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SOUTH SUDAN 2017 ISSUES now available:  Severe inflation has caused the Sudan Post Office to surcharge 19 different stamps.  These surcharges are now in stock in extremely limited quantity.  These are the first South Sudan issues in five years!  To avoid disappointment, please reserve yours now.  Call or email for further information.
Thursday, December 13, 2018


Scott # Description Condition Price
1983 BKBooklets (3)NH28.00
1983 UPUnfolded Panes (3)NH95.00
1985 BKBooklets (3)NH28.00
1985 UPUnfolded Panes (3)NH70.00
1987121B-25,126,127,128,129,130,  132,135,136,138,139,140,141,  146-82NH41.00
1987 BKBooklets (6)NH25.50
1987 UPUnfolded Panes (6)NH73.00
1988131,133,134,137,142,183-203,  131a+B1-4NH39.00
1989 BKBooklets (4)NH20.00
1989 UPUnfolded Panes (4)NH26.00
1991259-63,267,269,271,272,273,274,  275,276,279,280,281,288-99+C21NH74.00
1991 BKBooklets (3)NH12.00
1991 UPUnfolded Booklet PanesNH18.00
1992266,268,270,277,278,282,283, 300-10,312+C22NH78.00
1995 BKBooklets (3)NH17.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1995 UPUnfolded Panes (3)NH15.00
1995 M/SJohn Lennon MiniSheetNH39.00
1997 STSe-tenant Singles (13)NH12.00
1998 STSe-tenant Singles (5)NH4.00
1999 STSe-tenant SinglesNHAsk
2003 M/SMiniSheet (1)NH11.00
2004 M/SMiniSheets (14)NH160.00
2005 M/SMiniSheets (8)NH146.00
2006 M/SMiniSheets (4)NH91.00
2007 M/SMiniSheets (3)NH125.00
2008 P M/SPope Benedict MiniSheet (1)NH6.50
2008 LNY M/SLunar New Year MiniSheet (1)NH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2009 M/SWWF MiniSheet of 16 (1)NH24.00
2010 M/SMiniSheets (3)NH31.00
2013142 Stamps + 23 S/S including 29 M/SNH419.00
201426 Stamps + 155 Stamps in 40 Sheets + 18 S/SNH525.00
2015126 Stamps + 17 S/SNH266.00
2016197 Stamps + 21 S/SNH449.00
201756 Stamps + 8 S/SNH155.00
2018Click to reserve now for earliest delivery.NHRESERVE!
1984-2003The Complete Country to 2003!NH2,199.00
All Stamps issued se-tenant (attached) are supplied in that format.  If you need separated stamps, please let us know as we can supply some issues separated at reduced prices (an adjustment will be made when your order is processed.)
Scott # Description Condition Price
1-4Postal ServiceNH1.90
(Orchids in FDC Cachet for 1-4) 
9-211c-$5 Fish, Sea LifeNH18.00
  9  1c Sea FanNH.25
  10  3c Map CowrieNH.25
  11  5c JellyfishNH.25
  12  10c Hawkbill TurtleNH.25
  13  13c Giant ClamNH.30
  14  20c ParrotfishNH.35
  15  28c NautilusNH.50
  16  30c Sea CucumberNH.55
  17  37c Sea UrchinNH.65
  18  50c StarfishNH.90
  19  $1 SquidNH1.50
  20  $2 DugongNH4.50
  21  $5 Pink SpongeNH10.00
13a,13b,14b  Booklet Pane Issue: 
13a,13b,14b BKFish, Sea Life Complete BookletsNH28.00
13a,13b,14b UPFish, Sea Life Unfolded PanesNH95.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
13a,13b,14b PRFish, Sea Life Booklet pairsNH6.00
24-27WWF - WhalesNH6.00
33-40Sea VoyageNH4.00
33-40 GBK  Sea Voyage Gutter BlockNH15.00
41-50 GBK  Seashells Gutter BlockNH15.00
51-54Explorer ShipsNH3.25
55-58Fishing, AUSIPEX '84NH1.60
59-62Christmas FlowerNH1.60
63-66+C5Birds with AirNH3.25
67-70Canoes, RaftsNH1.80
75-85Marine LifeNH19.00
  75  14c Trumpet tritonNH.30
  76  22c ParrotfishNH.40
  77  25c Coral, FishNH.45
  79  33c AnemoneNH.60
  80  39c Sea TurtleNH.75
  81  44c SailfishNH.80
  85  $10 DolphinsNH16.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
75a,76a,76b:  Booklet Pane Issue 
75a,76a,76b BKMarine Life Complete BookletsNH28.00
75a,76a,76b UPMarine Life Unfolded PanesNH70.00
75a,76a,76b PRMarine Life Booklet pairsNH5.75
86-89Youth YearNH3.00
94 S/SMail Flight SheetNH2.50
95-98Halley's CometNH3.00
95-98 NB  Halley's Comet Name BlockNH6.00
103 M/SAMERIPEX '86 MiniSheet of 40NH33.00
103a-y  AMERIPEX '86 Sheet SinglesNH32.00
109-12+C17Peace Year with AirNH3.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
117-21 TAB  Christmas with Descriptive TabsNH2.75
117-21 M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 15NH7.50
122-25Fruit BatsNH3.25
126-42Local FlowersNH31.00
  126 '87  1c Ixora CaseiNH.25
  127 '87  3c LittoreaNH.25
  128 '87  5c AlbaNH.25
  129 '87  10c AustralasiaeNH.25
  130 '87  14c PalauensisNH.30
  131 '88  15c AromaticaNH.30
  132 '87  22c GymnorhizaNH.40
  133 '88  25c Fagraea ksidNH.45
  134 '88  36c PalauensisNH.65
  135 '87  39c ManghasNH.70
  136 '87  44c Sandera indicaNH.80
  137 '88  45c CanfieldiaeNH.80
  138 '87  50c SpathaceaNH.90
  139 '87  $1 RacemosaNH1.80
  140 '87  $2 MirabilisNH3.50
  141 '87  $5 PalawenseNH8.00
  142 '88  $10 BouquetNH15.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
130a,132a,132bBooklet Pane Issue: 
130a,132a,132b BKComplete Flower Booklets, INH14.75
130a,132a,132b UP  Flowers Unfolded PanesNH37.00
130a,132a,132b PR  Flowers Booklet pairsNH3.50
131a,133a,133bBooklet Pane Issue: 
131a,133a,133b BKComplete Flower Booklets, IINH10.75
131a,133a,133b UP  Flowers Unfolded PanesNH36.00
131a,133a,133b PR  Flowers Booklet pairsNH3.00
Some stamps exist precancelled in two lines "KOROR / RP".  These are rather scarce and we have just one of each item below available: 
126-42 Local Flowers Precancelled SetNH90.00
131a,133a,133b Local Flowers Precancelled BookletsNH65.00
146-49CAPEX '87, ViewsNH1.75
155-63 M/S  Constitutions MiniSheets of 12NH20.00
164-67Japanese LinksNH2.10
168 S/SJapanese Cemetary SheetNH2.10
173-77 TAB  Christmas with Descriptive TabsNH3.75
173-77 M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 15NH10.00
178-82Marine SpeciesNH2.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
183-86Butterfly, FlowerNH3.00
187-90Ground BirdsNH3.25
196 S/SFINLANDIA '88 SheetNH2.50
197 S/SPRAGA '88 SheetNH4.00
198-202 TAB  Christmas Descriptive TabsNH3.25
198-202 M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 15NH8.50
203 M/SSeashells MiniSheetNH3.00
204-07Endangered BirdsNH3.00
217 S/SJapanese Art SheetNH1.90
218 M/SMoon Landing MiniSheetNH10.50
219Buzz AldrinNH4.50
220 TAB  Literacy with Descriptive TabsNH5.00
220 M/S  Literacy MiniSheet of 20NH15.00
221 M/SMangrove MiniSheetNH9.75
222-26 TAB  Christmas with Descriptive TabsNH3.00
222-26 M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 15NH10.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
231-34Forest BirdsNH3.00
235 M/SState Visit MiniSheetNH3.75
236 S/SPenny Black SheetNH1.75
237-41 TAB  Orchids with Descriptive TabsNH5.00
237-41 M/S  Orchids MiniSheet of 15NH15.00
242-45Butterfly, FlowerNH3.00
246 M/SLagoon Life MiniSheetNH11.50
247-48Pacifica, MailsNH2.00
247-48 M/S  Pacifica, Mails MiniSheet of 10NH14.00
249-53Christmas ThemeNH2.00
249-53 TAB  Christmas with Descriptive TabsNH2.50
249-53 M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 15NH7.50
254-57US Forces BlockNH4.75
258 S/SUS Forces SheetNH3.25
259-62Local CoralNH2.50
263 M/SAngaur Island MiniSheetNH8.00
266-83Bird DefinitivesNH35.00
  266 '92  1c Bush-warblerNH.25
  267 '91  4c MoorhenNH.25
  268 '92  6c Banded railNH.25
  269 '91  19c FantailNH.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
  270 '92  20c FlycatcherNH.40
  271 '91  23c SwamphenNH.45
  272 '91  29c Fruit DoveNH.55
  273 '91  35c Crested TernNH.65
  274 '91  40c Reef HeronNH.70
  275 '91  45c PigeonNH.80
  276 '91  50c FrigatebirdNH1.00
  277 '92  52c CormorantNH1.00
  278 '92  75c Night JarNH1.40
  279 '91  95c Cattle EgretNH1.75
  280 '91  $1.34 CockatooNH2.25
  281 '91  $2 ParrotfinchNH3.25
  282 '92  $5 ParrotNH7.75
  283 '92  $10 Bush-warblerNH15.00
269b,272a,273b  Booklet Pane Issue: 
269b,272a,273b BKBirds Intact BookletsNH12.00
269b,272a,273b UPBirds Unfolded PanesNH18.00
288 S/SChristianity SheetNH2.60
289 M/SMarine Life MiniSheetNH11.00
290 M/SDesert Storm MiniSheet of 9NH4.50
291Tern, Yellow RibbonNH4.50
291 M/S  Tern, Yellow Ribbon MiniSheet of 10NH50.00
292 S/SDesert Storm SheetNH4.50
293 M/SPalau 10th Anniversary MiniSheetNH4.00
294 M/SGiant Clams MiniSheetNH4.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
295 M/S2Japanese Heritage MiniSheetNH2.25
296 S/SPhilaNippon SheetNH2.50
297 M/SPeace Corps MiniSheetNH3.50
298 TAB  Christmas with Descriptive TabsNH3.50
298 M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 15NH11.00
299 M/SWorld War II MiniSheetNH7.50
301Shells StripNH2.75
302 M/SColumbus MiniSheetNH10.00
303 M/SBiblical Creation MiniSheetNH12.00
304-09 S/SSummer Olympics SheetsNH5.50
310 M/SElvis Presley MiniSheetNH6.00
312Christmas StripNH2.75
312 TAB  Christmas with Descriptive TabsNH3.25
312 M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 15NH10.00
313Animal FamiliesNH3.00
313 M/S  Animal Families MiniSheet of 16NH16.00
314Deep SeafoodNH2.25
314 M/S  Deep Seafood MiniSheet of 16NH11.00
316 M/SWorld War II MiniSheet NH7.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
317 TAB  Christmas with Descriptive TabsNH3.25
317 M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 15NH10.00
318 M/SSea Creatures MiniSheetNH12.00
319 S/SPaintings SheetNH1.90
320 S/SCarving SheetNH5.25
321 M/SJonah and the Whale MiniSheet NH13.00
322Rays, Hong KongNH2.75
322 M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 16NH13.00
323WWF - CrocodilesNH5.00
323 M/S  WWF - Crocodiles MiniSheet of 16NH21.00
324Large SeabirdsNH3.00
324 M/S  Large Seabirds MiniSheet of 16NH14.00
325-26 M/SWWII MiniSheets of 10NH16.00
327de CoubertinNH.70
328-33 S/SOlympics Medalists SheetsNH10.00
334-36 M/SWildlife, Philakorea '94 MiniSheetsNH22.00
337 M/SMoon Landing MiniSheet NH10.50
338Independence Day Strip of 5NH2.70
338a-e SNG  Independence Day Singles from StripNH2.60
338 M/S  Independence Day MiniSheet of 15NH9.75
339 S/SInvasion - USS Peleliu SheetNH2.00
340 M/SDisney Visit MiniSheet of 9NH5.25
341-43 S/SMickey, Donald, Pluto SheetsNH10.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
340-43Three Commemorative Panels with Descriptive Text for Mickey and Friends plus Palau. Scarce!ETB (FD Card)47.50
344 M/SFamily Year MiniSheet NH4.00
345Christmas Strip of 5NH2.75
345 TAB  Christmas Strip with Descriptive TabsNH3.50
345 M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 15 with Descriptive TabsNH10.00
346-48 M/SSoccer Cup MiniSheetsNH21.00
350 M/SElvis MiniSheet NH5.50
351-64Fish DefinitivesNH20.00
365$10 Fish DefinitiveNH16.00
366-67Fish, Elliptical PerfsNH1.10
366a,367a,367bBooklet Pane Issue: 
366a,367a,367b BKFish Complete BookletsNH17.50
366a,367a,367b UPFish Unfolded PanesNH15.00
366a,367a,367b PRFish Booklet pairsNH5.00
368 M/SLost Fleet, Tourism MiniSheet NH10.00
369 M/SDinosaurs, Earth Day MiniSheet NH10.00
370 M/SJet Aircraft MiniSheetNH10.00
371 S/SJet SheetNH3.50
373Reef Life - SingaporeNH2.25
373 M/S  Reef Life MiniSheet of 24NH17.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
374UN AnniversaryNH4.00
374 M/S  UN Anniversary MiniSheet of 16NH18.00
375-76 S/SUN, FAO SheetsNH6.25
377USA, Wildlife Block of 4 (Joint issue) 
377 M/S  USA, Wildlife (Joint issue) MiniSheet of 16 
378USA, SeaShell (Joint issue) 
378 TAB  SeaShells with Tab reading Joint Issue with the United States of America (only one per sheet of 50)NHAsk
379 M/SLiberation, Victory MiniSheet NH7.50
380 M/SPacific Victory MiniSheetNH7.00
381 S/SAir Power SheetNH5.50
382 TAB  Christmas with Descriptive TabsNH3.25
382 M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 15NH10.00
383 M/STurtle Life MiniSheet of 12 with DescriptionNH9.00
383a-f  Turtle Block of 6NH4.50
384John LennonNH1.10
384 M/S  John Lennon MiniSheet of 20NH39.00
385Year of the RatNH1.25
385 M/S  Year of the Rat MiniSheet of 8NH2.50
386 S/SRat SheetNH2.50
387 M/S  UNICEF MiniSheet of 16NH11.00
388Underwater WondersNH3.00
388 M/S  Underwater Wonders MiniSheet of 15NH10.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
389 M/SCAPEX '96, Land and Sea MiniSheet NH4.75
390 M/SCAPEX Air and Space MiniSheet NH9.00
391 S/SLand and Sea SheetNH5.00
392 S/SAir and Space SheetNH5.00
392A-FDisney SweetheartsNH1.50
393 M/S  Disney Sweethearts MiniSheet of 9NH11.00
394-95 S/SSweethearts SheetsNH8.00
396 M/SJerusalem 3000 MiniSheet of 30NH11.00
397-98Olympics II (our choice of pair)NH1.60
397-98 VP  Olympics II Vertical PairNH1.75
397-98 HPR  Olympics II Horizontal PairNH1.75
397-98 BLK  Olympics II Checkboard BlockNH3.50
399-00Olympics III (our choice of pair)NH2.40
399-00 VP  Olympics III Vertical PairNH2.75
399-00 HPR  Olympics III Horizontal PairNH2.75
399-00 BLK  Olympics III Checkerboard BlockNH5.50
401 M/SOlympics MiniSheet NH11.00
402 M/SBirds Over Lagoon MiniSheet NH17.00
403 M/SSpies in the Sky MiniSheet NH9.00
404 M/SOddities of the Air MiniSheet NH12.00
405 S/SSuper Spy Plane SheetNH5.00
406 S/SOddities SheetNH5.00
409Christmas TreeNH4.00
409 TAB  Christmas Tree Descriptive TabsNH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
409 M/S  Christmas Tree MiniSheet of 15NH16.00
410Voyage to MarsNH7.00
411-12 S/SMars SheetsNH9.75
412A S/SYear of the Ox SheetNH3.60
413 S/SPacific Commission SheetNH1.80
420-21Flower BlocksNH5.75
422-23 M/SParachute Uses MiniSheetsNH13.00
424-25 S/STraining, Safety SheetNH7.00
426 M/SNative Birds MiniSheetNH6.50
426a-l  Native Bird Singles from SheetNH4.50
427-28 M/SUNESCO World Heritage MiniSheets of 8 and 5+LabelNH11.75
429-30 S/SUNESCO - Japan World Heritage SheetsNH8.75
431-33 M/S + S/SHiroshige Nature Paintings MiniSheet of 5 plus 2 S/SNH14.75
434 M/SVolcano, PACIFIC '97 MiniSheetNH3.25
435 M/S  Independence MiniSheet of 12NH10.00
436 M/SShips MiniSheetNH5.00
437-39 S/SCousteau, Seeger SheetsNH10.00
440Princess DianaNH1.10
440 M/S  Princess Diana MiniSheet of 6NH7.00
441-46Disney Let's ReadNH5.00
441-46 M/S  Disney Let's Read MiniSheets of 15NH19.50
447 M/SDisney Characters MiniSheet of 9NH8.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
447a-i  Disney Characters Singles from SheetNH7.50
448-49 S/SLibrary, Books SheetsNH9.50
450 TAB  Christmas with Descriptive TabsNH3.50
450 M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 15NH11.00
451-52 S/SYear of the Tiger SheetsNH2.00
453 M/SHubble Telescope MiniSheetNH3.75
454-56 S/SHubble SheetsNH12.00
457 M/SMother Teresa MiniSheetNH5.00
458 M/SDeep Sea Robots MiniSheetNH11.00
459-60 S/SUNESCO - Ocean SheetsNH8.00
461 M/SIsrael Overprint MiniSheetNH17.50
462 M/SLegend of Orachel MiniSheetNH9.50
463 M/SWorld Cup Soccer MiniSheetNH8.00
464 S/SSoccer SheetNH6.00
465 M/SIsland Games MiniSheetNH5.75
466 TAB  Christmas with Descriptive TabsNH3.50
466 M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 15NH10.00
467-70 M/SDisney's Bug's Life MiniSheet of 4NH12.50
471-74 S/SBug's Life SheetsNH16.00
475-76 M/SSpace MiniSheetsNH17.00
477-78 S/SJohn Glenn SheetsNH7.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
479 M/SEnvironmentalistsNH9.50
480 M/SSpacecraft MiniSheetNH3.50
481-84 S/SAstronauts SheetsNH14.00
485-941c-$3.20 Personalities inc RooseveltNH12.00
"485X,491X" '01 RPHalsey, Salil with 2001 InscriptionNHAsk
"485X,491X" '01 RP VG  Halsey, Salil with 2001 Inscription but 1c has UL corner missingNHAsk
495 M/SSpecies, Australia '90 MiniSheetNH7.50
496-97 S/SCrocodile, Turtle SheetsNH7.50
498-99IBRA '99, NurnburgNH2.00
500 S/SIBRA SheetNH3.50
501 M/SMars MiniSheetNH3.50
502-05 S/SMars SheetsNH14.00
506 M/SPacific Insects MiniSheetNH12.50
506a-t  Pacific Insects SinglesNH12.00
507 M/SSpace Station MiniSheetNH3.50
508-11 S/SSpace SheetsNH14.00
512 M/SVisionaries MiniSheetNH15.00
513-14 M/SHokusai Paintings MiniSheetsNH7.00
515-16 S/SPaintings SheetsNH7.00
517 M/SApollo 11 MiniSheetNH3.50
518-21 S/SApollo SheetsNH14.00
522 M/SQueen Mother MiniSheetNH4.50
523 S/SQueen Mother and Book SheetNH3.50
524 M/SHubble Telescope MiniSheet of 6NH7.50
525-28 S/SHubble Telescope SheetsNH19.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
529 TAB  Christmas with Descriptive TabsNH3.50
529 M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 15NH7.00
530 M/SDogs MiniSheet of 10NH6.00
531-32 S/SDog SheetsNH7.00
533 M/SSpace Probes MiniSheetNH3.25
534-37 S/SProbe SheetsNH14.00
538-39 M/S1800-50,1980-89 Highlights MiniSheets of 17NH15.00
540 S/SYear of the Dragon SheetNH4.00
541-45USA PresidentsNH35.00
546 M/SPrehistoric Life MiniSheetNH8.00
547 S/SSydney Olympics SheetNH2.50
548 M/SSpace Exploration MiniSheetNH4.00
549-52 S/SSpace SheetsNH14.00
553-54 M/SBirds MiniSheetsNH6.00
555-56 S/SBird SheetsNH7.00
557 M/S20th Century MiniSheetNH13.00
558-61 M/S20th Century Medicine, Science MiniSheetsNH13.00
562-63 S/S$2 Sheep Clone, Deer SheetsNH7.50
564-65 M/SSea Life MiniSheetsNH7.50
566-67 S/SSquid,  Sea Ray SheetsNH7.50
568-69 S/SMillennium SheetsNH9.00
570-71 M/SAnimal Species MiniSheetsNH7.50
572-73 S/SLeopard, Trout SheetsNH7.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
574-75 M/SDinosaurs MiniSheetsNH6.00
576-77 S/S$2 Dinosaurs SheetsNH7.50
578-79 M/SQueen Mother MiniSheetsNH8.00
580 S/S$2 Queen SheetNH3.50
581 M/SZeppelin MiniSheetNH6.00
582-83 S/S$2 Zeppelins SheetsNH7.00
584 M/SUndersea History MiniSheetNH11.00
585 M/SPope John Paul Mosaic MiniSheetNH8.00
586-87 S/SYear of the Snake SheetsNH2.50
588 M/SPacific Sea Life MiniSheetNH6.50
589 M/SAtlantic Fish MiniSheetNH2.50
590-91 S/S$2 Fish SheetsNH7.50
592 M/SPacific Arts Festival MiniSheetNH6.00
593 M/SNational Museum MiniSheetNH7.50
NH Full Sheet of 50125.00
598-99 M/SButterfly MiniSheetNH7.50
600-01 S/S$2 Butterfly SheetsNH7.50
602-03 M/SFlora, Fauna MiniSheetsNH7.50
604-05 S/SCoral, Fish, Crab SheetsNH7.50
606Lazarus SalilNH.50
607-09War, Political FiguresNH23.00
  609  John F. KennedyNH19.75
NH Block of 479.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
610-12 M/SPhilaNippon '01 MiniSheetsNH18.00
613-15 S/S$2 Phila Nippon SheetsNH10.00
620-21 M/SMoth MiniSheetsNH11.50
622-23 S/S$2 Moth SheetsNH7.00
624-26 M/SNobel Prizewinners MiniSheetsNH21.00
627-29 S/S$2 Nobel Winners SheetsNH11.00
630-31 M/SWorld Cup Soccer MiniSheetsNH13.00
632-33 S/S$2 World Cup Soccer SheetsNH7.50
636 M/SQueen Mother MiniSheetNH4.50
637 S/S$2 Queen Mother SheetNH3.50
638Year of the HorseNH2.00
638 M/S  Horse MiniSheet of 4NH9.75
639-40 M/SBirds MiniSheetsNH13.00
  640 M/S  Birds II MiniSheetNH7.00
641-42 S/S$2 Birds SheetsNH8.00
  642 S/S  Kingfisher SheetNH4.00
643-44 M/SPalau-Japan Friendship MiniSheetsNH31.00
645United We StandNH2.75
645 M/S  United MiniSheet of 4NH11.00
646 M/SElizabeth Anniversary MiniSheetNH6.00
647 S/SWhite Dress SheetNH3.50
648-691c-$10 Birds DefinitivesNH85.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  648-65  1c-$3 Birds Lower ValuesNH30.00
  666  $3.50 Ruddy TurnstoneNH10.00
  667  $3.95 KingfisherNH11.00
  668  $5 CockatooNH12.00
  669  $10 Barn SwallowNH28.00
670-73Flowers and ButterfliesNH4.00
674-75 M/SFlowers MiniSheets of 6NH13.50
676-77 S/SDiagonal Flowers SheetsNH7.50
678-79Winter OlympicsNH3.50
679a S/SOlympic SheetNH3.50
680-81 M/SCats and Dogs MiniSheetsNH11.00
682-83 S/SCats, Dogs SheetsNH7.50
684 M/SYear of the Mountains MiniSheetNH6.00
685 S/SMt. Eiger, Switzerland Sheet 
686 M/SPalau Flags MiniSheetNH11.50
687-88Redrawn OlympicsNH4.00
688a S/SRedrawn Olympic SheetNH4.00
689 M/SEcotourism MiniSheetNH7.00
690 S/SCanoe, Ecotourism SheetNH4.00
691 M/SJapanese Art MiniSheetNH7.00
692-93 M/SJapanese Art MiniSheets of 4NH12.00
694-95 S/SUtagawa SheetsNH7.50
696 M/SPopeye MiniSheetNH7.00
697 S/SPopeye Golfing SheetNH9.75
698 M/SElvis Presley MiniSheetNH4.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
704 S/SBellini SheetNH3.50
705 M/STeddy Bears MiniSheetNH8.50
706 M/SQueen Elizabeth MiniSheetNH6.00
707 S/SQueen Elizabeth SheetNH3.50
708 M/SScout Jamboree MiniSheetNH7.00
709 S/SBaden-Powell SheetNH3.75
710 M/SShells MiniSheetNH7.00
711 S/STriton SheetNH3.75
712Year of the Ram Strip of 3NH5.00
712 M/S  Year of the Ram MiniSheet of 6NH11.00
713 M/SPresident Kennedy MiniSheetNH6.00
714-1526c,37c BirdsNH1.50
716 M/SColumbia MiniSheetNH5.50
717 M/SOrchids MiniSheetNH7.00
718 S/SOrchid SheetNH4.00
719 M/SInsect MiniSheetNH7.00
720 S/SInsect SheetNH4.00
721 M/STranstlantic Flight MiniSheetNH7.00
722 M/SPresident Reagan MiniSheetNH6.50
723 M/SPrincess Diana MiniSheet 
724 M/SElizabeth Coronation MiniSheetNH5.50
725 S/SElizabeth SheetNH3.50
726 M/SOperation Iraqi Freedom MiniSheetNH8.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
727 M/SPrince William MiniSheet 
728 S/SDiana, William SheetNH4.00
729 M/STour de France MiniSheetNH5.00
730 S/SCycling SheetNH4.00
731 M/SPowered Flight MiniSheetNH6.50
732 S/SWright Flyer III SheetNH3.75
733-36Whistler Paintings 
737 M/SWhistler MiniSheetNH6.00
738 S/SWhistler's Mother SheetNH4.00
739-40Circus PerformersNH17.50
741-44Christmas PaintingsNH5.00
745 S/SMadonna SheetNH3.50
746 M/SSea Turtles MiniSheetNH7.00
747 S/SSea Turtle SheetNH4.00
748 M/SRockwell MiniSheetNH6.50
749 S/SPainting Tavern Sign SheetNH4.00
750 M/SPicasso Paintings MiniSheetNH6.50
751 S/SHair Painting SheetNH4.00
752-55Hermitage PaintingsNH5.00
752-55 M/S  Hermitage Paintings MiniSheets of 9NH49.00
756 S/SVan Dyck Painting SheetNH4.50
757 M/SMarine Life MiniSheetNH6.50
758 S/SReef Shark SheetNH3.75
759 M/SMinerals MiniSheetNH6.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
760 S/SGold SheetNH3.75
761Year of the MonkeyNH3.75
761 M/S  Year of the Monkey MiniSheet of 4NH17.50
762 S/SMonkey SheetNH3.00
763-64 M/SPacific Arts MiniSheetNH12.00
765-66 M/SMarine Life MiniSheetNH7.50
767-68 S/SAnemonefish SheetsNH7.50
769 M/SYear of Peace MiniSheetNH17.00
770 S/SPeace Year SheetNH4.00
771-74Athens OlympicsNH5.00
771-74 M/S  Athens Olympics MiniSheets of 8NH42.50
775 M/SPope John Paul II MiniSheet of 4NH9.75
776 S/SDeng Xiaoping SheetNH3.50
777 M/SD-Day MiniSheet of 6NH6.00
778 S/SD-Day SheetNH4.00
779 M/SSoccer Champions MiniSheet of 4NH6.00
780 S/SSoccer SheetNH3.75
781-82Babe RuthNH2.00
781-82 M/S  Babe Ruth MiniSheets of 8NH13.50
  781 M/S  Ruth with Signed Baseball MiniSheet of 8NH10.00
  782 M/S  World Series Anniversary MiniSheet of 8NH8.50
783-84 M/STrains MiniSheets of 4NH6.00
785-86 S/STrains SheetsNH7.50
787-89 M/SButterflies, Insects, Reptiles, Birds  MiniSheets of 4NH18.50
  787 M/S  Butterflies MiniSheet of 4NH7.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  788 M/S  Reptiles MiniSheet of 4NH7.00
  789 M/S  Birds MiniSheet of 4NH7.00
790-92 S/SAnimals, Insects, Reptiles SheetsNH11.50
  790 S/S  Butterfly SheetNH5.00
  791 S/S  Frog SheetNH5.00
  792 S/S  Bird SheetNH5.00
793-95 M/SDinosaurs MiniSheets of 4NH14.00
  793 M/S  Dinosuar MiniSheet of 4NH6.50
  794 M/S  Dinosuar MiniSheet of 4NH6.50
  795 M/S  Corythosaurus at Upper LeftNH6.50
796-98 S/SDinosaurs SheetsNH11.00
  796 S/S  Ornithomimus Dinosaur SheetNH5.00
  797 S/S  Archaeopteryx Dinosaur SheetNH5.00
  798 S/S  Deinonychus Dinosaur SheetNH5.00
799 M/SSoccer MiniSheet of 4NH6.00
800 S/SSoccer SheetNH6.00
801-03Basketball PlayersNH3.00
801-03 M/S  Basketball MiniSheets of 12NH40.00
808 S/SChristmas SheetNH6.75
809 M/SPalau-China Relations MiniSheet of 4 NH16.50
810 S/SYear of the Rooster SheetNH9.00
811 S/SRotary SheetNH9.50
812 M/SVon Schiller MiniSheet of 3NH9.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
813 S/SVon Schiller SheetNH6.50
814 M/SHans Christian Andersen MiniSheet of 3NH9.50
815 S/SAndersen SheetNH6.50
816-19Battle of TrafalgarNH11.50
816-19 TAB  Battle of Trafalgar with TabNH13.50
816-19 M/S  Battle of Trafalgar MiniSheet of 4 with TabsNH50.00
820 S/STrafalgar SheetNH8.00
821-22 M/SWorld War II Victory MiniSheets of 4NH19.75
823-24 S/SVictory SheetsNH15.00
825 M/SJules Verne MiniSheet of 3NH11.00
826 S/SVerne SheetNH8.00
827Pope John Paul IINH4.00
827 M/S  Pope MiniSheet of 6NH29.00
828Elvis, MicrophoneNH3.00
828 M/S  Elvis MiniSheet of 4NH15.00
829 S/SElvis Sheet of 4NH9.75
830 M/STrains MiniSheet of 4NH12.00
831 S/STrains SheetNH7.00
832 M/SV-J Day MiniSheet of 4NH13.00
833 S/SV-J Day SheetNH8.00
834 M/SExpo 2005 MiniSheet of 4NH12.00
835 M/SBoats Sheet of 4NH11.50
836 S/SBoats SheetNH7.50
837-38 M/SSoccer Champions MiniSheets of 3NH19.50
839-40 S/SSoccer SheetsNH12.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
841Vatican CityNH27.00
841 M/S  Vatican MiniSheet of 12NH37.50
842 M/STaipei Exhibition MiniSheet of 4NH11.50
843 M/SNational Museum MiniSheet of 10NH13.50
844Pope Benedict XVINH3.00
844 M/S  Pope MiniSheet of 4NH15.00
845-48Christmas PaintingsNH9.75
849 S/SChristmas SheetNH7.00
850Year of the DogNH2.50
850 M/S  Year of the Dog MiniSheet of 4NH12.50
851-5224c,39c BirdsNH2.50
853WWF - Chambered Nautilus (our choice of format)NH7.50
853 BLK  WWF - Chambered Nautilus Block of 4NH8.25
853 M/S  WWF - Chambered Nautilus MiniSheet of 16NH35.00
853a-d STR  WWF - Chambered Nautilus Strip of 4 (this strip is only available from 853e)NH8.75
853e S/SWWF - Chambered Nautilus Decorative Sheet of 8NH16.00
854 M/SWorld of the Sea and Reef MiniSheet of 40NH26.00
854a-an  World of the Sea Singles from SheetNH25.00
855 S/SMozart SheetNH7.00
  855 S/S CC  Mozart Sheet with crickled cornerNH3.00
856 M/SQueen Elizabeth MiniSheet of 4NH10.75
857 S/SQueen SheetNH6.75
858 M/SRembrandt MiniSheet of 4NH14.00
859 S/SRembrandt SheetNH7.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
860 M/SSpace Exploration MiniSheet of 4NH14.00
861-62 M/SSpace MiniSheets of 6NH29.00
863-65 S/SSpace SheetsNH21.00
866This number not utilized by Scott. 
867 S/SPeace Corps Sheet (Turtle)NH15.75
868-69Concorde PairsNH11.00
868-69 M/S  Concorde MiniSheet of 6NH43.50
870 S/SChristmas Ornaments SheetNH11.75
871Year of the PigNH3.00
871 M/S  Year of the Pig MiniSheet of 4NH17.00
872 M/SMarilyn Monroe MiniSheet of 4NH9.75
873 M/SDeath of Elvis MiniSheet of 9NH10.00
874 M/SDeath of Elvis MiniSheet of 6NH12.50
875 M/SBoy Scouts MiniSheet of 3NH10.00
876 S/SBoy Scouts SheetNH7.00
877 M/SMushrooms MiniSheet of 4NH13.00
878 S/SMushrooms SheetNH7.00
886 S/SHelicopters SheetNH7.50
887 S/SShells SheetNH7.50
888-89 M/SBirds, Mangrove Flycatcher MiniSheets of 6 
890Elizabeth and Philip (Our choice of pair)NH4.50
890b+a VPR  Elizabeth and Philip in Vertical Reversed Order PairNH4.75
890a+b V SO PR  Elizabeth and Philip in Vertical Scott Order PairNH5.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
890b+a HPR  Elizabeth and Philip in Horizontal Reversed Order PairNH4.75
890a+b H SO PR  Elizabeth and Philip in Horizontal Scott Order PairNH5.75
890 M/S  Elizabeth and Philip MiniSheet of 6NH16.00
891 M/SCrabs MiniSheet of 4NH13.00
892 M/SFlowers MiniSheet of 4NH12.00
893 S/SFlowers SheetNH7.00
894Pope Benedict XVINH2.50
894 M/S  Pope Benedict XVI MiniSheet of 8NH24.00
895 M/SDiana Memorial MiniSheet of 4NH10.00
896 S/SDiana SheetNH6.50
897-914Butterfly DefinitivesNH45.00
915$5 Butterfly DefinitiveNH16.00
916$10 Butterfly DefinitiveNH30.00
917 M/SUdoud Money Beads MiniSheet of 6NH10.00
918 M/SCowries MiniSheet of 6NH10.00
919 M/SChildren and Wildlife MiniSheet of 4NH9.75
920 M/SBirds MiniSheet of 4NH11.00
921 S/SBirds SheetNH7.00
922 M/STropical Fish MiniSheet of 4NH12.00
923 S/STropical Fish SheetNH7.00
924 M/SHolocaust Rembrance MiniSheetNH17.50
925-28Christmas OrnamentsNH5.75
929America's Cup Strip of 4 (our choice of strip)NH13.50
929 SO  America's Cup Strip of 4 in Scott OrderNH19.50
929 M/S  America's Cup MiniSheet of 16NH69.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
930Year of the RatNH2.25
930 S/SYear of the Rat Sheet of 4NH11.00
931 S/SJohn F. Kennedy Sheet of 4NH11.00
932 S/SHistory of the Olympics Sheet of 4NH7.50
933 S/STaipei Exhibition Sheet of 4NH7.50
934 S/STaipei Exhibition Sheet of 1NH7.50
935 S/SIsrael Exhibition SheetNH13.00
936 S/SEdmund Hillary - EverestNH13.00
937 M/SElvis Presley MiniSheet of 6NH13.75
938 M/SPope Benedict Visit MiniSheet of 4NH13.00
939Muhammed Ali Sheet of 6NH14.00
940Ali Sheet of 4NH11.50
941-42 M/SSpace Exploration Sheets of 6NH28.50
943-44Space Sheets of 4NH23.00
945Star Trek Sheet of 6NH14.50
946Star Trek Sheet of 4NH12.50
947-50Christmas AngelsNH5.75
951 M/SObama Sheet of 4NH10.50
952 S/S$2 Obama SheetNH6.00
953Year of the Ox PairNH7.50
953 M/S  Year of the Ox Sheet of 4NH15.00
954 S/SNinja Turtles Sheet of 4NH11.75
955-56 S/SMichael Jackson Sheets of 4 NH12.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
957 M/SPacific Resort Sheet of 6NH11.00
962 M/SDolphins Sheet of 6NH13.00
967 M/SShells Sheet of 6NH13.50
968-69 M/SCats Sheets of 6, 4NH23.50
970-71 S/S$2 Cat SheetsNH12.00
972 M/SUnderwater Fish Sheet of 6NH13.50
973 S/SLincoln Sheet of 4NH6.50
974 S/SPope Benedict Sheet of 3NH12.00
975-78 S/SElvis Speedway SheetsNH29.50
979-911c-$10 Fish CompleteNH79.50
  979-88  1c-$3 FishNH19.00
  989-90  $4,$5 FishNH29.50
  991  $10 FishNH32.50
992 WWF Red Lionfish Block of 4NH6.00
992 M/S  WWF Red Lionfish Decorative MiniSheet of 16 NH24.00
992a S/SWWF Red Lionfish Sheet of 8NH12.00
993 M/SFirst Man on Moon Sheet of 4, JFKNH12.00
994-97Christmas, CoralNH11.50
998 M/SDarwin Sheet of 6NH15.00
999-02Reptiles, AmphibiansNH8.50
1003 M/SDragons, Gecko, Turtles Sheet of 6NH13.00
1004Pope John Paul IINH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1004 M/SPope John Paul II Sheet of 4NH11.00
1005 S/SLincoln Sheet of 4NH9.00
1006 S/SElvis Sheet of 4NH9.00
1007 S/SGirl Guides Sheet of 4NH11.75
1008 S/S$2.50 Girl GuidesNH7.50
1009 S/SGovernment Buildings Sheet of 3NH9.00
1010Diana PairNH4.50
1010 M/SDiana Sheet of 4NH9.00
1011 S/SMother Theresa Sheet of 4NH11.75
1012 S/SRed Cross Founder Dunant Sheet of 4NH11.75
1013 S/S$2.50 Red Cross, Nobel Prize Sheet NH7.50
1014 S/SBotticelli Painting Sheet of 4NH11.75
1015 S/S$2.50 Botticelli PaintingNH7.50
1016 S/SPenny Black Sheet of 2NH12.00
1021-22 M/SWorld Cup Soccer South AfricaNH22.50
1023 S/SCaravaggio Paintings Sheet of 4NH11.75
1024 S/S$2.50 St. Thomas PaintingNH7.50
1025Pope Benedict XVINH2.50
1025 M/SPope Benedict Sheet of 4NH11.00
1026-29 S/SFish and Turtles Sheets of 3NH36.00
1030 S/SLincoln Sheet of 4NH9.00
1031 M/SJFK Sheet of 4NH9.00
1032 M/SObama U.N. Visit Sheet of 4NH9.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1033 M/SIndipex Stamp Expo Sheet of 6NH12.00
1034 S/S$2.50 Indipex SheetNH10.00
1035 M/SWhales Sheet of 6NH13.50
1036 S/SPygmy Sperm Whale NH7.50
1037 M/SPope Benedict Spain Visit Sheet of 4NH12.00
1038 S/S$2.50 Pope Benedict NH7.50
1039 M/SReagan Sheet of 4NH12.00
1040-41 M/SElvis Sheets of 4NH18.00
1042-45 S/S$2.50 Elvis SheetsNH29.75
1046 M/SPope John Paul Sheet of 4NH9.00
1047 S/SPope John Paul NH7.50
1048Prince William & Catherine Wedding 
1049-50 S/SRoyal Wedding SheetsNH12.00
1051-52 M/SPrincess Diana Sheets of 4NH18.00
1053 M/STaro Plant Sheet of 30NH27.00
1054 S/SPalau President Remeliik SheetNH6.00
1055-56 M/SBirds Sheets of 4NH24.00
1057-58 S/S$2 Bird SheetsNH12.00
1059 M/SLincoln Sheet of 5NH9.00
1060 S/S$2.50 Lincoln SheetNH7.50
1061 M/SPeace Corps Sheet of 4NH6.00
1062 M/SSeptember 11 AttackNH9.00
1063 S/SWorld Trade Center SheetNH7.50
1064-65 M/SWomen's World Cup Soccer Sheets of 4NH24.00
1066 M/SObama Birthday Sheet of 4NH12.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1067 S/S$2.50 Obama SheetNH7.50
1068-69 M/SCrustacean Sheets of 4NH29.75
1070-71 S/S$3 Crustacean SheetsNH18.00
1072-73 M/SMarine Life Sheets NH19.75
1074-75 S/S$2.50 Marine Life SheetsNH15.00
1076-79Christmas PaintingsNH16.00
1080-81 M/SLizards Sheets of 4NH22.00
1082-83 S/S$2.50 Lizard SheetsNH15.00
1084 M/SJapan-Palau Friendship Sheet of 4NH7.00
1085 M/SSistine Chapel Painting Sheet of 3NH11.50
1086 S/S$3.50 Sistine Chapel SheetNH11.00
1087 M/STitanic Sheet of 4NH15.00
1088 S/S$3 Titanic SheetNH11.00
1089 M/SAmelia Earhart Sheet of 4NH16.00
1090 S/SAmelia Earthart Sheet of 2NH8.00
1091 M/SLondon Summer Olympics Sheet of 4NH9.50
1092 M/SWashington Monument, Cherry Blossoms Sheet of 6NH17.00
1093 S/S$3.50 Monument, Cherry Blossoms SheetNH11.00
1094-95 M/SElvis Presley Sheets of 4NH21.00
1096-97 M/S, S/SStingrays Sheets NH26.00
1098-02 S/S$3.50 Elvis Presley SheetsNH52.50
1103 M/SPeter Pan Sheet of 4NH15.00
1104 M/SJFK, Jackie, White House TourNH15.00
1105 Pope Benedict XVI PairNH7.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1105 M/SPope Benedict Sheet of 4NH15.00
1106-07 M/SEnd of Apollo Moon Missions, JFKNH29.75
1108-09 M/S+S/SRaphael Paintings SheetsNH21.00
1110-11 M/S+S/SDogs SheetsNH25.00
1112-15 S/SFamous Speeches SheetsNH42.50
1116-17 M/S+S/SCarnivorous Plants SheetsNH24.75
1118-23 Christmas PaintingsNH11.00
1124 S/SChristmas Painting SheetNH10.50
1125-26 1v+S/SHindenburg inc SheetNH15.00
1125 M/S  Hindenburg MiniSheet of 4NH10.00
M/S+S/SPaul Signac Paintings MiniSheet of 3 plus Sheet of 1NH16.00
M/S+S/SRadio MiniSheet of 4 plus Sheet of 1NH16.00
2 M/S+2 S/SCats MiniSheets of 4 plus Sheets of 1NH33.50
M/S+ S/SSeashells MiniSheet of 4 plus Sheet of 1NH16.50
All New Issues are available for  PALAU and over 200 other Countries and Topics
B1-4Olympic SportsNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
C5Audobon ShearwaterNH1.00
C14-16Presidential DesignNH3.75
C14-16 TAB  Presidential Design with Descriptive TabNH4.25
C14-16 M/S  Presidential Design MiniSheet of 9NH12.00
C17Statue of LibertyNH.90
C18a,C19a, C20a,C20bAircraft Booklet Pane Issue:
C18a,C19a, C20a,C20b BK  Aircraft Complete BookletsNH20.00
C18a,C19a, C20a,C20b UP  Aircraft Unfolded PanesNH26.00
C18a,C19a, C20a,C20b PR  Aircraft Booklet PairsNH4.50
C21Republic Self-AdhesiveNH1.50
C22 M/SWorld War IINH10.00
C23Birds BlockNH3.50
C23 M/S  Birds MiniSheet of 16NH16.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
U122c ParrotfishNH4.00
U222c SpearfishingNH7.00
U325c Nautilus 
UC136c Birds AirletterNH10.00
UX114c Clam CardNH3.00
We will select a great group of beautiful cacheted, unaddressed First Day Covers with a total retail value of $400.  Your cost is just $240 - a whopping 40% discount from nationally advertised prices!  Just two collections are available. 
Collection of 33 diff FDC inc 103 Sheet.  All cacheted, unaddressed.  Brookman retail $305FDC
4a//C16Collection of 20 cacheted, unaddressed FDC's w/ Brookman Retail of:FDC
13a//133b1983-87 Six UNFOLDED booklet panes w/Tabs - uncommon items w/advertised retail $130, VF NH**