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SOUTH SUDAN 2017 ISSUES now available:  Severe inflation has caused the Sudan Post Office to surcharge 19 different stamps.  These surcharges are now in stock in extremely limited quantity.  These are the first South Sudan issues in five years!  To avoid disappointment, please reserve yours now.  Call or email for further information.
Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Scott # Description Condition Price


BEWARE OF OFFERS of RUSSIAN YEAR SETS from people who do not specify the contents.  We have heard sad tales of incomplete Years which fall far short of our offers and are costly to make complete!
"BASIC" Year Sets omit certain Imperforate Stamps or scarce Souvenir Sheets listed in Michel but currently omitted by Scott.
1962 BASIC2344A-C,2422A,2514A,2548-49,2558-2565,2570-82,2586-2694+C100NH169.00
1962 ADV"1767b",2344A-C,2422A,2514A,2548-49,2558-2565,2570-82,2586-2694+C100 (includes the "Polar Bear Sheet")NHAsk
19632514B-D,2695-2732,2735-2838,2763a+ C101-03NH145.00
1964 BASIC 2582a,2839-48,2852-78,2883-2902, 2905-26,2929-57,2960-70,2972-91NH125.00
1964 ADV2582a,2839-48,2852-78,2883-2902, 2905-26,2929-57,2960-70,2972-91 plus the Red and Green Olympic Sheets ("2927","2928")NHAsk
19652903-04,2971-71C,2995-3012,3015-46,3051-62,3064B,3065- 3104,3111-46+C104-08NH112.00
19663063-64,3147-65,3159-60,3162-69,3172-98, 3200-68,3273-94NH113.00
Occasionally, 1960-1969 Year Sets are available with hinged stamps at lower prices.  If you prefer these just let us know.  We fill your order accordingly and make a price adjustment. 
1975 M/SApollo - Soyuz Flight MiniSheetsNHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
  The Complete Set of 31 MiniSheets of 15 plus Tab issued over four years to honor famous paintings shown in the Hermitage Museum.  Scott mentions only 30 stamps in the set but 31 is the correct number.  This is a rarely offered group of MiniSheets (Highly valued in the Michel Catalog.)NHASK
  1990 SS5851-5953A,5903a+B166-78NH60.00
  1990 M/SMiniSheets (9)NH60.00
1990 CM  Both units combinedNH105.00
  1991 SS5954-6055,5977b,5977c,5977d,"5977e"+ B179-84NH75.00
  1991 M/SMiniSheets (9)NH36.00
1991 CM  Both units combinedNH99.00
1991 FT SHFairy Tale Sheet of 30NH16.00
  1992 SS(77 Stamps+3 S/S): 6016Bc,6056-6108,6111,6111a,6060 DP//6171A DP,6114 DP//6121 DP+B185NH88.00
  1992 M/SMiniSheets (14)NH46.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1992 CM  Both Units CombinedNH115.00
  1993 SS(89 Stamps+3 S/S): 6109,6110,6113 SP+DP,6115 SP+DP, 6118,6120,6126-91NH48.00
  1993 M/SMiniSheets (13)NH79.00
1993 CM  Both Units CombinedNH90.00
  1994 SS(53 Stamps+1 S/S): 6192-6239NH24.50
  1994 M/SMiniSheets (11)NH46.50
1994 CM  Both Units CombinedNH66.00
  1995 SS(82 Stamps+3 S/S): 6122 SP+DP, 6123 SP+DP,6124 SP+DP, 6125 SP+DP,6125A SP+DP, 6240-6300,6256aNH69.50
  1995 M/SMiniSheets (11)NH115.00
1995 CM  Both Units Combined (82+3 S/S+11 M/S)NH199.00
  1996 SS(71 Stamps+5 S/S): 6301-62,6320aNH48.00
  1996 M/SMiniSheets (15)NH94.00
1996 CM  Both Units Combined (71+5 S/S+15 M/S)NH119.00
  1997 SS(87 Stamps+5 S/S): 6363-70,6371-82 GP,6371-82 DP,6383-95,6395a,6396-6422,6406cNH175.00
  1997 M/SMiniature Sheets:  6389a,6395b, 6419a-22aNH125.00
1997 CM  Both Units Combined (87+5 S/S+6 M/S)NH279.00
  1998 SS(86 Stamps+4 S/S): 6423-33 Dull, 6423-33 Shiny, 6434-88,6438-40 ST,6454-58 ST,6472eNH109.00
  1998 M/SMiniSheets (5)NH85.00
1998 CM  Both Units Combined (86+4 S/S+5 M/S)NH139.00
1998 P M/SMENATEP Private MiniSheetNH42.50
  1999 SS(84 Stamps+5 S/S): 6489-6562,6500a,6528 STNH160.00
  1999 M/SMiniSheets (8)NH180.00
1999 CM  Both Units Combined (84+5 S/S+8 M/S)NH259.00
  2000 SS(92 Stamps+6 S/S): 6563-6610NH95.00
  2000 M/SMiniSheets (5)NH125.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2000 CM  Both Units Combined (92+6 S/S+ 5 M/S) NH215.00
  2001 SS(74 Stamps+5 S/S): 6611-73NH136.00
  2001 M/S 12Complete MiniSheets (12) NH280.00
2001 M/S 10Or MiniSheets (10) without the best two M/SNH62.50
2001 CM  Both Units Combined (6611-73+12 M/S)NH409.00
2001 SIMSimilar to above but only 11 M/S (74+5 S/S+ 11 M/S)NH339.00
2001 BKIndependence BookletNH125.00
2001 PBKPrestige Independence BookletNH1,500.00
  2002 SS(94 Stamps+6 S/S): 6674-6738,6689-93 STNH249.00
  2002 M/SMiniSheets (18)NH325.00
2002 CM  Both Units Combined (6674-6738,6689-93 ST+18 M/S)NH569.00
2002 BKCensus BookletNH55.00
2002 PBKLimited Prestige Booklets (4)NHASK
2003 SS(80 Stamps+10 S/S): 6739-6806NH255.00
2003 M/SMiniSheets (27)NH1,075.00
2003 CM  Both Units Combined (80+10 S/S+ 27 M/S)NH1,300.00
2003 F M/SFruit MiniSheets of 9 (5) with Aroma but no Decorative MarginsNH70.00
2003 PBKPrestige Booklets (2)NH2,500.00
2003 GPGutter Pairs (8)NH21.00
2003 CGBCross Gutter Blocks (4)NH45.00
2003 EBKEuropa Booklet - We have seen these offered by others,  They are NOT government issues!  Instead they are produced by the printing company.  Therefore, we consider them a privately produced item. 
Because of the unusual number of Russia 2003 and 2004 offerings, please remember that we offer installment payments on purchases over $250.
2004 SS(83 Stamps+9 S/S): 6807-74,6822a,6832d,6851-53 STRNH155.00
2004 B M/SBasic MiniSheets (13)NH240.00
2004 SP 1  SPECIAL COMBINED UNIT #1 (83 Stamps + 9 S/S + 13 M/S)NH375.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2004 A M/SAdvanced MiniSheets (16)NH299.00
2004 SP 26b>  SPECIAL COMBINED UNIT #2 (83 Stamps + 9 S/S + 29 M/S)NH665.00
2004 GPGutter Pairs (10)NH15.00
2004 CGBCross Gutter Blocks (5)NH37.00
2004 BKWWF BookletNH16.50
2004 PBKPrestige Booklets (2)NH1,250.00
2005(56 Stamps+11 S/S): 6875-6929,6893a,6903a,6912a,6922aNH120.00
2005 M/S 1MiniSheets (16) (This unit includes the scarce Submarine MiniSheets)NH595.00
2005 M/S 2MiniSheets (12) (This unit does not include the scarce Submarine MiniSheets)NH125.00
2005 CM 1  SPECIAL COMBINED UNIT (56 Stamps + 11 S/S + 16 M/S)  (With Submarine MiniSheets)NH685.00
2005 CM 2  SPECIAL COMBINED UNIT (56 Stamps + 11 S/S + 12 M/S) (Without Submarine MiniSheets)NH249.00
2005 S M/SUNESCO MiniSheet of 16 (this sheet is not in the M/S unit above)NH20.00
2005 XX  RUSSIA 2005 ABSOLUTELY COMPLETE (56 Stamps + 11 S/S + 16 M/S + UNESCO Sheetlet)NH1,425.00
2006(82 Stamps+11 S/S): 6930-7011,6934a,6960a,6999aNH129.00
2006 M/SMiniSheets (18)NH329.00
2006 CM  SPECIAL COMBINED UNIT (82 Stamps + 11 S/S + 18 M/S)  NH439.00
2006 TBTete-Beche Pairs (3)NH6.00
2006 LSSTretiakov Gallery Limited Edition Sheet (many albums will have a space for this sheet)NH100.00
2006 CBKCommemorative Official Booklet Folders (3)NH23.50
2006 PBKKremlin Museum Prestige Official Booklet Folders (2)NH74.00
2006 XX  RUSSIA 2006 COMPLETE as listed above (82 Stamps + 11 S/S + 18 MiniSheets + 3 Tete-Beche Pairs + 1 Limited Edition DeLuxe Sheet + 2 Commem Booklets + 1 Prestige Booklet)NH629.00
2006 DBKDefinitive Booklets (6)NH150.00
2007(41 Stamps+12 S/S): 7012-56,7015a,7019a,7032a,7048a, 7054a (including Scarce Perf Varieties!)NH105.00
2007 TBTete-Beche Pair (1)NH6.00
2007 M/SMiniSheets (16)NH125.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2007 CM  SPECIAL COMBINED BASIC UNIT (41 Stamps + 12 S/S + 16 M/S + 1 Tete-Beche Pair)NH225.00
2007 PV M/SScarce Perf Variety MiniSheets (2)NH279.00
2007 BKBooklets (2)NH53.00
2007 XXThe VERY GRAND Collection of 2007 RUSSIA - Everything listed above including the Basic Unit, the Basic MiniSheets, the Tete-Beche Pair, the Booklets and Scarce Perf Variety MiniSheets!NH545.00
2007 TABStamps with Tabs (3)NH59.00
2008(63 Stamps+14 S/S): 7057-7120,7065d,7067a,7102a,7109a, 7115a,7119aNH125.00
2008 M/SMiniSheets (20)NH185.00
2008 CM  SPECIAL COMBINED BASIC UNIT (63 Stamps + 14 S/S + 20 M/S)NH305.00
2008 TABStamps with Tabs (34)NH82.00
2008 DBKBooklets (2)NH36.00
2008 PBKPrestige Booklet (1)NH35.00
2008 XXThe VERY GRAND Collection of 2008 RUSSIA - Everything listed above including the Basic Unit, the MiniSheets, the Stamps with Tabs, the Definitive Booklets and the Prestige Booklet!NH449.00
2009(63 Stamps+16 S/S): 7121-95,7137a,7169a,7181aNH179.00
2009 B M/SBasic MiniSheets (12)NH98.00
2009 CM  SPECIAL COMBINED BASIC UNIT (63 Stamps + 16 S/S + 12 M/S)NH270.00
2009 A M/SAdvanced MiniSheets (20)NH200.00
2009 BKBooklets (4)NH45.00
2009 XXThe VERY GRAND Collection of 2009 RUSSIA - Everything listed above including the Basic Unit, the Basic and Advanced MiniSheets and the Definitive Booklets!NH509.00
2009 TABStamps with Tabs ()NHASK
2009 GPVertical, Horizontal Gutter Pairs (24)NH99.00
2009 CGBCross Gutter Blocks (12)NH125.00
2010(65 Stamps+17 S/S): 7196-7253,7208-11 BLK,7211a,7229a,7242a+15v Animals ReissueNH139.00
2010 B M/SBasic MiniSheets (13)NH168.00
2010 CM  SPECIAL COMBINED BASIC UNIT (65 Stamps + 17 S/S + 13 M/S)NH295.00
2010 A M/SAdvanced MiniSheets (12)NH129.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2010 BKBooklets (5)NH76.00
2010 TABStamps with Tabs (6)NH26.00
2010 XXThe GRAND Collection of 2010 RUSSIA - Everything listed above including the Basic Unit, the Basic and Advanced MiniSheets, the Stamps with Tabs and the Booklets!NH515.00
2010 OVPTThe Soccer MiniSheet exists overprinted in a small quantity.  It is not clear at all that this is an official issue.
  Also, fakes have been made of the original overprinting.  We strongly suggest proceeding with great care concerning this sheet!

20117254-7330,7266a,7285a,7306a x6, 7327-30 M/S (68 Stamps + 26 S/S)NH269.00
2011 E M/SEuropa MiniSheet (1)NH17.50
2011 B M/SBasic MiniSheets (11)NH140.00
2011 CM  SPECIAL COMBINED BASIC UNIT (68 Stamps + 26 S/S + 12 M/S including Europa M/S)NH389.00
2011 A M/SAdvanced MiniSheets (39)NH695.00
2011 BKBooklet (1)NH26.00
2011 TABStamps with Tabs (13)NH69.00
2011 XXThe GRAND Collection of 2011 RUSSIA - Everything listed above including the Basic Unit, the Europa, Basic and Advanced MiniSheets, the Booklet and the Stamps with Tabs!NH1,185.00
2011 NOTE:Installment payments are available over several months, of course.
20127331-7419,7351a x6, 7419 BLK (77 Stamps + 31 S/S)NH269.00
2012 LALate Arrival - 7375 SurchargeNH13.00
2012 E M/SEuropa MiniSheet (1)NH11.50
2012 B M/SBasic MiniSheets (20)NH235.00
2012 CM  SPECIAL COMBINED BASIC UNIT (77 Stamps + 31 S/S + 21 M/S including Europa M/S)NH499.00
2012 LS/SLimited Edition Souvenir Sheets (2)NH245.00
2012 BKBooklets inc Prestige (7)NH120.00
2012 A M/SAdvanced MiniSheets (42)NH589.00
2012 TABStamps with Tabs (30)NH145.00
2012 XXThe GRAND Collection of 2012 RUSSIA - Everything listed above including the Stamps (77), Souvenir Sheets (31), the Europa, Basic and Advanced MiniSheets (67 total), the Limited Edition Souvenir Sheets (2), the Booklets (7) and the Stamps with Tabs (30). THE WORKS!NH1,549.00
2012 NOTEInstallment payments are available over several months, of course.
20137420-7504  (76v + 27 S/S)NH265.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2013 B M/SBasic MiniSheets (39)NH475.00
2013 E M/SEuropa MiniSheet (1)NH11.00
2013 CM  SPECIAL COMBINED BASIC UNIT (76 Stamps + 27 S/S + 40 M/SNH729.00
2013 BKBooklets (8)NH165.00
2013 A M/SAdvanced MiniSheets (18)NH310.00
2013 TABSStamps with Tabs (29)NH160.00
2013 XXThe GRAND Collection of 2013 RUSSIA - Everything listed above including the Stamps (76), Souvenir Sheets (27), the Europa, Basic and Advanced MiniSheets (58 total), the Booklets (8) and the Stamps with Tabs (29). THE WORKS!NH1,295.00
20147486b,7505-97,7509d,7516d,7524a, 7528a,7567a,7585-86 S/SNH299.00
2014 B M/SBasic MiniSheets (41)NH375.00
2014 CM  SPECIAL COMBINED BASIC UNIT (103 Stamps + 26 S/S + 41 MiniSheetsNH665.00
2014 BKBooklets (4)NH59.50
2014 PBKPrestige Booklets (3)NH90.00
2014 E M/SEuropa MiniSheet of 12 (1)NH15.00
2014 RPKremlin Definitives Reprint Sheet of 10NH14.00
2014 TABStamps with Tabs (37)NH169.00
2014 DGSDecorative Gutter Strip of 6NH8.75
2014 A M/SAdvanced MiniSheets (27)NH399.00
2014 XXThe GRAND Collection of 2014 RUSSIA - Everything listed above including the Stamps (103), Souvenir Sheets (26), the Europa, Basic and Advanced MiniSheets (68 total), the Booklets (7), the Stamps with Tabs (37), the Gutter Strip of 6 and the Kremlin Definitive Reprints (10). THE WORKS!NH1,389.00
20157598-7706,7620-23 BLK,7620-23 S/S, 7653-56 S/S,7657-60 S/S,7699 S/S+12v Definitives (123 Stamps + 22 S/S)NH249.00
2015 B M/SBasic MiniSheets (40)NH295.00
2015 CM  SPECIAL COMBINED BASIC UNIT (123 Stamps + 22 S/S + 35 MiniSheetsNH529.00
2015 TBEuropa Tete-Beche Pairs (2)NH10.00
2015 E M/SEuropa MiniSheet (1)NH14.00
2015 PBKPrestige Booklet (1)NH19.00
2015 TABSStamps with Tabs (41)NH160.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2015 A M/SAdvanced MiniSheets (39)NH449.00
2015 XXThe GRAND Collection of 2015 RUSSIA - Everything listed above including the Stamps (123), Souvenir Sheets (22), the Europa, Basic and Advanced MiniSheets (80), the Prestige Booklet (1), the Stamps with Tabs (41) and Tete-Beche Pairs (2). THE WORKS!NH1,095.00
20167707-7801, 7710 S/S Glossy, "7719", 7760 M/S 8, "7778X", "7790X", "7790X" M/S 4 or (121 Stamps + 18 S/S inc 3 M/S)NH259.00
2016 B M/SBasic MiniSheets (30)NH259.00
2016 CM  SPECIAL COMBINED 2016 BASIC UNIT (121 Stamps + 17 S/S + 31 MiniSheetsNH485.00
2016 CM NOTE: Time payments are available on this Year Set as on all orders over $200. 
2016 GPGutter Pairs (2)NH12.00
2016 PBKPrestige Booklets (7)NH255.00
2016 DBKDefinitive Booklets (4)NH45.00
2016 TABSStamps with Descriptive Tabs (33)NH149.00
2016 A M/SAdvanced MiniSheets (43)NH509.00
2016 LMT M/SExtremely Limited MiniSheet of 6 in Special Folder (1)NH325.00
2016 XXThe GRAND Collection of 2016 RUSSIA - Everything listed above including the Stamps (121), Souvenir Sheets (18), the Europa, Basic and Advanced MiniSheets (73), the Prestige Booklets (7), the Stamps with Tabs (33), Tete-Beche Pairs (2) and the Extremely Limited M/S of 6. THE WORKS!NH1,769.00
2016 XX NOTE: Time payments are available on this Year Set as on all orders over $200. 
201792 Stamps + 20 S/SNH249.00
2017 B M/SBasic MiniSheets (28)NH349.00
2017 E M/SEuropa MiniSheetNH16.50
2017 CM  SPECIAL COMBINED 2017 BASIC UNIT (92 Stamps + 20 S/S + 29 MiniSheetsNH559.00
2017 CM NOTE: Time payments are available on this Year Set as on all orders over $200. 
2017 L S/SLimited Imperf SheetNH25.00
2017 PBKPrestige Booklets (7)NHAsk
2017 DBKDefinitive Booklets (4)NH52.50
2017 TABSStamps with Descriptive Tabs (23)NH129.00
2017 A M/SAdvanced MiniSheets (38)NH559.00
2017 XXThe GRAND Collection of 2017 RUSSIA - Everything listed above including the Stamps (92), Souvenir Sheets (20), the Europa, Basic and Advanced MiniSheets (67), the Prestige Booklets (7), the Stamps with Tabs (23) and the Limited Imperf Sheet (1). THE WORKS!NH1,575.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2017 XX NOTE Time payments are available on this Year Set as on all orders over $200. 
2018Click to reserve now for earliest delivery.NHRESERVE!
2018 B M/SBasic MiniSheets - Click to reserve now for earliest delivery.NHRESERVE!
2018 CMCOMBINED UNIT - Click to reserve now for earliest delivery.NHRESERVE!
2018 L M/SLimited Sheets and MiniSheets - Click to reserve now for earliest delivery.NHRESERVE!
1961-1969Year Sets as listed above.NHASK
1970-1979THE DECADE: 1970-1979NH725.00
1980-1989THE DECADE: 1980-1989NH595.00
1990-1999THE "DECADE" 1990-1999 Stamps+S/SNH849.00
1990-1999Stamps, S/S and Miniature Sheets as listed aboveNH1,465.00
2000-2003Basic Year Sets with MiniSheets as listed above.NH2,479.00
The collecting of Russian Miniature Sheets has become very popular in the past few years.  These Sheets of 8 or 10 stamps usually have decorative borders and are literally "Special Works of Arts" in and by themselves.  Most 1991 through 1998 Year Sets we sell are purchased with these attractive M/S included.
Scott has recognized that the M/S are separate and distinct issues from their normal stamp "cousins" printed in sheets of 30, 36 or 50.  Many of the M/S are quite elusive and widely sought after, particularly in Germany, Great Britain, Japan, the United States and, of course, Russia.
  Although Scott has assigned "a" numbers to most of the M/S, they have missed several which we have created for them using quotation marks such as "5000a".  Please consider the M/S carefully and note that many are in stock in small quantities. 
Our MiniSheet offers begin at Scott 4007-12 and continue to the present. 
Scott # Description Condition Price
19Coat of Arms, Black and yellowH2.50
19 WG  Coat of Arms, Black and yellow without gum 
20Coat of Arms, black and deep greenH3.75
20a  Coat of Arms, black and deep green without gumH1.00
22Coat of Arms, black and lilacNH9.00
23Coat of Arms, brown and blueH22.50
25Coat of Arms, carmine and greenH60.00
26Coat of Arms, black and red 
27Arms, gray and rose ('79)H3.00
28Arms, gray and rose 
29Arms, brown and blueH24.00
30Arms, blue and orangeH85.00
31-38Imperial Eagle & Post HornsH175.00
  31  1k, orangeH2.50
  32a    2k, yellow green ('88)H3.50
  41-44  Horizontally Laid PaperH4.75
  45  1r, light brown, brown, & orangeNH45.00
46-52With Thunderbolts Across Post HornsH9.00
53 WG  Without gumH10.00
54 TS  Thin spotH17.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
55-72Vertically Laid PaperH350.00
  53  No gumH10.00
  54  Thin spotH35.00
  56a  2k, deep greenNH19.00
  72  Thin spotH70.00
  114  Peter I, Without SurchargeNH23.00
  115  Alexander II, Without SurchargeNH38.00
  131a+e  Both on one stampNH75.00
  180a  Agriculture and Industry, Pelure  per 
  181a  Agriculture, Pelure PaperH2.00
  182a  Agriculture, 200r, olive brownH13.00
  183a  Science and Arts, Pelure PaperH.25
  183b  Chalk Surfaced Paper 
  186a  Industry, Chalk Surfaced Paper 
  186b  Thick Paper 
  186c  Pelure Paper 
  187a  New Russia Triumphant Smaller sizeNH.85
188-90Rossian Societ Federated Socialist RepublicH.85
  194a  5000r Surcharge, Pelure PaperH1.60
  195b  10,000r Surcharge, Type IIH2.25
  200a  Inverted SurchargeH1.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  201a  7500r Surcharge, Pelure PaperH.25
  201b  Chalk Surfaced PaperH.25
  201c  Blue Black SurchargeH.25
201Inverted overprintH12.00
202-06Industry, WorkersH16.00
210100,000r Surcharge 
  210b  Pelure Paper 
  210c  Chalk Surfaced Paper 
211-15October Revolution Anniversary 
230-33Worker, Soldier; Typo. 
234-37Worker, SoldierH.50
  234a  Worker, Perf. 14NH45.00
  235b  Perf. 13½H1.50
  236a  Soldier, Perf. 12½H2.00
  237a  Cliche of 70r in Center of Block of 9 100r (237 x8 + 237a)NHAsk
238-41ASoldier, Worker, Peasant 
  238a  3r Imperf RoseH10.00
  239a  4r Imperf Brown 
  240b  5r Imperf Light blue 
1r Buff Unissued, PerfH1.00
1r Buff Unissued, Imperf 
2r Green Unissued, Perf 
2r Green Unissued, Imperf 
Scott # Description Condition Price
242-45Union of Societ Socialist Republics 
246-49Agriculture, Craftsmanship 
  248a  5R Perf 13½NH35.00
250-59Worker, Soldier, Peasant; UnwatermarkedH60.00
  263  30k Peasant VioletH18.50
  264  40k Soldier Slate grayH18.50
265-68Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin) 
269-72Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin), Perf. 13½ 
273-753k,4k,10k Worker 
275A50k Peasant BrownH600.00
  277  2k GreenH.65
  278  3k Red brownH1.00
  279  4k Deep roseH.80
  281  6k Light blueH.80
  282  7k ChocolateH.80
  283  8k Brown oliveH.90
  284  9k Orange redH.90
  285  10k Dark blueH1.50
  288  20k Gray greenH7.00
  289  50k BrownH65.00
  290  1r Red, brownH8.00
  291  2r Green, roseH13.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  276a  1k OrangeH.70
  280a  5k LilacH3.50
  286a  14k Slate blueH2.50
  287a  15k YellowH6.75
  289a  50k BrownH7.00
292-93Soldier, Worker 
294-97Lenin Mausoleum, Watermark 
298-01Lenin Mausoleum, Perf. 13½ x 14 
  304-21,24-25 (20)  1k//5r Worker, Peasant, SoldierH90.00
  321a  1r Perf 14½x15 (NH is particularly scarce)NHAsk
326-27Mikhail V. Lomonosov 
328-29Radio Pioneer PopovH3.50
330-32Exiles, Rioting, Leaders 
333-35Perf. 13½ 
336-41Revolters, Mob, Barricade 
  340a  Perf. 13½H14.00
347-48Libery Monument 
349-50Surcharges in Black 
353-58Surcharge on Stamps of 1925-26 
359-658k Surcharges on Unwatermarked Postage DuesNH125.00
366-728k Surcharges on Watermarked Postage DuesNHAsk
373-74Esperanto Founder Dr. Zamenhof 
Scott # Description Condition Price
375-813k-28k Workers, USSR Map, etcH45.00
382-001k-80k Lenin, Peasant, WorkerH45.00
441-51These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
455This number not utilized by Scott. 
468This number not utilized by Scott. 
Scott # Description Condition Price
483-84These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
489-5091k-35k NationalitiesH250.00
  490  2k LezghiansH9.00
  491  3k Crimean TartarsH17.00
  492  4k Birobidzhan JewsH17.50
  496  8k AbkhasH13.00
  501  15k Tadzhiks UltramarineH9.00
  502  15k  Transcaucasians Dark brownH9.00
  505  15k Uzbeks Gray blackH9.00
  509  35k ChuvashesH39.00
510-13These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
517This number not utilized by Scott. 
Scott # Description Condition Price
519-23Commisars ExecustionsNH485.00
531-32Sverdlov, Nogin PortraitsH150.00
533-35These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
536-39Chemist Mendeleev 
540-45Lenin through the Ages 
546-50Anti-War Propaganda 
551-54Subway ThemesH450.00
555-58Friedrich Engels 
559-68Spartacist GamesH430.00
  559  1kH8.00
  560  2kH10.00
  561  3kH15.00
  562  4kH10.00
  563  5kH10.00
  564  10kH18.00
  566  20kH30.00
  567  35k HurdlingH100.00
  568  40k Parade of AthletesH75.00
569-72Persian Art Exposition 
573-76Michael Kalinin 
577-79Leo Tolstoy, Perf 14 
Scott # Description Condition Price
577a-79aLeo Tolstoy, Perf 11 
580-822k,4k,40k Portraits, Perf 11H25.00
580a-82a2k,4k,40k Portraits, Perf 14H85.00
583-88Pioneers, Mailbox Theft, Perf 14 
  583//88a  Pioneers, Mailbox Theft, Mixed Perfs Set of 6H45.00
  583-87  1k-10k Pioneers, Mailbox Theft, Perf 14H70.00
  583a-85a,87a-88a  1k-3k,10k-15k Pioneers, Mailbox Theft, Perf 11H45.00
589Writer Dobrolyubov, Perf 11½ 
589aWriter Dobrolyubov, Perf 14NH22.00
596 S/SPushkin Sheet of 2NH49.00
597-04Architects CongressH45.00
603a S/SPalace of the Soviets SheetNH65.00
605This number not utilized by Scott. 
606-09Dzerzhinski - Secret Police 
613A-221k-10r Definitives 
Scott # Description Condition Price
  614  2k Factory WorkerH5.50
  615  4k Farm WorkerH14.00
  616  10k Blue Factory Worker 
  616B  10k Black Factory Worker 
  617  20k Farm WorkerNH4.00
  618  30k Factory Worker 
  619  40k Lenin 
  619A  50k Farm WorkerNH1.90
  620  3r Green Large Lenin 
  621  5r Red brown Large Lenin 
  622  10r Indigo Large Lenin 
623-24These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
625-28Flight to North Pole 
629-35Red Army AnniversaryH25.00
636-39June Trans-Polar Flight 
640-42July Trans-Polar FlightH12.00
643-46North Pole ExpeditionH45.00
666-77 var  Same, disturbed gumNH195.00
678-86Flight Themes and ScenesH90.00
693-97Harvesting, Parachute, Miner 
Scott # Description Condition Price
706-12"New Moscow" ThemesH65.00
714-15New York World's FairNH10.00
714a-15a '40  New York World's Fair, ImperfNH24.00
716-17These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
718-20Moscow to Far East FlightH24.00
739-42These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
74330k on 4k Farm Worker Surcharge, WatermarkedH25.00
744This number not utilized by Scott. 
745-48Satirist Mikhail Saltykov NH80.00
749-56Sanatorium, Rest HomesH30.00
757-59Lermontov PortraitsNH78.00
760-62Nikolai Chernyshevski 
763-66Playwright Chekhov 
772-75Sedov CrewH25.00
776-79Poet Mayakovsky 
Scott # Description Condition Price
780-83Scientist TimiryasevH15.00
784-88Physical Culture Day 
789-93Composer TchaikovskyH32.50
794-810Agricultural Fair 
811-16Battle of Perekop, Imperf 
811-16 var  Battle of Perekop, Perf 12 
824-31AArmy, Navy 
832-35Capture of Turkish FortressH7.50
836-37Horse Breeder, MinerNH20.00
838-40Scientist Zhukovski 
843-44Tower, RiverNH10.00
845-49Painter Surikov 
850-51Poet LermontovHAsk
852-55Lenin Museum 
856Farewell to Soldier 
857-58Poet NavoiNH65.00
859People's MilitiaH110.00
873-77Women, Tank, Sewing 
878-85October Revolution 
Scott # Description Condition Price
886-89Explorer BeringNH40.00
890-94Wounded Soldier, Tanks 
895-96Writer GorkiNH5.00
899-02Warship, Soldiers 
903-04Karl MarxH1.00
905-06Poet MayakovskyNH12.00
905-06 woG  Poet Mayakovsky without gumH2.50
907-08Tehran ConferenceNH10.00
909-10Poet TurgenevH45.00
911-14City DefendersNH32.50
915War Heroes 
916-20Young Communist LeagueNH23.00
921-22Flags inc USA, GBNH13.00
923-26Orders with Paper with Network as in ParenthesisNH13.75
923-26 IMPOrders ImperforateNH14.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
931-37Lenin, Inscribed 
938-41Composer Rimski-Korsakov, PerfNH9.00
938A-41AComposer Rimski-Korsakov, ImperforateNH13.00
942-44Civil War HeroesNH5.75
945-46Scientist ChaplyginNH7.50
947-51War Heroes 
952-56Painter Repin, PerfNH17.50
952A-56APainter Repin, ImperforateH6.00
957-58Writer KrylovNH2.00
959 S/SLeningrad Liberation SheetNH35.00
959 S/SVarious Types are available. 
960-65Medals and Orders, PerfNH10.00
960A-65AMedals and Orders, ImperforateNH10.00
966-67Poet GriboedovNH9.00
968-69Red Army Soldier 
970 S/SStalingrad Victory Sheet 
971-73Bravery, Victory MedalsNH14.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
974-79Red Army Defeats Germany 
980-82Victory Over Germany 
983Badge, Cannons, Guard 
984-86Motherhood Medal, PerfH1.25
984A-86DMotherhood Medal, ImperforateH1.25
986A-86CMedals, Engraved 
989-91Invention of RadioH3.00
992Allied Nations Victory Overprint on 3r OrderNH4.00
  993-1001  Planes, Bombers Issued August 19 
1002-06Vladimir Lenin Portraits 
1007-08Prince Kutuzov 
1009-10Author HezenNH6.50
1011-12Bacteriologist MechnikovNH6.00
1013-14Fredrich Engels, MarxNH4.00
1015-18Tank Assembly Line, WeaponsNH13.00
1019-20Artillery, GunsNH8.00
1021-25Victory Medal, Solider 
1026-28Soviet ElectionsNH6.50
1029-31Victory Parade 
1032-38Military OrdersNH14.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1047-48Gorki DeathH1.75
1049Mikhail KalininNH3.75
1050-51Mathematician ChebyshevH1.75
1052-55Promenade, SanatoriumNH12.00
1056Physical Culturists ParadeNH13.00
1059-66Hotel, Theater, ViewsH7.00
  1063 Error  Hotel, Theater, Views Vertical Pair with Double Horizontal PerfsH16.00
1067-74Medals and AchievmentsH9.75
1080-82First Postage StampH3.50
1080a-82a S/SPostage Stamp SheetsH125.00
1083-84October RevolutionNH6.00
1083-84 IMP  October Revolution ImperforateNH12.00
1083a S/SOctober Revolution (Lenin, Stalin) SheetH85.00
1083a S/S NOTE:  The position of the Coat of Arms above the stamps can vary considerably.  Some consider two major types:  2-3mm from the stamps and 6-7mm from the stamps. 
1083a S/S  6-7mm  October Revolution (Lenin, Stalin) Sheet with Arms 6-7mm from StampsHAsk
1083a S/S  2-3mm  October Revolution (Lenin, Stalin) Sheet with Arms 2-3mm from StampsHAsk
1085-86Dam and Power StationH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1087-88Geologist KarpinskyNH5.00
1089-90 '46Poet NekrasovNH3.00
1091-93Lenin Death 
1094-97Geographical Society 
1098-99 th  Scientist Zhukovski, thin spotNH2.00
1100 '46Prize MedalNH4.50
1101-03Army Anniversary, PerfH2.00
1101A-03AArmy Anniversary, ImperforateNH12.00
1121-22Poet PushkinNH4.00
1123-24Parade of WomenNH4.50
1125Council BuildingH1.50
1125 IMP  Council Building ImperforateH5.00
1125 IMP var  Council Building Imperf, Missing blue skyH110.00
1126-27Labor DayNH9.00
1128-31Moscow Scenes OverprintedNH9.50
1132-46Moscow Views inc the KremlinHAsk
Types I and II Note:  On Type I Sheets, the Inscription at Top measures 61.5mm wide.  On Type II Sheet, the Inscription measures 60.0mm. 
Scott # Description Condition Price
1145a S/S Type II '563r View of the Kremlin Imperf Sheet of 4, Inscription at Top measures 60.0mm WideNH75.00
1145a S/S Type I '473r View of the Kremlin Imperf Sheet of 4, Inscription at Top measures 61.5mm WideNHAsk
1147-52Moscow-Volga CanalNH23.00
1153-58Moscow Subway ScenesNH7.50
1159-60Air Fleet 
1161Spasski TowerH12.00
1162-71Russian SanatoriaNH45.00
1172-82Reconstruction, War Damage 
1172-82 IMP  Reconstruction, War Damage ImperforateH12.00
1183-88October Revolution  
1183-88 IMP  October Revolution Imperforate 
1189-92Leningrad, Peter I Monument 
1193-96Ukrainian SSR 
1197-99Lenin Death 
1201-02Artist Surikov 
1205-08Soviet Soldiers, SailorsNH24.00
1209-11Soviet ArmyNH19.00
1212-13Communist ManifestoNH5.00
1214-21Miner, Marines, TowerH37.50
1222-23Labor Day 
Scott # Description Condition Price
1224-26Critic BelinskiH17.50
1227-29Playright Ostrovski 
1227-29 IMP  Playright Ostrovski ImperforateH400.00
1230-33Shishkin PaintingsNH100.00
1234-36Industrial Five-Year Plan 
1237-43Agricultural Five-Year Plan 
1244-45USSR AnniversaryH15.00
1246-47Air Fleet Day OverprintsH9.00
1248-50Miner's DayNH20.00
1251Statesman ZhdanovH2.75
1252-53Soviet Sailor, Navy DayNH8.75
1253A-57 (6)Athletes, Foot, Boat RacesNH21.00
  1254,1255-57  Racing, Motorboat, DivingNH13.50
  1253A,1254A  15k,20k Skier, MotorcyclistNH9.00
1260Spasski Tower 
1261-64Transportation Five-Year PlanH145.00
1265-67Livestock Five-Year PlanH45.00
1268-71Iron Pipe Manufacture 
1272-74Heavy Machinery Plant 
1275-76Poet Abovian 
1277-79Electrification Five-Year PlanH29.00
1280-83Coal Mining, Oil Production 
Scott # Description Condition Price
1284-88Young PioneersH145.00
1289-94Young Communist LeagueH145.00
1295-96Moscow Art Theater 
1297-98October RevolutionHAsk
1299-01Chess ChampionshipH14.00
1302-03Artillery DayHAsk
1304-05Architect Stasov 
1307-09Sverdlovsk, Lenin StreetNH4.75
1307-09 IMPSverdlovsk Imperforate 
1310-17Shoreline, HighwayNHAsk
1318-19Byelorussian Arms 
1320-22Mikhail Lomonosov 
1323-24Cape Dezhnev 
1325 S/S '48Stalin Birthday Sheet 
1326-27Lenin DeathHAsk
1327a S/SMausoleum SheetHAsk
"1327b" S/SImperforate SheetHAsk
1328-29Admiral Makarov 
1330-32Kirov Military Medical Academy 
1333Soviet ArmyH12.00
1334-40Women's Day 
Scott # Description Condition Price
1341-42 (3)Medals 
1343-47Miner, Aviator, Farmer 
1348-49Scientist WilliamsH14.00
1350-51Labor Day 
1352-54Popov, Radio 
1355-56Soviet Press Day 
1357-58Scientist Michurin 
1359-63Aleksander Pushkin 
1360a S/SPushkin Sheet 
1364-65Sormovo Machine, BoatsH39.00
1366-75Sanatoria for WorkersNH12.50
1384-85Scientist DokuchayevNH5.00
1386-87Architect BazhenovNH7.50
1388-89Writer RadishchevNH44.00
1390-91Psychologist PavlovNH12.00
1392-93Globe, LettersH10.00
1392a-93a  Globe ImperforateNH30.00
1394-99Agricultural DevelopmentH30.00
1400-02Maly TheaterNH12.00
1403Hero ChapayevH40.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1403 var  1403 Top Margin Single IMPERF between Stamp and MarginH190.00
1404-05Poet Nikitin 
1406-07October Revolution 
1408-09Cattle BreedingNH20.00
1410Arms, Flag of the USSRH15.00
1411-14Trolley, TrainsH22.00
1415-19Winter SportsH19.00
1420-24Tadzhik RepublicNH45.00
1425-26World PeaceNH9.75
1427-28Byelorussians and FlagH45.00
1429-34Teachers CollegeNH24.00
1435-37Lenin ThemesNH24.00
1438-41Textile Factory, Arms, Dam, RugsH9.00
1442Motion Picture Projection 
1443-44Supreme Societ ElectionsNH89.00
1445-46Morozov MonumentNH65.00
1447-48Globes and Communication SystemsH5.50
1458-59Soviets of Three RacesH6.50
1460-61A. S. Shcerbakov 
1462-63International Victory DayH15.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1464-68A. V. SuvorovH40.00
1469-71Farmers Studying 
1472-73George M. Dimitrov 
1474-76Opera and Ballet TheaterH16.00
1477-80Lenin StreetH15.00
1481-87Moscow Subway Stations 
1488-90Socialist People and Flags 
1491-96Latvian BuildingsNH89.00
1497-99Lithuanian SSRH16.00
1500-03Stalingrad SquareH16.00
1504-07Peace DemonstrationH40.00
1508-09Route of Antarctic ExpeditionNH99.00
1510-11M. V. Frunze 
1512-14M. I. KalininH8.50
1515-17Armenian RepublicNH40.00
1526Spasski Tower 
1527-28Painter Levitan 
1529-31Painter AivazovskyNH22.00
1532-33Flags and Newspapers 
1534-35Opera and Ballet TheaterNH21.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1536Decembrist Revolution 
1537-38Lenin at RazlivNH20.00
1539-40Kirghiz Republic 
1541Government Building 
1542-44Bulgarian People's Republic 
1545-47Mongolian People's RepublicNH6.50
1548-49Writer FurmanovH25.00
1550-51Russian War MemorialH21.00
1552Kirov Machine Works 
1553-54Bolshoi TheaterNH20.00
1555-58Liberators, Budapest Buildings 
1559-62Harvesting WheatH24.00
1563-65Mikhail I. KalininNH9.50
1566-67F. E. DzerzhinskiH7.75
1568-83Russian ScientistsNH110.00
1584-85Russian Composers 
1586-89Georgian RepublicNH30.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1594-95Painter VasnetsovNH30.00
1596-97Hyrdroelectric Station 
1598-02Map, Dam, Hydropower 
1603Flag and Citizens 
1604Mathematician OstrogradskiH6.50
1605-09Soviet-Czechoslovakian FriendshipH55.00
1610-11Lenin Statue 
1615Geographer Semenov 
1616Biologist KovalevskiH10.00
1619-21Writer Gogol 
1622-23Party Worker OrdzhonikidzeNH49.00
1624-27Adoption of Stalin ConsitutionH14.00
1628Writer Novikov-Priboy 
1629French Writer Hugo 
1630Hero Julaev 
1631Arctic Explorer Sedov 
1632-34Flag, University SquareNH25.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1635-36Poet Zhukovski 
1637Poet Ogarev 
1638Writer UspenskiNH1.25
1639Admiral NakhimovNH5.00
1640University Building 
1641Tartar Educator Nasyri 
1642Writer Radishchev 
1643-44Volga-Don Canal, Revolution 
1645Artist FedotovNH1.50
1646-47"Moscow Courtyard"NH7.00
1648Poet OdoyevskiNH1.75
1649Writer Mamin-Sibiryak 
1650-54Composite MedalsNH21.00
  1652  3r Medal in Blue violetNH1.50
  1654a  LeninH5.00
1655Neuropathologist BekhterevNH1.75
1656-59Stations Singles 
1656-59 STR  Stations Strip of 4H3.50
1660USSR Emblem and FlagsNH14.00
1662Stalin Peace MedalH10.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1663Leader Juibyshev 
1664Writer Chernyshevski 
1665Poet Mayakovsky 
1666-71Dam, CanalsNH25.00
1672Writer Korolenko 
1673Writer TolstoyNH10.00
1674-75Young Communist League 
1676-77Nationalities of the Soviet Union 
1678-79Lenin and His WritingsH8.00
1680-87Leningrad Views 
1688Lomonosov Moscow UniversityH2.75
1689 '5740k Arms with 7 Ribbon Turns on Wreath at LeftNH2.50
1689a '54  40k Arms with 8 Ribbon Turns on Wreath at LeftH7.00
1690-91Writer Griboedov, Perf 12½NHAsk
"1690a-91a"Writer Griboedov, Perf 12½x12NHAsk
1692Kremlin ViewH5.00
1693Pilot Chkalov, Perf 12½ 
"1693a"Pilot Chkalov, Perf 12½x12NHAsk
1699Joseph V. Stalin 
1700-09Buildings, StatueH16.00
1710-17Sporting ActivitiesNH35.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1721Writer Chekhov 
1722Pulkob ObservatoryH5.00
1723-24Composer Glinka 
1725Blind Writer OstrovskyNH7.50
1726-28Monument, Defenders 
1729-34Cattle PavilionNH22.00
1735Marx, Engels, Lenin, and StalinNH9.50
1736-37University Building 
1738Salome NerisNH3.50
1739-42Garden, Cultivation 
1743-44Joseph Stalin 
1745Composer Rubinstein 
1746Writer Garshin 
1747Painter SavitskyH.80
1747a S/SSavitsky Sheet 
1747b S/SSavitsky Sheet with Red brown Inscription 
1748Clasped HandsNH.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
1749-52Polish-USSR Treaty of FriendshipH6.50
1756Poet von SchillerH.80
1757Painter VenezianovNH4.50
1757a S/SVenezianov SheetNH65.00
1758Composer Liadov 
1759-60Radio Pioneer Popov 
1761-63October Revolution 
1764Apartment HousesH2.50
1765-67Arctic Observation PostH6.50
1767a S/SExplorer, Polar Bear SheetNH60.00
"1767b" S/SExplorer, Polar Bear Sheet with 1962 OverprintNH110.00
1768-69Sculptor Shubin 
1770-85All-Union Agricultural Fair 
1770-78a S/S '56Agricultural Fair SheetsNH50.00
1786-87Lomonsov Moscow State University 
1786a-87a S/SUniversity Sheet 
1788Poet Mayakovsky 
1789-91International Horse Races 
1792Mathematician KrylovH.60
1793Spartacist Games SymbolH.60
1794-96Atomic Power StationNH10.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1797-98Communist PartyNH15.00
1799Writer Abovian 
1800Workers with Red Flag 
1801Painter Kasatkin 
1802-03"On the Oka River" 
1804Inventor Kulibin 
1805-07Painter PerovH4.25
1822Mathematician LobachevskiNH1.75
1823-24Nurse and Textile Factory 
1825Explorer ArsenievNH1.50
1826Physiologist SechenovH.80
1827Painter Savrasov 
1828-30Scientist MichurinH3.25
1831Teacher Krupskaya 
1832Revolutionary Kirov 
1833-34Novelist LeskovNH2.50
1835Poet BlokNH1.50
1836Farm Machinery FactoryNH1.30
Scott # Description Condition Price
1837Actress Fedotova 
1838-39Art GalleryH6.75
1840-53All-Union Spartacist Games 
1854Parachute ChampionshipsNH.75
1855-57Builder's DayH1.60
1858-59Writer Franko 
1860Russia's Oldest Man, 2 Lines of Text in Panel with 148NH15.00
1860a  Russia's Oldest Man, 3 Lines of Text in Panel with 148H19.00
1861A '57Burns, Engraved 
1862Writer Ukrainka 
1863-64Statue of Nestor 
1865Painter Ivanov 
1866-67Painter RepinNH23.00
1868-74Chicken Farm 
1875-83Great Personalities of the World 
1884Antarctic BasesH1.50
1885Military Commander Kotovsky 
1886Novelist Zemaite 
1887Astronomer Bredichin 
1888-90Field Marshal SuvorovNH4.75
1891Power StationNH3.00
18921st Balloon AscensionNH1.50
1893Oceanographer ShokalskiH.70
1894Painter VasnetsovH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
1895Indian Building and BooksNH.60
1896Writer FrankoNH.65
1897-03Famous Russian WritersNH12.50
  1897-01 '56  Famous Russian Writers - 1956 
  1902-03 '57  Famous Russian Writers - 1957 
1905Map of Bering StraitNH1.75
1906Chemist Mendeleev 
1907-08Composer GlinkaH1.20
1909All-Union Festival of Soviet YouthNH.70
1910-12Ice HockeyNH3.50
1913-14Dove and Festival EmblemH.85
1913-14 IMP  Dove and Festival Emblem ImperfH32.00
1915Assembly LineH.40
1924-29National HandicraftsH6.75
  1924-27 '57  National Handicrafts - 1957 
1930Biochemist BachH.50
1931Philosopher PiekhanovH.35
1932Mathematician EulerNH1.50
1936-40World Youth FestivalH1.60
  1938 var  Bottle AddedUSED22.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1941-43Leningrad AnniversaryH1.20
1943a S/SLeningrad SheetNH27.50
1944-45Overprinted in RedH.80
1946Playwright Fielding, Perf 12x12½H.80
"1946a"  Playwright Fielding, Perf 12½NH25.00
1947Physician HarveyNH.75
1948Composer BalakirevNH.75
1949Kolokol NewspaperNH.75
1950Kazakhstan Workers' MedalNH.75
1957-59International Geophysical Year 
1961-62Poet ShevchenkoH.60
1963-67International Youth GamesH1.25
1968-73Melbourne Olympic GamesNH4.50
1974Poet Kupala 
1975-78World Youth FestivalH1.25
1979Lenin Library 
1979 IMP  Lenin Library, ImperfNH25.00
1979a S/SLenin Sheet, ImperfNH25.00
1980Song Writer de Beranger, Perf 12x12½NH2.00
"1980a"  Song Writer de Beranger, Perf 12½NH19.75
1981-82World Peace, Globe, DoveNH8.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
198340k Clara Zetkin 
1984Krenholm FactoryH.90
1985-86International Letter Writing WeekH.60
1987Vyborzhets FactoryNH2.00
1988-89Critic StasovNH1.75
1990Congress EmblemH.40
1991Pioneer TsiolkovskyNH3.75
1992-93Satellite, GlobeNH5.75
1994Industrial ExhibitionNH.75
1998-02October RevolutionNH4.00
1998-02 IMP  October Revolution, ImperfNH25.00
2002a S/SRevolution Sheet, Imperf 
2003-17October Revoultion Anniversary 
2018-20Academy of ArtsNH3.00
2022Ukrainian Arms 
2023Composer GriegH1.30
2024Patriot GaribaldiNH1.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2025Painter BorovikovskyH.40
2027Kuibyshev Hydroelectric StationNH3.50
2028Socialist Luxemburg PortraitH1.00
2029Painter Pai-shih 
2030Flag and SymbolsNH1.00
2031Novelist TolstoiNH.75
2032-35Symbolic FigureH2.40
2036-38Small PortraitsH5.00
2039-43Red Armed ForcesNH6.00
2044-46 IMP  Tchaikovsky ImperforateH8.50
2047Naval Commander RudnevNH1.75
2048Writer GorkiNH1.00
2049-50Spasski TowerH.60
2051-52Russian PavillionNH.80
2051-52 IMPPavillion, ImperfNH3.50
2053-55Birth of LeninH2.50
2056-58Marx PortraitNH6.00
2060Academy, OverprintedNH7.50
2061Lenin OrderNH.45
2062Dramatist GoldoniNH.45
Scott # Description Condition Price
2063Radio Day 
2064-65Globe and DoveH.40
2066Writer ChavchavadzeNH.80
2067Communication SymbolsH8.00
2067a  Red Half of Czech Flag at BottomNH10.00
2070-71Children of Three RacesH.50
2072-73Soccer PlayersH.50
2072-73 IMP  Soccer, ImperfNH6.50
2074Composer Rimski-KorsakovH.75
2077Atomic EnergyNH11.00
2078Street FightersNH1.30
2079-80University, Congress EmblemNH2.00
2080a S/SCongress Sheet 
2081-82Young Soviet CoupleH1.25
2083Sputnik 3NH3.25
2084Writer AiniH.40
2086-87Soviet Civil Aviation, PerfH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
2086-87 IMPSoviet Civil Aviation, ImperfH6.00
2088Meteorist KulikNH2.25
2089-91International Geophysical YearNH4.50
2095-2106Russian ScenesNH2.75
  2096 IMP  PostillionNH3.00
  2100 IMP  ShipNH3.00
  2101 IMP  Jet PlaneNH3.00
"2106B" S/SStamp Anniversary SheetNH27.50
2107Chess Player ChigorinH1.00
2108-09Golden GateNH2.00
2112Writer SaltykovH.40
2113Poet RudagiNH.50
2114Poet KapnistH.50
2115Book, TorchNH.50
2116-18Tractor FactoryH.50
2120-34Capitals of Soviet RepublicNH17.50
2135-40Young Civil War Soldier 
Scott # Description Condition Price
2141-42Russian Revolution 
2143Human RightsNH1.50
2144Poet Esenin 
2145Writer Ordzhonikidze 
2146Dramatist Han-ching 
2147-51Soviet Civil Aviation, PerfNH6.00
2147-51 IMPSoviet Civil Aviation, Imperf 
2152Actress DuseH.50
2153Poet Milton 
2154Educator RulyeH.50
2155Poet FuzuliH.50
2158-60 '59Lunik and Sputniks over Kremlin 
2161Lenin StatueNH1.25
2162-63Diesel LocomotiveNH5.00
2164Writer Aleichem 
2168-69Ice SkatingNH2.00
2170Basketball Victory OverprintNH12.50
2171Scientist Joliot-Curie 
2172Writer Lagerlof 
Scott # Description Condition Price
2173Writer ZwirkaNH.90
2174Poet Burns Overprinted 1759-1959NH21.00
2175-78BRussian Writers 
2179-80Radio ResearchNH2.75
2187-88Luna I 
2189Poet Saadi 
2190Writer Orbeliani 
2191Artist Korin 
2192Birth of LeninNH1.50
2193This number not utilized by Scott. 
2194Leader CachinNH1.00
2195Composer Hayden 
2196Naturalist von Humboldt 
2199Three Races, Flag 
2200-03Sports & TravelNH3.50
2210-11Coliseum, Tower 
2211a S/SScience SheetNH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2221Poet Djalil 
2224-27National Spartacist GamesNH2.00
2228Public Employees Union 
2232-35Glacier, RocketH2.75
  2232,2234-35  10k,40k,1r August-September PartNH3.00
  2233  25k Oceanographic Ship 
2236Workers, Farmers 
2237-38Russian and Chinese Students 
2239-40Letter CarrierNH2.50
2241Writer MakhtumkuliNH1.30
2242-43Workers, City HallNH.75
2244-557-Year Production Plan 
2259Luna 3NH1.80
2260Red SquareNH.70
Scott # Description Condition Price
2261Khrushchev's VisitNH1.00
2262-65Army Volunteers 
2266-67Rocket on the MoonNH4.50
2268-69Soviet-Hungarian Friendship 
2270Communist GlezosNH16.50
2271Chemist Voskresensky 
2272-80Lakes, Rivers, Mountains 
2281-82These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
22831st Cavalry 
2284-85These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
  2286  Farm Woman 
  2288 '58  Steel Worker 
  2290-91 '60 
  2292  60kNH.60
  2293 '60  60k Steel Worker 
2295Revolutionary Frunze 
2296Microbiologist Gabrichevski 
2297-98Playwright Chekhov 
2299Actress Komissarzhevskaya 
2300-04Winter OlympicsNH5.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2305a S/SStatue SheetNH2.00
2306Women of Various Races 
2307Planes in CombatNH2.50
2308Liberation, overprinted in red 
2309-10Lunik 3, MoonNH2.50
2311-16Portraits of LeninNH4.50
2318Government House 
2321Radio Day 
2322General and SoldiersNH1.50
2323Composer SchumannNH1.00
2324USSR President SverdlovNH2.00
2325Stamp Under Magnifying GlassNH1.30
2336Karelian Autonomous Republic with Red OverprintNH2.00
2337Udmurt Autonomous Republic with Red OverprintNH5.00
2338-44CCapitals of Soviet Autonomous Republics 
  2338-44 '61  Capitals, Issued 1961 
  2344A-C '62  Capitals, Issued 1962NH3.00
2345-48Children's DrawingsNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2349University, Congress EmblemNH1.60
2350Sputnik 4, GlobeNH2.00
2351Poet Hetagurov 
2352-54Soviet RepublicsNH2.80
2357-58Automation of FactoriesNH1.40
2369Stamp Fair, Red OverprintNH12.50
2370Moldavian Republic 
2371-72Book MuseumNH1.50
2373Microbiologist MinkhNH.80
2374Levitan PaintingNH.90
2378World Forestry CongressNH2.50
2379-80Letter WritingNH1.30
2381Farmer, Worker, ScientistNH.70
2382Globes, Olive BranchNH.80
2383-84Flight of Sputnik 5NH2.80
2385-87Passenger ShipsNH2.00
2388Architect Voronikhin 
2389Teacher GogebashviiNH.70
2390October RevolutionNH.70
Scott # Description Condition Price
2391-93Writer TolstoyNH2.00
2394Armenian Soviet RepublicNH.70
2395Engels Birth AnniversaryNH1.30
2396Youth FederationNH.80
2401Surgeon PirogovNH.70
2402Friendship, Students 
2403Mark TwainNH3.00
2404Dove and GlobeNH.80
2405Poet Zeretely 
2406Composer Chopin 
2407North Korean Flag, HorseNH1.00
2416-17Lithuanian, Uzbek CostumesNH1.60
2418-262k-12k Regional CostumesNH7.50
  2418-22,2423-26 '61  2k//12k Regional Costumes (without 2422A)NH6.00
  2422A '62  3k Latvia CostumeNH2.00
2427-28Lenin, Electrification 
Scott # Description Condition Price
2432Georgian FlagNH.60
2433Chemist ZelinskiNH.60
2434Journalist Dobrolyubov 
2435-38Agricultural Development 
2439-481961-65 1k-16k Scenes of Russia Small DefinitivesNH55.00
  2443A '65  4k Orange brown, LithoNH13.00
2449Soldier Hero MiroshnitchenkoNH.70
2450-52Poet Shevchenko 
2453Painter Rubljov 
2454Surgeon SklifosovskyNH.60
2455Microbiologist Koch 
2456-57Globe, SputnikNH2.60
2458Open Book, GlobeNH1.20
2459Russian National ChoirNH.50
2460-61Independence of African StatesNH.80
2462Friendship with Red SurchargeNH1.20
2463-65Space ExplorationNH2.70
2463-65 IMP  Space Exploration ImperforateNH6.00
2466Anniversary of LeninNH.50
2467Poet TagoreNH1.00
2468-72Fairy TalesNH4.00
2481-82Man Conquering SpaceNH1.10
Scott # Description Condition Price
2483-85Portraits of LeninNH14.00
2486Premier LumumbaNH.50
2487-89Pioneers, Students 
2491-92Sputnik, Dog 
2493Author Belinski 
2494POW Karbishev 
2495Hydro-Meteorological MapNH.80
2497-99USSR Technical SportsNH2.50
2500Trade Union Spartacist GamesNH.70
2501President of Acadmy of Science VavilovNH.50
2502Poet PshavelaNH.50
2503-05International Youth Forum 
2506Mongol National Revolution 
2507Knight KalevipoegNH.60
2509-10Manned Space Flight, EarthNH1.10
2509-10 IMP  Manned Space Flight, Earth ImperforateNH5.00
2511Architect Zacharov 
2512-14DWar of LiberationNH5.00
  2512-14 '61  War of Liberation, Issued 1961 
  2514A '62  War of Liberation, Issued 1962NH2.00
  2514B-D '63  War of Liberation, Issued 1963 
2515Students' Union Emblem 
Scott # Description Condition Price
2516-19Soviet StampsNH4.50
2523Angara River Bridge 
2524-28Communist Party CongressNH3.00
2529Soldier MonumentNH.60
2530-32Workers Studying MathematicsNH.60
2533Rocket, StarsNH30.00
2534Communist Party Overprinted in RedNH35.00
2535Champion of Soviet Power Imanov 
2536Composer Liszt 
2537Flags, SlogansNH.60
2538-43Congress of Trade Unions 
2544-46Scientist and Poet LomonosovNH2.75
2547USSR ConstitutionNH.60
  2548-49 '62  Ballets, Issued in 1962NH1.50
  2550-51 '61  Ballets, Issued in 1961NH2.50
2552-543k-6k LinemenNH3.00
  2252-53  3k-4k LinemenNH1.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
  2554  6k LinemenNH1.75
2555Poet PumpursNH2.00
2556Bulgarian CoupleNH1.00
2557Polar Explorer NasenNH4.50
2558Scientist Dolivo-DobrovolskyNH.75
2559Honoring Soviet WomenNH.60
2560Death of A. PushkinNH.60
2561Folk DancersNH.75
2562Winter Sports ChampionshipsNH.75
2563Speed Skating OverprintedNH4.00
2564-65Ski Jump, Long Distance SkierNH1.50
2566-69These numbers are not utilized by Scott. 
2570-71Soldier HeroesNH3.50
2572-74First People's Winter GamesNH2.50
2575Political Writer HerzenNH.50
2576-77Young Communist LeagueNH2.00
2578 IMP  Vostok ImperfNH3.50
2579Bust of TchaikovskyNH1.50
2580Youths of 3 RacesNH.50
2581-82Vladimir Lenin 
2582a S/S '64Lenin Birth SheetNH5.00
2583-85These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
2586Cosmos 3 Satellite LaunchNH.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
2588Writer Charles DickensNH1.50
2590Karl MarxNH2.50
2591-93Lenin, RevolutionistsNH2.00
2594Malaria Education, WHONH.90
2595Malaria EradicationNH.75
2595 IMP  Malaria ImperforateNH1.75
2596-00Union Lenin PioneersNH2.75
POLAR BEAR S/S:Please see "1767b" listed after 1767a above. 
2601Bishop MesrobNH1.00
2602Novelist GoncharovNH.75
2603-07Summer Sports ChampionshipsNH3.75
2608Chemist Louis PasteurNH1.75
2609-10Lenin LibraryNH2.50
2611International Fur AuctionNH1.00
2612-13Communism, Peace, FriendshipNH1.25
2614Peace, Disarmament, FistsNH.60
2615Poets Kolas, KupalaNH.60
2616Poet SabirNH.70
2617Anti-Cancer CongressNH.75
2618Chemist ZininNH.75
2619-21Painters, SculptorsNH2.50
2622-23Space FlightNH2.00
2622-23 IMP  Space ImperforateNH5.50
2624Friendship HouseNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2625-26Atomic Energy, PeaceNH1.50
2627-31"To Space" Monument NH8.00
2627-31 IMP  "To Space" Monument, ImperfNH6.75
2631A S/SSpace Portraits SheetNH55.00
2631A IMP S/S  Space Portraits Imperf SheetNH75.00
2632-33Carp, BreamNH1.25
2634Dzerzhinski, Secret PoliceNH1.00
2635Writer O. HenryNH1.50
2636-39War of 1812, FrenchNH2.75
2640Vinnitsa, UkraineNH.50
2641Letter Writing Week, PostNH.90
2642-45Nikitsky Botanical GardensNH5.00
2646-52Workers, Farmers, TeachersNH2.50
2653Sputnik 1 LaunchNH1.40
2654Philosopher M. G. AhundovNH.60
2655-57Soil Pioneers, CoupleNH3.00
2658-59Scientists, AcademiciansNH1.25
2660Lenin's BirthdayNH.60
2661October Revolution, WorkerNH.60
2662Rocket to Mars with OverprintNH3.50
2663-64Poet MoldoNH1.00
2665USSR Founding, FlagNH.60
2666Rocket to Mars LaunchNH1.25
2667-75Communist Decisions, LaborNH6.75
2676Chess Championship, PiecesNH1.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
2677General Blucher, ArmyNH3.50
2678Post Minister PodbelskiNH.60
2679-80Writers Makharenko, GaidarNH1.25
2681New Year, Celebration
2681 IMP  New Year ImperfNH3.00
2682Chemist PrjanishnikovNH1.00
2688-89Resistance, Globe, HandshakeNH.90
2690-91Savings Banks, MoneyNH2.25
2692-94Hydroelectric PowerNH2.00
2695Actor StanislavskiNH1.00
2696Writer SerafimovichNH.90
2697-00Children, Nursery, SchoolNH2.75
2701-04Handicrafts, Dolls, PotteryNH3.25
2705-09Soviet Army HeroesNH3.00
2710-15Russian ScientistsNH4.75
2716Trade Union, Sports, AthletesNH.90
2716 TB  Trade Union, Sports, Athletes Tete-Beche PairNH7.50
2717Soviet Hockey, OverprintedNH3.25
2718Communist KingiseppNH.75
2719Writer BlaumanisNH.60
2720-22Flower, Globe, PeaceNH3.50
2722 IMP  10k Rocket in Space, ImperfNH4.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2727Lenin's BirthdayNH9.50
2728Luna 4, MoonNH1.00
2728 IMP  Luna 4, Moon ImperfNH3.50
2729-31World Health Day, NurseNH1.50
2732Space Block of 6NH8.75
2733-34These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
2735Poet BedniiNH.60
2736-38Soviet-Cuban Friendship, SoldiersNH1.90
2739Karl MarxNH1.50
2740Writer HasekNH.75
2741Socialist Communications, MailNH.75
2742-44Chess Match, PiecesNH4.50
2742-44 IMP  Chess Match, Pieces, ImperfNH7.50
2745Composers Verdi, Wagner (black, red)NH1.50
2745AComposers Verdi, Wagner (red, violet brown)NH1.50
2746-47Boxing ChampionshipsNH1.75
2748-53Space Flights, Bykovski 
2750-53 IMPSpace Flights, Tereshkova ImperfNH11.00
2754Women's Congress, OverprintedNH.90
2755Film Festival, CameraNH.90
2756Poet MayakovskyNH.90
2757-58Battle of Kursk, SoldiersNH1.75
2759-63Sparticist Games, AthletesNH3.00
2759-63 IMP  Sparticist Games, Athletes, ImperforateNH5.00
2763a S/SSports Sheet 
Scott # Description Condition Price
2764Ice Hockey ChampionshipsNH.90
2765Lenin, Social Democratic PartyNH.50
2766-67Red Cross, ShipNH2.00
2768-71Sports, AthletesNH3.00
2772-74Aviation PioneersNH2.75
2776-78Writers, Composers, PaintersNH1.75
2779-82Maps, Antarctic, Southern LightsNH8.50
2783Letter Writing Week, Ship, GlobeNH.75
2784Philosopher DiderotNH.75
2785This number not utilized by Scott. 
2786-89Upenski, Ogarev, Brusov, GladkovNH3.00
2790-92These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
2793-98 SNGPeace, Equality, Student SinglesNH5.00
2793-98 STR  Peace, Equality, Student Strip of 6NH9.75
2799Annexation of Krighizia
2800-81Soviet Trade Union, EmblemNH1.00
2802Novelist KobylyanskayaNH1.25
2803-05Pasteur Institute, BacteriologyNH2.90
2806-07Armed Forces, October RevolutionNH2.00
2808-10Architecture, BuildingsNH2.00
2811Nuclear Test Ban TreatyNH1.75
2812-14Actor Shchepkin, Clown DurovNH5.00
2815Editor SteklovNH.60
2816Scientist ShuhovNH.60
2817Russia, Czech RepublicNH.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
2818Soviet PoletaevNH.60
2819Spaniard GrimauNH1.00
2820Rockets, Sky, TreeNH1.25
2821-22New YearNH1.50
2823Composer PetrauskasNH.75
2824-29Precious Stones, TopazNH9.75
2830-35Space Achievements, RocketsNH5.50
2830-35 ST  Space Strip of 6NH12.50
2836Stalinabad, DyushambeNH.75
2837Human Rights, Dove, RainbowNH1.00
2838Revolutionist ArtjemNH.60
2839-41Quiet Sun Year, RadarNH1.30
2842Poet DonalitiusNH.50
2843-47Winter OlympicsNH3.00
2843-47 IMP  Winter Olympics ImperfNH4.00
2848Sculptor GolubkinaNH.50
2849-51These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
2852-58Poet ShevchenkoNH2.50
2859-62BSoviet Heroes 
2863-64Book Printing, PrinterNH1.60
2865-71Winter Olympics VictoriesNH5.00
2872-74Chemical Industry, TiresNH2.50
2875Day of MilitiaNH.50
2876-78Odessa, Sailor, LighthouseNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2879-82These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
2883-89Rocket Theory, TsanderNH6.00
2883-89 IMP  Rocket Theory, Tsander ImperfNH7.00
2890a '65  Lenin Re-engravedNH5.50
2891William ShakespeareNH1.75
2892Irrigation, CornNH.50
2893Commander GamarnikNH.50
2894-96CPoets, Composers, Writers 
2897Writer Gaidar, OstrovskyNH1.20
2898Azerbaijan Joining Russia SurchargeNH6.50
2899-2904Liberation, German OccupationNH7.50
  2899-02 '64  Liberation, German Occupation, Issued in 1964NH4.50
  2903-04 (4) '65  Liberation, German Occupation, Issued in 1965NH4.50
2905-11Moscow Zoo, Animals, BirdsNH5.75
2905-11 IMPMoscow Zoo, Animals ImperforateNH5.00
2912Leningrad Postal ServiceNH1.00
2913-19Vegetables, CropsNH4.75
2913-19 IMP  Crops ImperforateNH5.50
2920French Communist ThorezNH1.00
2921-26Tokyo Olympic GamesNH3.25
2921-26 IMP  Tokyo Olympics ImperfNH4.00
"2927" S/STokyo Olympic Sheet in RedNH5.50
"2927a" S/S  Red Tokyo Olympic Sheet with Deformed StarNHASK
"2928" S/STokyo Olympic Sheet in GreenNHASK
Scott # Description Condition Price
"2928a" S/S  Tokyo Green Olympic Sheet with Deformed StarNHASK
"2928a" S/S  Tokyo Green Olympic Sheet with Deformed Star and natural internal paper fault.  Opportunity!NHASK
2929Three RacesNH.50
2930Nehru of IndiaNH1.50
2930A S/SCONQUEST of SPACE Sheet: 
2930A S/S PP  Conquest of Space Sheet on Plain PaperNH7.00
2930A S/S GP  Conquest of Space Sheet on Glossy PaperNH25.00
2931-35Communism, Marx, WorkersNH2.25
2936-38Physicans, Public Health ServiceNH3.00
2939Italian Communist TogliattiNH.60
2940Letter Writing Week, GlobeNH.75
2941This number not utilized by Scott. 
2942German Democratic Republic, ShipNH.80
2943Tadzhik Republic, OverprintedNH2.00
2944-46Socialist Republics, FamiliesNH2.25
2947Liberation of UkraineNH1.00
2948-50Poets Lermontov, Tarchany, BelinskiNH2.00
2951October RevolutionNH.50
2952-57Scientists, Astronauts, EarthNH13.00
  2957 S/S  Woschod Space SheetNH10.00
2958-59These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
2960-61Lenin's Sister, WifeNH1.00
2962Mongolian Republic, SheepNH1.00
2963-67Mushrooms on Ordinary PaperNH4.25
2963-67 VP  Mushrooms on Varnished paperNH11.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2963-67 VP TAB  Mushrooms with TabsNH25.00
2968Producer Dovzhenko, MovieNH.90
2968A6k Film ProducerNH1.00
2969New Years, RoseNH1.00
2970-71C4k Scientist PortraitsNH9.75
  2970 '64  Scientist von Struve Portrait - Issued November 30NH1.75
  2971 '65  Scientist Krawkow Portrait - Issued January 31, 1965NHAsk
  2971A-B '65  Scientists Sternberg, Valikhanov Portraits - Issued September 21, 1965NHAsk
  2971C '65  Scientist Kistjakowskij Portrait - Issued December 24, 1965NHAsk
2972Painter Ivanov, SkiersNH.90
2973-74Chemical Industry, FertilizerNH1.00
2975-79Wild BerriesNH3.50
2980Academy of Science LibraryNH.90
2981Congressional PalaceNH5.75
2982-84Mountain ViewsNH3.00
2985-86Michelangelo, GalileoNH4.00
2987-91Kremlin Treasury, JewelsNH5.75
2995Poet AlighieriNH.60
2996-97Blood Donors 
2998-99Bandy Championship, SkatingNH.60
2999Issued February 12 for Figure Skating ChampionshipNH.60
  3001-09  Dogs without low value (3000)NH3.00
3010Soviet Spy SorgeNH.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
3011Telecommunications UnionNH.60
3012Soviet Hockey ChampionshipNH3.25
3014-15These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
3015Leonov Walking in SpaceNH.80
3015 IMPSpace ImperforateNH1.60
3016 S/SVoskhod Space FlightNH7.00
3017Figure Skating, Overprinted 
3018Treaty, Friendship, Cooperation 
3019-23Space Monument, RocketsNH12.00
3024Vladimir LeninNH.80
3030-39End of World War II 
3040 S/SSpace Telecommunications SheetNH9.75
3041Postal Ministers, Communism 
3042Theater DayNH.60
3043-44Voskhod Space Flight, WalkNH1.00
3045-46USSR Presidents 
3047-50These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
3051German Otto Grotewohl 
3052French Communist Thorez 
3053-55International CooperationNH1.30
3056IUPAC, Chemistry SymbolsNH.60
3057-58Painter SerovNH2.50
3059-64APoets, Writers 
Scott # Description Condition Price
  3059-62  Poets, Writers - 38x25mm 
  3063-64A '66  Poets, Writers - 35x32mm 
3064BPlaywright RanisNH.50
3065Film Festival, Screen, Globe 
3066-68Soviet RepublicsNH.90
3069Keep Peace, Torch 
3070-731905 Revolution AnniversaryNH1.50
3074Romanian Gheorghiu-Dej 
3075-77Sparticist GamesNH1.00
3078-85Technical Basis of CommunismNH4.25
3086-87Children's Sparticist GamesNH1.00
3088-90US-Russian Track and Field MeetNH2.00
3091-93Worker, Globe, TorchNH1.50
3094North Viet NamNH.50
3095-97Film ScenesNH2.50
3098-04Postal History 
3106-10Icebreakers, ArcticNH7.75
3111 S/SEuropean Basketball Sheet 
3112Agricultural AcademyNH.50
3112 TB  Agricultural Academy Tete-Beche Pair 
3113 S/SOctober Revolution SheetNH2.75
3114Painter PoussinNH.50
3115New Years, KremlinNH.65
3116President KalininNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
3120-23Subway StationsNH1.60
3132-38World War II Cities, Heroes 
3139Yugoslavia, Map, Flag 
3145-46Painters Gerasimov, FedotovNH4.00
3147-51Congressional EmblemsNH1.75
3154Writer Rolland 
3155Writer Pottier 
3156-58These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
3159Mongolian-Soviet FriendshipNH.60
3160Moon Landing, OverprintedNH5.75
3161This number not utilized by Scott. 
3162-64Antarctic Exploration SinglesNH10.00
3162-64 BLKAntarctic Exploration Strip of 3NH15.00
3165Lenin's BirthNH1.30
3166Lenin's Birth, Red and SilverNH1.00
3167-69Soviet HeroesNH1.75
3170-71These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
3172Communist Party CongressNH.50
3173-74Film ScenesNH.80
3175Philatelists, OverprintedNH3.00
3176-78Winter Spartacist GamesNH1.50
3176-78 TAB  Winter Spartacist Games with TabsNH4.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
3179-83Modern Transportation, Trains 
3184Kirghiz RepublicsNH.60
3185-87Portraits, RevolutionistsNH2.50
3188 S/SCommunist Party SheetNH3.50
3189-91AScientists, Explorers 
3192Artificial Moon SatelliteNH3.25
3193-94Space ResearchNH1.00
3195Communications SatelliteNH.80
3196Ernst ThalmannNH1.25
3197-98Communist Leaders 
3199 '67Leader Thalmann 
3200Young Communist LeagueNH.50
3201Ice Hockey ChampionshipsNH.70
3202-06Guerrilla Warfare HeroesNH1.30
3207-09Tchaikovsky ContestNH1.75
3210-12International Track CompetitionsNH2.00
3210-12 TB  Track Competitions Tete-BecheNHAsk
3213-17World Cup Soccer, BallNH5.50
3218-19Barguzin Game ReserveNH1.70
3220-22Sukhum Botanical GardenNH1.30
3223-25Space Achievements, DogNH4.50
3226-31Resort AreasNH3.00
3232 S/SFencing, Chess, Soccer SheetNH9.00
3233Cooperative SocietiesNH.50
3234Soviet-Japanese FriendshipNH.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
3235-37Poet Rustaveli, BattlesNH1.00
3238 S/SRustaveli SheetNH4.50
3239October Revolution AnniversaryNH.50
3240-44Lake Baikal, FishNH2.75
3245-49Communist Party CongressNH2.00
3250Kishinev AnniversaryNH.50
3251Hydrological DecadeNH.50
3252Nikitin, Trip to IndiaNH.60
3253-54Azerbaijan Opera PairNH1.20
3255Spanish Civil WarNH.60
3256National MilitiaNH.60
3256AHands off Viet NamNH.50
3257-68Agriculture, Chemistry 
  3260 FL  Agriculture, Chemistry on Fluorescent Paper 
3273October RevolutionNH1.50
3274-76Luna 9, Moon LandingNH2.50
3277-79Battle of MoscowNH1.30
3280Writer Miguel CervantesNH.65
3281-87Far Eastern TerritoriesNH7.75
3288-89Space ExplorationNH1.20
3290-94Hermitage TreasuresNH3.00
3295-97Sea Water, Montreal EXPONH2.00
3298 S/SMontreal EXPO SheetNH3.00
3299-00World War II HeroesNH1.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
3301Women's DayNH.50
3302Movie Camera, Film FestivalNH.50
3303-07Fishing Industry, BoatsNH3.25
3308Newspaper IzvestiaNH.50
3309-10International Congress, MoscowNH.60
3311-13These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
3314Tourist Year (triangles)NH.50
3314 TB  Tourist Year Tete-Beche (triangles)NHAsk
3315Ice Hockey, OverprintedNH2.25
3316-18Cosmonauts' DayNH2.25
3319-23Lenin's Birthday, Issued October 25NH4.00
3323ALenin's Birthday, Issued April 22NH.75
3324-26Partisan World War II Heroes 
3327Soviet Biryuzov 
3328Siege of LeningradNH.60
3329Minsk AnniversaryNH.50
3330Russian Red CrossNH.50
3331Philatelic ExhibitionNH1.00
3331 var  Philatelic Exhibition with Blue OverprintNH1.50
3331a S/SPhilatelic SheetNH4.25
3332Soviet Youth TownNH.90
3333 S/SSputnik SheetNH7.00
3334International Motor RallyNH1.00
3335Commander GaiNH.50
3336School Children, AthleticsNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
3337-40Spartacist GamesNH1.50
3341Citation Labels 
3342-57October Revolution 
3358Communications, Mail, PhoneNH3.25
3359Russo-Japanese FriendshipNH1.00
3360Marx PublicationNH.40
3361-62Russian Checkers ChampionshipNH.60
3363-65Europa CupNH.70
3366-70Grenoble OlympicsNH2.00
3371-77Fur AuctionsNH4.50
3378Young GuardsNH.50
3379Far Eastern Cedar ValleyNH.70
3380French Aviators 
3381Soviet MilitiaNH.50
3382-86Science FictionNH3.00
3387-96October Revolution AnniversaryNH4.75
3396a S/SOctober Revolution Sheet 
3397 S/SHammer, Sickle, Sputnik SheetNH5.75
3398Television TowerNH.80
3399-03Health ResortsNH2.75
3404Emergency CommissionNH.50
3405New YearNH.60
3406-08Ukrainian SSRNH1.30
3409-13Kremlin Communications, TowersNH3.00
3414-18Technical Basis of CommunismNH1.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
3419WWII, Unknown Soldier MonumentNH.60
3420-28Tretiakov Art GalleryNH4.50
3429Trade Union CongressNH.50
3430-32Heroes of WWIINH1.00
3433-37Horse RaceNH3.25
3438Lenin's Sister MariaNH.50
3439-48Military, Lenin, MemorialsNH3.00
3449 S/SModern Weapons SheetNH4.75
3450Writer Maxim GorkiNH.50
3451Soviet Fire GuardsNH.65
3452Satellite LinkNH.50
3453-54World War II HeroesNH.60
3455Globe, Shield, Trade Unions 
3456-58Astronauts' DayNH3.50
3459-61Birth of LeninNH2.50
3462Poet Alisher NavoiNH.50
3463Karl MarxNH.50
3464-65Russian Frontier GuardsNH.70
3466-69Congress on Leningrad, MineralsNH1.25
3470-81Space, Agriculture 
3482Poet Aini TadzhikNH.50
3483-84Postal Rider, Investigation 
3485Ukrainian Communist PartyNH.50
3486Youth Summer SportsNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
3487-91Youth Sports CompetitionsNH2.00
3492-96Mexico City OlympicsNH2.50
3497 S/SRunning SheetNH2.00
3498Gediminas Tower, Soviet PowerNH.50
3499Tbilisi State UniversityNH.50
3500Solidarity, Greek DemocratsNH5.50
3501-05Red Army, Young CommunistsNH1.40
3506 S/SRed Army SheetNH3.00
3507Chemistry Institute, MoleculesNH.60
3508-09Letter Writing WeekNH.80
351026 Commissars, SculptureNH.50
3511Finnish Organizer AntikaynenNH.60
3512Russian Merchant MarinesNH.60
3513October RevolutionNH.50
3514-16DOutstanding Communist Workers 
  3514-16  Issued September 30, 1968 
  3516A  Issued December 31, 1968 
  3516B-C '69  Issued May 15, 1969 
  3516D '70  Issued September 24, 1970 
3517-22Reservations, AnimalsNH2.75
3523Writer TurgenevNH4.00
3524-25Warrior, Armenian CapitalNH.90
3526Radio Laboratory, GorkiNH.50
3527-29Geology Day, CrystalsNH1.20
3530-33Recreational AreasNH1.20
Scott # Description Condition Price
3534-40Stamp Exhibitions, AwardsNH4.00
3541Estonian Workers CommuneNH.50
3542Scientist LebedinskyNH.50
3543 S/STelevision SheetNH4.50
3544New YearNH.60
3545Soyuz 3NH.70
3546-47Railroad TransportationNH1.10
3548Byelorussian Communist PartyNH.50
3549-58Paintings in the State MuseumNH9.50
3559-64Architecture, BuildingsNH4.25
3566October Revolution, Young CommunistsNH.60
3567Latvian Soviet RepublicNH.50
3568-70Byelorussian Soviet RepublicNH.70
3571 S/SSoyuz 4 and 5 SheetNH4.00
3572University of LeningradNH.60
3573Writer Ivan KrylovNH.50
3574-75AHeroes of World War IINH.60
3576Hungarian Soviet RepublicNH.50
3577Bashkir Socialist RepublicNH.50
3578-80Cosmonauts' DayNH1.40
3581 S/SSoyuz 3 SheetNH3.50
3582-91Lenin Birth AnniversaryNH3.50
3592VEF Electrical CompanyNH.60
3593ILO Emblem, GlobeNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
3594This number not utilized by Scott. 
3595Poet StalskyNH.50
3601Ukraine, Academy of SciencesNH.60
3602-03Film Festival, Ballet DancersNH.60
3604This number not utilized by Scott. 
3605Protozoologists, Cell DivisionNH.60
3606Estonian Song FestivalNH.90
3607Mendeleev, Periodic TableNH.90
3608 S/SMendeleev SheetNH3.50
3609Peace Movement, Holding HandsNH.50
3610Scientific InventionsNH.60
3611Writer KotlyarevskiNH.50
3612Ice Hockey ChampionshipsNH4.00
3613Liberation of ByelorussiaNH.50
3614-15Polish RepublicNH1.20
3616Liberation of NikolayevNH.50
3619-20Volleyball, Rowing ChampionshipsNH.80
3621Painter MunkascyNH.50
3622Donets Coal Basin, WorkerNH.50
3623First Mounted ArmyNH.50
3624-28Repin PaintingsNH3.00
3629-30Runner, GymnastNH.60
3631 S/STrade Union SheetNH1.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
3632Botanist KomarovNH.60
3633Poet TumanianNH.50
3634-38Oriental Art MuseumNH2.75
3639Mahatma GandhiNH1.90
3640-44Forest Reservation, AnimalsNH3.00
3645Composer SogomonianNH.60
3646-48Soviet Union HeroesNH1.50
  3646  Lisa ChaikinaNH.50
  3647  Major Gritssevets 
  3648  Cheponis, BorisaNH.50
3649Physiologist PetrovichNH.60
3650Brandenburg Gate, ArmsNH.60
3651This number not utilized by Scott. 
3652Poet KoltsovNH.50
3653Ukraine, Liberation from Nazis 
3654October RevolutionNH.50
3655-57Soyuz 6, 7, and 8NH3.25
3658Youth Philatelic ExhibitionNH.50
3659Communication Troops, Army 
3660October Revolution, Lenin QuoteNH2.60
3661Farmers' CongressNH.50
3662-66Artist Bilibon Strip of 5NH6.50
3662-66 SNG  Artist Bilibon SinglesNH5.00
3667-68Venera 5 and 6 Space FlightsNH.75
3669Russia and Afghanistan 
Scott # Description Condition Price
3670Star Coil 
3697 SWN  Star Coil with Number on Reverse 
3697 STR  Star Coil Strip of 5 with Number 
3671Soviet Aircraft BuildersNH.60
3672Happy New YearNH.60
3681 S/STupolev-144 SheetNH3.00
3682Planets--Earth, MoonNH.75
3683 S/SMoon SheetNH5.00
3684-86Motorboats, Parachute JumpingNH1.25
3687Romania's Liberation 
3688Television TowerNH.60
3689-98Lenin's BirthNH3.50
3689-98 M/S  Lenin's Birth MiniSheets of 8NHAsk
3699-00Antarctic ExpeditionNH2.50
3701Painter SychovNH.50
3702-03Soviet Union HeroesNH.60
3704Russian Geographical SocietyNH.60
3705Women's SolidarityNH.50
3706-08Osaka International EXPONH.75
3709 S/SArts and Crafts SheetNH2.00
3711 S/SPhilatelic Exhibition SheetNH2.00
3712Friendship TreeNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
3713Azerbaijan RepublicNH.95
3714World Ice Hockey ChampionshipsNH.50
3715Hockey Players, OverprintedNH1.50
3716-17Soviet HeroesNH.60
3718UNESCO, Workers, BooksNH.50
3719Liberation of HungaryNH.50
3720Cosmonauts' DayNH.50
3721-30Birth of LeninNH2.50
3721-30 M/S  Lenin MiniSheets of 8 with 16 Labels 
3731 S/SLenin Sheet 
3732-36World War IINH1.50
3737 S/SOrder of Victory SheetNH2.00
3738Czechoslovakian LiberationNH.50
3739Youth, Federation Emblem 
3740Youth Meeting, Birth of LeninNH.50
3741Young Communist LeagueNH.50
3742-44CCommunist SymbolsNH3.00
  3742  Tatar AnniversaryNH.50
  3743  KarelianNH.50
  3744  ChuvashNH.50
  3744A  KalmykNH.50
  3744B  UdmurtNH.50
  3744C  MariNH.50
3745-46World Gymnastics ChampionshipNH1.00
3747United NationsNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
3748Soyuz 9 Space FlightNH.60
3749Socialist Friedrich EngelsNH.50
3750-51Armenian Women, IndustryNH.60
3757USSR, Poland FriendshipNH.40
3758Historical Sciences CongressNH.50
3759-63Duck, Bear, Tiger, etcNH5.00
3764All-Union Philatelists' CongressNH.50
3765-67Soviet Education, PioneersNH.75
3768Yerevan State UniversityNH.50
3768-71These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
3772Bookplate, Vilnius UniversityNH.50
3773Woman, FlowersNH.50
3774-76Agricultural 5-Year PlanNH.60
3777October RevolutionNH.50
3778 S/SRevolution SheetNH1.75
3779Electrification, OverprintedNH.80
3780New YearNH.60
3781Metallurgist Baykov 
3782Chairman TsyurupaNH.50
3783-88Tourist Publicity 
3794UN, African Mother, Broken ChainNH.50
3795Composer BeethovenNH.60
3796-97Trade Union Winter GamesNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
3798-00Moon MissionsNH1.00
3801 S/SMoon SheetNH3.50
3801a-cMoon with Attached LabelsNH3.25
3802-08Various PaintingsNH4.50
3809 S/Sda Vinci SheetNH3.00
3810Labor Leader PollytNH.50
3811Coop AllianceNH.50
3812Communist Congress, LeninNH.50
3813Georgian SSRNH.60
3814-23Communist Symbols 
  3814  Dagestan AnniversaryNH.50
  3815  AbkazianNH.50
  3816  AdzharNH.50
  3817-18  Kabardino-Balkarian, KomiNH.50
  3819 '72  YakutNH.50
  3820 '72  Checheno-IngushNH.50
  3821 '73  BuryatNH.50
  3822 '74  NakhichevanNH.50
  3823 '74  North OssetianNH.50
3824Genoa, Cranes, Hammer, SickleNH.50
3825Ukrainian Communist PartyNH.50
3826Soviet HeroesNH.50
3827State Planning OrganizationNH.50
3828Poet UkrayinkaNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
3829-33Folk DancesNH2.50
3834-37Automated Moon MissionsNH1.90
3837a S/SLunokhod 1 SheetNH2.50
3838Paris CommuneNH.50
3839Communism, Industry, CultureNH.40
3840First Space FlightNH.50
3841Cosmonauts' DayNH.50
3842Writer UpitisNH.40
3843Beekeeping CongressNH.90
3844 S/SCosmonauts' SheetNH2.75
3845Lenin's Birthday, MemorialNH.40
3846Soviet Nikolai VlasovNH.40
3847Poet ShiraziNH.50
3853Physician BogomoletsNH.50
3854Geodiscs, GeophysicsNH.60
3855Science HistoryNH.50
3856Oil CongressNH.60
3857Mongolian RevolutionNH.50
3858Leipaja MonumentNH.40
3859Cooperation in the AntarcticNH2.75
3860Hydrometeorological ServiceNH.50
3861Resistance FightersNH.50
3862-66Summer SpartakiadNH1.50
3867-73Foreign Master's PaintingsNH4.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
3874Communist Youth LeagueNH.40
3875Letter Writing WeekNH.50
3876-78Composers, Poets, Artists 
3879Composer PaliashviliNH.50
3880Gorki, HydrofoilNH.60
3881Student FederationNH.40
3882-86Sea MammalsNH3.50
3887Coal, Donets BasinNH.50
3889Gorki StatueNH.40
3890New Year, Spasski TowerNH.60
3891-95Communist Party CongressNH1.00
3896-01Russian PaintingsNH3.00
3902 S/SPainting SheetNH1.75
3903Diplomat BolshevikNH.40
3905October RevolutionNH.50
3906-08Vakhtangov TheaterNH1.00
3909Poet DzhabayevNH.40
3910-13Gorki KremlinNH1.50
3914 S/SMoscow Kremlin SheetNH1.60
3915William Foster, 1881-1961NH.60
3915aFoster Error, 1881-1964NH40.00
3916Writer FadeyevNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
3917-22Precious JewelsNH3.50
3923 S/SWorkers, Banners SheetNH1.80
3924-28Flowers inc OrchidNH1.75
3929 S/SFlower SheetNH2.25
3930-34Russian Naval FleetNH5.00
3935Soviet Ice HockeyNH.50
3936Baku Oil IndustryNH1.00
3937Scientist KrzhizhanovskyNH1.25
3938Composer ScriabinNH1.25
3944-48Sapporo OlympicsNH2.00
3949 S/SSapporo Emblem SheetNH1.50
3950Heart Month, ExerciseNH.50
3951Leipzig Trade FairNH.60
3952Trade Union CongressNH.40
3953-57Medicinal PlantsNH1.00
3958-60Outstanding Communist WorkersNH.60
3961 S/SSoviet Athletes SheetNH4.00
3962-64Cosmonauts' DayNH1.30
3965Shield, Izhory FactoryNH.40
3966Opera Singer SobinovNH.50
3967International Book YearNH.50
3968-71Laboratory, WomenNH1.00
3972 S/SLenin Pioneer Organization SheetNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
3973Philatelic ExhibitionNH.50
3974Writer OrdubadyNH.50
3975Globe, Safety CooperationNH.60
3976-82Russian PaintingNH2.75
3983Communist DimitrovNH.40
3984-88Munich OlympicsNH2.25
3989 S/SWeight Lifting SheetNH2.00
3990Gerontology CongressNH.50
3991Polar Explorer AmundsenNH1.25
3992-95Historical, Architectural TreasuresNH1.20
3996Indian IndependenceNH.75
3997Miners' DayNH.50
3998-00Far Eastern ProvincesNH.60
4001-05Paintings from the Hermitage 
4006 S/SHermitage Painting SheetNH2.25
4007-1215 Years of SpaceNH2.25
4007-12 M/S  Space MiniSheets of 6NH20.00
4013Producer AleksandrovichNH.40
4014Popov MuseumNH.50
4015Philatelic Exhibition, USSRNH.50
4016October RevolutionNH.50
4017USSR, MilitiaNH.50
4018-22USSR, ArmsNH1.50
4023 S/SSpasski Tower SheetNH1.30
4024New YearsNH.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
4025Saving Banks, USSRNH.50
4026-27Soviet Olympic EmblemNH1.50
4028 S/SOlympic Game MedalistsNH2.75
4029-33Russian Naval HistoryNH3.00
4034Traffic Safety Book, ChildrenNH.50
4035Traffic RulesNH.50
4036-41Russian PaintingsNH2.00
4042 S/SRylov Painting SheetNH1.75
4043Polytechnic MuseumNH.50
4044Venera, ParachuteNH.50
4045 S/SSpace Research SheetNH8.00
4046Afro-Asian SolidarityNH.45
4046 TB  Afro-Asian Solidarity Tete-Beche Pair 
4047Revolutionary BabushkinNH.40
4048Leningrad, Nazi BlockadeNH.50
4049Civil AviationNH.50
4050Gediminas TowerNH.40
4051-54Heroes MemorialNH1.00
4055 S/SMother Russia SheetNH1.30
4056Prishvin PortraitNH.40
4057Chaliapin, Korovin Portrait 
4058-59Mayakovsky TheaterNH.60
4060Nicolaus CopernicusNH.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
4061Ice Hockey ChampionshipsNH.60
4062 S/SHockey SheetNH1.75
4063Sports SocietyNH.50
4064Battle of Kursk, World War IINH.95
4065Bolshevist BaumanNH.40
4066-68Red Cross, Red Crescent NH1.20
4066-68 TB  Red Cross, Red Crescent Tete-Beche 
4069Dramatist OstrovskyNH.50
4070-71Satellite, SpacecraftNH.50
4072-73 S/SSpacecraft SheetsNH4.50
4072a-73c  Spacecraft SinglesNH4.25
4081Dynamo Sports SocietyNH.50
4082 S/SMoscow Hockey SheetNH4.50
4083Transatlantic ServiceNH.60
4084Explorer KrenkelNH.90
4085Sports AssociationNH.50
4086Latvian Music FestivalNH.50
4087-90Universiad, MoscowNH.80
4091 S/SMoscow SheetNH1.60
4092 S/SWoman Cosmonaut SheetNH3.00
4098Russian Democratic PartyNH.40
4099Writer Abu-al-Rayhan-al-BiruniNH.40
4100-02White House, Spasski TowerNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
4102 S/SPolitical OfficalsNH4.50
4103-08Russian PaintingsNH2.00
4109 S/SLenin Painting SheetNH1.75
4110Lenin Central MuseumNH.50
4111Historian SteklovNH.40
4112Asian, African WritersNH.50
4113-17Medicinal PlantsNH1.20
4118Poet AzerbaijaniNH.50
4119-23Soviet Warships 
4124International Communist ReviewNH.40
4125Peasant RevoltNH.40
4126Leningrad Mining InstituteNH.50
4127Peace-Loving, MoscowNH.50
4128Communist StasovaNH.40
4129October RevolutionNH.50
4129 M/S  October Revolution - USSR MiniSheetNHAsk
4130Rodion MalinovskyNH.90
4132Writer CantemirNH.50
4133Chilean President AllendeNH.50
4135Chairman NarimanovNH.40
4141-47Foreign Paintings in MuseumsNH3.00
4148 S/SPainting SheetNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
4149Painter PicassoNH.60
4150-53Dome, Castle, GateNH1.00
4154Mathematician PetrovskyNH.60
4155Physician ArtsimovichNH.60
4156 '74Teacher Ushinsky 
4157 '74Vice President Millionschikov 
4162Flags, Marti Monument 
4166Red Star, Soldier, NewspaperNH.50
4167Leningrad VictoryNH1.00
4168Tyumen OilfieldsNH.60
4169Mutual Economic AssistanceNH.50
4170Women's Skating ChampionshipsNH.50
4171USSR, Academy of SciencesNH.50
4172Winter SpartiakadNH.50
4173Youth Scientific WorkNH.50
4174Azerbaijan TheaterNH.50
4178-83Alvazovski PaintingsNH2.25
4184 S/SPortrait of Alvazovski SheetNH2.50
4185Young Communist League 
4186Komsomol, Youth CommunistsNH.50
4187 S/SLenin, Telegraph Sheet 
4188-92Environmental PreservationNH1.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
4193 S/SInfant, Environment SheetNH1.30
4194Meadow CultivationNH.50
4195Lenin Revolution MuseumNH.50
4196-00USSR Fauna 
4202 S/SPushkin SheetNH1.50
4203-05Russian MarshalsNH.50
4211Moscow Arts TheaterNH.50
4213Egorov Railroad FactoryNH.50
4214-15Byleorussian LiberationNH1.00
4216-20Automotive IndustryNH1.50
4221Poltava AnniversaryNH.50
4222Polish RepublicNH.50
4227Pentathlon ChampionshipsNH.50
4230-34 TAB  Paintings with LabelsNH6.75
4230-34 M/S  Paintings Sheets of 18 
4235Russian PrimerNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
4236Romanian LiberationNH.50
4237Vitebsk MillenniumNH.50
4238-42Kirghiz RepublicNH1.25
4243Bulgarian RevolutionNH.50
4244German Democratic RepublicNH.50
4245 S/SPhilatelic Society SheetNH6.75
4246Lenin Academic TheaterNH.50
4247Painter Roerich, PeaceNH.50
4248-50Postal ServiceNH.90
4251 S/SUPU SheetNH7.50
4252-54KAMAZ Truck, Kama PlantNH1.50
4255-57Russian, Mars ExplorationNH.90
4258Mongolian People's RepublicNH.50
4259Estonian LiberationNH.50
4260USSR Merchant MarineNH.50
4261New Year, Spasski TowerNH.60
4262-67Foreign Paintings in RussiaNH2.25
4268 S/SForeign Paintings SheetNH1.30
4269-73Flora, Morning GloryNH1.30
4274Poet NikitinNH.50
4275Leningrad MintNH.50
4276-80Aircraft HistoryNH2.00
4281 S/SOlympic Preparation SheetNH2.50
4281a-d  Preparation Singles from SheetNH2.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
4282Rotary Press, MastheadNH.50
4283Pioneers' Pravda NewspaperNH.50
4284Spartakiad, Trade UnionsNH.50
4285Hockey ChampionshipsNH.50
4286Republic AnniversariesNH.50
4296-01Michelangelo PaintingsNH3.25
4298a,4301a S/SMichelangelo SheetsNH6.50
4302 S/SSelf-Portrait SheetNH2.70
4303Aircraft Designer MozhajskiNH.50
4304Metric System, ConventionNH.50
4305Summer SpartakiadNH.50
4306-07Hungarian, Czechoslovakian LiberationNH.50
4308French-USSR RelationsNH.60
4309-11Cosmonauts' DayNH1.10
4312Warsaw TreatyNH.50
4313Lenin on Steps of Winter PalaceNH.80
4314Communications ExhibitionNH.50
4315-20Lenin, Red Flag 
4321 S/SWorld War II Victory SheetNH5.00
4322Philatelic Exhibition, WWIINH.50
4323 S/SWWII Victory, Stamps SheetNH4.75
4324Russo-American Space CooperationNH.70
4330Irrigation, DrainageNH.50
4331Friendship with PolandNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
4332Man in Space, LeonovNH.50
4333Yakov SverdlovNH.50
4334Plant ConservationNH.50
4335Botanical CongressNH1.00
4336 S/SUnited Nations SheetNH2.25
4337Film Festival, MoscowNH.50
4338-41Apollo - Soyuz Flight (twin with USA)NH7.00
4339-40 M/S  Apollo - Soyuz Flight MiniSheet of 12NHAsk
4338-41 M/S  Apollo - Soyuz Flight MiniSheets of 12 or 15 - SCARCE - (4338,4441 and 12 (4339-40).  One of the scarcer Joint Issue / Stamp Twin Sheetlets!NHAsk
4342 S/SApollo-Soyuz Space Test Project SheetNH2.75
4343-48Sturgeon, Sea, Ocean ExpoNH2.25
4349 S/SOkinawa Oceanexpo SheetNH2.25
4350-55Patriotic PaintingsNH2.50
4350-55 TAB  Patriotic Paintings with Labels 
4350-55 M/S  Patriotic Paintings MiniSheets of 16 + Tabs 
4356Security ConferenceNH.50
4357Composer ChuyrlenisNH.50
4358Painting of Armenian PoetNH.90
4359Labor Leader DuclosNH.50
4360Philosopher al-FarabiNH.50
4361-65Wildlife Reservation 
4366-67North Korean LiberationNH.60
4368Soyuz 16 Space StationNH.50
4369Poet EseninNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
4370USSR CommunicationsNH.50
4371Astrakhan Production, LambNH.50
4372Physician KonchalovskyNH.50
4373Youth Philatelic ExhibitionNH.50
4374Women's Year, RoseNH.50
4375Yugoslavia, Flag, ParliamentNH.50
4376Favorsky NovelNH.50
4377-78Education Comission, KalininNH.50
4379Russian Revolution AnniversaryNH.50
4380-82October Revoltuion AnniversaryNH.50
4383Bas-relief of "Decembrists"NH.90
4384New Year, StarNH.60
4385-90Vasilev PaintingsNH2.00
4385-90 M/S  Vasilev Paintings MiniSheets of 7 
4391 S/SVasilev Painting SheetNH2.00
4392Interplanetary StationsNH.50
4393Playwright SundoukianNH.50
4394-98Regional FlowersNH4.50
4399Academician MintsNH.50
4400-04 SNGPaintings in Palekh Museum (singles)NH3.00
4400-04 STR  Paintings in Palekh Museum Strip of 5NH5.00
4405German Wilhelm PieckNH.45
4406Painting by KramskoiNH.50
4407Congress EmblemNH.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
4408 S/SCommunist Party, Statue SheetNH1.75
4409Ukrainian Communist PartyNH.40
4410-14Ice Hockey, OlympicsNH1.75
4415 S/SWinter Olympics Emblem SheetNH1.75
4416 S/SSuccessful Soviet Athletes SheetNH5.50
4417President VoroshilovNH.90
4418Communist Congress, KremlinNH4.00
4419Lenin's BirthdayNH.40
4420Nuclear ResearchNH.50
4421Bolshoi TheaterNH.50
4422-26Konchalovsky PaintingsNH2.25
4427-30Space ExplorationNH1.25
4431 S/SSoyuz Satellite SheetNH10.00
4432Scientist DzhavakhishviliNH.50
4433Poet VurgunNH.40
4434USSR Worker, Farmer MonumentNH.40
4435Federation of Philately, LetterNH.50
4436 S/SPainter Tropinin SheetNH1.75
4437Dnepropetrovsk, BridgeNH.50
4438Neurosurgeon BurdenkoNH.50
4439Playwright TrenevNH.40
4445-49Montreal OlympicsNH2.00
4450 S/SOlympic Medal SheetNH2.75
4451Railroad ElectrificationNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
4452Chilean RekabarrenNH.50
4453Heroine PavlichenkoNH.40
4454-58Painter FedotovNH1.80
4459 S/SFedotov Self-Portrait SheetNH3.75
4460Chemist NametkinNH.50
4470Dove, Stop ArmsNH.50
4471Resistance MovementNH.40
4472 S/SSoviet Athlete Victories Sheet, OverprintedNH4.50
4473Indian FriendshipNH.50
4474UNESCO Emblem, BooksNH.50
4475Soyuz 21, Salyut Space StationsNH.50
4476-80Communist Party, IndustryNH1.25
4481-85Paintings in Palekh MuseumNH4.50
4486Composer ShostakovichNH.50
4487-88Stalingrad MarshalsNH1.00
4489-93Intercosmos, SatellitesNH1.90
4494Physician DahlNH.40
4495-97October Revolution, Electric PowerNH.50
4498-99Tumor Research InstituteNH.90
4500-04Russian AircraftNH2.25
4510New Years, Spasski TowerNH.60
4511-15Rembrandt PaintingsNH3.50
4511,4515 TAB  Rembrandt Paintings with Tabs 
Scott # Description Condition Price
4516  S/SRembrandt Painting SheetNH6.50
4517-28Planes, Globes, EnvelopesNH10.00
4531Moon Exploration, LunaNH.50
4532-36Icebreakers, ShipsNH2.00
4537Soyuz 22 FlightNH.50
4538Voluntary Society, Red BannersNH.40
4539Rockets, Space ShipsNH.50
4540Peace Loving CongressNH.40
4541Polar Explorer SedovNH2.00
4542Newspaper IzvestiaNH.40
4543Navigation Congress, LeningradNH.50
4544USSR Trade UnionsNH.40
4545-48Soviet MarshalsNH1.60
4549Naval Academy, Anchor, RibbonsNH.50
4550Communist Leader LabourbeNH.40
4551Chess ChampionshipsNH.75
4552Soyuz 23 Space FlightNH.50
4553Writer PriboyNH.40
4554-59Folk Tale PaintingsNH4.00
4560Lenin on Red Square PaintingNH.75
4561Electricity CongressNH1.25
4562Yuri GagarinNH1.25
4563Geneticist VavilovNH1.25
4564Secret Police, DzerzhinskiNH1.10
Scott # Description Condition Price
4570Space Exploration, Soyuz CosmonautsNH.40
4571Film Festival, GlobeNH.50
4572-76Rubens Paintings 
4575 TAB  12k Rubens Painting with Label 
4577 S/SRubens SheetNH2.50
4578 S/S"Judith" by Giorgione SheetNH1.90
4579-85Icebreakers, Ships, ArcticNH9.75
4586 S/SArctica Exploration Ship SheetNH14.75
4587Stavropol, ArmsNH.40
4588October Revolution, Philatelic EXPONH.40
4589-94Space Research, GagarinNH3.00
4595 S/SSpace SheetNH7.00
4596-07Small DefinitivesNH12.00
  4596-02A,4604-07  Definitives on Mixed Papers 
  4596-02A,4604-07 DP  Definitives on Dull Paper 
  4596-02A,4604-07 SP  Definitives on Shiny Paper 
4608 S/SRussian Culture SheetNH2.50
4609Snowflake, New Year 1978NH.60
4609 M/S  Snowflake, New Year MiniSheet of 16NH50.00
4610-13Revolution MedalNH1.40
4614 S/SRevolution SheetNH1.40
4615-16USSR Constitution NH.40
4617 S/SCoat of Arms SheetNH1.60
4618 S/SNew Constitution SheetNH1.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
4619-23Postal Office, CodeNH1.75
4624India's IndependenceNH.75
4625Soviet Power, UkraineNH.40
4626-33Snakes, Bears, etcNH4.50
4634Grain Farm, SilosNH.40
4635Young Communist LeagueNH.40
4636Resistance Fighters, EmblemNH.50
4637-39Military Forces, BannerNH.75
4640-44Kustodiev PaintingsNH2.50
4644A S/SKustodiev Painting SheetNH1.70
4645-47Intercosmos, Space CooperationNH1.40
4648Youth, Students CongressNH.40
4654Maritime Day, Waves, EmblemNH.50
4655Cosmonauts' DayNH.50
4656Trade Union CongressNH.40
4657-61Locomotives, Train StationsNH1.75
4662 S/SLenin by Serov SheetNH1.40
4663-64Soyuz, Salat 6 PairNH1.00
4663-64 TAB  Soyuz, Salat 6 Pair with LabelNH7.00
4663-64 STR  Space Strip of 2 Pairs with Center LabelNH10.00
4665-68Space, Meteorology, RocketsNH1.00
4669 S/SMagnetosphere SheetNH1.30
4670-72Intercosmos, Soviet-Polish Space ProgramNH1.30
Scott # Description Condition Price
4673-74Young Communists, Bridge, SickleNH.50
4675Marshal ZaharovNH.90
4676Soyuz Gas Pipeline, FlagsNH.60
4677Blood Circulation, HarveyNH.50
4678Revolutionary ChernyshevskyNH.40
4679-83Antartic Fauna inc PenguinsNH4.75
4684-88Petrov-Votkin PaintingsNH2.50
4684-88 TAB  Petrov-Votkin Paintings with TabsNH13.50
4689 S/SPetrov-Votkin Painting SheetNH1.75
4690-92Soyuz 31, USSR, DDRNH3.75
  4690Soyuz 31, Repair, Flags 
  4691Pamir Mountains, Space View 
  4692Soyuz 31 Docking 
4693International Philatelic ExhibitionNH.50
4694Novelist Leo TolstoiNH1.10
4695Wildlife PreservationNH.50
4696-00Armenian ArchitectureNH2.50
4701Russian Sailors, EarthquakeNH.50
4702Communication CooperationNH.40
4703Young Communists, OverprintedNH1.10
4704 S/S"Diana" by Veronese Sheet, Dog SheetNH2.75
4705 S/SKremlin SheetNH4.50
4706Communist GeorgevichNH.40
4707Ilychovsk-Varna FerryNH.50
4708October Revolution AnniversaryNH.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
4709-12Old Russian ArtNH1.60
4713Herzen Tumor InstituteNH.50
4714Kremlin, New Year 1979NH.60
4714 M/S  Kremlin, New Year 1979 MiniSheet of 16NH25.00
4715-19Postal Service, Nestor PercherskyNH1.90
4720Cosmonauts, SoyuzNH.40
4727 S/SPeriodicals, Telegraphs SheetNH.90
4728Cuban RevolutionNH.50
4729Byelorussian Communists, FlagNH.40
4730Ukrainian ReunionNH.40
4731University of VilniusNH.50
4732Bulgarian Postal ServiceNH.40
4733Sputnik SatellitesNH.50
4739 S/SLand Development Medal SheetNH1.40
4740Venera 11 and 12NH.50
4742Veterinary CongressNH.50
4743Soviet Republic, HungaryNH.50
4744Cosmonauts' DayNH.50
4745 S/SWorld Ice Hockey Championships SheetNH1.30
4746 S/SLenin's Birthday SheetNH1.30
4747-48Soviet-Bulgarian Space FlightNH1.20
Scott # Description Condition Price
4749USSR Exhibition, United KingdomNH.60
4750Magnitogorsky City 
4751 S/SSoviet Hockey Victory SheetNH2.50
4752Year of the ChildNH.50
4753-57Musicians, BearsNH1.75
4753-57 TAB  Musicians, Bears with TabsNH19.50
4753-57 M/S  Musicians, Bears MiniSheets of 7NH85.00
4758Soyuz 26-27, Orbital SalyutNH.50
4759Mutual Economic AidNH.50
4760Film FestivalNH1.00
4761Tashkent SubwayNH.50
4762 S/SFive-Year Plan SheetNH.90
4763 S/SPhilatelic Society, Plane, Ship SheetNH1.30
4764Soviet FilmNH.50
4765-69Flower PaintingsNH1.60
4770John McClean, Labor LeaderNH.50
4771Soviet Circus, EmblemNH1.00
4772-75Friendship, Children's DrawingsNH3.00
4781German Arms, BerlinNH.50
4782-83Space, CosmonautsNH1.00
4784Armed Forces, StarNH.50
4785October Revolution, SickleNH.50
4786-90Ukrainian PaintingsNH2.50
4786-90 TAB  Ukrainian Paintings with Tabs 
Scott # Description Condition Price
4786-90 M/SUkrainian Paintings MiniSheets of 24NHAsk
4791Radio TowerNH1.00
4792Mischa, New Year 1980NH.90
4793-95Peace ProgramNH.60
4796-98Traffic Safety, Police, SpeedingNH1.00
4799-04Research ShipsNH1.30
4805 S/SKomsomolskaya Expedition SheetNH4.00
4806Mordivan ArmsNH.50
4807-11Winter OlympicsNH1.30
4812 S/SCross-Country Skiing SheetNH1.75
4813Revolutionary PodvoiskiNH.50
4817 S/SCosmonaut Leonov SheetNH1.60
4818Artist OtsNH.50
4819Lenin OrderNH.50
4820 S/SCosmonauts SheetNH1.30
4821Azerbaijan ThemesNH.50
4822 S/SLenin's Birthday SheetNH1.25
4823-25World War II VictoryNH1.25
4826Workers' MonumentNH.50
4827Warsaw PactNH1.25
4834Illuminated ManuscriptNH.50
4835-37USSR-Hungary Space ProgramNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
4838-42Polar AnimalsNH1.60
4843Factory BuildingsNH.50
4845Ho Chi Minh 
4846Lithuanian Themes 
4847-48Russian, Latvian ThemesNH.50
4849-51Soyuz CosmonautsNH1.30
4852Philosopher AvicennaNH.60
4853-56Soviet Racing CarsNH1.60
4857Kazakhstan RepublicNH.50
4858Painter IngresNH.90
4859Battle of KulikovoNH.50
4860Tartu Town HallNH.50
4861Soyuz Space FlightNH.50
4862-64Yuri GagarinNH1.30
4865-67USSR-Cuba Space ProgramNH1.30
4868October RevolutionNH.50
4869Poet GurumishvilyNH.50
4869A-BPaintings NevrevNH.50
4870Physicist JoffeNH.50
4876Marshal VasilevskyNH.90
4877 S/SMoscow Olympics SheetNH6.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
4878Military Theorist SuvorovNH.50
4879Armenian Communist PartyNH.50
4880Poet BlokNH.50
4881-86Research ShipsNH1.10
4887Russian FlagNH.50
4888Medical CollegeNH.50
4889New YearNH.60
4889 M/S  New Year MiniSheet of 16NH125.00
4890Electrical PlantNH.50
4891Chemist NesmeyanovNH.50
4895Soviet Marshal TimoshenkoNH.90
4896India-USSR RelationsNH.75
4897-99Antarctic ResearchNH3.50
4900Soviet Socialist RepublicNH.75
4901Bandy World ChampionshipsNH1.25
4902Ukranian Communist PartyNH.50
4903Lenin, XXVI MeetingNH.50
4904Lenin, Congress BuildingNH1.50
4905 S/SBanner and Kremlin SheetNH1.40
4906Mstislav KeldyshNH.50
4907Soviet-Indian Shipping LaneNH.50
4908-13Five-Year Plan ProjectsNH2.00
4914Georgian Soviet Socialist RepublicNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
4915Abkhazian Autonomous Soviet Socialist RepublicNH1.25
4916Communications InstituteNH1.25
4918-19Popov and RuminNH1.00
4918-19 TAB  Popov and Rumin with TabNH3.50
4920Makarov, Kizim and StrekalovNH.40
4921-23USSR-Mongolia Cooperative Space ProgramNH1.30
4924Vitus BeringNH1.75
4925-27Soviet Space FlightsNH1.30
4928 S/SYuri Gargarin SheetNH4.50
4929Salyut Orbital StationNH.90
4930 S/S111th Birth of Lenin SheetNH1.30
4931Sergei ProkofievNH.50
4932New Hofburg PalaceNH.50
4935Architechts UnionNH.50
4940-42USSR-Romania Cooperative Space ProgramNH1.25
4943-47Carpathian Mountain FlowersNH2.00
4948Luigi LongoNH.50
4949Nizami GjansheviNH.50
4955Mongolian RevolutionNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
4956Moscow Film FestivalNH1.00
4957-60River Tour BoatNH1.60
4962-6726th Party Congress ResolutionsNH1.25
4969Leningrad TheaterNH.50
4970Aleksandr GerasimovNH.50
4971Physical Chemistry InstituteNH.75
4972-76Song BirdsNH2.40
4978Communications ExhibitionNH.50
4980War Veterans' CommitteeNH.50
4988Mathematician LavrentievNH.90
4989October RevolutionNH.50
4990Satellite TVNH.70
4991-92Salyut 6-Soyuz FlightNH.50
4993 S/SBird and Picasso SheetNH2.75
4994Sergei MerkurovNH.50
5000New York, ClockNH.70
"5000a" M/S  New York, Clock MiniSheet of 16NH135.00
5001-06Public TransportationNH2.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
5007 S/SKremlin and New Delhi Parliament SheetNH1.40
50101500th Anniversary of KievNH.50
5011Korolev, Rocket ScientistNH.50
5012Khikmet, PoetNH.50
5013World Trade Union CongressNH.50
5014Soviet Trade Union CongressNH.50
5015Manet PaintingNH1.50
5016-18Equestrian SportsNH.75
5019Marshal TitoNH.60
5020State University of TartuNH.50
5022 S/SSpeed Skating SheetNH1.30
5028Venera 13, Venera 14NH.50
5033Tchukovsky, WriterNH.40
5034Cosmonauts' DayNH.40
5035 S/SBirth of Lenin SheetNH1.40
5036Soloviev-Sedoi, ComposerNH.50
5037Dimitrov, 1st Bulgarian Prime MinisterNH.40
5038Kremlin TowerNH1.25
5038a  Kremlin Tower EngravedNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
5039Pravda NewspaperNH.40
5040Conference on Human EnvironmentNH.50
5041Pioneers' OrganizationNH.40
5042Communist Youth OrganizationNH.40
5049World Cup SoccerNH.75
5049 M/S  Soccer MiniSheet of 8 (scarce)NH110.00
5056Komomolsk-on-Amur CityNH.40
5057Tatchanka by GrekovNH.50
5058Outer SpaceNH.50
"5058a" M/S  Outer Space MiniSheet of 8 
5059-61USSR - France SpaceNH2.00
5061a M/S  USSR - France Space MiniSheet of 8 
5062 S/SUSSR-France Space SheetNH1.30
5063-67Lacquerware PaintingsNH2.40
5077Atomic EnergyNH.75
5078Marshal ShaposhnikovNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
5082Botkin, PhysicianNH.40
5083 S/SSputnik SheetNH4.25
5084Marshal Shaposhnikov, Overprinted in Gold 
5090October RevolutionNH.40
5091-9660th Anniversary of USSRNH1.75
5097Workers' Monument, OverprintedNH.75
5098-02Hermitage PaintingsNH3.50
5098-02 TAB  Hermitage Paintings with LabelsNH25.00
5098-02 M/S  Hermitage Paintings MiniSheets of 15NH70.00
5103 S/SHermitage Painting Sheet of 2NH5.50
5103a  Hermitage Painting Single from SheetNH3.50
5104New YearNH.60
"5104a" M/S  New Year MiniSheet of 16NH150.00
5105 S/S60th Anniversary of USSR SheetNH1.30
5106 S/SMt. Everest SheetNH2.25
51125k Mail, Greenish blue, Perf 12NH4.75
51135k Mail, Lithographed Blue, Perf 12NH1.60
5115Tolstoi, PainterNH.50
5116Armed ForcesNH.40
5117 S/SAeroflot Airlines SheetNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
5123Tashkent AnniversaryNH.40
5124Scientist PetrovNH.50
5125Holy Family by Raphael- Hermitage PaintingNH1.50
5125 TAB  Hermitage Painting with LabelNH25.00
5125 M/S  Hermitage Painting MiniSheet of 15NH30.00
5126Space FlightNH.40
5127 S/SCommunications SheetNH1.40
5128Composer AleksandrovNH.50
5129-33Hermitage PaintingsNH4.00
5129-33 TAB  Hermitage Paintings with LabelsNH30.00
5129-33 M/S  Hermitage Paintings MiniSheets of 15NH80.00
5134 S/SHermitage SheetNH4.00
5134a  Hermitage Single from SheetNH2.00
5135 S/SCosmonauts' Day SheetNH6.75
5136 S/SBirth of Lenin SheetNH1.30
5137-38Salyut 7 - Soyuz 7 PairNH.50
5137-38 TAB  Salyut 7 - Soyuz 7 Pair with Label 
5139Karl MarxNH.40
5141Buriat RepublicNH.40
5142Kirov OperaNH.50
5143Sports OrganizationNH.50
5144Khachaturian, ComposerNH.50
5145Chelyabinsk Tractor PlantNH.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
5146Simon BolivarNH.50
5147Sevastopol, ShipNH.50
5153Tereshkova's SpaceflightNH.50
5153a M/S  Tereshkova's Spaceflight MiniSheet of 8 
5156Moscow Film FestivalNH.60
5157-61Soviet Fishing FleetNH2.00
5163Stratospheric FlightNH.60
5163a M/S  Stratospheric Flight MiniSheet of 8NH100.00
5169SOZPHILEX '83NH.40
5170 S/SSOZPHILEX '83 SheetNH1.50
5171 S/SFirst Russian Stamp SheetNH1.50
5171A S/SFirst Russian Stamp Sheet, Margin Overprinted in RedNH4.50
5172Namibia DayNH.50
5173Palestinian SolidarityNH.50
5174 IMP  Communications Imperforate 
5176Muhammad Al-KhorezmiNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
5177Marshal EgorovNH.40
5178Union of Georgia and RussiaNH.50
5189Steel MillNH.50
5190-92Food ProgramNH.75
5193October RevolutionNH.45
5194Ivan FedorovNH.50
5195Gas PipelineNH2.00
5196Sidorenko, GeologistNH1.75
5197Campaign Against Nuclear WeaponsNH1.00
5199-03Hermitage PaintingsNH3.75
5199-03 TAB  Hermitage Paintings with LabelsNH30.00
5199-03 M/S  Hermitage Paintings MiniSheets of 15NH75.00
5204 S/SHermitage SheetNH3.75
5204a  Hermitage Single from SheetNH2.50
5205Physicians Against Nuclear WarNH.50
5206Sukhe BatorNH.50
5207New Year, Star 
"5207a" M/S New Year, Star MiniSheet of 16NH150.00
5207 IMP  New Year, Star Imperforate 
5208-12New BuildingsNH2.30
5213 S/SEnvironmentalism SheetNH4.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
5215Women's Skating ChampionshipsNH.50
5216Cuban RevolutionNH.50
5217-21World War II TanksNH3.75
5222-25Winter OlympicsNH2.40
5222a-25a M/S  Winter Olympics MiniSheet of 8NHAsk
5226-30Moscow ZooNH1.50
5231Yuri GargarinNH.50
5231a M/S  Yuri Gargarin MiniSheet of 8 
5232 S/SDevelopment SheetNH1.50
5233-37Hermitage PaintingsNH3.75
5233-37 TAB  Hermitage Paintings with Labels 
5233-37 M/S  Hermitage Paintings MiniSheets of 15NH75.00
5238 S/SHermitage SheetNH4.50
5238a  Hermitage Single from SheetNH2.25
5240Andrei BubnovNH.50
5241-43USSR-India Space ProgramNH2.30
5244 S/SUSSR-India Space Program SheetNH1.40
5245Cosmonauts' DayNH.80
5246-48Arctic ExpeditionNH3.00
5246a-48a M/S  Arctic Expedition MiniSheets of 8 
5249 S/SArctic Expedition SheetNH1.90
5250 S/SBirth of Lenin SheetNH1.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
5254a M/S  Flowers MiniSheet of 8 
5259Electric WeldingNH.50
5261Maurice Bishop, Prime Minister of GrenadaNH.50
5262Lenin MuseumNH.50
5264Youth Soccer ChampionshipsNH.50
5270Soyuz T-9 FlightNH.50
5272Youth Communist LeagueNH.50
5274CMEA BuildingNH.50
5275Moscow Geological CongressNH.50
5276People's Republic of PolandNH.50
5278Mexican RelationsNH.50
5279 M/SFolk Tales MiniSheet of 12NH6.75
5279a-i  Folk Tales Single StampsNH6.50
5280-84Friendship GamesNH1.40
5285Romanian LiberationNH.50
5286-89Environmental Protection, World Peace, Arctic DevelopmentNH17.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
5290-91World Chess ChampionshipsNH1.00
5292Bulgarian RevolutionNH.40
5293Ethiopian RevolutionNH.50
5294Machinery PlantNH.40
5295Nakhichevan RegionNH.40
5296-98Television from SpaceNH1.80
5299 S/STelevision from Space SheetNH1.40
5300German Democratic RepublicNH.40
5301Ukranian LiberationNH.50
5302-06Republics, FlagsNH3.00
  5302  Moldovian SSRNH.75
  5303  Kyrgyzistan SSRNH.75
  5304  Tadzhikistan SSRNH.75
  5305  Uzbekistan SSRNH.75
  5306  Turkmenistan SSRNH.75
5307October RevolutionNH.50
5308Frunze Institute of Aviation and CosmonauticsNH.50
5309Baikal-Amur RailwayNH.40
5310-14Hermitage PaintingsNH3.50
5310-14 TAB  Hermitage Paintings with LabelsNH30.00
5310-14 M/S  Hermitage Paintings MiniSheets of 15NH70.00
5315 S/SHermitage SheetNH3.50
5315a  Hermitage Single from SheetNH1.75
5316Mongolian Peoples' RepublicNH.50
5317New YearNH.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
5317a M/S  New Year MiniSheet of 8 
5318 S/SEnvironmental Protection SheetNH1.40
5319-23Fire Vehicles 
5324Halley's CometNH.60
5324a M/S  Halley's Comet MiniSheet of 8 
5325Indira GandhiNH.90
53261905 RevolutionNH.50
5327Patricia LumumbaNH.40
5328Mikhail FrunzeNH.40
5329Karakalpak RegionNH.40
5330Winter SpartakiadNH.50
5331Finnish KalevalaNH.50
5332Yakov SverdlovNH.40
5333Children's NewspaperNH.40
5334Maria UlyanovaNH.40
5335-39Hermitage PaintingsNH3.50
5335-39 TAB  Hermitage Paintings with LabelsNH30.00
5335-39 M/S  Hermitage Paintings MiniSheets of 15NH70.00
  The Complete Set of 31 M/S issued over four years to honor famous paintings shown in the Hermitage Museum.  Scott mentions only 30 stamps in the set but 31 is the correct number.  This is a rarely offered group of Miniature Sheets (Michel about $1000 with the M/S premium.)
      We also can offer the set of 31 individual stamps at $22 or the same 31 stamps with Descriptive Tabs:NHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
5340 S/SHermitage SheetNH3.00
5340a  Hermitage Single from SheetNH1.50
5341-44Japan EXPO, SpaceNH2.00
"5341-44a" M/S  Japan EXPO, Space MiniSheetsNH85.00
5345 S/SJapan EXPO, Space SheetNH1.50
5346 S/SBach SheetNH1.50
5348Foreign RelationsNH.40
5349-53Victory over FascismNH1.50
"5349a-53a" M/S  Victory over Facism MiniSheets of 8NH20.00
5354 S/SVictory over Facism SheetNHAsk
5354ABerlin-Treptow War Memorial OverprintedNHAsk
5355Gagarin, CosmonautsNH.50
5355a M/S  Gagarin, Cosmonauts MiniSheet of 8 
5356-60Youth FestivalNH3.50
5358a M/S  Youth Festival MiniSheet of 8 
5361 S/SYouth Festival SheetNH1.80
5362-63Birth of LeninNH.40
5364 S/SBirth of Lenin SheetNH2.75
5365Allied WWII Victory Over GermanyNH.60
5367Warsaw Treaty OrganizatonNH.50
5368-70Mikhail SholokhovNH1.00
5372Halley, Venus, CraftNH.50
5372a M/S  Halley, Venus, Craft MiniSheet of 8NH95.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
5373Artek Pioneer CampNH.50
5374Mutiny on the PotemkinNH.50
5375 S/SRailways MiniSheet of 8NH2.50
5376Space FlightsNH.50
5376a M/S  Space Flights MiniSheet of 8NHAsk
5378Youth YearNH.40
5379-83Medicinal PlantsNH2.75
5382a M/S  Medicinal Plants MiniSheet of 8NH29.00
5384Women's Space FlightNH.40
5384a M/S  Women's Space Flight MiniSheet of 8NHAsk
5385Potsdam ConferenceNH.50
5386European SecurityNH.60
5386a M/S  European Security MiniSheet of 8 
5387Liberation Movement in PyongyangNH.40
5391a M/S  Wildlife MiniSheet with WWF Logo in MarginNH85.00
5393 S/SWildlife SheetNH2.50
5394Youth Soccer ChampionshipsNH.40
5395Alexander StakhanovNH.40
5396Bryansk Victory MemorialNH.40
5397Socialist Republic of VietnamNH.40
5398Chess Championship - Karpov vs. KasparovNH.50
5399Lutsk CityNH.40
5400The Song of Igor's CampaignNH.45
Scott # Description Condition Price
5401Sergei GerasimovNH.40
5402October RevolutionNH.40
5403UN 40th AnniversaryNH.50
5404Krushjanis BaronNH.40
5406Largest Soviet TelescopeNH.50
5407Angolan IndependenceNH.50
5409New YearNH.60
5409a M/S  New Year MiniSheet of 8NH22.00
5415Student-Leader MeetingNH2.00
5416Emanuel, ChemistNH.50
5417-18Sightseeing, SportsNH.50
5419Peace, DoveNH.60
5422 S/SLenin SheetNH3.00
5423Olympic GamesNH.50
"5423a" M/S  Olympic Games MiniSheet of 8NH17.50
5428a M/S  Flowers MiniSheet of 8NH30.00
5429Vodovzvodnaya TowerNH1.40
5430Voronezh CityNH.40
5431Bela KunNH.45
Scott # Description Condition Price
5432Karolis PozhelaNH.40
5433Project HalleyNH.50
5433a M/S  Project Halley MiniSheet of 8NH75.00
5434 S/SProject Halley SheetNH1.50
5439a M/S  Butterflies MiniSheet of 8NH40.00
5440Vancouver ExpoNH.75
5440a M/S  Vancouver Expo MiniSheet of 8NH35.00
5442-44 TAB  Cosmonauts with LabelNH1.25
5442a-44a M/S  Cosmonauts MiniSheets of 8NHAsk
5445World Ice Hockey ChampionshipsNH.50
5446-47Ernst ThalmannNH.60
5448-50Birth of LeninNH1.00
5451Tambov CityNH.40
5452Peace FundNH.40
5453World Cycle RaceNH.40
"5454a-58a" M/S  Mushrooms MiniSheets of 8NH45.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
5463-65World Cup SoccerNH.90
5463a-65a M/S  World Cup Soccer MiniSheets of 8NH40.00
5466-70Gallery PaintingsNH2.00
"5466a-70a" M/S  Gallery Paintings MiniSheets of 8NH50.00
5471Irkutsk CityNH.40
5472-73Goodwill GamesNH.70
5474-77UNESCO ProjectsNH1.90
5479Olaf PalmeNH.50
5480Women's BasketballNH.50
5481-85Alpinist CampsNH2.00
5482a M/S  Alpinist Camps MiniSheet of 8NH21.50
5486 S/SNature Preservation SheetNH1.60
5492a M/S  Trucks MiniSheet of 8NH22.50
5495October RevolutionNH.40
5496-97Icebreaker, AntarcticNH1.50
5497b M/S  Icebreaker, Antarctic MiniSheet of 8NHAsk
5498 S/STrapped In Ice SheetNH3.50
5499Mikhail Somov, Overprinted in BlackNH.75
5502a M/S  Locomotives MiniSheet of 8NH24.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
5505Grigori OrdzhonikidzeNH.40
5506Nokikov, ComposerNH.50
5508Sun Yat-senNH.60
5509Mikhail LomonosovNH.40
5511a M/S  Aircraft MiniSheet of 8NHAsk
5515New Year, TowersNH.60
5515a M/S  New Year, Towers MiniSheet of 8 
5516-20Communist Party CongressNH.75
5521Alexander ParkhomenkoNH.40
5522Samora Machel of MozambiqueNH.50
5523 S/SMuseums Sheet 
5524Trade Union CongressNH.40
5530Miyesniyek, ArtistNH.50
5531Shimkus, ComposerNH.50
5532-35Alpinist Camps IINH1.60
"5533a" M/S  Alpinist Camps II MiniSheet of 8NH9.75
5536Chapayev, RevolutionaryNH.40
5537Eller, ComposerNH.50
5538Young Communist LeagueNH.40
5539 S/SYoung Communist League SheetNH1.75
5540Armenian Academy of SciencesNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
5541-44Polar Bear - WWFNH4.00
5541a-44a M/S  Polar Bear - WWF MiniSheets of 8NH1,100.00
5545-47Cosmonauts' DayNH1.00
5547a M/S  Cosmonauts' Day MiniSheet of 8NHAsk
5548UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the PacificNH.40
5549-50Birth of LeninNH.80
5551 S/SBirth of Lenin SheetNH1.75
5552Gymnastics ChampionshipsNH.50
5553Peace Bicycle RaceNH.50
5554a M/S  5k Menzbira Marmot MiniSheet of 8NH85.00
5557-59Passenger ShipsNH1.50
5558a M/S  Passenger Ships MiniSheet of 8NH125.00
5560-64Hermitage Paintings inc DürerNH3.00
5561a,5562a M/S  Hermitage Paintings MiniSheets of 8NHAsk
5565Tolyatti CityNH.40
5566Pushkin, PoetNH.50
5567Kovpak, Vice-Chairman of the Ukranian SSRNH.40
5568Nuclear DisarmamentNH.50
5569Tobolsk CityNH.40
5570-71Mozambique-USSR Peace TreatyNH.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
5579Moscow Film FestivalNH.90
5580-82Soviet-Syrian Space FlightNH.80
5583 S/SSoviet-Syrian Space Flight SheetNH1.60
5585-89Postal DeliveryNH2.50
5590 S/SPostal Headquarters SheetNH1.75
5591-95Revolutionary PaintingsNH1.25
"5591a-95a" M/S  Revolutionary Paintings MiniSheets of 8NH36.00
5596 S/SOctober Revolution SheetNH1.40
5597 S/SBattle of Borodino SheetNH2.70
5598Postyshev, Party LeaderNH.40
5603 S/SSatellite Tracking SystemNH2.00
5604Revolutionary Painting, Overprinted in GoldNH3.00
5605-09Republican Art Exhibition PaintingsNH2.30
5610 S/SPainting SheetNH2.50
5611Reed, JournalistNH1.00
5612Marshak, AuthorNH.40
5613Chavchavadze, AuthorNH.50
5614Indira GandhiNH.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
5615Podbelsky, Revolution LeaderNH.40
5616Vavilov, BotanistNH.50
5620INF TreatyNH.50
5621New YearNH.60
5621a M/S  New Year MiniSheet of 8 
5622Marshall BagramyanNH.90
5623 S/SNavyNH2.50
5624Asia-Africa Solidarity OrganizationNH.50
5625-261st Soviet Postage Stamp PairNH.90
5627-31Calgary OlympicsNH2.00
5627a-31a M/S  Calgary Olympics MiniSheets of 8NH550.00
5632 S/SIce Hockey SheetNH1.30
5633World Health OrganizationNH.90
5634Lord Byron, English PoetNH.50
5635Cultural, Technical, Educational AgreementNH.50
5636Lomov-Oppokov, Party LeaderNH.40
5637-41Soviet CartoonsNH1.25
5642 S/SSoviet Cartoon Sheet 
5643Bonch-Bruevich, EngineerNH.50
5644Red CrossNH.50
5644a M/S  Red Cross MiniSheet of 8NH22.50
5645World Speed Skating ChampionshipsNH.40
5646Anton MakarenkoNH.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
5647Fanzisk Skorina, PrinterNH.50
5648Labor DayNH.40
5649Vicor Kingisepp, Party LeaderNH.40
5650Track and FieldNH.50
5651Marietta Shaginyan, AuthorNH.40
5652Soviet-Finnish Peace TreatyNH.50
5653MIR StationNH.50
5653a M/S  MIR Station MiniSheet of 8NH45.00
5654Painting Victory, by P.A. KrivonogovNH.50
5655Sochi CityNH.40
5656-59Lenin MuseumNH.80
5660Ivan Akulov, Party LeaderNH.40
5661EXPO '88NH.60
5662Karl MarxNH.40
5665 S/SIce Hockey Sheet, Overprinted in RedNH1.80
5666Nikolai Shvernik, Party LeaderNH.40
5667-71Hunting DogsNH2.75
5672Soviet-US Summit ConferenceNH.50
5673Valerian Kuibyshev, Party LeaderNH.40
5674USSR-Bulgarian Space FlightNH.50
5675Soviet-Canada Transarctic Ski ExpeditionNH1.10
5676Anti-Nuclear WeaponsNH.50
5677-78Communist Party ConferenceNH.40
5679 S/SParty Conference SheetNH1.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
5680-84Winter OlympicsNH2.40
5680a-84a M/S  Winter Olympics MiniSheets of 8NH140.00
5685 S/SWinter Olympics SheetNH1.50
5686Phobos Space ProjectNH.50
5692Youth Communist LeagueNH.40
5693Nelson MandelaNH.50
5699Youth Communist League, OverprintedNH.40
5700Petr Voykov, Party LeaderNH.40
5701Letter-Writing WeekNH.50
5702Soviet-Afghan Space FlightNH.50
5703Problems of Peace and Socialism, MagazineNH.40
5704Emmanuil Kviring, Party LeaderNH.40
5710October RevolutionNH.40
5711Andrei Bolotov, Agricultural ScientistNH.50
5712Andrei Tupolev, EngineerNH.50
5713North Pole ExpeditionNH2.00
5714Dmitry Ustinov, Minister of DefenceNH.40
5715Soviet-Vietnamese TreatyNH.50
5716Broadcasting and Sound Recording InstituteNH.50
5717UN Declaration of Human RightsNH.40
5718New YearNH.60
5719Soviet-French Space FlightNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
5720Globe and Sputnik, Overprinted in Red - Space MailNH3.25
5721Martyn Latsis, Party LeaderNH.40
5722 S/SSoccer, Overprinted in BlueNH1.75
5723-341k-1r Engraved DefinitivesNH8.00
5735-39 var  Waterscapes Reversed orderNH5.00
5735-39 M/S  Waterscapes MiniSheet of 10NH7.75
5740-42Communist Party CongressNH.60
5743 S/SParty Congress SheetNH1.50
'89 DCSDuck Conservation StampNH3.00
5744Luna 1NH.50
5745Jalmari Virtanen, PoetNH.40
5746Mutual Economic AssistanceNH.50
5747-49Environmental ProtectionNH1.00
5754Modest Mussorgsky, ComposerNH.50
5755P.E. Dybenko, Military CommanderNH.40
5756T.G. Shevchenko, PoetNH.40
5761 S/SLabor Day SheetNH.90
5762World War II Victory DayNH.50
5763Cosmonaut's DayNH.40
5763 TB  Cosmonaut's Day Tete-Beche PairNH2.50
5764Bering Bridge ExpeditionNH.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
5765-67Lenin Central MuseumNH.55
5768 S/SPhobos Interplanetary Probe SheetNH1.60
5769Hungarian Soviet RepublicNH.50
5776I.A. Kuratov, AuthorNH.40
5777Jean Racine, DramatistNH.50
5778-80Europe - Common HomeNH1.00
"5778a" M/S  Europe - Common Home MiniSheet of 8 
5781Vera Mukhina, SculptorNH.50
5782Pyongyang World Youth FestivalNH.40
5785a M/S  Ducks MiniSheet of 9NH7.00
5786-88French RevolutionNH1.20
5788a M/S  French Revolution MiniSheet of 8 
5794Tallinn ZooNH.50
5795Letter Writing WeekNH.40
5796Pulkovskaya ObservatoryNH.50
5797 S/SBattle of Hango SheetNH1.60
5798City of NikolaevNH.40
5799Kwame Krumah, 1st President of GhanaNH.40
5800Philatelic ShowNH.50
5800 M/S  Philatelic Show MiniSheet of 6NH15.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
5801All-Union Philatelic SocietyNH.50
5802-06Soviet Circus PerformersNH.70
5807 S/SSoviet Circus Performers SheetNH1.00
5808World Boxing ChampionshipsNH.50
5809Invention of the RadioNH.50
5810German Democratic RepublicNH.40
5811Polish People's RepublicNH.50
5812S.V. Kosior, Party LeaderNH.40
5813Jawaharlar Nehru, 1st Prime Minister of IndiaNH.60
5814October RevolutionNH.40
5815Kosta Khetagurov, PoetNH.40
5816Li Dazhao, Party Leader of ChinaNH.50
5817Jan Berzin, Army Intelligence LeaderNH.40
5818-21Musical InstrumentsNH1.10
5832New Year, SantaNH.60
"5832a" M/S  New Year, Santa MiniSheet of 10NH5.00
5833-36Space AchievementsNH2.90
5837 S/SMars SheetNH2.90
5838-491k-1r Lithographed DefinitivesNH8.00
5838-49 BLK FDC1k-1r Lithographed Definitives Blocks of 4 with Central First Day of Issue Cancellations (Christmas Day, 1989)FDC35.00
5850 S/SAdmirals Sheet of 6NH4.50
'90 DCMSNature Conservation MiniSheet of 9 NH12.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
'90 DCDuck Conservation Single StampNH2.00
5854-685k Republic CapitalsNH2.60
5869Ho Chi MinhNH.50
5870Viet Nam CommunismNH.40
"5871a" M/S  Owls MiniSheet of 9NH6.75
5874-78Penny BlackNH3.50
5875a M/S  Penny Black Inscribed "TP" MiniSheet of 8NH11.50
5876a M/S  Penny Black Inscribed "TF" MiniSheet of 8NH11.50
5879 S/SPenny Black SheetNH2.75
5880ITU AnniversaryNH.60
5881Labor DayNH.40
5882WWII VictoryNH.50
5883Mir Space StationNH.60
"5883a" M/S  Mir Space Station MiniSheet of 8NH6.50
5884Lenin BirthNH.40
5885-87Lenin CommemsNH.70
5890-94Folklore NH1.30
5895-99Soccer Strip of 5NH3.00
"5895a,5896a" M/S  Soccer MiniSheetsNH7.50
5900Euro SecurityNH.50
"5900a" M/S  Security MiniSheet of 8NH6.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
5901Shooting ChampsNH.40
5902-03Antarctic Research (Joint issue with Australia)NH2.50
Cacheted, Unaddressed FDC3.50
5903a S/SAntarctic Sheet (Joint issue with Australia)NH2.50
Cacheted, Unaddressed FDC4.50
5902-03,5903aAntarctic Research (Joint issue with Australia) on Two Matched FDCCacheted, Unaddressed FDC7.50
5903a+Australia 1183bThe two Sheets in an Antarctica Joint Issue Folder tied by Special FD CancelsOn Collection Folder9.75
5904Goodwill GamesNH.40
5905 S/SNeva Battle SheetNH1.50
"5908a" M/S  Ducks MiniSheet of 9NH9.50
5920-24Prehistoric AnimalsNH1.40
5925-26Children's Drawings (Joint issue with India)NH1.40
NH Wholesale x2020.00
5927Letter Writing WeekNH.40
5928Traffic SafetyNH.50
5929-32Musical InstrumentsNH1.30
5933-36Whales, Dolphins (Joint issue with USA)NH3.00
5933-36 F/S  Whales, Dolphins Full Sheet of 40 (folded)NH40.00
5946Armenia '90 ExpoNH.35
Scott # Description Condition Price
5947-51Soviet AgentsNH2.00
5952Soviet-Japan SpaceNH.70
5953b M/S  Santa MiniSheet of 8NH6.00
5953ANew Europe CharterNH1.00
5954-58Marine LifeNH1.75
5959Chernobyl DisasterNH.60
5964Chess Master KeresNH.60
5965-67Environment ProtectionNH1.40
5971-73Russians in AmericaNH3.00
"5971a" M/S  Russians in America MiniSheet of 8NH4.50
5974-77 BLKYuri Gargarin Block of 4NH3.00
5974-77 SNG  Yuri Gargarin SinglesNH2.50
5977b S/SGargarin SheetNH3.00
5977c S/SGargarin Inscribed SheetNH3.25
5977d S/SGargarin Sheet of 8NH7.00
"5977e" S/S  Gargarin Overprinted SheetNH9.00
5978WWII VictoryNH.50
5979Asia & Pacific TransportNH.50
5980-83These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
5984-872k,7k,12k,13k TransportationNH1.25
  5984  2k Old Mail Transport (our choice of paper)NH.65
Scott # Description Condition Price
    5984 SP    2k on Shiny PaperNH.75
    5984 CP    2k on Chalky PaperNH.75
    5984 CP IMP    2k Chalky Imperforate NH.65
  5985  7k Modern Post Transport (our choice of paper)NH.75
    5985 SP    7k on Shiny PaperNH.85
    5985 CP    7k on Chalky Paper, Perf 12x12½NH.85
    5985a    7k on Chalky Paper, Perf 12x11½NH1.25
  5986  12k Space Shuttle (our choice of paper)NH.65
    5986 SP    12k on Shiny PaperNH.75
    5986 CP    12k on Chalky PaperNH.75
  5987  13k Weather Station (our choice of paper)NH.75
    5987 SP    13k on Shiny PaperNH.85
    5987 CP    13k on Chalky PaperNH.85
5988-91These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
5992Lenin BirthNH.50
5993Composer ProkofievNH.60
5999-01Nobel WinnersNH1.40
6002Writer Saroyan (Joint issue with USA)NH2.50
6002 F/S  Saroyan Full Sheet of 50NH125.00
6003Russia-GB SpaceNH.70
6004-08Paintings, IconNH3.25
6007a M/S  Paintings I MiniSheet of 8NH3.00
6007b M/S  Paintings II MiniSheet of 8NH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
6011a M/S  Ducks MiniSheet of 9NH4.25
6016a M/S  Airships MiniSheet of 8NH4.50
6016BShip, Arctic - PerfNH6.00
6016Bc '92Ship, Arctic ImperfNH1.25
6016Bc M/S  Arctic Imperf MiniSheet of 10NH9.00
60173r Child, GlobeNH1.00
6017A5r Palm, GlobeNH4.75
6018Euro SecurityNH.50
6019-20Alaskan VoyageNH1.25
6022Letter WritingNH.50
6023-25Barcelona OlympicsNH.90
6023a-25a M/S  Olympics MiniSheets of 8NH9.75
6026-28Coup AttemptNH.90
6029 S/SKremlin SheetNH1.25
6030USSR-Austria SpaceNH.50
6031-45Folk HolidaysNH4.00
6031-45 BLK  Holidays Se-tenant block (15)NH5.75
6045a M/S  Holidays MiniSheet of 30NH16.00
6046Yeltsin ElectionNH.50
6047-49Musical InstrumentsNH.50
6050New YearNH.70
"6050a" M/S  New Year MiniSheet of 8NH7.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
'92 NDCS1992 Duck Conservation Sheet of 9  -  Sold by Unicover, the "Official Agent" at $25+shipping, buy one from us for just:NH19.50
'92 NDCS  Duck Single from the SheetNH4.00
6056-58Winter OlympicsNH1.00
6056a-58a M/S  Olympics MiniSheets of 8NH9.50
6059 S/SIce Battle SheetNH1.25
6060-71A (17)10k-100r Basic Definitives SetNH11.00
  6060  10k Shiny paperNH.50
  6060 DP    10k Dull PaperNH.50
  6060A  15k Shiny paperNH.50
  6060A DP    15k Dull paperNH.50
  6061  20k Shiny paperNH.50
  6061 DP    20k Dull paperNH.50
  6062  25k Shiny paperNH.50
  6062 DP    25k Dull PaperNH.50
  6063  30k Shiny paperNH.50
  6063 DP    30k Dull paperNH.50
  6064  50k Dull paperNH.50
  6064 SP    50k Shiny paperNH.50
  6065  55k Shiny paperNH.50
  6066  60k Shiny paperNH.50
  6066 DP    60k Dull paperNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  6066A  80k Dull paperNH.50
  6066A SP    80k Shiny paperNH.50
  6067  1r Shiny paperNH.50
  6067 DP    1r Dull paperNH.50
  6067A  1.50r Shiny paperNH.50
  6067A DP    1.50r Dull paperNH.50
  6068  2r Shiny paperNH.50
  6068 DP    2r Dull paperNH.50
  6068A  3r Shiny paperNH.50
  6068A DP    3r Dull paperNH.50
  6068A R    3r SHADE: Pale roseNH1.50
  6069  5r Shiny paperNH.50
  6069 DP    5r Dull paperNH.50
  6070  10r Shiny paperNH1.00
  6070 DP    10r Dull paperNH2.00
  6071  25r Shiny paperNH2.00
  6071 DP    25r Dull paperNH2.00
  6071A  100r Shiny paperNH8.00
  6071A DP    100r Dull paperNH8.00
6072Victory DayNH.50
6073Duck, NatureNH.50
6074Russia-Germany SpaceNH.85
6075 S/SAmerica Discovery SheetNH.60
6076-79Fairy TalesNH.50
6080-83USA Space Block (Joint issue with USA)NH3.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
6080-83  Space Singles from Block (Joint issue with USA)NH3.00
6080-83 F/S  Space Full Sheet of 32 (Joint issue with USA)NH35.00
6084a-86a M/S  Olympics MiniSheets of 8NH8.50
6089a  M/S  Explorer Langsdorf MiniSheet of 9NH5.50
6090-92Duck IssueNH1.00
6092a M/S  Duck MiniSheet of 9NH3.20
6093Rublyov ArtNH.50
6093a M/S  Art MiniSheet of 8NH2.50
6094-95Vereshagin StripNH.50
6094-95 F/S  Vereshagin Sheet of 5 Strips 
6096a-98a M/S  Churches MiniSheets of 9NH6.00
6099-02Nutcracker Suite Block of 4NH2.50
6103-06Christmas, Icon Block of 4NH1.50
6107New Year 1993NH.50
6107a M/S  New Year MiniSheet of 9NH2.00
Scott has renumbered the definitives below several times.  Please double-check the denominations you need.
6109-23 (15)4r-5000r Monuments DefinitivesNH26.00
  6109 '93  4r Dull paperNH.50
  6110 '93  6r Dull paperNH.50
  6111 DP  15r Dull paperNH.50
  6111a SP  15r Shiny paperNH.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
  6111a DP    15r Dull paperNH1.00
  6112 SP '93  45r Shiny paperNH.75
  6112 DP    45r Dull paperNH2.25
  6113 SP  50r Shiny paperNH1.25
  6113 DP    50r Dull paperNH1.25
  6114 SP '93  75r Shiny paperNH1.25
  6114 DP    75r Dull paperNH3.75
  6115 '93  150r Shiny paperNH.50
  6116 SP  250r Shiny paperNH5.00
  6116 DP    250r Dull paperNH5.00
  6117 '93  300r Shiny paperNH.75
  6118 SP  500r Shiny paperNH10.00
  6118 DP    500r Dull paperNH10.00
  6119 SP '95  750r Shiny paperNH1.25
  6119 DP    750r Dull paperNH2.50
  6120 SP '95  1000r Shiny paperNH11.00
  6120 DP    1000r Dull paperNH15.00
  6121 SP '95  1500r Shiny paperNH2.00
  6121 DP    1500r Dull paperNH3.75
  6122 SP '95  2500r Shiny paperNH2.90
  6122 DP    2500r Dull paperNH4.50
  6123 SP '95  5000r Shiny paperNH17.50
  6123 DP    5000r Dull paperNH6.90
6124-25These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
Scott # Description Condition Price
6126-29Ballet Block of 4NH2.25
6130Children's StoriesNH1.00
6131Vyborg's 700thNH.50
6132Victory DayNH.50
6133-37Flowering PlantsNH1.70
"6136a,37a" M/S  Plants MiniSheets of 8NH6.50
6143 S/SSpace SheetNH1.75
6144-48Silver Artifacts CollectionNH2.00
"6146a,6148a" M/S  Silver Collection MiniSheets of 9NH6.50
6149 S/SSilver Souvenir SheetNH2.00
6150-52Novgorod ScenesNH.65
6152a M/S  Novogrod MiniSheet of 9NH3.00
6153 S/SMadonna SheetNH2.00
6154Russia/Denmark Joint IssueNH2.50
6157a M/S  Ducks MiniSheet of 9NH4.50
6158-62Marine LifeNH2.80
6162a M/S  Marine Life MiniSheet of 9NH7.50
6163-67Applied ArtsNH2.50
6168Monetary SystemNH.60
6169-74 BLKShips, Admirals Block of 6NH4.75
6169-74 SNG  Ships, Admirals Singles from BlockNH3.00
6169-74 F/S  Admirals Sheet of 18 with Decorative Margins (scarce)NH24.00
6175-77Moscow KremlinNH1.20
Scott # Description Condition Price
"6175a-77a" M/S  Kremlin MiniSheets of 9NH13.50
6178-81Siberian Tiger - WWFNH2.75
6181a  WWF Siberian Tiger Se-tenant BlockNH3.75
6181b M/S  WWF Siberian Tiger MiniSheet of 8NH6.75
6178-81 F/S  WWF Siberian Tiger Sheet of 36 
This set was issued with each value in sheets and also in se-tenant blocks of four.  We include singles and S-T blocks in the Year Set. 
6182New Year 1994NH1.50
6182a M/S  New Year MiniSheet of 8NH25.00
6183AIDS PreventionNH.60
6184-91Animals, BirdsNH4.25
6191a M/S  Animals, Birds MiniSheet of 8NH6.00
6192-95Rimsky-Korsakov Opera Block of 4NH1.75
6192-95 F/S  Rimsky-Korsakov Opera Sheet of 9 BlocksNH24.00
6197a,6198a M/S  Cacti MiniSheets of 8NH9.00
6201-09150r CathedralsNH2.25
6208a M/S  St. Basil's Moscow MiniSheet of 9NH4.00
6209a M/S  Seville Cathedral MiniSheet of 9NH5.00
6210-12Space ResearchNH1.30
6213WWII Liberation "Block" of 3NH.75
6213 F/S  WWII Liberation Sheet of 9 BlocksNHASK
Scott # Description Condition Price
6222a M/S  Ducks MiniSheet of 9NH3.00
6222b M/S  Ducks MiniSheet with Moscow Show Overprint (not in M/S Year Set)NH10.00
6223Goodwill GamesNH.50
6226Olympic CommitteeNH.50
6227Postal DayNH.50
"6227a" M/S  Postal Day MiniSheet of 8NH3.75
6228a M/S  Porcelains MiniSheet of 9NH3.00
6228b M/S  Porcelains MiniSheet with Moscow Show OverprintNH3.50
6233 S/SDinner Service SheetNH1.00
6234Tuva IntegrationNH.50
6235-38Russian FleetNH1.00
6236a M/S  Fleet MiniSheet of 8NH1.75
6239New YearNH.50
6239a M/S  New Year MiniSheet of 8NH3.75
6241-43Fokine - BalletNH1.50
6244Michail KutuzovNH.50
6244a M/S  Kutuzov MiniSheet of 8NH3.75
6245-47Moscow's 850th AnniversaryNH1.50
6247a M/S  Moscow's 850th MiniSheet of 8NH15.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
6247b M/S  Moscow's 850th with Moscow Show OverprintNH60.00
6249Protect NatureNH1.75
6250-56250r-500r WWII VictoryNH2.50
6256a S/S500r WWII Parade Sheet of 1NH1.75
"6256b" M/S  500r Victory Parade MiniSheet of 6NH16.00
6257Space BlockNH5.00
6258Radio AnniversaryNH.50
6261a M/S  Flowers MiniSheet of 8NH3.25
6261b M/S  Flowers MiniSheet with Moscow Show OverprintNH3.25
6268a,68b M/S  Birds MiniSheets of 5NH3.25
6273a M/S  Cathedrals MiniSheet of 10NH4.00
6274City of RyazanNH.50
6275-79Faberge Art SinglesNH1.75
6275-79 ST 5  Faberge Art Strip of 5NH2.50
6275-79 ST 10  Faberge Se-tenant Strip of 10NH4.50
6280 S/SEaster Egg SheetNH1.00
6281 S/SSingapore Exhibit SheetNH2.75
6282-83These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
6286a M/S  Ducks MiniSheet of 9NH4.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
6287-90 F/S  Ships Full Sheet of 16NH20.00
6291Constitution with TabNH.50
6292UN AnniversaryNH.50
6293-94Europa - Peace PairNH3.50
"6295a" M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 8NH3.00
6301Nobelist SemionovNH.60
6302-06 BL  Flowers Block with LabelNH2.75
6306a M/S  Flowers MiniSheet of 20NH9.00
6311a M/S  Cats MiniSheet of 10NH7.00
6312 S/SOlympic Games SheetNH2.50
6313a M/S  Victory MiniSheet of 8 plus TabNH15.00
6314City of TulaNH.75
6320a S/STram 71-608 SheetNH1.75
6320b M/S  Tram MiniSheet of 6NH7.50
6321-22Europa - Famous WomenNH3.00
"6323a" M/S  UNICEF MiniSheet of 8NH4.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
6327-32Moscow AnniversaryNH2.00
6331a-32b M/S (3)  Moscow MiniSheets of 6NH7.50
6333 S/STraffic SheetNH1.50
6334-38Atlanta OlympicsNH2.75
6338a M/S  Atlanta Olympics MiniSheet of 8NH6.00
  6342-43 ST  Ships Se-tenant PairNH2.75
6343a M/S  Ships MiniSheet of 6NH8.75
6346 S/SSub, Sailing Ship SheetNH2.00
6347a M/S  Gorsky MiniSheet of 6NH6.00
6350a,6353a M/S  Enamelwork MiniSheets of 9NH15.00
6354 S/SIcon SheetNH2.00
"6355a" M/S  UNESCO MiniSheet of 8NH4.00
6356Icons Block of 4 (Joint issue with Sweden)NH3.50
6357New YearNH.50
6357a M/S  New Year MiniSheet of 8NH4.00
6358Ice HockeyNH2.00
6368 S/SMoscow Arms SheetNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
6370 S/SCoat of Arms SheetNH1.25
6371-82Post Emblem, etc Definitives: 
6371-82 GP  Post Emblem Glossy PaperNH10.00
6371-82 DP100r-5000r Post Emblem Dull PaperNH18.50
6384Europa - LegendsNH3.50
6385 S/SMoscow's 850th SheetNH3.75
6389a M/S  Helicopters MiniSheet of 6NH55.00
6391-95Pushkin TalesNH7.50
6395a ST  Pushkin Tales Se-tenant Strip of 5NH29.50
6395b M/S  Tales MiniSheet of 10NH59.75
6396Thailand RelationsNH1.25
6397Fauna Block of 5 plus TabNH3.00
6397 F/S  Fauna Sheet of 25NH19.50
6406Moscow ExpoNH1.10
6406c S/S  Moscow Expo Sheet of 6NH10.00
6407-11Peter INH5.50
6411A S/SHistory of Russia SheetNH3.50
6412Indian IndependenceNH.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
6415Ozone LayerNH.75
6416Council of EuropeNH.75
6417This number not utilized by Scott. 
6418 S/SPushkin Story SheetNH1.10
6419-22 TAB  Paintings with TabsNH5.00
"6419a-22a" M/S  Paintings MiniSheets of 8NH15.00
6423-33Post Emblem, etc Definitives: 
  6423-33 MXDPost Emblem on Mixed PapersNH9.00
  6423-33 DP  Emblem, Dull PaperNH9.75
  6423-33 GP  Emblem, Glossy PaperNH9.75
6434-37Painting Pairs with TabsNH4.75
6434-37 F/S  Two Paintings Sheets of 5 Pairs with Tabs (too large to count as MiniSheets but quite collectible none-the-less).NH25.00
6438-40Nagano OlympicsNH2.75
6438-40 ST  Olympics Strip of 3NH6.00
6440a M/S  Olympics MiniSheet of 6NH10.00
6441-45Aquarium FishNH3.75
6443a M/S  1r Fish MiniSheet of 6NH29.00
6446-49Museum PaintingsNH3.00
6446-49 TAB  Paintings With TabsNH4.50
6449a M/S  Paintings MiniSheet of 8NH8.50
6450 S/SPalace Painting SheetNH2.00
6451 S/SLisbon Expo, Dolphins SheetNH2.00
6452Theater of Arts with TabNH1.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
6453Europa - FestivalsNH2.50
6454-58Pushkin DrawingsNH5.00
6454-58 ST  Pushkin Strip of 5NH12.50
6458a M/S  Pushkin MiniSheet of 10NH30.00
6459Ulyanovsk CityNH2.25
6460Czar Nicholas II with TabNH1.00
6461City of TaganrogNH.60
6461A S/SYouth Games SheetNH1.50
6462-66Wild BerriesNH2.00
6467275th Anniversary of EkaterinburgNH4.50
6468-71Federation HeroesNH1.25
6472-72CNational Orders Block of 4NH3.50
6472e S/SOrders Sheet of 4NH25.00
6473-77Tourist ViewsNH2.50
6478World Stamp DayNH.50
6479Human RightsNH.60
6480Menatep BankNH.80
6480 M/S  Menatep MiniSheet of 8 (formatted by the Bank itself)NH42.50
6481-861r AchievementsNH3.00
  6481  1r AviationNH.90
  6482  1r SpaceNH.90
  6483  1r TelevisionNH1.00
  6484  1r GeneticsNH1.90
  6485  1r Nuclear PowerNH1.25
  6486  1r ComputersNH1.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
6487Tank DesignerNH.50
6488Christmas, New YearNH.90
6488a M/S  Christmas, New Year Holiday MiniSheet of 9NH10.00
6489Telephone LineNH.50
6495 S/SSea Battle Anniversary SheetNH2.50
6496-00Military OrdersNH1.75
6500a S/SMilitary Orders Sheet of 5NH65.00
6501-03Children's DrawingNH4.00
6504 S/SWar Ship SheetNH2.75
6505 S/SSpace Industry SheetNH4.75
6506IBRA ExhibitionNH.50
6512Council of EuropeNH3.25
6513Europa - NatureNH1.75
6514Deer, Elk PairNH3.00
6514a-b  Deer, Elk Singles from PairNH2.75
6515-17Pushkin SinglesNH1.00
6515-17 ST  Pushkin Se-tenant Strip of 3NH12.50
6517a M/S  Pushkin MiniSheet of 6NH20.00
6518 S/SPushkin SheetNH1.75
6519-23Russian RegionsNH2.50
6528a M/S  Roses MiniSheet with TabNH12.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
6528b STRoses Strip of 5NH6.00
65291.20 on 5000r Definitive OverprintNH25.00
6530Roston on the DonNH3.75
6531UPU AnniversaryNH.60
6532Painter Briulov PairNH.70
6532 M/S  Painter MiniSheet of 6NH5.00
6533Motorcycles Block of 5NH3.25
  6533b  1.50r L-300 Motorcycle with TabNH3.00
  6533d  2r M-72 Motorcycle 
6534-35Suvorov's MarchNH7.50
6534-35 M/S  Suvorov MiniSheets of 8NH85.00
6542-49Popular SingersNH2.00
6549a  M/S  Singers MiniSheet of 8NH12.00
6550-6010k-5r Definitives with Microtext, Perf 12x12¼NH6.00
  "6559x"  3r, Perf 14x13½NHASK
6561Soccer Club AlaniaNH.60
6562New Year PairNH8.50
6562a-b  New Year SinglesNH7.25
6562c-d M/S  New Year MiniSheets of 6NH50.00
  6562c M/S  Grandfather Frost MiniSheet of 6NH27.50
  6562d M/S  Tree in Shell MiniSheet of 6NH35.00
6567 S/SBirth of Jesus SheetNH4.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
6568 S/SChristianity Sheet (Joint issue with Ukraine and Belarus)NH5.50
6569N.D. PsurtsevNH.50
6570 S/SCathedrals SheetNH3.00
6571-75Arctic ResearchersNH4.00
6575a M/S  Arctic MiniSheet of 5NH59.50
6576 M/SSports Sheet of 12NH9.00
6577 S/SMeteorology SheetNH4.00
6578-81WWII VictoryNH2.00
6578-81 ST  WWII Victory Se-TenantNH3.50
6582 S/SWWII Victory SheetNH3.00
6582a  WWII Victory High ValueNH3.00
6582a M/S  WWII MiniSheet of 6NH22.50
6583-85Space ResearchNH2.50
6583a M/S  Space Research MiniSheet of 6NH19.50
6586Traffic SafetyNH.50
6588President PutinNH2.50
6589Europa - StarsNH2.25
6589a BK  Europa Booklet  
6590 S/SExpo 2000 SheetNH2.00
6591-96Regional ScenesNH3.75
6597 M/SScientists MiniSheet of 12NH12.50
6598Dogs Strip of 5NH2.75
6598f M/S  Dogs MiniSheet of 9NH17.00
6599-01Sydney OlympicsNH1.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
6606 M/SCulture MiniSheet of 12NH7.50
6607Fish Pair with Tab (Joint issue with Estonia)NH1.75
6608 M/STechnical Deeds MiniSheet of 12NH5.50
6609New MillenniumNH1.25
6609a M/S  Millennium MiniSheet of 6NH7.50
6610Intelligence ServiceNH.50
6611-15Tourism ScenesNH3.50
6616 S/SNaval Education SheetNH6.00
6617-2010r,25r,50r,100r DefinitivesNH19.50
6621-24These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
6625Tulips Se-tenant Strip of 5NH7.00
6625a-eTulips SinglesNH7.25
Scott's listing of this issue implies (incorrectly) that there was only one printing of the Tulip stamps.  Actually, there were two printings: one with the stamps se-tenant  and one with the five stamps in individual sheets.  Hence, to be accurate, one should have both forms of the issue.  They are both included in our Year Sets. 
6625f M/S  Tulips MiniSheetNH16.75
6626Tropinin Paintings Strip of 3NH1.25
6626 M/S  Tropinin Paintings MiniSheet of 5 StripsNH7.00
6627Matveev Paintings Strip of 3NH1.25
6627 M/S  Matveev Paintings MiniSheet of 5 StripsNH7.00
6628-32St. PetersburgNH2.75
6632a M/S  St. Petersburg MiniSheet of 5NH9.50
6633Dragonflies Block of 6NH2.00
6634First Space Flight PairNH1.25
6634c M/S  Space MiniSheet of 3 PairsNH6.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
6635Europa - WaterNH2.25
6635a M/S  Europa - Water MiniSheet of 6 NH14.00
6635b BKEuropa - Water Booklet NH9.75
6636International Philately (triangle)NH.60
6636a TB  Philately Tete-Beche PairNH1.75
6637State DeclarationNH4.00
6637 M/S  State MiniSheet of 10NH49.00
6638State EmblemsNH2.00
6639 S/SState Emblems SheetNH40.00
6639a  100r State Emblem from Sheet (not in Year Set)NH39.75
6638-39 BKEmblems BookletNH125.00
6638-39 PBK  Prestige Booklet with Blocks of 4 Emblems.  A Very Limited Printing of 3,000.NH1,500.00
6640-53Churches and TemplesNH5.50
6654 S/SRailroad Anniversary SheetNH5.00
6655Space FlightNH.50
6655a M/S  Space MiniSheet of 6NH5.50
6656-64Film ActorsNH4.50
6664a M/S  Actors MiniSheet of 9NH9.00
6665Ivan Lazarev (Joint issue with Armenia)NH1.75
6666Actor RaikinNH.50
6667UN Year of DialogueNH7.50
6667 M/S  Dialogue MiniSheet of 8NH75.00
6668 S/SWriter V.I. Dal SheetNH4.00
6669Constitutional CourtNH.60
6670Savings BankNH.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
6671 S/SBattle of Moscow SheetNH4.00
6672C.I.S. AnniversaryNH6.00
6672 M/S  C.I.S. MiniSheet of 10NH75.00
6673New YearNH.90
6673a M/S  New Year MiniSheet of 6NH7.75
6674-78Regions VINH2.75
6679-81Winter OlympicsNH2.25
6683 S/STrans-Silberian Railway SheetNH4.75
6684-87Hermitage AnniversaryNH6.75
6684-87 M/S  Hermitage MiniSheets of 10NH70.00
6688 S/SHeritage SheetNH7.50
6684-88 PBK  Heritage Prestige BookletNH150.00
6689-93 STLillies Se-tenant StripNH3.75
6693b M/S  Lillies MiniSheet of 5NH9.75
6694Dogs Strip of 5NH2.75
  6694a  Cane CorsoNH.90
  6694b  Shar-peiNH.90
  6694c  Bull MastiffNH.90
  6694d  Fila BrasileiroNH.90
  6694c  Neapolitan MastiffNH.90
6694f M/S  Dogs MiniSheet of 9NH7.00
6695-99St. PetersburgNH89.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
6695-99 M/S  St. Petersburg MiniSheets of 10NH1,000.00
Because of their cost, these MiniSheets are not included in the MiniSheet unit.  These M/S are inscribed and have Decorative Margins.
6695a-99a PBK  St. Petersburg Prestige BookletNH350.00
6700 S/SSecret Service SheetNH5.75
6701Europa - CircusNH3.00
6701a M/S  Europa - Circus MiniSheet of 6 NH19.75
6702Admiral NakhimovNH.75
6702a M/S  Admiral MiniSheet of 8NH6.75
6703EUROSAI CongressNH.75
6703 M/S  EUROSAI MiniSheet of 10NH7.50
6704Volcanoes BlockNH2.75
6705Old Carriages Block of 5NH4.00
6706 S/SCarriages SheetNH19.00
6706 PBK  CarrIages Prestige BookletNH145.00
6707Helicopters Block of 6NH3.50
6708Politician SobchakNH12.50
6709Rare Birds (Joint issue with Kazakhstan)NH1.90
6709 M/S  Birds MiniSheet of 8NH12.00
6710Kostroma AnniversaryNH.40
6717State AnniversaryNH1.10
6718Census (our choice of label position)NH5.00
  Or your choice of Label position: 
6718 LT  Census - Label at TopNH6.00
6718 LB  Census - Label at BottomNH6.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
6718 LL  Census - Label at LeftNH5.90
6718 LR  Census - Label at RightNH5.75
6718a BK  Census Limited BookletNHAsk
6718 M/S  Census MiniSheet of 5NH26.00
6719Census Self-AdhesiveNH4.50
6719+6719 STCensus, Se-tenant Pair (this can come only from Booklets - not Sheet Stamps)NH22.50
6719a BK  Census Normal BookletNH55.00
6720 S/SCustoms SheetNH7.00
6721 S/SStalingrad Battle SheetNH4.00
6722 M/S10 Human Eyes SMiniheet of 10NH7.00
6723-27 S/STsar Alexander with SheetNH19.75
6728-32 TAB  Monasteries with TabsNH75.00
6728-32 M/S  Monasteries MiniSheets of 9 with Tabs (5)NH150.00
6732a M/S  Monastery MiniSheet of 5NH13.50
6733New YearNH.90
6733a M/S  New Year MiniSheet of 6NH6.50
6734-38Palace, Self-adhesiveNH6.00
"6734a-38a" '03Palaces I Self-adhesive First Reissue Definitives (different from, although similar to those issued on December 16, 2002.  We detect important enough differences to warrant catalog listing.NHAsk
The differences are:  roulette perforation has 9 teeth instead of 10 in 2002; different number of stamps in the sheet (90 instead of 50 in 2002);
lighter colors; different backing  paper.
- margins of sheets are different in 2003 and 2002.
"6734b-38b" '04See 2004 below for another reprint of these 5 stamps issue. 
6739-40Nuclear PhysicistsNH.75
6741 S/SAntarctic Research SheetNH4.00
6742-47Tourism ScenesNH2.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
6748C.I.S. CommunicationsNH1.00
6749-50Tennis ChampsNH5.00
6749-50 M/S  Tennis MiniSheets of 10NH79.00
6751 S/STennis - Davis Cup SheetNH25.00
"6751A" M/S  Tennis Combined Special MiniSheet of 2 Stamps and 1 S/SNH95.00
6752-55Dukes and TsarsNH3.50
6756-61 TAB L  Monasteries with Tabs at LeftNH45.00
6756-61 TAB A  Monasteries with Tabs AboveNH50.00
6756-61 M/S  Monasteries MiniSheets of 9 plus Tabs (6)NH350.00
6761a M/S  Monasteries MiniSheet of 6NH9.75
6756-61 BK  Monasteries Prestige BookletNH750.00
6762300 Years of PetrozavodskNH1.00
6763100 Years of NovosibirskNH1.00
6764 S/SBaltic Fleet SheetNH3.25
6765Composer KhachaturyanNH1.25
6765 M/S  Composer MiniSheet of 10NH11.00
6766Europa - Poster ArtNH1.75
6766a M/S  Europa - Poster Art MiniSheet of 6 NH11.75
6767Bells (Joint issue with Belgium)NH1.50
6767c M/S  Bells (Joint issue with Belgium) MiniSheet of 6NH7.50
6768-73St. PetersburgNH35.00
6768-73 M/S  St. Petersburg MiniSheets of 10 (6)NH350.00
6768-74 PBK  St. Petersburg Prestige BookletNH1,750.00
6774 S/SSt. Petersburg Anniversary SheetNH20.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
6775 S/SC.I.S. Summit SheetNH25.00
6776 S/SRussia - EU Summit SheetNH35.00
6777First Woman Space FlightNH.50
6777a M/S  Space Women MiniSheet of 6NH3.50
6778Anti-Drug ConferenceNH.75
67791100 Years of PskovNH.50
6780325 Years of KrasnoyarskNH.50
6781Income Legalization, CoinNH.75
6782 S/SBattle of Kursk SheetNH3.50
6783Kome Forests Block of 3NH1.50
6784 S/SSt. Petersburg Post SheetNH4.00
6785Beetles Strip of 5NH4.00
6785f M/S  Beetles MiniSheet of 5NH6.00
6786Academy of SciencesNH.75
6786 M/S  Science MiniSheet of 9NH5.00
6787350 Years of ChitaNH.60
6788Climate ConferenceNH1.75
6789Mushrooms Strip of 5NH2.00
6789f M/S  Mushrooms MiniSheet of 5NH6.00
6790-94Fruit (with Aroma!)NH6.00
6790-94 M/S  5 Aromatic MiniSheets of 9 (Not in Basic M/S Unit)NH70.00
6790-94 M/SThe Fruit M/S are offered separately from the MiniSheet unit under Year Sets at the start of this Price List. 
6795Caspian Sea Fauna (Joint issue with Iran)NH1.75
6795c M/S  Sea MiniSheet of 6NH8.00
6796 S/SJournalism SheetNH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
6797Cars Block with LabelNH15.00
6797 M/S  Cars Sheet of 4 BlocksNH120.00
6798 M/S  Constitution MiniSheet of 6NH5.00
6799Polar Explorer KrenkelNH.75
6800 S/SBattle of Sinop SheetNH3.00
6801New Year (on velour paper)NH2.50
6801 M/S  New Year MiniSheet of 9NH25.00
6802-05Palaces II Self-adhesiveNH4.00
6802-05 GP  Palaces II Gutter Pairs (8)NH21.00
6802-05 CGB  Palaces II Cross Gutter Blocks (4)NH45.00
6806Federal Assembly StripNH1.00
6813 S/SMilitary Operations SheetNH2.50
6814Pilot ChkalovNH1.00
6814 M/S  Chkalov MiniSheet of 8NH10.00
6815Bazhov Tales Strip of 3NH6.00
6815d M/S  Tales MiniSheet of 6NH12.00
6816Scientist KharitonNH.60
6817Yuri GargarinNH1.00
6817 M/S  Gargarin MiniSheet of 8NH7.50
6818-22 Tab L  Monasteries with Label at LeftNH10.50
6818-22 Tab A  Monasteries with Labels AboveNH12.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
6818-22 ADV M/S  Monasteries MiniSheets of 9 with Labels (5)NH110.00
6822a S/SMonasteries SheetNH11.00
6818-22 PBKMonasteries Prestige BookletNH750.00
6823-27Palaces I Self-adhesive Second Reissue Definitives (different from, although similar to those issued on December 16, 2002 and reprinted for the first time in 2003.  We detect further important enough differences to warrant catalog listing.NH5.50
6823-27The differences are:  roulette perforation format; different number of stamps in the sheet (48 instead of 50 in 2002 and 90 in 2003);
different size from 2003 ).
6823-27 GP  Palaces I Second Reissue - Gutter Pairs (10)NH15.00
6823-27 CGB  Palaces I Second Reissue - Cross Gutter Blocks (5)NH37.00
6828Kronstadt AnniversaryNH.75
6829-32 STRZodiac: 4 Strips of 3NH15.00
  6829 STR  Aries, Leo, Saggittarius Strip of 3NH5.75
  6830 STR  Gemini, Aquarius, Libra Strip of 3NH6.00
  6831 STR  Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo Strip of 3 
  6832 STR  Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio Strip of 3NH6.00
6829-32 ADV M/S  Zodiac MiniSheets of 12 (4)NH89.00
6832d S/SZodiac MiniSheet of 12NH18.00
6833-36Empress CatherineNH4.75
6837 S/SCatherine SheetNH4.75
6838Europa - VacationsNH2.50
6838a M/S  Europa - Vacations MiniSheet of 8 NH20.00
6839 S/SPort Arthur Defense SheetNH3.50
6840Composer Glinka BlockNH1.75
6841-43Amber Room ArtNH3.75
6841-43 M/S  Amber Room MiniSheets of 10NH45.00
6844 S/SAmber Room SheetNH7.50
6841-43 PBKAmber Prestige BookletNH500.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
6845Youth Meeting (Joint with Germany)NH1.25
6845 M/S  Youth Meeting MiniSheet of 8NH11.00
6846Pilot KokkinakiNH.60
6846 M/S  Pilot MiniSheet of 8NH5.75
6847-50Prisekin PaintingsNH2.00
6851-53Women's "Amazon" (Horses)NH1.40
6851-53 F/SHorse Three Full Sheets of 25NH37.50
6851-53 STRHorse Strip of 3NH4.00
This issue was printed in two formats:  1) Sheets of 25 of each value and 2) strips of 3 se-tenant.  We include one of each format in our Year Sets as both should be collected. 
6853a M/SWomen - Horse MiniSheet of 6NH9.00
6854Athens Olympics Pair plus TabNH1.25
6855 S/SSt. Petersburg Shipyard SheetNH4.00
6856 S/SChildren on the Road SheetNH4.00
6857WWF - Wolverines Block of 4NH3.00
6857 M/S 1  WWF MiniSheet of 16NH13.00
6857e M/S 2  WWF MiniSheet of 8NH9.00
6857 BKWWF - BookletNHASK
6858Tomsk AnniversaryNH.50
6859ITAR-TASS AnniversaryNH.90
6859 M/S  ITAR-TASS MiniSheet of 8NH7.50
6862-63Emperor Paul INH3.00
6864 S/SEmperor Paul SheetNH6.00
6865Painter RerikhNH.50
6865 M/S  Painter MiniSheet of 8NH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
6866Duke VsevolodNH1.50
6867Kazan UniversityNH.75
6868-71Silver TreasuresNH4.00
6868-71 ADV M/S  Silver Treasures MiniSheets of 10 (4)NH59.00
6872New Year Triangle WedgeNH13.00
6872 M/S  New Year Circular Sheet of 8NH125.00
6873Altai Mountains BlockNH2.50
6873 F/S  Altai Full Sheet of 9 Blocks 
6874e M/S  Cosmodrome MiniSheet of 8NH8.75
6875-80Autonomous RegionsNH5.00
6881Moscow UniversityNH.50
6881 M/S  University MiniSheet of 9NH5.00
6882 S/SEXPO 2005 SheetNH6.00
6883-86 M/S  Treasures MiniSheets of 10NH100.00
6887-90 TABS  Submarines with Tabs (our choice of Tab)NH50.00
6887-90 M/S  Submarines MiniSheets of 14 each with 2 Different TabsNH375.00
6893a S/SMosque SheetNH25.00
6894-97Tsar Alexander IINH5.00
6898 S/SAlexander SheetNH4.50
6899-03Siege of the FatherlandNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
6899a M/SSiege of the Fatherland MiniSheet of 9NH22.50
6903a-04 S/SSiege Sheets of 5 and 1NH13.50
  6903a S/S  Siege of the Fatherland Sheet of 5NH10.00
  6904 S/S  Siege of the Fatherland Sheet of 1NH6.00
6905Soviet ArmyNH.80
6906 S/SNature Scenes SheetNH7.00
6907 S/SMoscow Metro SheetNH3.50
6908Moscow OlympicsNH.60
6909Europa - FoodNH2.25
6909a M/S  Europa - Food MiniSheet of 6 NH13.50
6910Nobelist ScholokhovNH.60
6911Far East Animals Pair with Tab (Joint issue with North Korea)NH2.50
6911 M/S  Animals MiniSheet of 4 Pairs with Tabs (Joint issue with North Korea)NH12.50
6912Bumblebees Strip of 5NH3.50
6912a S/SBumblebees SheetNH6.00
6913Kaliningrad AnniversaryNH1.25
6914 M/S  University MiniSheet of 9NH7.50
6918-22Jet FightersNH3.50
6922a S/SFighters SheetNH7.50
6923 S/SKulilkovo Battle SheetNH2.50
6924 S/SWater and Earth SheetNH3.50
6925Field Marshall SuvorovNH.90
6925a M/S  Field Marshall Suvorov MiniSheet of 8NH13.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
6926Sea Infantry Block of 4NH2.50
6926a-d  Sea Infantry SinglesNH2.50
6927Santa ClausNH.75
6927a M/S  Santa Claus MiniSheet of 8NH9.00
6928 M/S  UNESCO MiniSheet of 16NH20.00
6929Happy New Year!NH1.00
6929a M/S  New Year MiniSheet of 9NH12.50
6930-34Antonov AirplanesNH2.75
6934a S/SAirplanes Sheet of 5NH3.90
6935-37Winter Olympics, TurinNH1.25
6938Armenia Day (Joint issue with Armenia)NH1.75
6938 BKArmenia Day Official Booklet Folder (Joint issue with Armenia)NH6.00
6939-41Antarctic ResearchNH3.00
6941a M/S  Antarctic MiniSheet of 6NH8.00
6942-43Painter GeNH1.10
6942-43 M/S  Painter Ge MiniSheets of 10NH12.50
6944-45Vrubel PaintingsNH1.10
6944-45 M/SPaintings of Vrubel MiniSheets of 10NH12.50
6946-49 TAB  Submarines with Tabs (our choice of Tab)NH12.50
6946-49 TAB L  Submarines with Tabs at LeftNH13.00
6946-49 TAB R  Submarines with Tabs at RightNH14.00
6946-49 M/S  Submarines MiniSheets of 14 each with 2 Different TabsNH150.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
6950-53Kremlin MuseumsNH2.00
6954Kremlin Museums Special Strip of 5NH42.75
6954 M/S  Kremlin Museums Special Strip of 5 MiniSheet of 10NH85.00
"6954" PBK  Kremlin Museums Prestige Official Booklet Folder of 10NH59.00
6955 S/SKremlim Museums SheetNH1.50
"6955A" BK  Kremlin Museums Official Booklet FolderNH15.00
6956-60Airplanes of YakovlevNH2.50
6960a S/SAirplanes of Yakovlev SheetNH3.90
6961 S/S100 Years of State Duma SheetNH1.50
6962-63State Arms and FlagNH2.75
6962a-63c BK (6)  State Arms and Flag - Six Definitive Booklets of 10,15 and 20 (Limited and Scarce)NH150.00
6964-67150 Years of Tretiakov GalleryNH2.50
6968 S/STretiakov Gallery Sheet NH1.60
"6968X" S/S150 Years of Tretiakov Gallery Limited Edition SheetNH100.00
6970-71Emperor Alexander IIINH2.00
6972 S/SEmperor Alexander III Sheet NH2.50
6973150 Years of BlagovescenskNH.50
6974 S/SBaltic Ship Factory SheetNH1.30
6975Sport Complex LuzhnikiNH.75
6976Flowers Block of 4NH2.75
6976 F/S  Flower Compositions Sheet of 24NH22.00
6977250 Years of Altai Joining RussiaNH.50
6977 M/S  250 Years of Altai Joining Russia MiniSheet of 9NH5.00
6978-83Russian Regions inc RainbowNH4.75
6984Krusenstein BargeNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
6984 F/S  Krusenstein Barge Sheet of 12 (too large for M/S unit) 
698550 Years of ArticCoal CompanyNH.75
6986 S/SBig Palace of Tasrskoe Selo SheetNH1.75
"6986A" BK  Big Palace of Tasrskoe Selo Official Booklet FolderNH3.75
6987-88Painter IvanovNH1.25
6987-88 M/S  Painter Ivanov MiniSheets of 10NH13.50
6989-90Painter VasnetsovNH1.25
6989-90 M/S  Painter Vasnetsov MiniSheets of 10NH13.50
6994 S/S250 Years of State Theater SheetNH1.50
6995-99Fauna of YakutiaNH2.60
6999a S/SFauna of Yakutia SheetNH4.50
7000International Youth ProjectsNH1.50
7000 TB  International Youth Projects Tete-Beche Pairs (2)NH4.25
7001Academician LikhachyovNH2.00
7001 TAB  Academician Likachyov with TabNH3.00
7001 M/S  Academician Likachyov MiniSheet of 6 + TabsNH9.75
7002North Caucasus Nature Block of 3 plus TabNH2.00
7002 F/S  North Caucasus Nature Sheet of 9 BlocksNH22.00
700375 Years of National TelecastingNH.80
700415 Years of Mobile CommunicationNH.80
7005European CouncilNH.90
7006165 Years of Savings BankNH1.00
7007 S/S165 Years of Savings Bank SheetNH1.75
7008Regional Communication SystemNH.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
7009Santa Claus PostNH.75
7009 M/S  Santa Claus MiniSheet of 6NH11.00
7010National AtlasNH.60
7010 TB  National Atlas, Tete-Beche PairNH1.75
7011New YearNH.75
7011a M/S  New Year MiniSheet of 6NH9.75
7012Scientist BehterevNH.60
7013-14Painter ShishkinNH1.70
7013-14 M/S  Painter Shishkin MiniSheets of 10NH17.50
7015Order of St. Georg, Perf 12NH1.20
7015 TAB  Order of St. Georg, Perf 12 with TabNH2.50
7015 STR  Order of St. Georg, Perf 12, Strip of 3 with Tab in CenterNH3.75
7015 M/S  St. Georg Perf 12 -  MiniSheet of 8NH12.50
"7015a"Order of St. Georg, Perf 13½NH20.00
"7015a" TAB  Order of St. Georg, Perf 13½ with TabNH55.00
"7015a" STR  Order of St. Georg, Perf 13½, Strip of 3 with Tab in CenterNH75.00
"7015a" M/S  St. Georg Perf 13½ - MiniSheet of 8NH150.00
7016 S/SOrder of St. Georg Sheet of 1NH6.00
7017Economic AcademyNH.60
7017 M/S  Economic Academy Decorative MiniSheet of 9NH5.50
7018-19Painter Kiprensky, Perf 13½NH3.00
7018-19 M/S  Painter Kiprensky, Perf 13½ MiniSheets of 10NH32.50
"7019a"  Poor Lisa Painting, Perf 12NH15.00
"7019a" M/S  Poor Lisa Painting, Perf 12 MiniSheet of 10NH130.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
7020Postal Service Emblem NH.80
7020 BK 10  Postal Service Emblem Booklet of 10NH18.00
7020 BK 20  Postal Service Emblem Booklet of 20NH35.00
7021 S/SArctic Year Sheet of 3NH2.50
7022 S/S20th Century Culture SheetNH2.00
7023 S/SCosmonaut Day Sheet of 3NH6.00
7024Bashkiria - Russia Union AnniversaryNH.80
7024 M/S  Bashkiria - Russia MiniSheet of 9NH7.25
7025-26Painter ChistiakovNH1.75
7025-26 M/S  Painter Chistiakov MiniSheets of 10NH17.50
7027-28Painter BorovikivskyNH1.75
7027-28 M/S  Painter Borovikovsky MiniSheets of 10NH17.50
7029 S/SFirst Russian Stamp SheetNH1.25
7030First Phone CallNH.60
7031 S/SPainting Academy SheetNH3.00
7032St. Petersburg Exhibition, Perf 12x12½NH.60
7032aSt. Petersburg Exhibition, Perf 12NH1.00
7032a TAB  St. Petersburg Exhibition with Tab depicting Russia #1NH2.00
7032a TAB  St. Petersburg Exhibition Strip with Tab depicting Russia #1 in CenterNH3.50
7032a M/S  St. Petersburg Perf 12 MiniSheet of 8NH4.75
7033 S/S"Pleseztk" Cosmodrome SheetNH1.40
7034300 Years of HakasiaNH1.00
7034 M/S  300 Years of Hakasia MiniSheet of 9NH8.00
7035 TABSubmarine Frogmen Pair with TabNH1.75
7035 M/S  Submarine Frogmen MiniSheet of 8NH7.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
7036Doctor BotkinNH.60
7043 S/SBiblio-Globus Shop SheetNH1.50
7044 S/SYear of Language SheetNH1.50
7045 S/SFlowers Sheet (Joint Issue with North Korea)NH3.00
7046-48WWF Stork, Snow Leopard, BisonNH2.25
7048a S/SWWF Stork, Snow Leopard, Bison Souvenir Sheet of 8 with TabNH5.75
7049Auto Industry Strip of 3NH3.00
7049d M/S  Auto Industry MiniSheet of 8 with TabNH8.00
7049 F/S  Auto Industry Sheets of 15NHASK
7050Language Year, House of ScienceNH1.00
7054a S/SHorses SheetNH3.40
7055Arctic Exploration Pair with TabNH2.00
7055 TB  Arctic Exploration Tete-Beche PairNH6.00
7056New YearNH1.00
7056a M/S  New Year MiniSheet of 6NH7.00
7057First Russian StampsNH.90
7058Writer TolstoyNH.70
7059-60Nobelists in PhysicsNH1.50
7061Architect BetankurNH1.00
7062Astrakan 450th AnniversaryNH1.00
7062 SH  Astrakan 450th Anniversary Sheet of 15NH19.75
7063Spacecraft Designer GlushkoNH.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
7064 S/SArcheological Heritage SheetNH4.50
7065Beijing Olympics Strip of 3NH6.50
7065 SH  Beijing Olympics Sheet of 8 StripsNH60.00
7065d S/SBeijing Olympics SheetNH6.50
7066 S/SBlack Sea Fleet SheetNH3.00
7067Europa - The LetterNH1.00
7067a S/S  Europa - The Letter Sheet of 6 NH5.75
7068President MedvedevNH2.00
7074Churches Pair plus Tab (Joint Issue with Romania)NH2.75
7074c M/S  Churches MiniSheet of 6 plus Tabs (Joint Issue with Romania)NH12.50
7075Helicopter SportsNH.75
7076Pokrovsk CathedralNH.80
7076 BK 1  Pokrovsk Cathedral Booklet of 10NH11.00
7076 BK 2  Pokrovsk Cathedral Booklet of 20NH25.00
7077 S/SNorthern Fleet SheetNH3.00
7078Udmurtia in RussiaNH.80
7078 M/S  Udmurtia in Russia MiniSheet of 9NH7.25
7079 S/SWorld Heritage - Kizhi SheetNH4.50
7080 S/SEmperor Nikolai SheetNH3.75
7081 S/SInternational Polar YearNH2.75
7082-9610k-25r Fauna DefinitivesNH6.50
"7082X-96X" ESFPlease see listing under Year 2010 for the Reprint Set with Extra Security Features. 
7097 S/SCurrency Printer Goznak Anniversary Sheet (round stamps)NH2.75
7097 PBK  Currency Printer Goznak Prestige Anniversary BookletNH35.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
7098Flora and Fauna Block of 3 plus TabNH2.75
7099Leningrad RegionNH7.75
7100 S/SCossacks SheetNH3.00
7101-02 TAB 1  Helicopters with Symbol TabsNH5.00
7101-02 TAB 2  Helicopters with Text TabsNH5.00
7101-02 M/S  Helicopters MiniSheets of 14 plus TabsNH22.50
7102a S/SHelicopters SheetNH6.00
7103Nature Heritage Block inc TabNH2.50
7104-05Federal AssemblyNH2.00
7104-05 TAB  Federal Assembly with TabsNH16.00
7104-05 M/S  Federal Assembly MiniSheets of 14 plus TabsNH28.00
7109a S/S  Bridges Sheet of 8NH6.50
7106-09 M/S  Bridges 4 MiniSheets of 12NH39.00
7110 SH  Swimming MiniSheet of 16 (not in M/S Year Set)NH14.00
7111Ice HockeyNH.85
7111 TAB  Ice Hockey (4) with 4 TabsNH11.50
7111 M/S  Ice Hockey MiniSheet of 12 plus 4 TabsNH13.00
7112-15 TAB  Bicycles with TabsNH12.00
7112-15 M/S  Bicycles 4 MiniSheets of 8NH22.50
7115a S/SBicycles Sheet of 8NH6.50
7116-19Dagestan CostumesNH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
7116-19 TAB STR  4 Dagestan Costumes Strips of 4 with Tabs aboveNH23.00
7116-19 TAB R  Dagestan Costumes with Tabs at RightNH9.50
7116-19 M/S  Dagestan Costumes 4 MiniSheets of 8NH35.00
7119a S/SDagestan Costumes Sheet of 8NH9.50
7120New YearNH.80
7120 M/S  New Year MiniSheet of 8NH7.50
7121-23Regions: Bus, Plane, EquipmentNH2.25
7124Cuban Revolution (Joint Issue with Cuba)NH2.00
7125Naval MuseumNH.60
7125 M/S  Naval Museum MiniSheet of 9NH5.50
7126-27Painter V. PerovNH1.60
7126-27 M/S  Painter V. Perov MiniSheets of 10NH16.00
7128 S/SChemist MendeleevNH1.35
7129Test Pilot G. BakhchivanjiNH.90
7129 M/S  Test Pilot G. Bakhchivanji MiniSheet of 8NH7.50
7130Cosmonaut Yuri GargarinNH.90
7130 M/S  Cosmonaut Gargarin MiniSheet of 10 plus 2 TabsNH10.00
7131 S/SInventor A. PopovNH1.80
7132-33 S/SWriter N. Gogol, StoriesNH3.90
7134-37Victory Weapon - War AnniversaryNH4.50
7134-37 M/S  Victory Weapon - War  Anniversary MiniSheets of 15NH48.00
7137a S/SVictory Weapon - War Anniversary Sheet of 8NH9.50
7138Europa - AstronomyNH.90
7138a M/S  Europa - Astronomy MiniSheet of 9 NH8.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
7139-40 ST  Hydrometeorology Se-tenant PairNH3.00
7140a M/S  Hydrometeorology MiniSheet of 8NH6.50
7141 S/SEmpress Catharine SheetNH3.75
7142Kalmykia Entry to RussiaNH.70
7142 M/S  Kalmykia MiniSheet of 9NH6.25
7143-46Icebreaker's FleetNH3.25
7143-46 TAB  Icebreaker's Fleet with TabsNH7.00
7143-46 GP  Icebreakers Gutter Block of 4NH17.50
7143-46 M/S  Icebreaker's Fleet MiniSheets of 8NH26.00
7147 S/SBattle of Poltava SheetNH2.75
7148Year of Youth 2009NH1.00
7152 S/SHelicopters AnniversaryNH3.40
7153-54Artist Serebryakova BirthNH1.75
7153-54 M/S  Artist Serebryakova Birth MiniSheets of 10NH18.00
7155Politician GromykoNH.70
7156 S/SSolovetskie Islands SheetNH4.60
7157-58Moscow, St. Petersburg SymbolsNH1.50
7157a-58a BK 10Moscow, St. Petersburg Symbols 2  Booklets of 10NH15.00
7157b-58b BK 20Moscow, St. Petersburg Symbols 2 Booklets of 20NH30.00
7159-62  Bridges Vertical Strip of 4NH4.50
7159-62 M/S  Bridges MiniSheets of 12NH47.50
7162a S/SBridges Sheet of 8NH8.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
7163 S/SSoldierly Glory Sheet of 5NH4.75
7164 S/SGreat Novgorod SheetNH4.75
7165 S/SCossacks SheetNH3.00
7166-69 TAB  Headdresses with TabNH9.00
7166-69 M/S  Headdresses MiniSheets of 11 plus TabNH38.00
7169a S/SHeaddresses Sheet of 8NH7.00
7170-81Kremlin Definitives Self-adhesiveNH39.75
7170-81 PN  Kremlin Definitives Panes of 10 (not in Year Set)NH425.00
7170-81 HGP  Kremlin Definitives Horizontal Gutter PairsNH150.00
7170-81 VGP  Kremlin Definitives Vertical Gutter PairsNH150.00
7170-81 CGB  Kremlin Definitives Cross Gutter BlocksNH425.00
7179a M/S '14Kremlin Definitives 2014 Reprint Sheet of 10NH14.00
7181a S/SKremlin Definitives Sheet of 12NH38.00
7182World Food ProgramNH.95
7183Admiral V. IstominNH.95
7184Road SafetyNH.90
7185Rank of Hero of the Soviet UnionNH.90
7185 M/S  Hero of the Soviet Union MiniSheet of 10NH9.50
7186 S/SEmpress Elizabeth SheetNH3.75
7187Transport DepartmentNH.90
7188Higher Theater SchoolNH.95
7189Antarctic TreatyNH1.40
7190New Year, Self-adhesiveNH1.75
7190 M/S  New Year MiniSheet of 9NH18.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
7191Strategic Rocket ForcesNH.90
7192-95Fountains of RussiaNH4.50
7192-95 M/S  Fountains MiniSheets of 8NH36.00
"7082X-96X" ESFFifth Animal Definitives with Enhanced Security FeaturesNH5.00
7196-97Pilots Serov, GrizodubovaNH3.75
7198-99 S/SChekhov Birth SheetsNH4.25
7200Friendship UniversityNH.85
7201Vancouver OlympicsNH1.25
7201 M/S  Vancouver Olympics MiniSheet of 9NH11.75
7202-03Painter Fedor Rokotov BirthNH1.80
7202-03 M/S  Painter Fedor Rokotov Birth MiniSheets of 10NH18.00
7206Antarctic Scientist Evgeny FeodorovNH1.00
7206 M/S  Antarctic Scientist Eugeny Feodorov MiniSheet of 6NH6.50
7207 S/SSoldierly Glory Medal SheetNH4.25
7208-11Tanks in World War II (1st Printing - Singles)NH4.00