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SOUTH SUDAN 2017 ISSUES now available:  Severe inflation has caused the Sudan Post Office to surcharge 19 different stamps.  These surcharges are now in stock in extremely limited quantity.  These are the first South Sudan issues in five years!  To avoid disappointment, please reserve yours now.  Call or email for further information.
Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Scott # Description Condition Price

1953-57 DF288-301NH275.00
1955-59 DF306-12NH29.00
1958 WO 320319,321-25+B54-55,B54a-55aNH25.00
1960-66 DF333-52NH90.00
1963359-60,362-64+B65-66, B65a-66aNH35.00
1967380-81,405-07+B73-74, B73a-74aNH18.00
1967-70 DF382-404NH110.00
1967 PFNewly listed by Scott: 404A-D (4)NH35.00
1968408-14,417,420+B75-76,  B75a-76aNH30.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1969415-16,418-19,421-36,434a+ B77-79,B77a-78aNH80.00
1970437-49,459-68+B80-81, B80a-81aNH29.00
1971450-58,469-88+B82-84, B82a-83aNH45.00
1973-76 DF533-46NH18.00
1985768,769,815-29,836-42,842a+ B121-23,B123aNH26.50
1986766,767,770,770A,843-60,853a+ B124-26,B126aNH33.00
1987830,831,861-86,875a,875b,879a, 879b+B127-29,B129aNH50.00
1988832,835,887-918,920-23,925-27,929, 936-41,906a+B130-33,B133aNH60.00
1989769a,832a,889a,930,942-77,959a +B134-36,B136aNH130.00
1990971a,971b,978-1013,981a,  996a+B137-38,B138aNH99.00
1990 BKBooklet (1)NH5.00
1991919,924,931-33,1014-64,1057a, 1057b,1075-77,1077a+ B139-40,B140aNH125.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1991 BKBooklets (6)NH34.50
1992 BKBooklets (6)NH53.50
1993928,1139-91,1144a,1160a,  1161a,1184a,1184b+B143-44,  B144a,B144bNH89.00
1993 BKBooklets (10)NH100.00
1994926a,1084,1161c,1192-1248,1311, 1196a,1236b,1240a+B145-48,B148aNH118.00
1994 BKBooklets (7)NH38.50
1994 MSHologram Sheet of 10NH27.50
1994 LECLimited Cricket SheetNH170.00
1995930d,1078-79,1249-1310,9 Scenes, 1312-21,1254a,  1281a,1302b+B149-50,a,bNH189.00
1995 LEBLimited Butterfly SheetNH185.00
1995 LECLimited Christmas SheetNH160.00
1995 LEMLimited Maori SheetNH140.00
1995 LERLimited Rugby SheetNH195.00
1995 LENLimited Famous NZers SheetNH160.00
19961312b,1322-1405,1344B-K,1349a, 1353a,1359k,1370a,  1371a,1378a, 1398a,1398b+ B151-53,B152a,B152bNH215.00
1996 PFNew Butterfly Perfs (3)NH13.75
1996 BSSBest of 1996 S/S (3)NH60.00
1996 LEHLimited Racehorses S/SNH210.00
1996 LEOLimited Olympic S/SNH210.00
19971333a,1406-75,1410a,1433b,  1436a,1436b,1470a,1470b,  B156-58,B157aNH140.00
1997 PFNew Butterfly Perfs (3)NH39.50
1997 BSSBest of 1997 S/S (3)NH45.00
1997 BKBooklets (4)NH38.50
1997 LEVLimited Vineyards SheetNH200.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1997 LETLimited Train SheetNH200.00
1997 LNYGPLunar New Year Gutter PairsNH89.00
19981359i,1359j,1444a,1450a,1476-  1562,1476a-81a BK,1489a,1501a,1507a, 1517a,1520a,1525a,"1538B"+B159-61,  B160aNH185.00
1998 BKBooklets (3)NH19.00
1998 BSSBest of 1998 S/S (3)NH45.00
1998 LNYGPLunar New Year Gutter PairsNH32.00
19991531a,1544a,1546b,1563-1627, 1564a,1575a,1575b,1607c,1620a +B162-65NH135.00
1999 MSSMillennium S/S (6) Very LimitedNH99.00
1999 BKBooklets (10)NHAsk
1999 GPGutter PairsNH35.00
1999 BSSBest of 1999 S/S (3) Limited EditionNH40.00
20001628-94,1634a,1635a,1639a, 1650b,1651a-56b BK,1662a, 1665a,1682aNH149.00
2000 BKOther Booklets (3)NH19.50
2000 BSSBest of 2000 S/S (3) Limited EditionNH40.00
2000 LSS1Limited Millennium SheetNH175.00
2000 LSS2Limited Spirits and Guardians SheetNH200.00
2000 LSS3Limited Automobiles SheetNH200.00
2000 LSS4Limited Queen Mother SheetNH140.00
2000 LSS5Limited Birds SheetNH200.00
20011680a,1694a,1695-1761,1695k, 1701a,1707a,1714a-19b BK, 1727a,1750a-55a,1750b+ B166-68,B167aNH245.00
2001 BSSNo "Best of 2001" S/S issued. 
2001 ROTNature Rotational Blocks of 4NH42.00
2001 IMPQueen Visit Imperforate (6)NH28.00
2001 BKOther Booklets (4)NHAsk
2001 LSS1Tourism Lake Scenes M/S of 18NH95.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2001 LSS2Aircraft M/S of 24NH199.00
20021762-1846,1766a,1773a,1774a-79c BK, 1798b, 1805b,1824a,1827a,1835a-40aNH220.00
2002 BSSBest of 2002 S/S (3) Limited EditionNH335.00
2002 IMPScenes Imperforate (6)NH19.00
2002 BKOther Booklets (5)NH53.00
2002 IMPElizabeth Imperf Strip (6)NH36.00
20031847-1908,1849a,1854a,1859a, 1860u-y BK,1868B M/S,1879a, 1879b, 1895-96 var,1897a-02a, 1908b BK+B173-76,B175aNH220.00
2003 BSSBest of 2003 S/S (3) Limited EditionNH180.00
2003 BKBooklets (4)NHAsk
2003 GPYear of the Ram Gutter Pairs (5)NH19.50
2003 CRBChristmas Rotational Blocks (5)NH33.00
2003 SFSilver Foil Overprints (Limited)NH50.00
(Just 2,000 of each Limited Edition Souvenir Sheet exist.
2004Our 2004 New Zealand composition is fabulous!  It even surpasses offers from dealers in NZ!
20041879c,1909-90,1914a,1920a,1920b,1925a,1930a-34b BK, 1954a,1963c,1977a,1986a-90b BK+B177-80NH295.00
2004 BSSBest of 2004 S/S (3) Limited EditionNH180.00
2004 PBKPrestige Booklets (2)NH41.00
2004 OBKOther Booklets (7)NH52.50
2004 PLPostage Label Panes (4)NH160.00
2004Some of these Panes are listed in Scott or Michel.  We expect that all will be listed eventually.  Don't miss out!
2004 XXThe GRAND COLLECTION of 2004 Issues as itemzed above!NH539.00
2004 BKRPScenic Booklet Reprints (2)NHAsk
20051975a,1991-2053,1995b,"1996B", 2002b,2007a,2012a,2012b,2020a, 2021a,2047b, 2048a-52a+B181-84NH179.00
2005 CMSCommunity Groups MiniSheets of 6 (3)NH22.50
2005 WMSWWF MiniSheet of 16NH8.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2005 BKBooklets (5)NH36.00
2005 XXThe GRAND COLLECTION of 2005 Issues as itemzed above!NH240.00
2005 BSSBest of 2005 S/S (3) Limited EditionNH180.00
2005 BKRPScenic Booklet Reprints (2)NH19.00
20061927a,2054-2104,2058a,2068b,2069k, 2070c,2080a,2093a,2100a-04a,2104b, 2061u-aa PBKNH179.00
2006 GPGutter Pairs (5)NH19.00
2006 IMP2082-86 - Gold Rush ImperforateNHAsk
2006 BKBooklets (3)NH35.00
2006 MSElizabeth MiniSheet  Unnumbered (1)NH24.00
2006 XXThe GRAND COLLECTION of 2006 Issues as itemized above!NH249.00
2006 BSSBest of 2006 S/S (3) Limited EditionNH175.00
2006 PMSPersonalized Sheetlets of 20 for Washington Show - produced by NZ Post in an amazing quantity: 50 (yes fifty!).NHAsk
2006 PMS SNGSingle stamps with Washington 2006 Tabs Produced by NZ Post from the Sheetlets of 20 offered above.NHAsk
2006 BKRPScenic Booklet Reprints (2)NH19.00
20071866B,2105-61,2105-09a,2114a,2115-19a,2121-28a,2139b-43e PBK,2151a+ B185-88,B187aNH225.00
2007 GPLunar New Year Gutter Pairs (5)NH22.00
2007 BKBooklets (7)NH94.00
2007 BKRPBooklet Reprint (1)NH6.75
2007 PMSEmirates Team Personalized MiniSheet (1)NH28.00
2007 XXThe GRAND COLLECTION of 2007 Issues as itemized above!NH369.00
20081078b RP,1863A,2162-2222,2165a, 2171a,2171c,2178a-83b PBK,2187a-90a,2195a+B189-92,B191aNH195.00
2008 PMSPersonalized Stamps with Red Borders (7) and White Borders (2) at RightNH57.50
2008 BKBooklets (5) [Prestige Booklet is in Basic Year Set.]NH89.00
2008 RBKBooklet Reprints (5)NH42.00
2008 GPLunar New Year Gutter Pairs (4)NH22.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2008 XXThe GRAND COLLECTION of 2008 Issues as itemized above!NH389.00
2008 #LNYNumbered Lunar New Year Sheets from Year 1997-2008 (12)NH75.00
20092221b,2223-87,2225a,2235a,2237a, 2244b//49c PBK, 2274h,2287a+ B193-96,B195aNH275.00
2009 KSKiwi Stamps with Silver Inscriptions (22)NH64.00
2009 KS BKSilver Kiwi Booklet of 50NH80.00
2009 IMPPeter Blake Special Imperf SheetNH29.50
2009 BKBooklets (11)NH149.00
2009 BK RPBooklet Reprints (3)NH22.50
2009 XXThe GRAND 2009 COLLECTION of New Zealand as listed above.  Better than anything offered - even from NZ!NH595.00
201057 Stamps + 22 S/S inc 1 PBKNH299.00
2010 M/SMiniSheets (4)NH77.50
2010 BKBooklets (4)NH59.00
2010 BK RPBooklet Reprints (4)NH52.50
2010 XXThe 2010 GRAND COLLECTION as listed above. Better than anything offered - even from NZ!NH465.00
2011122 Stamps + 11 S/S inc 4 M/SNH325.00
2011 IMPChristmas ImperforateNHASK
2011 GPLunar New Year Gutter Pairs (4)NH23.50
2011 FLDTrophy Presentation FolderNH30.00
2011 PMSPersonalized Rugby MiniSheet of 20NH35.00
2011 BKBooklets (4)NH95.00
2011 M/SKiwi MiniSheets (3)NH95.00
2011 B/SBest of 2011 Sheets (3)NH175.00
2011 XXThe 2011 GRAND COLLECTION as listed above. Better than anything offered - even from NZ!NHASK
2011 PASPersonalized Advertising Stamps (56)NH59.50
2011 LSSLimited Edition Sheets (4)NHASK
Scott # Description Condition Price
2012123 Stamps + 24 S/S inc BK, M/SNH465.00
2012 GPLunar New Year Gutter Pairs (4)NH27.50
2012 BKBooklets (8)NH159.00
2012 M/SMiniSheet (1)NH13.50
2012 XXThe 2012 GRAND COLLECTION - the 4 Year Sets listed above. Better than anything offered - even from NZ!NH655.00
2012 VOY IMP BLKVoyages Imperforate Margin Blocks of 4 (5)NH225.00
2012 VOY IMP PRVoyages Imperf Pairs (5)NH125.00
2012 STRVoyages Strip of 5 (normal printing was individual stamps)NH35.00
2012 BEST S/SBest of 2012 Sheets (3)NH185.00
2012 LSSLimited Edition Sheets (4)NH795.00
2012 PASPersonalized Advertising Stamps (63)NH95.00
2013117 Stamps + 16 S/S + PBK inc 2 M/SNH385.00
2013 GPLunar New Year Gutter Pairs (4)NH22.00
2013 BKBooklets (4)NH91.00
2013 M/SMiniSheets (6)NH98.00
2013 XXThe 2013 GRAND COLLECTION - the 4 Year Sets listed above. Better than anything offered - even from NZ!NH590.00
2013 PASPersonalized Advertising Stamps (40 + BK)NH65.00
2013 BK RPBooklet Reprints (7)NH119.00
2013 BK S/SSheets from Prestige Booklet (7)NH29.75
2013 BEST S/SBest of 2013 Sheets (3)NH165.00
2013 L S/SLimited Edition Sheets (2)NH395.00
2013 STR 5Honey Bees Strip of 5 (normal printing was individual stamps)NH25.00
2013 IMP MI4Honey Bees Imperforate Corner Margin Blocks of 4 (5)NH240.00
2013 IMPHoney Bees Imperforate Singles with Margin (5)NH55.00
2014113 Stamps + 20 S/S inc 3 M/S and 1 PBKNH389.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2014 IMP2543-47 Endangered Sea Birds Imperf Margin Blocks of 4NH240.00
2014 BKBooklets (7)NH165.00
2014 M/SMiniSheet (1)NH52.50
2014 GPLunar New Year Gutter Pairs (4)NH19.50
2014 PASPersonalized Advertising Stamps (40)NH59.00
2014 XXThe 2014 GRAND COLLECTION - the 5 Year Sets listed above (does not include the Sea Bird Imperfs). Better than anything offered - even from NZ!NH679.00
2015109 Stamps + 29 S/S inc 2 M/S, PBKNH399.00
2015 BKBooklets (3)NH60.00
2015 GPLunar New Year Gutter Pairs (4)NH24.00
2015 IMPSeashells Imperf Pairs (5)NH75.00
2015 L S/SLimited Special Sheets (3)NH330.00
2015 S/S Scans:

2015 S/S Note:The Singapore Exhibition Sheet shown at top is UNTRIMMED and IMPERF Sheet.  This condition is normal for the Imperf Sheet and is included in the Basic Year Set.

The bottom sheet UNTRIMMED and PERF is a rarity as very few exist.
2015 L S/SSingapore UNCUT PERF SheetNH275.00
2015 XXThe 2015 GRAND COLLECTION - the 5 Year Sets listed above (does not include the Reprinted Booklets underneath. Better than anything offered - even from NZ!NH1,050.00
2015 R BKBooklet Reprints (9)NH124.00
2016119 Stamps + 15 S/S (Compare!)NH349.00
2016 GPLunar New Year Gutter Pairs (4)NH22.00
2016 L S/SLinited Special Sheets (2)NHAsk
2016 BKBooklets (15)NHAsk
2016 R BKBooklet Reprints (13)NHAsk
201799 Stamps + 12 S/SNH367.50
2017 BKBooklets ()NHAsk
2017 M/SMiniSheets ()NHAsk
2018Click to reserve now for earliest delivery.NHRESERVE!
Scott # Description Condition Price
1954-63OFFICIALS O100-11NH90.00
1946-81LIFE INSURANCE OY24-56NH155.00
1990-1994Basic Year Sets as listed above.NH530.00
1995-1999Basic Year Sets as listed above.NH859.00
2000-2003Basic Year Sets as listed above.NH830.00
1954-1990 BKBOOKLETS COMPLETE (51)NH650.00
Earlier issues are available, just let us know what you are interested in and we will be pleased to supply or quote prices.  Thank you! 
71d Orange Victoria with 4 clear margins plus one neighbor at top, VF+ usedUSED475.00
9f6d Chestnut Victoria, beautiful example of this scarce shade, 4 full margins and medium to light cancel!  Very Fine!USED475.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
70-83d-5/ First Pictorials 
  82  2sh Milford SoundUSED65.00
  83  5sh Mt. CookH275.00
107-20d-5/ Pictorials 
1212/ Green on Laid Paper 
121a1d "Commerce" with King Edward VII Land" Overprint 
122-25d-6d Christchurch ExhibitionNH995.00
  123  1d Maori Art, VernilionH15.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
126-283d,6d,1/ Small Pictorials 
130-39d-1/ King Edward VIINHAsk
130d '13d Edward VII with VICTORIA LAND Overprint 
131d '111d Commerce Allegory with VICTORIA LAND OverprintNH125.00
NH Block of 4475.00
130e-37eAuckland Exhibition, Very Fresh!H450.00
140-43These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
144d King George, Yellow green 
145-491d-2d King George V 
160-641d-3d King George V, Typographed 
165-70d-1/ Victory, British LionNHAsk
  165  d Victory, British LionNH6.50
  166  1d Victory, British LionNH9.00
  167  1d Maori ChiefNH8.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  168  3d British LionNH30.00
  169  6d "Victory" Statue 
  170  1/ King George, Lion, FernH29.00
171-73These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1742d on d GreenNH15.00
1751d RedNH10.00
176-78p,1p,2p George V with "Watermark" Printed on BackNH65.00
179-81Dunedin ExhibitionNHAsk
182-84George V as AdmiralNHAsk
185-98d-3/ PictorialsNH600.00
199-201d-6d Silver JubileeNH42.00
202This number not utilized by Scott. 
203-16d-3/ PictorialsNH200.00
217This number not utilized by Scott. 
Scott # Description Condition Price
218-22Chamber of CommerceNH19.00
226-28Cd-3d King George VINH55.00
  226 '38  d King George VI, Emerald 
  226B '41  d King George VI, Brown orangeH.40
  227 '38  1d King George VI, Rose red 
  227A '41  1d King George VI, Light blue greenNH7.50
  228 '38  1d King George VI, Violet brown 
  228B '44  1d King George VI, RedH.40
  228C '41  3d King George VIH.40
229-41d-1sh British Sovereignty CentennialNH195.00
242-431d on d, 2d on 1d SurchargesNH2.75
244-459d with Single and Multiple WatermarkNH350.00
  244  9d with Single WatermarkNH335.00
  245  9d with Multiple WatermarkNH15.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
24610d on 1d Centennial Surcharge 
247-57WWII VictoryNH5.75
258-68George VI - Large and Small PortraitsNH49.50
269-72Otago CentennialNH1.50
273d Red ArmsNH.75
274-78Canterbury CentennialNH3.75
2793d on 1d SurchargeNH.75
280-84Queen Elizabeth II CoronationNH6.50
2851p on p SurchargeNH.40
286-87Royal VisitNH.50
288-301p-10/ Elizabeth DefinitivesNH275.00
  288  p Queen Elizabeth GrayNH.75
  289  1p Queen Elizabeth OrangeNH.75
  290  1p Queen Elizabeth Rose brownNH.75
  291  2p Queen Elizabeth Blue greenNH.75
  292  3p Queen Elizabeth RedNH.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
  293  4p Queen Elizabeth BlueNH.90
  294  6p Queen Elizabeth Rose violetNH3.00
  295  8p Queen Elizabeth Rose carmineNH1.50
  296  9p Queen Elizabeth Green, orange brownNH3.00
  297  1sh Queen Elizabeth Carmine, blackNH3.00
  298  1sh6p Queen Elizabeth Blue, blackNH6.00
  298A  1sh9p Queen Elizabeth Orange, blackNH10.00
  298B  2sh6p Elizabeth on Horseback Red brownNH80.00
  299  3sh Elizabeth on Horseback Blue greenNH35.00
  300  5sh Elizabeth on Horseback Rose carmineNH85.00
  301  10sh Elizabeth on Horseback Violet blueNH175.00
302-04Stamp CentenaryNH2.00
306-121d-8d Elizabeth RedrawnNH29.00
  306 '56  1d OrangeNH1.25
  307 '55  1d Rose brownNH1.50
  308 '56  2d Blue greenNH1.25
  309 '56  3d VermilionNH1.50
  310 '58  4d BlueNH7.50
  311 '55  6d VioletNH9.00
  312 '59  8d Brown redNH15.00
313-15Whalers, AgricultureNH2.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
316-17Lamb ExportNH4.00
318Sir Truby KingNH.75
3192p on #307 Surcharge with Large Dot  (4mm diameter)NH1.25
319a  2p on #307 Surcharge with Small Dot  (3mm diameter)NH1.50
3202p on #290 (with Stars in Lower Right Corner)NH275.00
321First Air CrossingNH.75
322Nelson City CentenaryNH.75
323-25Birds, Hawkes BayNH4.75
326Kiwi, Boy ScoutsNH.40
327-29Wool, Salt - Marlborough CentenaryNH1.50
330-32Explorers - Westland CentenaryNH4.00
333-521960-66 Flower, Nature DefinitivesNH90.00
  333  p Manuka FlowerNH.40
  334  1p Karaka Flower Perf 14x14NH.40
    334c    1p Karaka Flower Perf 14x13NH4.75
  335  2p Kaka Beak FlowerNH.40
  336  2p Titoki FlowerNH.40
  337  3p Kowhai Flower Perf 1414NH.40
    337e    3p Kowhai Flower Perf 14x13NH5.75
  338  4p HibiscusNH.40
  339  5p Mountain DaisyNH.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
  340  6p ClematisNH.40
  340C  7p Koromiko FlowerNH.50
  341  8p Rata FlowerNH.40
  342  9p FlagNH.40
  343  1sh Timber IndustryNH.40
  344  1sh3p Rainbow TroutNH1.00
  345  1sh6p TikiNH1.00
  346  1sh9p Sprayer PlaneNH7.50
  347  2sh Rock DrawingNH2.25
  347 CP  2sh Rock, Chalky PaperNH4.00
  348  2sh6p Butter MakingNH3.00
  349  3sh VolcanoNH22.50
  350  5sh Sutherland FallsNH12.50
  350 CP  5sh Falls, Chalky PaperNH17.50
  351  10sh GlacierNH21.00
  351 CP  10sh Glacier, Chalky PaperNH30.00
  352  1 Pohutu GeyserNH23.00
353Rembrandt Nativity PaintingNH.50
3542p on #309 (2d is 5mm)NH.50
354a  2p on #309 Type II (2d is 5mm wide)NH.50
354+354a  2p on #309 Se-tenant PairNH40.00
3552p Adoration of the MagiNH.40
356-57Telegraph CentenaryNH2.75
358Madonna - ChristmasNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
359Holy Family - ChristmasNH.50
360Plane, FarmlandNH5.50
361 '64Volcano, National ParkNH11.00
362-63Railway CentenaryNH6.00
364Cable ServiceNH4.40
365Road SafetyNH.50
366Rev Marsden - ChristmasH.45
3677d Black SurchargeNH.80
368-69Anzac CoveNH1.10
370ITU CentenaryNH.75
371Winston ChurchillNH.50
373ICY EmblemNH.50
374Murillo Painting - ChristmasNH.50
375-77Parliament ConferenceNH15.00
378Scout EmblemNH.55
379Virgin and ChildNH.50
380-81Queens, CoinsNH1.00
382-4041967-70 DefinitivesNH110.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
382//403 '67  1967 Complete Issues (18) on FDC with Special "$" cancels postally used to NevadaFDCAsk
  382  c Manuka FlowerNH.40
  383  1c Karaka FlowerNH.40
    383a    Pane of 5+labelNHAsk
  384  2c Kaka Beak FlowerNH.40
  385  2c Kowhai FlowerNH.40
  386  3c HibiscusNH.40
  387  4c Mountain DaisyNH.40
  388  5c ClematisNH.40
  389  6c Koromiko FlowerNH.40
  390  7c Rata FlowerNH.40
  391  7c Brown TroutNH.40
  392  8c FlagNH.40
  393  10c Timber IndustryNH.40
  394  15c Tiki: Brown, greenNH.50
  395 '68  15c Tiki: Green, redNH.75
  396  20c Rock DrawingNH1.25
  397  25c Butter MakingNH1.25
  398 '68  28c Fox GlacierNH1.00
  399  30c Volcano, WatermarkedNH3.00
  400 '70  30c Re-issued Volcano, UnwatermarkedNH9.00
  401  50c Sutherland FallsNH3.00
  402  $1 Tasman GlacierNH20.00
  403  $2 Geyser, PinkNH19.00
  404 '68  $2 Geyser, MulticoloredNH45.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
404A-D$4,$6,$8,$10 Postal-Fiscals with WatermarkNH35.00
  404A  $4 Postal-Fiscal with WatermarkNH7.50
  404B  $6 Postal-Fiscal with WatermarkNH11.50
  404Ba '87  $6 Postal-Fiscal, UnwatermarkedNHAsk
  404C  $8 Postal-Fiscal with WatermarkNH15.00
  404Ca '87  $8 Postal-Fiscal, UnwatermarkedNHAsk
  404D  $10 Postal-Fiscal with WatermarkNH18.00
  404Da '87  $10 Postal-Fisca,l UnwatermarkedNHAsk
405Shepherds - ChristmasNH.50
408Maori BibleNH.50
409-11Armed ServicesNH6.50
412-13Universal SuffrageNH1.50
415-20Farming, FishingNH16.50
  415-16,418-19 '69  1969 Farming, Fishing Part 2NH11.00
  417,420 '68  1968 Farming, Fishing Part 1NH6.00
421ILO AnniversaryNH1.00
422-24Law SocietyNH2.75
425-26Otago UniversityNH1.50
427-28Early SettlementsNH2.00
429-30Nativity - ChristmasNH1.50
431-34Captain CookNH12.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
434a S/SCaptain Cook Sheet of 4NH25.00
435-36Relief ServicesNH4.00
437Race HorseNH.60
438-58c-$2 Definitives inc ButterfliesNH22.50
439,440,442,443 var1c,2c,3c,4c Butterflies with Inverted WatermarksNH125.00
  438  c ButterflyNH.60
  439  1c Admiral ButterflyNH.60
  440  2c Tussock ButterflyNH.60
  441  2c Magpie MothNH.60
  442  3c Lichen MothNH.60
  443  4c Puriri MothNH.60
  444  5c Parrot FishNH.60
  445  6c SeahorsesNH.60
  446  7c Leatherjacket FishNH.60
  447  7c GarfishNH.60
  448  8c John Dory FishNH.60
  449  10c Arms, ElisabethNH.60
  450 '71  15c Maori FishhookNH.60
  451 '71  18c Maori ClubNHAsk
  452 '71  20c Maori TattooNHAsk
  453 '71  23c Egmont ParkNH.50
  454 '71  25c Maritime Park, Perf 13NH.50
  454a '76    25c Maritime Park, Perf 14NH1.50
  455 '71  30c Mt. Cook, Perf 13NH.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
  455a '76    30c Mt. Cook, Perf 14NH2.50
  456 '71  50c Tasman ParkNH.90
  457 '71  $1 GeothermalNH2.00
  458 '71  $2 HelicopterNH4.00
459-61EXPO '70NH4.25
462-63UN Headquarters - New YorkNH1.50
464-66Adoration, ChristmasNH2.00
467-68Chatham IslandsNH1.00
469-70G Clef, RotaryNH1.50
471-72Ocean RacingNH.90
473-75Coats of ArmsNH.60
476Antarctic TreatyNH1.75
477UNICEF AnniversaryH1.00
478-79Satellite StationNH2.00
4804c on 2c MothNH.75
481-83Stained GlassNH2.00
487-88Lord RutherfordNH1.50
489-94Vintage CarsNH3.50
500-03Alpine PlantsNH7.00
504-06Window, FlowerNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
517-20Steam LocomotivesNH6.00
521-24Hodgkins' PaintingsNH6.00
525-27Madonna, KingsNH2.75
532This number not utilized by Scott. 
533-34,536-46 (12)1c-20c Unwatermarked DefinitivesNH18.00
  533 '74  1c ButterflyNH.75
  533 ERR '74  1c Butterfly with Blue Omitted in Wing Tip DotsNH325.00
  534 '73  2c Tussock ButterflyNH.75
  535  This number not utilized by Scott. 
  536 '75  3c Lichen MothNH.75
  537 '75  4c Puriri MothNH.75
  538 '76  5c Parrot FishNH1.75
  539 '74  6c SeahorsesNH2.00
  540 '75  7c Leatherjacket FishNH6.00
  541  This number not utilized by Scott. 
  542 '75  8c John Dory FishNH5.00
  543 '73  10c Arms, ElisabethNH.75
  544 '76  15c Maori FishhookNH1.75
  545 '75  18c Maori ClubNH1.75
  546 '75  20c Maori TattooNH2.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
547-51Sports and GamesNH5.75
552 S/SNew Zealand Day SheetNH3.00
  552a-e  New Zealand Day Sheet SinglesNH3.00
553-55Napier, UPU CentenariesNH2.00
556-59Air TransportationNH5.00
560-62Angels, ChristmasNH2.75
563-66Offshore IslandsNH5.50
571-76Sailing ShipsNH5.00
577-80State Forest ParksNH7.50
581-83Virgin, ChristmasNH2.00
584-921c-9c Flowers inc RosesNH1.75
  586  3c Roses Perf 14x13NH.50
  586a    3c Roses Perf 14x14NH.50
  589  6c Roses Perf 14x13NH.50
  589a    6c Roses Perf 14x14NH.75
  590  7c Roses Perf 14x13NH.50
  590a    7c Roses Perf 14x14NH1.80
  591  8c Roses Perf 14x13NH.50
  591a    8c Roses Perf 14x14NH1.80
  592  9c Iceberg FlowerNH.50
598-603Farm VehiclesNH4.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
608-10Church, ChristmasNH2.50
611-14Maori ArtifactsNH2.00
615-19Centenaries Pair, Strip of 3NH2.00
620 S/SElizabeth II Sheet, PerfNH2.50
621-25Education Strip of 5NH5.00
626-29Beach ScenesNH2.50
630-317c, 8c Insect SurchargesNH1.25
632-34Family, PartridgeNH2.50
635-38Fire FightingNH2.75
648-501977-82 10c,24c,$5 DefinitivesNH5.80
  648 '77  10c Elizabeth, Perf 14x13NH.60
  648a    10c Elizabeth, Perf 14x14NH.40
  648 IMP  10c Elizabeth Imperforate PairNH375.00
  649 '82  24c NZ Map, Perf 14x14NH.50
    649a    24c NZ Map, Perf 12x12NH1.00
  650 '81  $5 ParliamentNH5.00
651-541c-10c Definitive Coils (usual rough perfs)NH.40
656-59City CentenariesNH.80
660-65Lincoln UniversityNH1.60
666-70Sea, ResourcesNH1.60
671-73Family, ChurchNH.70
674-77Sea ShellsNH1.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
678-80Statesmen's Portraits Strip of 3NH.75
681-84Early ArchitectureNH.85
685-88Small HarborsNH1.10
689Year of the ChildNH.40
690-92Church, Tree-ChristmasNH.90
693-954c,14c,17c Surcharges on Roses, QueenNH.45
694 ERR  14c on 10c Elizabeth with Complete Offset on ReverseNH275.00
696-97$1,$2 Sea ShellsNH4.00
696 ERR  $1 Shell with Complete Offset on ReverseNH350.00
698-700Parliamentary MeetNH.90
701-03Postage StampsNH.50
703a S/SZeapex Sheet of 3NH2.00
703b STRStrip of 3NH.50
704-06Carving, Orchid, PlowingNH.80
707-10Early ArchitectureNH1.00
715-17Madonna, PicnicNH.75
71820c on 7c Roses SurchargeNH.40
719-23Maori LeadersNH2.00
724Henry FieldingNH.40
725Disabled PersonsNH.40
726-29Family ScenesNH1.20
Scott # Description Condition Price
734-35Royal WeddingNH.45
736-38Madonna, ChurchNH.95
748-51Season ScenesNH2.20
752-54Madonna, PatrolNH1.25
755-60Mineral DefinitivesNH2.00
  755  1c Nephrite: 
  755 P14 WP    1c Nephrite Perf 14x14, White paperNH.50
  755 P14 CP    1c Nephrite Perf 14x14, Cream paperNH.50
  755a P12    1c Nephrite Perf 12x12NH.60
  756  2c Agate: 
  756 P14 WP    2c Agate Perf 14x14, White paperNH.50
  756 P14 CP    2c Agate Perf 14x14, Cream paperNH.50
  756a P12    2c Agate Perf 12x12NH3.00
  757  3c Iron Pyrite: 
  757 WP    3c Iron Pyrite White paperNH.50
  757 CP    3c Iron Pyrite Cream paperNH.50
  758  4c AmethystNH.40
  759  5c Carnelian: 
  759 WP    5c Carnelian White paperNH.50
  759 CP    5c Carnelian Cream paperNH.50
  760  9c SulphurNH.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
761-65 '83Fruit DefinitivesNH4.50
  761  10c Grapes: 
  761 WP    10c Grapes White paperNH.40
  761 CP    10c Grapes Cream paperNH.40
  762  20c Citrus: 
  762 WP  20c Citrus White paperNH.60
  762 CP    20c Citrus Cream paperNH1.00
  763  30c NectarinesNH.90
  764  40c Apples: 
  764 WP    40c Apples White paperNH1.20
  764 CP    40c Apples Cream paperNH1.50
  765  50c KiwifruitNH1.50
766-70A1985-1989 30c-$4 Native BirdsNH11.75
  766 '86  30c Kakapo: 
  766 WP    30c Kakapo White paperNH.90
  766 CP    30c Kakapo Cream paperNH.90
  767 '86  45c FalconNH1.25
  768 '85  $1 Kokako: 
  768 WP    $1 Kokako White paperNH2.00
  768 CP    $1 Kokako Cream paperNH2.00
  769 '85  $2 RobinNH3.00
  770 '86  $3 Stitchbird: 
  770 WP    $3 Stitchbird White paperNH4.50
  770 CP    $3 Stitchbird Cream paperNH4.50
  768,769 PP  $1, $2 in Presentation PackNH8.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  770,770A PP  $3, $4 in Presentation PackNH14.00
  770A '86  $4 Saddleback: 
  770A WP    $4 Saddleback White paperNH6.00
  770A CP    $4 Saddleback Cream paperNH6.00
769a S/S '89PHILEXFRANCE SheetNH20.00
776-79Commonwealth DayNH2.75
776-79 PP  Commonwealth Day Presentation PackNH6.00
780-83 PP  Landscapes Presentation PackNH6.00
784-87Mountain, LakesNH2.90
784-87 PP  Mountain, Lakes Presentation PackNH6.00
788-90Family, StarNH1.50
791-94Antarctic ResearchNH3.00
791-94 PP  Antarctic Research Presentation PackNH6.00
794a S/SAntarctic Research Sheet of 4NH3.00
795-98 PP  Ferries Presentation PackNH6.00
799-802 PP  Skiing Presentation PackNH6.00
808-10Church, BellNH1.50
811-14Military HistoryNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
811-14 PP  Military History Presentation PackNH6.00
814a S/SMilitary History Sheet of 4NH3.00
815-17St. John AmbulanceNH1.50
818-23Early TransportationNH3.50
818-23 PP  Early Transportation Presentation PackNH7.50
824-27 PP  Bridges Presentation PackNH7.00
828-351985-89 Elizabeth DefinitivesNH8.00
  828 '85  25c ElizabethNH1.00
  829 '85  35c ElizabethNH1.50
  830 '87  40c Duck:FDC3.00
  830 WP    40c Duck - White paperNH.60
  830 CP    40c Duck - Cream paperNH.60
  831 '87  60c TealNH.90
  832 '88  70c ShelduckNH.60
  833-34  These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
  835 '88  $5 TakaheNH5.00
832a S/S '89Stamp Expo SheetNH19.75
836-38Carol, ClergymanNH1.50
839-42Navy ShipsNH3.00
842a S/SNavy Ships Sheet of 4NH4.00
843Police Strip of 5NH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
844-45Peace YearNH.75
850-53Bay ScenesNH3.25
850-53 PP  Bay Scenes Presentation PackNH6.50
853a S/SWalnut Bay SheetNH2.00
"853b+B126b" S/SStockholmia Emblem Sheet Overprints (2) on 853a, B126aNH179.00
854-5612 Days of ChristmasNH2.00
871Post Office Vesting Day PairNH1.00
872-75Air Force, Plane ScenesNH3.00
873 ERR  70c Kittyhawk Horizontal Pair with Perfs Shifted 3/8 inchNH125.00
875a S/SSkyhawks SheetNH3.75
875b S/SCAPEX Overprint SheetNH7.50
876-79National ParksNH4.50
879a S/STongariro SheetNH2.50
879b S/SCAPEX Overprint SheetNH6.00
880-82Christmas CarolsNH2.50
883-86Fiber ArtNH3.25
887-88Queen Elizabeth II PairNH1.00
889 S/SRoyal Philatelic Centenary SheetNH3.00
889a S/SRoyal Philatelic Centenary Sheet with SYDPEX Emblem OverprintNH45.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
894-97Rafter PaintingsNH2.25
898-902Greetings, MessagesNH3.00
902a BP  Greetings Pane of 5NH3.00
902a BK  Greetings BookletNH3.75
906a S/SRouteburn SheetNH2.50
907Kiwi & Koala (Joint issue with Australia)NH1.00
908-11Christmas CarolsNH3.50
"908a" BP  Christmas Carols Pane of 10NH6.00
918Green KiwiNH4.50
918 DNM  Green Kiwi with Designer Name in MarginFDC4.00
918a BP  Green Kiwi Pane of 6NH18.00
918b  Green Kiwi LithographedNH5.50
919-335c-$10 1988-95 BirdsNH19.75
  919 '91  5c Spotless CrakeNH.50
  920 '88  10c DotterelNH.50
  921 '88  20c Yellowhead Perf 14x14NH.50
  921a '95  20c Yellowhead Perf 13NH1.00
  922 '88  30c Silvereye: 
  922 '88 WP    30c Silvereye - White paperNH.40
  922 '88 CP    30c Silvereye - Cream paperNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  923 '88  40c Brown Kiwi: 
    923    40c Brown Kiwi Perf 14x14NH.50
    923c '89    40c Brown Kiwi Perf 13x13NH2.50
    "923b" BP    40c Brown Kiwi Pane of 10NH29.00
  924 '91  45c Rock WrenNH.45
    924b BP    45c Rock Wren Pane of 10NH5.00
  925 '88  50c KingfisherNH.50
  926 '88  60c Spotted Shag, Perf 14x14NH.70
926a S/S '94Birds, PhilaKorea SheetNH7.50
  926b  60c Spotted Shag, Perf 13NHAsk
  927 '88  80c PenguinNH1.80
    "927a" BK    80c Penguin Booklet of 10NH12.00
    "927a" var    80c Penguin with Bar CodeNH10.00
    "927a" var    80c Penguin without Bar CodeNH21.00
  928 '93  80c FalconNH.90
    928b BP    80c Falcon Pane of 10NH8.00
    928b BP    80c Falcon Standard FormatNH10.00
    928b BP    80c Falcon Hanging FormatNH10.00
    928c    80c Falcon Perf 12 on 3 sidesNH6.00
    928d BP    80c Falcon Pane of 10NH60.00
  929 '88  90c RobinNH1.10
  930 '89  $10 Spotted KiwiNH10.00
  930d '95 S/S  Bird, Post-X SheetNH37.50
SpecimensSix Bird Stamps overprinted SPECIMEN: $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, $10NH20.00
  931 '91  40c Kiwi Self-adhesiveNH.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
  932 '91  45c Rock Hen Self-adhesive, Perf 11:NH5.00
    45c Rock Hen Self-adhesive, Perf 11, Plain paper: 
  932 var      45c Rock Hen Self-adhesive, Perf 11, Plain paper - Spaced apartNH5.00
  932 var      45c Rock Hen Self-adhesive, Perf 11, Plain paper AdjoiningNH5.00
  932 var    45c Rock Hen Self-adhesive, Perf 11, Olympic Paper: 
  932 var      45c Rock Hen Self-adhesive, Perf 11, Olympic Paper - Spaced apartNH2.50
  932 var      45c Rock Hen Self-adhesive, Perf 11, Olympic Paper AdjoiningNH3.00
  932 var    45c Rock Hen Self-adhesive, Perf 11, Doulton Paper: 
  932 var      45c Rock Hen Self-adhesive, Perf 11, Doulton Paper - AdjoiningNH3.00
Pairs of the above show the spacing and paper varieties very nicely and are available simply at twice the singles price. 
  933 '91  45c Rock Hen, Perf 10x11NH1.25
936-41 PP  Whales Presentation PackNH14.00
946-49Author PortraitsNH2.75
959a S/STrees SheetNH2.25
960-63Bethlehem - ChristmasNH3.00
960a BP  Bethlehem - Christmas Pane of 10NH6.00
970-77Commonwealth GamesNH6.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
971a S/SCommonwealth Games Sheet of 2NH3.50
971b S/SStadium SheetNH3.50
978Air New ZealandNH1.40
979 S/SWaitangi Treaty SheetNH3.50
980-85Sailing ShipsNH7.50
981a S/SH.M.S. Endeavor Stamp World SheetNH21.00
986 S/SOrchids Sheet, PerfNH10.00
"986A" S/S IMPOrchids Sheet, ImperfNH60.00
993-96Early SettlementsNH7.50
996a S/SSettlements SheetNH5.00
997-1002Maori HeritageNH7.50
1003 S/SFirst Postage Stamps SheetNH6.00
1008-13Antarctic BirdsNH8.50
1020-21Map, Albatross, PalmNH2.00
1022Soccer PairNH2.75
1027$1 Red Kiwi EngravedNH1.75
1027 TAB  $1 Red Kiwi with "Designer Allan Mitchell" in MarginNH3.00
1027a  $1 Red Kiwi LithographedNH9.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1028-3740c Greetings, Thinking of You NH12.00
  1032a BP  Greetings Pane of 5, #1028-32NH6.25
  1032a BK  Greetings Booklet of 5NH6.50
  1037a BP  Thinking of You Pane of 5, #1033-37NH6.25
  1037a BK2  Thinking of You, Hanging FormatNH6.50
1038-43Rock FormationsNH8.50
1044-5345c Greetings, Thinking of You NH10.00
  1048a BP  Greetings Pane of 5, #1044-48NH5.25
  1048a BK  Greetings Booklet of 5NH5.50
  1053a BP  Thinking of You Pane of 5, #1049-53NH5.25
  1053a BK  Thinking of You Booklet of 5NH5.50
1057a S/SRugby SheetNH4.00
1057b S/SPhilaNippon Overprint SheetNH18.00
1058-64Christmas ScenesNH7.25
  1075  $1 Forest Ringlet, Perf 14NH2.00
  1075a    $1 Forest Ringlet, Perf 14x14 
  1075b BK    $1 Forest Ringlet BookletNHAsk
  1075c    $1 Forest Ringlet, Perf 13x14NH4.00
  1076  $2 Southern Blue, Perf 14NH4.00
  1076a    $2 Southern Blue, Perf 13x14NH17.50
  1077  $3 Yellow Admiral Butterfly, Perf 14NH6.00
  1077a S/S  PhilaNippon Butterfly SheetNH12.00
  1077b    $3 Yellow Admiral Butterfly, Perf 13x14NH17.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1078 '95  $4 Common Copper Birthday, Perf 14NH8.00
  1078a    $4 Common Copper Birthday, Perf 13x14NH11.00
  "1078b" '08    $4 Common Copper Birthday with Paler Blue Background, Perf 13x14NH14.75
  1079 '95  $5 Red Admiral Butterfly, Perf 14NH10.00
  1079a    $5 Red Admiral Butterfly, Perf 13x14NH11.00
1079 PRF$5 Red Admiral Butterfly SIX COLOR SEPARATIONS plus final stamp VF NHNH110.00
1084 '94$20 Mount Cook (Slania Engraved)NH20.00
1085-88America's CupNH6.00
1092a S/SWCSE Columbus SheetNH12.00
1093Olympic GamesNH.90
1094-99Antarctic SealsNH8.50
1100-03Olympic GamesNH5.50
1103a S/SOlympics SheetNH5.50
1103b S/SWCSE Olympics SheetNH14.00
1116-25Scenic Views, Perfs AroundNH12.00
1125a BK  Scenic Booklet, Standard FormatNH15.00
1125a BK  Scenic Booklet, Hanging FormatNH15.00
"1116b-25b" varScenic Views, Imperf Top and BottomNH88.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1125b var BK  Scenic Views Booklet, Imperf Top and BottomNH95.00
1133-38The 1920'sNH8.00
1139-44Royal DoultonNH7.75
1144a S/SCeramics SheetNH2.75
1145-501930's New ZealandNH7.50
1151-54Women's VoteNH5.00
1155-60Thermal WondersNH7.75
1160a,1184b S/SBangkok Show SheetsNH12.00
1161Blue Round KiwiNH3.00
1161 Strip  Blue Kiwi Strip with TabsNHAsk
1161a S/STaipei - Kiwis SheetNH9.75
1161c '94 S/SKiwi on Hong Kong SheetNH7.50
1162-62CEndangered Species - WWFNH4.00
1162d BLKEndangered Species - WWF Se-tenant Block of 4NH4.00
1163WWF Weta from BookletNH2.75
1163a BK  WWF Booklet (our choice of format):NH17.00
1163a BK    WWF Booklet in Standard FormatNH18.00
1163a BK    WWF Booklet in Hanging FormatNH18.00
1164-69Christmas, Perf 14x14NH5.75
1164a-67bChristmas, Booklet Perf 12NH4.75
1167c BK  Christmas Booklet exists in Two Formats: 
Scott # Description Condition Price
1167c BK    Christmas Booklet in Normal FormatNH11.50
1167c BK    Christmas Booklet in Hanging FormatNH11.50
1170-79Fish Block of 10 from BookletNH12.50
1179a BK  Fish in Normal BookletNH13.00
1179a HBK  Fish in Hanging BookletNH13.00
1184a S/SDinosaurs SheetNH2.25
1184b S/SPlease see listing by 1160a. 
118545c Dinosaur from BookletNH.50
1185 PR  Dinosaur Pair with Double Label at LeftNH4.00
1185a BKDinosaur Booklet exists in Two Formats: 
1185a NBK  Dinosaurs in Normal BookletNH4.75
1185a HBK  Dinosaurs in Hanging BookletNH5.00
1186-91The 1940's - NZ at WarNH8.50
1192-96Outdoor SportsNH6.00
1196a S/SSports, Hong Kong Show SheetNH4.00
1197a BK  Rafting Booklet of 10NH5.00
1198Yacht RaceNH1.10
1199-041950's ScenesNH7.50
1205-08Seasonal ViewsNH5.75
1208aSeasonal Views Strip of 4NH7.00
1209-18Kiwiana ThemeNH5.75
1219-24Maori MythsNH7.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1225Moon LandingNH2.40
1225 M/S  Moon Landing MiniSheet of 10NH27.50
122645c People to People, Red Arrow Clear of Hole in Green BNH.60
1226a '95  45c People to People, Die Cut 11, Red Arrow Covers Lower Left Portion of Hole in Green BNH3.50
1227-36Wild AnimalsNH10.50
1236b S/SAnimals, PhilaKorea SheetNH5.50
1240a S/SChristmas SheetNH3.75
1243Christmas Booklet StampNH.55
1243a BK  Christmas Booklet of 10NH5.50
1244-47Beach CricketNH5.00
1248 BKCricket Block of 10NH9.75
1249-54Cities by NightNH7.50
1254a S/SJakarta, Singapore SheetNH28.50
1255-58Golf CoursesNH4.75
1259-68Protect EnvironmentNH6.00
1268a BK  Environment BookletNH6.00
1269-74Maori LanguageNH7.75
1269-74 LSSLimited Edition Maori SheetNH140.00
1269-74 varComplete Limited Edition AlbumNHAsk
1277America's CupNH.70
1277 M/S  America's Cup MiniSheet of 10NH10.00
1278-81Rugby LeagueNH6.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1281a S/SRugby SheetNH3.75
1278-81 S/S varLimited Rugby SheetNH195.00
1278-81 varLIMITED EDITION DeLuxe Album containing 6 colour separations, 1 Autographed FDC, 1 Limited S/S (not 1281a) and 1278-81 blocks of 4 VF NHNH225.00
1282Rugby Booklet SingleNH.75
1282a BK  Rugby Booklet of 10NH6.00
1283-9240c Farm AnimalsNH5.50
1292a BK  40c Animals BookletNH6.50
1293-0245c Farm AnimalsNH8.50
1302a BK  45c Animals BookletNH8.50
1302b S/SAnimals Sheet of 5NH4.00
1303-09 S/SChristmas Limited Edition SheetNH160.00
1309AChristmas Booklet SingleNH.75
1309A PR  Christmas Pair, Imperf Left and RightNH1.60
1309Ab BK  Christmas Booklet of 10NH6.00
1311 '9440c People Reaching People, Die Cut 11 (Hole in "B" Clearly Visible)NH1.50
1311a  40c People Die Cut 11 (Hole in "B" partially obscured by the Red Arrow)NH3.75
131240c Mitre Peak, Perf 13x13NH1.20
1312a '96  40c Peak, Perf 12NH1.50
1312a TAB  Mitre with Bird TabNH2.00
1312b '96 M/S  SouthPEX Show (Bird Tabs)NH15.00
1313UN AnniversaryNH2.50
1314-19New ZealandersNH12.00
1314-19 S/SNZ'ers Limited Edition SheetNH160.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1320-21Government MeetingNH4.00
1322-27Race HorsesNH12.00
1322-27 S/SLimited Edition Racers SheetNH210.00
1328 PBKHorses Prestige BookletNH25.00
1329-34Maori CraftsNH12.00
1333a '97 S/SCrafts SheetNH9.00
1344a BK  Seashore Booklet of 10NH9.00
1344B-KSeashore Self-AdhesiveNH36.00
1344Kl BK  Seashore Self-adhesive Booklet of 10NH36.00
1345-53 '955c-90c Scenic ViewsNH5.50
1349a S/SChina Exhibition - Scenic SheetNH5.00
1353a S/SCapex Exhibition - Scenic SheetNH10.00
1354-59Scenic Self-Adhesive, Die Cut 11NH3.25
1359aScenic Coil Strip of 6, Die Cut 11: 
1359a PP  Scenic Coil Strip on Plain PaperNH5.00
1359a AA  Scenic Coil Strip on Air Ambulance PaperNH8.00
1359k M/SScenic MiniSheet of 10 (1354-55 x2,1356,1357-58x2, 1359)NH22.50
1359l M/SScenic MiniSheet of 10 (1354 x2, 1355, 1356-57 x2, 1358, 1359 x2)NH22.50
1359m M/SScenic MiniSheet of 10 (1354,1355-56 x2, 1357, 1358-59 x2)NH22.50
1359B-Gj '98Scenic Pane of 10, Die Cut 10x9NH7.50
1359Fh '98  "Sounds" Omitted ErrorNH25.00
1998 Scenic Self-adhesive Booklet: 
1359Gi BK  "Marlborough Sounds" Omitted ErrorNH27.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1359Gj BK  Corrected VersionNH7.50
1359Gj BK2  Reprinted Booklet, deep red cover, new advert and no errorNH5.50
1359GlScenic Coil Strip of 6 
1360$1 PohutukawaNH1.80
1360a BK  $1 Pohutukawa Booklet of 5NH9.75
1361-65Rescue ServicesNH10.00
1366-71Wildlife SinglesNH12.00
1370a S/SChina - Wildlife SheetNH10.00
1371bWildlife Se-tenant Block of 6NH15.00
1371a S/SWildlife - Taipei SheetNH8.00
1374-78Atlanta OlympicsNH10.00
1378 PPProgressive Color Separations (4) plus the final $1.80 Sailing StampNH35.00

1374-78 LE S/SLimited Olympic Edition Sheet of 10 (5 Perf and 5 IMPERF!)NH195.00
1378a S/SOlympics SheetNH7.50
1383 Block  Olympics Block of SixNH3.50
We think a block of 6 is the proper way to collect this attractive issue. 
1384MMP ElectionsNH.50
1384 M/S  MMP Elections MiniSheet of 10NH10.00
1391Adoration Self-adhesiveNH.90
1391a BK  Adoration Booklet of 10NH9.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1392Angels Self-adhesive CoilNH.90
1393-98Extinct BirdsNH9.00
1398a S/SBirds SheetNH3.75
1398b S/SBirds - Taipei SheetNH7.00
1399Wren from BookletNH.80
1399a BK  Wren Booklet of 10NH8.00
1400-04Scenic GardensNH7.50
140580c Scenic, Self-adhesiveNH1.50
1405a BK  80c Scenic, Self-adhesive Booklet of 10NH15.00
3 S/S Inscribed "Best of 1996" - a Limited Issue called for in Lighthouse AlbumsNH60.00
1406-11Lunar Year of the OxNH11.75
1406-11 GP  Lunar Year of the Ox Gutter PairsNH89.00
1410a S/SHong Kong SheetNH15.00
1412$10 Mt. RuapehuNH13.50
1428a BK  Letterboxes Booklet of 10NH10.00
1428b M/SLetterboxes MiniSheet of 10NH22.50
1429a-34b PBK  Vineyards Prestige BookletNH22.50
"1429-34A" S/SLimited Edition Vineyard SheetNH200.00
1433b S/SVineyards - Pacific Show SheetNH17.00
1435-36Pigeon MailNH2.50
1435-36 TB  Pigeon Mail Tete-Beche PairNH6.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
1436a S/SPigeon Mail - Pacific Show SheetNH17.00
1436b S/SPigeongram - AUPEX SheetNH11.00
1441-44Fly FishingNH8.50
1444a,1450a '98 S/SIsrael Show SheetsNH22.00
1445$1 Kiwi - VioletNH2.00
1446-51Scenic TrainsNH11.75
1446//51 LSSLimited Edition Scenic Train SheetNH200.00
1458Self-Adhesive ChristmasNH.90
1458a BK  Self-Adhesive Christmas Booklet of 10NH9.00
1459-68Creepy CrawliesNH9.75
1468a BK  Creepy Crawlies Booklet of 10NH10.00
1468b M/SCrawlies MiniSheet of 10NH15.00
1469-70Roses Pair (Joint issue with PRC)NH1.50
1470b S/SChina - NZ Show Sheet (Joint issue)NH3.00
1470c S/SShanghai Expo - Roses SheetNH3.00
1471Elizabeth WeddingNH.75
1471 M/S  Elizabeth Wedding MiniSheet of 10NH8.00
1471 LSSElizabeth Limited Edition SheetNH45.00
1472-75Kiwi CartoonsNH8.75
3 S/S Inscribed "Best of 1997" - a limited issue called for in Lighthouse AlbumsNH45.00
1476-81Performing ArtsNH7.00
1476a-81b BK  Arts Complete BookletNH14.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1481c  Arts, Perf 14NHAsk
1484-89Lunar Year of the TigerNH8.75
1484-89 GP  Lunar Year of the Tiger Gutter PairsNH32.00
1489a S/SYear of the Tiger SheetNH6.50
1490-91Turkish StatuesNH2.75
1492-97Millennium - CultureNH8.75
1501a,1507b S/SGreetings Sheets of 4, 6NH20.00
1507a BK  Greeting, Stay in Touch BookletNH15.00
1508-211898-1998 PictorialsNH14.50
1517a S/STarapex'98 Show SheetNH4.75
1520a,1525a S/SItalia'98 Exhibit SheetsNH9.00
1522-25Peter McIntyreNH4.50
1526-31Scenic SkiesNH8.50
1531a '99 S/SAustralia '99 Expo SheetNH2.25
1538Christmas Single from BookletNH1.00
1538a BK  Christmas Booklet of 10NH9.00
1539-46Underwater World Blocks of 4NH7.00
1544a '99 S/SFish, Ship, '99 Expo SheetNH5.25
1546b '99 S/SPhilexFrance SheetNH7.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
1547-56Town IconsNH4.50
1556a M/STown Icons MiniSheet of 10NH8.00
1556b BK  Town Icons BookletNH4.75
1557-62Urban TransformationNH6.75
3 S/S3 S/S Inscribed "Best of 1998" - a limited issue called for in Lighthouse AlbumsNH45.00
1563-68Tree FlowersNH6.75
1564a S/SChina 1999 Expo Rabbit SheetNH2.50
1573-78New Year - Popular PetsNH8.00
1573-78 GP  Popular Pets Gutter Pairs with Rabbit GuttersNH35.00
1575a S/SYear of the Rabbit SheetNH3.50
1575b S/SChina 1999 Expo Rabbit SheetNH3.00
1585University of WellingtonNH.40
1586 M/SRugby MiniSheetNH9.00
1587-96Rugby Self-AdhesiveNH9.75
1588a-96a BK  Rugby BookletsNH25.00
1600a S/SPhilexFrance '99 SheetNH5.25
1601Asia-Pacific CooperationNH.40
1602-07Scenic WalksNH8.00
1602a-07b BK  Scenic Walks BookletNH17.50
1607c S/SWalks SheetNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1614Christmas Self-adhesiveNH.75
1614a BK  Christmas Self-adhesive Booklet of 10NH7.50
1620a S/SYachting SheetNH6.75
1621Optimist Self-adhesiveNH.50
1621a BK  Optimist Self-adhesive Booklet of 10NH6.00
Millennium Special SheetsNH99.00
3 S/S Inscribed "Best of 1999" - a Limited Issue called for in Lighthouse AlbumsNH37.00
1628Millennium Year 2000NH.60
1628a M/S  Millennium Year 2000 MiniSheet of 10NH9.75
1628 M/SMillennium Year 2000 Special Sheet of 6NH125.00
1628 LSSLimited Millennium SheetNH175.00
1629-34Year of the DragonNH10.00
1629-34 LSSLimited Year of the Dragon SheetNH200.00
1634a S/STuhirangi SheetNH4.75
1635a S/SStamp Expo SheetNH7.75
1636-39$1,$1.10,$2,$3 Scenic ViewsNH8.00
1639a S/SLondon Exhbition SheetNH7.00
1640$1.10 Kaikoura Coast Self-adhesiveNH1.50
1640a BK  $1.10 Kaikoura Coast Booklet of 5NH7.50
1641-50Popular CultureNH6.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1650a BK  Popular Culture Booklet of 10NH6.00
1650b M/SPopular Culture MiniSheet of 10NH9.00
1651-56 LSSLimited Automobile SheetNH200.00
1651a-56b BK  Automobiles Complete BookletNH19.00
1657-62Scenic ReflectionsNH8.50
1662a S/SCanpex Exhibition SheetNH4.00
1663-65Queen Mum's 100thNH4.00
1663-65 LSSLimited Queen Mother SheetNH140.00
1665a S/SBirthday SheetNH4.25
1666-71Olympics, SportsNH8.50
1678Christmas Self-adhesiveNH.60
1678a BK  Christmas Booklet of 10NH6.00
1679-80More Scenic ViewsNH3.00
1680a S/S '01Stamp Odyssey SheetNH6.00
1681-86Teddy BearsNH9.50
1682a S/SBears SheetNH3.00
1687Bears CoilNH1.00
1688-94Endangered Birds (1688-89 singles)NH13.00
Scott 1688-89 was printed in two formats: A) each stamp in a separate sheet of 25 and B) se-tenant pairs (Scott 1689a) in a limited edition Special Printing sheet. So Scott's listings are not quite accurate nor priced correctly.  Please pick the exact format set you wish to have. 
1689a,1690-94Bird Set with Se-tenant PairNH16.00
1689a STBird Se-tenant PairNH4.00
1689a M/SSpecial Printing Sheet of 25NHAsk
1688-94 LSSLimited Edition Birds SheetNH200.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1694a S/S '01Hong Kong Exhbit SheetNH5.25
1695 S/SMoving the Mail - Penny Postage SheetNH5.75
1695k S/SPenny Postage Sheet with Belgica in MarginNH6.00
1696-01Marine ReptilesNH9.50
1701a S/SReptiles SheetNH5.00
1707a S/SFlower SheetNH8.50
1708-13Art from NatureNH8.50
1708-13 RBRotational Blocks of 4NH42.00
1714a-19b BK  Aircraft Complete BookletNH20.00
1720-21Greetings StripsNH8.00
1722-27Tourist OfficeNH8.50
1727a S/STourist SheetNH4.75
1728-30Tourism Self-adhesiveNH4.00
1728a-30b BK  Tourism Complete BookletsNH25.00
1730aTourism Strip of 3NH4.50
1730C40c Bungee Jumper CoilNH2.50
1731-36Religious ChristmasNH8.50
1737Madonna, Christmas Self-adhesiveNH.85
1737a BK  Madonna, Christmas Booklet of 10NH9.75
1738-43Queen's VisitNH8.50
There were two printings of this issue.  The first was each individual value in sheets of 30.  The second other is a se-tenant strip of 6.  Also, each printing version exists Imperforate!
Singles with Margins or Pairs are required to prove without doubt that these Imperfs are from Sheets of 30 rather than from se-tenant strips of 6. 
Scott # Description Condition Price
1738-43 IMP  Queen, Imperf SinglesNH28.00
1738-43 IMP  Queen, Imperf Sheet Margin SinglesNH25.00
1738-43 IMP  Queen, Imperf PairsNH35.00
1738-43 IMP  Queen, Imperf Blocks of FourNH68.00
1743a IMP  Queen, Imperf Se-tenant Strip of 6NH36.00
1750-55Lord of the RingsNH16.00
1750a-55a S/SRings SheetsNH39.00
1750b M/SRings MiniSheet of 10NH9.50
1755b S/S '02Rings, Amphilex 2002 SheetNH6.50
1755c S/S '02Rings, Northpex SheetNH9.75
1756-61Rings Self-adhesiveNH30.00
1761b BK  Rings Booklet of 10NH35.00
1762-67Year of the HorseNH8.50
1766a S/SHorse SheetNH4.75
1773a S/SMushrooms SheetNH8.50
1774a-79c BKArchitecture Prestige BookletNH19.00
1780-86Sweden-New Zealand ArtNH9.50
1780-86 S/SSweden-New Zealand Art Limited Edition SheetNHAsk
1787Brown KiwiNH1.90
1787a '10 S/SPALMPEX Exhibition SheetNH6.75
1788Queen MotherNH2.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
1789-98Children's DesignsNH10.00
1798b M/SDesigns MiniSheet of 10NH11.50
1799-04Scenic CoastlinesNH8.00
1799-04 IMP  Scenic Coastlines ImperforateNH19.00
1805-07Self-adhesive CoastlinesNH4.00
1805a-07a BK  Coastlines BookletsNH25.00
1805b40c Tongaporufu Cliffs, Die Cut 11NH3.75
1805c BK  40c Tongaporufu Cliffs, Die Cut 11 Booklet of 10NH18.00
180840c 40c Tongaporufu Cliffs, Die Cut 12 Coil Self-adhesiveNH1.75
1809-11These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1818Christmas Coil, Self-adhesiveNH.90
1818AChristmas Self-adhesive from BookletNH1.75
1818b BK  Christmas Booklet of 10NH10.00
1824a S/SBoats SheetNH9.00
1825-27America's CupNH6.00
1827a S/SAmerica's Cup SheetNH6.50
1827b S/SStampshow Melbourne Overprint SheetNH6.50
1828-33Vacation HomesNH4.75
1834Christmas Nativity (Joint issue with Vatican City)NH3.00
1835-40Lord of the Rings - Two TowersNH13.00
1835a-40a S/SLord of the Rings SheetsNH16.00
1841-46Lord of the Rings Self-adhesiveNH13.00
1846b BK  Lord of the Rings Booklet of 10NH19.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1847-49America's Cup RacesNH2.25
1849a S/SRace SheetNH3.00
1850-54Year of the RamNH7.50
1850-54 GP  Year of the Ram Gutter PairsNH26.50
1854a S/SYear of the Ram New Year SheetNH4.50
1855-59Royal BalletNH6.50
1859a S/SBangkok Exhibition SheetNH6.50
1860 M/SMilitary Uniforms MiniSheetNH21.00
1860u-y PBKUniforms Prestige BookletNH25.00
1861-63,1864-65Scenic Definitives (5)NH11.00
"1861S-65S"Silver Foil Overprint (very limited)NH50.00
1863A '08$1.50 Arrowtown, Die II - Person added by the House Door, water-activated gumNH4.50
1866Scenic Self-adhesive, Vignette 27mm WideNH2.00
1866a BK  Scenic Self-adhesive, Vignette 27mm Wide Booklet of 5NH10.50
1866B '07Scenic Self-adhesive, Vignette 26mm WideNH4.50
1866Bc BK '07  Scenic Self-adhesive, Vignette 26mm WideNH23.00
1867-68Conquest of EverestNH2.50
"1868B" S/SEverest SheetNH15.00
1vTongaporutu Cliffs, New Perf 11NHAsk
1874-79Rugby Test MatchesNH8.00
1879a S/SRugby SheetNH8.00
1879b S/SWelpex Exhibition - Dancing SheetNH5.00
1879c S/S '04Hong Kong Expo SheetNH7.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1890-94 RB  Christmas Rotation Blocks of 4 (not in Year Set)NH33.00
189540c Christ Child from BookletNH1.00
1895a BK  Christ Child Booklet of 10NH6.00
1895 var40c Christ Child from CoilNH1.50
1896$1 Decoration from BookletNH1.10
1896a BK  Decoration Booklet of 8NH9.00
1896 var  $1 Decoration from CoilNH1.50
1897-02Lord of the Rings - ReturnNH9.75
1897a-02a S/SReturn of the King SheetsNH18.00
1903-08Lord of the Rings - Self adhesiveNH11.00
1908a BP  Lord of the Rings Pane of 6NH11.50
1908b BK  Lord of the Rings BookletNH16.00
190910c Scenic Self-adhesive (from Booklet)NH2.50
1909a BK  Pool Booklet of 14NH11.00
1910-14Year of the Monkey (Zoo Animals)NH7.75
1910-14 GP  Year of the Monkey Gutter PairsNH29.50
1914a S/SYear of the Monkey SheetNH4.25
191540c Animal Self-Adhesive Coil, Die Cut 12x12NH.90
191640c Animal from Booklet, Die Cut 11NH1.00
1916a BK  $4.00 Animal Booklet of 10NH8.50
1917-20Rugby SevensNH5.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
1920a S/SRugby Sheet of 4NH5.75
1920b S/SRugby - France SheetNH6.00
1921-25,1935 (6)Parliament AnniversaryNH7.75
1925a S/SParliament Sheet of 5NH7.25
1v40c Marlborough Sounds (new shade) from 2004 BookletNH.50
1926-2745c,$1.35 Scenic Definitives (from Sheets)NH2.10
1927a '06$1.35 Lake Tekapo Definitive, Perf 13NH1.75
192845c Scenic Self-adhesive with Type 1 Backing PaperNH.55
1928a BK  $4.50 Kaikoura Booklet (our choice of Printing)NH6.75
1928a BK OP  $4.50 Kaikoura Booklet - Original Printing - No KiwisNH9.50
1928a BK RP 1 '04  $4.50 Kaikoura Booklet - First Reprint with 1 KiwiNH9.50
1928a BK RP 2 '04  $4.50 Kaikoura Booklet - Second Reprint with 2 KiwisNHAsk
1928a BK RP 3 '05  $4.50 Kaikoura Booklet - Third Reprint with 3 KiwisNH9.50
1928a BK RP 4 '05  $4.50 Kaikoura Booklet - Fourth Reprint with 4 KiwisNH9.50
1928a BK RP 5 '06  $4.50 Kaikoura Booklet - Fifth Reprint with 5 KiwisNH9.50
1928a BK RP 6 '06  $4.50 Kaikoura Booklet - Sixth Rerprint with 6 KiwisNH9.50
1928a BK RP 7 '07  $4.50 Kaikoura Booklet - Seventh Reprint with 7 KiwisNH6.75
1928B45c Kaikoura Coil with Unserifed New Zealand, horizontal bars in "e" and a symmetrical "w."NHAsk
1928 var45c Scenic Self-adhesive with Type 2 Backing PaperNH.70
192990c Scenic Self-Adhesive with Type 1 Backing PaperNH1.10
1929 var90c Scenic Self-adhesive with Type 2 backing paperNH1.50
1929a BK$9.00 Scenic BookletNH10.75
BK$4.40 Scenic BookletNH5.25
1930-34Historic Farm EquipmentNH7.35
1930a-34b PBKFarm Equipment Prestige BookletNH25.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
193545c Parliament - Offered with 1921-25 
1936-40Wearable ArtNH7.50
1936-40 IMP  Wearable Art, ImperforateNH60.00
1936-40 IMP PR  Wearable Art, Imperforate PairsNH110.00
1936-40 IMP BLK  Wearable Art Blocks of 4, ImperforateNH200.00
1941-43Kiwi CharactersNH22.50
1943a SBPKiwi Characters - Pane of 6NH48.50
1944-46Wild Food Festival NH22.50
1946a SBPWild Food Festival - Pane of 6NH48.50
1947-49Draw it YourselfNH25.00
1949a SBPDraw it Yourself - Pane of 6NH50.00
1949b SBPDraw it Yourself - Pane of 8NHAsk
1950-54Garden Flowers IINH7.50
1954a S/SFlower Sheet of 5NH7.50
19555c Pals Single from PaneNH1.50
1955a SBP  5c Pals Label - Pane of 10NH17.50
1956-63Lord of the Rings - Middle Earth NH10.75
1961b S/SLord of the Rings - Singapore Exhibition SheetNH7.00
1963c S/SLord of the Rings - Earth Sheet of 8NH15.00
1964-67Middle Earth Self-Adhesive Block of 4 with Type 1 Backing PaperNH4.00
1964-67 - TY 2Middle Earth Self-adhesive Block with Type 2 Backing PaperNH5.50
1967b BK$6.30 Lord of the Rings - Earth BookletNH7.50
1968-71Olympics (singles from 1st Printing)NH6.75
1971a  Olympic Games Strip of 4 (second printing)NH13.75
1972-77Tourism ScenesNH10.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
1975a S/S '05TAIPEI Stamp ExpoNH3.50
1976b '07 S/SBangkok Exhibition SheetNH4.25
1977a S/SBaypex Exhibition SheetNH5.35
1983-85Christmas Self-Adhesive Strip (1985b)NH3.00
1983 var  45c Christmas with Type 2 Backing PaperNH.75
1v80c Christmas with Type 2 Backing PaperNH1.25
1983a BK  $4.50 Christmas BookletNH5.35
1985$1 Christmas from Booklet (different backing than 1985b strip)NH1.10
1985a BK  $8.00 Christmas BookletNH9.50
1986-90Extreme SportsNH7.75
1986a-90b PBKExtreme Sports Prestige BookletNH18.75
1991-95,"1996B"Farmyard Animals inc Self-Adhesive CoilNH7.50
1996a BKFarm Animals BookletNH5.00
1996Animals from BookletNH.75
1995b S/SAnimals SheetNH4.00
1997-02Lions, Rotary, YMCA (Se-tenant Pairs with Label between)NH6.50
2000a-002a M/S  Rotary, YMCA, Lions MiniSheets of 6NH22.50
2002b S/SYMCA, Lions, Rotary SheetNH6.75
2003-07Stamp Anniversary I, LighthouseNH7.50
2007a S/SStamp Anniversary I, LighthouseNH7.50
2008-12Stamp Anniversary IINH7.25
2012a S/SAnniversary II SheetNH7.25
2012b S/SPacific Explorer Expo SheetNH4.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
2013-14Anniversary II, Self-adhesive, Perf 12NH1.75
2015-16Anniversary II, Self-adhesive, Perf 11NH1.75
2015a BK$4.50 Anniversary BookletNH5.00
2016a BK$9 Anniversary BookletNH10.00
2017-21Stamp Anniversary IIINH7.00
2020a S/SNational Stamp Show SheetNH5.00
2021a S/SAniversary III SheetNH6.90
The Cafe Culture Stamps below were issued in two formats:  A - Sheets of 30 and B - Strips of 5.  Please indicate your needs appropriately. 
2022-26Cafe Culture (our choice of format)NH8.50
2022-26  Cafe Culture Singles from Sheet PrintingNH8.50
2026a  Cafe Culture Strip from Strip PrintingNH12.00
2027-30Lion's Rugby TourNH4.50
2031 S/SGreetings MiniSheet of 10NH9.75
2032-35WWF - KakapoNH2.00
2032-35 M/S  WWF MiniSheet of 16NH8.50
The Christmas Set of 5 Stamps below was issued in two formats:  A - Sheets of 30 and B - Strips of 5.  Please indicate your needs appropriately. 
2036-40Christmas Set of 5 (our choice of format)NH8.50
2036-40  Christmas Singles from Sheet PrintingNH8.50
2040a  Christmas Strip from Strip PrintingNH12.50
"2041B"  45c Christmas CoilNH1.50
"2042B"  $1 Christmas CoilNH1.50
204145c Christmas from BookletNH.90
2041a BK  $4.50 Christmas Booklet of 10NH5.00
2042$1 Christmas from BookletNH1.75
2042a BK  $10 Christmas Booklet of 10NH11.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2043-47King Kong Strip of 5NH10.00
2047b S/SKing Kong SheetNH10.00
2048-52Lion Witch, NarniaNH10.00
2048a-52a S/SNarnia Sheets (5)NH14.00
2053 S/SNarnia Self-adhesive SheetNH10.00
2054-58Year of the DogNH6.75
2054-58 GP  Year of the Dog Gutter PairsNH19.00
2058a S/SYear of the Dog SheetNH4.00
2059Dog Self-ahesive on White backing paper, Die Cut 12NH1.00
2060Year of the Dog Self-Adhesive, Perf 11 with Red backing paperNH1.50
2060a BK  Year of the Dog Booklet of 10, Perf 11NH15.00
2061 M/SHawkes Bay EarthquakeNH9.75
2061u-aa PBKHawkes Bay Earthquake Booklet of 7 SheetsNH20.00
2062-67Scenic DefinitivesNH9.75
2068Queen Elizabeth's 80th BirthdayNH7.50
2068b M/S  Elizabeth MiniSheet of 4, Unnumbered VersionNH28.00
2068b M/S #  Elizabeth MiniSheet of 4, Numbered Version - Limited to 5,000 issuedNH38.00
2068b S/SElizabeth Sheet with Jersey Se-tenant (Joint issue with Jersey)NH29.50
2069 M/SCongratulations Personalizable SheetNH9.75
2069k S/SBelgica Exhibition SheetNH5.75
"2069cX" M/SFerns MiniSheet of 20 with America's Cup TabsNH125.00
2070 S/SWashington Exhibition SheetNH4.50
2070c S/SKiwipex Exhibition SheetNH5.75
2071-75Renewable Energy with Lighthouse, Wind Sails, DamNH6.80
Scott # Description Condition Price
2076-81Food, HealthNH7.50
2080a S/SFood, Health SheetNH7.00
2082-86Gold RushNH10.00
2082-86 IMPGold Rush Imperforate NH IMPERF60.00
NH IMPERF Pair110.00
NH IMPERF Block200.00
2087 S/SGold Rush Sheet of 5NH10.00
"2087X" S/S IMPGold Rush Sheet ImperfNHAsk
2093a S/SChristmas SheetNH3.00
2098-99Christmas Self-Adhesive Pair (white backing paper)NH2.25
"2098K-99K"Christmas Self-adhesive from Booklets (non-white backing paper)NH3.00
2098a BK$4.50 Christmas Booklet of 10NH5.00
2099a BK$13.50 Christmas Booklet of 10NH15.00
2100-04aSummer Festivals (Se-tenant Printing)NH11.00
2100-04Summer Festivals (Singles Printing)NH10.00
2104b S/SSummer Festivals SheetNH10.00
2105-09Anniversary of Scott BaseNH8.50
2105a-09a S/SAnniversary of Scott Base SheetsNH12.00
"2105aX-09aX" S/SAnniversary of Scott Base Sheets with OverprintsNH250.00
2110-14Year of the PigNH10.00
"2111X-12X" S/SYear of the Pig Limited Sheet of 2NH250.00
2110-14 GP  Year of the Pig Gutter Pairs with Emblem in GutterNH29.00
2114a S/SYear of the Pig SheetNH4.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
  The Wildlife Issue was printed in two formats.  To be complete and accurate, we include both formats in our Year Set.
  1 - Se-tenant Strips of 5
  2 - Sheets of 40 of each value.
2115-19aWildlife Se-tenant Strip (Frist Printing)NH8.50
2115-19Wildlife Individual Stamps (Second Printing)NH8.50
2120 S/S"Northland 2007" Exhibition, Lighthouse SheetNH5.50
  The Centenaries Issue was printed in two formats.  To be complete and accurate, we include both formats in our Year Set.
  1 - Se-tenant Blocks of 8
  2 - Sheets of 40 with some values printed singly, others in pairs and still others in strips of 4.
2121-28a BLKCentenaries Se-tenant Block (First Printing)NH11.75
2121-28Centenaries Singles, Pair, Strip (Second Printing)NH11.75
2129-355c-$3 Scenic Definitives including WaterfallNH11.00
2136-3750c,$1 Scenic Definitives Self-adhesive Pair on Normal PaperNH2.50
1v45c Scene with Whale Definitive on SEP PaperNH1.50
3v50c,$1,$1.50 Scenic Definitives from BookletsNH4.50
3 BK  $5, $7.50, $10 Scenic Definitive BookletsNH32.00
2138 S/SPersonalized Stamps Sheet of 7NH5.00
2139-43Southern Skies AstronomyNH10.00
2143d S/SHuttpex Exhibition SheetNH6.25
2139b-43c PBKSouthern Skies Prestige Booklet with 6 SheetsNH27.50
2144 M/S"Classic Kiwi, Local Sayings" MiniSheet of 20NH14.00
2145-49"Clever Kiwis" (Inventors)NH10.50
2150-51Royal Diamond WeddingNH3.50
2151a S/SRoyal Wedding SheetNH3.50
2152-56Christmas, ArtNH10.50
2157-58Christmas Coil Pair - Self-adhesiveNH3.50
1v50c Christmas Self-adhesive Coil, Perf 12, on Pemara PaperNH1.75
2159-60Christmas Self-adhesive from Booklet, Perf 12NH4.00
2159a-60a BK  $5.00, $13.50 Christmas, Art Booklets, Perf 12NH26.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
"2159X-60X"Christmas Self-adhesive from Booklet, Perf 11NH4.50
"2159Xa-60Xa" BK  $5,00, $13.50 Christmas, Art Booklets, Perf 11NH36.00
2161 S/SPersonalized Greetings Stamps Sheet of 10NH12.00
PMSEmirates Team New Zealand Personalized MiniSheet of 20NH29.50
BK$4.50 Reprint (7 Kiwis) - see listing under Scott 1928a 
New Zealand introduced Customized Advertising Stamps in 10 Formats.  We fully expect that the basic 10 Frame Stamps will eventually be fully listed in Scott.
CA-  The stamps exist with normal, water-activated gum (WAG) and on self-adhesive paper (SA).  Frames exist in Vertical and Horizontal format in varying denominations.
  Not all denominations exist in each format.  Our numbers "CA W 1-4" are for the basic 4 values on WAG and numbers "CA S 5-10" are for the basic 6 values on self-adhesive paper.
CA-W 1-4+ CA-S 1-6Personalized Stamps with Red Border at Right (not in Year Set)NH45.00
CA-W 1-445c-$1 Red Frames with Water-activated Gum 
  CA-W 1  45c Vertical Red Frame with Water-activated Gum 
    CA-W 1a    45c Vertical Red Frame, WAG, Huttpex with Bird Facing RightNH8.00
    CA-W 1b    45c Vertical Red Frame, WAG, Huttpex with Bird Facing LeftNH8.00
  CA-W 2  50c Vertical Red Frame with Water-activated Gum 
    CA-W 2a    50c Vertical Red Frame, WAG, Tarapex, MountainNH4.00
    CA-W 2b    50c Vertical Red Frame, WAG, Rising BalloonNH6.00
    CA-W 2c    50c Vertical Red Frame, WAG, Huttpex with Bird Facing RightNH5.00
    CA-W 2d    50c Vertical Red Frame, WAG, Huttpex with Bird Facing LeftNH5.00
  CA-W 3  50c Horizontal Red Frame with Water-activated Gum 
    CA W 3a    50c Horizontal Red Frame, WAG, New and Old ShipsNH5.50
    CA-W 3b    50c Horizontal Red Frame, WAG, Oil ProducerNH5.50
  CA-W 4  $1 Horizontal Red Frame with Water-activated Gum 
    CA-W 4a    $1 Horizontal Red Frame, WAG, FlagsNH15.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
CA-S 1-645c-$1.50 Red Frame, Self-adhesive 
  CA-S 1  45c Vertical Red Frame, Self-adhesive 
    CA-S 1a      45c Vertical Red Frame, SA, Business to MusicNH15.00
  CA-S 2  45c Horizontal Red Frame, Self-adhesive 
    CA-S 2a    45c Horizontal Red Frame, SA, MotorolaNH4.00
    CS 2b-c    45c Horizontal Red Frame, SA, Scouting Themes (itemized below)NH10.00
      CA-S 2b      45c Horizontal Red Frame, SA, Scouting with Baden-PowellNH7.50
      CA-S 2c      45c Horizontal Red Frame, SA, Scouts erecting a TentNH5.00
  CA-S 3  50c Vertical Red Frame, Self-adhesive 
  CA-S 4  50c Horizontal Red Frame, Self-adhesive 
  CA-S 4c-d  50c Horizontal Red Frame, SA, Scouting Themes (2)NH
  CA-S 4g-k  50c Horizontal Red Frame, SA, Automobile ThemesNH
  CA-S 5  $1 Horizontal Red Frame, Self-adhesive 
    CA-S 5a    $1 Horizontal Red Frame, SA, "FISHPOND" AdNH9.00
    CA-S 5b    $1 Horizontal Red Frame, SA, "Home Investments" AdNH4.00
  CA-S 6  $1.50 Horizontal Red Frame, Self-adhesive 
    CA-S 6a    $1.50 Horizontal Red Frame, SA, "FISHPOND" AdNH15.00
2162-65Underwater Reefs, MapsNH5.00
2165a S/SUnderwater Reefs, Maps SheetNH5.00
2166-67Underwater Reefs Coil Pair on Thick PaperNH1.50
"2166X-67X"Underwater Reefs from Booklet (Red Back Paper)NH2.00
2166a-67b BK  Underwater Reefs Booklets of 10NH15.00
"2166C"50c Underwater Reefs Coil on Thin Translucent PaperNH1.50
BK RP$5 Arrowtown Booklet Reprint - 2 KiwiNH8.50
BK RP$10 Rangitoto Booklet Reprint - 1 KiwiNH11.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1vArrowtown Redrawn - 1mm Smaller than original printing, Self-adhesiveNH2.50
BK  Arrowtown Redrawn Booklet - 1mm Smaller than Original PrintingNH25.00
2168-71Year of the RatNH8.00
2168-71 GP  Year of the Rat Gutter PairsNH22.50
2171a S/SYear of the Rat SheetNH5.50
12 S/SThe 12 Most Recent Lunar New Year Sheets Reissued with Serial Numbers Added (not in Year Set)NH65.00
2171b  $2 Year of the Rat - Perf 13x13NH2.75
2171c S/STaipei Exhibition SheetNH4.00
2172-77Weather ExtremesNH8.00
2178-83ANZAC AnniversaryNH8.00
2178a-83b PBKANZAC Prestige BookletNH19.75
2181b S/SEnd of World War INH3.00
2184-86Kingitanga ArtNH4.50
2187-90Chronicles of Naria - Prince CaspianNH5.00
2187a-90a S/SNarnia - Prince Caspian SheetsNH7.00
"1078b"$4 Butterfly Reprint with Pale Blue Background (different enough for a major Scott number) - Please see priced listing at "1078b" 
2191-96Maori New Year - MatarikiNH8.00
2195a S/SMaori - Matariki SheetNH8.00
2197-00Beijing OlympicsNH4.00
2201 M/SA-Z of New Zealand Sheet of 26NH23.00
  2201a  A is for AotearoaNH6.00
  2201b  B is for BeehiveNH12.00
  2201c  C is for CookNH9.50
  2201d  D is for DogNH12.50
  2201e  E is for Edmonds CookbookNH11.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  2201f  F is for FantailNH6.50
  2201g  G is for Goodnight KiwiNH6.50
  2201h  H is for HakaNH5.50
  2201i  I is for Interislander (Lighthouse)NH15.00
  2201j  J is for JellyTip (Ice Cream)NH9.50
  2201k  K is for Kia OraNH6.50
  2201l  L is for Log o'WoodNH6.00
  2201m  M is for MudpotsNH6.00
  2201n  N is for Nuclear FreeNH13.50
  2201o  O is for O.E. (Overseas Experience)NH6.50
  2201p  P is for Pinetree (Rugby)NH9.75
  2201q  Q is for QuakeNH7.50
  2201r  R is for RutherfordNH12.75
  2201s  S is for Southern CrossNH9.75
  2201t  T is for TikiNH7.50
  2201u  U is for Upham NH5.75
  2201v  V is for VoteNH7.50
  2201w  W is for WetaNH7.75
  2201x  X is for X-treme SportsNH8.75
  2201y  Y is for YarnNH6.00
  2201z  Z is for ZeelandNH8.75
2202-06Main Trunk Railway CentenaryNH7.50
3 BK RPBooklet Reprints:  Lake Coleridge - 2 Kiwi; Arrowtown - 3 Kiwi; Rangitoto - 3 KiwiNH22.50
2195a S/SWIPA Exhibition SheetNH4.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2213-14Christmas Pair from Horizontal Coil, Self-adhesive, Perf 11NH5.00
"2213B"50c Christmas Vertical Coil on Thin Translucent PaperNH6.50
"2213B" PR  50c Christmas Vertical Coil Pair on Thin Translucent Paper (not in Year Set)NH15.00
2215-16Christmas from Booklet, Self-adhesive, Die Cut 12NH4.75
2215a-16a BKChristmas Booklets (2)NH49.50
2217-21Sir Edmund HillaryNH7.50
2221b '09 S/SSir Edmund Hillary - TIMPEX Exhibition SheetNH15.00
2222 S/STarapex Exhibition SheetNH4.50
3 BKBooklet Reprints - $5 Lake (3K); $7.50 Arrowtown (4K); $10 Rangitoto (4K)NH22.50
2223-25Year of the OxNH5.50
2223-25 GP  Year of the Ox Gutter PairsNH14.50
2224b S/SYear of the Ox, China '09 SheetNH5.00
2225a S/SLunar New Year - Ox SheetNH4.50
2235a S/SMotorsport SheetNH8.75
"2236X"50c Motorsport Coil on Translucent PaperNH2.00
2236-37Motorsport from BookletNH1.90
2237aMotorsport Self-adhesive Special PairNH3.50
2236a-37a BK$5, $10 Motorsport BookletsNH16.50
2238 S/SPolar Regions, Glaciers SheetNH4.50
2239-43Giant Animals of New ZealandNH8.50
2243a S/SGiant Animals SheetNH8.50
2244-49ANZAC, Lest We ForgetNH9.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2244b//49c PBKANZAC Prestige Booklet containing 7 S/S.NH22.00
2250-53Auckland Harbor BridgeNH6.50
2254Auckland Bridge, Self-adhesiveNH1.75
2255 M/SMatariki New Year, Self-adhesiveNH10.00
2256 S/SMatariki New Year SheetNH10.00
2257-62Scenic DefinitivesNH19.00
2263$1.80 Russell Lake, Self-adhesive, White BackingNH3.50
2263 var$1.80 Russell Lake, Self-adhesive, Red BackingNH2.25
3 BKScenic Booklets inc Airmail LabelsNH32.50
2264 M/STiki Tour Sheet of 24NH19.75
2265-74Kiwi Stamp Pane- Die Cut 9x10NH8.00
2274e BK  $5 Kiwi Booklet of 10NH9.00
2274hKiwi Coil Strip of 10NH8.50
BK  Kiwi Booklet of 24NH32.50
12vKiwi Block of 12 from BookletNH15.00
A very few Kiwi Stamps have KIWI printed in SILVER instead of white.  The offers below are from that Special Printing. 
2274g BKKiwi with Silver Foil Inscription, Booklet of 10, Perf 11NH35.00
KS BK 50v  Kiwi with Silver Foil Inscription, Perf 11 Booklet of 50NH89.00
KS 12vKiwi with Silver Foil Inscription, Pane of 12, Perf 10x9NH40.00
2281-82Christmas Self-adhesiveNH2.75
2281a-82a BK  Christmas BookletsNH25.00
1v$1.50 Scene without PhosphorNH6.50
BK  $7.50 Scenic Definitive without Phosphor) Booklet of 5NH29.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1v$1.80 Scene from BookletNH2.00
BK  $9 Scenic Definitive Booklet NH10.00
2283-87Peter BlakeNH9.75
2287a S/SBlake Sheet, PerfNH18.00
"2287X" S/S IMPPeter Blake Special Imperf SheetNH29.50
2288-91Year of the TigerNH8.75
2288-91 GP  Year of the Tiger Gutter PairsNH19.50
2291b S/SLunar Year of the Tiger SheetNH9.00
2292 S/SPersonalized Sheet of 4 ($1.80 UL)NH14.00
2293-97Prehistoric AnimalsNH12.50
2298 S/SReptiles Sheet of 5NH16.75
2299-04ANZAC VictoryNH13.00
2299b-04c PBKANZAC Prestige Booklet of 7 SheetsNH29.00
2299b-04c S/S  ANZAC Sheets from BookletNH30.00
2304d S/SLondon Exhibition SheetNH8.00
2305-09Shanghai ExpoNH12.50
2309b S/SShanghai Expo SheetNH12.50
2310-11Maori RugbyNH3.50
2310-11 M/S  Maori Rugby MiniSheets of 10NH39.50
2311a S/SRugby SheetNH3.50
2315a S/SMatariki SheetNH8.00
2316-20Scenic DefinitivesNH17.50
2318a '11 S/SINDIPEX Exhibition SheetNH9.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2321-22Scenic Self-adhesive from BookletsNH5.00
2321-22 PRScenic Self-adhesive PairNH5.50
2321a-22a BK  $9.50,$12 Scenic BookletsNH31.00
2323-24Rugby BlacksNH3.75
2323-24 M/S  Rugby Blacks MiniSheets of 10NH39.50
2324a M/S '11Rugby World Cup Victory Sheet of 6 (not in Basic Year Set)NHAsk
2325 S/SRugby All Blacks SheetNH7.50
2325c,2325d M/S  Personalized MiniSheetsNHAsk
BK RP$9 Russell 1 Kiwi ReprintNH13.50
BK RP$7.50 Arrowtown, 3 Kiwi ReprintNH12.00
BK RP$7.50 Arrowtown, 4 Kiwi ReprintNH12.00
BK RP$10 Rangitoto, 5 Kiwi ReprintNH15.00
2326-27 S/SPersonalized Stamps Sheets of 8 and 4 ($1.90 UL)NH21.00
2328-29Rugby World CupNH3.75
2330 S/SRugby Cup SheetNH7.50
2330cX '11 M/S60c Rugby MiniSheet of 20 with Team LogosNH110.00
2331 M/SA Slice of Heaven Sheet of 25, PerfNH25.00
"2331X" M/SA Slice of Heaven Sheet of 25, ImperfNH42.50
2332-36Christmas ThemesNH13.50
2337-38Christmas Self-adhesive, Die Cut 12NH3.75
1v60c Christmas Coil with vertical text on backNH1.25
2339-40Christmas Self-adhesive, Die Cut 11 (from Booklet with printing on back)NH6.75
2339a-40a BK  Christmas Self-adhesive BookletsNH331.50
2341-45Lifesaving in the SurfNH45.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2346-49Year of the RabbitNH9.50
2346-49 GP  Year of the Rabbit Gutter PairsNH23.50
2349a S/SYear of the Rabbit SheetNH9.50
2350 S/SKapa Haka SheetNH14.00
2351 S/SKapa Haka Plain Sheet of 6, Self-adhesiveNH14.00
S/SAll Blacks Sheet for PhilaNippon '11NH11.00
1vRugby with Personalizeable TabNH3.25
M/S  Rugby World Cup Personalized Sheet of 20NH35.00
2352-56KiwiStamps Coil Strip of 5NH4.75
2357-61KiwiStamps Strip of 5, Self-adhesive from BookletNH9.00
2361a x2 BK  KiwiStamps Strip of 5, Self-adhesive Booklet of 10NH19.00
2362-63William-Catherine WeddingNH7.50
2363b S/SWilliam-Catherine Wedding SheetNH7.50
2364 M/SVictoria Cross MiniSheet of 22, PerfNH22.00
"2364X" M/S IMPVictoria Cross MiniSheet of 22, ImperfNH39.75
2365 M/SLife Beyond the Coast MiniSheet of 12NH15.00
2366 S/SMaori New Year Sheet of 6NH15.75
2367 S/SMaori New Year Sheet of 6, Self-adhesiveNH15.75
2368-70$1.20,$1.90,$2.40 KiwisNH9.00
2368-70 M/S  $1.20,$1.90,$2.40 Kiwis MiniSheets of 10NH95.00
2369a S/SPhilaNippon Exhibition SheetNH9.75
2370a$1.20,$1.90,$2.40 Kiwis Strip of 3NH9.50
2370b S/SChina International Exposition SheetNH8.75
2371 M/SMaori Numbers MiniSheet of 21NH21.00

Scott # Description Condition Price
2372Rugby 3-D Trophy, Self-adhesiveNH27.50
2372 FLDRugby 3-D Trophy in Special Display FolderNH30.00
2373-78Experience New ZealandNH15.00
2378a S/SExperience New Zealand Sheet of 6NH15.00
2379-83Religious ChristmasNH14.50
2379-83 IMPReligious Christmas ImperforateNH IMPERF75.00
NH IMPERF Pair140.00
NH IMPERF Block275.00
2384-86Religious Christmas, Self-adhesive, Die Cut 9x10 on White Backing PaperNH8.00
2386a  Religious Christmas Strip of 3, Die Cut 9x10NH8.00
2385a-86b BK  Christmas Booklets of 10, Die Cut 9x10NH70.00
"2385c-86c"Religious Christmas Die Cut 9x10 on Blue Backing PaperNH7.50
2387Religious Christmas, Die Cut 11 on Red Backing PaperNH1.00
2387a BK  Religious Christmas, Die Cut 11 Booklet of 10NH10.00
3 S/SThe Best of 2011 Souvenir SheetsNH175.00
  S/S 1  The Best of 2011 - Lunar New Year, Royal Wedding, Kapa HaraNH65.00
  S/S 2  The Best of 2011 - Skydiver, Kiwi, NavitityNHAsk
  S/S 3  The Best of 2011 - Victoria Cross, Charity Bird, Hei MatauNHAsk
56vPersonalized Advertising Stamps for 2011NH59.50
2388-91Year of the DragonNH10.00
2388-91 GP  Year of the Dragon Gutter PairsNH27.50
2391 CS  $2.40 Lunar New Year Color Separation Strip of 5NH65.00
2391a S/SYear of the Dragon Sheet of 4NH10.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2391b S/SBeijing 2012 Exhibition Sheet with Lunar New Year StampsNH8.50
"2391X" LSSYear of the Dragon Limited Edition Imperf Sheet of 4NH185.00
2392$2.40 Lake RotoruaNH4.00
"2392X"$2.40 Lake Rotorua on Red Backing PaperNH5.00
2392a BK  $2.40 Lake Rotorua Booklet of 5NH20.00
2393-97Indigenous TreesNH15.00
2396a S/SIndonesia Exhibition 2012 Sheet with TreesNH8.00
2397a S/SIndigenous Trees Sheet of 5NH15.50
2398 M/SRoyal Air Force MiniSheet of 15NH15.00
2398p-w PBKRoyal Air Force Prestige BookletNH33.00
2398p-w S/S  Royal Air Force Panes from BookletNH33.00
2399-04Diamond JubileeNH16.00
2404a S/SDiamond Jubilee SheetNH16.00
2404b S/SDiamond Jubilee - Blenheim 2012 Exhibition Sheet with Diamond Jubilee StampsNH9.00
2399-04 LSS  Diamond Jubilee Imperf Limited Diamond Jubilee Limited Edition SheetNH175.00
2405-07$1.40, $2.10, $3.50 Scenic Definitives inc Lighthouse, GummedNH9.50
2408-09$1.40, $2.10 Scenic Definitives inc Lighthouse, Self-adhesiveNH6.00
2408a-09a BK  $1.40, $2.10 Scenic Definitives Booklets of 5 or 10 inc LighthouseNH40.00
"2408b-09b" RP$1.40, $2.10 Scenic Definitives inc Lighthouse on Red Backing PaperNH9.00
2410Rugby - All BlacksNH1.20
2410 M/S  All Black Rugby MiniSheet of 10NH13.50
2411 S/SRugby - All Blacks SheetNH2.25
2412 S/SPersonalized Sheet of 8NH9.50
2413 S/SMaori Rock Art Sheet of 6, PerfNH16.00
2413a-f  Maori Rock Art Block of 6NH16.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2413 LSSMaori Rock Imperf Limited SheetNH175.00
2414 S/SMaori Rock Art Sheet, Self-adhesiveNH16.00
2414a-f  Maori Rock Art Singles from Self-adhesive SheetNH16.00
4vHeart FoundationNH4.00
2 BK  Heart Foundation Booklets of 10NH27.00
M/STiki Tour II MiniSheet of 20NH22.50
M/S IMPTiki Tour Imperf MiniSheet of 20NH39.50
2416-20Samoa FriendshipNH15.50
2420a S/SSamoa SheetNH15.50
2421-25Great Voyages - Ships (normal issue)NH15.50
2421-25 ST  Great Voyages Se-tenant Strip of 5 (special issue)NH35.00
2421-25 LSS  Great Voyages Large Limited Edition SheetNH175.00
2425a S/SGreat Voyages SheetNH15.50
2421-25 IMP  Great Voyages Singles with Margin ImperforateNH75.00
2421-25 IMP PR  Great Voyages Margin Pairs ImperforateNH125.00
2421-25 IMP BLK  Great Voyages Margin Imprint Blocks of 4 ImperforateNH225.00
2431-33Christmas, Self-adhesive, Die Cut 11NH8.50
"2431b-33b" RBPChristmas, Self-adhesive on Red or Blue Backing PaperNH11.00
2431a-43a BK  Christmas Booklets of 5 or 10NH75.00
1vChristmas Coil, Die Cut 10NH1.75
2434-39The Hobbit FilmNH18.00
2434a-39a S/SThe Hobbit Film SheetsNH25.00
2440The Hobbit Film, Self-adhesive Strip of 6NH18.00
2440g BKThe Hobbit Film Booklet of 10NH26.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
vPersonalized Advertising Stamps for 2012NHAsk
3 S/SBest of 2012 Sheets - include Year of the Dragon, Flower, Helicopter, Bird, Walrus, Penguin, Ship, Queen, Rock Art on a Waterfall BackgroundNH185.00
2441-44Year of the SnakeNH9.50
2441-44 GP  Year of the Snake Decorative Gutter PairsNH22.00
2444a S/SYear of the Snake SheetNH9.50
2445-49Native FernsNH16.25
2449a S/S  Ferns SheetNH16.25
2450-54Mahy Children's BooksNH13.50
2454a S/SMahy Children's Books SheetNH13.50
2455-60ANZAC Defense Forces AbroadNH15.00
2455a-60b PBKANZAC Defense Forces Abroad Prestige BookletNH29.75
2455a-60b S/S  ANZAC Defense Forces Abroad Sheets from BookletNH29.75
2461-66Coronation AnniversaryNH15.00
2466 CS  Coronation Anniversary Color Separations Strip of 7NH65.00
2461-66 M/S  Coronation Anniversary MiniSheets of 6NH98.00
2461-66 LSSLimited Edition Coronation Anniversary SheetNH199.00
2466a S/SCoronation Anniversary SheetNH15.00
2466b S/SAustralia 2013 Exhibition SheetNH7.50
2467Matariki Art Block of 6NH15.00
2467a-f  Matariki Art Singles from Separate PrintingNH15.00
2467f CS  $2.90 Matariki Fish Art Color Separations Strip of 5NH65.00
2468 S/SMatariki Sheet of 6NH15.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2468 LSSMatariki Limited Edition SheetNH199.00
2469-73Honey Bee ThemesNH13.75
2469-73 STR  Honey Bees Se-tenant strip of 5 (normally issued as individual stamps)NH25.00
2469-73 IMP  Honey Bee Themes IMPERFNH55.00
2469-73 IMP MI4  Honey Bee Themes IMPERF Corner Margin Blocks of 4NH240.00
2473a S/SBees Sheet of 5NH13.75
2474 M/S PRFTravel Posters MiniSheet of 20, PerfNH21.00
2474 M/S IMPTravel Posters MiniSheet of 20, Imperf (only exists with cancel at UR)NH30.00
2479a S/SCoastline Sheet of 5NH13.75
2480-83 STRRoyal Baby Strip of 4NH12.00
2480-83 SNGRoyal Baby Singles from Separate PrintingNH12.00
S/SUpper Hutt Exhibition SheetNH11.75
2489Christmas Strip of 3, Self-adhesiveNH7.50
2489aChristmas Self-adhesive on Different Backing PaperNH2.50
2489d-f BKChristmas Booklets of 10NH69.00
"2489dX-fX" Christmas with Coloured Backing PaperNH12.50
2490-95The Hobbit, Part II, WAGNH17.00
2490-95a S/SThe Hobbit, Part II Souvenir SheetsNH21.50
2496The Hobbit, Part II, Self-adhesiveNH17.00
2496g BKThe Hobbit, Part II BookletNH22.50
53vFrame Stamps in varying Formats - all with AdvertisingNH85.00
4 BK RPReprints of 4 earlier Booklets - three with 2 Kiwi indicia and one with 5 Kiwis.NH69.00
3 S/SThe Best of The 2013 IssuesNH165.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  S/S  Best: Fishing, Cape, ChristmasNH75.00
  S/S  Best: Army, Matariki, Honey BeeNH85.00
  S/S  Best: Fern, Ski Ride Car, "The  Changeover"NH75.00
40v PASPersonalized Advertising StampsNH59.00
2497-00Year of the HorseNH9.00
2497-00 TAB  Year of the Horse with Chinese TabNH12.50
2497-00 GP  Year of the Horse Gutter PairsNH19.50
2500 S/SYear of the Horse SheetNH9.50
2501-05Seaweeds, Perf 14NH13.75
2501a-05a  Seaweeds, Perf 13x13 (not in Year Set)NH13.75
2505b S/SSeaweeds SheetNH13.75
2506-10Construction of a Nation - HousesNH13.75
2510a S/SConstruction of a Nation - Houses (shaped) Sheet of 5NH13.75
2511-16ANZAC WWII Poster Art, Perf 14NH15.00
2511a-16a  WWII Poster Art, Perf 13 (not in Year Set)NH19.75
2511b-16c PBK  WWII Poster Art Prestige BookletNH29.50
2517-18Duke and Duchess VisitNH4.50
2519-20All Blacks RugbyNH5.00
2519-20 M/S  All Blacks Rugby MiniSheets of 10NH52.50
2521 S/SAll Blacks Rugby SheetNH9.75
2522-25Scenic DefinitivesNH12.50
2v CoilsScenic Definitive CoilsNH6.75
2526-27Scenic Definitives from BookletsNH6.75
2526a-27b BK  Scenic Definitives BookletsNH33.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2528-29 S/SPersonalized Sheets of 4 and 8NH25.00
2530Matariki Block of 6, Self-adhesiveNH15.75
2531 S/SMatariki Gummed Sheet of 6NH15.75
2532 M/SLegendary Landmarks Perf MiniSheet of 18NH21.75
"2532X" M/SLegendary Landmarks Imperf MiniSheet of 18 with UL stamp Cancelled - the rest are Mint.  (This is the only way the sheets exist.)NH29.75
2533-42WWI - For King and Empire SinglesNH20.00
2542e M/SWWI - For King and Empire MiniSheet of 10 (inc Pyramid, Sphinx)NH21.00
2533a-42b PBK  WWI - For King and Empire Prestige Booklet inc Pyramid, SphinxNH60.00
2538d,2542d S/SWWI - For King and Empire Sheets  inc Pyramid, SphinxNH34.00
2543-47Endangered Seabirds, Perf 14NH14.50
2543-47 IMP BLK  Endangered Seabirds, Imperforate Margin Blocks of 4NH240.00
2543-47 IMP PR  Endangered Seabirds, Imperforate PairsNH125.00
2543-47 IMP MG  Endangered Seabirds, Imperforate Single with MarginNH75.00
2543a-47a  Endangered Seabirds Perf 13x13 (not in Year Set)NH14.50
2547b S/SEndangered Seabirds SheetNH14.50
2553 S/SScott is calling a Strip of the 3 Christmas Self-adhesive Stamps an S/S.  A very strange decision.  We prefer to term them the Strip of 3 and list them below as such. 
2553a-cChristmas, Self-adhesive Coils Strip of 3NH8.00
"2553g-i"Christmas, Self-adhesive with Colored Backing PaperNH8.00
2553d-f BK  Christmas Booklets of 10NH72.50
2554 S/SHobbit Sheet of 2NH5.00
2555-61Hobbit IIINH21.50
Imperf PairsNHAsk
2555a-61a S/SHobbit III Sheets of 1NH26.00
2562Hobbit III Self-adhesive Block of 6NH17.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2562g BKHobbit III Booklet of 10NH22.50
S/SBaypex Exhibition SheetNH11.50
B213-14,15a,16Healthy FutureNH8.00
B215 S/SHealthy Future SheetNH5.00
2563-66Lunar Year of the SheepNH8.00
2563-66 TAB L  Lunar Year of the Sheep with tab at RightNH10.00
2563-66 TAB R  Lunar Year of the Sheep with tab at RightNH12.00
2563-66 GP  Lunar Year of the Sheep Gutter PairsNH19.75
2566b S/SLunar Year of the Sheep Sheet of 4NH8.00
2567-71NZ Aviation AnniversaryNH12.00
2571a S/SAviation Sheet of 5NH12.00
2572 S/STreaty of Waitangi SheetNH3.25
2573 M/SCricket MiniSheet of 14NH13.75
2583e S/SSpirit of ANZAC Sheet of 10NH17.50
2579d,2583b S/SSpirit of ANZAC Sheets of 4 and 6NH17.50
2574a//2583b PBKSpirit of ANZAC Booklet of 12 Sheets (different format from the standard Souvenir Sheets)NH50.00
2584-85ANZAC Joint Issue with AustraliaNH3.50
2585a S/SANZAC Joint Issue Sheet with AustraliaNH3.50
2586-90 IMP PR  Seashells Imperforate PairsNH75.00
2586-90 IMP BLK  Seashells Imperforate Blocks of 4NH150.00
2590b S/SSeashells Sheet of 5NH12.00
2586-90 L S/SLimited Edition Seashells SheetNH150.00
2591 S/SMatariki Sheet of 6, PerfNH12.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
2592Matariki Art Block of 6, Self-adhesiveNH12.75
2592a-f 6v  Matariki Art Singles from Block (not in Year Set)NH12.75
R BK$8 Kiwi Booklet 1K ReprintNH11.00
R BK$8 Kiwi Booklet 2K ReprintNH11.00
R BK$8 Kiwi Booklet 3K ReprintNH11.00
R BK$10 Definitive Booklet of 5 1K ReprintNH13.50
R BK$10 Definitive Booklet of 5 2K ReprintNH13.50
R BK$10 Definitive Booklet of 5 3K ReprintNH13.50
R BK$12 Definitive Booklet of 5, Self-adhesive 3K ReprintNH16.00
R BK$12.50 Definitive Booklet of 5 1K ReprintNH16.75
R BK$14 Definitive Booklet of 10 2K ReprintNH18.50
2593 M/SKiwi Kitchen PERF MiniSheet of 18NH19.00
"2593X" M/SKiwi Kitchen IMPERF MiniSheet of 18 (only exists with a cancel at UR)NH27.50
2594-99UNESCO World Heritage SitesNH15.00
2599a S/SUNESCO World Heritage Sites Sheet of 6NH15.00
2594-99 L S/SUNESCO World Heritage Sites Limited Editrion SheetNH155.00
S/SSINGAPORE'15 Exhibition Sheet PERFNH5.75
S/SSINGAPORE'15 Exhibition Sheet IMPERF and UNTRIMMED Margins (see scan below)NH5.75

L S/SSINGAPORE'15 Exhibition Sheet UNTRIMMED and PERF (see scan above)NH275.00
2600Parliament BuildingsNH3.25
2601All Black Rugby JerseyNH19.50
2602-08Elizabeth - Longest Reigning MonarchNH16.00
2608a S/SElizabeth - Longest Reigning Monarch Sheet of 7NH16.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2614 S/SChristmas Sheet of 5NH12.00
2615-17Christmas Se-tenant from CoilsNH6.75
2615X-17XChristmas from BookletsNH6.75
2615a-17a BK  Christmas BookletsNH60.00
S/SCapital Stamp Show SheetNH6.50
S/SRugby Winners Stamp Printed on Jersey FabricNH25.00
M/SAll Blacks World Champions Sheet of 6NH29.75
B217-19,B220aSun Smart (Careful! Most offer 3 stamps - there are actually 4)NH9.75
B220 S/SSun Smart SheetNH6.75
B221Sun Smart, Self-adhesiveNH1.25
All New Issues are available from NEW ZEALAND and over 200 other Countries and Topics!
1954-1959 Elizabeth
11954 4/ Small figuresNH12.00
21956 4/ Large figuresNH24.00
31957 4/ Ordinary paperNH24.00
41959 4/ White paperNH45.00
1960 Pictorials
51960 4/ FlowersNH18.00
61962 4/6 FlowersNH30.00
71964 4/3 FlowersNH18.00
81964 4/3 Numbered panesNH30.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1967 Decimal Pictorials
91967 50c FlowersNH12.00
101967 50c Lettered panesNH30.00
1970 Pictorials
111970 75c ButterfliesNH24.00
121973 75c UnwatermarkedNH15.00
131977 $1 ArmsNH9.00
1975-1985 Definitives
141977 80c RoseNH4.50
151978 $1 Queen Perf 14x13NH9.00
161978 $1 With black wordingNH12.00
171978 $1 Queen Perf 14x14NH12.00
181978 $1.20 ArtifactNH3.75
191978 $1.40 ArtifactNH3.75
201980 $1.54 ArtifactNH3.75
211980 $2.00 ShellNH3.75
221980 $2.20 ShellNH4.25
231982 $2.40 Map Perf 12x12NH4.25
241982 $2.64 Map Perf 12x12NH4.50
251983 $2.40 Map Perf 14x14NH9.00
261985 $2.64 Map Perf 14x14NH18.00
271985 $2.50 QueenNH7.50
281985 $2.75 QueenNH9.00
1986-1988 Birds
291986 $3.00 KakapoNH9.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
301986 $3.00 Stockholmia OverprintNH18.00
311986 $3.30 KakapoNH12.00
321986 $3.30 Stockholmia OverprintNH18.00
331987 $4.00 Blue Duck, CreamNH9.00
341987 $4.40 Blue Duck, CreamNH12.00
351987 $4.00 Duck, New LogoNH8.50
361987 $4.00 Capex OverprintNH6.00
371987 $4.40 Duck, New LogoNH24.00
381987 $4.40 Capex OverprintNH6.00
391988 $4.00 Wellington CoverNH6.00
401988 $4.00 Katiki PointNH24.00
1988-1989 Special Issues
421989 $2 World Stamp Expo OverprintNH5.00
431988 $3.50 ChristmasNH6.00
441988 $6.00 KiwiNH18.00
451989 $3.50 ChristmasNH6.00
1988-1993 Birds
461988 $7.00 ShelduckNH9.00
471988 $4 Kiwi - Mt. Cook CoverNH6.00
481989 $4.00 Kiwi, Perf 13x13NH9.00
491990 $4 FoodtownNH18.00
501990 $4 Envelope, No LogoNH12.00
511990 $4 Stamp World LondonNH6.00
521990 $4 Kiwi - HangingNH6.00
531991 $4.50 Wren, Blue, HangingNH6.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
541991 $4.50 WrenNH5.50
551991 $4.50 Wren, Stamps Imperf at edges, Red cover, HangingNH7.00
561992 $4.50 Wren, Red, HangingNH6.00
571992 $4 PenguinNH7.50
For additional Booklets, please see the individual listings section of this List. 
  Please do not order any Postal-Fiscal Stamps as prices are being revised.
AR1-311882-1939 IssuesNHAsk
AR322sh BlueH115.00
AR332sh6d BrownH115.00
AR343sh Reddish violetH200.00
AR354sh RedH250.00
AR365sh GreenH300.00
AR376sh Light redH450.00
AR387sh BlueH450.00
AR397sh6d GrayH1,850.00
AR408sh BlueH450.00
AR419sh OrangeH675.00
AR4210sh BrownH375.00
AR4315sh GreenH1,800.00
AR441 RoseH675.00
AR461sh6d Lemon yellowNH90.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
AR471sh3d Lemon yellowUSED7.50
AR494sh Dull redUSED6.00
AR5712sh6d Wine redNH650.00
AR6025sh BlueNH1,100.00
AR6235sh OrangeNH9,000.00
AR684/10sh GrayNH5,500.00
AR7035sh on 35sh SurchargeNH1,150.00
AR713sh6d SurchargeNH55.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
AR725sh6d SurchargeNH110.00
AR7311sh SurchargeNH250.00
AR7422sh SurchargeNH650.00
AR751sh3d OrangeNH19.00
AR762sh6d BrownNH32.00
AR774sh Dull redNH36.00
AR785sh GreenNH40.00
AR796sh Bright roseNH80.00
AR807sh Gray blueNH90.00
AR817sh6d Olive grayNH200.00
AR828sh Dark blueNH140.00
AR839sh OrangeNH140.00
AR8410sh Dark carmineNH85.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
AR8515sh OliveNH180.00
AR861 PinkNH110.00
AR86a  1 Pink, Perf 14x13NH170.00
AR8725sh BlueNH850.00
AR8830sh BrownNH650.00
AR892 VioletNH300.00
AR902 10sh Dark redNH800.00
AR913 Light greenNH375.00
AR923/10sh RoseNHAsk
AR934 Light blueNH375.00
AR945 Dark blueNH500.00
AR953sh6p SurchargeNH50.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
AR965sh6p SurchargeNH110.00
AR9711sh SurchargeNH250.00
AR9822sh SurchargeNH600.00
AR993sh6p SurchargeNH90.00
AR1001sh3p Orange, blackNH15.00
AR1011sh3p Yellow orange, blueNH32.50
AR102-05$4-$10, WatermarkedNH55.00
  AR102  $4 Purple, WatermarkedNH18.00
  AR103  $6 Green, WatermarkedNH15.00
  AR104  $8 Light blue, WatermarkedNH20.00
  AR105  $10 Dark blue, WatermarkedNH25.00
AR103a-05a$6-$10, UnwatermarkedNH45.00
AR103a  $6 Purple, UnwatermarkedNH13.00
AR104a  $8 Light blue, UnwatermarkedNH17.00
AR105a  $10 Dark blue, UnwatermarkedNH21.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
B1Stamp Out TBNH20.00
B2Health PromotionNH40.00
B3-4Laughing BoyNH375.00
B5Health GoddessNH50.00
B6Road to HealthNH32.50
B8Child at BeachNH9.50
B9-10Anzac Landing-GallipoliNH.70
Scott # Description Condition Price
B12Boy HikerNH2.25
B13Children at PlayNH1.50
B14-15Playing with SurchargeNH5.00
B16-17Children in SwingNH8.00
B18-19Playing with 1941 OverprintNH4.50
B20-21Swing with 1942 OverprintNH1.50
B24-25More PrincessesNH.40
B26-27Peter Pan StatueNH.40
B28-29Soldier and ChildNH.40
B30-31Statue of ErosNH.40
B32-33Children's Health CampNH.40
B34-35Nurse and ChildNH.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
B36-37Elizabeth and CharlesNH.40
B38-39Racing YachtsNH.40
B40-41Anne and CharlesNH.40
B42-43Girl Guides, Boy ScoutsNH.40
B44-45Mountain ClimberNH.40
B46-48Child's HeadNH.40
B49-51Picking ApplesNH.40
B52-53Life Saving, CanoeNH.40
B52a-53a M/SLife Saving MiniSheets of 6NH15.00
B52a-53a M/S var  Life Saving with Upright watermarkNH22.00
B54-55Girls' & Boys' BrigadesNH.40
B54a-55a M/SBrigades MiniSheets of 6NH20.00
B56Globes, Red CrossNH.40
B57-58Gray TealNH.40
B57a-58a M/SGray Teal MiniSheets of 6NH15.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
B59a-60a M/SKingfisher MiniSheets of 6NH25.00
B61a-62a M/SBirds MiniSheets of 6NH25.00
B63-64More BirdsNH.40
B63a-64a M/SBirds MiniSheets of 6NH25.00
B65-66Prince AndrewNH.40
B65a-66a M/SAndrew MiniSheets of 6NH20.00
B67-68Gull, PenguinNH.40
B67a-68a M/SGull, Penguin MiniSheets of 8NH40.00
B69-70Kaka BirdNH.40
B69a-70a M/SKaka Bird MiniSheets of 6NH23.00
B71-72Bellbird, RailNH.40
B71a-72a M/SBellbird, Rail MiniSheets of 6NH15.00
B73-74Rugby ScenesNH.40
B73a-74a M/SRugby MiniSheets of 6NH15.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
B75-76Olympic RingsNH.40
B75a-76a M/SOlympics MiniSheets of 6NH17.50
B77-79Cricket, CampsNH.80
B77a-78a M/SCricket, Camps MiniSheets of 6NH20.00
B80-81Soccer, BasketballNH.40
B80a-81aSoccer, Basketball MiniSheets of 6NH15.00
B82-84Hockey, Dental CareNH.75
B82a-83aHockey, Dental Care MiniSheets of 6NH15.00
B85-86Tennis PlayersNH.50
B85-86 TABTennis with Racket TabNH2.75
B85a-86aTennis MiniSheets of 6NH16.00
B87-88Prince EdwardNH.40
B87a-88aEdward MiniSheets of 6NH17.50
B89-91Cats and DogsNH.90
B90aCats and Dogs MiniSheet of 10NH22.00
B92-94Farm AnimalsNH.75
B93a S/SFarm Animals MiniSheet of 10NH16.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
B95-97Bird, Calf, PonyNH.60
B97a S/SBird, Calf, Pony MiniSheet of 6NH5.50
B98-100Butterfly, Bird, FrogNH.50
B98-100 var  Butterfly, Bird, Frog, No borderNH2.25
B100a S/SFrog, Butterfly MiniSheet of 6NH4.25
B101-02Heart, B1 Stamp-on-StampNH.40
B102a S/SHeart MiniSheet of 6NH3.00
B103-05Fish, Sea ScenesNH.50
B105a S/SSea Scenes MiniSheet of 6NH2.40
B106-08Fishing, SurfcastingNH.50
B108a S/SFishing MiniSheet of 6NH1.40
B109-11Fishing, StarfishNH.75
B111a S/SFishing MiniSheet of 6NH1.40
B114a S/SDogs MiniSheet of 6NH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
B117a S/SCats MiniSheet of 6NH2.50
B120a S/SHorses MiniSheet of 6NH2.50
B121-23Royal FamilyNH1.50
B123a S/SRoyal Family MiniSheet of 6NH3.00
B124-26Children's DrawingsNH1.60
B126a S/SDrawings MiniSheet of 6NH3.25
For Stockholmnia Overprint on B126a please see listing after 853a. 
B127-29Drawings IINH1.85
B129aDrawings II MiniSheet of 6NH3.75
B130-33Summer OlympicsNH3.50
B133a S/SOlympics Sheet of 4NH3.75
B134-36Royal FamilyNH2.00
B136a S/SRoyal Family MiniSheet of 6NH4.00
"B136b" S/SWorld Stamp Expo Overprint on B136aNH35.00
(See also 832a for WSE S/S) 
B137-38Rugby, RunnerNH1.50
B138a S/SRugby, Runner MiniSheet of 4NH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
B139-40Dolphins at PlayNH1.40
B140a S/SDolphins Sheet of 4NH3.00
B141-42Tennis, CricketNH1.40
B142a S/STennis, Cricket Sheet of 4NH2.75
B143-44Kittens, PuppiesNH1.50
"B143a,B144c"  Kittens, Puppies Perf 14, from Souvenir SheetNH1.50
"B143a+B144c"  Kittens, Puppies Perf 14, Horizontal PairNH1.60
"B143a+B144c"  Kittens, Puppies Perf 14, Vertical PairNH1.60
"B143a+B144c"  Kittens, Puppies Perf 14, Block of 4NH3.00
B144a S/SCats and Dogs SheetNH3.00
B144b S/SCats and Dogs Sheet with TAIPEI in MarginNH11.00
B145-48Health CampsNH3.50
B148a S/SHealth Camps Sheet of 4NH3.50
B149-50Triangles - HealthNH1.80
B149-50 TB  Triangles-Health Tete-Beche PairNH3.75
B150a S/SHealth SheetNH6.75
B150b S/SStampex '95NH13.50
B151-52Car SafetyNH1.75
B152a S/SSafety SheetNH6.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
B152b S/SSafety Sheet with Capex InscriptionNH8.50
B153Safety Self-AdhesiveNH.80
B154Safety Withdrawn DesignNHAsk
B155Safety Self-adhesive Withdrawn DesignNHAsk
B156-57Healthy LivingNH1.60
B157A S/SLiving SheetNH4.50
B157b40c+5c Living Single from SheetNH4.25
B158Living Self-AdhesiveNH1.00
B159-60Water SafetyNH2.75
"B159a-60b"Water Safety, New PerfsNH4.75
B160a S/SWater Safety SheetNH6.00
B161Health Self-adhesiveNH1.00
B162Health Self-adhesiveNH1.00
B163-64Children's HealthNH2.00
B165 S/SHealth SheetNH4.00
B165a40c+5c Bone Single from SheetNH3.75
B166a M/SCyclists Sheet of 10NH9.75
B167a S/SCyclists Sheet of 2 (round)NH3.00
B168Cyclist Self-adhesiveNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
B169-70Healthy Living, FruitsNH1.80
B171 S/SFruits SheetNH3.75
B171a40c+5c Fruit from SheetNH2.40
B172Fruit, Self-adhesiveNH1.00
B173-74Children's PlaygroundsNH1.60
B175 S/SPlaygrounds SheetNH3.50
B175aPlaying on Bars from SheetNH2.20
B176Playing on Bars Self-adhesiveNH1.00
B179 S/SHealth SheetNH4.00
B181-82,B184Pets, Health inc Self-adhesiveNH4.00
B183 S/SPets, Health SheetNH4.00
B185-86,B188Children's Health Issue: 50c Green, $1 Orange, 50c Blue Self-adhesiveNH4.50
B187 S/SHealth Sheet of 3NH4.50
B187a50c Blue Health, Water-activated GumNH4.50
B189-90Children's Health, Cycling, RowingNH3.00
B191 S/SChildren's Health Sheet with Cycling, RowingNH4.50
B191a50c Children's Health Sports - water-activated gumNH4.25
B192Children's Health Cycling, Rowing Self-adhesiveNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
B193-94,B195aHealth (water-activiated gum)NH7.75
B195 S/SHealth Sheet of 3NH4.50
B196Health Self-adhesive, Stamp-on-StampNH1.25
B197-98,B200Health - ButterfliesNH4.25
B199 S/SHealth - Butterflies SheetNH4.25
B201-02Flightless BirdsNH3.50
B203 S/SFlightless Birds SheetNH4.75
B203a  60c+10c Takahe from Flightless BirdsNH4.75
B204Flightless Birds Self-adhesiveNH1.50
B205-06,B209Health - Sea Lion inc 80c Self-adhesiveNH5.00
B207 S/SHealth - Sea Lion Sheet (shaped)NH5.00
B207aHealth - 80c Sea Lion with GumNH4.00
B209-10,B212Farm AnimalsNH4.50
B209a-10aFarm Animals, Perf 13NH4.75
B211 S/SFarm Animal SheetNH4.50
B211a70c+10c on Gummed Paper (not Self-adhesive like B212)NH3.00
C1-3Plane, Perf 14x14NH340.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
C1a  3p Plane, Perf 14x15NH350.00
C45p Surcharge on PlaneNH65.00
C5Australia FlightNH135.00
C6-8Airplane LandingNH50.00
E1 '266d Express, Perf 14NH180.00
E1a '036d Express, Perf 11NHAsk
E26d Mail CarNH5.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
J1d Green and RedNH20.00
J21d Green and RedNH40.00
J32d Green and Red 
J43d Green and RedNH65.00
J54d Green and RedNH110.00
J65d Green and RedNH110.00
J76d Green and RedNH110.00
J88d Green and RedNH300.00
J910d Green and RedNH350.00
J101sh Green and RedNH375.00
J112sh Green and RedNH600.00
J12d Unwatermarked 
J13d Gray Green and RedNH9.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
J141d Gray Green and Red 
J152d Gray Green and Red 
J16d Green and Carmine 
J171d Green and CarmineNH18.00
J182d Green and CarmineNH23.00
J193d Green and roseNH110.00
J20d Green and rose 
J212d Green and rose 
J221939 p IssueNH16.00
J271949 1p Rose 
J281947 2p BlueNH9.00
J291945 3p BrownishNH23.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1907 Pictorials Simplified
O23d Green 
1907 Redrawn Pictorials
O316d Red small 
1910 Edward VII Simplified
1910 Edward VII Specialized
All CP Numbers are Campbell Patterson Numbers 
CP HO1ad Green 
1910 Penny Dominion Specialized
CP JO1a1d De La Rue Paper 
1915 King George V Surface Specialized
De La Rue Paper 
Scott # Description Condition Price
CP KO13ad Green 
1915 King George V, Recess, Specialized
1927 Admiral, Specialized
CP KO15a1d Red, Perf 14 
1935 Pictorial, Specialized
1938 Official King George VI Specialized
CP MO13a1/, Plate 1, Watermark Upright 
1954 Official QE II Specialized
CP NO21a1d, Ordinary Paper 
O72-74d-1d King GeorgeNH225.00
  O72  d King GeorgeNH22.00
  O73  1d King GeorgeNH33.00
  O74  1d King GeorgeNH165.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
O76-86d-1/ Centennial OverprintsNH395.00
O87This number not utilized by Scott. 
O88-891d,3d Thin OverprintNH5.50
  O88  1d Thin OverprintNH2.00
  O89  3d Thin OverprintNH3.50
O909d OverprintNH110.00
O915sh Overprint 
O92 '46d OverprintNH4.00
O92B-99d-2/ King George VINH145.00
  O92B  1d King George VINH9.00
  O93  2d King George VINH1.50
  O94  4d King George VINH9.00
  O95  6d King George VINH11.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  O96  8d King George VINH20.00
  O97  9d King George VINH23.00
  O98  1/ King George VINH23.00
  O99  2/ King George VINH50.00
O100-061d-1/ Elizabeth OfficialsNH20.00
  O100  1dNH1.10
  O101  1dNH2.40
  O102  2dNH.95
  O103  3dNH.70
  O104  4dNH2.75
  O105  9dNH8.00
  O106  1/NH5.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
O1072d on 2d SurchargeNH.90
O1086d on d SurchargeNH2.75
O1092d ElizabethNH3.25
O110This number not utilized by Scott. 
O1113/ ElizabethNH65.00
OY24-28 d-6d LighthousesNH95.00
  OY24  d 
  OY25  1dNH7.00
  OY26  2dNH7.50
  OY27  3dNH50.00
  OY28  6dNH45.00
OY29-36d-1sh Lighthouse ScenesNH38.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  OY29-31,33-36  '47 Lighthouse ScenesNH28.00
  OY29  dNH2.50
  OY30  1dNH.50
  OY31  2NH.50
  OY32  '63 2d LighthouseNH10.00
  OY33  3dNH3.00
  OY34  4d, Watermark UprightNH5.00
  OY34a  4d Lighthouse, Watermark SidewaysNH16.00
  OY35  6dNH10.00
  OY36  1/NH7.50
OY37-421c-10c Lighthouse SurchargesNH33.00
  OY37  1c on 1dNH3.50
    OY37a  1c Lighthouse, Upright WatermarkNH4.00
  OY38  2c on 2dNH7.00
  OY39  2c on 3dNH4.50
    OY39a  2c Lighthouse, Upright WatermarkNH5.00
  OY40  3c on 4dNH6.00
  OY41  5c on 6dNH8.00
  OY42  10c on 1/, Watermark SidewaysNH9.00
    OY42a  10c Lighthouse, Watermark UprightNH9.00
OY43-49c15c LighthouseNH5.00
  OY43-46,OY49  Lighthouse, 1969 IssueNH4.50
    OY43  cNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
    OY44  2cNH1.00
    OY45  3cNH.50
    OY46  4cNH.50
    OY49  15cNH.75
  O47-48  8c,10c Lighthouse, 1976 IssueNH1.25
    OY47  8cNH.70
    OY48  10cNH.70
Specialized listing: 
  OY45  3c Baring Head: 
  OY45 NP    3c Baring Head, Ordinary paperNH1.50
  OY45 CP    3c Baring Head, Chalky paperNH.50
  OY46  4c Cape Egmont: 
  OY46 NP    4c Cape Egmont, Ordinary paperNH1.50
  OY46 CP    4c Cape Egmont, Chalky paperNH.50
  OY49  15c Dog Island: 
  OY49 NP    15c Dog Island, Ordinary paperNH2.00
  OY49 CP    15c Dog Island, Chalky paper:NH1.00
  OY49 var      15c Dog Island, Chalky paper, Perf 13x13NH25.00
  OY49a      15c Dog Island, Chalky paper, Perf 14NH.75
OY5025c SurchargeNH1.00
OY51-565c-50c LighthousesNH3.25
  OY51  5c LighthouseNH.50
  OY52  10c LighthouseNH.50
  OY53  20c LighthouseNH.50
  OY54  30c LighthouseNH.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
  OY55  40c LighthouseNH.80
  OY56  50c LighthouseNH1.00
1947 Lighthouses, Specialized
1967 Decimals, Specialized
CPX21c1c, Watermark Upright, White Hard Paper 
1969 Lighthouses, Specialized
CPX29a3c, Ordinary Paper 
B52a//B86a1957-72 Collection of 14 Health M/S in sets inc B52a-B55a,B63a-B68a VF NHNHAsk
B52a//B68a1957-64 Health M/S Stock: B52a-53a x 2,B63a-64a x 4,B65a-66a x 5,B67a-68a x 2, F-VF NH, nice topicsNHAsk
B52a//B68a1957-64 Health M/S Stock: B52a-53a x 2,B63a-64a x 4,B65a-66a x 5,B67a-68a x 2, F-VF NH, nice topicsNHAsk
B63a-64a,B67a-68a1962,1964 Birds MiniSheets x4 ea, VF NHNHAsk
B80a-B86a1970-72 Sports M/S, B80a-83a x1, B85a-86a (Tennis) x5, VF NHNHAsk
1997-98 Beautiful collection of 26 Official, Cacheted, Unaddressed FDC inc GREAT TOPICS. Collector's original cost:FDCAsk
280//941+B44//B133a1953-88 Collection of 100's of stamps and S/S (99% NH) on Kabe pages inc 431-61,,434a and all the good Heath M/S. A great starter collection w/ no waste!NHAsk
942//1243+B's1989-94 Superb NH collection of 109 sets and S/S, likely complete for this tough period inc some Show S/S, VFNHAsk
A terrific collection just arrived from Canada.  This overwhelmingly NH beaut starts with Scott 120 and goes to about the end of 2001! The collector removed the stamps from Davo Albums and placed them on 10 stock cardsNH1,549.00
First Day Covers!!  Here's a pile of unaddressed, cacheted FDC's from the 1980-mid 1990's with a face value of NZ$200.  There is a little duplication but you can use the excess for trading at this price.  Oh, the price:  under the original face valueFDC90.00
B80a//B86a1970-72 M/S, B80a-83a x1, B85a-86a (Tennis) x5, VF NHNHAsk
B85a-86a1972 Tennis M/S x5NHAsk
New Zealand Postage:  NZ$300 face value at about 20% below face value!  Our net price includes shipping.  So dress up your mail! NZ$300 face value (about US$218) delivered to you for just:NH / H175.00