eminescu Paintings MiniSheets of 8NH16.00
777Communications - RCCNH1.25
777 M/S  Communications - RCC MiniSheet of 10NH12.50
778-83 M/S  Berries MiniSheets of 20NH63.00
784-85Europa-CEPT Postal Vehicles Antique and ModernNH2.50
784-85 M/S  Europa-CEPT Postal Vehicles Antique and Modern MiniSheets of 10 NH25.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
784a-85a S/SEuropa-CEPT Postal Vehicles Antique and Modern SheetsNH10.00
784a-85a BK  Europa-CEPT Postal Vehicles Antique and Modern Booklet of 8 NH11.00
786-87Kishinev Zoo. KangarooNH1.00
788 S/SKishinev Zoo Peacock SheetNH1.50
789-90Costumes - RitualsNH.90
791-92Writer Spiridon Vangheli, TraditionsNH.90
796a S/SButterflies Sheet of 8 plus TabNH5.50
797-802Crihan, Paunescu, MusiciansNH4.40
803 S/SWriter Alexi Mateevici SheetNH1.50
805-06Urban Transport - Bus, TramNH1.25
807 S/SUrban Transport - Tram SheetNH1.50
808Christmas RitualsNH.90
809-12Personalized StampsNH7.00
813-15Traditional CraftsNH2.00
2vSochi Winter OlympicsNH2.25
2vEuropa-CEPT Music NH2.00
2 M/S  Europa-CEPT Music MiniSheets of 10 NH22.50
2v TAB  Europa-CEPT Music with Tabs NH5.00
BK  Europa-CEPT Music Booklet of 6 NH6.00
2 S/SEuropa-CEPT Music Sheets of 3NH6.00
1vEaster SceneNH.75
Tab  Easter Scene with TabNH1.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
M/S  Easter Scene MiniSheet of 6NH5.00
3vMuseums with TabsNH1.65
1vBessarabian GermansNH.75
4vCultural PersonsNH3.25
S/SPainting Sheet of 1NH1.25
1v1949 DeportationsNH.75
M/S  1949 Deportations MiniSheet of 10NH11.50
1vAgreement with the EUNH.75
M/S  Agreement with the EU MiniSheet of 10NH12.50
6vFauna inc Birds, Fish, Shells NH4.00
S/SFauna inc Birds, Fish, Shells SheetNH4.00
3vMilitary LeadersNH2.30
2vChristmas, New Year GreetingsNH1.50
S/SPoet Vieru SheetNH1.50
2vEarth YearNH1.50
2 M/S  Earth Year MiniSheets of 10NH18.00
1vComposer E. DogaNH.75
M/S  Composer E. Doga MiniSheet of 10NH8.50
6vTown Coats of Arms DefinitivesNH2.25
2vEuropa-CEPT Old ToysNH2.75
2 M/S  Europa-CEPT Old Toys MiniSheets of 10NH29.50
BK  Europa-CEPT Old Toys Booklet of 4NH6.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
S/SEuropa-CEPT Old Toys Sheet of 4NH6.50
1vInternational TelecommunicationsNH.75
M/S  International Telecommunications MiniSheet of 10NH8.50
1vVictory in World War IINH.75
M/S  Victory in World War II MiniSheet of 10NH8.50
3vChild PaintingsNH1.25
2vTraditional BlousesNH1.85
4vFamous PeopleNH2.50
S/SComposer Cristea SheetNH1.00
1vHelsinki Final ActNH1.50
S/SBirds SheetNH1.00
2vFolk Dances (Joint issue with Azerbaijan)NH1.85
1vActor VolontirNH.50
1vUnited Nations AnniversaryNH2.25
7vPersonalized Stamps IIINH9.00
2vMotor Sports PairNH1.00
2vWinter TraditionsNH1.60
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B1Flood ReliefNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
B1 TAB  Flood Relief with 2 Different TabsNH3.00
B1 M/S  Flood Relief MiniSheet of 8 plus TabsNH4.50
C1-41.75R-8.50R TU-144 PlanesNH2.75
C5-825R-90R TU-144 PlanesNH3.00
J1-2Postage Dues in PairsNH1.50
  These stamps are issued in Tiraspol by Transdniestria to assert their independence from Moldova.  After a civil war in which over 1000 people died, the Transdniestrians achieved a high degree of local autonomy including their own President and Parliament.  Although still a part of Moldova officially, we are informed that this area goes its separate ways on many occasions. 
Tiraspol 19921-8NH12.00
Tiraspol 19939-14NH11.50
Tiraspol 199415-25NH19.00
Tiraspol 199526-36NH24.00
Tiraspol 1996No stamps issued. 
Scott # Description Condition Price
Tiraspol 199737-47NH20.50
Tiraspol 199848-54NH5.75
Tiraspol 199955-74NH24.50
Tiraspol 200075-87NH25.00
Tiraspol 2000 MSMiniSheets (9)NH51.00
Tiraspol 2000 BKEuropa Booklet (1)NH30.00
Tiraspol 200188-89NH4.50
Tiraspol 2001 MSEuropa Minisheets (2)NH45.00
Tiraspol 2001 BKEuropa Booklet (1)NH47.50
Tiraspol 200290-91NH4.50
Tiraspol 2002 MSEuropa MiniSheets (2)NH45.00
Tiraspol 2002 BKEuropa Booklet (1)NH47.50
Tiraspol 200392-93NH4.50
Tiraspol 2003 MSEuropa MiniSheets (2)NH47.50
Tiraspol 2003 BKEuropa Booklet (1)NH49.00
Tiraspol 200494-95NH4.50
Tiraspol 2004 MSEuropa MiniSheets (2)NH47.50
Tiraspol 2004 BKEuropa Booklet (2)NH49.00
Tiraspol 200596-97NH4.50
Tiraspol 2005 MSEuropa MiniSheets (2)NH47.50
Tiraspol 2005 BKEuropa Booklet (2)NH49.50
Tiraspol 200698-105 (8 Stamps + 2 S/S)NH75.00
Tiraspol 2006 MSEuropa MiniSheets (2)NH49.50
Tiraspol 2006 BKEuropa Booklets (2)NH49.00
Tiraspol 2007 Stamps + S/SNHRESERVE!
Scott # Description Condition Price
Tiraspol 2007 MSEuropa MiniSheets (2)NHRESERVE!
Tiraspol 2007 BKEuropa Booklets (2)NHRESERVE!
Tiraspol 2008Click to reserve now for earliest delivery.NHRESERVE!
1992-2005TIRASPOL Complete Collection of Sets and S/S  (T 1-97)NH160.00
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The first surcharged stamps (1992) were printed with four different values (in blocks of 25) on two different Soviet stamps.  Thus, the stamps can be collected as 8 singles, 4 se-tenant pairs and 2 se-tenant blocks of four.
Tiraspol 1-8TIRASPOL Set of 8 surcharges on 2 different Soviet stampsNH12.00
  Tiraspol 1  20k on 1k Horizontal SurchargeNH5.00
  Tiraspol 2  20k on 1k, Vertical SurchargeNH4.50
  Tiraspol 3  28k on 1k, Horizontal SurchargeNH3.00
  Tiraspol 4  28k on 1k, Vertical SurchargeNH3.00
  Tiraspol 5  20k on 3k, Horizontal SurchargeNH3.00
  Tiraspol 6  20k on 3k, Vertical SurchargeNH8.00
  Tiraspol 7  28k on 3k, Horizontal SurchargeNH3.00
  Tiraspol 8  28k on 3k, Vertical SurchargeNH3.00
Tiraspol 1-8 STSame, in 8 Se-tenant pairsNH38.00

Tiraspol 1-8 STBLKSame, in 2 Se-tenant blocks of four (only one such block per sheet)NH60.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
Vertical: missing TIRASPOL (2v)NH55.00
Vertical:  i  instead of  o  ERROR(2v):NH45.00
The two complete sheets of 100 stamps showing entire layout and variations:NH300.00
Envelope bearing a Tiraspol Local and Post Rider with a Commemorative cancel for 200 YearsNH3.50
We are further informed that Transdniestria issued its own postage stamps during the summer of 1993 to move the mail.  Further details will be provided when received but the quantity issued is reported to be small and the stamps elusive.  A member of the government of Moldova informs us that considerably autonomy has been allowed Tiraspol internally while Moldova intends to remain firmly in control of external affairs.

Tiraspol 9-14Coats of ArmsNH6.75
Tiraspol 9-14 TAB  Coat of Arms with TabsNH11.75
Tiraspol 9-14 M/S  Coats of Arms MiniSheets of 12 plus LabelsNH85.00
Tiraspol 15-18Olympics + S/SNH5.00
Tiraspol 19-22Turtle, Bee, Fish, BirdNH2.50
Tiraspol 23 S/SCat SheetNH5.00
Tiraspol 24 S/SLiberation SheetNH5.00
Tiraspol 25 S/SPushkin SheetNH6.50
Tiraspol 26-28Country MapNH2.50
Tiraspol 26a-28a  Country Maps with NOYRA for NOYTA errorsNH7.50
Tiraspol 29World War VictoryNH1.25
Tiraspol 29a  World War Victory ImperforateNH10.00
Tiraspol 30 S/STheater SheetNH3.50
Tiraspol 31-35Paleotithic LifeNH8.00
Tiraspol 31a-35a  Paleotithic Life ImperforateNH19.00
Tiraspol 36IconNH1.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
Tiraspol 36 M/S  Icon MiniSheet of 6NH12.00
Tiraspol 37-40205 Years of Tiraspol (3v+Strip)NH6.00
Tiraspol 41-43Bendery TragedyNH5.50
Tiraspol 44-47Cognac Factory (2+2 S/S)NH9.00
Tiraspol 48-535 Childrens Drawings (5+S/S)NH5.00
Tiraspol 48a-53a  Drawings ImperforateNH95.00
Tiraspol 48-52 M/S  Drawings MiniSheets of 10NH35.00
Tiraspol 54590th Anniversary of BenderyNH.90
Tiraspol 55-605 Towns Arms plus S/SNH6.50
Tiraspol 55-59 M/S  5 Towns Arms MiniSheets of 10NH18.00
Tiraspol 55a-60aTowns Arms ImperforateNH85.00
Tiraspol 61-62Pushkin Anniversary PairNH3.00
Tiraspol 63Slavonic CultureNH1.00
Tiraspol 63 TB  Slavonic Culture Tete-BecheNH2.50
Tiraspol 63 M/S  Slavonic Culture MiniSheet of 10NH11.00
Tiraspol 64-673 Insects plus S/SNH6.00
Tiraspol 64-66 M/S  Insects MiniSheets of 6NH9.00
Tiraspol 68-746 Fish plus S/SNH8.00
Tiraspol 68-73 M/S  Fish MiniSheets of 6NH12.00
Tiraspol 68a-73aFish ImperforateNH85.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
Tiraspol 75-794 Christmas, New Year plus S/SNH7.50
Tiraspol 75-78 M/S  Christmas, New Year MiniSheets of 6 (4)NH11.00
Tiraspol 75a-78aChristmas, New Year ImperforateNH75.00
Tiraspol 80 S/SVictory Day SheetNH4.75
Tiraspol 81Europa - StarsNH2.75
Tiraspol 81 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 10 NH28.00
Tiraspol 81 BK  Europa Booklet NH30.00
Tiraspol 81 ESA,B Essays (2) NH15.00
Tiraspol 81 ES M/S  Essays in MiniSheets of 12 NH150.00
Tiraspol 82-87Anniversary plus 2 S/SNH10.00
Tiraspol 82-85 M/S  Anniversary MiniSheets of 8NH12.00
Tiraspol 88-89Europa - WaterNH4.50
Tiraspol 88-89 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 10 NH45.00
Tiraspol 88-89 BK  Europa - Water Booklet of 10 sets NH47.50
Tiraspol 90-91Europa - CircusNH4.50
Tiraspol 90-91 M/S  Europa - Circus MiniSheets of 10 NH45.00
Tiraspol 90-91 BK  Europa - Circus Booklet of 10 NH47.50
Tiraspol 92-93Europa - Poster ArtNH4.50
Tiraspol 92-93 M/S  Europa - Poster Art MiniSheets of 10 NH47.50
Tiraspol 92-93 BK  Europa - Poster Art - Booklet of 10 NH49.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
Tiraspol 94-95Europa - VacationsNH4.50
Tiraspol 94-95 M/S  Europa - Vacations MiniSheets of 10 NH47.50
Tiraspol 94-95 BK  Europa - Booklet of 20 NH49.00
Tiraspol 96-97Europa - CuisineNH4.50
Tiraspol 96-97 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 10 NH47.50
Tiraspol 96-97 BK  Europa Booklets of 10 (2) NH49.50
Tiraspol 98-99Europa - IntegrationNH4.50
Tiraspol 98-99 M/S  Europa - Integration MiniSheets of 10 (2) NH49.50
Tiraspol 98-99 BK  Europa - Integration Booklet of 10 NH49.00
Tiraspol 100-02New Constitution AnniversaryNH6.75
Tiraspol 103 S/SPainter Larionov Sheetlet of 2NH37.50
Tiraspol 104-05Painting Fainitsky Sheetlet of 5 pLus Food Strip of 3NH27.00
TiraspolWe currently have available a very limited selection of assorted covers.  We offer them in groups of 10.  First come - first served!NH38.00
Civil War - Propaganda Issues
Most issues are inscribed PMR in cryllic which is abbreviation for Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaya Respublica. 
P1-8Flaming Sun Overprints: 8 values overprinted on eight pairs of stampsNH16.00
P1-8 STThe set in Se-tenant PairsNH30.00
Scott # Description Condition Price

One of the stamps overprinted is the 1k Tiraspol Local Surcharge.  Thus, the two varieties found on the basic Tiraspol stamps also exist on this set.  The missing Tiraspol variety is easy to spot but the i for o variety is often obscured by the overprint.  We offer:
P1-4,5A,6-8Set with missing Tiraspol varietyNH40.00
P1-4,5B,6-8Set with i for o varietyNH50.00
P9-12Four very large Flaming Suns on blocks of four Soviet stamps (one such stamp is in each sheet of P1-8).NH30.00
P1-12Complete Sheets showing complete layout and with all Tiraspol varietiesNH395.00
P13-16Temporarily sold out. 

P17-20Shining Sun Issue of four stamps (3 on pairs of Soviet definitives and the fourth on a large commemorative).NH10.00
Again, one of the stamps overprinted is the 1k Tiraspol Local overprint.  Thus, the two varieties found on the basic Tiraspol stamps also exist on this set.  The missing Tiraspol variety is easy to spot but the i for o variety is often obscured by the overprint.  We offer:
P17-19,20ASet with Tiraspol missingNH35.00
P17-19,20BSet with i for o varietyNH45.00
P2150R overprint on both sides of Soviet Union Scott 4878 (General Suvorov)NH3.75
P21 F/SComplete sheet of 25NH75.00