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Scott # Description Condition Price
Finally listed in the 2012 Scott:  2007 SCARCE ZODIAC PERSONALIZED STAMPS!

Do you have Scott 2665B-M in your Collection?  Few people do!  See the listings below in 2007 for our listing. 
An interesting Collection of 93 Stamped Envelopes and Aerogrammes.Special Offer Price95.00
An interesting Collection of 204 Stamped Envelopes and Aerogrammes.Special Offer Price190.00
AUSTRALIAN POSTAGE:  We offer Australian stamps valid for postage (minimum AU$250 face value at 30% below face value!  And our net price includes normal airmail shipping.  So dress up your mail! Please let us know the amount you want and we'll figure out the net price.NHAsk
1937-46 DF166-79NH175.00
1938-42 DF180-83ANH47.50
1945-52 DF218-21,223A-26,230-39NH190.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1956-57 DF292-303NH44.00
1959-64 DF314-31NH44.00
1963-65 DF365-79NH170.00
1966-71 DF394-417NH55.00
1973-84 DF554-79NH50.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1981-84 DF784-800NH10.00
1984-86 DF902-20NH11.50
19901114-20,1135,1163-86,1191a,1192b, 1193-97,1180g,1183aNH94.00
1990 ARNZAntarctic Research with New Zealand Show OverprintNH19.50
1990 LSSLondon Show Overprint Sheet(1180h)NH22.50
1990 BKBooklets (5)NH69.00
1991 BKBooklet (1)NH12.50
19921234-35,1241-70,1278,1283,  1286,1290,1296-1305,1246f,  1252a,b,c,1260a,bNH123.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1992 BKBooklets (5)NH50.00
19931279,1287,1289,1292,1306-49,  1354-56,1347a,b,cNH89.00
1993 BKBooklets (3)NH36.00
19941271,1274-79 BLK,1279b,1283A,1287, 1288-93,1357-97A,1405a-17, 1389a,b,c,d,eNH225.00
1994 BKBooklets (5)NH87.00
1995 LSSLimited Edition Exhibition Sheet Overprints (2)NH13.00
1995 BKBooklets (5)NH70.00
19961476-1523,1524,1525,1533,1534,  1540-71,1276a,1490b,1563a-g [1492-1507 is provided in the form of 1507a M/S.]NH175.00
1996 BKBooklets (20)NH250.00
19971526-32,1535-39,1572-1629,1531b, 1535a,1535b,1539h,1563h,1622aNH165.00
1997 BKBooklets (7)NH129.00
1998 SSSLimited Edition Show Sheet (1)NH25.00
1998 BKBooklets (6)NH109.00
1999 SSSpecial Navigators Sheets (4)NH106.00
1999 SSSLimited Edition Adelaide Show SheetNH10.00
1999 BKBooklets (7)NH115.00
20001799-1925,1838b,1838c,1862k,1914g, 1923aNH245.00
2000 S/SOlympics S/S (1)NH75.00
2000 D M/SOlympics Digital MiniSheets (16)NH160.00
2000 L M/SOlympics Litho MiniSheets (17)NH175.00
2000 SSSLimited Edition BANGKOK Show SheetNH17.50
2000 BKBooklets (6)NH33.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
20011926-2020,1930a,1960a,1961a,1978a, 2008b, 2011bNH189.00
2001 SSSLimited Edition Show SheetNH29.00
2001 PS1926 Personalized Stamp (now included in 2001 Year Set above. 
2001 P M/S1926 M/S Personalized Greetings Sheetlet of 20NH325.00
2001 BKBooklets (9)NH215.00
20022021-2110,2032a,2067b,2073a,2073b, 2096bNH142.00
2002 BKBooklets (8)NH105.00
2002 PBKPrestige Booklets (4)NH102.00
20032111-2206,2153a,2186a,2192b,2192c, 2201bNH149.00
2003 BKBooklets (23)NH420.00
2003 ATMNature, Bird ATM Unit (15)NH39.00
2004 SOSOlympic Gold Medalists Sheet of 17NH65.00
2004The Olympic Sheet is a "key" item and should be acquired by every serious Australia collector.  Don't miss this one! 
2004 M/SOlympic MiniSheets of 10 (17)NH160.00
2004 LSSLimited Edition Show Sheets (2)NH22.00
2004 BKBooklets (18)NH230.00
2004 AFL PBKAustralian Football League Prestige Booklets (16)NH325.00
2005 RIRotary Imperf SingleNH5.50
2005 R M/SRotary Imperf MiniSheet of 10NH55.00
2005 PSSParrot Limited Edition SheetNH24.50
2005 PBKPrestige Booklets (14)NH535.00
2005 CBKCommemorative Booklets (13)NH185.00
2005 DBKDefinitive Booklets (3)NH45.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2005 ZOD BKZodiac Booklets (12)NHAsk
2005 MM BKMickey Mouse BookletNHAsk
2005 AFL PBKAustralian Football League Prestige Booklets (16) 
2005 AaW PBKAustralia at War Prestige BookletNH45.00
2005 CoN PBKCommonwealth of Nations Prestige BookletNHAsk
20062452-2571,2457a,2506c,2521a,2537a, 2565cNH399.00
2006 SSSSpecial Spider Sheet (Partially Imperf)NH65.00
2006 SBKSelf-adhesive Booklets (27)NH209.00
2006 PBKPrestige Booklets (9)NH139.00
2006 G M/SCommonwealth Games MiniSheets (17)NHAsk
2007 SABKSelf-adhesive Booklets (36)NH499.00
2007 PBKPrestige Booklets (10)NH189.00
2008REVISED: 2771-3006,2787b,2855c, 2856c,2856d, 2858c,2865b,2980c, 2980fNH495.00
2008 BKBooklets (74)NH1,275.00
2008 LSSLimited Edition Olympic Sheet of 14NH39.00
2008 M/SMiniSheets ()NHAsk
2008 F M/SFilm Special MiniSheet of 10 (3006d)NHAsk
2009REVISED MAR 2012: 2937d,2952a-52b,3009b-10d,3007-3199,3038c, 3068b,3080a,3085a,3104b,3147a, 3168b,3182aNH469.00
2009 B M/SBarbie MiniSheet (3155b)NHAsk
2009 LSSLimited Edition Parrot SheetNH42.50
2009 BKBooklets (46)NH749.00
2009  F M/SFilm Special Sheets (4) (2952a,2952b,3009b,3010d)NHAsk
2010196 Stamps + 14 S/SNH375.00
2010 M/SMiniSheets ()NHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
2010 BKBooklets ()NHAsk
2010 LSSRussel Crowe MiniSheet of 10 (3008b)NH38.50
2011216 Stamps + 15 S/SNHAsk
2011 LSSLimited Edition Mythical Creatures 3-D Souvenir SheetNH49.75
2011 BKBooklets ()NHAsk
2011 M/SMiniSheets ()NHAsk
2012212 Stamps + 12 S/SNH465.00
2012 BKBooklets ()NHAsk
2012 M/SMiniSheets ()NHAsk
2013207 Stamps + 13 S/S (Scott 3918 is not included)NH389.00
2013 SC 3918Scott 3918 Booklet PaneNHAsk
2013 BKBooklets (51) (Scott 3918 BK not included)NH899.00
2013 PV502a//3534c Perf 14x14 Variations (12)NHAsk
2013 M/SMiniSheets ()NHAsk
2014203 Stamps + 14 S/SNH399.00
2014 BKBooklets ()NHAsk
2014 M/SMiniSheets ()NHAsk
2015179 Stamps + 18 S/SNH299.00
2015 BKBooklets ()NHAsk
2015 M/SMiniSheets ()NHAsk
2016206 Stamps + 24 S/SNH474.75
2016 BKBooklets ()NHAsk
2016 M/SMiniSheets ()NHAsk
2017144 Stamps + 21 S/SNH339.75
2017 BKBooklets ()NHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
2017 M/SMiniSheets ()NHAsk
2018Click to reserve now for earliest delivery.NHRESERVE!
1987-19901009-31,1034-1112,1114-20,1132-98, 1180g,1183aNH255.00
1991-1995Basic Year Sets as listed above.NH655.00
1996-1999Basic Year Sets as listed above.NHAsk
2000-2003Basic Year Sets as listed above.NH719.00
Prices in parenthesis, for example (4.50), indicate that the item is not available today and that $4.50 is expected to be the price when available in the future.
1913 Kangaroo and Map, First Watermark
1//541913-24 Nice Kangaroo selection: 1-10,38,45-51,53-54 F-VF H or LH*Ask
1d Green Kangaroo and MapNH16.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
21d Red Kangaroo and MapNH16.00
32d Gray Kangaroo and MapNH85.00
42d Dark blue Kangaroo and Map
2d Blue
53d Olive Kangaroo and MapNH190.00
64d Orange Kangaroo and MapNH310.00
75d Brown Kangaroo and MapNH190.00
86d Ultramarine Kangaroo and MapNH260.00
99d Violet Kangaroo and MapNH260.00
101sh Emerald Kangaroo and MapNH400.00
112sh Brown Kangaroo and MapNHAsk
125sh Gray, yellow Kangaroo and MapNHAsk
1310sh Gray, pink Kangaroo and MapNHAsk
141 Brown, blue Kangaroo and MapNHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
152 Black, rose Kangaroo and MapNHAsk
1913-1914 King George, Kookaburra
17-37,31aGeorge V issues, F,F-VF H-LHHAsk
171d Carmine red George V  
17c  1d Rose red George V NH11.00
186d KookaburraNH195.00
1914-1924 King George, Second Watermark
19d Green George V NH5.50
20d Orange George V  
21b  1d Red, Die Ia George V NH650.00
21b+21  1d Red, Die Ia Se-tenant with 21 George V NH675.00
21c  1d Carmine, Die II George V NH135.00
221d Violet George V NH6.00
22a  1d Red violet George V  
231d Green George V  
Scott # Description Condition Price
241d Chocolate brown George V NH10.50
24a  1d Red brown George V NH10.50
24b  1d Black brown George V NH11.00
251d Green George V  
261d Scarlet George V NH5.50
272d Orange, Die II George V NH29.00
27a  2d Orange, Die I George V NH26.00
282d Bright rose George V  
28 var  2d Dull rose George V  
292d Red brown George V NH27.00
303d Dull ultramarine George V NH45.00
30 var  3d Blue (Type B) George V  
Scott # Description Condition Price
314d Orange George V NH90.00
31a4d Yellow George V NH550.00
324d Violet George V NH37.50
334d Ultramarine George V NH88.00
33 var  4d Ultramarine Inverted Watermark George V NH275.00
344d Olive yellow George V NH55.00
34 var  4d Olive green George V NH67.50
354d Violet George V NH58.00
365d Orange brown George V NH100.00
371sh4d Blue George V NH450.00
1915 Kangaroo and Map, Second Watermark
382d Gray Kangaroo and MapNH160.00
392d Blue Kangaroo and MapNH125.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
406d Ultramarine Kangaroo and MapNHAsk
419d Violet Kangaroo and MapNHAsk
421sh Green Kangaroo and MapNHAsk
432sh Brown Kangaroo and MapNHAsk
445sh Gray, yellow Kangaroo and MapNHAsk
1915-1928 KANGAROO Third Watermark
452d Gray Kangaroo and Map 
462d Blue Kangaroo and MapNH27.00
473d Olive Kangaroo and Map 
47 var  3d Light olive Kangaroo and MapNH45.00
486d Ultramarine Kangaroo and MapNH220.00
496d Brown Kangaroo and MapNH40.00
"49a"  6d Brown Broken Leg variety  Kangaroo and Map(formerly 49a)NH165.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
Scott 49 + 49a in a se-tenant pair 49a is the Kangaroo with Broken Leg variety.  F-VF, NH and a beautiful example of this prominent variety:NH500.00
509d Violet Kangaroo and MapNH125.00
50 var  9d Violet Die IIb Kangaroo and MapNHAsk
511sh Green Kangaroo and MapNH125.00
51 var  1sh Green Die IIb Kangaroo and MapNHAsk
51a  1sh Green Sideways Watermark Kangaroo and MapNHAsk
522sh Brown Kangaroo and MapNHAsk
532sh Maroon Kangaroo and MapNH270.00
545sh Gray, yellow Kangaroo and MapNHAsk
5510sh Gray, pink Kangaroo and MapNHAsk
55 var  10sh Gray, aniline pink Kangaroo and MapNHAsk
561 Brown, blue Kangaroo and MapNHAsk
571 Gray Kangaroo and MapNHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
57 SP1 Kangaroo and Map with SPECIMEN OverprintHAsk
582 Black, rose Kangaroo and MapNHAsk
592 Violet brown, rose Kangaroo and MapNHAsk
60d Emerald George V 
611d Carmine George V 
621d Green George V 
631d Brown George VNH15.00
63a1d Red brown George VNH20.00
641d Green George V 
651d Scarlet George V 
66d Orange, Perf 13x12 George VNH11.00
66ad Orange, Perf 14 George VNH4.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
671d Green, Die I George VNH3.75
67a  1d Green, Die Ia George VNH85.00
67+67a  1d Green, Se-tenant Pair George VNH115.00
67b  1d Green, Perf 14 George V 
681d Scarlet George VNH14.00
68 var  1d Golden scarlet George VNH9.00
68c  1d Perf 14 George VNH14.00
68c var  1d Golden scarlet George VNH25.00
691d Red brown George V 
702d Red brown George V 
70a  2d Red brown Perf 14 George V 
712d Scarlet, Die II George VNH16.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
71a  2d Scarlet, Die I George VNH12.00
71c  2d Scarlet, Unwatermarked George VNH170.00
723d Dull ultra, A George VNH100.00
72a  3d Blue, Die II George VNH32.00
72b  3d Blue, Perf 14, Type A George VNH60.00
72b var  3d Blue, Perf 14, Type B George VNHAsk
734d Olive George VNH40.00
73a4d Olive George VNH180.00
744d Violet George VNH38.00
74a  4d Violet Perf 13x12 George VNH120.00
755d Brown George VNH68.00
761sh4d Light blue, Perf 13x12 George VNH350.00
76a  1sh4d Light blue, Perf 14 George VNH500.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
77-93These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
941d Canberra Parliament House 
94 x10 BK CB  2sh Canberra - Complete Booklet of 10NH160.00
94 x10 BK EX  2sh Canberra - Exploded Booklet Cover and Pane of 10NH95.00
953d Kookaburra, ExhibitionNH7.50
95a M/S3d Kookaburra MiniSheet of 4NH195.00
95a M/SKookaburra Pane of 4, some perf seperations at top, VG-FNHAsk
1929-1930 KANGAROO Multiple Watermark
966d Brown Kangaroo and MapNH45.00
979d Violet Kangaroo and MapNH125.00
981sh Green Kangaroo and MapNH100.00
992sh Maroon Kangaroo and MapNH270.00
1005sh Gray, yellow Kangaroo and MapNHAsk
10110sh Gray, pink Kangaroo and MapNHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
1022 Black, rose Kangaroo and MapNHAsk
102 SP2 Bi-color Kangaroo and Map with SPECIMEN OverprintHAsk
1031d Swan 
1041d SturtNH.75
1053d SturtNH4.00
1062d on 1d RedNH1.90
1075d on 4d VioletNH13.00
108-10These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
111-12Kingsford SmithNH7.50
  111  2d Kingsford SmithNH1.75
  112  3d Kingsford SmithNH6.00
1931-1936 King George V C of A Watermark
Scott # Description Condition Price
113d Orange King George V 
1141d Green King George VNH3.00
1151d Red King George V 
1162d Red King George VNH3.75
1173d Ultramarine King George VNH50.00
1184d Olive King George VNH32.00
1205d Brown King George VNH16.00
1931-1947 KANGAROO C of A Watermark
1216d Brown Kangaroo and Map 
1229d Violet Kangaroo and MapNH80.00
1241sh6d Light blue Kangaroo and MapNH200.00
1252sh Maroon Kangaroo and MapNH7.00
1265sh Gray, yellow Kangaroo and MapNHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
12710sh Gray, pink Kangaroo and MapNHAsk
1281 Gray Kangaroo and MapNHAsk
127-28 SP10sh, 1 Kangaroos with SPECIMEN OverprintHAsk
1292 Black, rose Kangaroo and MapNHAsk
130-33Sydney Harbor BridgeH295.00
  130  2d Sydney BridgeNH1.70
  131  3d Sydney BridgeNH5.75
  132  5sh Sydney BridgeNH790.00
  132  5sh Sydney Bridge with very light cancel and full gumNH250.00
  133  2d Sydney Bridge - TypoNH1.90
134-38These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1396d KookaburraNH19.00
140This number not utilized by Scott. 
Scott # Description Condition Price
1411sh LyrebirdNH67.00
141  Lyrebird Bottom Margin Block of 4 with complete John Ash Imprint F-VF, top stamps LH, bottom and margin NHNHASK
142-44Victoria CentenaryNH95.00
  142  2d Victoria Vermilion: 
  142    2d Victoria Vermilion Perf 10NH2.00
  142a    2d Victoria Vermilion Perf 11NH7.00
  143  3d Victoria Blue: 
  143    3d Victoria Blue Perf 10NH4.00
  143a    3d Victoria Blue Perf 11NH7.00
  144  1sh Victoria Black: 
  144    1sh Victoria Black Perf 10NH70.00
  144a    1sh Victoria Black Perf 11NH75.00
145-46These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
147-49Wool Industry, SheepNH68.00
  147  2d Wool Industry RedNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  147 var    2d Wool Industry Red Dark HillsNH25.00
  148  3d Wool Industry BlueNH16.00
  149  9d Wool Industry VioletNH55.00
150-51ANZAC Landing at Gallipoli 
  150  2d ANZAC RedNH5.00
  151  1sh ANZAC Black 
  151a    1sh ANZAC Black Perf 13x12 
152-54King George VNH78.00
  152  2d King George V RedNH.80
  153  3d King George V BlueNH5.00
  154  2sh King George V VioletNH58.00
155-56These numbers not utilized by Scott 
157-58Phone LinkingNH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  157  2d Phone Linking RedNH1.10
  158  3d Phone Linking BlueNH4.00
159-61South Australia CentenaryNH32.50
  159  2d South Australia Centenary RedNH1.50
  160  3d South Australia Centenary BlueNH4.25
  161  1sh South Australia Centenary GreenNH22.00
162This number not utilized by Scott. 
163-65New South WalesNH23.50
  163  2d New South Wales RedNH1.75
  164  3d New South Wales UltramarineNH4.00
  165  9d New South Wales VioletNH18.00
166-791937-46 King, Queen, AnimalsNH175.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  166  d Kangaroo, Perf 15x14NH1.00
  166a    d Kangaroo, Perf 13x14NH2.50
  166 var    d Kangaroo, Coil PerfsNH18.00
  167  1d Green, Die INH2.25
  168  1d Maroon, Perf 13x14NH5.50
  168a    1d Maroon, Perf 15x14 
  169  2d Scarlet, Die INH1.75
  170  3d KingNH60.00
  170a    3d King Ultramarine 
  171  4d Koala, Perf 15x14NH.90
  171a    4d Koala, Perf 13x14 
  172  5d Sheep, Perf 15x14NH1.20
  172a    5d Sheep, Perf 14x13 
Scott # Description Condition Price
  173  6d Kookaburra, Perf 15x14NH.90
  173a    6d Kookaburra, Perf 13x14NH22.00
  173b    6d Kookaburra, Chocolate, Perf 15x14 
  174  9d Platypus, Perf 15x14NH1.75
  174a    9d Platypus, Perf 14x13 
  175  1sh Lyrebird, Perf 15x14NH1.80
  175a    1sh Lyrebird, Perf 13x14 
  176  1sh4d KingNH1.75
  177  5sh Queen, Thick PaperNH11.00
  177b    5sh Queen, Thin PaperNH8.50
  178  10sh King, Thick PaperNH24.00
  178 SP    10sh King with SPECIMENH15.00
  178a    10sh King, Thin PaperNH55.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  179  1 Coronation, Thick PaperNH75.00
  179a    1 Coronation, Thin Paper 
180-83AKing, Queen 
  180  1d Emerald 
  181  1d Red brownNH1.20
  181 CP    1d Red brown, Coil PerfsNH9.00
  181B  1d Blue green 
  182  2d Scarlet 
  182 CP    2d Scarlet, Coil PerfsNH450.00
  182B  2d Red violet 
  182B CP    2d Red violet, Coil PerfsNH18.00
  183  3d Ultramarine 
  183A  3d Violet brownNH.50
184-87World War IINH29.00
  184  1d World War II GreenNH1.75
  185  2d World War II RedNH1.75
  186  3d World War II UltramarineNH6.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  187  6d World War II BrownNH20.00
1882d on 2d SurchargeH.65
1893d on 3d Surcharge 
1905d on 5d Surcharge 
191-96King, Queen, Emu 
  191  1d ElizabethNH1.00
  191  1d ElizabethNH.65
  191 CP    1d Elizabeth Coil PerfsNH11.00
  192  1d Elizabeth 
  193  2d GeorgeNH1.00
  193 CP    2d George Coil PerfsNH150.00
  194  2d GeorgeNH1.00
  195  3d GeorgeH.75
  196  5d EmuNH1.25
197-99Governor GeneralNH1.50
200-02World War IINH3.00
203-05Mitchell, QueenslandNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2062sh Maroon, Redrawn 
207-09Coal, Steel, ShortlandNH2.50
2101d ElizabethNH1.00
210 CP  1d Elizabeth Coil PerfsNH2.50
210 CB  1d Elizabeth Coil BlockNH9.50
211Hereford BullNH1.60
213-14Botanist, Wheat 
215Elizabeth, UnwatermarkedNH.50
216Scout JamboreeNH.50
217This number not utilized by Scott. 
218-21Australian ArmsNH180.00
  218  5sh Dark red ArmsNH4.00
  219  10sh Red violet ArmsNH22.00
  220  1 Deep blue ArmsNH38.00
  221  2 Green ArmsNH140.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
222Henry Lawson 
223UPU, Plane, Mounted PostmanNH.50
223Ad KangarooNH.80
223A CP  d Kangaroo Coil Perfs 
223A CB  d Kangaroo Coil Block 
2241d Elizabeth 
2252d George VI 
225 CP  2d George VI Coil PerfsNH8.00
2268d AborigineNH.80
227Explorer ForrestNH.50
228-29Stamp CentenaryNH.80
229a PR  Stamp Centenary Se-tenant PairNH1.00
230-33Elizabeth, GeorgeNH3.00
  230 '50  1d ElizabethNH.80
  231 '51  2d ElizabethNH.80
  231 CP    2d Elizabeth Coil PerfsNH3.50
  231 CB    2d Elizabeth Coil BlockNH10.00
  232 '51  2d George VINH.80
  233 '51  3d George VINH.80
  233 CP    3d George VI Coil PerfsNH35.00
234-39George VINH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  234 '50  2d Red George VINH.80
  235 '51  3d Red George VINH.80
  235 CP    3d Red George VI Coil PerfsNH23.00
  236 '51  3d Red brown George VINH.80
  237 '52  4d Scarlet George VINH.80
  238 '52  6d Chocolate George VINH.80
  238A '52  6d Blue green George VINH.80
  239 '51  7d Blue George VINH.80
  241a PR  Commonwealth 3d PairNH1.50
244-45Gold, GovernmentNH(2.00)
246This number not utilized by Scott. 
2471shp King George VI 
2482sh6p Aborigine RedrawnNH4.75
249Scout Jamboree 1952-53NH.50
250-553d,3d Dairy, Butter SinglesNH5.50
  252a STR  3d Dairy, Butter Strip of 3NH9.00
  252a BLK 6  3d Dairy, Butter Block of 6NHAsk
  252a BLK 9  3d Dairy, Butter Block of 9NH45.00
  255a STR  3d Dairy, Butter Strip of 3NH9.00
  255a BLK 6  3d Dairy, Butter Block of 6NHAsk
  255a BLK 9  3d Dairy, Butter Block of 9NH40.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
256-58B (5)1953-54 ElizabethNH1.80
  256  1p Purple ElizabethNH.40
  256A '54  2p Deep blue ElizabethH.35
  257  3p Dark green Elizabeth 
  257 CP    3p Dark green Elizabeth Coil PerfsNH7.00
  257 CB    3p Dark green Elizabeth Coil BlockNH15.00
  258  3p Dark red ElizabethNH.55
  "258a" BP I    3p Dark red Elizabeth Booklet Pane of 6NHAsk
  "258a" BP II    3p Dark red Elizabeth Booklet Pane of 6 with Bottom SelvegeNHAsk
  258B '54  6p Orange ElizabethNH.80
SG 31 BK3/6 3d Queen Elizabeth WatermarkNH18.00
SG 32 BK3/6 3d Queen Elizabeth, UnwatermarkedNH24.00
259-61Queen Elizabeth II CoronationNH5.00
262Young Farmers 
263-64David CollinsNH1.00
264a PR  3d David Collins Se-tenant PairNH1.25
265Sullivan CoveNH2.80
266Centenary of Tasmania's First StampNH.50
267-69Royal VisitNH2.00
271Red Cross 
Scott # Description Condition Price
272-73These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
274Swan, CentenaryNH.40
276Antarctic Research 
277Olympics - BlueNH3.20
278Rotary EmblemNH.40
2791shp ElizabethNH3.25
280USA FriendshipH.55
281-82Coaching EraNH2.80
283YMCA, Map 
284Modern Nursing 
285Stamp Centenary 
286Olympic Games - GreenNH2.50
288-91Olympic Games 
292-3031956-57 DefinitivesNH44.00
  292  3p ElizabethNH1.60
  293  4p Koala BearNH1.60
  294  4p ElizabethNH.40
  294a BP  4d Elizabeth Booklet Pane of 6 
  SG33 BK  4/ Elizabeth Booklet 4d Claret - EmpireNH26.00
  SG34 BK  4/ Elizabeth Booklet 4d Claret - Australia CommonwealthNH38.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  295  6p ElizabethNH2.00
  296  6p ElizabethNH2.50
  297  7p ElizabethNH.80
  298  9p PlatypusNH10.00
  299  10p ElizabethNH.80
  300  1sh LyrebirdNH4.75
  301  1sh7p ElizabethNH3.75
  302  2sh CrocodileNH(10.00)
  303  2sh6p AborigineNH6.50
  303 EP    2sh6p Aborigine Emergency PrintNH20.00
304South Australia 
305Flying DoctorsNH.40
306-07Christmas StarNH.80
308-09War Memorial SinglesNH2.50
309a PRWar Memorial Se-tenant PairNH3.25
311Mining FieldNH(.40)
311Mining FieldNH.35
312-13Christmas NativityNH.80
314-31Elizabeth, Nature, Flowers, SteerNH48.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  314  1p Dull violetNH.40
  315  2p Red brownNH.40
  315 CP      2p Red brown Coil PerfsNH4.00
  315 HP    2p Red brown Helecon Paper 
  315 HP CP      2p Red brown Helecon Paper Coil PerfsNH12.00
  316  3p Bluish greenNH.40
  316 CP      3p Bluish green Coil PerfsNH4.00
  316 HP  3p Bluish green Helecon Paper 
  316 HP CP      3p Bluish green Helecon Paper Coil PerfsNH10.00
  317  3p Dark greenNH(.40)
  318  4p CarmineNH.40
  318a BP  4d Carmine Booklet Pane of 6H12.50
  319  5p Dark blue, Type I (Four short lines inside "5" at right of Ball)NH1.00
  319a  5p Dark blue, Type I (Five short lines inside "5" at right of Ball)NH1.00
  319+319a  5p Dark blue Vertical Pair showing both TypesNH3.00
  319 CP    5p Dark blue Coil PerfsNH15.00
  319 CB    5p Dark blue Coil BlockNH75.00
  319b BP  5d Dark blue Booklet Pane of 6H12.00
  320  6p AnteaterNH1.75
  321  8p TigercatNH1.75
  321 HP    8p Tigercat Helecon PaperNH4.00
  322  9p KangarooNH1.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
  323  11p BandicootNH1.75
  323 HP    11p Bandicoot Helecon PaperNH4.00
  324  1sh PlatypusNH3.50
  325  1sh2p TigerNH1.75
  325 HP    1sh2p Tiger Helecon PaperNH4.00
  326  1sh6p FlowersNH2.50
  327  2sh FlowersNH1.75
  328  2sh3p WattleNH1.75
  328A  2sh3p Wattle on White PaperNH5.00
  328A HP    2sh3p Wattle Helecon PaperNH12.00
  329  2sh5p BanksinaNH6.00
  330  3sh WaratahNH2.50
  331  5sh Cutting Cattle on Cream PaperNH18.00
  "331a '64"    5sh Cutting Cattle on White PaperNH110.00
332Post Office 
334Christmas, MagiH.40
335Girl Guides 
336Northern Territory 
Scott # Description Condition Price
337Racing Cup 
338Queensland Stamps 
339Bible, Candle 
340Colombo Plan 
340 HP  Colombo Plan Helecon PaperNH4.00
341Singer Nellie Melba 
342Christmas, Book Page 
343-44These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
345Stuart's Crossing 
346Nurse, Grave 
347Women, Globe 
348Madonna and Child 
349-50Arms of PerthNH3.50
351-52Royal Visit 
353Griffin, CanberraNH.40
354Red CrossNH.40
355Blue Mountains 
356Exports, Transports 
365-79Elizabeth, Birds, Navigators DefinitivesNH170.00
  367-73 (7)  6p-3sh Birds PartNH22.00
  374-79 (6)  Navigators PartNH150.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  365  5p Elizabeth, GreenNH.40
  365a BP  5p Elizabeth, Green Booklet pane of 6 
  SG35 BK  5/ Booklet 5d Queen - BlueNH35.00
  SG36 BK  5/ Booklet with Revised CoverNH65.00
  SG37 BK  5/ Booklet 5d Queen - GreenNH80.00
  SG38 BK  5/ Booklet 5d Queen - RedNH80.00
  365b Pair    5d Green, Imperf BetweenNH10.00
  366  5p Elizabeth, Red, Normal PaperNH.40
  366a BP  5p Elizabeth, Red Booklet pane of 6 
  366 CP      5p Elizabeth, Coil PerfsNH20.00
  366 HP    5p Elizabeth, Helecon PaperNH1.00
  367  6p Thornbill, Normal PaperNH(.40)
  367 HP    6p Thornbill, Helecon PaperNH2.00
  368  9p Magpie, Normal PaperNH1.60
  368 HP    9p Magpie, Helecon PaperNH4.00
  369  1sh6p Galah, Normal PaperNH.80
  369 HP    1sh6p Galah, Helecon PaperNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  370  2sh WhistlerNH1.50
  371  2sh5p Wren, White PaperNH4.00
  "371a"    2sh5p Wren, Cream Paper 
  372  2sh6p RobinNH2.75
  373  3sh IbisNH2.75
  374  4sh TasmanNH3.25
  375  5sh Dampier 
  376  7sh6p CookNH10.00
  377  10sh Navigator Flinders, Cream PaperNH25.00
  "377a"  10sh Flinders, White PaperNH55.00
  378  1 Navigator Bass, Cream PaperNH55.00
  "378a"  1 Bass, White PaperNHAsk
  379  2 KingNH90.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
380Christmas StarNHAsk
382-83Airmail FlightsNH3.40
384Nativity SceneNH(.40)
385-87ANZAC in TurkeyNH4.50
388ITU, Radio Mast 
389Churchill, Normal Paper 
389 HP  Churchill, Helecon Paper 
390John Monash, Tower 
391Seaplane, Hargrave 
392International CoopNH2.50
394-417 (26)1c-$4 Decimal DefinitivesNH55.00
394//402A (8)1c-7c Elizabeth PartNH2.00
400//11 (8)5c//30c Birds PartNH22.00
402-05 (4)7c,8c,9c,10c SeaLife PartNH3.50
412-17 (6)40c-$4 Navigators PartNH32.00
  394  1c ElizabethNH.30
Scott # Description Condition Price
  395  2c ElizabethNH.40
  396  3c ElizabethNH.40
  397  4c ElizabethNH.30
  397a BP  4c Elizabeth Pane of 5 + LabelNH29.00
  397a BK  60c 4c Queen - Red BookletNH85.00
  397a BK x6  Booklet Set of 6 SlogansNH550.00
  398 '67  5c on 4c ElizabethNH(.60)
  398a BP  5c on 4c Elizabeth Pane of 5 + LabelNH6.00
  398a BK  50c 5c on 4c Queen BookletNH16.00
  398a BK x6  Booklet Set of 6 SlogansNH110.00
  398a BK  $1 5c on 4c Queen BookletNH14.00
  398a BK x6  Booklet Set of 6 SlogansNH90.00
  398a BK  $1 Revised CoverNH20.00
  398a BK x6  Booklet Set of 6 SlogansNH125.00
  399 '67  5c ElizabethNH.40
  399a BP  5c Elizabeth Pane of 5 + LabelNH11.00
  399a BK  50c 5c Queen - BlueNH15.00
  399a BK  $1 5c Queen - BlueNH35.00
  400  5c ThornbillNH.35
  MBK 1  50c Booklet for Viet Nam 5c BirdNH90.00
  MBK 2  50c Booklet for Viet Nam 5c QueenNH80.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  401  6c HoneyeaterNH.60
  401A '70  6c ElizabethNH.30
  402  7c Humbug FishNH1.10
  402A '71  7c ElizabethNH.45
  403  8c Coral FishNH1.10
  404  9c Hermit CrabNH1.10
  405  10c AnemoneNH1.10
  406  13c AvocetNH1.80
  407  15c GalahNH1.80
  408  20c WhistlerNH4.00
  409  24c KingfisherNH.90
  410  25c RobinNH4.00
  411  30c IbisNH13.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  412  40c TasmanNH9.00
  413  50c William DampierNH13.00
  414  75c James CookNH1.25
  415  $1 M. Flinders, Perf 14x14NH2.25
  415a    $1 M. Flinders, Scarce Perf 15x14NH105.00
  416  $2 George BassNH6.00
  417  $4 Admiral P. KingNH6.75
418 '663c Elizabeth CoilNH.50
419 '664c Elizabeth CoilNH.65
420 '675c Elizabeth CoilNH.65
421Life SavingNH.50
422Christmas ShepherdsNH.50
423Dutch Sailing ShipNH.50
424Bible SocietyNH.50
425Banking AnniversaryNH.50
426Lions Emblem 
Scott # Description Condition Price
427YWCA EmblemNH(.40)
429Christmas FlowerNH.50
430Cross, Star of DavidNH1.60
434-39State FlowersNH8.75
  434  6c Western AustraliaNH.50
  435  13c VictoriaNH.50
  436  15c TasmaniaNH1.20
  437  20c South AustraliaNH6.50
  438  25c QueenslandNH5.00
  439  30c New South WalesNH.80
439A-G (6)2c-10c Flower CoilsNH2.20
  439A '71  2c RoseNH.50
  439B '70  4c RoseNH.50
  439C '70  5c WattleNH.50
  439D '70  6c RoseNH.80
  439E '71  7c Desert PeaNH.50
  439G '75  10c Desert PeaNH.50
440-41Soil ScienceNH1.00
440-41 GP  Soil Science Folded Gutter PairNH5.00
440-41 GP  Soil Science Unfolded Gutter PairNH15.00
442-43Mexico OlympicsNH1.70
442-43 GP  Mexico Olympics Folded Gutter PairNHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
442-43 GP  Mexico Olympics Unfolded Gutter PairNHAsk
446-49Famous PeopleNH4.00
446-49 TAB  Famous People with TabsNH7.50
446a-49a BP  Famous People Panes of 5NH20.00
446a-49a BK$1 AustraliansNH16.00
446a-49a BK  $1 Australians with Tropical InterleavingNH95.00
450-53 '69Prime MinistersNH5.00
450-53 TAB  Prime Ministers with TabsNH6.50
450a-53a BP  Prime Ministers Panes of 5NH21.00
450a-53a BK$1 Prime MinistersNH22.00
450a-53a BK  $1 Prime Ministers Tropical InterleavingNH110.00
454-57 '70Famous PeopleNH5.00
454-57 TAB  Famous People with TabsNH6.50
454a-57a BP  Famous People Panes of 5NH21.00
454a-57a BK$1.20 AustraliansNH22.00
454a-57a BK  $1.20 Australians Tropical InterleavingNH110.00
454a,455a BK60c Australians INH18.00
455c,455d BK60c Australians IINH18.00
460Melbourne HarborNH.50
461Labor OrganizationNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
468-70Vickers Vimy SinglesNH2.00
470a HSTR  Vickers Vimy Horizontal Strip of 3 (our choice of order)NH3.25
470a HSTR SO  Vickers Vimy Horizontal Strip of 3 in Scott OrderNH6.50
470a VSTR  Vickers Vimy Vertical Strip of 3 (our choice of order)NH3.00
470a VSTR SO  Vickers Vimy Vertical Strip of 3 in Scott OrderNH6.00
470a BLK  Vickers Vimy Block of 9 (our choice of order)NH12.75
470a BLK SO  Vickers Vimy Block of 9 in Scott OrderNH21.00
472-73Osaka EXPONH.90
474-75Royal VisitNH1.60
476Grasslands CongressNH.50
477-81 STRCaptain Cook Strip of 5NH1.00
477-81 SNG  Captain Cook SinglesNH.90
482Cook's EndeavourNH1.20
482a S/SCook's Endeavour Sheet of 6NH9.00
"482b" S/SCook's Endeavour Sheet with ANPEX OverprintNH20.00
483-86Economic DevelopmentNH2.75
487Democracy, FreedomNH.50
488Dairy CongressNH.50
490UN AnniversaryNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
491-92Qantas AirlineNH1.25
493-95Australia, AsiaNH1.60
496Southern CrossNH.50
497Stock ExchangeNH.50
498Rotary EmblemNH.50
499Royal Air ForceNH.50
500-03RSPCA CentenaryNH2.25
502a '13  18c Kangaroo, Perf 14x14 Inscribed 2013NHAsk
504-07 CPAboriginal Art, Cream PaperNH2.00
508 BLKChristmas Block of 7: 
508  CP  Christmas Cream Paper BlockNH35.00
508 WP  Christmas White Paper BlockNH60.00
508a-g    Christmas SinglesNH32.00
508 F/SChristmas Complete Sheet of 50 in stock:NHAsk
514-17Prime MinistersNH2.75
514-17 TAB  Prime Ministers with TabsNH3.50
514a-17a BP  Prime Ministers Panes of 4NH9.00
514a,516a BK70c Ministers INH6.50
515a,517a BK70c Ministers IINH6.50
514a-17a BK$1.40 MinistersNH9.00
518Cameo BroochNH.45
Scott # Description Condition Price
526Overland TelegraphNH.45
527-30Olympic GamesNH3.25
531Accountant CongressNH.30
532-38Pioneer LifeNH3.25
541-44Metric ConversionNH1.70
545World HealthNH.30
546-49Famous PeopleNH2.00
549aFamous People BlockNH2.50
550-53Economic PlanNH5.25
554-791c-$10 Nature, Paintings  DefinitivesNH50.00
  554  1c ShrimpNH.30
  555  2c CrabNH.30
  556  3c CrabNH.30
  557  4c StingerNH.30
  558  6c ChrysopraseNH.30
  559  7c AgateNH.30
  560  8c OpalNH.30
  561  9c RhodoniteNH.30
  562 '74  10c SapphireNH.30
  563 '75  11c AtomicNH.50
  564 '75  18c ThomsonilNH.30
Scott # Description Condition Price
  565 '74  20c WombatNH.40
  566 '75  24c AstronomyNH.90
  567 '74  25c AnteaterNH1.20
  568 '74  30c PossumNH.70
  569 '74  33c ImmunologyNH.90
  570 '75  45c TeretifoliusNH.60
  571 '75  48c OceanographyNH1.60
  572 '74  75c GliderNH1.20
  573 '74  $1 Lambert PaintingNH1.30
  574 '74  $2 Heysen PaintingNH2.50
  575 '81  $2 WallabyNH2.50
  576 '74  $4 ShearingNH5.00
  577 '79  $5 Streeton PaintingNH7.25
  578 '84  $5 Mentone PaintingNH7.50
  579 '77  $10 Roberts PaintingNH14.00
580 '749c on 8c Surcharge on OpalNH.30
581Legacy AnniversaryNH.35
582-83Baptism, ShepherdNH2.25
582a  Baptism, Shepherd Perf 14x15NH5.00
584-87Architecture, Perf 14x14NH2.00
584a  Sydney Opera House, Perf 15x14NH5.50
NH VERTICAL Gutter Pair13.50
589Judge on BenchNH.35
Scott # Description Condition Price
590-96Sports inc Golf, TennisNH1.60
597-98UPU Centenary, Perf 14x14NH1.10
597a  UPU Centenary, Perf 15x14NH2.00
599First Newspaper, Perf 14NH.70
599a  First Newspaper, Perf 14x14NH2.00
606-08Environmental Dangers, Perf 14x14NH2.25
  606a  Pollution Perf 15x14NH12.00
  607a  Fires, Perf 15x14 
609Women's YearNH.50
610-15Prime MinistersNH2.25
616-17 SNGPostal Commission Singles, Perf 14x14NH1.25
  617a  Postal Commission Se-tenant Pair, Perf 14x14NH2.50
  617c  Postal Commission Perf 15x14 Se-tenant PairNH4.50
618-23Famous Women, Perf 14x14NH4.00
618a-23aFamous Women, Perf 14x15NH5.50
624-25Papua New GuineaNH1.10
  627  45c "Light Shineth"NH.95
NH Full Sheet of 10070.00
NH Wholesale x104.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
628 ICoat of Arms, Emu with One ToeNH.60
"628a" II  Coat of Arms, Emu with Two ToesNH1.50
629Telephone CallNH.50
637-40Olympic Games inc CyclingNH1.60
641-46State ViewsNH4.00
647Stamp WeekNH.50
648 S/SStamp Week Sheet of 4NH2.00
651-54Famous PeopleNH1.60
655-58Performing ArtsNH2.40
659-60Queen ElizabethNH1.25
661-66Cricket MatchNH3.25
668Trade UnionsNH.50
671Settlement, FlagNH.50
675a S/SAviators Sheet of 4NH2.00
676Flying Doctor ServiceNH.50
681Northern Territory, RosesNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
682-865c-55c BirdsNH2.50
  682  5c Hooded DotterelNH.50
  683  20c Little GrebeNH.60
  LGF 1  60c Little Grebe Booklet FolderNH1.75
  LGF 2  80c Little Grebe Booklet FolderNH2.50
  684  25c Spurwing PloverNH.60
  685  30c Pied OystercatcherNH.75
  686  55c Lotus BirdNH1.00
687National Stamp WeekNH.50
687a S/SNational Stamp Week Sheet of 4NH1.75
688-90Paintings of ChristmasNH1.90
691-94Horse RacingNH2.80
695Australia DayNH.50
696-99Ferries, SteamerNH2.75
700-06National Parks Strip of 5 PairNH2.75
711Black SwanNH.50
712Year of the ChildNH.50
713-181c-50c BirdsNH2.75
  713  1c Zebra FinchNH.50
  714  2c Crimson FinchNH.50
  715  15c Forest KingfisherNH.50
  716  20c Yellow RobinNH.50
  717  40c Lovely WrenNH.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
  718  50c Flame RobinNH1.00
722-25Sport FishingNH2.75
726Australia DayNH.50
732-3910c-$1 BirdsNH7.50
  732  10c Parrot, Perf 13x12NH.60
  732a    10c Parrot, Perf 14x14NH3.00
  733  22c KingfisherNH.60
  734  28c RainbowNH.50
  735  35c Regent BowerNH.70
  736  45c Woodswallow, Perf 12x13NH1.00
  736a    45c Woodswallow, Perf 14x14NH10.00
  737  60c ParrotNH1.25
  738  80c PittaNH1.75
  739  $1 MagpieNH2.00
740Elizabeth BirthdayNH.50
741Wanderer Strip of 5NH1.80
742High Court BuildingNH.50
747-50Salvation ArmyNH1.50
751-55Mail Delivery Strip of 5NH2.00
755a S/SMail Delivery Sheet of 3NH2.00
759-62Training PlanesNH2.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
763-67These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
76818c Spotted CatbirdNH.50
769-70These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
771Australia DayNH.50
776-77Airmail ServiceNH1.50
778Map, APEX EmblemNH.50
779Elizabeth, FlagNH.50
780-83Gold Rush EraNH1.50
784-8001c-95c Animals, Perf 13x12 or 12x13NH16.50
  784 '82  1c Monitor LizzardNH.60
  785 '82  3c Frog, Perf 12x13NH.60
  786 '81  5c Wombat, Perf 13x12NH.75
  787 '82  15c Tortoise, Perf 12x13NH.60
  788 '81  24c TigerNH.60
    788a    24c Tiger, Heavy Ear LineNH2.50
  789 '81  25c Bilby, Perf 13x12NH.75
  790 '82  27c Frog, Perf 12x13NH.70
Scott # Description Condition Price
  791 '81  30c WallabyNH.90
  792 '82  40c Gecko, Perf 12x13NH.85
  793 '81  50c Opossum, Perf 12x13NH1.25
  794 '81  55c RatNH1.10
  795 '82  65c Snake, Perf 12x13NH1.40
  796 '82  70c ToadNH1.40
  797 '82  75c Water Dragon, Perf 12x13NH1.60
  798 '82  85c LizardNH1.90
  799 '82  90c CrocodileNH1.90
  800 '82  95c Thorny DevilNH2.00
785a-97a (9)1c-95c Animals Reissued: Perf 14x14 or Perf 14x14NH19.75
  785a '84  3c Frog, Perf 14x14NH.75
  786a '84  5c Wombat, Perf 14x14NH1.50
  787a '84  15c Tortoise, Perf 14x14NH1.50
  789a '83  25c Bilby, Perf 14x14NH2.00
  790a '82  27c Tree Frog, Perf 14x14NH1.25
  792a '84  40c Gecko, Perf 14x14NH3.00
  793a '83  50c Opossum, Perf 14x14NH2.75
  795a '84  65c Snake, Perf 14x14NH2.75
  797a '84  75c Water Dragon, Perf 14x14NH3.00
786b-94a (6)  5c-55c Imperf Inscribed 2007NHAsk
801-03These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
804-05Royal WeddingNH1.70
Scott # Description Condition Price
810Disabled YearNH.50
814-15Heads of GovernmentNH1.25
820Australia Day, ImmigrantsNH.50
825Queen's BirthdayNH.50
830-31Broadcasting PairNH2.00
830-31 SNGBroadcasting SinglesNH1.00
830-31 GP  Broadcasting Pair Gutter PairNHASK
832-38Post OfficesNH2.75
842-45Commonwealth GamesNH1.80
844a S/SCommonwealth Games Sheet of 3NH1.60
"844X" S/SCommonwealth Games Sheet Overprinted for ANPEX '82NH9.00
"844Y" S/SCommonwealth Games Sheet Overprinted for NATIONAL STAMP WEEK '82NH11.00
"844Z" S/SCommonwealth Games Sheet Overprinted for AUSIPEX 84NH10.00
846National Stamp WeekNH.50
847National GalleryNH.50
848-52 STRGum Trees Strip of 5NH2.50
848-52 SNG  Gum Trees SinglesNH2.40
852a BP  Gum Trees Pane of 9NH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
852a BK$1 EucalyptsNH3.00
852b BP  $1 Eucalypts Pane of 6NH2.00
852a BK  $1 Eucalypts Booklets x11BOOKLETASK
853a BK60c Eucalytps BookletNH2.00
853-56Aboriginal PaintingsNH2.75
857-60Fire EnginesNH3.00
861-62Australia Day Pair, ShipsNH.80
861-62 GP  Australia Day Pair Ships Gutter PairNH1.75
863ANZCER, Perf 14x13NH.50
863a '13  ANZCER, Perf 14x14 Inscribed 2013NHASK
864-67Commonwealth DayNH2.00
868Queen's 57th BirthdayNH.50
869World CommunicationNH.50
870Ambulance CentenaryNH.50
871Jaycee OrganizationNH.50
872-804c-$1 ButterfliesNH7.50
  872-75,76-80  4c//$1 Butterflies, June IssueNH5.25
  "872X" S/S  WAPEX'84 Philatelic Exhibition Sheet of 2 (private issue)NH6.50
  875A  30c Butterflies, October IssueNH1.00
881Folk Strip of 5NH1.90
881a-e  Folk Strip SinglesNH1.80
Scott # Description Condition Price
889Australia DayNH.50
890-91 PRAir Mail Service PairNH1.75
890-91 SNGAir Mail Service SinglesNH1.50
892Vintage Cars Strip of 5NH2.25
892a-e  Vintage Cars Strip SinglesNH2.10
893Queen's 58th BirthdayNH.50
894-97Clipper ShipsNH3.25
  902 '84  2c HopperNH.50
  903 '86  3c JimbleNH.50
  904 '85  5c AnglerfishNH.50
  905 '86  10c StonefishNH.50
  906 '85  20c HandfishNH.50
  907 '84  25c CowrieNH.50
  908 '84  30c WrasseNH.50
  909 '85  33c Sea DragonNH1.25
  910 '85  40c Red VelvetNH.50
  911 '86  45c Cone ShellNH.60
  912 '84  50c SurgeonfishNH.60
  913 '84  55c NudibranchNH.80
  914 '86  60c LionfishNH.75
  915 '82  65c StingrayNH.85
  916 '86  70c OctopusNH.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
  917 '85  80c Pineapple FishNH1.00
  918 '84  85c AngelfishNH1.00
  919 '85  90c GobyNH1.10
  920 '86  $1 StarfishNH1.20
922-24Summer OlympicsNH1.60
925Ausipex '84NH.50
926 S/SAusipex Sheet of 7NH3.25
"926X" S/S  Ausipex Sheet with "The World's Greatest Stamp Event" OverprintNH12.00
"926Y" S/S  Ausipex Sheet with "FIP and Cover" Black OverprintNH16.00
"926Z" S/S  Ausipex Sheet with INTER-ASIA OverprintNH20.00
926 S/S var 4  Ausipex Sheet with "Commemorative Album Souvenir Sheet" in CenterNH15.00
932-39Rock PaintingsNH5.00
940-41Victoria SettledNH.80
942-43Australia DayNH1.20
944International Youth YearNH.50
945Volunteer Strip of 5NH2.25
945a-e  Volunteer Strip SinglesNH2.00
946Nursing ServiceNH.50
947-48 STCockatoo Se-tenant PairNH6.00
948a  Cockatoo Pane of 4NH7.00
948a BK$1 Cockatoo Booklet of 4NH7.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
952a S/SExploration Sheet of 4NH3.75
953Queen's 59th Birthday, Perf 14x13NH.50
953a '13  Queen's 59th Birthday, Perf 14x14 Inscribed 2013NHAsk
960Children's Book Strip of 5NH2.25
960a-e  Children's Book Strip singlesNH2.00
961Electronic MailNH.50
962Christmas, Drer DrawingNH.70
963-66Salvaged AntiquesNH4.50
967-70Angels, ChristmasNH3.00
971Aboriginal PaintingNH.50
974-75South Australia PairNH1.25
982Halley's CometNH.50
983Queen's 60th BirthdayNH.50
987ASheep Shearing Strip of 5NH2.50
987b-f  Sheep Shearing Strip SinglesNH2.40
988-91Botany BayNH3.75
992Wildlife Strip of 5NH2.50
992a-e  Wildlife Strip singlesNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
996a BP  Wildflowers Pane of 4NH4.00
996a BK80c Alpine Flowers BookletNH4.50
996b BP  80c Alpine Flowers Pane of 4NH4.00
997-1000Wildflowers, OrchidsNH3.50
998a BK$1 Alpine Flowers BookletNH4.50
1001-0336c America's CupNH1.60
1003a '13  36c Boxing Kangaroo, Perf 14x14, Inscribed 2013NHAsk
1003b BP '13  Booklet Pane of 502a, 863a, 953a and 1003a, Perf 14x14, Inscribed 2013NHAsk
1004Peace YearNH.55
1004 GSVery Unusual Gutter strip of 10 showing privately applied overprints to gutter.  Each inscribed "Overprint licensed by the National Papal Visit Office."  Although we have dealt in Australia for many years, we had never seen these before the three in Dr. Kolakowski's stock.  Scarce!
1005a  30c Christmas Perf 13x13 
1008 S/SChristmas Sheet of 5NH2.40
1009-10Australia DayNH1.20
1011-14Yacht RacingNH4.00
1023Queen's BirthdayNH.55
1024Leaving England Strip of 5NH3.50
1024a-e  Leaving England Strip SinglesNH3.25
1025-26Tenerife PairNH2.00
1027Rio Arrival Strip of 5NH2.75
1027a-e  Rio Arrival Strip singlesNH2.60
1028-29Cape Arrival PairNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1030 '88First Fleet Strip of 5NH3.00
1030a-e  First Fleet Strip singlesNH2.80
1031 '88Sydney Early YearsNH3.25
1031a-e  Sydney Early Years Strip singlesNH3.25
1032-33These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1034Snowy River Man Strip of 5NH2.80
1034a-e  Snowy River Man Strip SinglesNH2.80
1035Wildlife Strip of 5NH2.75
1044-46 (7)Christmas Strip of 5 plus 2vNH4.00
1047-51Aboriginal CraftsNH8.00
1049a BP  80c Aboriginal Crafts Pane of 4NH4.50
1049a BK80c Aboriginal Arts BookletNH4.50
1051a BP  $2 Aboriginal Arts Pane of 6NH5.25
1051a BK$2 Aboriginal Arts BookletNH5.25
1052Bicentennial (Joint issue with USA)NH1.00
1053-78Cartoon DefinitivesNH17.50
  1053  1c ReligionNH.50
  1054  2c IndustryNH.50
  1055  3c Local GovernmentNH.50
  1056  4c Trade UnionsNH.50
  1057  5c ParliamentNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1058  10c TransportationNH.50
  1059  15c SportsNH.50
  1060  20c CommerceNH.50
  1061  25c HousingNH.50
  "1061a"    25c Housing, Perf 14NH1.25
  1062  30c WelfareNH.50
  1063  37c Postal ServicesNH1.60
  1063a BK    37c Postal Services Booklet of 10NH8.50
  1063a BK LM  37c Postal Services - Leigh Mardon PrintNH9.00
  1063a BK CPE  37c Postal Services - C.P.E. Print (Imperf Top and Bottom)NH9.00
  "1063e" IT    37c Postal Services Imperf at TopNH1.25
  "1063f" IB    37c Postal Services Imperf at BottomNH1.25
  "1063e+63f" IPR    37c Postal Services Pair Imperf at Top and BottomNH2.50
  1063B  39c TourismNH.80
  1063Bc BK    39c Tourism Pane of 10NH9.00
  "1063Bg" IT    39c Tourism Imperf at TopNH1.25
  "1063Bh" IB    39c Tourism Imperf at BottomNH1.25
  "1063Bg+Bh" IPR    39c Tourism Pair Imperf at Top and BottomNH2.50
  1064  40c RecreationNH.65
  1065  45c HealthNH.75
  1066  50c MiningNH.80
  1067  53c Primary IndustryNH1.20
  1068  55c EducationNH1.20
  1069  60c Armed ForcesNH1.10
  1070  63c PoliceNH1.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1071  65c CommunicationsNH1.20
  1072  68c MediaNH1.60
  1073  70c Science, TechNH1.20
  1074  75c Visual ArtsNH1.30
  1075  80c Performing ArtsNH1.30
  1076  90c BankingNH1.50
  1077  95c LawNH1.60
  1078  $1 RescueNH1.60
1079Queen's BirthdayNH.80
1080EXPO '88NH.80
1081Parliament HouseNH.80
1082-85Bicentennial PairsNH6.00
1086Koala CaricatureNH.80
1087-90Aboriginal ArtNH5.00
1091-93Summer OlympicsNH4.00
1094Parliament ConferenceNH.80
1095-97Decorative Arts, CraftsNH8.00
  1095,96,97x2 ST  ArtsNH9.00
  1097 I3S  39c Teapot Imperf on 3 SidesNH1.25
1097a BP  80c Crafts Art Pane of 3NH5.00
1097a BK  80c Crafts Booklet of 3NH5.50
1097b BP  $2 Crafts Pane of 6NH5.00
1097b BK  $2 Crafts Booklet of 6NH6.50
1098-01Scenic ViewsNH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1105Sir Henry ParkesNH.80
11061c Bowls, Perf 14x14NH.50
1106a '90  1c Bowls, Perf 13x13NH.50
11072c Bowling, Perf 14x14NH.50
1107a '91  2c Bowling, Perf 13x13NH.50
11083c FootballNH.50
110939c Fishing, Perf 14x14NH.80
"1109f" IT  39c Fishing, Perf 14x14 - Imperf at TopNH1.00
"1109g" IB  39c Fishing, Perf 14x14 - Imperf at BottomNH1.00
"1109f+09g" IPR  39c Fishing, Perf 14x14 Pair - Imperf Top and BottomNH1.75
1109a BK  39c Fishing, Perf 14x14 Booklet of 10NH9.00
"1109dX"  39c Fishing, Perf 13x13 on 4 sides (from sheets)NH19.50
1109d '90  39c Fishing, Perf 13x13 on 3 sides (our choice of format)NH12.00
1109d IT  39c Fishing, Perf 13x13 - Imperf at TopNH15.00
1109d IB  39c Fishing, Perf 13x13 - Imperf at BottomNH15.00
1109d IPR  39c Fishing, Perf 13x13 - Imperf Top and BottomNH27.50
1109e '90 BK  39c Fishing, Perf 13x13 Booklet of 10NH60.00
1109B41c CyclingNH.60
"1109Bd" IT  41c Cycling Imperf at TopNH1.10
"1109Be" IB  41c Cycling Imperf at BottomNH1.10
"1109Bd+09Be" IPR  41c Cycling Pair Imperf at Top and BottomNH2.00
1109Bc BK  41c Cycling Booklet of 10NH7.50
111055c Kite FlyingNH.85
111170c CricketNH1.10
Scott # Description Condition Price
1112$1.10 GolfNH1.75
1113This number not utilized by Scott. 
1114 '945c Kayak, Canoe, Perf 14x14NH.90
1114a '90  5c Perf 13x13NH.50
1115 '9210c Windsurfing, Perf 14x14 
1115a '90  10c Perf 13x13NH.50
1116 '9320c Tennis, Perf 14x14NH.90
1116a '90  20c Perf 13x13NH2.75
1117 '9265c Rock Climbing, Perf 14x14 
1117a '90  65c Perf 13x13NH4.50
1118 '90$1 Running, Perf 14x14NH1.50
1118a '91  $1 Perf 13x13NH5.50
1119 '9043c SkateboardingNH.60
"1119b" IT  43c Skateboarding Imperf at TopNH1.00
"1119c" IB  43c Skateboarding Imperf at BottomNH1.00
"1119b+19c" IPR  43c Skateboarding Imperf at Top and BottomNH1.75
1119a BK  43c Skateboarding Booklet of 10NH6.75
1120 '90$1.20 Hang GlidingNH1.80
1121 '9175c NetballNH1.10
1122 '9180c SquashNH1.25
1123 '9185c DivingNH1.30
1124 '9190c SoccerNH1.40
1125-31These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1132$2 Nooroo Gardens, Perf 14NH3.00
1132a '91  $2 Gardens, Perf 13x13NH7.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1133$5 Mawarra Gardens, Perf 14NH7.50
1133a  $5 Gardens, Perf 13x13 
1134$10 Palm HouseNH15.00
1135 '90$20 House, GardenNH26.00
1135 BLK  $20 USED Block of 4 with central cancel.  Paid a huge postage bill!  Scarce this nice.USED Block of 440.00
1140Queen's BirthdayNH.80
1141Colonial Australia Strip of 5NH3.75
1141a-e  Colonial Australia SinglesNH3.75
1142-45Performers, Directors, Perf 14NH5.00
1142a '90  39c Performer, Perf 14x13NH11.50
1150-52Urban Environment (with normal rough margins)NH4.00
1150-52 XF  Urban Environment (smooth margins)NH7.50
1152a BK  Urban Environment Pane of 7 with normal rough perfsNH8.00
1152a BK XF  Urban Environment Pane of 7 with smooth marginsNH15.00
1153Youth HostelsNH.80
1154-58Street Cars - TramsNH3.50
1156a  Trams Perf 14 (our choice of format)NH3.00
1156a IT  Trams Perf 14 Imperf at TopNH3.25
1156a IB  Trams Perf 14 Imperf at BottomNH3.25
1156a IPR  Trams Perf 14 Pair Imperf at Top and BottomNH6.00
1156a IPR SS  Trams Perf 14 Pair Imperf at Top and Bottom with "Stampshow 89" TabsNH7.50
1156b BK  Trams Booklet of 10NH25.00
1159-61Christmas IlluminationsNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  "1159b" IL  Christmas Illuminations Imperf at LeftNH.95
  "1159c" IR  Christmas Illuminations Imperf at RightNH.95
  "1159b+59c" IPR  Christmas Illuminations Pair Imperf Left and RightNH1.85
1159a BK  Christmas Booklet of 10 - Normal CoverNH7.50
1159a BK WSE  Christmas Booklet of 10 - World Stamp Expo CoverNH25.00
1162Radio AnniversaryNH.80
1163Australia DayNH.80
1164Special Occasions Perf 14x13NH.80
  1164 IL  Special Occasions Perf 14x13 Imperf at LeftNH1.25
  1164 IR  Special Occasions Perf 14x13 Imperf at RightNH1.25
  1164 IL+IR PR  Special Occasions Perf 14x13 Pair  Imperf Left and RightNH2.50
1164a BK  Special Occasions Perf 14x13 Booklet of 10NH9.00
1164b  Special Occasions Perf 14 on 3 sidesNH3.75
  1164b IL  Special Occasions Perf 14 Imperf at LeftNH4.00
  1164b IR  Special Occasions Perf 14 Imperf at RightNH4.00
  1164b IL+IR PR  Special Occasions Perf 14 Pair Imperf at Left and RightNH7.50
1164c BK  Occasions Booklet of 10 Perf 14NH35.00
1165Woman DoctorsNH.80
1170-73Health inc SmokingNH2.50
1174-78WW II ScenesNH5.00
1176a BP '05  World War II Scene Booklet Pane of 2NH9.75
1179Queen's BirthdayNH.80
1180Penny Black Block of 6NH4.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1180 GP  Penny Black with Two strips of 5 with Gutter between.  Uncommon thus!NH24.00
1180a-f  Penny Black Block SinglesNH4.00
1180g S/SPenny Black Sheet of 6NH4.00
1180h S/SPenny Black Sheet with Stamp World London Emblem in Margin (not in Year Set)NH22.50
1181Gold Rush Strip of 5NH3.25
1181a-e  Gold Rush Strip SinglesNH3.25
1182-83Antarctic Research (Joint Issue with Russia)NH2.00
1183a S/SAntarctic Research Sheet of 2NH2.00
1183b S/SAntarctic Research New Zealand Exhibition OverprintNH19.50
1184Boom Time Strip of 5NH3.25
1184a-e  Boom Time Strip SinglesNH3.25
118541c Cycle Self-AdhesiveNH1.00
118643c Skateboard Self-AdhesiveNH.80
1186a  43c Skateboard LithographedNH1.00
1187-90These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1191-92Paintings, Perf 15NH8.00
1192a BK    Paintings Perf 15 Booklet of 5NH10.00
1191a-92b  Paintings, Perf 14NH3.00
1192c BK    Paintings Perf 14 Booklet of 5NH5.00
  "1193b" IL  Greetings with Imperf Margin at LeftNH1.10
  "1193c" IR  Greetings with Imperf Margin at RightNH1.10
  "1193b+93c" IPR  Greetings Pair with Imperf Margin Left and RightNH2.00
1193a BK  Greeting Booklet of 10NH7.50
1194-96Christmas, AnimalsNH2.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
  "1194b"  38c Christmas Bird Imperf at TopNH1.10
  "1194c" IB  38c Christmas Bird Imperf at BottomNH1.10
  "1194b+94c" IPR  38c Christmas Bird Pair Imperf at Top and BottomNH2.00
  1194a BK  Christmas Booklet of 10NH8.00
  1195a '13  43c Nativity, Perf 14x14, Inscribed 2013NHAsk
1197Adelaide Town HallNH.80
1198 S/SScott has renumbered 1198 as 1183b.  Please see that listing above. 
1203-06Water BirdsNH5.00
1207-09Women in Armed ServicesNH3.25
1207a BP '05  Women in Armed Services Booklet Pane of 4NH9.75
1210Queen's BirthdayNH.80
1215-17 (4)PhotographyNH4.00
1226a S/SExplorers SheetNH1.70
1226b S/SExplorers Sheet with PhilaNippon OverprintNH12.50
1231a BK  Christmas Pane of 20NH12.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1234a BK  Greetings Pane of 10NH7.00
1235Threatened Species Block of 6NH3.75
1326-40These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1241-46Species Self-Adhesive, Lithographed (sharper appearance)NH4.50
1241a-46a  Species Typographed (duller appearance, thinner black letters)NH5.75
1246b BK  Species Pane of 10NH15.00
1246c BK  Species Pane of 5NH13.00
1246d  Species Strip of 6, Lithographed (sharper appearance)NH4.75
1246e  Species Strip, Typographed (duller appearance, thinner black letters)NH6.00
1246f S/S  Species wth Columbian OverprintNH16.00
1247-48Wetlands Singles, Perf 14NH3.50
1247-48 STWetlands Se-tenant Pair, Perf 14NH3.75
1248a BK    Wetlands Booklet of 5, Perf 14NH4.00
1247a-48b  Wetlands Se-tenant Pair, Perf 14NH6.50
1248c BK    Wetlands Booklet of 5, Perf 14 
1249-52Sailing ShipsNH5.00
1252a S/SShip SheetNH5.75
1252b S/SShip Sheet with Columbian OverprintNH10.00
WCE FOLDERSpecial World Columbian Stamp Expo Folder containing 1252b, 1260b Overprint SheetsNH22.50
1252c S/SShip Sheet with Genoa OverprintNH17.50
1253-57WWII Battles inc SubmarineNH6.50
1256a BP '05  WWII Battles Booklet Pane of 4NH11.00
1258-60Space YearNH3.75
1260a S/SSpace Sheet of 3NH4.00
1260b S/SColumbian Overprint on SpaceNH9.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1261Queen's BirthdayNH.80
1262-66Vineyards Strip of 5NH3.75
1267  Vineyards Strip SinglesNH3.50
1268-70Summer OlympicsNH5.00
Please order 1271-87 issues with care as Scott has changed numbers since they were originally assigned. 
1271-8730c-$1.20 Threatened SpeciesNH21.00
  1271 '94  30c CrocodileNH.60
  1272 '92  35c EchidnaNH.70
  1273 '93  40c PlatypusNH.80
  1274-79 '94  45c Kangaroos and KoalasNH6.00
  1274c '13  45c Kangaroo, Perf 14x14, Inscribed 2013NHAsk
  1275c '13  45c Adult Kangaroo plus Joey, Perf 14x14, Inscribed 2013NHAsk
  1276a S/S  China '96 on Kangaroos and Koalas Sheet of 3NH15.00
  1276d '13  45c Two Adult Kangaroos, Perf 14x14, Inscribed 2013NHAsk
  1279a '94  Kangaroos (9mm),Koalas Block of 6 (Date is 1mm Wide)NH6.50
  1279b S/S '94  Kangaroos and Koalas Sheet of 6, PHILAKOREANH20.00
  1280 '92  50c KoalaNH1.00
  1281 '92  60c PossumNH1.20
  1282 '93  70c KookaburraNH1.50
  1282a '96  70c Kookaburra "Australia 70c" in BrownNHAsk
  1283 '94  85c Pelican with Peach Panel at BottomNH1.75
  1283A '97  85c Pelican with Yellow Panel at BottomNHAsk
  1284 '93  90c KangarooNH1.60
  1284a '13  90c Gray Kangaroo, Perf 14x14, Inscribed 2013NHAsk
  1284b BP '13  Booklet Pane of 1274c, 1275c, 1276d, 1284a, Perf 14x14, Inscribed 2013NHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1285 '92  95c WombatNH2.00
  1286 '93  $1.20 CockatooNH2.20
  1286a '98  $1.20 Cockatoo with Brown "Australia 70c" Text 
  1287 '94  $1.35 EmuNH2.50
1279d BLKKangaroos (8mm), Koalas Block of 6 (Date is 1mm Wide)NHAsk
1279f BLKKangaroos (8mm), Koalas Block of 6 (Date is 1mm Wide) - All with Bright Orange Panels at BottomNHAsk
1288-93 '94Animals, Self-adhesive, Die Cut 11NH11.50
1293a '94 BP  Animals Pane of 10, Die Cut 11NH11.50
1293b '94  Animals Strip of 6, Die Cut 11NH12.50
1294-95 (6)Animals, Serpentine Die Cut 11NH9.00
1295a  Animals Strip of 5, Serpentine Die Cut 11NH7.00
1296Bridge and Tunnel Pair, Perf 14NH7.50
1296c  Bridge and Tunnel Pair, Perf 15NH3.50
1301a-02a '07  Cricket 14x14, Dated 2007NHAsk
1302v '07 BP  Cricket Booklet Pane of 3NHAsk
1303-05Christmas ScenesNH2.50
1303 IMP L  40c Christmas Imperf at LeftNH.95
1303 IMP R  40c Christmas Imperf at RightNH.95
1303 IMP L+R  40c Christmas Pair Imperf Left and RightNH1.90
1303a BK  Christmas Pane of 20NH12.50
1306Watercolor Paintings PairNH1.75
1307-10Aboriginal ArtNH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1311-14World HeritageNH7.50
1311 PZN45c World Heritage Block with "World Philatelic Exhibition Poznan" (Poland) in GoldNH26.50
1315-18World War ShipsNH5.50
1315-18 GP  World War Ships Gutter PairsNH13.50
1317a BP '05  World War Ships Booklet Pane of 2NH11.75
1319Elizabeth BirthdayNH.80
1320-231890's Working LifeNH4.00
1324-29Trains BlockNH6.00
1324-29  Train Singles from BlockNH5.50
1330-35Self-adhesive Trains Folded Strip of 6NH11.00
1330-35 UNFSelf-adhesive Trains Unfolded Strip of 6 (oversize shipping)NH13.75
1330-35 SNG  Trains Singles from StripNH10.50
1335b BK  Trains Pane of 10NH13.00
1336-39Aboriginal ArtNH4.50
1340-41Woman Politicians Pair (our choice of pair)NH1.60
1340-41 HPR 1  Woman Politicians Horizontal Pair - Women at LeftNH2.25
1340-41 HPR 2  Woman Politicians Horizontal Pair - Inter-Parliamentary at LeftNH1.80
1340-41 VPR 1  Woman Politicians Vertical Pair - Women at TopNH2.00
1340-41 VPR 2  Woman Politicians Vertical Pair - Inter-Parliamentary at TopNH2.75
1340-41 VGP  Woman Politicians Vertical Gutter PairNH6.00
1347a S/SDino SheetNH5.00
1347b S/SDino Sheet with Bangkok OverprintNH10.00
1347c S/SDino Sheet with Sydney OverprintNH10.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1348-49Sydney Self-AdhesiveNH6.00
1349a BK  Sydney Pane of 5NH11.00
1354-56Christmas ThemesNH2.50
1354 IMP T  40c Goodwill Imperf at TopNH.95
1354 IMP B  40c Goodwill Imperf at BottomNH.95
1354 IMP PR T+B  40c Goodwill Pair Imperf Top and BottomNH1.90
1354a BK  Christmas Pane of 20NH13.00
1361-64Life SavingNH4.50
1365-66Life Saving Self-AdhesiveNH5.00
1366b BK  Life Saving Pane of 5NH17.00
1366b BK var  Life Saving Pane with Newcastle OverprintNH18.50
1367-69Greetings Flowers inc Rose, TulipsNH2.50
"1368X-69X" PRTulips, Poppies Pair Imperf Left and RightNH3.00
1369b BK  Greetings Pane of 5NH11.00
1369b BK var  Greetings with Melbourne OverprintNHAsk
1369b BK var  Greetings with Canberra OverprintNH13.00
1370Queen's BirthdayNH.90
1371Friendship BridgeNH1.70
1372-74Year of the FamilyNH3.25
1375Women's VoteNH.80
1376-79Folklore CreaturesNH6.00
1380Wartime Leaders Strip of 5NH5.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1380f BP '05  Wartime Leaders Booklet Pane of 2NH9.75
1381-84Aviation Pioneers (Slania)NH6.00
1384 BP  Aviation Pioneers Black Print (Slania)NH45.00
1384 BP PK  Aviation Pioneers Black Print (Slania) in Original Sealed PackNH50.00
1384 FOLDER  Aviation Pioneers in "Aviation Feats" Folder (Slania)NH23.00
1384 MAX  Four Aviation Pioneers Maximum Cards  (Slania)Maximum Card55.00
1385-89Zoo AnimalsNH4.50
1389a S/SZoo Sheet of 5NH6.00
1389b S/SZoo Animals Brisbane OverprintNH13.50
1389c S/SZoo Animals Sydney OverprintNH13.50
1389d S/SZoo Animals Melbourne OverprintNH13.00
1389e S/SZoo Animals Fremantle OverprintNH12.00
1390-91Zoo Animals Self-AdhesiveNH9.75
1391a BK  Zoo Animals Pane of 10NH35.00
1392a BK  Christmas Pane of 20NH13.00
1396Sydney-Hobart Race PairNH2.50
1397-97ARace Self-AdhesiveNH6.50
1398-1405Triangle Definitives (8)NH9.00
1405a BK  Triangle Pane of 20NH20.00
"1406-11"Large Species - NPC1NH25.00
"1406-11"Large Species - CPH1NH25.00
"1412-17"Species - NPCNH20.00
"1412-17" varSpecies - SINGAPORE '95NH26.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
"1412-17" varSpecies - CAPEX '96NH29.00
"1412-17" varSpecies - HONG KONG 97NH27.50
1422Valentine's Day Strip of 3NH2.25
1423Cook's Endeavour Pair (our choice of format)NH2.75
1423 HPR  Cook's Endeavour Horizontal PairNH3.50
1423 VPR  Cook's Endeavour Vertical PairNH3.25
1424-25Endeavour, Perf 14NH9.75
1425a BK  Endeavour, Perf 14 Pane of 5NH10.75
1426-28 (4)National Trust inc PairNH6.00
1431Queen's BirthdayNH.80
1432-35WWII Famous Men Block (of our choice)NH4.00
1432-35 SO  WWII Famous Men Block in Scott OrderNH5.50
1436-39WWII Famous Men Self-Adhesive SinglesNH11.00
1439a BK  WWII Famous Men Self-Adhesive Pane of 10NH15.00
1439b  WWII Famous Men Self-Adhesive Strip of 4NH12.00
1440UN AnniversaryNH1.25
1440a  UN Anniversary Block of 4NH7.00
1441-45Movie PostersNH4.00
1446-50Movies Self-AdhesiveNH20.00
1450b BK  Movies Pane of 10NH12.00
1451Disabled PeopleNH1.60
1452-55WWII Heroes Block of 4NH4.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1452a BP '05  WWII Heroes Booklet Pane of 4NH9.75
1454a BP '05  WWII Heroes Booklet Pane of 2NH10.75
1459Koala, Panda Pair (Joint issue with China)NH1.75
1459c S/SKoala SheetNH1.90
1459d S/SPanda SheetNH2.50
1459e S/SKoala Sheet with AUSTRALIAN Stamp OverprintNH6.50
1459f S/SPanda Sheet with BEIJING OverprintNH6.50
1460This number not utilized by Scott. 
1461-61DMedicine, ScientistsNH6.00
1462-64 (6)Sea Life PairsNH6.00
1465 S/SSea SheetNH5.25
1465g S/SSea Sheet with Adelaide OverprintNH11.00
1465h S/SSea Sheet with Sydney OverprintNH11.00
1465i S/SSea Sheet with Brisbane OverprintNH11.00
1465j S/SSea Sheet with Melbourne OverprintNH11.00
1465k S/SSea Sheet with Swanpex OverprintNH11.00
1466-71Sea Life Self-AdhesiveNH11.00
1471a BK  Sea Life Pane of 10NH12.00
1471b  Sea Life Strip of 6NH12.00
1475Christmas Self-AdhesiveNH1.25
1475a BK  Christmas Pane of 20NH23.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1480Heart, RosesNH.85
1481-84Military Aviation Block (of our choice)NH3.25
1481-84 SO  Military Aviation Block in Scott OrderNH4.50
1482a BNP '05  Military Aviation Booklet Pane of 2NH10.00
1485-88World HeritageNH5.75
1489-90Cuscuses (Joint Issue with Indonesia)NH1.60
1490b S/SCuscus SheetNH2.50
"1490c" S/SCuscus Sheet with Overprint for Indonesia ExhibitionNH9.75
1491Queen's BirthdayNH.80
1492-1507Football CentenaryNH12.00
(Sent in 1507a Sheet form.) 
1508-23Football Self-AdhesiveNH13.00
1508a-23a BK  Football Booklets of 10NH175.00
1508a-23a BK FLD  Football Booklets in Special DeLuxe "see-through" Folder with Descriptive textNH195.00
1524-351c-$10 Flora and Fauna DefinitivesNH37.00
  1524,1525,1533,1534  5c,10c,$2,$5 Nature of AustraliaNH11.75
  1526 '97  20c CrocodileNH.40
  1527 '97  25c Frog, LilyNH.40
  1528-31 '97  45c Birds Block of 4 (of our choice)NH4.00
  1528-31 '97 SO  45c Birds Block in Scott OrderNH5.50
  1531b S/S '97  Birds - Shanghai SheetNH7.50
  1532 '97  $1 ButterflyNH1.50
  1535 '97  $10 WetlandsNH14.00
1535a S/S '97Wetlands SheetNH15.00
1535b S/S '97Wetlands Sheet with Pacific '97 OverprintNH30.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1535c S/S '98Wetlands Sheet with Italia '98 OverprintNH25.00
1535d S/S '01Wetlands Sheet with Phila Nippon '01 OverprintNH29.00
1536-39 '9745c Nature Self-adhesive Die Cut 11NH4.00
1539b '9745c Nature Self-adhesive Strip Die Cut 11NH5.00
1539b '97 RP 1  45c Nature Self-adhesive Strip Die Cut 11, Reprint with 1 KoalaNH8.75
1539b '97 RP 2  45c Nature Self-adhesive Strip Die Cut 11, Reprint with 2 KoalasNH9.75
1539h S/S '9745c Nature Sheet of 5NH13.75
1539a BK '97  Nature Booklet of 10NH17.50
1539i BK '97  Nature Booklet of 20NH27.00
1539C-F '9945c Nature Self-adhesive, Die Cut 12x13NH7.50
1539Fg '9945c Nature Self-adhesive Strip of 4, Die Cut 12x13NH8.50
1540-42Olympic CentenaryNH3.25
1543Olympic Flag Atlanta to SydneyNH.90
1543 M/S  Olympic MiniSheet of 10NH15.00
1543 M/S FLD  Olympic Sheet in Descriptive FolderNH18.00
1544-47Book CouncilNH3.25
1548-51 CLBook Council Self-Adhesive Coil Strip of 4NH7.50
1548-51 BK  Book Council Self-Adhesive from BookletNH9.00
1551a BK  Book Council Self-Adhesive Pane of 10NH18.00
1552-53Council of WomenNH2.25
1554-55Diamonds, PearlsNH3.50
1556-57Arts CouncilNH1.60
1557a BK  Arts Council Pane of 5NH4.50
1558-6345c PetsNH4.50
1563a S/SPets Sheet of 6, Perf 14NH5.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1563b S/SPets Sheet with Asian Exhibition OverprintNH10.00
1563c S/SPets Sheet with Centrepoint OverprintNH10.00
1563d S/SPets Sheet with St. Peters OverprintNH10.00
1563e S/SPets Sheet with Melbourne OverprintNH10.00
1563f S/SPets Sheet with Queensland OverprintNH10.00
1563g S/SPets Sheet with Swanpex OverprintNH10.00
1563h S/S '97Pets - Hong Kong SheetNH10.00
1564-65Pets Self-AdhesiveNH4.50
1565a BK  Pets Self-Adhesive Pane of 10NH18.00
1566von Mueller (Joint issue with Germany)NH1.90
1570Self-adhesive ChristmasNH1.60
1570a BK  Self-adhesive Christmas Pane of 20NH35.00
1571de VlaminghNH.90
1571a  de Vlamingh Se-tenant Pair with Christmas IslandNH2.00
1577Rose, GreetingsNH.80
1578Rose Self-adhesiveNH1.50
1578a BK  Rose Booklet of 10NH12.00
1579-82Classic Cars BlockNH3.50
1579a-82a PBK  Cars Prestige BookletNH15.00
1583-86Cars Self-adhesiveNH8.00
1586a BK  Car BookletNH20.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1587-90These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1591-94Circus Anniversary BlockNH4.00
1595Elizabeth BirthdayNH.80
1596Lions ClubsNH.80
1597-01Dolls and Bears Strip of 5NH4.50
1597-01 M/S  Dolls and Bears MiniSheet of 10NH12.00
"1597-01X" M/S  Dolls and Bears MiniSheet with Brisbane OverprintNH30.00
1602-05Emergency Services 
1602-05 SglEmergency Services singlesNH3.90
1606-07Merino Sheep PairNH1.60
1606-07 M/S  Merino Sheep MiniSheet of 10NH10.00
1608-11Animated StoriesNH6.50
1612-16Prehistoric AnimalsNH4.00
1612-16 M/S  Prehistoric MiniSheet of 10NH13.50
1617-2245c Nocturnal AnimalsNH4.00
1622a S/SNocturnal Animals Sheet of 6NH5.50
1623-24Nocturnal Animals Horizontal Pair Self-adhesiveNH4.00
1624a BK  Nocturnal Animals Booklet of 10NH22.00
1623-24X CL    Nocturnal Animals Coil Pair on White Backing PaperNH7.50
1625Breast CancerNH.80
1629Christmas Self-adhesiveNH1.10
1629a BK  Christmas Booklet of 20NH18.00
1630-33Maritime HeritageNH6.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1630a S/SFlying Cloud MiniSheet of 10 with Australia 99 TabsNH11.00
"1630b"  Flying Cloud Margin Single with Australia 99 TabNH1.25
1631a '99 S/SMarco Polo Sheet (Joint issue with Canada)NH7.00
1634 M/SOlympians MiniSheet of 12NH12.00
1635-46 SNGOlympians Self-adhesive Single StampsNH19.00
1646a BK  Olympians Pane of 12NH20.00
1648Self-Adhesive RosesNH.90
1648a BK  Roses Pane of 10NH10.00
1649Queen ElizabethNH.90
1650Royal Navy Fleet, HelicopterNH.90
1651-55 STRFarming Strip of 5NH4.75
1651-55 SNG  Farming SinglesNH4.50
1656-60Self-Adhesive Farming 
1660a BK  Farming Pane of 10NH17.00
1661Heart HealthNH.90
1662 M/SRock and Roll MiniSheetNH11.00
1663-74Rock and Roll Self-adhesive StripsNH14.00
1663-74 SNG  Rock and Roll Self-adhesive SinglesNH13.50
1675-78Birds - WWFNH4.75
1675-78 M/S  WWF Endangered Birds MiniSheets of 10NH29.00
1679-80French Horn, DanceNH1.75
1684a S/SOrchids Sheet of 4NH5.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1685a-89a BK  Cartoon Prestige BookletNH35.00
1690-94Butterflies Strip of 5NH4.00
1694b S/SButterflies Sheet of 5NHASK
1695-99 STRSelf-adhesive Butterflies Strip of 5NH6.50
1695-99 SNG  Self-adhesive Butterflies SinglesNH6.00
1700-01  Tasmania Gutter Pair with Australia 99 ImprintNH7.50
1702-07Marine Life - Tear of the OceanNH5.50
1707a S/SMarine SheetNH6.00
1708-09Marine Life Self-adhesiveNH2.75
1709a BK  Marine Life Pane of 10NH15.00
1712Human RightsNH.90
1716Self-adhesive Christmas 
1716a BK  Christmas Booklet of 20NH18.00
1718Citizen Self-AdhesiveNH2.00
1719-20Artist Boyd, PaintingNH1.60
1721-22Artist Self-adhesiveNH2.00
1722a BK  Artist Pane of 10NH10.00
1723Red RosesNH.85
1724Self-adhesive RosesNH1.10
1724a BK  Roses Pane of 10NH10.00
1725-26Year of Older People PairNH1.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
1725-26 M/S  Year of Older People MiniSheet of 10NH10.00
1727-28 S/SNavigators SheetsNH5.50
1727d-28d S/S  Navigators Imperforate SheetsNH32.00
1727e-28e S/S  Navigators Sheets, Perfin A99NH75.00
1729a S/SShip SheetNH6.00
1733Olympic TorchNH1.70
1734-42Flora and FaunaNH9.75
1742A-DFlora and Fauna Self-adhesive, Perf 11, from BookletNH5.50
1742e BK  Flora Perf 11 SNP Booklet of 10NHASK
1742f BK  Flora Perf 11 Booklet of 20NH19.00
1743-46Flora Self-adhesive Permara, Perf 12x12, from BookletNHASK
1746a BK  Flora Perf 12x12 Booklet of 10NHASK
1746B-ENature Coil, Serpentine Die Cut 11NHASK
1746Eh BP  Flora Pane of 5 
1746I-LNature Coil, Serpentine Die Cut 13NHASK
1747Queen, Queen MotherNH.80
1748-52Children's TV, Muppets WAG Strip of 5NH5.50
1748-52 M/S  Children's TV, Muppets WAG MiniSheet of 10NH11.75
1753-57 STRChildren's TV, Muppets Self-adhesive Strip of 5NH11.50
1757a BK  Children's TV, Muppets Booklet of 10NH23.00
1758Perth Mint, CoinsNH2.75
1763-64Self-adhesive RugbyNH3.00
1765-68Hydroelectric, Snowy MountainNH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1765 GS  Hydroelectric, Snowy Mountain Gutter Strip of 10 with Mountain Panorama in GutterNH17.50
1769-72Hydroelectric, Snowy Mountain Self-adhesive SinglesNH5.00
1772a  Hydroelectric, Snowy Mountain Strip of 4NH6.00
1775a '02 BP  Roses, Rings Pane of 4NH6.00
1775a x5 '02 PBK  Roses, Rings Prestige Booklet of 20NH27.50
1777a '03 BP  Christmas Pane of 4 
1777a x5 '03 PBK  Christmas Ornament Booklet of 20NH27.50
1779Olympics NH.80
1779 M/S  Olympics MiniSheet of 10NH11.00
1780-83Design CongressNH5.75
1784-89Pond FaunaNH4.50
1790 S/SFauna SheetNH5.00
1790g S/S '00Pond Fauna Sheet with BANGKOK 2000 Overprint (not in Year Set)NH17.50
1790h S/SPond Fauna with Adelaide Stamp '99 Exhibition Overprint (not in Year Set)NH10.00
1791-92Fauna Self-adhesiveNH3.75
1792a BK  Fauna Booklet of 10NH16.00
1793-94Kingfisher, Tree Frog Self-Adhesive from CoilsNHASK
1797Christmas Self-adhesiveNH.90
1797a BK  Christmas Booklet of 20NH19.00
1798Celebrate 2000 MillenniumNH1.25
1799 M/SFaces of Australia MiniSheet of 20NH20.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1800-03Aging VeteransNH3.00
1804-07 SNGAging Veterans Self-adhesive SinglesNH7.00
1804-07 STRAging Veterans Self-adhesive Strip of 4NH7.50
1807a BK  Aging Veterans Booklet of 10NH13.00
1808-12Arts FestivalsNH3.75
1813-17 M/S  Gardens MiniSheet of 10NH9.75
1818-22Gardens, Perf 11 Strip from BookletNH8.50
1818-22  Gardens, Perf 11 Singles from BookletNH7.50
1822a BK  Gardens Booklet (scented cover)NH16.00
1823-27 SNG CL  Gardens Self-adhesive Singles from Coil, Perf 11NH7.00
1823-27 STRGardens Self-adhesive Coil of 5NH7.50
1823-27 SNG BK  Gardens Self-adhesive Singles from Booklet, Perf 11x11NH8.00
1828Queen Elizabeth IINH.90
1828 M/S  Queen Elizabeth II MiniSheet of 10NH13.00
1829Korean War AnniversaryNH1.25
1829 GS  Korean War Gutter Strip of 10 with Medals and Korean War Anniversary text in Gutter (scarce)NH25.00
1830-34  Nature SinglesNH4.40
1832a M/S  Kangaroo Sheet with TabsNHAsk
1838b S/SFederation SheetNH7.00
1838c S/SFederation Sheet with STAMP SHOW 2000 InscriptionNH17.50
1839-46Tourist AttractionsNH37.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1851a VAR  Paralympics - Tasmania Missing ErrorNH19.00
1852-54Paralympics Self-adhesive 
1854a BK  Paralympic BookletNH16.00
1855-56 PRParalympics Coil PairNH3.25
1855-56 SNG  Paralympics Coil SinglesNH2.75
1857-61Victoria CrossNH3.50
1862 M/SOlympic Sports Sheet of 10NH8.50
1862k M/SSports Sheet with OLYMPHILEX InscriptionNH20.75
1872a BK  Olympics Booklet of 10NH14.00
1873-74Sydney Olympics (Joint issue with Greece)NH3.50
1875-1907Olympic WinnersNH29.00
  1875-90Australian Gold Medals (Digital Print) - Shinier, ragged appearanceNH16.00
  1875-90 M/S  Australian Gold Medals (Digital Print) MiniSheets of 10 (our choice of Imprint)NH160.00
  1875-90 KN M/S  Australian Gold Medals (Digital Print) MiniSheets of 10 printed in Adelaide with Kangaroo in Lower Right MarginNH180.00
  1875-90 KL M/S  Australian Gold Medals (Digital Print) MiniSheets of 10 printed in Brisbane with Koala in Lower Right MarginsNH190.00
  1875-90 KB M/S  Australian Gold Medals (Digital Print) MiniSheets of 10 printed in Canberra with Kookaburra in Lower Right MarginsNH185.00
  1875-90 OP M/S  Australian Gold Medals (Digital Print) MiniSheets of 10 printed in Melbourne with Opussum in Lower Right MarginNH170.00
  1875-90 SW M/S  Australian Gold Medals (Digital Print) MiniSheets of 10 printed in Perth with Swan in Lower Right MarginsNH180.00
  1875-90 PL M/S  Australian Gold Medals (Digital Print) MiniSheets of 10 printed in Sydney with Platypus in Lower Right MarginsNH170.00
  1875 M/S  Digital MiniSheet of 10NH12.50
  1876 M/S  Digital MiniSheet of 10NH12.50
  1877 M/S  Digital MiniSheet of 10NH12.50
  1878 M/S  Digital MiniSheet of 10NH12.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1879 M/S  Digital MiniSheet of 10NH12.50
  1884 M/S  Digital MiniSheet of 10NH12.50
  1887 M/S  Digital MiniSheet of 10NH12.50
  1891-1907Australian Gold Medals (Litho Print) - Duller, crisper appearanceNH16.50
  1907  Olympic TorchNH1.00
1891-1906 M/S  Australian Gold Medals (Litho Print) MiniSheets of 10 (National Printing) with red Map of Australia in lower rightNH175.00
  1892 M/S  Litho MiniSheet of 10NH13.50
  1903 M/S  Litho MiniSheet of 10NH13.50
1907 M/SOlympic Torch MiniSheet of 10NH15.00
"1907A" M/SGold Medal Sheet containing 1891-1907 plus 8 LabelsNH75.00
1908-13Space FantasyNH4.50
1914 S/SSpace SheetNH4.00
1914g S/SSpace with Hong Kong OverprintNH17.75
1915-16 PRSpace from Booklet, Die Cut 11x11NH3.75
1915-16 SNG  Space Singles from Booklet, Die Cut 11x11NH3.25
1917-18 SNG  Space Singles from Coils, Die Cut 11NH3.25
1916a BK  Space Booklet of 10NH14.50
1917-18 PRSpace from Coils, Die Cut 11NH3.75
1921Paralympian SiobhanNH.80
1921 M/S  Paralympian Siobhan MiniSheet of 10NH10.00
1922-23Christmas MadonnaNH1.50
1923a S/SChristmas SheetNH2.00
1924Christmas from BookletNH1.00
1924a BK  Christmas Booklet of 20NH16.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1925Byron BayNH1.50
1926Overprint on Koala Bear with TabNH15.00

1926 M/SKoala Bear Personalized Sheetlet of 20NH325.00
In the 2008 Scott Catalog, there are several notes about stamps issued in Personalized Sheets of twenty.  However, no mention is made that this stamp, too. was so issued.  Quite a sleeper of an item, we think! 
1930a S/SFederation SheetNH8.50
1931-32Federation Self-adhesiveNH4.00
1932a BK  Federation BookletNH20.00
1933-34Legends PairNH1.90
1935-36Legends Self-adhesiveNH3.00
1936a BK  Legends BookletNH13.50
1937-38Australian Army CentenaryNH2.25
1178a//1938b PBKAustralia and War Prestige Booklet contain 1938a+1176a//1482aNH45.00
1938b BP '05  Australian Army Centenary Booklet Pane of 2NH16.00
1939-40National MuseumNH1.90
1941-42Legend BradmanNH2.25
1943 M/SRock MusicNH10.00
1944-53Rock Music from BookletNH12.50
1953a  Music Strip of 10NH13.50
1953b BK  Music Booklet of 10NH13.00
1954Elizabeth BirthdayNH.80
1954 M/S  Elizabeth Birthday MiniSheet of 10NH10.00
1955-59Flower, Balloons, Kangaroos, ArtNH7.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1958a BP  Flower, etc Booklet Pane of 4NH8.75
1958a x2 PBK  Flower Prestige Booklet of 8NH22.00
1958a x2 PBK  Animals Prestige Booklet of 8NH25.00
1960-61Federal ParliamentNH5.00
1960a S/SParliament Sheet, Silver MarginNH2.00
1961a S/SParliament Sheet, Gold MarginNH5.50
1962-66Outback ServicesNH5.00
1967-71Outback CoilsNH7.00
1972-76Outback from Booklet 
1976a x2 BK  Outback Booklet of 10NH15.00
1977-78Dragon Boat Races (Joint Issue with Hong Kong)NH4.00
1978a S/SDragon Boat SheetNH4.00
1979-82Tourist ViewsNH30.00
198350c Mountain Self-adhesiveNH2.00
1983a BK  Mountain Booklet of 10NH22.00
1984-87Birds Block, Perf 14x14NH4.00
1988-91Bird Coils, Die Cut 12x12 
1992-95Birds from Booklet, Die Cut 11NH5.00
1995a BP  Birds Pane of 2NH4.00
1995b BP  Birds Pane of 4, Rouletted at BottomNH7.00
1995a,1996b BK  Birds Booklet of 20 Rouletted at Bottom of PanesNH12.00
1995c BP  Birds Pane of 4, Rouletted at SideNH14.75
1995c x5 BK  Birds Booklet of 20 Rouletted at Sides of PanesNH85.00
1995d BP  Birds Pane of 5, with Desert Birds CaptionNH9.50
1995e CS  Birds Coil Strip of 4NH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1995f '02 BP  Birds Pane of 5, PhilaKorea OverprintNH15.00
1995g '02 BP  Birds Pane of 5, China 2002 OverprintNH19.00
1995h BP  Birds Pane of 5, Hafnia OverprintNH27.50
1996-97Daniel Solander, Swedish Botanist (Joint issue with Sweden)NH3.75
1996-97 BLK  Solander set - Corner Margin Value BlocksNH19.50
1996-97 FDSolander set with socked-on-the-nose First Day CancelUSED7.50
1996-97 FDCSolander set - FDC Joint with Sweden 
1998-99Commonwealth MeetingNH1.60
1998-99 M/S  Commonwealth Meeting MiniSheet of 10NH17.50
2002-05Birds of Prey PairsNH6.00
2006-11Wildlife CaricaturesNH6.00
2008b,2011b S/SCaricature SheetsNH6.00
2012-17Caricatures Self-adhesiveNH8.50
2017b BK  Caricatures Booklet of 10NHAsk
2018-19Religious ChristmasNH1.40
2020Christmas Self-adhesiveNH1.00
2020a BK  Christmas Booklet of 20NH15.00
2021-25 STRMedical Legends Strip of 5NH4.50
2021-25 SNG  Medical Legends Singles from StripNH4.25
2026-30 STRMedical Legends, Self-adhesive Strip of 5NH6.50
2026-30 SNG  Medical Legends, Self-adhesive SinglesNH6.00
2030a BK  Medical Legends Booklet of 10NH13.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2031-32Queen Elizabeth ReignNH5.00
2032a S/SElizabeth Sheet of 2NH5.00
2033Gold Medalist BradburyNH1.00
2033 M/S  Gold Medalist Bradbury MiniSheet of 10NH11.00
2034Gold Medalist CamplinNH1.00
2034 M/S  Gold Medalist Camplin MiniSheet of 10NH11.00
2035-40Race CarsNH5.50
2041-46Race Cars, Self-adhesiveNH7.50
2046b BK  Cars Booklet of 10NH15.00
2047-50Lighthouse NH5.00
2047a-50a BP  Lighthouse PanesNH19.50
2047a-50a PBK  Lighthouse Prestige BookletNH20.00
2051-52Lighthouse Self-adhesiveNH3.00
2052a BK  Lighthouses Booklet of 10NH13.50
2053-54Flinders, Baudin Encounter (Joint issue with France)NH3.50
2055-57Walker Flat, Mt. Roland, CapeNH6.00
2058-59Flat, Roland Self-adhesiveNH4.00
2058-59 ST  Flat, Roland Self-adhesive Se-tenant PairNH7.50
2059a BK  Flat, Roland Booklet of 10NH16.00
2060-63Flora, FaunaNH7.50
2064-67Paintings BlockNH3.25
2064a-67d BP  Paintings PanesNHAsk
2064a-67d PBK  Painting Prestige BookletNH16.00
2068-71Paintings Self-adhesiveNH5.00
2071a BK  Paintings Booklet of 10NH11.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2071b  Paintings Coil Strip of 4NH5.00
2072-73Australia-Thailand Relations (Joint issue with Thailand)NH2.50
2073a S/SThailand SheetNH4.00
2073b S/SThailand with IFSDA OverprintNH8.50
2074-76Koala, Puja, Star PersonalizedNH6.50
2076a BP  Koala Pane of 4NH12.00
2076a x3 PBK  Koala Prestige Booklet of 12NH50.00
2076a x4 PBK  Art  Prestige Booklet of 12NH45.00
2077-80$1.10-$3.30 Tourist AttractionsNH12.00
2081-85Food Plants Strip of 5NH4.50
2085b TB  Food Plants Tete-Beche Block of 10NH12.00
2086-90Food Plants, Self-adhesive Strip of 5NH7.50
2086-90 SNG  Food Plants, Self-adhesive SinglesNH7.00
2090a BK  Food Plants Booklet of 10NH13.50
2091-96The Magic RainforestNH4.50
2096b S/SRain Forest SheetNH5.00
2097-02Rainforest, Self-adhesiveNH10.00
2102b BP  Rainforest Booklet of 10NH10.00
2103-07Race Horses Strip of 5NH4.50
2108-09Christmas NativityNH1.35
2110Christmas, Self-adhesiveNH.90
2110a BK  Christmas Booklet of 20NH13.00
'03 ATMSet of 26 NATURE and BIRDS ATMs with denominations .50, 1.00 and 1.45 from 5 different machines.NH39.00
2111$1.45 Blue OrchidNH2.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
211250c Desert Star Flower, Die Cut 11NH2.00
211350c Desert Star, DIe Cut 12NH2.00
211450c Desert Star, Die Cut, 11x11NH1.00
2114a BK  50c Desert Star Pane of 10NH10.00
2114b BK  50c Desert Star Pane of 20NH25.00
2115-23 STRCelebrate Australia Strips of 3 with TabsNH10.50
  2115  Flowers with TabNH2.00
  2115a BP    Flowers Pane of 4NH9.00
  2115a x5 PBK    Friendship, Flowers Prestige Booklet of 20NH29.00
  2115a x5 PBK    Flowers Prestige Booklet with Pisces CoverNH38.00
  2116  Roses and Rings with TabNH2.50
  2116a BP    Roses and Rings Pane of 4NH9.75
  2116a x5 PBK    Roses and Rings Prestige Booklet of 20NH29.00
  2117  Roses and Hearts with TabNH2.50
  2117a BP    Roses, Hearts Pane of 4NH9.75
  2117a x5 PBK    Roses, Hearts Prestige Booklet of 20NH29.00
  2117b  Flowers, Roses, Hearts Strip of 3NH3.50
  2118  Cake, Balloons, Gifts with TabNH2.50
  2118a BP    Cake, Balloons Pane of 4NH9.75
  2118a x5 PBK    Cakes, Balloons Prestige Booklet of 20NH29.00
  2119  Teddy Bear with TabNH3.00
  2119a BP    Teddy Bear Pane of 4NH12.00
  2119a x5 PBK    Teddy Bear Prestige Booklet of 20NH39.00
  2120  Balloons and Streamers with TabNH2.50
  2120a BP    Balloons, Streamers Pane of 4NH9.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
  2120a x5 PBK    Balloons, Streamers Prestige Booklet of 20 with Balloons CoverNH29.00
  2120a x5 PBK    Balloons, Streamers Prestige Booklet of 20 with Leo CoverNH35.00
  2120a x5 PBK    Balloons, Streamers Prestige Booklet of 20 with Mickey
Mouse Cover
  2120b  Cake, Teddy, Balloons Strip of 3NH3.50
  2121  Kangaroo, Flag with TabNH2.00
  2122  Australia on Globe with TabNH2.00
  2122a BP    Australia on Globe Pane of 4NH7.00
  2122a x5 PBK    Australia on Globe Prestige Booklet with Aries CoverNH32.50
  2122a x5 PBK    Australia on Globe Prestige Booklet with Aquarius CoverNH32.50
  2123  Automobile with TabNH2.50
  2123a  Kangaroo, Globe, Auto Strip of 3NH3.50
2124  $1 Rose, Wedding RingNH1.70
  2124a BP    Roses Pane of 4NH17.00
  2124a x5 BK    Roses Booklet of 20NH34.00
2125-28Tennis PlayersNH4.00
2129-32Tennis Players, Self-adhesiveNH5.00
2132a BK  Tennis Booklet of 10NH10.00
2133-37Fish Strip of 5NH4.50
2133-37 GS  Gutter Strips of 10 with Flies in Gutter NH15.00
2138-42Local Flowers Strip of 5NH4.00
2138-42 M/S  Local Flowers MiniSheet of 10NH9.50
2143-47Flowers, Self-adhesiveNH4.50
2147a  Flowers Coil Strip of 5NH5.00
2147b x2 BK  Flowers Booklet of 10 
Scott # Description Condition Price
2152-53Elizabeth CoronationNH4.50
2153a S/SElizabeth SheetNH4.50
2154Elizabeth Self-adhesiveNH1.00
2154a BK  Elizabeth Booklet of 10NH10.00
2155-58Aboriginal ArtNH13.50
2159-62Rainforest BlockNH3.75
2163-66Rainforest, Self-adhesive, Die Cut 11NH7.00
2164a BP  Rainforest, Self-adhesive Pane of 2, Die Cut 11NH7.50
2166a BP  Rainforest, Self-adhesive Pane of 4 Rouletted at Bottom, Die Cut 11NH17.00
2164a,66a x2 BK$5 Rainforest BookletNH18.00
2166b BP  Rainforest, Self-adhesive Pane of 4 Rouletted at Side, Die Cut 11NH17.00
2166b x5 BK  $10 Rainforest BookletNH38.00
2167-70Rainforest Coil Strip of 4, Die Cut 12NH9.50
2171-72Genetics PairNH2.25
2171-72 SNG  Genetics SinglesNH1.90
2173-77River ShippingNH4.50
2173a-77a BP  River Shipping Booklet PanesNH17.50
2173a-77a PBK  River Shipping Prestige BookletNH20.00
2178-82River Shipping, Self-AdhesiveNH5.75
2182b BK  River Shipping, Self-Adhesive BookletNH22.00
2183a M/S  50c Christmas Tree, MiniSheet of 20 with TabsNHAsk
2184a M/S  90c Star, MiniSheet of 20 with TabsNHAsk
2185-86High CourtNH3.25
2186a S/SHigh Court Sheet of 2NH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2187-92Insects, Water-ActivatedNH6.00
2192b S/SInsects Souvenir SheetNH6.00
2193-98Insects, Self-AdhesiveNH6.75
2198b BK  Insects, Self-Adhesive Booklet of 10NH13.50
2199-01Rugby World CupNH5.75
2199a-01a BP  Rugby World Cup Booklet PanesNH24.50
2199a-01a PBK  Rugby World Cup Prestige BookletNH25.00
2201b S/SRugby SheetNH6.00
2202 M/S  Asthma MiniSheet of 10NH12.50
2203-05Christmas ThemesNH3.00
2206Christmas Nativity, Self-adhesiveNH1.40
2206a BK  Christmas Nativity Booklet of 20NH20.00
2004 AFL PBKAustralia Football League Prestige Booklets (16)NH325.00
2207-08Joan Sutherland PairNH1.80
2207-08 M/S  Joan Sutherland MiniSheet of 10NH11.00
2209-10Joan Sutherland from BookletNH3.00
2210a BK  Joan Sutherland Booklet of 10NH16.75
2211-14Hobart Town, TasmaniaNH5.00
2214b S/SHobart Town Sheet of 4NH5.50
2214c S/SHobart Town Sheet with Paris Exposition OverprintNH35.00
2214d S/SHobart Town Sheet with China 2005 OverprintNH22.00
2215-19Bridges Strip, Water-ActivatedNH4.50
2215-19Bridges SinglesNH4.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
2215a-19a BP  Bridges Booklet PanesNH20.00
2215a-19a PBK  Bridges Prestige BookletNH21.00
2220-24Bridges, Self-Adhesive from BookletNH8.75
2224aBridges Coil Strip of 5NH9.00
2224b BP  Bridges Booklet of 10NH17.50
2225Southern Cross - CelebrationsNH.90
2225a BP '05  Southern Cross - Celebrations Pane of 4NH7.00
2225a '05 x 5 PBK  Southern Cross - Celebrations Prestige BookletNH29.00
2225a '05 x 5 PBK  Southern Cross - Celebrations Prestige Booklet with Capricorn CoverNH38.00
2225a '05 x 5 PBK  Southern Cross - Celebrations Prestige Booklet with Cancer CoverNH38.00
2226-29Renewable Energy BlockNH3.75
2230-33Renewable Energy, Self-AdhesiveNH4.50
2234Royal VisitNH.90
2234 M/S  Royal Visit MiniSheet of 10NH11.00
2234a BP  Royal Visit Pane of 4NH6.00
2234a x 5 PBK  Royal Visit Prestige BookletNH26.00
2235-38Butterfly ThemesNH5.50
2239-43Innovators, Water-Activated StripNH4.75
2244-48Innovators, Self-AdhesiveNH6.00
2248a BK  Innovators Booklet of 10 
2249-52Passenger Ship TravelNH8.75
2252A '0550c Shaw Savill Lines (from Sheet)NH7.50
2252A '05 M/S  50c Shaw Savill Lines MiniSheet of 10NH75.00
225350c Passenger Ship Travel (from Booklet)NH1.50
2253a BK  50c Shaw Savill Lines Booklet of 10NH11.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2254-55Eureka StockadeNH5.00
2254a-55b BP  Eureka PanesNH19.50
2254a-55b PBK  Eureka Prestige BookletNH19.75
2255c S/SEureka SheetNH5.75
2256-59Tourist AttractionsNH9.75
2260-62Summer Olympics and ParaolympicsNH6.50
2263-79Gold MedalistsNH15.00
2263-79 M/S  Gold Medalists MiniSheets of 10NH160.00
"2279A" S/SOlympic Gold Medalists Sheet of 17NH65.00
2280-83Tourist AttractionsNH13.50
2284Kangaroo StampsNH8.50
2285 S/SKangaroo Stamps SheetNH8.50
2286-90Railways Strip of 5NH4.25
2286-90 M/S  Railways MiniSheet of 10NH10.00
2286-90  Australian Railways SinglesNH4.00
2286a-90a BP  Australian Railways Panes of 4NH21.75
2286a-90a PBK  Australian Railways Prestige BookletNH22.00
2291-95Railways, Self-AdhesiveNH5.00
2295a  Railways Coil Strip of 5NH5.00
2295b BK  Railways Booklet of 10NH10.00
2296-00Cats and Dogs, Water-ActivatedNH5.50
2296-99 PRCat and Dog PairsNH6.00
2296a-00a BP  Cats and Dogs Prestige PanesNH45.00
2296a-00a PBK (2)  Cats and Dogs Prestige BookletsNH45.00
2296a,2297b-c PBKCats Prestige Booklet of 5 PanesNH25.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2296a,2297b-c BP  Cats Booklet Panes of 4NH24.00
2300b S/SCats and Dogs SheetNH5.00
2301-04Cats and Dogs, Self-AdhesiveNH5.00
2303a BK  Lab, Terrier Booklet of 5NH9.00
2304a BK  Cat, Dog Booklet of 10NH10.00
2304b BK  Cat Booklet of 5NH5.00
2305Jack Russell Self-AdhesiveNH3.00
2305a BK  Jack Russell Booklet of 5NH15.00
2306-10Motorcycle Racing, Water ActivatedNH4.50
2311-15Motorcycle Racing, Self-Adhesive from BookletNH5.50
2315aMotorcycle Coil Strip of 5NH5.75
2315b BK  Motorcycle Booklet of 10NH11.00
2316-18Christmas ArtNH3.25
231945c Christmas Art from BookletNH3.25
2319a BK  45c Christmas Art Booklet of 20NH24.00
2320Madonna and Child, ChristmasNH3.00
2320a BP  Madonna and Child Booklet of 5NH15.00
MM PBKMickey Mouse Anniversary Prestige BookletNHAsk
ZOD PBKZodiac Prestige Booklets (12)NHAsk
2005 AFL PBKAustralia Football League Prestige Booklets (16)NHAsk
2005 CoN PBKCommonwealth of Nations Prestige Booklet contain 1938b+1176a//1482aNHAsk
2321-22Australian Tennis OpenNH4.50
2321a-22a PBK  Tennis Prestige BookletNH32.00
2323-28Fashion Designers PairsNH6.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2329-34Fashion Designers, Self-AdhesiveNH12.00
2329a-34a PBK  Fashion Designers Booklets (3)NH30.00
2335-39Parrots Strip, Water-ActivatedNH5.50
"2339B" S/SParrots SheetNH24.50
2340-44Parrots Strip, Self-AdhesiveNH7.00
2345-48Sports Memorabilia PairsNH5.00
2349-57Toys, Flowers, Koala, Shell, etc-  Water-ActivatedNH12.00
  2352a  50c Kangaroos, Perf 14x14, Inscribed 2013NHAsk
2358-65Toys, Flowers, Koala, Shell, etc -  Self-AdhesiveNHAsk
  2358  Plush Toy, Self-adhesiveNHAsk
  2359  Red Roses, Self-AdhesiveNHAsk
  2360  Gifts, Self-AdhesiveNHAsk
  2361  White Roses, Self-AdhesiveNHAsk
  2362  Yellow Roses, Hand, Self-AdhesiveNHAsk
  2363  Koala, Self-AdhesiveNHAsk
  2364  Shell on Beach, Self-AdhesiveNHAsk
  2365  Sydney Opera House, Self-AdhesiveNHAsk
2358a//65a PBK  Toys, Flowers, Koala, Shell Unit of 7 Prestige BookletsNH325.00
  2358a BP  Plush Bear Toy Booklet Pane of 4NH15.00
  2358a x5 PBK  Plush Bear Toy Prestige BookletNH40.00
  2359a BP  Red Roses Booklet Pane of 4NH15.00
  2359a x5 PBK  Red Roses Prestige BookletNH40.00
  2360a BP  Gifts Booklet Pane of 4NH15.00
  2360a x5 PBK  Gifts Prestige BookletNH40.00
  2361a BP  White Roses Booklet Pane of 4NH20.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  2361a x5 PBK  White Roses Prestige BookletNH50.00
  2362a BP  Yellow Roses, Hand Booklet Pane of 4NH35.00
  2362a x5 PBK  Yellow Roses, Hand Prestige BookletNH75.00
  2363a BP  Koala Booklet Pane of 4NH30.00
  2363a x5 PBK  Koala Prestige BookletNH70.00
  2364a BP  Shell Booklet Pane of 4NHAsk
  2365a BP  Opera House Booklet Pane of 4NHAsk
  2364a x2,2365a x2 PBK  Shell, Opera BookletNHAsk
2366-67First Australian CoinNH5.00
2367a BP  First Australian Coin Pane of 2 
2368 S/SFirst Australian Coin Sheet of 2NH6.00
2369-76Heritage Sites (Joint Issue with UK)NH16.00
2374b BP  50c, $1 Heritage Pane of 4 
2376b BP  50c, $1.80 Heritage Pane of 4 
2377-82Invertebrates SinglesNH7.00
2381a  Invertebrates Strip of 6NH7.50
2382a S/SInvertebrates SheetNH7.00
2382b BP  Invertebrates Pane of 6 
2383Rotary CentenaryNH1.00
2383 M/S  Rotary Centenary MiniSheet of 10NH12.50
2383aRotary ImperforateNH5.50
2383a M/S  Rotary Imperf MiniSheet of 10NH55.00
2384Rotary Self-adhesiveNH1.50
2384a BK  Rotary Booklet of 10NH12.00
2384b BP  Rotary Pane of 1 
Scott # Description Condition Price
2367a//2384b BKHeritage, Creatures, Rotary BookletNH45.00
2385Queen's BirthdayNH1.00
2385 M/S  Queen's Birthday MiniSheet of 10NH11.00
2385a BP  Queen Pane of 4NH4.00
2385a x5 PBK  Queen Booklet of 20NH29.00
2386-89Bush WildlifeNH9.00
2390-92Wildlife Self-adhesiveNH15.00
2390a-92a BK  Wildlife BookletsNH45.00
  2390a BK    $1.10 Koala BookletNH12.00
  2391a BK    $1.20 Koala BookletNH13.00
  2392a BK  $1.80 Red Kangaroo BookletNH20.00
2393-96Flowers Strip of 4NH4.00
2397-00Flowers Self-adhesive, Die Cut 11NH5.00
2400b BP  Flowers Booklet of 10NH12.50
2400c BP  Flowers Booklet of 20NH25.00
2400d BP  Flowers Pane of 5NH6.50
2401-04Flowers Coil, Die Cut 12NH5.00
2406b BP  50c Wine Pane of 1 
2406c BP  50c Wine Pane of 2 
2408b BP  $1 Wine Pane of 2 
2409a BP  $1.45 Pane of 2 
2406b-09a PBKWine Prestige BookletNH29.75
2410-11Wine Self-adhesiveNH2.75
2411a BK  Wine Booklet of 10NH12.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2412-16Trees StripNH5.00
2412-16 SNG  Trees SinglesNH5.00
2417-21Trees Coil Self-adhesiveNH6.00
2417-21 SNG  Trees SinglesNH6.00
2422$5 ArchivesNH9.00
"2422A" IMP$5 Archives ImperforateNHAsk
2423a BP  Greetings Pane of 4 (our choice) 
2423a x4 PBK  Christmas Greetings Booklet with Christmas Island 452aNH29.00
2425-26Southern Cross, Christmas with Personalized TabsNH19.00
2425-26 M/S  Southern Cross, Christmas  MiniSheets of 20NH300.00
2427-32Farm AnimalsNH7.00
2427a-32c BK  Farm Animals BookletNH20.00
2432b S/SFarm Animals SheetNH8.00
2433-38Farm Animals Self-adhesiveNH7.00
  2437a BP  Farm Animals Pane of 5NH6.50
  2437b BP  Farm Animals Pane of 10NH12.00
  2437c BP  Farm Animals Pane of 20NH25.00
  2438a BP  Farm Animals Pane of 5NH11.00
2439-47Marking the Occasion Self-adhesive with Personalized TabsNH97.00
2439-47 M/S  Marking the Occasion Self-adhesive MiniSheets of 20 with Personalized TabsNHAsk
  2439  Plush Toy with Personalized TabNH25.00
  2439 M/S  Plush Toy MiniSheet of 20NHAsk
  2440  Red Roses with Personalized TabNH35.00
  2440 M/S  Red Roses MiniSheet of 20NHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
  2441  Gifts with Personalized TabNH25.00
  2441 M/S  Gifts MiniSheet of 20NHAsk
  2442  Kangaroos with Personalized TabNH30.00
  2442 M/S  Kangaroos MiniSheet of 20NHAsk
  2443  White Roses with Personalized TabNH25.00
  2443 M/S  White Roses MiniSheet of 20NHAsk
  2444  Yellow Roses with Personalized TabNH25.00
  2444 M/S  Yellow Roses MiniSheet of 20NHAsk
  2445  Koala with Personalized TabNH30.00
  2445 M/S  Koala MiniSheet of 20NHAsk
  2446  Shell with Personalized TabNH30.00
  2446 M/S  Shell MiniSheet of 20NHAsk
  2447  Opera with Personalized TabNH30.00
  2447 M/S  Opera MiniSheet of 20NHAsk
245045c Christmas Self-adhesiveNH2.75
2450a BK  Christmas Booklet of 20NH18.00
2451$1 Christmas Self-adhesiveNH3.00
2451a BK  Christmas Booklet of 5NH14.00
2452Commonwealth Games EmblemNH.90
2452a M/S  Games MiniSheet of 9NH.80
2452b BP  Games Pane of 4NH29.00
2453Commonwealth Games Emblem Self-adhesiveNH.90
2453a BP  Self-adhesive Games Pane of 4NH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2454Commonwealth Games Emblem Booklet Stamp 
2455-57Commonwealth Games ParticipantsNH6.00
2457a S/SParticipants SheetNH6.00
1488a//2454a BKHeritage, Games BookletNH36.00
2458Commonwealth Games Participants Self-adhesiveNH2.00
2459-75 M/SCommonwealth Games MiniSheetsNH159.00
  2475 M/S  Commonwealth Games "most memorable moment" MiniSheet of 10NHAsk
2476-80British ComediansNH4.50
2476-80 M/S  British Comedians MiniSheet of 10NH10.50
2481-85British Comedians Self-adhesiveNH7.00
2486Red Rose (from Sheet)NH1.00
2487Red Rose Scratch-and-sniff Self-adhesiveNH2.50
2487 M/S  Red Rose MiniSheet of 10NH20.00
2488Red Rose Booklet StampNH1.75
2488a BK  Rose Booklet of 10NH17.50
2493 S/SFlowers SheetNH17.50
2494Olympic Gold MedalistNH2.75
2494 M/S  Olympic Gold Medalist MiniSheet of 10NH10.00
2495-02Native Animals, HallNH20.00
2503-04Koala, Building Self-adhesiveNH7.00
2503b x4 BK  $1.25 Koala Booklet of 8NH22.00
2504b x4 BK  $1.85 Hall Booklet of 8NH25.00
2505-06Queen ElizabethNH4.75
2505a//2506b PBKElizabeth Prestige BookletNH19.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
2506c S/SElizabeth SheetNH5.00
2507Queen Elizabeth Self-adhesiveNH1.50
2507a BK  Elizabeth Booklet of 10NH10.00
2510a//2512d PBKLighthouses Prestige BookletNH20.00
2513-17Lighthouses Self-adhesiveNH6.00
2518-21World Cup SoccerNH7.50
2521a S/SSoccer Ball Sheet of 4 (round) NH12.00
2522-23World Cup Soccer Self-adhesiveNH2.50
2523a BK  Soccer Booklet of 10NH13.50
2524-28Postie KateNH4.50
2529-33Postie Kate Self-adhesiveNH7.00
2534-37WWF WhalesNH6.50
2534-37  Whales Tete-Beche PairsNHAsk
2537a S/SWWF Whales SheetNH7.00
2538-39WWF Whales Self-adhesive CoilNH3.00
2540-41WWF from BookletsNH6.50
2540a BK  $1.25 WWF Booklet of 5NH16.00
2541a BK  $1.85 WWF Booklet of 5NH21.00
2542-43Koala, Exhibition Self-adhesive with Personalizeable TabsNH25.00
2542 M/S  Koala Self-adhesive MiniSheet of 20NHAsk
2543 M/S  Royal Exhibition Hall Self-adhesive MiniSheet of 20NHAsk
2544-47Extreme SportsNH8.00
2548-52Motor VehiclesNH4.00
2548a-52a BK  Vehicles BookletNH18.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2553-57Motor Vehicles Self-adhesive SinglesNH6.00
2557a  Motor Vehicles Self-adhesive Strip of 5NH8.00
2553a-57a BK (5)  Vehicles Booklets of 10NH50.00
2557b BK  Vehicles Booklet of 10NH16.00
2558 M/SRock Concert Posters MiniSheet of 10NH9.00
2558a-j  Rock Concert Posters SinglesNH9.00
2558k-t BKRock Posters Booklet of 20NH19.50
2559 BPRock Concert Posters Self-adhesive Pane of 10NH10.00
2559a-j  Rock Concert Posters Self-adhesive SinglesNH10.00
2560-65Dangerous Animals Strip plus SingleNH5.50
2560a-65a BP  Dangerous Animals Panes of 2 (5)NH19.50
2565b BP  Dangerous Animals Pane of 6 (complete set)NH22.50
2560a-65b BK  Dangerous Animals Prestige Booklet of 6 PanesNH25.00
2565c S/SDangerous Animals Sheet of 6NH6.50
S/SSpecial Partially-Imperf Spider SheetNH65.00
S/S FLDSpecial Partially-Imperf Spider Sheet in Presentation FolderNH65.00
2566-70Dangerous Animals Self-adhesiveNH4.50
2570b BK  50c Animals Booklet of 10NH10.00
2571$1 Sea Snake, Self-adhesive 
2571a BK  $1 Snake Booklet of 5NH9.00
2572-76Television AnniversaryNH4.00
2577-81Television Anniversary, Self-adhesiveNH7.50
2577a BK  50c Melbourne Tonight Booklet of 10NH9.00
2581a BK  50c Kath & Kim Booklet of 10NH9.00
2581b BK  50c Television Booklet of 10NH15.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2581c  Television Coil of 5NH8.00
2582-85Melbourne Olympics AnniversaryNH4.75
2586-88Religious ChristmasNH3.00
2589-90Madonna and Child, ShepherdNH3.75
2589a BK  45c Madonna and Child Booklet of 20NH14.00
2590a BK  $1.05 Shepherd and Lamb Booklet of 5NH8.00
2591-92Cricket VictorsNH4.50
2591a-92b  Cricket Victors ImperfNH31.00
2592a S/SCricket Victors SheetNH5.00
2592c PBK  Cricket Victors Prestige BookletNH32.50
2593-94Cricket Victors, Self-adhesiveNH5.00
2593a BK  50c Players Booklet of 5NH5.00
2594a BK  $1.85 Trophy Booklet of 5NH18.00
2595-06 BLKHorse Racing Blocks of 4NH12.00
2595-06 SNG  Horse Racing SinglesNH12.00
2607-12Horse Racing Self-adhesiveNH6.00
2608a//12a BK (3)  Horse Racing Booklets of 10NH29.00
2617-20Flowers, Self-adhesive, Die Cut 11 (SEP)NH5.00
2620b BK  Flowers Booklet of 10NH10.00
2620c BK  Flowers Booklet of 20NH22.00
2621-24Flowers, Self-adhesive Pemara, Die Cut 12NH5.00
2625World Swimming ChampsNH1.00
2625 M/S  Swimming Champs MiniSheet of 10NH12.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2626World Swimming Champs, Self-adhesiveNH1.75
2627-32Surf Life SavingNH18.50
2633-34Surf Life Saving, Self-adhesiveNH9.00
2633a BK  $1.30 Surf Life Saving, Self-adhesive, Booklet of 5NH18.00
2634a BK  $1.95 Surf Life Saving, Self-adhesive, Booklet of 5NH28.00
2635-38Surf Life SavingNH8.00
2639-40 PRSurf Life Saving Self-adhesive Coil PairNH3.75
26413-D Rescue Boat Image NH11.75
2641a S/S3-D Rescue Boat Image Sheet of 2NH14.75
2635a//41b PBK  Surf Life Saving Prestige BookletNH32.50
2642-53 BLKZodiac Blocks of 4NH13.50
2642-53 GP  Zodiac Gutter PairsNHAsk
2642-53 SNG  Zodiac SinglesNH13.50
2654-65Zodiac, Self-adhesiveNH15.00
2654a-65a BKZodiac Self-adhesive Booklets of 10 (12)NH145.00
2665B-65MZodiac Self-adhesive with Personalized Tabs (not in Year Set)NHAsk
2665B-65M M/S  Zodiac Self-adhesive with Personalized Tabs MiniSheets of 20NHAsk
2666-691930's Travel PostersNH12.75
2667a//69b PBK  1930's Travel Posters Prestige BookletNH22.00
2670Queen Elizabeth BirthdayNH1.00
2670 M/S  Queen Elizabeth Birthday MiniSheet of 10NH12.00
2674-75Wallaby, Sydney Harbour BridgeNH6.50
2675a  Sydney Harbour Bridge Perf by ImperfNH11.00
2675b S/SSydney Harbour Bridge Sheet of 2 (2675,2675a)NH11.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2675c S/SSydney Harbour Bridge Sheet of 2 (2675 x2)NH8.00
2675d S/SSberatel Exhibition, Prague on 2675b SheetNH12.50
2675e S/SBangkok Exhibition on 2675c SheetNH12.50
2676-77Bridge, Wallaby from BookletNH7.25
2678-79Kangaroo, Bridge with Personalized Tabs 
2678-79 M/S  Kangaroo, Bridge with Personalized Tabs MiniSheet of 20NH295.00
2680-84Circus Performers, ActsNH5.50
2685-89Circus Performers, Self-adhesive StripNH6.50
2689a BK  Circus Performers, Self-adhesive Booklet of 10NH12.50
2690-94Circus Performers with Gold Foil Stars AddedNH26.00
2681a//94a PBK  Circus Performers Prestige BookletNH32.00
2695-99Tourist AttractionsNH5.00
2700-04Tourist Attractions, Self-adhesive StripNH8.50
2704a BK  Tourist Attractions Self-adhesive Booklet of 10NH17.50
2705-08Endangered AnimalsNH8.00
2705a-08a BP  Endangered Animals Booklet Panes of 2NHAsk
793c//2708a PBK  Endangered Animals Prestige BookletNH26.50
2712a S/SArchitecture Sheet, PerfNH9.75
"2712X" S/SArchitecture Sheet, ImperfNHAsk
2713-17Local MarketsNH5.50
2718-22Local Markets Self-adhesiveNH8.50
2718a//22a BK  Local Markets, Self-adhesive 5 Booklets of 10NH60.00
2723Economic ForumNH1.10
2723 M/S  Economic Forum MiniSheet of 10NH12.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2724Economic Forum, Self-adhesiveNH2.00
2725Special Air ServiceNH1.25
2725 M/S  Special Air Service MiniSheet of 10NH13.75
"2725X"SAS Embossed with Gold FoilNHAsk
2726-30Botanical GardensNH5.50
2726a//30a PBK  Botanical Gardens Prestige BookletNH23.50
2731-35Botanical Gardens Self-adhesiveNH6.00
2735a  Botanical Gardens Self-adhesive Coil of 5NH6.50
2735b BK  Botanical Gardens Self-adhesive BookletNH22.50
2736-4150c, $1.10 Space Age Anniversary inc StripNH8.50
  2740a  50c Space Age Anniversary StripNH6.50
  2741  $1 Space Age AnniversaryNH3.00
2736a//41a PBK  Space Age Anniversary Prestige BookletNH25.00
2742 S/SSpace Age Anniversary SheetNH8.00
2743-47Space Age Anniversary Self-adhesiveNH5.50
2747aSpace Age Anniversary Self-adhesive Coil Strip of 5NH7.50
2747b BK  Space Age Anniversary Booklet of 10NH11.00
2748-52Trailer CampersNH5.75
2748a//52b PBK  Trailer Campers Prestige BookletNH25.00
2753-57Trailer Campers Self-adhesiveNH6.00
2753a-57a BK  Trailer Campers Booklets of 10NH58.00
2757b BKTrailer Campers Booklet of 10NH13.00
2758-62Christmas StampsNH7.00
2763-67Christmas Stamps, Self-adhesiveNH9.00
2763a  Christmas Stamp with Varnish Block over Picture 
Scott # Description Condition Price
2764a BK  45c Christmas Booklet of 20NH20.00
2765a BK  45c Christmas Booklet of 20NH20.00
2766a BK  50c Christmas Booklet of 5NH6.00
2767a BK  $1.10 Christmas Booklet of 5NH13.00
2767b S/SChristmas Sheet of 5NH7.00
2758a//67c PBKChristmas Prestige BookletNH25.00
2768-70Christmas with Personalized TabNH14.50
2768-70 M/S  Christmas with Personalized Tab MiniSheets of 20NH200.00
2771Red RoseNH1.25
2772Red Rose, Self-adhesive with ScentNH1.50
2772 M/S  Red Rose, Self-adhesive with Scent MiniSheet of 10NH19.00
2773Red Rose from BookletNH1.50
2773a BP  Red Rose Booklet Panes of 4NH6.00
2773a x4 BK  Red Rose Booklet of 20NH25.00
2774Red Rose with Personalized TabNH6.00
2774 M/S  Red Rose with Tab Sheet of 20NH60.00
2779-82Philantropists Self-adhesiveNH5.75
2783Organ and Tissue DonationNH1.25
2783 M/S  Organ Donation MiniSheet of 10NH13.75
2784Organ and Tissue, Self-adhesiveNH1.50
2784a BK  Organ and Tissue Booklet of 10NH16.00
2785-87Scouting AnniversaryNH8.50
2787a  $2 Scouting, Perf 14x14NH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2787b S/SScouting Anniversary SheetNH8.50
2788-90Scouting Anniversary, Self-adhesiveNH9.50
2789a-90a BK  Scouting Anniversary Booklets of 5NH37.50
2795-96Gorges, Self-adhesiveNH8.00
2795a-96a BK  Gorges Booklets of 5NH42.50
2797-98Gorges with Personalized Tab NH15.00
2797-98 M/S  Gorges with Personalized Tab MiniSheets of 20NH275.00
2799-01World Youth Day, PopeNH8.75
2802-03World Youth Day Self-adhesiveNH8.00
2802a-03a BK  World Youth Day Booklets of 5NH37.50
2804-06World Youth Day with Personalized PhotosNH32.50
2804-06 M/S  World Youth Day Personalized MiniSheets of 20NH650.00
2807-22 BLKRugby League Blocks of 4NH19.00
2807-22  Rugby League SinglesNH19.50
2823-38Rugby League from BookletNH20.00
2823a-38a BK  Rugby League Booklets of 10NH250.00
2838b PBK  Rugby Prestige Booklet of 20NH24.00
2839-43Machinery, HaulersNH5.75
2844-48Machinery (without White Frames) from BookletNH7.50
2844-48 PBK  Machinery Prestige Booklet of 20NH25.00
2849-53Machinery (with White Frames) from CoilsNH7.00
2854-58ANZAC Day, Perf 14NH5.75
2854a-58a  ANZAC Day, Perf 14x14NH6.50
2854b-58b PBK  ANZAC Day Prestige BookletNH27.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2855c S/SANZAC Sheet of 2 Marchers, 2 MonumentsNH6.00
2856c S/SHMS Sydney Sheet of 4 (2856a) for Israel ExhibitionNH6.00
2856d S/SHMS Sydney Sheet of 4 (2855-56)NH6.00
2858c S/SWorld War II Ends SheetNH6.50
2859-63ANZAC Day Self-adhesiveNH6.00
2864-65Queen's Birthday, Perf 14NH5.50
2864a-65a  Queen's Birthday, Perf 14x14NH6.00
2865b S/SQueen's Birthday SheetNH6.00
2866-69Hot Air BalloonsNH4.75
2866a-69b PBK  Hot Air Balloons Prestige Booklet of 16NH26.00
2870-73Hot Air Balloons Self-adhesiveNH5.50
2870-73 BK  Hot Air Balloons Booklet of 10NH12.00
2874-78Working DogsNH5.50
2874a-78a PBK  Working Dogs Prestige Booklet of 20NH26.00
2879-83Working Dogs Self-adhesiveNH7.00
2879a-83a BK  Working Dogs Booklets of 10NH75.00
2884Beijing OlympicsNH1.25
2884 M/S  Beijing Olympics MiniSheet of 10NH13.75
2885Beijing Olympics Self-adhesiveNH1.75
2890-93Ecology Self-adhesive from BookletNH5.75
2890a//93c PBK  Ecology Prestige BookletNH25.00
2893d BK  Ecology Booklet of 20NH23.00
2893e  Ecology Coil Strip of 4NH5.50
2894Quarantine LawsNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
2894 M/S  Quarantine Laws MiniSheet of 10NH15.00
"2894X"Quarantine with New PerfNHAsk
2895Quarantine Laws Self-adhesive CoilNH1.50
2896Australian FootballNH1.25
2896 M/S  Australian Football MiniSheet of 10NH13.75
2897-99Beijing OlympicsNH7.00
2900-01Beijing Olympics Self-adhesiveNH7.50
2900a-01a BK  Beijing Olympics Booklets of 5NH37.50
2902-06World Youth DayNH5.75
2902-06 M/S  World Youth MiniSheet of 10NH18.75
2907-10Aircraft, Perf 14NH7.50
2907a-10a  Aircraft, Perf 14x14NH8.50
2907b-10c BP  Aircraft, Booklet PanesNH14.00
2907b//2910c PBK  Aircraft Prestige BookletNH24.00
2911Aircraft Self-adhesiveNH4.50
2911a BK  Aircraft Booklet of 5NH25.00
2912-25 LTHGold Medalists - Litho PrintingNH19.75
2912-25 M/SGold Medalists MiniSheets of 10NHAsk
2912-25 LSSLimited Edition Olympic Sheet of 14NHAsk
2912-25 DIGGold Medalists, Digital PrintingNHAsk
2912-25 DIG M/S  Gold Medalists, Digital Printing MiniSheets of 10 with Chinese Characters in Left MarginNHAsk
2930-31Waterfalls Self-adhesiveNH11.00
2930a-31a BK  Waterfalls Booklets of 5NH55.00
2930b-31b BK  Waterfalls Booklets of 8NH55.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2932-33Waterfalls with Personalized TabsNH15.00
2932-33 M/S  Waterfalls with Personalized Tabs MiniSheets of 20NH250.00
2934-40Tourist Areas, Perf 14x14NH14.00
  2934a-37a  55c Tourist Areas Block of 4, Perf 13x14NHAsk
2937b S/SAsian Stamp Exhibition Sheet (Perf 14x14)NHAsk
2937d S/S '09Hong Kong 2009 Show Sheet (Perf 13x14)NHAsk
2941-44Tourist Areas Self-adhesiveNH5.00
2945-48Tourist Areas from BookletNH6.00
2945a-48a BK  Tourist Areas Booklets of 10NH50.00
2948b BK  Tourist Areas Booklet of 20NH22.00
2949-58Celebrations Blocks plus 1 StampNH11.75
2952a,2952b S/S '09See below under 3007a-14a. 
2959-65Celebrations Self-adhesive from BookletNH12.00
2959a-65a BK  Celebrations Booklets of 4 (7)NH190.00
2959b//65b BK  Celebrations Booklets (5) of 10NH70.00
2966-74Celebrations with Personalized TabsNH30.00
2966-74 M/S  Celebrations with Personalized Tabs MiniSheets of 20NH475.00
2975-80Large Extinct Animals, Perf 14x14NH8.50
2975a-80a  Large Extinct Animals, Perf 14NHAsk
2975b-80e PBK  Large Extinct Animals Prestige BookletNH27.50
2980c S/SExtinct Animals SheetNH10.00
2980f S/SExtinct Animals Sheet with Beijing Exhibition ImprintNH12.50
2981-84Large Extinct Animals, Self-AdhesiveNH4.50
2984b BK  Large Extinct Animals Booklet of 10NH12.00
2985Paralympian CowdreyNH.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
2985 M/S  Paralympian Cowdrey MiniSheet of 10NH12.50
2990-93Christmas Self-adhesive from BookletNH4.75
2990a-93a PBK  Christmas Booklets of 4,20 and 5NH45.00
2994-96Christmas with Personalized TabsNH14.75
2994-96 M/S  Christmas with Personalized Tabs MiniSheets of 20NHAsk
2997-3001Film PostersNH4.75
3002-06Film Posters, Self-AdhesiveNH6.00
3002a-06a BK  Film Posters Booklets of 10NH49.00
3006b BK  Film Posters Booklet of 10NH13.00
3006c  Film Posters Coil Strip of 5NH5.00
3006d S/SFilm Posters Sheet of 10 (not in Year Set)NHAsk
3007-14Actors and ActressesNH7.00
2952a,2952b,3009b,3010d S/SActors and Actresses Unit of 4 S/S (in basic Year Set as of March 2012)NH49.50
3008b M/SRussell Crowe MiniSheet of 10 with 10 Robin Hood Tabs (our choice)NH38.50
3008b 2 M/SRussell Crowe Set of 2 MiniSheets of 10 with Robin Hood TabsNH69.00
  3008b M/S #1  Russell Crowe MiniSheet of 10 with Robin Hood Shooting Arrow TabsNH39.50
  3008b M/S #2  Russell Crowe MiniSheet of 10 with Robin Hood Walking with Bow TabsNH39.50
3015-22Actors and Actresses Self-adhesiveNH9.00
3019a//3022b BK  Actors and Actresses Booklet of 10NH37.50
3022a PBK  Actor and Actresses Prestige BookletNH22.50
3023-25Love inc PairNH2.60
3026-28Love from BookletNH3.00
3026a-28a BK  Love Booklets of 10NH26.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
3029-30Love with Foil, FlockingNH2.50
3030a M/S  Love with Flocking Pane of 10NH10.00
3031-33Love with Personalized TabsNH10.00
3031-33 M/S  Love with Personalized Tabs MiniSheets of 20NH160.00
3034-38Australian Inventions, Perf 14x14NH4.50
3034a-38a PBK  Inventions Booklet of 20NH24.50
3034b-38b  Australian Inventions, Perf 14NH5.75
3038c S/SInventions SheetNH5.75
3039-43Australian Inventions Self-adhesiveNH6.00
3043a  Australian Inventions Coil Strip of 5NH8.00
3043b BK  Australian Inventions Booklet of 10NH13.00
3044-46Earth Hour inc PairNH6.00
3047-48Earth Hour Self-adhesiveNH3.00
3048a  Earth Hour Booklet of 20NH20.00
3049 M/SAustralia Post Sheet of 10NH9.75
3049a-j  Australia Post SinglesNH9.75
3049k BK  Australia Post Booklet Pane of 10, PerfNH18.00
3049l BK  Australia Post Booklet Pane of 10, ImperfNH19.50
3049k,l BK    Australia Post Booklet of 30, Perf and ImperfNH37.50
3050-59Australia Post Self-adhesiveNH11.00
3059a  Australia Post Coil Strip of 10NH13.00
3059b BK  Australia Post Self-adhesive Booklet of 10NH11.00
3060-64Aboriginal Art inc StripNH8.75
3065-66Aboriginal Art from BookletNH7.50
3065a-66a BK  Aboriginal Art Booklets of 5NH30.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
3067-68Queen's BirthdayNH4.75
3067a-68c PBK  Queen's Birthday Prestige BookletNH20.00
3068b S/SQueen's Birthday Sheet of 2NH4.75
3068c BK  Queen's Birthday BookletNH22.00
3069-72Eponymous DessertsNH4.75
3069a-72a PBK  Eponymous Desserts Prestige Booklet of 16NH22.50
3073-76Eponymous Desserts Self-adhesiveNH5.00
3076a BK  Eponymous Desserts Booklet of 10NH20.00
3077-80WWF - DolphinsNH9.75
3080a S/SWWF - Dolphins Sheet of 4NH9.75
3081-83WWF - Dolphins from BookletNH9.00
3081a-83a BK  WWF Booklets of 5NH45.00
3084-85Queensland AnniversaryNH6.00
3085a S/SQueensland SheetNH6.75
3086-90Australia's Favourite StampsNH5.50
3086a-90a PBK  Australian Stamps Prestige Booklet of 20NH25.00
3091-95Australian Stamps Self-adhesiveNH7.50
3095a P  Australian Stamps Coil printed by Pemara (more narrowly spaced)NHAsk
3095a MR  Australian Stamps Coil printed by McKellar (wider spaced)NHAsk
3095BFamous Stamp, Embossed from SheetNH5.00
3095Bc M/S  Famous Stamp, Embossed MiniSheet of 13NHAsk
  3097a '13  $2.10 Gray Kangaroos, Perf 14x14, Inscribed 2013NHAsk
3100-01Marsupials from BookletsNH7.50
3100a-01a BK  Marsupials 2 Booklets of 5NH35.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
3102-03Marsupials with Personalized PhotosNH22.50
3102-03 M/S  Marsupials MiniSheets of 20 with Personalized TabsNH450.00
3104-08Parks and GardensNH5.75
3104a-08a BP  Parks and Gardens Booklet Panes of 4NH27.00
3104a-08a PBK  Parks and Gardens Prestige Booklet of 20NH27.00
3104b S/SGardens and Parks Sheet of 4NH6.00
3109-13Parks and Gardens Self-adhesiveNH6.75
3113a  Parks and Gardens Self-adhesive Strip of 5NH7.75
3113b BK  Parks and Gardens Booklet of 10NH13.50
3114-1955c, $1.10 Insects and Spiders inc StripNH8.00
3120 S/SInsects Sheet of 6 with Thermochromic InkNH9.75
3120a-f  Insects Sheet SinglesNH9.75
3121-25Insects and Spiders Self-adhesiveNH7.50
3126-30Endangered WildlifeNH5.75
3131 S/SEndangered Wildlife SheetNH7.75
3132-36Wildlife Self-adhesiveNH6.75
3136a PBK  Wildlife Prestige Booklet of 20NH24.00
3137-40Industrial BuildingsNH4.75
3137a-40a BK  Industrial Buildings Booklet of 16NH21.50
3141-44Buildings Self-adhesiveNH5.75
3144b PBK  Buildings Prestige Booklet of 20NH23.00
3147a S/SAstronomy SheetNH9.00
3148-5155c-$2.75 BirdsNH13.00
3149a-51a BP  Birds Booklet Panes of 2NH27.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
3149a-51a PBK  Birds Prestige Booklet of 8NH27.00
"3151X" S/SParrot Limited Edition SheetNH42.50
3152Green Catbird Self-adhesiveNH2.50
3152a BK  Green Catbird Self-adhesive Booklet 20NH26.00
3153-57Children and Toys inc Barbie, CycleNH5.75
3153a-57a BPToys Booklet Panes of 4NH26.00
3153a-57a PBK  Toys Prestige Booklet of 20NH26.00
3155b M/SBarbie Doll MiniSheet of 10 with 10 TabsNH75.00
3158-62Self-adhesive Toys from BookletNH6.50
3162a BK  Toys and Children Booklet of 10NH13.00
3163-68Youth Sports inc Basketball, TennisNH7.25
3168a  Youth Sports Block of 6NH7.50
3168b S/SYouth Sports SheetNH7.50
3169-74Youth Sports Self-adhesiveNHAsk
3169a-74a BK  Youth Sports 6 Booklets of 10NH72.00
3174b BK  Youth Sports Booklet of 10NH12.00
3175 M/SAustralia Post Employees Sheet of 10NH12.50
3175a-j  Australia Post Employees Singles from SheetNH12.25
3176-82Christmas Themes Strip of 5 plus 2vNH12.50
3182a S/SChristmas SheetNH4.75
3183-89Christmas Self-adhesiveNH11.00
3183a BK  Religious Christmas Booklet of 20NH22.00
3184-88  Christmas Stars Strip of 5 from BookletNH7.00
3188a BK  Christmas Stars Booklet of 10NH12.00
3189a BK  $1.25 Christmas Booklet of 5NH14.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
3190-94Christmas with Gold Foil FramesNH7.50
3194a BK  Christmas with Gold Foil Booklet of 10NH15.00
3195-99Christmas with Personalized TabsNH27.00
3195-99 M/S  Christmas with Personalized Tabs  MiniSheets of 20NH150.00
  3200-03  Carey, MaloufNH5.00
  3204-07  McCullough, Courtenay NH5.00
  3208-11  Keneally, WintonNH5.00
  3203b//11c PBK  Authors Prestige BookletNH65.00
3212-17Authors from BookletNH7.50
3217a BPAuthors Pane of 20NH27.50
3218-21Governor Lachlan MacquarieNH5.00
3221bMacquarie Block of 4NH6.00
3224 S/SCoins Sheet of 2NH8.50
3224a-b  Coin Sheet SinglesNH8.50
3225Snowboarder BrightNH1.50
3226Skier LassilaNH1.50
3228a S/SAirplanes Sheet of 3NH13.00
3228b S/SAirplanes Sheet of 4NH11.00
3230$1.45 Airplane from BookletNH4.25
3231$2.10 Airplane from BookletNH5.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
3236c S/SAgriculture Sheet of 2NH7.00
3237-41Agriculture from BookletNH7.00
3242Queen's BirthdayNH1.50
3242a S/SQueen Sheet of 4NH11.00
3243Queen's Birthday from BookletNH1.75
3244-48Kokoda BattleNH9.00
3248b S/SKokoda Battle SheetNH11.00
3249-52Kokoda Battle self-adhesiveNH5.75
3253Queen Victoria PortraitNH11.00
3253a S/SQueen Victoria Sheet of 1NH11.00
3253b S/SQueen with London 2010 OverprintNH12.50
"3253c" S/SQueen Victoria Sheet with Litho and Engraved StampsNHASK
3257b S/STrains Sheet of 1NH5.50
3257c S/STrains Sheet with London 2010 OverprintNHAsk
3258-61Trains Self-AdhesiveNH9.75
3260aTrains Coil Strip of 3NH4.50
3262-63Shanghai Expo PairNH2.75
3268-69UNESCO Self-AdhesiveNH3.25
3272a S/STriggerfish, Sweetlips Fish Sheet of 2NH4.00
3278-81Fish CoilsNH5.50
3281aFish Coil Strip of 4NH6.50
3282-86Fish from BookletNH11.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
3286a BK  Fish Booklet of 10NH12.00
3286b BKBooklet of 20NH24.00
3290-91Self-Adhesive Beaches from BookletNH7.00
3290a BKBooklet of 5NH14.50
3291a BKBooklet of 5NH21.00
3298aDogs Strip of 5NH6.50
3299-03Dogs Self-AdhesiveNH7.75
3303aDogs Coil StripNH7.75
3303b BKDogs Booklet of 10NH16.00
3304-07Emergency ServiceNH5.75
3307aEmergency Service Strip of 4NH5.75
3308-11Emergency Service Self-AdhesiveNH6.75
3311aEmergency Service Coil Strip of 4NH7.00
3311b BKEmergency Service Booklet of 20NH24.50
3312-13Southern CrossNH3.00
3322-27Celebrations Self-Adhesive from BookletNH12.50
3322a-27a  Celebrations Booklets of 10NHAsk
3328-35Celebrations with Personalized TabsNHAsk
3328-35 M/SNHAsk
3336Tax OfficeNH1.50
3341-42Explorers Coil PairNH4.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
3343-45Girl GuidesNH9.50
3346Girl Guides Self-AdhesiveNH3.00
3367-71Wildlife Self-AdhesiveNH8.75
3371a  Wildlife Self-Adhesive Strip of 5NH8.75
3371b BK  Wildlife Self-Adhesive Booklet of 10NH17.50
3412International Women's DayNH1.50
3412 M/S  International Women's Day MiniSheet of 10NH22.00
3415a S/SSydney Stamp Expo Sheet (Planes, Bridge)NH8.50
3429-33Floral Festival Strip of 5NH6.00
3434-38National Gallery Flower Paintings, Self-adhesive CoilNH6.50
3439-42Lake Eyre ScenesNH15.00
3439-42 GP  Lake Eyre Scenes Gutter PairsNH34.00
3443-44  Lake Eyre with Nature Tab, Self-adhesiveNH10.00
3443a-44a BK  Lake Eyre Booklets of 5NH40.00
3446a S/SQueen's 85th Birthday SheetNH6.00
3447-48,3448a S/SWilliam-Cate plus SheetNH12.00
3449William and Kate WeddingNH2.00
3449a BK  William and Kate Wedding Booklet of 10NH20.00
3450Royal WeddingNH1.25
3450 M/S  Royal Wedding Decorative MiniSheet of 10NH15.00
3451Royal Wedding, Self-adhesiveNH1.50
3451a BK  Royal Wedding Booklet NHASK
3452Dame Nellie MelbaNH1.25
3454-57Native Plants Strip of 4NH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
3458-61Native Plants Coil Strip of 4, Self-adhesiveNH6.00
3462-3527 (66)Football, Rugby Team EmblemsNHASK
3463a-3527a BKFootball, Rugby Team Emblems Booklets of 10NHASK
3476-77West Coast EaglesNHASK
1vRoses Self-adhesive from bookletNH2.75
2vRed Roses, Rose/Heart DesignNH2.40
4vLegends Advancing Equality Strip of 4NH4.75
4vLegends Advancing Equality Self-adhesive Strip of 4NH5.00
3484-85Freemantle DockersNHASK
3528-29Navy Warships PairNH2.75
3528-29 M/S  Navy Warships MiniSheet of 10NH30.00
3530-31Navy Warships Pair, Self-adhesiveNH3.50
3531a BK  Navy Warships Booklet of 20NH37.50
3534c '13  $1.65 Kangaroo, Perf 14x14, Inscribed 2013NHASK
3534d BP '13  Booklet Pane of 1195a, 2352a, 3097a, 3534c, Perf 14x14, Inscribed 2013NHASK
3543-47Living AustralianNH7.00
NH Strip of 510.00
3553-55Skiing AustraliaNH8.50
355660c Skiing CoilNH1.75
3557-58Skiing Australia, Self-adhesive from BookletsNH7.00
3557a-58a BK  Skiing Australia Booklets of 5NH35.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
3559-60Australian States Stamps Pair (our choice of format)NH8.50
3559-60 VPR  Australian States Stamps Vertical PairNH9.00
3559-60 HPR  Australian States Stamps Horizontal PairNH9.50
3560b S/SAustralian States Stamps Sheet of 2NH8.50
3561-64WWF - Ground Animals Block (our choice of format)NH5.00
3564b S/SWWF - Ground Animals Sheet with Australia at ULNH6.00
3564c S/SWWF - Ground Animals Sheet with A A T at ULNH5.00
3564d S/SWWF - Ground Animals Sheet with Cocos at ULNH8.00
3564e S/SWWF - Ground Animals Sheet with Christmas at ULNH8.00
  3568  $1.65 Golf Driver and BallNH3.25
3569BPresidents Cup with Foil ApplicationNH5.75
3569B M/S  Presidents Cup MiniSheet of 15 with Marginal InscriptionsNH75.00
3572b STRGolf Themes Vertical Coil Strip of 3NH5.75
3574a BK  Golf Driver and Ball Booklet of 5NH17.50
3575-80Mythical Creatures Strip of 5 plus 1NH8.75
3580a S/SMythical Creatures Sheet of 6NH6.75
"3580X" LSSMythical Creatures 3-D Limited Edition SheetNHASK
3581-85Mythical Creatures Strip of 5, Self-adhesiveNH8.75
3585a BK  Mythical Creatures Booklet of 10NH18.75
3585b BK  Mythical Creatures Booklet of 20NH39.75
3586Commonwealth Heads of GovernmentNH1.25
3587-88Musical Traditions (Joint issue with Korea)NH4.50
3589Musical Traditions Self-adhesive  (Joint issue with Korea)NH3.25
3589a BKMusical Traditions Self-adhesive Booklet of 5 (Joint issue with Korea)NH17.00
3590-9455c-$1.50 Christmas ThemesNH7.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  2v  Christmas - Mary and Child, BerriesNH2.25
  3594  The Three MagiNH3.00
3598The Three Magi, Self-adhesiveNH3.00
3598a BK  The Three Magi Booklet of 5NH15.00
3599-00Glittery Tree and GiftNH4.50
3604-05Remembrance DayNH1.25
3605a S/SRemembrance Day Sheet of 2NH3.60
3606Remembrance Day, Self-adhesive on Translucent PaperNH1.25
3606a BK  Remembrance Day Booklet of 10NH12.50
3671+3671a20c Pineapples Pair with Extra White Space on Bottom Stamp (most unusual)NHAsk
  3770-71Road Trip, Self-adhesiveNH8.50
3770a-71a BK  Road Trip Booklets of 5NH42.50
3775-76Wilderness Areas, Self-adhesiveNH8.00
3775a-76a BK  Wilderness Areas Booklets of 5NH40.00
3783a S/SZoo Animal Sheet of 7 inc Panda,TigerNH8.75
3784-89Zoo Animals, Self-adhesiveNH9.50
3789a  Zoo Animals Coil Strip of 6NH14.50
3789b BK  Zoo Animals Booklet of 20NH36.00
3790-93Auto Racing at Bathhurst BlockNH6.25
3790-93 SO  Auto Racing at Bathhurst Block in Scott OrderNH8.75
3797a BK  Auto Racing at Bathhurst Booklet of 10NH12.75
  3811  Christmas Madonna, Self-adhesiveNH1.25
  3811a BK  Christmas Madonna Booklet of 20NH23.00
  3812-13  Christmas Reindeer, GiftsNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  3813a BK  Christmas Reindeer, Gifts Booklet of 20NH25.00
3819Paralympian FreneyNH1.50
3819 M/S  Paralympian Freney MiniSheet of 10NH17.50
3820-29Legends of Music, Se-tenant PairsNH13.00
3820a-29a PBK  Legends of Music Prestige BookletNH53.00
3830-39Legends of Music, Self-adhesiveNH13.00
3830-39 BK  Legends of Music 10 Booklets of 10NH127.00
3840-44Greetings Strip of 5NH6.50
3846-51Weddings and Greetings, Self-adhesiveNH7.50
3846a//51a BK  Weddings and Greetings 5 Booklets of 10NH64.00
3851b x5 BKWedding Greetings Prestige BookletNH54.00
3858-61Surfing Block of 4 
3861d S/SSurfing Sheet of 4NH5.50
3862-65Surfing, Self-adhesive CoilNH5.50
3865b PBKSurfing Prestige Booklet of 10NH17.50
3866-70Top Dogs Strip of 5NH6.50
3871-75Dogs, Self-adhesiveNH6.50
3871a-75a BK  Dog Booklets of 10NH65.00
3876-77Canberra Centenary PairNH6.50
1838d//3877a BK  Maps BookletNH32.50
3878 CLCanberra, Self-adhesive from CoilNH1.50
3879-83National Gallery Paintings Strip of 5NH6.75
3903Queen Elizabeth Litho and EmbossedNH4.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
3903 M/S  Queen Elizabeth Litho and Embossed MiniSheet of 10NH55.00
3916Black Caviar Racehorse (background color to edges)NH1.50
3916 TABBlack Caviar Racehorse with Trophy Tab (of our choice)NH10.00
3916 TAB M/S (3)  Black Caviar Racehorse with Trophy Tab MiniSheets of 5, 10 and 10NH85.00
3916 TAB NOTE:  There are 25 different Tabs on the Black Caviar stamps each representing a Trophy for her amazing record of 25 wins in 25 starts! 
"3916X"Black Caviar Racehorse with White FrameNH15.00
"3916X" M/S  Black Caviar Racehorse with White Frame MiniSheet of 10NHASK
3918Stamps Depicting Kangaroos Pane  (not in Basic Year Set)NHAsk
3918 BK  The Story of the Kangaroo Booklet (not in Booklet Year Set)NHAsk
3919 IMP$10 Kangaroo Imperf PaneNH29.00
3996-99Railway Stations Block of 4NH6.50
4000-03Railway Stations from BookletNH6.50
4003a CL  Railway Stations Coil Strip of 4NH7.50
4119a CL  Scenes from Paterson Poems Coil Strip of 4NHAsk
4121-24King George V Centenary - Litho Printing SinglesNH35.00
4124d STR  King George V Centenary Centenary - Litho Printing - Strip of 4NH39.00
4124f M/S  King George V Centenary Lithographed MiniSheet of 10NH75.00
4125-28King George V Centenary Typographed  Printing Strip of 4NHAsk
4128a STR  King George V Centenary Typographed Strip of 4NHAsk
4128b M/S  King George V Centenary Typographed MiniSheet of 10NH75.00
4172-76Regional Gardens, Self-adhesive Strip of 5NHAsk
4180a,4182b S/SVenomous Creatures 2 Sheets of 6 (3 Pairs each plus Tabs)NHAsk
  4211-12  65c Green, Red PairNHASK
Scott # Description Condition Price
4230b S/SMarsupials Sheet of 6NH8.75
4231-34Marsupials from BookletNH5.50
4234a BK  Marsupials Booklet of 10NH11.00
4234b BK  Marsupials Booklet of 20NH22.00
4235-39Victoria Cross RecipientsNH5.50
4239a S/SVictoria Cross Sheet of 5NH5.50
4240-45Victoria Cross, Self-adhesiveNH5.50
4240a-44a BK  Victoria Cross 5 Booklets of 10NH55.00
4245 S/SVictoria Cross Sheet of 2NH9.00
"4245X" S/SVictoria Cross Sheet Imperf with SYNDEY STAMP EXPO Imprint in Gold (not in Year Set)NH65.00
4331-33Houses of Parliament (Joint issue with New Zealand and Singapore)NH6.75
4333a S/SHouses of Parliament Sheet of 3 (Joint issue with New Zealand and Singapore) (our choice of sheet)NH7.00
4333a S/S UNIT of 6Houses of Parliament Complete Unit of 6 Sheets - each with a different "DAY" in lower right corner and a different finish.NHAsk
  4333a S/S DAY 1  Houses of Parliament "DAY 1" Sheet of 3 (Joint issue with New Zealand and Singapore)NHAsk
  4333a S/S DAY 2  Houses of Parliament "DAY 2" Sheet of 3 (Joint issue with New Zealand and Singapore)NHAsk
  4333a S/S DAY 3  Houses of Parliament "DAY 3" Sheet of 3 (Joint issue with New Zealand and Singapore)NHAsk
  4333a S/S DAY 4  Houses of Parliament "DAY 4" Sheet of 3 (Joint issue with New Zealand and Singapore)NHAsk
  4333a S/S DAY 5  Houses of Parliament "DAY 5" Sheet of 3 (Joint issue with New Zealand and Singapore)NHAsk
  4333a S/S DAY 6  Houses of Parliament "DAY 6" Sheet of 3 (Joint issue with New Zealand and Singapore)NHAsk
All New Issues are available AUSTRALIA and the entire AUSTRALIAN AREA plus over 200 Countries and Topics.
Produced annually by Australia Post since 1981, these are perennial favorites amongst collectors of modern Australia.  The delightful Albums are beautifully illustrated in full color, handsomely designed and contain the stories behind the stamp issues of the year.  Buy one as a sample and we're positive you'll want to add more to your holdings.
Scott # Description Condition Price
1981 POYBPost Office Year Book - Brown CoverNH35.00
1982 POYBPost Office Year Book - Blue CoverNH35.00
1983 POYBPost Office Year Book - Maroon CoverNH40.00
1984 POYBPost Office Year Book - Black CoverNH35.00
1985 POYBPost Office Year Book - Green CoverNH35.00
1986 POYBPost Office Year Book - Blue CoverNH40.00
1987 POYBPost Office Year Book - Red brown CoverNH50.00
1988 POYBPost Office Year Book - Gray CoverNH110.00
1989 POYBPost Office Year Book - Green CoverNH60.00
1990 POYBPost Office Year Book - Maroon CoverNH65.00
1991 POYBPost Office Year Book - Blue CoverNH60.00
1992 POYBPost Office Year Book - Green CoverNH65.00
1993 POYBPost Office Year Book - Orange CoverNH75.00
1994 POYBPost Office Year Book - Green CoverNH80.00
1995 POYBBurgundy coverNH90.00
1996 POYBPost Office Year Book - Green CoverNH90.00
1997 POYBPost Office Year Book - Blue CoverNH95.00
The Set of 17 Post Office Year Books:NHASK
Note:  Year Albums rarely contain all the issues we include in our Year Sets.  Our Year Sets are designed to be complete according to Scott while Australia Post chooses what to include in the Year Albums.  You can add Year Albums to your New Issue Standing Order.
All New Issues are available. 
Please inquire. 
Scott # Description Condition Price
B1-5Flood ReliefNH13.75
B1-5 M/S  Flood Relief MiniSheet of 10NHAsk
B6Leaves in Ring and HandsNH3.75
B6 M/S  Leaves in Ring and Hands MiniSheet of 10NHAsk
C13d Airplane over Bush, Type A (31mm)NH10.00
C1 XF  3d Airplane, Type A (31mm) with Extremely Fine CenteringNH19.50
C1 SP  3d Airplane, Type A (31mm) with Short PerfsNH4.00
C1 var  3d Airplane, Type B (31.75mm)NH18.00
C26d Smith - Plane over Hemispheres, Gray violetNH8.75
C36d Smith - Plane over Hemispheres, Olive brownNH29.00
C41sh6d Mercury, Perf 11NH55.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
C4Mercury, Globes - Upper Left Corner Margin Block of 4 with PERFECT Centering!NH295.00
C5Mercury, Perf 13x13NH10.00
C6Globe, Mercury, WatermarkedNH1.75
C7Globe, Mercury, UnwatermarkedNH11.00
C8Super-Constellation over GlobeNH2.25
CO1OS Overprint on Plane and Globe (Scott C3)NH40.00
British Commonwealth Occupation Forces
M1-7Occupation (Mixed papers)NH170.00
  M1-7  Occupation on Thick PaperNH180.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  M1-7  Occupation  on Thin PaperNH225.00
  M1d Overprint (our choice of paper)NH4.00
  M1 TCK  d Overprint on Thick PaperNH4.50
  M1 THN  d Overprint on Thin PaperNH4.50
  M21d Overprint (our choice of paper)NH4.00
  M2 TCK  1d Overprint on Thick PaperNH4.50
  M2 THN  1d Overprint on Thin PaperNH4.50
  M2a1d Blue OverprintNH95.00
  M3 3d Overprint (our choice of paper)NH3.75
  M3 TCK  3d Overprint on Thick PaperNH4.00
  M3 THN  3d Overprint on Thin PaperNH4.00
  M46d Overprint (our choice of paper)NH12.00
  M4 TCK  6d Overprint on Thick PaperNH12.50
  M4 THN  6d Overprint on Thin PaperNH12.50
  M51sh Overprint (our choice of paper)NH12.00
  M5 TCK  1sh Overprint on Thick PaperNH12.50
  M5 THN  1sh Overprint on Thin PaperNH12.50
  M62sh Overprint (our choice of paper)NHAsk
  M6 TCK  2sh Overprint on Thick PaperNHAsk
  M6 THN  2sh Overprint on Thin PaperNHAsk
  M75sh Overprint (our choice of paper)NH170.00
  M7 TCK  5sh Overprint on Thick PaperNH170.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  M7 THN  5sh Overprint on Thin PaperNH175.00
1902 First Design
J1d EmeraldH9.75
J21d EmeraldH16.00
1902-1904 Completed Tablet
J32d EmeraldH27.00
J43d EmeraldH27.00
J54d EmeraldH36.00
J66d EmeraldH60.00
J78d EmeraldH120.00
J85sh EmeraldH250.00
1902-1904 Second Design
J9d EmeraldH13.50
J101d EmeraldH13.50
J10a  Perf 11H100.00
J112d Emerald 
J11a  Perf 11H155.00
J123d EmeraldH110.00
J12 var  Perf 11H155.00
J134d EmeraldH90.00
J13a  Perf 11H180.00
J145d EmeraldH70.00
J14a  Perf 11H270.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
J14b  Perf 11,12c11H80.00
J156d EmeraldH85.00
J15 var  Perf 11H155.00
J168d EmeraldH125.00
J1710d EmeraldH110.00
J17a  10d Emerald Perf 11,12c11H90.00
J181sh EmeraldH70.00
J18b  1sh Emerald Perf 11,12c11H135.00
J192sh EmeraldH135.00
J19a  2sh Emerald Perf 11,12c11H155.00
J205sh EmeraldH250.00
1906 New Watermark (Small Cronw A)
J23d EmeraldH13.50
J241d EmeraldH26.00
J252d EmeraldH40.00
J274d EmeraldH110.00
J286d EmeraldH265.00
1907 New Watermark (Large Crown)
J29d Emerald 
1908-1909 Third Design
J341sh EmeraldH135.00
J352sh EmeraldH1,050.00
J365sh EmeraldH280.00
1909 Fourth Design
J39d Green, carmineH30.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
J401d Die IIH18.00
J40a  1d Perf 11, Die IH16.00
J412d Die IIH13.00
J41a  2d Perf 11, Die IH13.00
J423d Green, carmineH26.00
J434d Green, carmineH22.00
J446d Green, carmineH30.00
J451sh Green, carmineH26.00
J462sh Green, carmineH80.00
J475sh Green, carmineH130.00
J4810sh Green, carmineH350.00
J491 Green, carmineH600.00
1912-1923 Thin Paper, White Gum
Numbered according to Gibbons Catalogue
D 76d Scarlet, pale greenH32.00
D 77d Rosine, bright greenH32.00
D 77a  d Rosine, bright green Sideways WatermarkH15.00
D 781d Rosine, bright greenH9.00
D 78a  1d Rosine, bright green Sideways WatermarkH13.00
D 79ad Carmine, apple greenH11.00
D 801d Rosine, bright greenH75.00
D 80a1d Scarlet, pale greenH27.00
D 80b1d Carmine, apple greenH18.00
D 812d Scarlet, pale greenH23.00
D 81a2d Carmine, apple greenH25.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
D 823d Rosine, apple greenH125.00
D 834d Carmine, apple greenH160.00
D 83b4d Carmine, pale greenH160.00
D 851sh Scarlet, pale greenH36.00
D 871 Scarlet, pale greenH875.00
Scott Numbers resume from here to date.
J50d Green, carmine 
J511d Green, carmine 
J521d Yellow green, rose 
J532d Green, carmine 
J543d Green, carmineNH20.00
J554d Green, carmine, Perf 11 
J55a  4d Green, carmine, Perf 14NH67.00
J566d Green, carmine 
1931-1937 New Watermark
J57d Yellow green, roseNH22.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
J581d Yellow green, roseNH9.00
J58a  1d Yellow green, rose Perf 14NH22.00
J592d Yellow green, roseNH13.00
J59a  2d Yellow green, rose Perf 14NH22.00
J603d Yellow green, roseNHAsk
J614d Yellow green, roseNH43.00
J626d Yellow green, roseNHAsk
J631sh Yellow green, roseNH90.00
1938 New Design
J64-70d-1sh Green, carmineF H175.00
  J64  d Green, carmineNH4.50
  J65  1d Green, carmineNH14.00
  J66  2d Green, carmineNH14.00
  J67  3d Green, carmineNH43.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  J68  4d Green, carmineNH18.00
  J69  6d Green, carmineNH105.00
  J70  1sh Green, carmineNH43.00
1946-1957 Redrawn Tablet
J71-80d-1sh Green, carmine with WatermarkNH99.00
  J71  d Green, carmineNH6.00
  J72  1d Green, carmineNH3.50
  J73  2d Green, carmineNH4.50
  J74  3d Green, carmineNH8.00
  J75  4d Green, carmineNH9.00
  J76  5d Green, carmineNH10.50
  J77  6d Green, carmineNH10.50
  J78  7d Green, carmineNH4.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  J79  8d Green, carmineNH13.00
  J80  1sh Green, carmineNH16.00
1953-1954 White Tablet, Carmine Denomination
J81-831sh,2sh.5sh High ValuesNH57.50
  J81  1sh Green, carmineNH18.00
  J81 var    1sh Yellow green, carmineNH18.00
  J82  2sh Green, carmineNH16.00
  J83  5sh Green, carmineNH18.00
  J83 var    5sh Yellow green, carmineNH18.00
J84-85These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1958-1960 Unwaterwarked
J86-95d-2sh Green and Carmine, Mixed TypesNH170.00
J86//J93  d-10d Type II Dues OnlyNHAsk
J87a//J90  d-5d Type I Dues OnlyNHAsk
J86  d Type II (seven dots in the bottom of the 2)NH5.75
J86a    d Type II (six dots in the bottom of the 2)NH9.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
J87  1d Type II 
J87a    1d Type INH5.50
J88  3d Type IINH5.00
J89  4d Type INH10.50
J89a    4d Type IINH9.00
J90  5d Type INH27.00
J90a    5d Type IINH100.00
J91  6d Type IINH9.00
J92  8d Type IINH27.00
J92a    8d with Indistinct LinesNHAsk
J93  10d Type IINH16.00
J94-951sh,2sh Green, White Tablet, Carmine NumeralNH60.00
  J94  1sh Green, White Tablet, Carmine NumeralNH27.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  J94a    1sh - Second RedrawningNH33.00
  J95  2sh Green, White Tablet, CarmineNH33.00
SG1913 KANGAROO First Watermark
1913 KANGAROO First Watermark
1915 KANGAROO, Second Watermark
1914-21 KING GEORGE Single Watermark
1915-28 KANGAROO Third Watermark
1916-18 KING GEORGE Rough Paper
1918-19 KING GEORGE Large Multiple Watermark
1918-23 KING GEORGE Single Watermark
1924 KING GEORGE Single Watermark
KING GEORGE with Watermark
1926-30 KING GEORGE Small Multiple Watermark
1929-30 KANGAROO Multiple Watermark
OVERPRINTED O.S.  (Scott Numbers)
PO SCT O1-2Kingsford SmithNH425.00
PO SCT O1-2 CM  Corner marginsNH450.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
PO SCT O1-2 VF  Very Fine UsedUSED45.00
PO SCT O1-21931 OS Officials CTO used with PERFECT centeringO
618//10031975-86 Selection inc most better sets for the period, F-VF NHNHAsk