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Scott # Description Condition Price


Illustrated above are some of the scarce ESPANA 1984 Surcharges which are listed below after Scott 1690.

639//1237a1957-74 Beautiful collection of 85 color cacheted, unaddressed FDC's, loaded with Topicals! High retail! VFFDC125.00
Because of the listing arrangement in Scott of certain design types, the Year Sets below may contain a few issues from nearby Years.  We have decided on this format to make listing more compact and precise. 
1946Republic Issues: 500-03NH2.90
1952-60 DF589-601 (10)NH15.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1973883I-J,1181-95,1199,1202,1204,1206, 1208,1209-22,1229+B48-49+C107NH55.00
19741196,1197,1200,1205,1223-28,1230-41 +B50-51NH29.00
19821538,1541,1544-46,1569-73, 1577-1621,1654,1600a,1621aNH138.00
1984 ES1690A-B - Espana Rarities (less than 1000 exist!)  Just listed in Scott 2010 for the first time!NHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
1987 IMP1834-1907 plus 1907 ImperfNH230.00
1988 SC1908-81NH210.00
1988 AD1908-81,"1937a","1937b", "1955-60 IMP","1975a"NH325.00
(1991 has original Flowers, not reprints.) 
19932210-12,13,216-18,2222,2223, 2224-28,2231,2237-87,2238e.2239a,2239b, 2246a-47a,2256a,2257a,2285a,"2285b"NH425.00
1995 ERUN Error Block (2371f)NH195.00
19962212A,2214,2218A,2219,2222A,2223A,2393-2458,2403e,2404a,2412e,2413e, 2447a,"2447b"NH350.00
1997 M/S2476a-79a: WWF MiniSheets of 8NH32.50
19982236,2513-44,2545-50,2551-97,2539b, 2554a,2577aNH520.00
1998 ERR2545A Overprint ErrorNH98.00
1998 SSShow Souvenir Sheets (10)NH95.00
1998 PBKPrestige Booklet (2550A)NH57.00
1998 DBKDefinitive Booklets (3)NH104.00
1999 GPGutter Pairs (3)NH25.50
1999 M/S 1MiniSheets of 10 ()NHAsk
1999 M/S 2Uncut MiniSheets of 20 ()NHAsk
20002657-2709,2706A,2677e,2678e, 2708a,"2708b"NH320.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2000 GPGutter Pairs ()NHAsk
2000 M/S 1MiniSheets of 10 ()NHAsk
2000 M/S 2Uncut MiniSheets of 20 ()NHAsk
20012710-72,2713a,2715a,2738e, 2772a,"2772b"NH249.00
2001 GPGutter Pairs (3)NHAsk
2001 M/S 1MiniSheets of 10 ()NHAsk
2001 M/S 2Uncut MiniSheets of 20 ()NHAsk
2002 IMPVesak Imperf Sheet with Gold Background ("2794A")NH102.00
2003 CVOur Lady Color VarietyNH14.00
20042891,2893-2949,2897a,2929a,2937c, 2945aNH239.00
2004 OVOrchid Varieties: 2850a,2851a,2852a,2853a,2853bNH65.00
2004 M/S 1WWF MiniSheet of 16NH19.50
2004 M/S 2WWF 4 MiniSheets of 8NH29.00
2005 ERButterfly Inscription Error in Block (Scott 2980f)NH102.00
2005 ER

2006 M/SDecorative MiniSheets (20)NHAsk

20073084-3146,3097a,3137e+13 Reissued Butterflies with 2007 ImprintNH215.00
2007 GPGutter Pair (1)NH8.00
2007 UNM/SUnited Nations MiniSheet of 20 with TabsNH54.00
2007 M/S 10MiniSheets of 8 or 10 (7)NH130.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2007 M/S 16MiniSheets of 16 (5)NH89.00
2007 UNFR M/SUncut France MiniSheet of 20 with GuttersNH42.00
2007 XXThe GRAND Philippines 2007 Collection (all Year Units listed above):NH529.00
20083147-96,3148c,3163e,3164e,3167e, 3194a+23 BirdsNH295.00
2008 M/SMiniSheets (13)NH235.00
20093197-3257,3201a-12n,3223e,3231e, 3238e,3249aNHAsk
2009 BRPBird Definitive Reprints ()NHAsk
2009 M/SMiniSheets ()NHAsk
2010143 Stamps + 13 S/SNH295.00
2010 BRPBird Definitive Reprints ()NHAsk
2010 LNYLunar New Year MiniSheets (2)NH65.00
2010 OM/SDecorative MiniSheets ()NHAsk
2010 XXThe GRAND Philippines 2010 Collection - the 3 Year Sets listed above:NHAsk
2011110 Stamps + 16 S/SNH225.00
2011 LNY M/SLunar New Year MiniSheets of 10 (2)NH89.00
2011 O M/SOther Decorative MiniSheets (6)NH69.50
2011 XXThe GRAND Philippines 2011 Collection - the 3 Year Sets listed above:NH379.00
2012 LNY M/SLunar New Year MiniSheets (4)NH79.00
2012 O M/SOther Decorative MiniSheets (3)NH45.00
2012 XXThe GRAND Philippines 2012 Collection - the 3 Year Sets listed above:NH225.00
201372 Stamps + 13 S/SNH189.00
2013 M/SMiniSheets of 10, 12 or 16 (12)NH285.00
201492 Stamps + 14 S/SNH175.00
2014 M/SPope - Vatican City Joint Issue MiniSheet (1)NH52.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2015113 Stamps + 11 S/SNH199.00
201669 Stamps + 13 S/SNH139.00
201799 Stamps + 12 S/SNH139.50
2018Click to reserve now for earliest delivery.NHRESERVE!




213-221899-1901 1899 1c to 50c used, 1901 4c-8c usedOAsk
224$2 Madison F-VF for issue, just barely kissed by a hinge*Ask
290-302Rizal, Arms UnwatermarkedH135.00
  291b BP  4c Carmine, Pane of 6NH35.00
  291b x2 BK  50p Booklet with 4c Carmine Pane of 6 x2NH95.00
303-0416c Rizal,10p ArmsH45.00
305-18These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
319-25Legislative PalaceH50.00
3262c Rizal Green CoilH7.00
327-39These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
Scott # Description Condition Price

340-53Rizal, Arms ImperforateH270.00
340a-53aRizal, Arms Rare Shades Imperforate 
354-60Local ScenesH37.50
361-67These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
368-691p,2p SurchargesH6.00
370-79These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
380-82Baseball, Tennis, BasketballH2.00
383-96Scenic Definitives 


397-401Temples of Human ProgressNH12.75
397-91 VG to FVFTemples of Human Progress (perfs cut design on 50c)NH7.00
402-04Jose Rizal AnniversaryH.80
Scott # Description Condition Price
405-07These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
408-10Commonwealth DayH.60
411-24Large COMMONWEALTH OverprintsH37.50
  411a BP  2c Rose Pane of 6 
425-30Eucharistic Congress, MapNH4.00
431-3210p, 20p ArmsH7.50
433-46Small COMMONWEALTH OverprintsH400.00
  433  2c COMMONWEALTH OverprintNH.50
  433a BP  2c Rose Pane of 6H5.00
  435  6c COMMONWEALTH OverprintNH.50
  436  8c COMMONWEALTH OverprintH.30
  437  10c COMMONWEALTH OverprintNH.50
  438  12c COMMONWEALTH OverprintNH.50
  439  16c COMMONWEALTH OverprintNH.50
  440  20c COMMONWEALTH OverprintNH.50
  441  26c COMMONWEALTH OverprintNH.50
  443  1p COMMONWEALTH OverprintNH.75
447-48These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
449-51Foreign Trade Week 
452-54Triumphal ArchH.60
455-57Commonwealth AnniversaryH.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
458-60President Quezon, OathNH1.25
462b BPH2.00
462c BPH5.00
485-96VICTORY / COMMONWEALTH OverprintsH79.00
4972c Jose Rizal 
498-99These numbers not utilized by Scott. 


500-02Independence, July 4, 1946NH2.50
500-02 PB  Independence Plate Blocks of 6NH30.00
500-02 F/S  Independence Sheets of 30 (scarce!)NH80.00
500-021946 First Republic Issue x90 in Sheets of 30 with different Plate Numbers or positions. Scarce thus! F-VF NHNH225.00
503Jose Rizal OverprintNH.40
504-10Touristic ViewsNH19.00
  504,510  4c,1p NH7.00
  505,508  10c,20cNH6.50
  506,507,509  12c,16c,50cNH11.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
511Manuel L. QuezonNH.50
512-14President RoxasNH2.50
515 S/SQuezon SheetNH1.75
516-18United Nations Emblem, PerfNH6.00
516a-18a  United Nations Emblem, ImperfNH19.00
519-21General MacArthurNH5.50
522-24+C67FAO, Threshing RiceNH15.50
525-26President Roxas DeathNH.90
527Jose RizalNH.40
527a BP '49  Rizal Booklet Pane of 6NH7.50
527a x4 BK '49  Rizal Booklet of 24NH32.00
528-29Boy Scouts, ImperfNH2.75
528a-29a  Boy Scouts, Perf 11½NH3.00
530National FlowerNH.60
531-33UPU Monument NH1.50
534 S/SUPU Monument SheetNH3.00
535-36General del Pilar, Tirad PassNH1.00
537-39Chamber of CommerceNH1.50
537-39+C68-69Chamber of Commerce with AirsNH6.75
540-41Bureau of ForestryNH1.20
542-44Roosevelt and StampsNH2.00
545-46+C71-72Lions Club with AirsNH7.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
547-49President QuirinoNH.90
5501c on 2c SurchargeNH.90
550+O56  1c on 2c Surcharge with OfficialNH1.90
551-53Dove, Globe ConferenceNH2.50
554-56Peace FundNH10.00
554a-56a  Peace Fund Imperf SinglesNH19.00
554a-56a HPR  Peace Fund Imperf Horizontal PairsNH35.00
554a-56a VPR  Peace Fund Imperf Vertical PairsNH35.00
557-68Coats of ArmsNH19.00
  557-59  5c-18c ManilaNH5.00
  560-62  5c-18c CebuNH5.00
  563-65  5c-18c ZamboangaNH7.00
  566-68  5c-18c IloiloNH7.00
569-71UN Day, FlagNH3.00
572-74Human RightsNH3.50
575Educational SystemNH3.00
576-77These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
578-79Fisheries Council, MapNH8.75
580-81+C73Maria Clara, Exhibition with AirNH3.75
582-83Lions District ConventionNH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
584Language WeekNH.90
585-86International FairNH1.50
587-88Indonesia's SukarnoNH1.25
589-601Famous FilipinosNH15.00
  589  1c QuezonNH.75
  590 '60  2c SantosNH.75
  591  3c MabiniNH.75
  592 '52  5c del PilarNH.75
  593-94  These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
  595 '55  10c BurgosNH1.00
  596  This number not utilized by Scott. 
  597  20c Lapu-LapuNH1.50
  598  25c General LunaNH2.00
  599  50c ArellanoNH3.00
  600  60c BonifacioNH3.00
  601  2p JaenaNH8.50
602This number not utilized by Scott. 
603-04Medical AssociationNH2.00
605-07+C74-76First Stamps, MagellanNH25.00
608-09Boy Scout OverprintsNH5.00
610-12Asian GamesNH7.75
613-14Manila Conference SurchargeNH2.50
615-16Declaration of IndependenceNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
617Marian YearNH.75
618-19+C77Rotary InternationalNH3.75
620Labor - ManagementNH2.50
621-23Republic AnniversaryNH4.50
624-25Improved HealthNH2.75
626Teaching ConferenceNH.90
627-28Nurse, Red CrossNH2.25
629US Landing at LeyteNH2.00
629a SNG  US Landing at Leyte Imperf SingleNH15.00
629a HPR  US Landing at Leyte Imperf Horizontal PairNH27.50
629a VPR  US Landing at Leyte Imperf Vertical PairNH27.50
630-31Santo Tomas UniversityNH3.75
632-33Eucharistic CongressNH2.25
634-365c SurchargesNH3.00
637Girl Scouts, Tents PerfNH.90
637a SNG  Girl Scouts Imperf SingleNH4.75
637a PR  Girl Scouts Imperf Pair (our choice of format)NH11.00
637a HPR  Girl Scouts Imperf Horizontal PairNH13.00
637a VPR  Girl Scouts Imperf Vertical PairNH11.75
638President MagsaysayNH.50
639Painter LunaNH.50
640Assemby, OsmenaNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
641-42Inauguaration SurchargesNH1.50
643University of the PhilippinesNH.50
644-45Republic AnniversaryNH.75
646Manila CathedralNH.50
6471c SurchargeNH.70
648-49Manila LiberationNH1.50
652-53Malolos ConstitutionNH.70
654-55President RoxasNH.70
656-57Bacolod City SealNH.70
658-803These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
804-05Baguio AnniversaryNH2.50
806UN Day 6c on 18c SurchargeNH1.00
807-08Maria Cristina FallsNH3.75
8091c on 4c SurchargeNH.50
810-11Manila AtheneumNH1.50
812Manuel QuezonNH.40
813 '596c Jose RizalNH.50
814+C82Constitution AnniversaryNH1.10
814+C82 TB  Constitution Anniversary Tete-Beche PairNH3.00
815-16SEATO TreatyNH.90
817-18Refugee YearNH1.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
821-22+C85-86Rome OlympicsNH2.75
823-24President EisenhowerNH1.00
825-301c to 20c SurchargesNH5.50
  825,827,829  1c to 10c SurchargesNH2.50
    825    1c on 18c Globe, ChamberNH.60
    827    5c on 18c Volcano, RotaryNH1.00
    829    10c on 18c First StampNH1.00
  826,828  5c,10c SurchargesNH2.25
    826    5c on 18c AllegoryNH1.25
    828    10c on 18c Dove, GlobeNH1.25
  830  20c on 25c Marcello PilarNH1.00
831Postal Conference, Map NH.90
831+C87Postal Conference, Map with AirNH1.50
832-33Scout Jamboree Surcharges (on Yellow Paper)NH2.25
833a  Scouts Tete-Beche Pair (on White Paper)NH2.00
834-35De la Salle CollegeNH.50
836-40Jose Rizal BirthNH2.90
  840  30c Rizal's ExecutionNH1.00
841-42Republic AnniversaryNH.60
843-44Colombo Plan, MapNH1.75
845-46Government EmployeesNH1.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
847Amateur AthleticsNH.60
848Macapagal InaugurationNH.50
8496c on 5c SurchargeNH.60
850-53Orchids, Perf BlockNH4.75
850-53 SNG  Orchids Perf Singles from BlockNH3.00
853bOrchids, Imperf BlockNH6.75
853bc-f  Orchids Imperf Singles from BlockNH5.75
  854 '63  1s QuezonNH.60
  855 '62  3s MabiniNH.60
  856 '63  5s del PilarNH.60
  857 '62  6s RizalNH.60
  857A '64  5s Rizal and ShirtNH.60
  858 '63  10s BurgosNH.60
  859 '63  20s Lapu-LapuNH.60
  860 '62  30s SolimanNH1.50
  861 '62  50s ArellanoNH2.00
  862 '63  70s OsmenaNH2.50
  863 '62  1p JacintoNH4.50
  864 '69  1p PanganibanNH1.75
865-67Macapagal Takes OfficeNH1.00
868-70WHO, MalariaNH3.25
87120s on 25s RevoltNH.75
8725c on 5c+1c SurchargeNH.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
8731s on 2s SurchargeNH.50
8745s on 6s SurchargeNH.50
875-77Art and Philatelic ExhibitionNH1.75
878-83JFormer PresidentsNH24.00
  878-79  President RoxasNH2.50
  880-81  President MagsaysayNH2.50
  882-83 '65  President QuirinoNH4.50
  883A-83B '66  President AguinaldoNH3.75
  883C-83D '66  President LaurelNH3.75
  883E-83F '67  President QuezonNH3.75
  883G-83H '70  President OsmenaNH3.75
  883I-83J '73  President GarciaNH6.75
884-85Postal UnionNH.90
886-88Red CrossNH1.75
889-92Folk DancesNH3.00
889-92 BLK  Folk Dances Block of 4NH3.75
893-95Socioeconomic ProgramNH1.75
896-97Mexican President VisitsNH1.00
898-00Bonifacio BirthNH1.25
901 S/SHuman Rights Sheet 
902+C88-89Freedom from HungerNH2.50
903-05Bamboo OrganNH1.90
906-08Hero MabiniNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
909-11SEATO, FlagsNH1.25
912-13+C90Agricultural Land ReformNH1.75
915-18Basketball, Soccer, Races PerfNH3.25
915c-18c SNG  Basketball, Soccer, Races Imperf SinglesNH6.00
915a-18aBasketball, Soccer, Races Imperf PairsNH15.00
  915a  Basketball Imperf PairNH7.50
  915a  Relay Race Imperf Pair 
  915a  Hurdling Imperf PairNH7.50
  918a  Soccer Imperf PairNH9.50
919-21President of GermanyNH1.75
922-24Meteorological ServicesNH1.50
925-27President KennedyNH1.50
928-30Thai King and QueenNH1.50
931-33Princess BeatrixNH1.50
936-38Regional LeadersNH1.50
939-41Cycling ChampsNH2.00
942-43Marcos, Lopez InaugurationNH1.00
944-45High Court, InstructionNH.80
946Stop SmugglingNH.70
947-49Girl ScoutsNH1.40
950-52Marcos InaugurationNH1.50
953-54Historial ScenesNH1.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
955-56National BankNH1.00
957-59Post Office AnnexNH1.00
960-61Summit ConferenceNH1.25
962-65Lions International on Olympics ImperfNH2.75
962-65 PR  Lions International on Olympics Imperf PairsNH6.50
966-68Battle of BataanNH4.75
9694s on 6s Surcharge on RizalNH.90
9705s on 6s Surcharge on MacapagalNH.70
971-72Battle of CorregidorNH12.00
973-75Bureau of PostsNH1.75
976-77Nativity SceneNH1.00
978-80Sino-Philippine FriendshipNH2.25
981-83Post OfficeNH1.75
987-89Church, ConstitutionNH1.50
990-92Satellite TransmissionNH3.00
996-99Musical InstrumentsNH3.50
1000-02Concordia CollegeNH2.25
1003-05Singing ChildrenNH2.50
1010-12Commander AguinaldoNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1013+C96-97Manila Rotary Club with AirsNH3.75
1014Senator RectoNH.60
1016-18Jose Rizal CollegeNH2.50
1019Surcharge in RedNH.75
1020-22Cross, Map, Red CrossNH2.25
1023-25Miracle RiceNH2.25
1026-27+C98Holy ChildNH2.75
1028-30Development BankNH2.00
1035-37World's Children - UNICEFNH1.50
1038-40Leyte LandingNH4.50
1041-42Philippine Cultural CenterNH1.00
1043-46"1969 PHILATELIC WEEK" Overprint Block of 4NH3.00
1043-46 SNG  "1969 PHILATELIC WEEK" Overprint SinglesNH2.50
1047-49Melchora AquinoNH1.50
10505s on 6s Marcos SurchargeNH1.25
1050 var  5s on 6s Surcharge variationNH5.00
1051-53Steel MillsNH1.75
1054-564s,5s,5s SurchargesNH4.75
1057-58UPU HeadquartersNH1.00
1059-61Social WelfareNH1.25
1062-64Crab, MapNH1.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
1065-68Sea ShellsNH9.50
1069-714s SurchargesNH6.00
1072-73Map, FAPA EmblemNH1.75
1074-77Peddler's CartNH5.75
107810s Surcharge for UPU-AOPUNH1.00
1079Philatelic Week SurchargeNH.80
1080-81+C99Pope Paul VI, MapNH3.25
1082Legislator PonceNH.70
1083-85PATA EmblemNH2.75
1086-89Tourist AttractionsNH9.00
1090-93Hundred IslandsNH7.00
1094-97Cannon, Monument, VolcanoNH6.00
1098-99Family and EmblemNH.90
11005s SurchargeNH1.00
1101+C100Allegory of LawNH3.00
1102+C101Manila AnniversaryNH2.75
1103+C102Schools' ArmsNH3.25
11045s University Presidents SurchargeNH.80
1105-06Our Lady of GuiaNH1.75
1107-09Bank BuildingNH1.75
1110-114s,5s SurchargesNH1.20
1112Philatelic Week SurchargeNH.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
1115-16Fathers Gomez, Burgos, & ZamoraNH1.50
1117+C103Digestive TractNH1.50
11185s on 6s SurchargeNH1.75
111950s Two Bars Overprint on O69NH1.75
1120-2210s SurchargesNH3.75
1123-25Independence MonumentNH2.75
1126-35Flag SinglesNH20.00
1135a  Flags Block of 10NH29.00
1136General MalvarNH1.50
1137General FilipeNH1.25
1138-40+C104Tropical FishNH9.50
1141-43Development BankNH1.50
1144-45+C105Pope Paul VINH3.75
1146-4810s SurchargesNH6.50
1153-55Nursing AssociationNH1.50
1156-58World Health MonthNH1.50
1159+C106First Mass in LamasawaNH2.90
1160-62Scout Conference SurchargesNH4.75
1163-65Munich Olympic GamesNH2.50
1166-6710s Philatelic Week SurchargesNH2.00
1168-71Burial JarNH3.25
1172-74College of PharmacyNH1.50
1178-80Red Cross, President RoxasNH1.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1181-8210s on 6s SurchargesNH2.50
1183-85San Luis UniversityNH1.75
1186-87Aviator VillamorNH2.75
1188-905s,5s,10s SurchargesNH5.75
1191-94Theater FestivalNH2.90
  1195 '73  15s Josefa Escoda, BrownishNH.50
  1196 '74  15s Silang, VioletNH.50
  1197 '74  15s Palma, GreenNH.50
  1198 '78 30s Rozal, Violet blueNH.50
  1199 '73  60s Agoncillo, Red brownNH1.10
  1200 '74  90s Yangco, BlueNH1.50
  1201This number not utilized by Scott. 
  1202 '73  1.10p Dr. Venezuela, BlueNH1.80
  1203 '78  1.20p de Jesus, RedNH1.20
  1204 '73  1.50p Paterno, RoseNH2.50
  1205 '74  1.50p Alonso, BrownNH2.50
  1206 '73  1.80p Evangelista, GreenNH4.00
  1207This number not utilized by Scott. 
  1208 '73  5p Guerrero, BlueNH9.00
1196a-08aPortraits ImperfNH40.00
  1196a '74  15s Silang Imperf, Violet NH.50
  1197a '74  15s Palma Imperf, GreenNH.50
  1199a  60s Agoncillo Imperf, Red brownNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1200a '74  90s Yangco Imperf, BlueNH3.25
  1202a  1.10p Dr. Venezuela Imperf, BlueNH4.25
  1204a  1.50p Paterno Imperf, RoseNH4.75
  1205a '74  1.50p Alonso Imperf, BrownNH5.50
  1206a  1.80p Evangelista Imperf, GreenNH6.50
  1208a  5p Guerrero Imperf, BlueNH15.00
12095s Surcharge - Anti-SmugglingNH1.25
12105s Surcharge - John KennedyNH1.25
1211-13Independence, Martial LawNH2.50
1214-16Imelda MarcosNH2.00
1217-18+C107Presidential PalaceNH2.00
1219-20Criminal Police OrganizationNH2.00
1221-22Boy ScoutsNH2.00
1221a-22a  Boy Scouts Imperf SinglesNH3.75
1221a-22a  Boy Scouts Imperf PairsNH10.00
1223-25Central BankNH2.75
1226-28UPU, CostumeNH2.75
1229 '73Surcharged in RedNH1.25
1230-31Lion's ClubNH3.00
1232-33Map, EmblemNH2.75
1232a-33aMap Imperf PairsNH14.00
1234-36Surcharged with New Value and Two BarsNH6.00
1237-38WPY EmblemNH3.00
1237a-38aEmblem ImperfNH19.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1239-41Red FeatherNH2.50
1239a-41aFeather Imperf PairsNH14.00
1242Sultan Kudarat, MapNH1.00
1243-44Mental Health AssociationNH2.00
1243a-44aHealth Imperf PairsNH11.00
1245-464-Leaf Clover, PerfNH2.00
1245a-46a4-Leaf Clover, Imperf SinglesNH11.00
1247-48Military AcademyNH1.50
1249 BLK PRFHelping Disabled, PerfNH12.50
1249 BLK IMPHelping Disabled, ImperforateNH20.00
1250-525s,60s,1p SurchargesNH4.75
1253-54Grow and Conserve ForestsNH1.75
1255Jade VineNH.75
1256-57Women's Year, MarcosNH1.10
1256a-57aMarcos Imperforate SinglesNH13.50
1258-59Civil ServiceNH1.50
1258a-59aCivil Service, Imperforate SinglesNH12.00
1260-61Irrigation and DrainageNH1.75
1260a-61aIrrigation Imperforate SinglesNH14.00
1262Banks in ManilaNH2.00
1263This number not utilized by Scott. 
1264-72Famous FilipinosNH12.50
  1264 '77  30s PalmaNH.60
  1265 '78  30s KalantiawNH.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1266 '81  40s Rizal MonumentNH1.25
  1267 '75  60s Norberto RomualdezNH2.00
    1267a    60s Norberto Romualdez Imperf SingleNH5.00
  1268 '75  65s JacintoNH1.50
    1268a    65s Jacinto Imperf SingleNH4.00
  1269 '75  90s del PilarNH2.50
    1269a    90s del Pilar Imperf SingleNH6.00
  1270 '78  90s SantosNH1.00
  1271  This number not utilized by Scott. 
  1272 '76  1.60p AgoncilloNH4.50
1273-74These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1275-76San Francisco FlightNH5.00
1277-78Airmail Exhibition OverprintsNH2.50
1279-80Amateur PhilatelistsNH1.75
1279a-80a  Amateur Philatelists Imperf SingleNH14.50
1281-84Holy YearNH5.50
1281a-84a  Holy Year Imperf SinglesNH24.00
1285-86Manila SymphonyNH2.00
1287-88PAL AirplanesNH4.50
1289-90National UniversityNH1.90
1291World HealthNH.90
1292National ArchivesNH2.00
1293-94Santo Tomas UniversityNH2.25
1295-96Maryknoll CollegeNH1.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
1297Montreal OlympicsNH1.75
1298-99Police CollegeNH1.50
1298a-99a  Police College Imperf SinglesNH14.00
1300Bureau of LandsNH2.25
1301-02World BankNH2.25
1303-04Our Lady of PeaceNH2.50
130530s PHILATELIC WEEK SurchargeNH1.00
1306-07Christmas, ChurchNH2.50
1308-09Educational SystemNH3.00
1310-111.20p, 3p SurchargesNH6.75
1312This number not utilized by Scott. 
131330s Jose RizalNH1.75
1314-17These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
13182.30s Dr. ApacibleNH2.75
1319-21These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1322-23Flags, Map of AOPUNH2.75
1324-25Cogwheels, WorkerNH2.75
1326Farmer, PayNH.90
1327Solicitor GeneralNH1.90
1328World Peace, LawNH2.00
1329ASEAN EmblemNH2.00
1330Telephone Cable, MapNH2.50
1331-32President MarcosNH2.50
1333-34People Raising FlagNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1335-36Aglipayan ChurchNH2.00
1337Fokker over the WorldNH3.75
133890s PHILATELIC WEEK SurchargeNH1.90
1339-40Christmas StarNH1.75
1342Far Eastern UniversityNH.70
1343-46Sipa Ball Game BlockNH3.25
1347Meycauayan ArmsNH1.50
1348-49UPU, Moro VontaNH6.50
1350 S/SUPU, Moro Vonta Sheet, CAPEXNH22.00
1350e S/SUPU, Moro Vonta Sheet, CAPEX ImperfNH25.00
1351Bonifacio MonumentNH.90
1352-53Chess ChampionshipsNH2.75
1354Gold MiningNH3.50
1355-56President QuezonNH1.75
1357Law AssociationNH1.75
1358-59President OsmenaNH1.60
1360Cablelaying ShipNH2.50
1361-62Basketball ChampsNH3.00
1363-64San Lazao HospitalNH1.75
1365-66Smallpox EradicationNH2.75
136760s Philatelic Week SurchargeNH1.50
1368-69Telephone CompanyNH3.00
1370-71Filipino ChildrenNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1372-73Arms, Church of AgooNH1.50
1374-75Balayan FoundingNH1.50
13761st Woman PhysicianNH.90
1377-78Human RightsNH3.50
1385-86UN, RomuloNH2.75
1387-88Rotary ClubNH2.75
1389Educator de AlveroNH.75
1390-91Oil Production, Fire, Reef, Map 
1401-02Trade and DevelopmentNH3.25
1409-10World Telecommunications, MapNH4.50
1417-19Manila ArchdioceseNH2.75
1420-21Navy DayNH2.90
1422-24Drug AbuseNH3.50
1425-30Dogs and CatsNH25.00
1431-34Year of the ChildNH3.25
1437Numismatic SocietyNH.90
1438-39Air France, ConcordeNH11.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
144090s Philatelic Week SurchargeNH1.75
1441-42Air Transport MeetingNH3.50
1443-44Local GovernmentNH1.25
1445-46Christmas ThemesNH2.25
1449-51General MacArthurNH7.50
1452 S/SMacArthur's ReturnNH12.00
1453-54Knights of ColumbusNH2.25
1455-56Military AcademyNH4.75
1457-58Women's UniversityNH2.00
1459-60Rotary InternationalNH27.00
1465-66Girl ScoutsNH2.75
1473-75Library GroupsNH2.90
1476-78Kabataang BarangayNH2.50
1479-8340s,2p SurchargesNH17.00
  1479,1482  40s Surcharge on Alvero; 40s on ChristmasNH6.00
    1479    40s Surcharge on AlveroNH2.00
    1482    40s on ChristmasNH4.00
  1480,1481,1483  40s on Drug Abuse; 40s on Government; 2p on Law ConferenceNH12.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
    1480  40s on Drug AbuseNH2.00
    1481  40s on GovernmentNH2.00
    1483  2p on Law ConferenceNH8.00
1484-85Catamaran, TourismNH2.75
1486-88Stamp DayNH5.00
1489-90UN, FlagsNH4.00
1489-90 SC  Show Souvenir CardNH45.00
1498-99Central Philippine UniversityNH4.25
15001.20p Philatelic Week SurchargeNH3.00
1501APO Philatelic SurchargeNH2.50
1502Christmas TreeNH1.00
150340s Regional CampNH4.00
150410s on 30s Surcharge FamilyNH3.00
150585s on 80s Surcharge on Civil ServiceNH7.50
1506UPU Founder StephanNH3.75
1507-10Pope John Paul IINH10.50
1508a-09a '82  Pope John Paul II with MisspellingNHAsk
1507-11Feb 20 Issue (4+1 S/S) on 3 First Day CoversFDCAsk
1511 S/SPope John Paul IINH8.00
1512-2040s,1p,1.20p SurchargesNH26.00
  1512-13  40s on 90sNH4.00
  1514  40s on 65sNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1515  40s on 90sNH3.00
  1516  This number not utilized by Scott. 
  1517  1p on 1.50pNH3.00
  1518  1.20p on 1.80pNH4.00
  1519  1.20p on 1.65pNH5.50
  1520  2p on 1.50pNH7.00
1521-22Parliamentary UnionNH4.50
1523-26 BLKCoral BlockNH8.75
1523-26 SNG  Coral SinglesNH7.50
1527-30Classic Car BlockNH7.00
1527-30 SNG  Classic Car SinglesNH6.00
1531Marcos Re-inaugurationNH.80
1531aMarcos Re-inauguration ImperforateNH3.00
1532 S/SMarcos Re-inauguration SheetNH7.50
1533-36Jesuits Anniversary BlockNH5.50
1533-36  Jesuits Anniversary SinglesNH5.25
1537 S/SSt. Ignatius LoyolaNH7.50
1538-46Famous FilipinosNH18.00
  1538 '82  40s de los ReyesNH.70
  1539  1p del PilarNH1.25
  1540  1.20p MagsaysayNH1.90
  1541 '82  1.20p DagohoyNH3.00
  1542  This number not utilized by Scott. 
  1543  2p BautistaNH2.25
  1544 '82  2p SumulongNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1545 '82  2.30p AbelardoNH3.50
  1546 '82  3.20p LimNH4.50
1547-50These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1551Chief Justice CastroNH.80
1552-53Year of the DisabledNH3.75
1554-56Red Cross ConferenceNH5.75
1557Intramuros GateNH.90
1558Manila Park ZooNH1.00
15591.20p Philatelic Week SurchargeNH3.75
1560-6240s,1.20p SurchargesNH11.00
  1560  40s on 1.05pNH2.50
  1561  40s on 1.35pNH2.50
  1562  1.20p on 1.50pNH7.00
1563-68Asian GamesNH21.00
1569-71Film FestivalNH8.75
1572-73Waterworks, SewerageNH3.00
1574-76 '811p,3.20p SurchargesNH16.00
  1574 '81  1p on 65s SurchargeNH2.50
  1575 '81  1p on 1.50p SurchargeNH2.50
  1576 '81  3.20p on 2.20p SurchargeNH12.00
1577-78Scouting YearNH3.50
1579-80Children's Museum, LibraryNH3.00
1581-82Military AcademyNH2.25
1583-84Bataan DayNH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1585 S/SBataan Day SheetNH6.75
158610s on 6+5s Red CrossNH1.25
1587First Lady QuezonNH2.50
1587a  First Lady Quezon with Short TildeNH9.00
1587b  First Lady Quezon with Small SpaceNH15.00
1588-89Tower AwardsNH3.00
1590-91Human EnvironmentNH11.00
1592-93College of MedicineNH3.75
1595-96Adamson UniversityNH2.75
1597-98Social SecurityNH2.00
1599-00President MarcosNH3.50
1600a S/SPresident Marcos SheetNH7.00
1601ASEAN AnniversaryNH1.10
1602-04St. Teresa of Avila, MapNH5.75
1605 GP  Emancipation Gutter PairNH8.00
1605a  Emancipation Shorter DesignNH6.00
1605a GP  Emancipation Shorter Design  Gutter PairNH15.00
1606-07St. Isabel CollegeNH2.50
1608-09Reading CampaignNH2.75
1610-11Skal Club World CongressNH4.00
1612-13Folk ArtsNH4.75
1614-15Robert Koch, TB BacillusNH4.50
1616-17Christmas, SantaNH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1618-19Philatelic WeekNH2.00
1620-21Presidents Marcos, ReganNH5.50
1621a S/SPresidents Marcos, Regan SheetNH7.50
1622-23UN Aging AssemblyNH4.00
1624-25Senator Rodriguez, Sr.NH2.00
1626-27Manila Film FestivalNH5.75
1628-29Beatification of RuizNH2.50
1630Printing PressNH.90
1631Safety at SeaNH1.00
1632-33Supreme AuditNH3.00
1633a S/SSupreme Audit SheetNH8.00
1634Boy ScoutsNH.90
1635 BLK40s Surcharge on Helping the Disabled BlockNH16.00
1636Dental AssociationNH.80
1637-38University of the PhilippinesNH2.25
1639Japanese MinisterNH.80
1640-43Science and Technology BlockNH3.50
1640-43 SNG  Science and Technology SinglesNH3.00
1644Communications Year, MapNH3.50
1645Postal SystemNH.80
1646Christmas Strip of 5NH6.50
1646f S/SChristmas SheetNH8.00
1647-48Xavier UniversityNH2.25
1649-50Labor and EmploymentNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1651-52Women's SuffrageNH2.25
1653Stamp CollectingNH9.50
1654 '8240s Emancipation, New PerfNH4.50
1661Princess KiramNH3.50
1662-63Virgin MaryNH2.75
1664-65Prominent FilipinosNH3.00
1669 '85Sumulong with Short BarsNH10.00
1669 var  Sumulong with Long BarsNH25.00
1670-71These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1672-80AFamous FilipinosNH39.00
  1672  60s General RicarteNH3.00
  1673  60s Teodoro KalawNH3.50
  1674  60s President GarciaNH3.50
  1675  60s Senator Paredes, Sr.NH1.50
  1676 '85  60s Dr. VilladolidNH1.50
  1677 '85  60s Santiago FonacierNH1.00
  1677 '85 M/S    60s Santiago Fonacier MiniSheet of 20 (2x10)NH45.00
  1678-79 '85  60s,2p Fonacier, RomualdezNH8.50
  1680  3p Dagohoy with Large DenominationNH10.00
  1680A '85  3p Dagohoy with Medium DenominationNH15.75
1681-85 (6)KKK, Famous FilipinosNH15.00
  1681  60s Livelihood KKK Group - GreenNH.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1681A  60s Livelihood KKK Group - RedNH.90
  1682  1.80p General LimNH2.50
  1683  2.40p AbelardoNH3.00
  1684  3.60p Quezon Large PNH3.25
  1684A '86  3.60p Quezon Small PNH7.50
  1685  4.20p SumulongNH4.00
1686-87Ayala CorporationNH3.75
1688-89Espana ExhibitNH5.50
1690 S/SEspana Sheet, PerfNH35.00
"1690X" S/SEspana Sheet, ImperfNH40.00


  The Surcharges below are the scarcest modern Philippines stamps.  Ignored by Scott for over 25 years, they were finally listed in the 2010 Catalogue for the first time!
  The Surcharges are on Scott 1690Aa-d (Black on Perf Stamps) and 1690Ba-d (Red on Imperf Stamps) as indicated below.  Black Overprints on Imperf Stamps were issued but not yet listed by Scott although they are in the Philippines Special Catalogue.
  All serious collectors should have these stamps!  For accuracy and completeness, we list all items extant but not all are available today.  The surcharges are much easier to see in person than on the scans below.

BLACK Overprints on PERF Sheet and Stamps

1690A S/SESPANA '84 Show with BLACK Overprints on PERF Sheet of 4NHAsk

1690Aa-d7.20p on 7.50p BLACK Overprints on PERF StampsNH350.00
  1690Aa  7.20p on 7.50p National Museum Week in BLACK Overprint on PERF StampNH45.00
  1690Ab  7.20p on 7.50p Mexican Friendship in BLACK Overprint on PERF StampNH45.00
  1690Ac  7.20p on 7.50p National Children's Book Day in BLACK Overprint on PERF StampNH45.00
  1690Ad  7.20p on 7.50p Holy Rosary in BLACK Overprint on PERF StampNHAsk


Scott # Description Condition Price

  "1690AdE"7.20p on 7.50p Holy Rosary BLACK Overprint on PERF Stamp with O.L LADY ROSARY Major Error (LADY in place of HOLY) (extremely rare!) - shown aboveNHAsk
  "1690AdE" FDC7.20p on 7.50p Holy Rosary BLACK Overprint on PERF Stamp with O.L LADY ROSARY Major Error (LADY in place of HOLY) - FIRST DAY COVER (extremely rare!)NHAsk

  "1690AdF"7.20p on 7.50p Holy Rosary BLACK Overprint on PERF Stamp with First Zero Solid in 300 (upper left corner) - shown aboveNHAsk


"1690AdX" S/SESPANA '84 Show BLACK Overprint on PERF Sheet with O.L LADY ROSARY Error (Lady in place of Holy) 
"1690AdW" S/SESPANA '84 Show BLACK Overprint on PERF Sheet with First Zero Solid in 300 


BLACK Overprints on IMPERF Sheet and Stamps

1690AF S/SESPANA '84 Show with BLACK Overprints on IMPERFORATE Sheet of 4NHAsk

1690AFa-d7.20p on 7.50p BLACK Overprints on IMPERFORATE StampsNH950.00
  "1690AFa"  7.20p on 7.50p National Museum Week in BLACK Overprint on IMPERFORATE StampNH325.00
  "1690AFb"  7.20p on 7.50p Mexican Friendship in BLACK Overprint on IMPERFORATE StampNH325.00
  "1690AFc"  7.20p on 7.50p National Children's Book Day in BLACK Overprint on IMPERFORATE StampNH75.00
  "1690AFd"  7.20p on 7.50p Holy Rosary in BLACK Overprint on IMPERFORATE StampNH325.00

RED Overprints on IMPERF Stamps

1690B S/SESPANA '84 Show RED Overprints on IMPERF Sheet of 4 
1690Ba-d7.20p on 7.50p RED Overprints on IMPERF StampsNH700.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1690Ba  7.20p on 7.50p National Museum Week in RED Overprint on IMPERF StampNH200.00
  1690Bb  7.20p on 7.50p Mexican Friendship in RED Overprint on IMPERF StampNH65.00
  1690Bc  7.20p on 7.50p National Children's Book Day in RED Overprint on IMPERF StampNH65.00
  1690Bd  7.20p on 7.50p Holy Rosary in RED Overprint on IMPERF StampNH400.00
1691-92Dr. GuazonNH2.75
1699-04Los Angeles OlympicsNH30.00
"1699A-04A" IMPLos Angeles Olympics Imperf with Red StarsNHAsk
1705 S/SOlympics Sheet of 4, Perf with Red StarsNH25.00
"1699B-1705B" IMPLos Angeles Olympics Set and Sheet Imperf with Blue StarsNH250.00
  "1699-04B" IMP  Los Angeles Olympics Imperf with Blue StarsNH175.00
  "1705B" S/S IMP  Olympics Sheet of 4, Imperf with Blue StarsNH90.00
1706Baguio CityNH1.75
1707Rail TransitNH2.25
1708-09Ausipex ExhibitNH11.00
1710 S/SAusipex Exhibit Sheet of 3NH39.00
1710a  Ausipex Exhibit Sheet SingleNH25.00
"1710b" S/SAusipex Exhibit Imperf SheetNH60.00
1710c  Ausipex Exhibit Imperf Sheet SingleNH35.00
1711-12These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1713Rotary InternationalNH2.50
1714-15Philatelic Week PairNH5.00
1716-17These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1718-23Water TransportNH20.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1724-29These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1730-31Manila UniversityNH2.50
1732-33Holy FamilyNH4.50
1734Young Men AwardsNH35.00
1735-36Tobacco NH3.50
1737 NOTE:According to our research, 1737 and "1737D" below were issued on 7 December 1984 not in 1985 as Scott states.
1737 S/S '84P3.00 SurchargeNH17.50
"1737D" S/S '84P3 00 Surcharge (Decimal Missing)NH19.00
1737A-BPhilatelic Week Pair with "Philatelic Week 1984" OverprintNHAsk
1738-39Scientific ResearchNH2.25
1740-45Medicine PlantsNH35.00
1747A-F  Horses with April 12 CancelsUSED1.25
1747G S/SHorses Sheet of 4NH28.00
1748Tax ResearchNH1.00
1748 M/S  Tax Research MiniSheet, Horizontal FormatNHAsk
1748 M/S  Tax Research MiniSheet, Vertical FormatNHAsk
1749-50Rice ResearchNH3.75
1751-52 PRSpanish Treaty PairNH6.75
1751-52 SNG  Spainish Treaty Singles 
1752a TAB  Spanish Treaty Strip of 5 with TabNH19.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1753 S/SPRC DiplomacyNH12.00
"1753a" S/SPRC Diplomacy with PEOPLE'S addedNH25.00
1754Arbor WeekNH2.25
1755Battle of BessangNH2.50
1758-60Girl Scout SurchagesNH13.75
1761-64Virgin MaryNH12.00
1765-66Youth YearNH4.50
1769UN AnniversaryNH4.00
1770-71Transpacific Airmail, Route MapNH9.00
1772-73Philatelic Week Surcharges on TrainsNH7.50
1774-75National Bible WeekNH4.75
1778-79Scales of JusticeNH3.50
1780-82Famous MenNH5.75
1783-85Airplanes (2 Blocks + 1 Pair)NH27.50
1783a-85b (10)  Airlane Singles from Blocks and PairNH22.50
1786-87Oil Refining CorpNH7.00
1788-89Vancouver EXPONH3.50
1790-91Asian ProductivityNH3.50
1792Asian Productivity, Large SizeNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1795-98President AquinoNH4.50
1799 S/SCorazon AquinoNH7.00
1800-02De La Salle UniversityNH6.00
1803 S/SUniversity SheetNH7.50
1804-06Benigno AquinoNH4.00
1807 S/SAquino SheetNH8.00
1812-13Religious ThemesNH4.00
1816-17Halley's CometNH4.50
1818-19World Dental CongressNH9.00
1820-22Insects and Butterflies (rather scarce)NH24.00
1823-24Manila YMCANH7.50
1825-26Phillippine Normal CollegeNH5.75
18341p on 60s SurchargeNH1.50
1835-42 (9)Redrawn and Changed ValuesNH28.00
  1835  75s AMERIPEX '90NH2.00
  1836  1p AquinoNH1.50
  1837  3.25p Dental CongressNH2.50
  1838  3.50p Scales of JusticeNH3.00
  1839  4p YMCA, 4 larger than 0'sNH3.00
  1839A  4p YMCA, 4 even with 0'sNH11.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1840  4.75p Jeepney BusNH4.00
  1841  5p General HospitalNH4.50
  1842  5.50p Boeing 747NH7.50
1843-46Hotel ManilaNH16.00
1847-48Eucharistic CongressNH1.75
1849-50Constitution RatificationNH3.75
1851-52Lyceum CollegeNH2.75
1853-56Government InsuranceNH6.00
1857Davao CityNH1.50
1858Salvation ArmyNH2.50
1859Women VotersNH1.25
1860This number not utilized by Scott. 
  1861  General LukbanNH1.00
  1862  Wenceslao VinzonsNH1.20
  1863  Brigadier-General CapinpinNH1.20
  1864  Jesus BalmoriNH1.00
1865-80These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1881Daughters of CharityNH2.50
1882ASEAN, Map and FlagsNH2.25
1885-86Pope John Paul IINH6.75
1887 S/SPope SheetNH9.00
1888Hospital SurchargeNH3.75
1889Good Shepherd SistersNH2.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
1890Boy ScoutsNH2.25
1891Philippine Philatelic ClubNH2.25
1892-94Order of the DominicansNH6.75
1895ASEAN MeetingNH3.50
1906Masonic LodgeNH4.50
1907United Nations Strip, PerfNH24.75
"1907E"  United Nations Strip ImperfNH50.00
1907+"1907F"UN ERROR Strip of 5 with Yellow Missing from Tuba Players Hair.  Also Tuba is Pink - not Orange.  Se-tenant with Normal 1907.NH250.00
1908-09National CongressNH5.75
1910-11Don BoscoNH4.00
1912Locally MadeNH1.00
1913,19163.00p SurchargesNH10.50
  1913  3p on 3.60pNH
  "1913a"  3.00p with Long SurchargeNH12.00
  1916  3p on 3.60pNH
1914-153.00p SurchargesNH10.50
  1914  3p on 3.60pNH
  1915  3p on 3.60pNH
  "1914a-15a"  3.00p with Long SurchargesNH19.00
1917College SurchargeNH8.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  "1917a"  College with Long SurchargeNH12.00
1918-19New Zip CodeNH1.75
1920-211p, 5.50p InsectsNH5.50
1920 ERR  1p Insect Imperf with Part of Adjoining StampNH95.00
1922-23Solar EclipseNH5.75
1924-25Toribio TeodoroNH2.75
1926-27Holy SpiritNH3.75
1926-27 M/S  Holy Spirit MiniSheets of 15NH95.00
1928 M/S  Democracies MiniSheet of 15NH80.00
1931-32 M/S  Irrigation MiniSheets of 15NH120.00
1933-38Olympic WeekNH20.00
1933-38 IMP  Olympic Week ImperforateNH40.00
1937aOlympic StripNH25.00
1937b  Olympic Strip ImperforateNH30.00
1939-421.90p SurchargesNH9.50
1943,1945 ST  Land Bank Se-tenant PairNH18.00
1943,1945 ST STR  Land Bank Se-tenant Strip of 4NH22.00
1943,1945 M/S  Land Bank MiniSheets of 6NH60.00
1943+1945 M/S  Land Bank Uncut MiniSheet of 12 (rather scarce thus)NH95.00
1944,1946Commercial BankNH4.50
1944,1946 ST  Commercial Bank Se-tenant PairNH18.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1944,1946 ST STR  Commercial Bank Se-tenant Strip of 4NH22.00
1944,1946 M/S  Bank MiniSheets of 6NH60.00
1947-48Baltazar BirthNH1.50
1949-50Quezon InstituteNH6.00
1949-50 M/S  Quezon Institute MiniSheets of 15NHAsk
1955-60Seoul OlympicsNH15.00
1955-60 IMP  Seoul Olympics ImperforateNH30.00
1961 S/SOlympic SheetNH19.00
1962Law and JusticeNH1.00
1962 M/S  Law and Justice MiniSheet of 6NH75.00
1963-64Red Cross, CrescentNH4.50
1963-64 M/S  Red Cross, Crescent MiniSheets of 6NH60.00
1965Christian ChildrenNH1.00
1965 M/S  Christian Children MiniSheet of 6NH15.00
1966UNICEF Strip of 5NH5.00
1966 M/S  UNICEF MiniSheet of 15NH150.00
1967Bacolod City with Brown Red BackgroundNH2.50
1967 var 1  Bacolod City with Dark Red Brown BackgroundNH12.50
1967 var 2  Bacolod City with Light Red Brown BackgroundNH12.50
1967 M/S  Bacolod City MiniSheet of 6NH30.00
1968Santo ThomasNH1.00
1968 M/S  Santo Thomas MiniSheet of 6NH15.00
1969-70Quezon BirthNH3.50
1971Malate ChurchNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1971a-d  Malate Church Singles from BlockNH
1972-73Human RightsNH1.50
1972-73 ST  Human Rights Se-tenant PairNH3.50
1972-73 2 M/S  Human Rights MiniSheets of 6 (2)NH35.00
1972-73 M/S  Human Rights MiniSheets of 12NH35.00
1974 M/S  Telephone MiniSheet of 6NH19.00
1975Philatelic Week Block  Inscribed 1988NH4.00
1975ePhilatelic Week Error (Inscribed 1938)NH19.00
1975+1975e  Philatelic Week Block of 8 containing the Normal and Error BlocksNH25.00
1982General Santos, FishNH1.30
1982 M/S  General Santos, Fish MiniSheet of 6NH21.00
1983-84Guerrilla Fighters PairNH2.10
1985Mary ImmaculateNH1.20
1985 M/S  Mary Immaculate MiniSheet of 6NH17.50
1986-97 (13)Fiesta IslandsNH29.00
  1986,1987,1990 '89  June, 1989 IslandsNH3.50
  1988,1992,1995 '89  September, 1989 IslandsNH7.00
  1989,1993,1996 '89  December, 1989 IslandsNH7.00
  1990A '90  4p Penefrancia IslandNH5.75
  1991,1994,1997 '89  March, 1989 IslandsNH9.25
1998Great Filipinos Strip of 5NH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2000-01French RevolutionNH4.75
2000-01 M/S  French Revolution MiniSheets of 6NH64.00
2002Supreme CourtNH1.20
2002 M/S  Supreme Court MiniSheet of 6NH17.50
2003-04Science and TechnologyNH2.10
2003-04 M/S  Science and Technology MiniSheet of 4NH17.50
20054.75p on 5.50p SurchargeNH2.90
2006-07Pheasant, Bear CatNH2.90
2008 ERR  Inscription Shifted so First "P" in Philippines starts on Extreme Right of Stamp instead of Left.NH45.00
2008 M/S  Telecommunity MiniSheet of 6NH17.50
2009National DefenseNH1.20
2009 M/S  National Defense MiniSheet of 6NH17.50
2010Maritime OrganizationNH4.25
2010 M/S  Maritime Organization MiniSheet of 6NH40.50
2010A-CWorld Stamp Expo '89NH11.50
2010A-C M/S  World Stamp Expo '89 MiniSheet of 6NH144.00
2011-12Classroom PhilatelyNH2.10
2019Cardiology CongressNH2.30
2020-21Beer ProductionNH3.50
2022Great Filipinos Strip of 5NH4.25
2025Legion of MaryNH1.20
Scott # Description Condition Price
2026-27Girl ScoutsNH1.50
2028-29Postal Training CenterNH2.90
2030-31Catechetical YearNH2.60
2034-35UN DevelopmentNH3.50
2038-39Christmas inc Strip of 4NH5.75
2040Blind SafetyNH1.20
2041"Philippines After 100 Years"NH1.10
2042-44Philatelic WeekNH5.75
2045Plenary CouncilNH1.10
2046-47Philippine AirlinesNH3.25
2048-88Flowers Complete Unit of 42NH144.00
  2048  60s GardeniaNH1.20
  2049  75c AllamandaNH1.20
  2050-53  1p Flowers BlockNH4.25
  2053B '93  1p GardeniaNH2.90
  2054  1.20 NerumNH1.20
  2055  1.50p GardeniaNH1.75
  2056-59  2p Flowers BlockNH9.25
  2060  3p NeriumNH3.50
  2061  3.25p CanangaNH4.25
  2062-65  4p Flowers BlockNH18.50
  2066-69  4.75p Flowers BlockNH21.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  2070  5p CannaNH5.75
  2071  5p CanangaNH5.75
  2072-75  5.50p Flowers BlockNH25.50
  2076-79  6p Flowers BlockNH29.00
  2080-83  7p Flowers BlockNH33.50
  2084-87  8p Flowers BlockNH37.00
  2088  10p CannaNH11.50
2048 RP-88 RPFlowers, 1992 Reprints Set NH289.00
2089Great Filipinos Strip of 5NH3.25
2090-92Pacific Boy Scout JamboreeNH4.50
2092a S/SJamboree SheetNH9.25
2093ANTIPOLO by Carlos V. FranciscoNH1.20
2094-97WWF - EagleNH15.00
2098Bar AssociationNH1.00
2099US Armed Forces in the Far EastNH2.30
2100 S/SUSAFFE SheetNH13.00
2101Independence Block of 4NH5.50
2102St. John of the CrossNH1.75
2103 S/SSt. John of the Cross SheetNH8.25
2104-06UN AgenciesNH4.75
2107-09Philatelic WeekNH7.00
2110-13Southeast Asian GamesNH7.00
2113b,2113c S/SAsian Games Sheets, Imperf and Perf SheetsNH14.50
  2113c S/S  Asian Games Sheet, Perf SheetNH9.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
2114 S/S4p on 3.20p Bataan Day SheetNH7.00
2119-20 BLKSMilitary Groups, Blocks of 16NH57.50
  2120q BLKMilitary Groups, Block of 32NH87.00
2124a,2125 S/SBasketball SheetsNH23.00
  2125 S/S  16p Basketball SheetNH11.50
2126-27Year of the MonkeyNH10.00
1992 NOTE:Also see RA1-5 for another 1992 issue. 
2128-31Local EconomyNH9.25
2132-35Medicinal PlantsNH14.50
2141-42Our Lady of SorrowsNH3.75
2143-44Expo '92NH4.25
2145 S/SExpo '92 SheetNH14.50
2146 STRDepartment of Agriculture (our choice of strip of 3)NH4.25
2146 HSTR  Department of Agriculture Horizontal Strip of 3NH4.75
2146 VSTR  Department of Agriculture Vertical Strip of 3NH5.25
2149Manila Jockey ClubNH1.75
2150 S/SManila Jockey Club SheetNH8.75
2151Great Filipinos Strip (Manuel Roxas at Right)NH4.25
2152-53Chess CompetitionNH4.25
2154 S/SChess SheetNH9.25
2155-57World War IINH8.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
2158-59 S/SWorld War II, Maps SheetsNH23.00
2160Aquino and RamosNH1.10
2161-62Rizal to DapitanNH3.50
2167-68 SNG (4)Founding of Katipunan - SinglesNH5.75
2167-68 PRSFounding of Katipunan, One Vertical, One Horizontal PairNH6.25
2167-68 HPR  Founding of Katipunan - Two Horizontal PairsNHAsk
2167-68 VPR  Founding of Katipunan - Two Vertical PairsNHAsk
2169Philippine LeagueNH1.50
2170-72Summer OlympicsNH7.00
2172A S/SSummer Olympics SheetNH8.25
2172b  1p Olympics Swimming from SheetNH8.00
2173-74Cathedral of San SebastianNH2.10
2175-77Masonic LodgeNH14.50
2178-79President Ramos, Oath of OfficeNH3.25
2180-81Freshwater Aquarium Fish Strips of 5 (our choice of format)NH17.50
2180-81 SO  Freshwater Aquarium Fish Strips of 5 in Scott OrderNH50.00
2182-84 S/SFreshwater Aquarium Fish SheetsNH33.50
  2183 S/S  4p Fish Sheet of 4NH11.00
  2184 S/S  6p,7p Fish Sheet of 4NH18.50
"2182a,2184a" S/SFish, Taipei Exhibit SheetsNH29.00
2185-88Birthday GreetingsNH9.25
2189-91Discovery of America QuincentennialNH8.25
2192Nutrition, MapNH1.75
2193 S/SPhilatelic Convention Overprint SheetNH11.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2198 S/SPostal Museum SheetNH5.25
2201-03Philatelic WeekNH5.50
2204Birds Strip of 5NH7.00
2204 TB  Birds Tete-Beche Strips of 5NH20.50
2205-06 S/SBirds Sheets of 4NH10.50
  2206 S/S  Bird Sheet, Larger Denominations SheetNH5.75
2207-08Year of the RoosterNH3.25
2208a,2208b S/SYear of the Rooster Sheets, PerfNH11.00
  2208a S/S  Year of the Rooster Sheet, PerfNH5.00
  2208b S/S  Year of the Rooster Perf Sheet with Taipei OverprintNH8.00
"2208c,2208d" S/SYear of the Rooster Sheets ImperforateNHAsk
  "2208c" S/S    Year of the Rooster Sheet, ImperfNHAsk
  "2208d" S/S  Year of the Rooster Imperf Sheet with Taipei OverprintNHAsk
2209Guerilla WarfareNH8.25
1992 NOTE:Also see RA1-5 for another 1992 issue. 
2210 '9360s FlagNH2.00
2211 '941p Small Flowers, Red PilipinasNH1.00
2211A '951p Small Flowers, Blue PilipinasNH1.00
2212 '931p Large Flowers, Brown PilipinasNH1.00
2212A '961p Large Flowers, Blue PilipinasNH1.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2213 '931.50p Fish, Red Pilipinas, Dated 1993NH1.00
2213a '951.50p Fish, Red Pilipinas, Dated 1995NH1.00
2214 '961.50p Fish, Blue PilipinasNH1.00
2215 BLK '952p Flag and Symbols Block of 14 with Blue Security PrintingNH13.50
2216 '932p Flag with Inscription BeneathNH1.00
2216A '942p Flag with Inscription at Left, Dated 1993 but Issued 1994NH1.00
2217 BLK '932p Flag and Symbols Block of 14 without Blue Security PrintingNH13.50
2218 '933p Animal, Dated 1993NH1.75
2218a '94  3p Animal, Dated 1994NH1.50
2218b '95  3p Animal, Dated 1995NH1.50
2218C '963p Animals Facing LeftNH1.75
2219 BLK '964p Symbols Block of 14, Fish Stamp with Pilipinas at TopNH22.50
2220 BLK '964p Symbols Block of 14, Flag Stamp with Pilipinas at TopNH22.50
2221 '935p Bird, Dated 1993NH3.50
2221a '94  5p Bird, Dated 1994NH3.00
2221a '95  5p Bird, Dated 1995NH2.75
2222 '965p EagleNH3.00
2223 '936p Large PlantNH5.00
2223A '966p Small Plant, Blue PilipinasNH5.00
2223B '946p Small Plant, Red PilipinasNH6.00
2223Bc '95  6p Small Plant, Red Pilipinas, Dated 1995NH5.00
2224 '937p Large CostumeNH6.00
2224A '967p Small Costume, Blue PilipinasNH6.00
2224B '947p Small Costume, Red PilipinasNH7.00
2224Bc '95  7p Small Costume, Red Pilipinas, Dated 1995NH6.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2225 '938p Large Fruit, Brown PilipinasNH7.00
2226 '938p Small Fruit, Red PilipinasNH8.00
2226a '95  8p Small Fruit, Red Pilipinas, Dated 1995NH7.00
2227 '968p Small Fruit, Blue PilipinasNH7.00
2228 '9310p House, Red Pilipinas, Dated 1993NH9.00
2228a '94  10p House, Red Pilipinas, Dated 1994NH8.00
2228b '95  10p House, Red Pilipinas, Dated 1995NH8.00
2229 '9610p House, Blue PilipinasNH8.00
2230This number not utilized by Scott. 
2231-36 S/SNational Anthem Sheets (6)NH92.00
2231 S/S '93Anthem Sheet INH29.00
2232 S/S '94Anthem Sheet IINH17.50
2233 S/S '95Anthem Sheet IIINH16.50
2233 S/S var  Anthem Sheet III Plate fault: 2233c with "fcr" in place of "for".  Scarce!NH43.50
2234 S/S '96Anthem Sheet IVNH16.50
2234 S/S var  Anthem Sheet IV Dull Red, Blue and Yellow colors in place of the Shiny colors on the normal Sheets.  Scarce!NH32.00
2235 S/S '97Anthem Sheet VNH16.50
2236 S/S '98Anthem Sheet VINH16.50
2237Butterfly Strip of 5NH7.00
2237 TB  Butterfly Tete-Beche Strips of 10NH22.75
2238,2239 S/SButterfly SheetsNH14.00
2238e,2239a S/SButterfly Sheets with INDOPEX OverprintNH14.00
  2238e S/S  4p Butterfly Sheet with INDOPEX OverprintNH10.00
  2239a S/S  10p Butterfly Sheet with INDOPEX OverprintNH10.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2239b S/S10p Butterfly Sheet with "Towards the Year 2000"NH29.00
2240Great Filipinos Strip of 5NH4.75
2241-42South East Asia Games Strips of 5 (Table Tennis, Golf, Billiards, Bowling, et al)NH11.00
2241-42 PR  South East Asia Games PairsNH21.00
2243 S/SAsian Games SheetNH10.50
2244-45 SNG (10)Orchids SinglesNH12.50
2244-45Orchids Blocks of 4 + Singles (10v)NH13.00
2244-45Orchids Blocks of 5 (10v) (our choice of configuration)NH18.50
2244-45 UL  Orchids Blocks of 5 with 5th Stamp at Upper LeftNH24.00
2244-45 UR  Orchids Blocks of 5 with 5th Stamp at Upper RightNH24.00
2244-45 LL  Orchids Blocks of 5 with 5th Stamp at Lower LeftNH25.00
2244-45 LR  Orchids Blocks of 5 with 5th Stamp at Lower RightNH25.00
2244-45 NMNON-MATCHING "BLOCKS of 5" are available at a premium. 
2244-45 NM 1  Orchids Non-matching "Blocks of 5" with 2p at LR; 3p at LL.  This combination of positions is called for in some albums.NH30.00
2244-45 NMOther Non-Matching Positions may be available.  Please inquire with your specific needs.NHAsk
2246-47 S/SOrchids SheetsNH10.50
2246a-47a S/SOrchids Sheets with TAIPEI OverprintNH14.00
2248-51Greetings Pairs: 
2248-51 HPR  Greetings Horizontal PairsNH21.00
2248-51 VPR  Greetings Vertical PairsNH30.00
2252National Coconut WeekNH1.50
2253-54Fish Strips of 5NH10.50
2255-57 S/SFish SheetsNH14.00
  2255 S/S  2p Fish SheetNH4.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
  2256 S/S  3p Fish SheetNH7.00
  2257 S/S  6p Fish Sheet ImperfNH3.50
2256a-57a S/S3p,6p Fish with Bangkok Exhibition EmblemNH14.00
  2257a S/S  3p Fish with Bangkok Exhibition EmblemNH10.00
  2256a S/S  6p Fish with Bangkok Exhibition EmblemNH10.00
2258Petroleum and Minerals, MapNH3.75
2259-62World Law ConferenceNH8.25
2263Our Lady of La NavalNH1.00
2264-67Indigenous PeopleNH10.00
2268-71Environmental ProtectionNH11.00
2272Inventors SocietyNH2.10
2273Printing of Doctrina ChristianaNH1.00
2278WWII Guerilla Units (our choice of format)NH8.25
2278 BLK  WWII Guerilla Units Block of 4NH8.75
2278 STR  WWII Guerilla Units Strip of 4NH8.75
2279-82Philippines Towards 2000NH7.00
2283 S/STransport, Communications SheetNH7.00
2284-85Year of the DogNH4.25
2285a,2285b S/SYear of the Dog Sheets, Perf and ImperfNH21.00
  2285a S/S  Year of the Dog Sheet PerfNH8.75
  "2285b" S/S  Year of the Dog Sheet ImperfNH17.50
2286-87Scout JamboreeNH3.25
2287a S/SJamboree SheetNH7.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2288Rotary ClubNH1.75
2289-90Dental CongressNH3.75
2291Corals Block of 10NH11.00
2292-93 S/SCorals SheetsNH11.50
  2292 S/S  2p Corals SheetNH7.00
  2293 S/S  3p Corals SheetNH7.00
2293e S/SCorals Sheet with Philatelic Congress OverprintNH15.00
2294-95Hong Kong ExhibitionNH3.50
2294a-95a S/SHong Kong Exhibition SheetsNH10.50
  2294a S/S  Hong Kong Exhibition Sheet, BlueNH5.75
  2295a S/S  Hong Kong Exhibition Sheet, GreenNH5.75
2296Military AcademyNH1.20
2297Filipino-Chinese CommerceNH1.10
2302-03Miss UniverseNH5.75
2304 S/SMiss Universe SheetNH8.25
2305-06These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
2307Great Filipinos (Molina, etc)NH4.75
2308-09Export Zones, MapsNH9.25
2310Illegal RecruitmentNH1.10
2311Wildlife BlockNH10.00
2312 S/S12p Wildlife SheetNH7.00
2312a S/SWildlife Sheet with SINGPEX EmblemNH10.50
2313Shells, PhilaKorea BlockNH5.75
2314-15 S/SShells, PhilaKorea SheetsNH13.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  2314 S/S  Shells, PhilaKorea Sheet with MarmoreusNH7.00
  2315 S/S  Shells, PhilaKorea Sheet with StriatusNH7.00
2316Leyte Landings, Map BlockNH7.00
2317-19ILO, ICAO, Year of the FamilyNH4.75
2320-21President Clinton VisitsNH5.50
2322-23Business ConventionNH2.30
2324-27Philatelic Week PortraitsNH5.75
2328 S/SFamily Painting SheetNH5.75
2329-32Christmas ThemesNH5.75
2333ASEANPEX Bird BlockNH5.25
2334 S/SASEANPEX Bird SheetNH8.25
2335-36Guerrilla Units Pair and BlockNH7.00
2337-38Year of the PigNH3.50
2338a,2338b S/SYear of the Pig Sheets, Perf and ImperfNH16.50
  2338a S/S  Year of the Pig Sheet, PerfNH8.75
  "2338b" S/S  Year of the Pig Sheets, ImperfNH11.00
2339Kalayaan CentenaryNH2.90
23412p Papal Block of 4NH5.25
2342-44Papal VisitNH7.00
2342-44 HGP  Papal Visit Horizontal Gutter Pairs with Cross EmblemNHAsk
2342-44 VGP  Papal Visit Vertical Gutter Pairs with Cross EmblemNHAsk
2342-44 CGB  Papal Visit Cross Gutter Blocks of 4 with Cross Emblem Tabs EXCEPT the Central Tab which depicts Pope John Paul IINHAsk
2342-44 F/S  Papal Visit Full Sheets of 36 with the Gutters Forming a Cross!  This is the only intact set of sheets we have ever seen!  How many can still exist?NHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
2345 S/SPapal SheetNH7.00
2345a S/SExhibition OverprintNH7.00
2346Gulf Landings. Ships, MapNH4.75
2347-48Manila LiberationNH4.75
2349Senator DioknoNH1.00
2350-51International SchoolNH3.25
2352Mammals II BlockNH4.75
2353 S/SMammals II SheetNH7.00
2354-55World War II Battles, Maps, ParachutistsNH5.75
  2354  Battle AnniversaryNH4.25
  2355  LandingsNH4.25
2356Baguio LiberationNH1.50
2357Internment CampNH1.75
2358Pangatian CampNH1.75
2359Los BanosNH1.75
2360Great FilipinosNH4.25
2361Bishop's ConferenceNH1.20
2362Jaime FerrerNH1.20
2363Archaeology Jars BlockNH4.25
2364 S/SJars SheetNH5.75
"2364a" S/SJakarta Overprint SheetNH8.75
2365Environment YearNH5.50
2366 S/SEnvironment SheetNH11.50
2367 S/SNational Eagle SheetNH8.75
2368Mercury DrugsNH1.20
Scott # Description Condition Price
2369St. LouisNH1.10
2370Postal TrainingNH2.10
2371UN Anniversary Block with Romulo at Upper LeftNH4.50
2371fUN Anniversary ERROR Block - Bengzon in place of Romulo at Upper Left. Just 2,070 reported sold before withdrawal.NH195.00
2372 S/SUN Anniversary SheetNH5.75
2373Food and AgricultureNH2.90
2373AManila Overseas Press ClubNH1.10
2374Solar EclipseNH2.90
2375-78Stamp CollectingNH7.00
2379 S/SCollecting SheetNH5.75
2380-83Music - ChristmasNH7.00
2384Accounting FirmNH1.20
2385 S/SCollecting Sheet IINH5.75
2386-87Year of the RatNH3.25
2386-87 M/S  Year of the Rat MiniSheets of 20 with Decorative HeadersNH89.00
2387a S/SNew Year's SheetNH7.00
"2387b" S/SNew Year's Sheet ImperforateNH11.00
2388Guerilla Units Block of 4NH8.75
2389WWII Events Strip of 5NH13.00
2390Independence Strip of 3NH3.50
2391-92 S/SWWII Ends MiniSheets of 12 and 18NH34.50
2393Internal MedicineNH1.75
2394-95Sun Life Assurance Co.NH3.50
2396-99I Love You PairsNH16.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2400St. Thomas University HospitalNH1.10
2401Araneta UniversityNH1.00
2402-02FFish Strips of 5 of March 12 (our choice of format)NH22.00
2402-02F SO  Fish Strips of 5 in Scott OrderNH75.00
"2402-02Fx" TB  Fish Tete-Beche Strips NH150.00
  2402F  Fish Strip with Brown Tang (our choice of format)NH11.00
2403-04 S/SASEANPEX, Fish SheetsNH10.50
  2403 S/S  4p Fish SheetNH7.00
  2404 S/S  12p Lionfish SheetNH7.00
2403e,2404a S/SFish Sheets with INDONESIA '96 Emblems AddedNH11.50
2405 S/SPhilatelists Overprint on Bird SheetNH4.75
2406 S/SBasketball SheetNH23.00
2407Francisco OrtigasNH1.00
2409Dominican SistersNH1.00
2410-11Fish Strips of 5 of May 10NH21.00
2410-11 SO  Fish Strips of 5 (Cowfish, Butterflyfish) of May 10 in Scott OrderNH55.00
2410-11 TB  Fish Strips Tete-Beche Strips of 10NH125.00
2412-13 S/SASEANPEX SheetsNH10.50
2412e-13e S/SCHINA '96 Emblems addedNH14.00
2414Great Filipinos StripNH5.00
2415-16ABS CSN BroadcastingNH3.50
2417Manila - Convention CityNH1.00
2418Businessman CojuangcoNH1.00
2419-20American FriendshipNH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2421 S/SFriendship SheetNH7.50
2422-25Modern OlympicsNH5.75
2426 S/SOlympic SheetNH7.50
2427University of the EastNH1.00
2428-29Orchids BlocksNH10.00
2428a-29d  Orchids Singles or PairsNH7.50
2428-29 M/S  Orchids MiniSheets of 16, UntrimmedNH68.00
2428-29 M/S  Orchids MiniSheets of 16, TrimmedNH52.00
2430 S/SOrchid SheetNH8.25
2431Trade FairNH1.10
2432Children Block of 4NH4.25
2433 S/SChildren SheetNH6.50
2434-35Orchids BlocksNH9.25
2434-35 M/S  Orchids MiniSheets of 16NH52.00
2436 S/SOrchid SheetNH8.25
2437-40Economic CooperationNH7.00
2445Politician PerezNH1.10
2446-47Year of the OxNH3.25
2446-47 M/S  Year of the Ox MiniSheets of 20 with Decorative HeadersNH89.00
2447a,2447b S/SYear of the Ox Sheets, Perf and ImperfNH13.00
  2447a S/S  Year of the Ox Sheet, PerfNH7.00
  "2447b" S/S  Year of the Ox Sheet, ImperfNH8.25
2448-51ASEANPEX Exhibition Blocks of 4NH18.50
2448-51 M/S  ASEANPEX Exhibition MiniSheets of 16NH105.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  2448  Rizal Ages BlockNH4.75
  2448 M/S    Rizal Ages MiniSheet of 16NH26.50
  2449  Rizal's Music BlockNH4.75
  2449 M/S    Rizal's Music MiniSheet of 16NH26.50
  2450  Rizal's House, Dapitan BlockNH4.75
  2450 M/S    Rizal's House, Dapitan MiniSheet of 16NH26.50
  2451  University, British Museum, Garden BlockNH4.75
  2451 M/S    University, British Museum, Garden MiniSheet of 16NH26.50
2452-55 S/SRizal SheetsNH26.00
  2452 S/S  Rizal at 14 SheetNH5.25
  2453 S/S  Rizal at 18 SheetNH5.25
  2454 S/S  Rizal at 25 SheetNH5.25
  2455 S/S  Rizal at 31 SheetNH5.25
2456Famous Men StripNH4.75
2457This number not utilized by Scott. 
2458Jose RizalNH1.20
2459-60 S/S4p,6p Lunar New Year SheetsNH18.50
2461Holy RosaryNH1.10
2462Army CentennialNH1.20
2463-69ANational Symbols with Pilipinas in Black 
2470This number not utilized by Scott. 
2471Depatrment of FinanceNH1.20
2472Red Cross AnniversaryNH1.20
2473Philamlife 1947-1997NH1.10
Scott # Description Condition Price
2474JWT AdvertisingNH2.90
2475 S/SPacific '97 SheetNH9.25
2476-79WWF - Pig, DeerNH4.75
2476-79WWF - Vertical Strips of 4 with Decorative MarginsNH17.50
2476a-79a M/SWWF Decorative MiniSheets of 8NH32.50
2479b BLK  WWF Block of 4NH5.75
2479b STR  WWF Strip of 4NH5.75
2479b M/S  WWF MiniSheet of 16NH16.50
2480-83ASEAN AnniversaryNH4.75
2484Scout UnionNH1.50
2485Quezon UniversityNH1.20
2486Great Filipinos Strip of 5NH5.25
2487-88Battle of CandonNH2.60
2489St. Therese of LisieuxNH1.50
2490-93Abstract Art, PhilatelyNH5.25
2494 S/SArt, Philately SheetNH7.50
2495Stephan, UPUNH1.75
2496Disabled PersonsNH2.30
2497Year of the ReefNH4.75
2497 M/S  Year of the Reef MiniSheet of 10NH57.50
2498 S/SReef SheetNH11.50
2498A-DPaintings, Stamp CollectingNH5.25
2498E S/SPaintings, Stamp Collecting SheetNH7.50
2499-02Christmas, Stained GlassNH5.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
2503Monuments Strip of 3NH3.50
2504-05Year of the TigerNH3.50
2504-05 M/S  Year of the Tiger MiniSheets of 20 with Decorative HeadersNH95.00
2505a,"2505b" S/STiger SheetsNH24.50
2505a S/S  Tiger Sheet, PerfNH10.50
"2505b" S/S  Tiger Sheets, ImperfNH17.50
2506-08National EagleNH23.00
2509-10Game BirdsNH8.25
2509-10 M/S  Game Birds MiniSheets of 16NH34.50
2511-12 S/SGame Birds SheetsNH9.25
2513-14Art AssociationNH3.50
2515Club FilipinoNH1.30
2516Blessed Marie EugenieNH1.40
2517Fulbright ProgramNH2.90
2518-21Heroes, FlagNH11.50
  2518  4p Melchora AquinoNH1.75
  2519 "98"  11p Andres Bonifacio, Dated 1998NH3.50
  2519 "99"    11p Andres Bonifacio, Dated 1999NHAsk
  2520 "98"  13p Apolinario Mabini, Dated 1998NH4.25
  2520 "99"    13p Apolinario Mabini, Dated 1999NHAsk
  2521 "98"  15p Emilio Aquinaldo, Dated 1998NH4.75
  2521 "99"    15p Emilio Aquinaldo, Dated 1999NHAsk
  2519-21 '99 RP  Heroes, Dated 1999NHAsk
2522Apo View HotelNH1.20
Scott # Description Condition Price
2523Cultural High SchoolNH1.20
2524Victorino Mapa SchoolNH1.20
2525Navy CentennialNH1.75
2526University of BaguioNH1.20
2527Maritime InstituteNH1.50
2528General LunaNH2.30
2529-30Lisbon ExpoNH5.25
2531 S/SPhilippine Pavilion at Lisbon SheetNH8.25
2532Economic ZoneNH4.75
2532 M/S  Economic Zone MiniSheet of 10NH57.50
2533-34 M/S  Flowers MiniSheets of 20NH69.00
2535 S/SFlowers SheetNH9.25
2536Great FilipinosNH4.50
2539b S/SIndependence SheetNH11.50
2540Patriots StripNH2.90
2541Pasig RiverNH1.20
2542 M/SDolphin Life MiniSheet 20NH21.00
2542a-t  Marine Mammals SinglesNH20.50
2543 S/SDugong SheetNH11.00
2544Centennial Emblem Overprint on 1995 Animal and FlagNH1.20
2544A3p with Overprint and Date Error 1994 instead of 1998 (scarce!)NH98.00
2545 M/SMarine Mammals MiniSheet of 14NH29.00
2545a-n  Marine Mammals SinglesNH28.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2546-50Heroes of the RevolutionNH10.50
  2546  2p Emilio JacintoNH1.75
  2547  4p Jose P. RizalNH1.75
  2548 "98"  8p Marcelo de Pilar, Dated 1998NH2.30
  2548 "99"    8p Marcelo de Pilar, Dated 1999NHAsk
  2549 "98"  10p Gregorio del Pilar, Dated 1998NH2.90
  2549 "99"    10p Gregorio del Pilar, Dated 1999NHAsk
  2550  18p Juan LunaNH5.75
2550A BKPhilippine Centennial BookletNH57.00
2550Ab-f  Philippine Centennial SinglesNH55.00
2551Coconut IndustryNH2.10
2552Holy Spirit SistersNH2.30
2553Human RightsNH1.75
2554Year of the OceanNH8.75
2554 M/S  Year of the Ocean MiniSheet of 10NH104.00
2554a S/SYear of the Ocean SheetNH11.50
2555Postal Service BlockNH5.75
2556 S/SPostal Service SheetNH8.00
2561-65 S/SRevolution Scenes, Exhibition SheetsNH46.00
2561 IMP S/S IRevolution Imperf, First Printing (some black offset on back)NH109.00
2561 IMP S/S IIImperf, Second Printing (no offset on back)NH23.00
2566-67President EstradaNH4.25
2568-69Shells BlocksNH10.00
2568-69 M/S  Shells MiniSheets of 16NH52.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2570 S/SShells Sheet of 2 - Cloud touches "s" of ShellsNH10.50
2570c S/SShells Sheet of 2 - Cloud does not touch "s" of ShellsNH87.00
2571-74Stamp Collecting - CinemaNH11.00
2575 S/SCinema SheetNH7.50
2575A-F S/SCentennial SheetsNH32.50
  2575A S/S  Woman and Eagle SheetNHAsk
  2575B S/S  Woman in Costume SheetNHAsk
  2575C S/S  Woman with Flag SheetNHAsk
  2575D S/S  Woman with Artifacts SheetNHAsk
  2575E S/S  Woman Rice Terraces SheetNHAsk
  2575F S/S  Woman with Citizenry Theme SheetNHAsk
2576-77Year of the RabbitNH4.75
2576-77 M/S  Year of the Rabbit MiniSheets of 20 with Decorative HeadersNH115.00
2577a S/SYear of the Rabbit Sheet, PerfNH14.50
"2577b" S/SYear of the Rabbit Sheet, ImperfNH22.00
2578-87Heroes of the Revolution, Yellow BackgroundNH17.50
2587a BK  Heroes of the Revolution, Yellow Background BookletNH18.50
2588-97Heroes of the Revolution, Green BackgroundNH41.50
2596a BK  Heroes of the Revolution, Green Background BookletNH43.00
2597a BK  15p Centennial Booklet of 12NH43.00
2587a,2596a,2597a BKHeroes Set of 3 BookletsNH98.00
2598Central BankNH1.75
2599 M/SCentennial Celebration MiniSheet of 10NH22.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2600Transportation BlockNH8.75
2600 M/S  Transporation MiniSheet of 4NH52.00
2601 S/STransportation SheetNH7.00
2602Filipino-American War NH1.50
2603Military Academy with Large P in 2p (1¾mm)NH2.30
2603a '01  Military Academy with Smaller P in 2p (1½mm)NH7.00
2604-05Birds BlocksNH10.00
2604-05 M/S  Birds MiniSheets of 4NH49.00
2606 S/SBirds SheetNH9.25
2606A S/SBirds Sheet with Australia '99 InscriptionNH9.25
2607Rizal with Pink BackgroundNH1.10
2608Lions ClubNH1.50
2609Orthopedic AssociationNH1.50
2610-11Botanical GardenNH2.90
PCCentennial Postal Cards (8) issued March 29, 1999NH64.00
2612Frogs Block of 4NH5.50
2612 M/S  Frogs MiniSheet of 16NH32.50
2613 S/SFrogs SheetNH11.00
2614Marine Life BlockNH5.25
2614 M/S  Marine Life MiniSheet of 4NH29.00
2615 S/SCoral SheetNH10.50
2616Architect NakpilNH1.30
2617-18UPU, Stamp CollectionNH5.25
2619-20Diplomacy with ThailandNH4.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
2619-20 GP  Diplomacy with Thailand Gutter PairNH7.00
2619-20 M/S 1  Diplomacy with Thailand MiniSheets of 10 (2)NH69.00
2619-20 M/S 2  Diplomacy with Thailand Uncut MiniSheet of 20NH92.00
2621Crippled ChildrenNH1.50
2622Faber "Mongol" PencilsNH1.50
2623-24Flowers - KoreaNH5.00
2623-24 GP  Flowers - Korea Gutter PairNH8.00
2623-24 M/S 1  Flowers - Korea Diplomacy MiniSheets of 10 (2)NH75.00
2623-24 M/S 2  Flowers - Korea Diplomacy Uncut MiniSheet of 20NH98.00
2625Community ChestNH1.50
2626Bible SocietyNH1.75
2627St. Francis of AssisiNH1.75
2628National AnthemNH1.75
2629 S/SPhilatelic Overprint on Independence SheetNH9.25
2631Chiang Kai-shek CollegeNH1.50
2631 M/S  Chiang Kai-shek College MiniSheet of 10 
2632Tanza High SchoolNH1.75
2633-35UN - Church, Seniors, TeachersNH10.50
2636-39Christmas AngelsNH17.50
2636-39 M/S  Christmas Angels Four MiniSheets of 10 with Two Tabs in Center (scarce)NH205.00
2639a S/SAngels SheetNH17.50
2640-41Diplomacy with Canada - AnimalsNH7.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2640-41 GP  Diplomacy with Canada Gutter PairNH10.50
2640-41 M/S 1  Diplomacy with Canada MiniSheets of 10 (2)NH104.00
2640-41 M/S 2  Diplomacy with Canada Uncut MiniSheet of 20NH138.00
2642Araneta ColiseumNH2.20
2643-44ASEAN SummitNH5.75
2649 S/SSculptures SheetNH8.75
2650-51Year of the DragonNH7.50
2650-51 M/S  Year of the Dragon MiniSheets of 20 with Decorative HeadersNH175.00
2651a,2651b S/SDragon Sheets, Perf and ImperfNH17.50
  2651a S/S  Year of the Dragon Sheet, PerfNH5.25
  2651b S/S  Year of the Dragon Sheets, ImperfNH14.00
2652Tirad Pass BattleNH1.70
2653Orchids Block of 4NH9.25
2653 M/S  Orchids MiniSheet of 4NH46.00
2654 S/SOrchids SheetNH11.50
2655Battle of San MateoNH1.75
2656People Power Strip of 3NH7.50
2656 M/S  People Power MiniSheet of 12NH37.50
2657Role of WomenNH1.80
2658Manila Bulletin Newspaper, Year at Lower LeftNH1.20
2658a  Manila Bulletin Newspaper, Year at Lower RightNH6.00
2659La Union Province Block of 4 (Golf, Boating, Plane, Computer)NH10.50
2660Civil ServiceNH1.20
Scott # Description Condition Price
2661Millennium II StripNH6.00
2662GMA Radio and TelevisionNHAsk
2662APresidents PairNH3.00
2663Presidents Block of 10NH18.00
2664-65Diplomacy with PRChinaNH4.75
2664-65 GP  Diplomacy with PRChina Gutter PairNH14.50
2664-65 M/S 1  Diplomacy with PRChina MiniSheets of 10 (2)NH60.00
2664-65 M/S 2  Diplomacy with PRChina Uncut MiniSheet of 20NH90.00
2666 S/SDiplomacy with PRChina SheetNH7.25
2667St. Thomas Aquinas ParishNH1.20
2668-71Battle CentenariesNH5.00
Redrawn Presidents - Blue lines at Bottom 
2672-76President Block, Four PairsNH60.00
  2672  Presidents Block of 10 
  2673  Magsaysay, Garcia Pair 
  2674  Macapagal, Marcos Pair 
  2675  Aquino, Ramos Pair 
  2676  Estrada, Seal Pair 
2677-78Insects BlocksNH11.00
2677-78 M/S  Insects MiniSheets of 16NHAsk
2677a-78aInsects Sheets of 4NH21.00
2679Nurses AssociationNHAsk
2680Diocese of LucenaNH1.10
2681Seacraft Strip of 3NH11.00
2682Equitable PCI BankNH1.20
Scott # Description Condition Price
2683Overseas Filipino WorkersNH1.20
2684Sydney Olympics BlockNH6.00
2684 M/S  Olympics MiniSheet of 16NH29.00
2685 S/SOlympics SheetNH11.00
2686Teresian AssociationNH1.10
2687House of RepresentativesNH1.10
2688Marine CorpsNH2.40
2689 S/SPostal Service SheetNH7.25
2690-91Museum ArtNH5.00
2692 S/SMuseum SheetNH6.00
2693-96Paintings - Stamp Collecting MonthNH16.00
2697 S/SPaintings, SCM SheetNH9.75
2698-02Christmas AngelsNH14.50
2703-06Philatelic SocietyNH6.75
2706A5p on 3.60p Handstamped SurchargeNH17.50
2707-08Year of the SnakeNH6.00
2707-08 M/S  Year of the Snake MiniSheets of 20 with Decorative HeadersNHAsk
2708a S/SYear of the Snake Sheet, PerfNH17.00
"2708b" S/SYear of the Snake Sheet, ImperfNH18.00
2709Millennium III Strip of 3NH10.50
2710Bank of the Philippines IslandsNH1.20
2710 PC  Bank of the Philippines Islands Postal CardNH15.00
2711Hong Kong Exhibition (our choice of strip order)NH9.75
2711 SO  Hong Kong Exhibition Strip in Scott Order)NH17.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2711 M/S  Hong Kong MiniSheet of 25NH60.00
2712-16 S/SHong Kong Exhibition SheetsNH29.00
2713a S/SHong Kong Sheet Overprinted with Chinese Philatelic SocietyNH9.00
2715a S/SHong Kong Sheet Overprinted with Chinese Philatelic SocietyNH9.00
2717General RizalNH1.10
2718San Beda CollegeNH1.20
2719-20Diplomacy with Vatican CityNH6.00
2719-20 GP  Diplomacy with Vatican City Gutter PairNH17.00
2719-20 M/S 1  Diplomacy with Vatican City MiniSheets of 10 (2)NH120.00
2719-20 M/S  Diplomacy with Vatican City Uncut MiniSheet of 20NH165.00
2721 S/SVatican City SheetNHAsk
2722-235p,15p Presidential SealsNH5.00
2724Tourist Scenes Strip of 4NH5.00
2724a-d  Tourism SinglesNH4.50
2725 S/SRice Terraces SheetNH5.00
2725 S/S var  Rice Terraces Sheet with Large Year Date, Weak ColorsNHAsk
2726Our Lady of ManaoagNH1.20
2727-28President Macapagal-ArroyoNH2.40
2729-30Diplomacy with AustraliaNH5.00
2729-30 GP  Diplomacy with Australia Gutter PairNH7.25
2729-30 M/S 1  Diplomacy with Australia MiniSheets of 10 (2)NH72.00
2729-30 M/S 2  Diplomacy with Australia Uncut MiniSheet of 20NH102.00
2731 S/SAustralia Sheet (Opera House, Culture)NH8.50
2732Supreme CourtNH1.20
2733Silliman UniversityNH1.20
Scott # Description Condition Price
2734Philippine Normal UniversityNH1.20
2735Governor OrtegaNH1.20
2736Businessman LopezNH1.20
2737Boxer Codex BlockNH3.00
2737 M/S  Boxer Codex MiniSheet of 16NHAsk
2738 S/SBoxer Codex SheetNH6.00
2738e S/SBoxer Codex Sheet with Phila Nippon in MarginNH9.00
2739-40American EducatorsNH5.50
2741Technological UniversityNH1.20
2742National MuseumNH1.20
2743Lands Management BureauNH1.20
2744San Jose SeminaryNH1.20
2745Makati City Finance CenterNH1.20
2746-4810p,11p,13p Presidential SealsNH5.00
2749Musical Instruments BlockNH5.00
2749 M/S  Music MiniSheet of 16NH23.00
2750 S/SMusical Instruments SheetNH6.00
2751-52Deep Water Gas Power 
2753Volunteers YearNH1.20
2754Dialogue Amoung CivilizationsNH7.50
2755-58Christmas BlockNH6.75
2759-60Diplomacy with SwitzerlandNH5.00
2759-60 GP  Diplomacy with Switzerland Gutter PairNH7.25
2759-60 M/S 1  Diplomacy with Switzerland MiniSheets of 10 (2)NH72.00
2759-60 M/S 2  Diplomacy with Switzerland Uncut MiniSheet of 20NH102.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2761 S/SSwitzerland Sheet (Matterhorn, Volcano)NH6.00
2762-64Manila InhabitantsNH8.50
2762-64 "2002"Manila Inhabitants. Dated 2002NHAsk
2762 "2003"17p Manila Inhabitants, Dated 2003NHAsk
2765Solicitor GeneralNH1.20
2766-69Stamp CollectingNH9.75
2770 S/SCollecting SheetNH6.00
2771-72Year of the HorseNH3.75
2771-72 M/SYear of the Horse MiniSheets of 20 with Decorative HeadersNHAsk
2772a S/SYear of the Horse Sheet, PerfNH12.00
"2772b" S/SYear of the Horse Sheet, ImperfNH18.00
2773Opus Dei, Jose EscrivaNH9.00
2774-75World Heritage SitesNH5.75
2774-75 TAB  World Heritage Sites with World Heritage Emblem TabNH9.00
2774-75 STR  World Heritage Sites Strip with Tab in CenterNH15.00
2774-75 M/S  World Heritage Sites MiniSheets of 14NH84.00
2776Stateman Araneta NH1.20
2777Customs ServiceNH1.20
2778Valentine's Day (our choice of format)NH5.00
2778 BLK  Valentine's Day Block of 4NH6.00
2778 STR  Valentine's Day Strip of 4NH5.50
2778 M/S  Valentine's Day MiniSheet of 16NH26.50
2778c  Cat, Dog SingleNH3.50
2778d  Ballooning SingleNH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
27795p Inhabitants on HorsebackNH1.20
2779 "2003"  5p Inhabitants on Horseback, Dated 2003NHAsk
2780Baguio HospitalNH1.20
2781Beatification of Pedro CalungsodNH1.20
2782 S/SBeatification SheetNH5.00
2783Negros Occidental SchoolNH1.20
2784La Consolacion CollegeNH1.20
2785Vesak DayNH3.00
2785 M/S  Vesak MiniSheet of 16NHAsk
2786Presidents Block of 10, without Seal, Blue Lines at BottomNH7.25
2787Cavite National High SchoolNH1.20
2788-91Hands and Small FishNH4.25
2788-91 M/S  Coastal Resources Decorative MiniSheets of 20NH102.00
2792 S/SCoastal Resources SheetNH4.25
2793Iglesia FilipinaNH1.20
2794 S/SVesak, Philakorea Exhibition, PerfNH5.00
"2794A" S/S IMPPhilakorea Exhibition, Imperf with Gold BackgroundNH102.00
27953p on 60s Tree SurchargeNH1.10
2795ATelecommunications OfficialsNH1.20
2796Marikina ShoesNH1.20
2797 S/SYear of the MountainsNH5.00
Wonders PC  Wealth of Wonders Postal Cards (8)NH66.00
2798-01Christmas Foods BlockNH11.50
2802-05Stamp Collecting BlockNH12.00
2806 S/SStamp Collecting SheetNH6.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2807Circumnavigation of the World StripNH4.25
2807 M/S  Circumnavigation MiniSheet of 20NHAsk
2808 S/SMap, King Charles I of SpainNH5.00
2809-10Meeting of FamiliesNH3.75
2811-12Year of the RamNH4.25
2811-12  Year of the Ram MiniSheets of 20 with Decorative HeadersNH95.00
2812a S/SYear of the Ram Sheet, PerfNH4.25
"2812b" S/S IMPYear of the Ram Sheet, ImperfNH8.50
2813Lyceum of the PhilippinesNH1.20
2814Orchids Block (our choice of format)NHAsk
2814 M/S  Orchids MiniSheet of 16NHAsk
  2814 var 1  Orchids Block, Small DateNHAsk
  2814 var 2  Orchids Block, Large Date ReprintNHAsk
2815 S/SOrchids SheetNHAsk
2816La Union National High SchoolNH1.20
2817St. Luke's Medical CenterNH1.20
2818Far Eastern UniversityNH1.20
2819Electric Railroad and LightNH1.80
2820-23Valentine's DayNH12.00
2824-26 S/SLinguistics SheetsNH19.50
2827Kennon RoadNH1.20
2828-29National HeroesNH2.40
2834-351p on 5p Seal SurchargesNH.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
28366p on 5p Seal SurchargeNH1.20
2837Medical AssociationNH1.20
2838Rural BankingNH1.20
2839Mountains Block of 4NH5.00
2840 S/SMountains Sheet of 4NH5.00
2841-42Rizal's Chinese HeritageNH5.00
2843Waterfalls Block of 4NH7.25
2844 S/SWaterfalls Sheet of 4NH9.75
2845-46Friendship with SpainNH5.50
2847Chamber of CommerceNH1.20
2848Benguet CorporationNH1.20
2849-57Accumulated Orchid IssuesNH66.00
2849,2850,2851, 2852,28536p,10p,17p,21p,22p August 8 OrchidsNH14.50
2854,285730p, 100p August 21 OrchidsNH25.50
2855,285650p,75p September OrchidsNH25.50
2849A9p November OrchidNH2.40
2850a '04  10p Orchid with Space between P and 10, Dated 2004NH4.75
2851a '04  17p Orchid with P level with 17, Dated 2004NH10.00
2852a '04  21p Orchid with P level with 21, Dated 2004NH11.00
2853a '04  22p Orchid with P level with 22, Long Plant Name (14mm), Dated 2004NH21.00
2853b '04  22p Orchid with P level with 22, Short Plant Name (12½mm), Dated 2004NH32.00
2858-59Diplomacy with MexicoNH5.50
2858-59 M/S  Diplomacy with Mexico MiniSheets of 10NH60.00
2860 S/SMexican Diplomacy SheetNH4.25
2861Our Lady of CaysasayNH1.20
Scott # Description Condition Price
2862Speaker VillarealNH1.20
2863National Teachers CollegeNH1.20
2864San Antonio ParishNH1.20
2865-665p,15p Presidential SealNH4.25
2867 S/SYear of Fresh WaterNH6.00
2868Free FarmersNH1.20
2869-72Christmas ScenesNH12.00
2873-76Stamp Collecting, CartoonsNH12.00
2877 S/SCartoons, Stamp Collecting SheetNH5.00
2878Anti-Drug Art BlockNH6.00
2879-8217p,22p Surcharges on Centennial IssuesNH23.00
2883 S/SStamp Anniversary Sheet (Butterflies)NH6.00
2884Camera ClubNH1.20
2885-86Year of the MonkeyNH5.00
2886a S/SYear of the Monkey Sheet, PerfNH5.00
"2886b" S/SYear of the Monkey Sheet, ImperfNHAsk
2887Succulent PlantsNH6.00
2888 S/SSucculents SheetNH5.00
2888EPowered Flight PairNH3.75
2888E M/S  Powered Flight MiniSheet of 8NH18.00
2889Architecture Block of 4NH5.00
2890 S/SArchitecture Sheet of 4NH5.00
2891 '04Stamp Anniversary Strip of 4NH5.00
2891a-d '04  Stamp Anniversary Strip SinglesNH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2891a-d IMP '04  Stamp Anniversary IMPERF Strip Singles 
"2891E" S/SStamp Anniversary Sheet with Perf and Imperf Stamps (mentioned in Scott but not given a number)NH48.00
2892-97 S/SStamp Anniversary Sheets (6)NH18.00
  2892 S/S '03  Stamp Anniversary Sheet with Rose BackgroundNH4.25
  2893 S/S '04  Stamp Anniversary Sheet with Blue BackgroundNH3.75
  2894 S/S '04  Stamp Anniversary Sheet with Bluish green BackgroundNH5.00
  2895 S/S '04  Stamp Anniversary Sheet with Pinkish BackgroundNH5.00
  2896 S/S '04  Stamp Anniversary Sheet with Yellow brown BackgroundNH5.00
  2897 S/S '04  Stamp Anniversary Sheet with White BackgroundNH5.00
2897a S/S '04  Stamp Anniversary Sheet with White Background plus POSTPEXNH6.00
2898Sisters of St. Paul of ChartesNH1.20
2899Polytechnic InstituteNH1.20
2900Tanduay DistillersNH1.20
2901Grepalife Life InsuranceNH1.20
2902-03President Bush VisitsNH6.00
2904-12 (12)1p-20p Orchids Revised inc 6p Block of 4 
  2904  1p Orchid, Denomination does not touch background, Year Digits touchingNH.60
  2904a  1p Orchid, Denomination touches background, Year Digits spaced apartNH1.10
  2905  2p Orchid, Plant Name 13½ long, 1mm from YearNH.60
  2905a  2p Orchid, Plant Name 13½mm long, 2mm from YearNH1.10
  2905b  2p Orchid, Plant Name 14mm long, 1½mm from YearNH1.10
  2906  3p OrchidsNH.60
  2907  4p OrchidsNH.60
  2908  5p Orchid, Denomination does not touch background, Year Digits touchingNH.60
  2908a  5p Orchid, Denomination touches background, Year Digits spaced apartNH1.10
Scott # Description Condition Price
  2909  6p Orchids Block of 4NH5.00
  2910  8p OrchidNH1.20
  2911  9p OrchidsNH1.20
  2912  20p OrchidsNH2.40
2913Pfizer PharmaceuticalsNH1.20
2914Our Lady of PiatNH1.20
2915-16Bonsai Blocks of 8NH18.00
2915-16 M/S  Bonsai MiniSheets of 16 
2917 S/SBonsai Sheet of 4NH5.00
2918 S/SBonsai Sheet of 4 with Singapore InscriptionNH5.00
2919-22Athens OlympicsNH12.00
2923 S/SOlympics SheetNH5.00
2924Legazpi Founder of ManilaNH1.20
2925Admiral ClomaNH1.20
2926 M/SLunar New Year Cycle with English at LeftNH18.00
2927-28 S/SLunar New Year Cycle with Chinese at LeftNH29.50
2929Manila Central UniversityNH1.50
2929a M/S  Manila Central University MiniSheet of 8NH12.00
2930-33Christmas TreesNH13.50
2934Filipino-Chinese ChamberNH2.40
2934 M/S  Chinese Chamber of Commerce MiniSheet of 8NHAsk
2935-37 PRRice is Life Design Contest PairsNH7.25
2935-37 HPR  Rice is Life Horizontal PairsNH8.00
2935-37 SNG  Rice is Life Single StampsNH6.00
2935-37 VPR  Rice is Life Vertical PairsNH8.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2935-37 BLK  Rice is Life Blocks of 4NH16.00
2937c M/SRice is Life Design Contest MiniSheet of 6NH7.25
2938-41Stamp Collecting, CartoonsNH5.00
2942 S/SCartoons, Stamp Collecting SheetNH5.00
2943San Agustin Church PairNH2.40
2943 M/S  San Agustin Church MiniSheet of 8NH14.50
2944-45Year of the RoosterNH3.75
2944-45 M/S 10  Year of the Rooster MiniSheets of 10 with Decorative MarginsNH47.50
2944-45 M/S 20  Year of the Rooster MiniSheets of 20 with Decorative HeadersNH110.00
2945a S/SYear of the Rooster SheetNH9.75
2946-49WWF - Owls (singles from M/S of 8 printing)NH4.25
2946-49 M/S  4 Decorative WWF MiniSheets of 8NH29.00
2949a BLKWWF Owls Block of 4NH5.00
2949a STRWWF Owls Strip of 4NH5.00
2949a M/S  WWF Owls MiniSheet of 16NH19.50
2950Liceo de Cagayan UniversityNH1.20
2951Seventh Day AdventistsNH1.20
2951 M/S  Seventh Day Adventists MiniSheet of 8NH12.00
2952Baguio Country Club PairNH2.40
2952 M/S  Country Club MiniSheet of 8NHAsk
29531p Butterfly with One AntennaNH2.10
2953a  1p Butterfly Redrawn - Two Antennae (lighter orange background)NH3.50
295422p Butterflies Block of 4NH16.00
2955-56Horizontal Shells Blocks of 4NH9.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
2955-56 M/S  Horizontal Shells MiniSheets of 16NH51.00
2957 S/SShells Sheet of 4 (Siliquaria at upper left)NH5.00
2958-59PRC President VisitsNH5.00
2959a S/SPRC President SheetNH5.00
2960Homes Block of 4NH5.00
2960 M/S  Homes MiniSheet of 16NH22.50
2961 S/SHomes SheetNH5.00
2961a-d  Homes Sheet SinglesNH4.75
2962Central Philippine UniversityNH1.20
2962 M/S  Central Philippine University MiniSheet of 8NH12.00
2963-64Rotary InternationalNH5.00
2964a M/S  Rotary International MiniSheet of 8NH22.00
2965San Bartolome ParishNH1.20
2966Senator OpleNH1.20
2967-68Vertical Shells Blocks of 4NH9.75
2967-68 M/S  Vertical Shells MiniSheet of 16NH42.00
2969-70 S/SShells SheetsNH9.75
  2969 S/S  Shells Sheet with Calocochilia at Upper LeftNH5.00
  2970 S/S  Shells Sheet with TAIPEI inscriptionNH6.00
  2970a-b  Shells Sheet SinglesNH8.50
2971-76Year of the EucharistNH7.25
2976a S/SEucharist Sheet of 6NH7.25
2977 S/SStamp Collecting Overprint on CannonizationNH3.00
29785p ButterflyNH1.20
29796p Butterfly Block of 10NH12.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
298017p Butterfly Block of 4 (normal)NH11.00
2980e17p Butterfly Error Single (Charaxes bajula adoration stamp actually shows a large size Trogonoptera trojana) - compare the upper right stamp in the scan below with stamp #6 in the scanNH94.00
2980f BLK 4  17p Butterfly Error in Block of 4NH95.00

2980f+2980 BLK 8  17p Butterfly Error in Block of 8 (one error block at top plus one normal block at bottom)NH102.00
298121p Butterfly Block of 4NH8.25
2982-83Physical Education Pair, MillenniumNH5.00
2982 TAB  Physical Education Pair with TabsNH8.50
2982 BLK  Physical Education Block of 4NH7.25
2982 BLK TAB  Physical Education Block of 4 with TabsNH11.00
2984 S/SPhysical Education Sheet - Left stamp with Emblem at RightNH4.25
2984a  10p Millennium SingleNH4.25
2984b S/SPhysical Education Sheet - Left stamp with Emblem at LeftNH4.25
2985Bureau of CollectionsNH1.20
2985 M/S  Bureau of Corrections MiniSheet of 8NH12.00
2986-87Presidential InaugurationNH5.50
2988-91Christmas DisplaysNH12.00
2992Asia Games Block of 6NH7.25
2992 M/S  Asia Games MiniSheet of 12NH21.00
2993 M/SAsia Games Sheet of 10 plus 20 Labels (Blue Sheet Border)NH34.00
2994 M/SAsia Games Sheet of 10 plus 20 Labels (Yellow Sheet Border)NH25.50
2995-96 S/SAsia Games Sheets of 3NH7.25
2997-00Stamp Collecting, PrintsNH5.00
3001 S/SPrints, Stamp Collecting SheetNH4.25
3002-03Year of the DogNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
3002-03 M/S 10  Year of the Dog MiniSheets of 10 with Decorative MarginsNH39.00
3002-03 M/S 20  Year of the Dog MiniSheets of 20 with Decorative HeadersNH90.00
3003a S/SYear of the Dog SheetNH9.75
3004-05Asian Para GamesNH5.00
3006-07Pope John Paul IINH2.70
3006-07 M/S  Pope John Paul MiniSheetsNHAsk
3008Lighthouse Block of 4NH4.75
3008 M/S  Lighthouse MiniSheet of 16NH25.00
3009 S/SLighthouse Sheet of 4NH4.50
3010St. Scholastica's CollegeNH.60
3010 M/S  College MiniSheet of 4NHAsk
3013 S/SHawaii SheetNH2.70
3014Mary Johnston Hospital PairNH1.20
3014 M/S  Hospital MiniSheetNHAsk
3015Valentine's Day Pair (our choice of pair)NH1.80
3015 HPR 1  Valentine's Day Horizontal Pair with "Valentine's Day" at LeftNH2.40
3015 HPR 2  Valentine's Day Horizontal Pair with "I Love You" at LeftNH2.10
3015 VPR 1  Valentine's Day Vertical Pair with "Valentine's Day" at TopNH2.10
3015 VPR 2  Valentine's Day Vertical Pair with "I Love You" at TopNH2.00
3016-17Cardinal SinNH3.00
3017a S/SCardinal Sin SheetNH6.00
3018Turtles Strip of 4NH4.25
3018 M/S  Turtles MiniSheet of 16NHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
3019 S/STurtles SheetNH3.00
2006 Combined Butterfly Definitives
3020-45 (62)1p-100p Butterflies (not 28 as stated in Scott 2012)NH120.00
  3020  1p Butterfly with Fully Colored BackgroundNH.60
  3021  1p Butterfly with Fully Colored Background and Blue Bar at BottomNH.60
  3022  2p Butterfly with Fully Colored BackgroundNH.60
  3023  2p Butterfly with Fully Colored Background and Blue Bar at BottomNH.60
  3024  3p Butterfly with Partially Colored BackgroundNH.60
  3025  3p Butterfly with Fully Colored Background and Blue Bar at BottomNH.60
  3026  4p Butterfly with Partially Colored BackgroundNH.60
  3027  4p Butterfly with Fully Colored Background and Blue Bar at BottomNH.60
  3028  5p Butterfly with Fully Colored BackgroundNH.60
  3029  5p Butterfly with Fully Colored Background and Blue Bar at BottomNH.60
  3030  7p Butterfly Definitives Block of 10 (no bar at Bottom)NH8.50
  3031  7p Butterfly Definitives Block of 10 with Blue Bar at BottomNH8.50
  3032  9p Butterfly with Partially Colored BackgroundNH1.10
  3033  9p Butterfly with Fully Colored Background and Blue Bar at BottomNH1.10
  3034  10p Butterfly with Fully Colored Background and Blue Bar at BottomNH1.20
  3035  10p Butterfly with Partially Colored BackgroundNH1.20
  3036  20p Butterfly Block with Fully Colored BackgroundNH9.75
  3037  20p Butterfly Block with Fully Colored Background and Blue Bar at BottomNH9.75
  3038  24p Butterfly Block with Fully Colored BackgroundNH12.00
  3039  24p Butterfly Block with Fully Colored Background and Blue Bar at BottomNH12.00
  3040  26p Butterfly Block with Fully Colored BackgroundNH13.50
  3041  26p Butterfly Block with Fully Colored Background and Blue Bar at BottomNH13.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  3042  30p Butterfly with Partially Colored BackgroundNH3.75
  3043  30p Butterfly with Fully Colored BackgroundNH3.75
  3044  100p Butterfly with Partially Colored BackgroundNH12.00
  3045  100p Butterfly with Fully Colored BackgroundNH12.00
3021a//3041e '07 (29)2007 Reprints CompleteNH28.00
  3021a,3029a,3031k,3037e  Butterfly Definitives (1p,5p,7p x10,20p x4) Inscribed 2007NH10.75
  3023a,3025a,3027a,3033a,3035a  Butterflies with Microtext at Bottom (2p,3p,4p,9p,10p) Inscribed 2007NH2.75
  3039e  24p Butterfly Block of 4 Different Inscribed 2007NH7.75
  3041e  26p Butterfly Block of 4 Different Inscribed 2007NH8.00
3046 S/SPope John Paul II Memorial SheetNH3.00
3047Lighthouses Block of 4NH5.50
3047 M/S  Lighthouses MiniSheet of 16NH33.50
3048 S/SLighthouses SheetNH5.50
3049St. Francis Xavier School Block of 4NH2.70
3049 M/S 1  St. Francis MiniSheet of 16NH15.00
3049 M/S 2  St. Francis MiniSheet of 8NH9.00
3050AMWSLAI Loan Association PairNH1.50
3051Friendship with UK OverprintNH3.00
3052Knights of ColumbusNH.90
3053-54Ortigas CompanyNH3.50
3054a S/SOrtegas Company SheetNH6.75
3055Ozamiz Cotta FortNH.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
3056-57Japan FriendshipNH3.00
3056-57 M/S 1  Japan Friendship MiniSheets of 10NH36.00
3056-57 M/S 2  Japan Friendship Combined MiniSheet of 20NH78.00
3057a S/SJapan SheetNH6.00
3058Roque AblanNH.75
3059Quezon Philatelic Society, OrchidNH.75
3060Chan-Cu Association PairNH1.50
3060 M/S  Chan-Cu Association MiniSheet of 16NHAsk
3061Cats Block of 4NH3.00
3061 M/S  Cats MiniSheet of 16NH15.00
3062 S/SCats SheetNH3.00
3063-64UN MonthNH3.50
3063-64 GP  UN Month Pair with Tab BetweenNH9.00
3063-64 M/S  UN Month MiniSheet of 20 with 5 Different Tabs BetweenNH54.00
3065Post Office PairNH1.50
3065 M/S  Post Office MiniSheet of 10NH12.00
3066-69Stamp Collecting Week (Fruit, Mother and Child)NH2.70
3070 S/SRoses Sheet (Stamp Collecting Month)NH2.70
3071-73Climbing Mt. EverestNH5.75
3074 S/SMt. Everest SheetNH3.00
3075-78Christmas with ChurchesNH7.25
3079-80Year of the PigNH3.00
3079-80 M/S 1  Year of the Pig MiniSheets of 10 with Decorative MarginsNH39.00
3079-80 M/S 2  Year of the Pig MiniSheets of 20 with Decorative MarginNH95.00
3080a S/SYear of the Pig SheetNH5.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
3081Fruit Block of 4NH2.70
3081 M/S  Fruit MiniSheet of 16NHAsk
3082 S/SFruit SheetNH2.70
3083Graciano Lopez JaenaNH.75
3084Centro Escolar UniversityNH.60
3084 M/S  Centro Escolar University MiniSheet of 8NH5.50
3085School for the DeafNH.75
3086 M/SFlowers MiniSheet of 8NH5.50
3087 S/SWorld's Largest Flower SheetNH2.40
3088Manulife InsuranceNH.60
3088a S/SManulife Sheet of 4NH2.70
3089Bridges Block of 4NH2.40
3089 M/S  Bridges MiniSheet of 16NH12.00
3090 S/SBridges Sheet of 4NH2.70
3091-92Diplomatic Relations with France (singles)NH3.50
3091-92 GP  Diplomatic Relations with France Gutter PairNH8.00
3091-92 M/S  France MiniSheets of 10NH35.00
3091-92 UC M/S  France Uncut MiniSheet of 20NH42.00
3093 S/SDiplomatic Relations SheetNH2.40
3094Aquatic Fisheries StripNH3.75
3094 M/S  Aquatic Fisheries MiniSheet of 16NH33.00
3095 S/SAquatic Fisheries Sheet of 2NH3.00
3096-97Scouting AnniversaryNH1.20
3097a S/SScouting Sheet of 4NH2.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
3098Wild Ducks (our choice of format)NH4.25
3098  BLK  Wild Ducks Block of 4NH4.50
3098  STR  Wild Ducks Strip of 4NH5.50
3098 M/S  Wild Ducks MiniSheet of 16NH20.50
3099 S/SWild Ducks Sheet of 4NH3.75
3100 S/SWild Ducks Sheet with "Asian International Stamp Exhbition" InscriptionNH10.50
3101-028p,17p Butterflies Inscribed 2007NH2.40
3103ASEAN Malacanang PalaceNH1.50
3103 M/S  ASEAN Malacanang Palace MiniSheet of 10NH18.00
3104 M/SASEAN Architecture MiniSheet of 10 (Joint Issue with 9 other Countries)NH19.00
3105 S/SASEAN Malacanang Palace Sheet of 1NH3.75
3106Magsaysay Birth CentenaryNH.60
3107Social Security System BlockNH2.40
3108 S/SSocial Security System SheetNH2.40
3109-10Philatelic AssemblyNH1.40
3111-12UN MonthNH3.00
3111-12 GP  UN Month Pair with Decorative Tab BetweenNH9.00
3111-12 M/S  United Nations Special Sheet of 20 with 5 Decorative TabsNH54.00
3113-15Juan Luna AnniversaryNH2.40
31167p Luna Painting SingleNH1.10
3116 S/SJuan Luna Anniversary Sheet of 6NH4.25
3117 S/SStamp Collecting Sheet (J. Luna)NH2.70
3118 S/S150th Birth of Juan Lvna SheetNH2.70
3119-32Birds Complete (32 stamps)NH51.00
  3119,3132  Bird Definitives I - 1p,100p -  Oct 30NH9.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
  3123,3131  Bird Definitives II - 5p,50p - Nov 5NH5.50
  3120,3128  Bird Definitives III (2p,20p x4) - Nov 15NH8.00
  3124  Bird Definitives IV (7p x10) - Dec 10NH6.75
  3121,3122,3125,3130  Bird Definitives V (3p,4p,8p,26p x4) - Dec 12NH11.50
  3126-27,3129  Bird Definitives VI (9p,10p,24p x4) - Dec 19NH11.00
3119a//3132b1p-100p Bird Reprints Complete Inscribed 2008, 2008A and 2008BNH
  3119a,3120a,3122a,3127a  1p,2p,4p,10p Bird Reprints Inscribed 2008NH1.80
  3131a-32a  50p,100p Bird Reprints Inscribed 2008NH18.00
  3131b-32  50p,100p Bird Reprints Inscribed 2008ANH14.50
  3119b,3120b  1p,2p Bird Reprints Inscribed 2008ANH
  3119c  1p Bird Reprint Inscribed 2008BNH
  3120c  2p Bird Reprint Inscribed 2008BNH
  3123a,3127b,3130e  5p,10p,26p x4, Bird Reprints Inscribed 2008NH
  3124k,3130j  7p x10,26p x4, Bird Reprints Inscribed 2008NH
3133Postal Service Anniversary Pair (Manilla CPO)NH2.40
3133 M/S  Post Service Anniversary MiniSheet of 10NH24.00
3134San Diego de Alceda CathedralNH.60
3134 S/SSan Diego de Alceda Cathedral Sheet of 5NH4.25
3135Sacred Heart School BlockNH2.40
3135 M/S  Sacred Heart School MiniSheet of 16NH12.00
3136 S/SSacred Heart SheetNH2.70
3137Development Bank of the Philippines BlockNH2.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
3137 M/S  Development Bank MiniSheet of 16NH12.00
3137e S/SDevelopment Bank SheetNH2.70
3138-41Christmas Toys (Bear, Train, Angel, Auto)NH7.00
3142-43Year of the RatNH3.75
3142-43 M/S  Year of the Rat MiniSheets of 10NH49.00
3143a S/SYear of the Rat SheetNH6.00
3144-45World VisionNH2.40
3146Cebu Philatelic Society OverprintNH1.25
3147Dominican School BlockNH3.00
3148Valentines Day PairNH2.00
3148c S/SValentines Heart Shaped SheetNH11.00
3149-50MCST Golden JubileeNH1.50
3151 S/SAsian Exhibition - Taipei Birds SheetNH13.50
3152Rats and Mice of Luzon BlockNH3.75
3152 M/S  Rats and Mice of Luzon MiniSheet of 16NH16.00
3153 S/SRats of Luzon SheetNH3.75
3154National Research CouncilNH.75
3155Baguio Teachers Camp PairNH1.50
3156Colonial Bridges BlockNH3.50
3156 M/S  Colonial Bridges MiniSheet of 16NH15.00
3157 S/SColonial Bridges SheetNH4.00
3158 S/SManny "Pacman" Pacquiao SheetNH5.00
3159-60Science and Technology inc NuclearNH2.00
3161Liong Tek Go Family Association PairNH1.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
3161 M/S  Liong Tek Go MiniSheet of 20NH21.00
3162University of the Philippines Block Small SizeNH3.00
3163University of the Philippines BlockNH4.00
3164University of the Philippines Block with Gold Foil OverprintNH5.00
3163e S/SUniversity of the Philippines SheetNH4.00
3164e S/SUniversity of the Philippines Sheet with Gold Foil OverprintNH10.00
3165Father Andres de UrdanetaNH.85
3166Xavier University BlockNH3.00
3167Ateneo de Davao UniversityNH3.00
3167e S/SAteneo de Davao University SheetNH3.50
3168-71Beijing OlympicsNH9.00
3168-71 M/S  Beijing Olympics 4 MiniSheets of 10NH109.00
3172Se Jo Tong Lim Association BlockNH2.75
3172 M/S  Se Jo Tong Lim Association MiniSheet of 16NH13.00
3173 S/SSe Jo Tong Lim Association NH4.00
3174-75Bonsai Blocks of 8 (2)NH16.00
3174-75 M/S  Bonsai MiniSheets of 16NH34.00
3176 S/SBonsai Sheet of 4NH5.00
3177 S/SJakarta Sheet of 17 BirdsNH17.00
3178-79UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon Visits, MapNH3.50
3180-83 (7)Tourism Scenes inc BlockNH10.50
3184-87Christmas, Mothers and ChildrenNH8.00
3188 S/SChristmas Madonna SheetNH4.50
3189Stamp Collecting Block - Comic CharactersNH3.50
3190 S/SStamp Collecting Sheet - ComicsNH4.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
3191Senator Ninoy Aquino PairNH4.00
3192Educator Fernando BautustaNH.90
3193-94Year of the OxNH3.75
3193-94 M/S  Year of the Ox MiniSheets of 10 with Decorative MarginsNH47.50
3194a S/SYear of the Ox SheetNH8.00
3195Local Crabs Block of 4NH3.75
3195 M/S  Local Crabs MiniSheet of 16NH16.50
3196 S/SCrab-Shaped Sheet of CrabsNH7.50
3197Educator EnvergaNH.90
3198Roses and Hearts PairNH1.70
3199Arts Festival BlockNH3.50
3200Relations with South Korea Pair (Joint issue with Korea)NH3.75
3200 M/S  Relations with South Korea MiniSheet of 10NH22.00
3201-141p-100p BirdsNH66.00
  3201-02,3206  1p,2p,7p x10 BirdsNHAsk
  3203-04,3211  3p,4p,20p x4 BirdsNHAsk
  3205,3214  5p,100p BirdsNHAsk
  3207-10,3213  8p,9p,10,17p,50p BirdsNHAsk
  3213-14  50p,100p Birds, Perf 14NHAsk
  3212  26p x4 Birds Block of 4NHAsk
BIRD REPRINTS - 2009-2010
3201a-3212nBirds Reprints Inscribed 2009 A B and C NHAsk
  3201a '09  1p Bird Inscribed 2009ANHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
  3201b '09  1p Bird Inscribed 2009BNHAsk
  3201c '09  1p Bird Inscribed 2009CNHAsk
  3202a '09  2p Bird Inscribed 2009ANHAsk
  3202b '09  2p Bird Inscribed 2009BNHAsk
  3202c '10  2p Bird Inscribed 2009CNHAsk
  3203a '09  3p Bird Inscribed 2009ANHAsk
  3203b '10  3p Bird Inscribed 2009BNHAsk
  3203c '10  3p Bird Inscribed 2009CNHAsk
  3204a '09  4p Bird Inscribed 2009ANHAsk
  3204b '10  4p Bird Inscribed 2009BNHAsk
  3204c '10  4p Bird Inscribed 2009CNHAsk
  3205a '09  5p Bird Inscribed 2009ANHAsk
  3205b '09  5p Bird Inscribed 2009BNHAsk
  3205c '10  5p Bird Inscribed 2009CNHAsk
  3206k '09  7p Bird Inscribed 2009ANHAsk
  3206l-u '09  7p Bird Inscribed 2009ANHAsk
  3207a '09  8p Bird Inscribed 2009ANHAsk
  3207b '09  8p Bird Inscribed 2009BNHAsk
  3207c '10  8p Bird Inscribed 2009CNHAsk
  3208a '09  9p Bird Inscribed 2009ANHAsk
  3208b '09  9p Bird Inscribed 2009BNHAsk
  3208c '10  9p Bird Inscribed 2009CNHAsk
  3208d '10  9p Bird Inscribed 2009DNHAsk
  3209a '09  10p Bird Inscribed 2009ANHAsk
  3209b '09  10p Bird Inscribed 2009BNHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
  3210a '09  10p Bird Inscribed 2009ANHAsk
  3210b '10  17p Bird Inscribed 2009BNHAsk
  3210c '10  17p Bird Inscribed 2009CNHAsk
  3211e '09  20p Bird Inscribed 2009ANHAsk
  3211f-i '09  20p Bird Inscribed 2009ANHAsk
  3212e '10  26p Birds Inscribed 2009A Block of 4NHAsk
  3212f-i '09  26p Bird Inscribed 2009ANHAsk
  3212j '09  26p Birds Block of 4 Inscribed 2009BNH18.00
  3212k-n '09  26p Bird Inscribed 2009BNHAsk
  3213a '09 50 p Bird Inscribed 2009ANHAsk
  3213b '09  50p Bird Inscribed 2009BNHAsk
  3213c '09  50p Bird Inscribed 2009CNHAsk
  3213d '10  50p Bird Inscribed 2009DNHAsk
  3214a '09  100p Bird Inscribed 2009ANHAsk
  3214b '09  100p Bird Inscribed 2009BNHAsk
  3214c '09  100p Bird Inscribed 2009CNHAsk
  3214d '10  100p Bird Inscribed 2009DNHAsk
3215Minerals Block of 4NH3.50
3216 S/SMinerals Sheet of 4NH3.50
3217Religious MothersNH.90
3218Art Deco Theaters Block of 4NH3.75
3218 M/S  Art Deco Theaters MiniSheet of 16NH17.50
3219 S/SArt Deco Theaters Sheet of 4NH3.75
3220Composer CornejoNH.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
3221Taguig Tourist Attractions BlockNH3.50
3222Relations with Thailand PairNH3.75
3222 M/S  Relations with Thailand MiniSheet of 10NH37.50
3223Ateneo de Manila University BlockNH3.50
3223e S/SAteneo de Manila University SheetNH8.50
3224Baler Churches PairNH1.70
3225Chua Family, Yellow, Violet ClothesNH2.40
3225 M/S  Chua Family, Yellow, Violet Clothes MiniSheets of 12NH24.00
3226 S/SChua Family Sheet of 4NH3.75
3227Pheepoy, Postal MascotNH.90
3228-29Knights of ColumbusNH2.00
3230Cooperation with BruneiNH.90
3231Relations with Singapore - Bridges - Block of 4NH4.00
3231 M/S  Singapore - Bridges - Block of 4NH18.00
3231e S/SRelations with Singapore Sheet of 4NH4.00
3232Baguio Centenary Strip of 4NH3.50
3232e S/SBaguio Centenary Sheet of 4NH3.50
3233Aquino Pair - Raised Arm, Denomination at ULNH3.00
3234Aquino Pair - Raised Arm, Denomination at URNH8.00
3235Year of Natural Fibers Block of 4NH3.50
3236Lobsters Block of 4NH3.50
3236 M/S  Lobsters MiniSheet of 16NH16.50
3237 S/SLobsters Sheet of 4NH3.50
3238Quezon City Anniversary Block of 4NH3.50
3238e S/SQuezon City Anniversary Sheet of 4NH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
3239Chua Family Pair, Yellow, Blue OutfitsNH2.40
3239 M/S  Chua Family Pair, Yellow, Blue Outfits MiniSheet of 16NH25.50
3240 S/SChua Family Pair,Yellow, Blue Outfits Sheet of 4NH3.75
3241Alpha Phi Beta Fraternity BlockNH3.50
3242Children's Games Block of 4NH3.50
3242 M/S  Children's Games MiniSheet of 16NH16.50
3243 S/SChildren's Games Sheet of 6NH5.25
3244Christmas Strip of 5NH4.25
3245Justice Cecilia PalmaNH.90
3246Relations with India, Mammals PairNH1.80
3246 M/S  Relations with India, Mammals MiniSheet of 10NH12.00
3247 S/SRelations with India, Mammals SheetNH3.75
3247a  20p Relations with India Single from SheetNH3.75
3248-49New Year - Year of the TigerNH3.50
3248-49 M/S  Year of the Tiger MiniSheets of 10NH49.00
3249a S/SYear of the Tiger SheetNH6.75
3250Nudibranchs Block of 4NH4.00
3250 M/S  Nudibranchs MiniSheet of 16NH19.00
3251 S/SNudibranchs Sheet of 4NH5.50
3252Stamp Collage Depicting DaedalusNH.90
3253 S/SStamp Collage Sheet of 4NH3.50
3254Return of Olongapo PairNH1.70
3255Pheepoy Delivering MailNH.90
3256Charity Sweepstakes Block of 4NH3.50
3256e S/S  Charity Sweepstakes Sheet of 4NH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
3257Potter from San Nicolas ProvinceNH.90
325824p Birds Block of 4, Inscribed 2009NH12.75
3258 M/SNHAsk
3258e24p Birds Block of 4, Inscribed 2009ANH10.75
3258e M/SNHAsk
3259St. Valentine's Day PairNH1.70
3259 M/S  St. Valentine's Day MiniSheet of 16NHAsk
3260Pheepoy on MotorcycleNH.75
3261Rotary International Block of 4NH3.50
3261 M/S  Rotary International MiniSheet of 16NH17.50
3262 S/SRotary International Sheet of 4NH3.50
3263Beetles Block of 4NH3.50
3263 M/S  Beetles MiniSheet of 16NH17.50
3264 S/SBeetles SheetNH3.50
3265-33011p-100p Marine BiodiversityNH85.00
  3265,3284,3293  1p,10p,26p Marine Biodiversity, Part 1NHAsk
  3268,3275  2p,5p Marine Biodiversity, Part 2NHAsk
  3281,3289  8p,20p Marine Biodiversity, Part 3NHAsk
  3279,3300  7p,100p Marine Biodiversity, Part 4NHAsk
  3270,3273,3298  3p,4p,50p Marine Biodiversity, Part 5NHAsk
  3282,3287,3291  9p,17p,24 Marine Biodiversity, Part 6NHAsk
  3266,3276,3290  1p,5p,20p Marine Biodiversity, Part 7NHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
  3269,3295  2p,35p Marine Biodiversity, Part 8NHAsk
  3286,3294  15p,30p Marine Biodiversity, Part 9NHAsk
  3280,3297  7p,40p Marine Biodiversity, Part 10NHAsk
  3285  10p Marine Biodiversity, Part 11NHAsk
  3267,3277,3297  1p,5p,40p Marine Biodiversity, Part 12NHAsk
  3301  100p Marine Biodiversity, Part 13NHAsk
  3271,3274,3299  3p,4p,50p Marine Biodiversity, Part 14NHAsk
  3283,3288  9p,17p Marine Biodiversity, Part 15NHAsk
  ?,3296  7p,35p Marine Biodiversity, Part 16NHAsk
  3278,3292  5p,25p Marine Biodiversity, Part 17NHAsk
  3272 '11  3p Marine Biodiversity, Part 18NH1.50
3302Rice Research Institute Block of 4NH3.50
3302 M/S  Rice Research Institute MiniSheet of 16NH17.50
3302e S/SRice Research Institute Sheet of 4NH3.50
3303-067p Erano ManaloNH3.50
  3303  Manalo, 2010 at Left under PNH1.00
  3304  Manalo, 2010 under 7pNH1.00
  3305  Manalo Country Name in Black, 2010 at Left under PNH1.00
  3306  Manalo Country Name in Black, 2010 under PNH1.00
3307-11Manansala PaintingsNH5.00
3311 M/S  Manansala Paintings MiniSheet of 4NHAsk
3312 S/SManansala Paintings SheetNH3.50
3313-14Tree and Municipal EmblemNH1.90
3315Bukidnon State University PairNH1.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
3316Veterans Federation PairNH1.75
3317Light Rail Transit BlockNH4.00
3317 M/S  Light Rail Transit MiniSheet of 16NH19.00
3318 S/SLight Rail SheetNH4.50
3319-20Presidential Inauguration NH4.75
3319-20 M/S  Presidential Inauguration MiniSheets of 20NH95.00
3321-22Tuberculosis SocietyNH1.90
3323 S/STuberculosis SheetNH3.25
3324Our Lady of Peñafrancia BlockNH3.50
3324 M/S  Our Lady of Peñafrancia MiniSheet of 16NH20.00
3325 S/SOur Lady of Peñafrancia SheetNH3.50
3326Dogs Block of 4NH3.50
3326 M/S  Dogs MiniSheet of 16NH20.00
3327 S/SDogs SheetNH3.50
3328Ozone Layer Protection PairNH2.50
3329Central Mindanao University PairNH1.90
3330President MacapagalNH.90
3331Day of the GalleonNH2.00
3331c S/S7p Day of the Galleon Sheet of 2NH2.00
3332 S/S7p,40p Day of the Galleon Sheet of 2NH6.00
3332a  40p Day of the Galleon Single from SheetNH4.75
3333Art, Biodiversity PairNH2.00
3334Rice Research Block of 4NH3.75
3334 M/S  Rice Research MiniSheet of 16NH21.00
3335Pheepoy in Mail Van (Pheepoy 7mm Wide)NH1.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
3336 S/SPheepoy in Mail Van of 4NH3.75
3336a-d  Pheepoy in Mail VanNH3.75
3336e S/SPheepoy in Mail Van Imperf SheetNH4.00
3336f-i  Pheepoy in Mail VanNH4.00
3337Stamp Collecting Month Horizontal Block of 4NH4.00
3337 M/S  Stamp Collecting Month Horizontal MiniSheet of 16NH22.00
3338Stamp Collecting Month Vertical Block of 4NH4.00
3338 M/S  Stamp Collecting Month Vertical  MiniSheet of 16NH22.00
3338e S/SNational Stamp Collecting Sheet of 4NH3.75
3339VP Inauguration NH1.00
3339 M/S  VP Inauguration MiniSheet of 20NH24.00
3340Christmas Religious Block of 4NH3.75
3341Ateneo de Manila Class of 1960 Block of 4NH3.75
3342-43Year of the RabbitNH4.50
3342-43 M/S  Year of the Rabbit MiniSheets of 10NH55.00
3343a S/SYear of the Rabbit SheetNH9.00
3344Senator Padilla PairNH2.00
3345Law OfficesNH.90
3346Grace Christian CollegeNH3.75
3346 M/S  Grace Christian College MiniSheet of 16NH21.00
3346e S/SGrace Christian College Sheet of 4NH3.75
3346g-jGrace Christian College Block of 4NH3.00
3346k S/SGrace Christian SheetNH3.00
3347Valentines PairNH1.10
Scott # Description Condition Price
3348Kiwanis ClubNH.55
3349Santo Tomas Block of 4NH2.25
3350 S/SSanto Tomas SheetNH2.75
3351Philippine Hoyas Block of 4NH2.25
3351 M/S  Philippine Hoyas MiniSheet of 16NH9.75
3352 S/SPhilippine Hoyas SheetNH2.25
3353UP College of Law PairNH1.10
3354CARD MRI - AgricultureNH.55
3355Department of Budget and ManagementNH.55
3356Vinzon Centennial, Dated 2010NH.55
3357-681p-100p Marine Life inc Fish, Coral and moreNH26.00
  3357,3360,3361,3362  1p,5p,7p,9p Marine BiodiversityNH5.00
  3358,3365,3366,3367  2p,20p,30p,40p BiodiversityNH9.00
  3359,3363,3364,3368  4p,10p,17p,100p Marine BiodiversityNH12.50
3369-72WWF - CrocodilesNH2.20
3369-72 M/S  WWF - Crocodiles MiniSheet of 16NH9.75
3369-72 S/SWWF - Crocodiles Sheets of 8NH19.50
3373National Sport - Arnis PairNH1.10
3373c S/SSport - Arnis SheetNH2.20
3374Pope John Paul II Block of 4NH3.25
3374a-din Two PairsNH2.50
3374 M/S  Pope John Paul II MiniSheet of 16NH12.50
3375 S/SPope John Paul II SheetNH3.00
3376Information and Technology Month Block of 4NH2.20
3377Security Bank PairNH1.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
3378Goethe Institute Block of 4NH2.50
3379-80Rizal 159th Anniversary PairsNH2.20
3381 S/SRizal Sheet of 10NH11.00
3382Yuchengco CompaniesNH.55
3383EDSA People Power (Helicopter)NH2.20
3384 S/SEDSA People Power (Helicopter)  SheetNH4.25
3385Holy Cross of Davao College Block of 4NH2.20
3386Mother FrancescaNH.55
3387Lizards Block of 4NH2.20
3387 M/S  Lizards MiniSheet of 16NH9.75
3388 S/SLizards SheetNH2.20
3389-34031p-100p Biodiversity with QR CodesNH27.50
  3389,3390,3392,3398,3400  1p,2p,5p,10p,20p,30p Biodiversity with QR Codes 
  3391,3393,3403  4p,7p,100p Biodiversity with QR CodesNH10.00
  3394,3399,3401  9p,25p,35p Biodiversity with QR CodesNH8.50
  3396,3397,3402  13p,17p,40p Biodiversity with QR CodesNH9.00
3404UN Year of the Forests PairNH1.10
3405Day of the Galleon Strip of 3NH1.60
3405 M/S  Day of the Galleon MiniSheet of 12NH8.00
3406 S/SDay of the Galleon SheetNH1.60
3407Paintings - Stamp Collecting Month Block of 4NH2.20
3408 S/SPaintings Stamp Collecting Month SheetNH2.20
3409Bureau of Investigation Block of 4NH2.20
3410Christmas Block of 4NH2.20
3411-12+3412a NOTE:The date inscription on the stamps below (2011) is an error.  The corrected inscription (2012) is listed as Scott 3435-36 + 3436a. 
Scott # Description Condition Price
3411-12Year of the Dragon, Inscribed 2011 (error)NH7.50
3411-12 M/S  Year of the Dragon, Inscribed 2011 (error) MiniSheets of 10 NH85.00
3412a S/SYear of the Dragon Sheet - Inscribed 2011 (error)NH22.50
3413Solictor GeneralNH.55
3414Frogs Block of 4NH2.20
3414 M/S  Frogs MiniSheet of 16NH9.75
3415 S/SFrogs SheetNH2.20
3416Lyceum of Philippines UniversityNH.55
3417Grand Lodge of Free Masons PairNH1.10
3418Diocese of Malolos PairNH1.10
3419 S/SDiocese of Malolos SheetNH3.00
3420Davao City Block of 4NH2.20
3421Zamboanga University Block of 4NH2.20
3421e S/SZamboanga University SheetNH2.20
3422St. Agnes Academy Block of 4NH2.20
3423Folklore #1 - Maria MakilingNH.55
3424-25Asian Pacific Postal UnionNH2.75
3426Philpost PairNH1.10
3427Felipe de LeonNH.75
3428Heritage Church Block of 4NH2.20
3429 S/SHeritage Church SheetNH2.20
3430Asian Development BankNH.55
3431-3370 Years of ValorNH3.50
3434GSIS Anniversary Strip of 3NH4.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
3435-36Year of the Dragon, Inscribed 2012 (corrected)NH3.75
3435-36 M/S  Year of the Dragon, Inscribed 2012 (corrected) MiniSheets of 10 NH39.00
3436a S/SYear of the Dragon, Inscribed 2012 (corrected) Sheet of 4NH7.50
3437White Water RaftingNH.70
3438International Year of the ForestsNH.70
3439Caloocan City - War HeroesNH1.25
3430Folklore #2 - HabagatNH.55
3441London Summer OlympicsNH2.20
3441 M/S  London Summer Olympics MiniSheet of 16NH9.75
3442Metro Bank Block of 4NH2.20
3443Jose LaurelNH.70
3444Designer Ramon O. ValeraNH.55
3445Folklore #3 - AmihanNH.55
3446Manila Hotel Block of 4NH2.20
3447-491p,5p,50p Marine Biodiversity - FishNH3.50
3450100p Marine Biodiversity - FishNH7.50
3451Blessed Pedro CalungsodNH.70
3451 M/S  Blessed Pedro Calungsod MiniSheet of 20NH15.00
3452Visual Artist Carlos FranciscoNH.55
3453Christmas PairsNH1.50
3453 M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 16NH14.00
3454Folklore #4 - Bernardio CarpioNH.55
3455Lepanto Mining PairNH1.75
3456-57Year of the SnakeNH3.00
3456-57 M/S  Year of the Snake MiniSheets of 10NH35.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
3457a S/SYear of the Snake SheetNH6.00
3458 S/SYoung Artists Flower Paintings MiniSheet of 10NH7.50
3459Valentines DayNH.75
3460-61Save the TamarawNH1.50
3460-61 M/S  Save the Tamaraw MiniSheets of  16NH15.00
3462Composer Lucio San PedroNH.75
3463Teresita "Mama Sita" ReyesNH.75
3464 S/STeresita "Mama Sita" Reyes SheetNH2.25
3465Pitcher Plants Block of 4NH2.75
3465 M/S  Pitcher Plants MiniSheet of 16NH14.50
3466 S/SPitcher Plants Sheet of 4NH2.75
3467UP Alumni Association Block of 4NH2.75
3468Diplomatic Relations with ItalyNH9.00
3468 M/S  Diplomatic Relations with Italy MiniSheet of 16NH89.00
3469Edible Nuts Block of 4NH2.75
3469 M/S  Edible Nuts MiniSheet of 16NH14.50
3470 S/SEdible Nuts SheetNH2.75
3471,34811p,100p Marine BiodiversityNH10.00
347410p Butterfly FishNH1.00
3482Jose RobredoNH2.75
3483-911p-100p Mailing CenterNH19.00
3492Malacanang PalaceNH.75
3493 S/SMarine Biodiversity Sheet of 8NH8.50
3493i S/SThailand World Exhibition Emblem on Marine Biodiversity Sheet with Thailand EmblemNH8.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
3494Deep Sea Shrimps Block of 4NH2.75
3494 M/S  Deep Sea Shrimps MiniSheet of 16NH14.50
3494e S/SDeep Sea Shrimps SheetNH2.75
3495Writer Mariano PonceNH.75
3495 M/S  Writer Mariano Ponce MiniSheet of 10NH8.75
3496Boysen PaintsNH2.75
3497 S/SBoysen Paints SheetNH2.75
3498Gerardo de LeonNH.75
3499Bureau of Fisheries Strip of 3NH2.25
3499 M/S  Bureau of Fisheries MiniSheet of 12NH10.00
3500 S/SBureau of Fisheries SheetNH2.75
3501Unusual Cycles Block of 4NH2.75
3501 M/S  Unusual Cycles MiniSheet of 16NH14.50
3501e S/SUnusual Cycles SheetNH2.75
3502 S/SCollecting Month - Comedian Dolphy SheetNH7.50
3503Christmas Block of 4NH2.75
3504 S/SChristmas Sheet of 3NH2.00
3505150th Anniversary of Andres Bonifacio Block of 4NH2.75
3506 S/S150th Anniversary of Andres Bonifacio SheetNH10.50
3507-08Year of the HorseNH2.75
3507-08 M/S  Year of the Horse MiniSheets of 10NH32.50
3508a S/SYear of the Horse SheetNH6.50
3509Deposit Insurance CorpNH.75
3510National Parks DevelopmentNH1.50
3472,3473,3474,34763p,5p,10p Filefish,13p Marine BiodiversityNH3.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
3477,348020p,40p Marine BiodiversityNH6.00
3478,347925p,30p Marine BiodiversityNH5.50
3511Diplomatic Relations with Nigeria PairNH7.75
3511 M/S  Diplomatic Relations with Nigeria MiniSheet of 10NH45.00
3519Pope Francis Year 2 (Joint issue with Vatican City)NH4.50
3519 M/S  Pope Francis Year 2 (Joint issue with Vatican City) MiniSheetNH44.50
2vFlowering Shrubs Pair (Joint issue with Portugal)NH3.50
M/S  Flowering Shrubs MiniSheet of 8 (Joint issue with Portugal)NH15.00
New Issues of the PHILIPPINES and over 200 Countries and Topics of the World are available.
B4-5War Widow, DisabledNH1.00
B6-7Fruit Trees, Mrs. QuezonNH1.25
B8-9Quezon InstituteNH.75
B10-11Scout CookingNH1.50
B10-11+CB1-3Scout Cooking with AirsNH4.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
B11a TBScout Cooking Tete-Beche on White PaperNH2.00
B11a BLK  Scout Cooking Tete-Beche Block of 4 PairsNH9.00
B11a F/S  Scout Cooking Complete Sheet of Tete-Beche Pairs on White PaperNHASK
B12-13TB SurchargesNH2.00
B14-15Bohol SanatoriumNH.75
B166c+5c "Help Prevent TB" SurchargeNH.75
B17Roxas Memorial PavilionNH.75
B18-20Valdes TB PavilionNH3.75
B21-22Rizal Playing ChessNH2.50
B23-25Map, Red CrossNH1.50
B26-29Negros Oriental TB PavilionNH1.50
B30-311s+5s,3s+5s SurchargesNH.75
B32-35Birds INH6.50
B36-39Birds IINH6.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
B40-43Ortigas TB BuildingNH3.50
B48-49Surcharged FruitNH2.00
B50-51Veterans Memorial HospitalNH1.75
B50a-51a SNG  Veterans Memorial Hospital Imperf SinglesNH7.00
B50a-51a PR  Veterans Memorial Hospital Imperf PairsH10.00
C54-56Manila-Madrid Flight inc LincolnNH4.75
C63VICTORY Handstamp 
C64-66Quezon and RooseveltNH7.50
C6740c FAONH12.50
C68-69Junior ChamberNH5.00
C70 S/SRoosevelt SheetNH4.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
C71-72Lions ClubNH5.00
C72a S/SLions Club SheetNH4.50
C73Maria Clara NH2.50
C74-76Stamp CentenaryNH20.00
C77Rotary InternationalNH4.50
C78-81Lt. Jose GozartNH5.00
  C78,C80  20c,50c Lt. Jose GozartNH2.75
  C79,C81  30c,70c Lt. Jose GozartNH2.50
C83-84Plane, Saber JetNH1.50
C87Postal ConferenceH.60
C88-89Freedom from HungerH1.00
C90Land ReformNH.70
C91-92Mass BaptismNH3.00
C92a S/SMass Baptism SheetNH3.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
C93Banknote StampNH5.50
C94Volcano RefugeesNH1.00
C95Taal VolcanoNH1.00
C96-97Rotary InternationalNH1.75
C98Holy ChildNH1.00
C100Law CollegeNH1.00
C102Santo ThomasNH1.50
C104Tropical FishNH3.00
C105Pope Paul VINH1.25
C106First Mass 
C107Presidential Palace 
C108 S/SUSA Sheet with Black OverprintNH2.00
"C108a" S/SUSA Sheet with Red OverprintNH4.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
C109 S/SAmphilex '77 SheetNH18.00
C109a  Amphilex '77 - Single from SheetNH9.00
"C109b" S/SAmphilex '77 Imperforate SheetNH30.00
"C109c"  Amphilex '77 Single from Imperf SheetNH15.00
C110 S/SESPAMER Sheet of 3NH15.00
C110a  ESPAMER Sheet SingleNH7.00
"C110b" S/SESPAMER Sheet ImperfNH40.00
"C110c"  ESPAMER Sheet Imperf SingleNH25.00
C11190s Scout Exhibition Surcharge 
C112 S/SScout Exhibition SheetNH5.00
C112a-e  Scout Exhibition Sheet SinglesNH4.50
CB1-3Scout JamboreeNH4.75
CB3a S/SJamboree SheetNH5.50
E1Overprint on US E5 with Double Line USPS WatermarkH120.00
E220c Messenger, Deep ultramarineNHAsk
E2b  20c Messenger, Pale ultramarine 
Scott # Description Condition Price
E2A20c Messenger with Double Line USPS Watermark 
E320c Messenger with PIPS WatermarkH20.00
E11Manila P.O., MessengerNH1.50
E12Manila Post Office, LetterNH1.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
J1-7US J38-44 OverprintsH475.00
J8-14Post Office Clerk Dues 
J153c on 4c SurchargeH.30
J16-22VICTORY Overprints 
J23-26New Republic DuesNH3.75
O1-42c-20c OFFICIAL OverprintsH18.50
O5-142c-30c O.B. OverprintsH9.75
O15-242c-30c O.B. OverprintsH4.50
O25-262c,20c O.B. Overprints on CommonwealthH1.00
O27-36O.B. / COMMONWEALTH Overprints on Scott 383-92 
Scott # Description Condition Price
O37O.B. on 2c Green RizalH.30
O392c VICTORY on Scott O37 
O442c VICTORY on 2c SepiaH.30
O45-49These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
O50-524c-16c O.B. OverprintsNH7.50
  O50  4cNH2.00
  O51  10c (our choice of overprint size) 
  O52  16cNH6.00
O561c on 2c NH1.00
  O57  1cNH1.00
  O58  5cNH1.00
  O59  10cNH2.00
  O60  20cNH4.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
O611c on 5cNH1.00
O63-695s-50s Overprinted G. O. 
  O63 '63  5s Overprinted G. O.NH1.25
  O64  6s Overprinted G. O., Perf 13x12NH1.50
  O65 '64  6s Overprinted G. O., Perf 13½NH1.50
  O66 '63  10s Overprinted G. O.NH1.25
  O67 '63  20s Overprinted G. O.NH4.00
  O68  30s Overprinted G. O.NH2.00
  O69 '63  50s Overprinted G. O.NH3.00
O7010s Overprinted G. O.NH1.00
RA1-5Mt. Pinatubo FundNH19.50
N8Fall of Bataan and Corregidor 
Scott # Description Condition Price
NB4 S/S"Independence" Sheet (issued without gum)H60.00
NB8 S/SHeroes' Monuments (issued without gum)NH7.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
Y12c Red, Small Size 
Y22c Revised DesignNH.50
NH Block of 42.00
Y32c Red, Large Size 
YF18c GreenNH5.00
NH Block of 418.00
YP11m Black, NewspaperNH2.00
NH Block of 47.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
YP1a  1m Black, ImperfNH2.00
NH Block of 47.50
YP1a PR  1m Black Imperf PairNH3.75
YT12c Purple TelegraphNH4.50
NH Block of 416.00
YT250c Blue TelegraphNH7.50
NH Block of 428.00
240//NB71904-46 Collection spanning 240//462,C46-62,N1//N37,NB//NB7 and inc 241-50, 296(cat $55),319-25,354-60,464,E10a, F-VF H-NHNH/HAsk
290//462,C46-62,N1//37,NB1//71917-43 Selection of sets and singles inc 319-25*,354-60*,296*(Scott $55), F-VF H-NHNH/HAsk