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Established 1966

SOUTH SUDAN 2017 ISSUES now available:  Severe inflation has caused the Sudan Post Office to surcharge 19 different stamps.  These surcharges are now in stock in extremely limited quantity.  These are the first South Sudan issues in five years!  To avoid disappointment, please reserve yours now.  Call or email for further information.
Sunday, December 16, 2018


Scott # Description Condition Price
1948 DF1-20 (15)NH375.00
1948 CM21-22NH155.00
1949-52 DF1a-20a (18)NH850.00
1950-52No stamps issued. 
1954No stamps issued. 
1956-58No stamps issued. 
1964-65No stamps issued. 
1973 DF86a//95aNH81.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1993 SA673Bc Self-adhesive PaneNH17.00
1994 L S/S"702b" Limited S/SNH55.00
1995707-40,717b,717c, 721aNH74.00
1995 S/S715a-j Show S/SNH90.00
Scott # Description Condition Price

1996 S/SSpecial Show S/S (742A,742c,742d,769c)NH145.00
1996 BKBooklets (3)NH26.00
1997 CM774-815,825-28A,775b,775c,775e,

1997 DF816-24 (12)NHAsk
1997 MS775a Sheet of 18NH69.00
1997 JJ19-20NH145.00
1997 BKBooklets (4)NH26.00
1998 M/S830b Sheet of 18NH32.50
1999 M/S890b Sheet of 18NH30.00
1999 BKBooklets (3)NHAsk
2000918-63,918e,920b,921b,921c,946a, 947fNH150.00
2000 M/SNew Year MiniSheet - included above 
2000 FDNew Year Dragon FD CardNH7.50
2000 BKBooklets (3)NH40.00
2001964-92,993-98,965b,965c,965d,983e, 988aNHAsk
2002999-1043,1000a,1017a,1021a,1042a, 1043c,1043d,1043e,1043f,1043gNH219.00
2002 BKBooklet (1)NH6.00
2003 BKBooklets (4)NH24.00
2004992A,998B,1078-1124,1079b,1090c-g, 1090m,1110c,1118aNHAsk
2004 L S/SLimited Edition Sheet (1)NH275.00
2004 GC S/SGlobal City Stamp Championship Overprint Sheets 1043h-l,1058h-l, 1090h-l (15)NH137.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2004 BKBooklets (3) 
2005992B,1125-65,1126b,1126c,1136a, 1159a,1163aNHAsk
2005 BKBooklets (3)NH79.00
2005 N M/SNew Year MiniSheet 
2005 Z M/SZheng MiniSheet 
2006 BKBooklets (2) 
2007 RPDefinitive Reprints (10)NH29.00
2009 BKBooklets (3)NHAsk
2010 M/S1452a MiniSheet (1)NH49.50
2010 BKBooklets (7)NH65.00
201162 Stamps including 1 BK+ 9 S/S and M/SNH172.00
2011 DBKDefinitive Booklet of 10 (1)NH3.50
201261 Stamps + 8 S/SNH135.00
2012 BKBooklets (6)NH22.75
201360 Stamps + 9 S/SNH160.00
2013 LA2013 Late Arrivals:  4 Stamps + 1 S/SNH16.00
2013 BKBooklets (4)NH22.00
201490 Stamps + 8 S/SNH185.00
201550 Stamps + 10 S/SNH134.75
2016 Stamps + S/SNHRESERVE!
Scott # Description Condition Price
2017 Stamps + S/SNHRESERVE!
2018Click to reserve now for earliest delivery.NHRESERVE!
1970-1979112-335 + 9 S/SNH1,275.00
1980-1989336-558 + 9 S/SNH379.00
1990-1999559-917 + 20 S/S + J19-20NHAsk
2000-2005918-1165 + Basic Year Set S/S listed aboveNHAsk
A GRAND Collection of Singapore
1949-19991-917,1a-20a + 39 S/S including 106a + J19-20NHAsk
1-20 (20)George VI, Mixed perfsNHAsk
1-20 (15)George VI, Perf 14NH375.00
  2  2c George VI Orange, Perf 14H.40
  4  4c George VI Brown, Perf 14H.50
  7  8c George VI Scarlet, Perf 14H1.25
  20  $5 George VI Brown, Perf 14H80.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1a-20a (18)George VI, Perf 17x18NH850.00
  4a  4c Brown George VI, Perf 17x18H1.75
  8  8c Green George VI, Perf 17x18H4.50
  10  12c Rose red George VI, Perf 17x18H5.50
  13  20c Ultramarine George VI, Perf 17x18H3.25
  14a  25c Orange George VI, Perf 17x18H.65
  18a th    $1 Violet brown with thin spotH3.50
21-22Silver WeddingNH145.00
23-26UPU AnniversaryNH30.00
27Queen Elizabeth II CoronationNH2.60
28-42Elizabeth DefinitivesNH175.00
43-48New ConstitutionNH19.50
49-50State FlagNH6.50
51-52Hands, MapNH3.25
53-59Fish DefinitivesNH5.00
  53  2c Sea HorseNH.70
Scott # Description Condition Price
  54  4c Tiger BarbNH.70
  55  5c Anemone FishNH.70
  56  6c ArcherfishNH.70
  57  10c Harlequin FishNH1.00
  58  20c Butterfly FishNH2.00
  59  25c Gournami FishNH1.00
60-61Labor's RoleNH3.00
62-69Birds, FlowersNH90.00
  62  1c Maggie OeiNH1.00
    62a '67    1c Sideways watermark 
  63  8c OrchidNH1.00
  64  12c Orchid 
  65  30c VandaNH2.00
  66  50c ShamaNH2.00
    66a '66    50c Shama with Sideways WatermarkNH10.00
  67  $1 KingfisherNH20.00
    67a '67    $1 Kingfisher with Sideways WatermarkNH30.00
  68  $2 SunbirdNH27.50
  "68 RP"    $2 Sunbird - 1970 ReprintNH11.00
  69  $5 Sea EagleNH65.00
70-71Government HousingNH2.75
72Folk DancersNH1.00
73-75Republic AnniversaryNH7.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
7615c TernNH4.00
  76a  15c Orange omittedNHAsk
77-79Marching WomenNH5.00
80-82Buildings, AfricaNH5.50
83-85Working, MapNH2.75
86-95Dancing DefinitivesNH13.00
"86B,88B" GP '71  5c,10c on Glazed PaperNH14.50
86a-95a '73  Perf 13 IssueNH81.00
89a BK 1Dancers Booklet of 10NH95.00
89a BK 2  Dancers Booklet of 10 with Candlelight Plate FlawNHAsk
96-98Cogwheel, ECAFENH7.00
99-100Homes for the PeopleNH5.00
101-06Founding 150 YearsNH120.00
106a S/SFounding SheetNH650.00
107-11Musical InstrumentsNH85.00
"109A,111A" '73  New Paper Reissue of $2, $10NHAsk
112-15Birds, Orchids, Fish ShellsNH21.00
115a S/SBirds, Orchids, Fish Shells Sheet of 4NH32.00
115a S/S var  Birds, Orchids, Fish, Shells Sheet on Whiter, Thicker Paper, Brighter ColorsNH39.00
116-18Sports, PlayNH11.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
122-25Sports Festival Strip of 4NH21.00
122-25 PR  Sports Festival PairsNH18.50
122-25 SNG  Sports Festival SinglesNH16.00
129-32Commonwealth FlagsNH14.00
133-37Rickshaws, WorshipNH19.00
141a S/SNew Year Sheet (White Gum)NH195.00
141a S/S varNew Year Sheet (Aromatic Brown Gum)NH250.00
142-43Satellite StationNH70.00
144-49View PaintingsNH68.00
153-56Local PaintingsNH16.00
161-63Youth TrainingNH11.00
164-66Shipping IndustryNH21.00
166a S/SShips Sheet of 3NH50.00
167-70Quality and ReliablilityNH11.00
175-78Airline EmblemsNH11.00
179-82Entertainers BlockNH13.00
179//82  Entertainers Single StampsH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
188a S/SSports SheetNH55.00
189-201Flowers, FruitNH65.00
190a-1 BKFlowers with 9.00 p.m. InscriptionNH27.00
190a-2 BKFlowers with Public Holidays InscriptionNH32.00
215-17Family, PopulationNH5.50
218-21Child's DrawingsNH9.50
221a S/SDrawings SheetNH30.00
222-24Outside DiningNH9.50
225-28Ports, ShipsNH11.00
229-31Science, MedicalNH5.50
232-35National DayNH9.50
240-42Women's YearNH7.00
242a S/SIWY, Dove SheetNH20.00
251-53Youth FestivalNH4.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
256a S/SPaintings Sheet of 3NH25.00
257-59Bridal CostumesNH8.00
263-751c-$10 Sea ShellsNH26.00
263//75 RP '78  1978 5c//$10 Reprints (10)NH32.50
263//75 NP '80  1980 5c//$10 on New Paper (9)NH47.50
  264a BK5c Shells Booklet of 12NH15.00
276-78Labor DayNH4.75
285-87Child's DrawingsNH4.75
287a S/SChild's Drawings Sheet of 3NH16.00
292-94Parks and GardensNH4.00
295-98Singing BirdsNH9.00
303 S/SMonuments Sheet of 4NH10.00
304-07Cable NetworkNH4.50
312-15Aviation including ConcordeNH6.50
316-18Metric SystemNH2.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
319-22Vanda OrchidsNH5.50
323-24Postal CodesNH1.60
325-28Telephone LinesNH3.50
329-32Year of the ChildNH3.25
332a S/SYear of the Child SheetNH6.25
333-35Botanic GardensNH3.75
336-48Ships, JunksNH34.00
336//48 PC  1983 Phosphor Coated Issue (8)NH100.00
338a BK  10c Ship Booklet of 10NH13.00
349-52London ExpoNH5.00
352a S/SLondon Expo Sheet of 4NH6.50
353-55Provident Fund BoardNH2.75
356-59ASEAN CableNH4.00
360-62Trade Fair, Perf 13NH2.00
"360X-62X"Trade Fair, Perf 13x14NHAsk
  "360X"  10c Trade Fair, Perf 13x14NHAsk
  "361X"  35c Trade Fair, Perf 13x14NHAsk
  "362X"  75c Trade Fair, Perf 13x14NHAsk
367-69Monetary SystemNH2.25
37010c Surcharge on 4c FishNH1.25
375-77Sports for AllNH6.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
378-81Disabled YearNH3.50
382-86Changi AirportNH4.00
386a S/SAirport SheetNH5.00
394-96World Cup SoccerNH3.00
399a S/SLighthouses SheetNH6.00
400-03Container TerminalNH3.00
404-07Scouting YearNH3.50
412-15Commonwealth DayNH3.25
416-19Asia GamesNH3.25
420-22Neighborhood WatchNH2.25
423-25Bangkok ShowNH2.50
425a S/SBangkok Show Sheet of 3NH4.50
426-29ASEAN CableNH4.00
429a S/SASEAN Cable SheetNH8.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
447a S/SSelf-Government Sheet of 6NH9.25
448Defense Strip of 4NH1.25
453//60 LMR Leigh-Mardon Reprints of 1988-89 (8)NHAsk
453//57 TPR Thick paper Reprints of 1987 (4)NH45.00
465-68Public ServiceNH3.75
469-72Public HousingNH3.75
472a S/SPublic Housing Sheet of 4NH5.25
473-76Girl GuidesNH3.50
477-79Youth YearNH2.75
480-83Native FruitNH5.00
484Progress Strip of 4NH2.00
485 S/SProgress Strip Sheet of 4NH5.00
486Vancouver ExpoNH5.00
491-94Submarine CableNH5.75
495Citizen's CommitteeNH3.50
496-98Peace Year 
502-05ASEAN AnniversaryNH3.00
506Armed Forces Strip of 4NH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
507 S/SArmed Forces SheetNH5.00
508-10River LifeNH4.00
511-13Museum CentenaryNH4.00
514-17Science AttractionsNH5.00
522-24Mass TransitNH6.00
529-31Public Utilities BoardNH3.25
531a S/SPublic Utilities Sheet of 3NH5.00
532-34Courtesy to OthersNH2.75
535-36Fire ServiceNH5.50
537-40Port FacilitiesNH4.75
541-44Old ChinatownNH7.00
545-47 (6)Maps inc Block of 4NH14.00
555a S/SFestivals Sheet of 4NH6.00
558a S/SStadium Sheet of 3NH5.50
559a BK15c Art with Ship Booklet CoverNH13.00
563-66Stamp AnniversaryNH9.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
566a S/SAnniversary SheetNH10.00
568a BK15c Tourism with Canal Boat CoverNH17.00
  "568b" IT  15c Tourism Imperf at TopNH2.50
  "568b" IB  15c Tourism Imperf at BottomNH2.50
  "568b" IPR  15c Tourism Pair Imperf Top and BottomNH4.50
569a-1 BK20c Tourism, SceneNH45.00
569a-2 BK20c Tourism, Mobil OILNH27.00
569a-3 BK20c Tourism, Grey CoverNH19.00
569a-4 BK20c Tourism, Coin CoverNH24.00
569a-5 BK20c, Kuala LumpurNH40.00
576a BK15c Independence Booklet of 10 with Moon and Stars CoverNH17.00
  "576b"  15c Independence Perf 14NH3.00
  "576b" MAL  15c Independence Pair with Small Margin at Left NH3.00
  "576b" MAR  15c Independence Pair with Small Margin at RightNH3.00
  "576b" PR  15c Independence Pair with Small MarginsNH5.00
580-83Touristic ScenesNH34.00
588-95Houses of WorshipNH11.00
596-97 PROrchids, Show Pair with GutterNH7.50
596-97 SNG  Orchids SinglesNH6.00
596-97 M/S  Orchids MiniSheet of 10 NH85.00
598-601Civilian AirportsNH9.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
605a BK20c Bird Booklet of 10NH22.00
611-14Flowers, PhilaNipponNH7.75
614a S/SFlowers SheetNH9.00
615-16Orchids Pair with Singapore'95 GutterNH7.25
615-16 M/S  Orchids MiniSheet of 10 NH80.00
616b S/SOrchids Exhibition SheetNH11.00
621-26Summer OlympicsNH8.50
626a S/SOlympics SheetNH11.50
631-33Military ForcesNH4.25
634-36Visit ASEANNH3.75
637a BK20c Crab Booklet of 10NH13.00
"637b" IT  20c Crab Imperf at TopNH2.00
"637b" IB  20c Crab Imperf at BottomNH2.00
"637b" IPR  20c Crab Pair Imperf at Top and BottomNH3.50
641-44Currency, Coins BlockNH8.00
645-48Wild AnimalsNH6.25
649Greetings StripNH4.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
649f BK20c Greetings Booklet of 10NH7.00
650-52Tanjong Pagar ArchitectureNH6.00
653Cranes PaintingNH3.50
654-59Sports, GamesNH8.00
660a BK20c Butterflies Booklet of 10NH8.00
"660b" IT  20c Butterfly Imperf at TopNH1.75
"660b" IB  20c Butterfly Imperf at BottomNH1.75
"660b" IPR  20c Butterfly Pair Imperf Top and BottomNH3.25
664-65Orchids, Show Pair with GutterNH8.00
664-65 M/S  Orchids MiniSheet of 10 NH90.00
665b S/STaipei, Orchids Sheet with Taipei '93 InscriptionNH8.50
669a S/SFruit SheetNH6.75
670-73WWF Egrets Strip of 4NH5.00
670-73  WWF Egret SinglesNH4.75
670-73 F/S  Egret WWF Sheet of 10 StripsNH55.00
673BPalm TreeNH1.50
673Bc BK  Palm Tree Self-adhesive Pane of 15, our choiceNH15.00
673Bc BK 1  Palm Tree EMS CoverNH17.00
673Bc BK 2  Palm Tree Singapore EMS CoverNH17.00
673Bc BK 3  Palm Tree Postpac Cartons EMS CoverNH17.00
673Bc BK 4  Palm Tree Soda EMS CoverNH19.00
673Bc BK 5  Palm Tree Lum EMS CoverNH17.00
673Bc BK 6  Palm Tree Security Envelopes EMS CoverNH17.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
674-84AMarine Life 
  674-81  Marine Life 5c-75c Part 1 
  682-84A  Marine Life $1-$10 Part 2NH41.00
675a BKMarine Life Booklet of 10 (our choice of format)NH7.50
675a BK 1  Marine Life Booklet of 10 Black BordersNH8.00
675a BK 2  Marine Life Booklet of 10 Blue BordersNH9.00
675a BK 3  Marine Life Booklet of 10 Blue Borders plus "inclusive of GST"NH10.00
"675c"  20c Marine Life Single from BookletNH1.50
684BSelf-adhesive Stingray (our choice of format)NH2.50
684B IT  Self-adhesive Stingray - Imperf at TopNH5.00
684B IB  Self-adhesive Stingray - Imperf at BottomNH5.00
684B IPR  Self-adhesive Stingray Pair - Imperf at Top and BottomNH10.50
684Bc BK  Self-adhesive Stingray Booklet of 10 (our choice of format)NH15.00
684Bc BK 1  Self-adhesive Stingray Booklet of 10 84x56mmNH15.00
684Bc BK 2  Self-adhesive Stingray Booklet of 10, 87x56mmNH18.00
684Bc BK 2a  Self-adhesive Stingray Booklet of 10, Darker blueNH15.00
684Bc BK 3  Sting Ray, PostTechNH36.00
684Bc BK 4  Sting Ray, Route CoverNH27.00
684Bc BK 5  Sting Ray, 6 Digit Postal CodeNH22.00
684Bc BK 6  Sting Ray, Singapore'95NH26.00
685-86Orchids Pair with Gutter TabNH8.50
686b S/SOrchids Sheet with Hong Kong ImprintNH9.00
687-90Spring Festival of ArtsNH4.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
695-98Herons BlockNH4.75
695a BK20c Herons Booklet of 10NH8.00
  "695b" IT  20c Heron Imperf at TopNH1.25
  "695b" IB  20c Heron Imperf at BottomNH1.25
  "695b" IPR  20c Heron Pair Imperf at Top and BottomNH2.25
698B-FGreetings StripNH5.00
698g BK  Greetings Pane of 10NH9.00
698g BK  NVI Greetings Booklet of 10NH9.00
699-702Early to Modern SingaporeNH4.50
702a S/SEarly, Modern SheetNH5.00
"702b" S/SEarly, Modern Sheet with SINGPEX Logo AddedNH55.00
703-06Civil AviationNH5.75
707-11Love StampsNH6.00
711a BK  Love Stamps Booklet of 10NH10.00
712-15Suntec MeetingsNH6.50
715a-j S/SExhibition SheetsNH85.00
717b S/SOrchids + Chimp in Margin SheetNH11.00
"717bA" S/S  Orchids + Chimp Sheet ImperforateNH60.00
717c S/SOrchids + Fish SheetNH9.00
"717cA" S/S  Orchids + Fish Sheet Imperforate Limited Edition (1,000)NHAsk
"717d" S/SGolden Scene, Orchids Limited Edition (9,000) SheetNH200.00
"717e" S/SOrchids Proofs, Sheet Limited Edition (5,000)NH275.00
718-21My SingaporeNH4.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
721a S/SIndependence SheetNH6.00
723-26World War IINH6.50
727-28New Postal CodeNH3.25
729-32Philatelic MuseumNH6.00
"733a" BK 1  Angelfish Pane of 10, Size 99.5x61mmNH12.00
"733b" BK 2  Angelfish Pane of 10, Size 99.5x63.5mmNH13.00
741-42Year of the RatNH4.00
742A S/SYear of the Rat New Year, Indopex Inscription SheetNH48.00
742b  22c Year of the Rat with DenominationNH45.00
742c S/SYear of the Rat China Exhibition SheetNH25.00
742d S/SYear of the Rat CAPEX Exhibition SheetNH27.50
743-46Civilization MuseumNH6.00
747-50Old MapsNH6.50
751-55Greetings Strip of 5NH14.00
751a BK$2.20 Courtesy Greetings Booklet of 10NH5.00
755a BK$3.90 Courtesy Greetings Booklet of 10NH14.00
755B S/SGreeting Sheet of 5NH7.00
755c  22c Greeting with DenominationNH6.75
756-59Summer OlympicsNH5.75
759A S/SOlympics SheetNH6.50
759b  22c Olympics with DenominationNH6.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
764-67Native TreesNH3.75
764a BK  NVI Native Trees Booklet of 10NH7.00
768-69China-Singapore Joint IssueNH4.50
769A S/SChina-Singapore Joint Issue SheetNH8.75
769b  22c China-Singapore with DenominationNH7.50
769c S/SChina-Singapore Joint Issue Sheet with Gold OverprintNH45.00
770-73World Trade (diamond shaped)NH6.75
774-75Year of the OxNH5.00
774-75 STYear of the Ox Se-tenant Pair: 
774-75 HP ST  Year of the Ox Horizontal PairNH14.00
774-75 VP ST  Year of the Ox Vertical PairNH14.00
775a M/SYear of the Ox MiniSheet of 18NH69.00
775b S/SOx, Hong Kong '97 SheetNH15.00
775c S/SYear of the Ox with Pacific'97 Inscription SheetNH15.00
775d  22c Year of the Ox with DenominationNH14.50
775e S/SYear of the Ox Sheet with Shanghai 1997 InscriptionNH15.00
776-79Traditional GamesNH3.25
779a S/SGames SheetNH4.50
788A S/STransport SheetNH7.00
788b  22c with DenominationNH7.00
789(22c) Transportation Self-adhesiveNH1.25
789 M/S  (22c) Transportation Self-adhesive MiniSheet of 20NHAsk
789a BK  (22c) Transportation Self-adhesive Booklet of 10NH6.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
790-93$1-$10 Transport High ValuesNH45.00
793a S/STransport High Value Sheet of 4NH45.00
794-98Greetings I Strip of 5NH5.00
798a BKFriendship I (Green Cover) Booklet of 10NH9.00
799-803Greetings II Strip of 5NH5.00
803a BKFriendship II (Orange Cover) Booklet of 10NH9.00
804-07Public HousingNH3.50
808-11ASEAN AnniversaryNH4.75
812-15Environmental ProtectionNH4.00
812a BK  Environment, Flowers Pane of 10NH6.00
  "812b"NVI Single with Top and Bottom MarginsNH2.00
816-24 (12)Marine Life ReprintsNHAsk
816-225c-50c Marine Life Enschede ReprintsNHAsk
822-26 (4)$1-$10 Marine Life Questa Reprints $1-$10NHAsk
825-28Shells (Joint Issue with Thailand)NH5.00
828A S/SShell Sheet (Joint Issue with Thailand)NH5.50
828b  22c with Denomination (Joint Issue with Thailand)NH5.50
829-30Year of the TigerNH4.00
830aYear of the Tiger Pair: 
830a HPR  Year of the Tiger Horizontal PairNH12.50
830a VPR  Year of the Tiger Vertical PairNH12.50
830b M/SYear of the Tiger MiniSheet of 18NH32.50
830C S/SYear of the Tiger Sheet with Israel '98 EmblemNH7.50
  830d  22c with Denomination ShownNH7.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
830e S/SYear of the Tiger Sheet with Italia '98 EmblemNH7.50
833a BK  Dinosaurs Pane of 15 (our choice of back)NH7.00
833a BK 1  Dinosaurs with "Money Talks . . ." on reverseNH7.50
833a BK 2  Dinosaurs Pane with "Care-for-Nature . . ." on reverseNH15.00
834-37Song BirdsNH6.50
842a BKHello - Greetings Booklet of 10NH5.00
847a,852a BKFauna Booklets of 10NH12.00
  847a BK  Fragile Forest (Orange Cover) Booklet of 10NH6.50
  852a BK  Fragile Forest (Yellow Cover) Booklet of 10NH6.50
853-56Moments in HistoryNH6.50
857 S/S1955-1965 Years SheetNH14.00
858-61Orchids (Joint Issue with Australia)NH6.50
861A S/SOrchid Sheet of 4 (Joint Issue with Australia)NH12.00
  861b  22c Orchid with Denomination (Joint Issue with Australia)NH11.50
865b BK  Flowers Booklet of 10NH6.50
869b S/SFlowers SheetNH7.00
870-77Festivals inc BlockNH5.75
878-81Festivals, Self-adhesiveNH6.00
886-88Religious GroupNH4.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
889-90Year of the RabbitNH4.50
890aYear of the Rabbit Pair: 
890a HP  Year of the Rabbit Horizontal PairNH13.00
890a VP  Year of the Rabbit Vertical PairNH13.00
890b M/SYear of the Rabbit MiniSheet of 18NH30.00
890C S/SYear of the Rabbit Sheet with IBRA'99 EmblemNH7.00
890d  22c Rabbit with Denomination IndicatedNH6.75
890e S/SYear of the Rabbit Sheet with PhilexFrance EmblemNH7.00
890f S/SYear of the Rabbit Sheet with China'99 EmblemNH7.00
891-94Sailing ShipsNH7.00
894A S/SShips SheetNH7.50
894b  22c Ship with Denomination IndicatedNH7.25
895 BKGreetings Booklet of 10NH6.50
895a-e  Five GreetingsNH4.75
896-901Hong Kong, Singapore Joint IssueNH6.00
902 S/STourism Sheet (Joint Issue with Hong Kong)NH7.00
902a  22c Tourism with DenominationNH6.75
903-06 BLK  Butterflies Plate Blocks of 4NH75.00
903-06 M/S  Butterflies MiniSheets of 10NH135.00
907 S/SButterfly Sheet of 4NH13.00
907a  22c Butterfly with Denomination IndicatedNH12.75
908President Yusof bin IshakNH14.00
908 FDC  Yusof bin Ishak First Day CoverFDC12.50
908 M/S  Yusof bin Ishak MiniSheet of 4NH69.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
908 PS  Yusof bin Ishak Press Sheet of 8 MiniSheets (quite scarce)NHAsk
909-12Reptiles, AmphibiansNH4.50
909 BK  Reptiles, Amphibians Booklet of 10NH5.00
913-16Parliament HouseNH6.50
917 M/S20th Century Scenes MiniSheet of 10NH10.00
918Millennium Strip of 4NH10.00
918e S/SMillennium Sheet of 4NH11.00
919-20Year of the DragonNH6.50
919-20 M/S  Year of the Dragon MiniSheet of 18NH50.00
920b S/SYear of the Dragon Sheet with Guangzhou EmblemNH8.00
921 S/SYear of the Dragon Sheet with Bangkok EmblemNH8.00
921a  22c Dragon with Denomination IndicatedNH7.75
921b S/SYear of the Dragon Sheet with London  EmblemNH8.00
921c S/SYear of the Dragon Sheet with NABA  EmblemNH8.00
922 S/S$10 Year of the Dragon Sheet with Millennium EmblemNH19.00
923(22c) Millennium Stamp with Personalized Tab (not in Year Set)NHAsk
923 M/S  (22c) Millennium Stamp Sheet of 20 with Personalized TabsNHAsk
924-34These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
935-38Post Offices, CancelsNH7.00
936a,938a BK  Post Offices Booklet of 12NH25.00
939 S/SPostal Landmarks SheetNH7.50
939a  22c Post with Denomination IndicatedNH7.25
940-41 (5)Celebrations Strip of 4 and SingleNH4.00
941a BK  Celebrations Booklet of 10NH7.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
942 M/SSingapore River Scenes MiniSheetNH9.00
943-46Stampin' the FutureNH7.50
946a S/SWorld Stamp Expo SheetNH8.50
947Nature Block of 4NH6.00
947e BK  Nature Booklet of 10NH7.50
947f S/SFish and Nature Sheet (some "dings and dents" due to large size)NH19.00
947f S/S  Fish and Nature Sheet Very Fine QualityNH29.75
948-51Sydney OlympicsNH7.00
952-59Holidays and FestivalsNH5.00
960-63Festivals inc Lunar New Year, Self-adhesiveNH6.00
  with Bar CodesNH
964-65Year of the SnakeNH6.00
964-65 M/S  Year of the Snake MiniSheet of 18NH40.00
965b S/SYear of the Snake Sheet with Hong Kong '01 EmblemNH7.00
965c S/SYear of the Snake Sheet with BELGICA '01 EmblemNH7.00
965d S/SYear of the Snake Sheet with PhilaNippon '01 EmblemNH7.00
966-69Famous PeopleNH10.00
970-73Commonwealth DayNH8.00
978a x2 BK  Greetings Booklet of 10NH7.50
978B-FGreetings with Personalizable TabsNHAsk
978B-F M/S  Greetings MiniSheet of 20 with TabsNHAsk
979Festival Block of 4NH8.00
980 M/SPets MiniSheet of 10NH10.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
980a-j  Pets Sheet SinglesNH9.75
981-82SINGPEX '01 Yellow FrameNHAsk
981+82 ST  SINGPEX '01 Yellow Frame Se-tenant PairNHAsk
982a M/S  Singpex Sheet of 10NHAsk
983Orangutan Strip of 4NH6.00
983a-d  Orangutan SinglesNH6.00
983e S/SOrangutan Sheet in Orangutan ShapeNH10.00
984NVI Orangutan, Self-adhesiveNH2.00
984a BK  NVI Orangutan, Self-adhesive Booklet of 10NH7.00
985-88Flowers (Joint issue with Switzerland)NH8.00
988a S/SFlowers Sheet (Joint issue with Switzerland)NH9.00
989-97 (11)2001-05 Fish Definitives CompleteNH15.50
  989-92,993-97 '01  Fish Definitives, October 2001NH8.00
  992A '04  31c FishNH3.50
  992B '05  NVI Eight-banded Butterfly FishNH4.50
997a M/SFish MiniSheet of 9NH11.00
998 '01NVI "For Local Addresses Only" FishNH2.00
998a BK 1  (22c) "For Local Addresses Only" Fish Booklet of 10 with Tropical Marine Fishes CoverNH10.00
998a BK 2  (22c) "For Local Addresses Only" Fish Booklet of 10 with Blue World Stamp  Championship CoverNH12.00
998a BK 3  (22c) "For Local Addresses Only" Fish Booklet of 10 with Yellow World Stamp Championship CoverNH12.00
998B '04NVI (23c) "1st Local" FishNH3.50
998Bc '04  "1st Local" "Stamp Championship" Fish Booklet of 10NH27.50
  "1st Local" Fish Booklet of 10NH19.00
999-1000Lunar New Year HorseNH6.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1000a S/SLunar New Year Horse SheetNH6.00
1001 M/SLunar New Year Horse MiniSheet of 18NH55.00
1001a-01b  Lunar New Year Horse with Gold, Silver AnimalsNHAsk
"1001c" S/SLunar New Year Horse Very Limited Sheet of 2 (1001a-b)NHAsk
"1001c" S/S  Lunar New Year Horse Very Limited Sheet of 2 (1001a-b) with discolored ink on sq inch of gum (not visible on face)NHAsk
1002-05 M/SNatural History MiniSheets I-IVNH25.00
  1002-03 M/S  Natural History MiniSheets I-II (Animals, Fruits)NH13.00
  1004-05 M/S  Natural History MiniSheets III-IV (Birds, Fish)NH14.00
1006-09 M/SNatural History Self-adhesive MiniSheets I-IVNH30.00
  1006-07 M/S  Natural History Self-adhesive MiniSheets I-II (Animals, Fruit)NH16.00
  1008-09 M/S  Natural History Self-adhesive MiniSheets III-IV (Birds, Fish)NH17.00
1010-13Toys inc Lego, RobotNH8.00
1014-17Birds (Joint Issue with Malaysia)NH8.00
1014-17 M/S  Birds (Joint Issue with Malaysia) MiniSheets of 10NH90.00
1017a S/SBirds Sheet (Joint Issue with Malaysia)NH9.50
1018-21Freshwater Fish High ValuesNH33.00
1021a S/SFish SheetNH35.00
1022-25Holidays, Medium SizeNH6.00
1026-29Holidays, Large SizeNH7.00
1030-33Holidays Self-adhesiveNH7.50
1038Trees Self-adhesiveNH2.00
1038a BK  Trees Booklet of 10NH8.50
1039-42Theaters on the BayNH7.50
1042a S/STheaters SheetNH8.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1043Global City Pair with GutterNH7.50
1043c-g S/SGlobal City Sheets with Commercial LabelsNH36.00
  1043c S/S  Global City Sheet with American Express LabelNH7.50
  1043d S/S  Global City Sheet with Coca-Cola LabelNH12.00
  1043e S/S  Global City Sheet with McDonald's LabelNH10.00
  1043f S/S  Global City Sheet with Reader's Digest LabelNH7.50
  1043g S/S  Global City Sheet with Swatch LabelNH7.50
1043h-l S/S '04Global City Sheets with World Stamp Championship EmblemNH49.00
  1043h S/S '04  Global City Sheet with American Express Label and World Stamp Championship EmblemNH12.00
  1043i S/S '04  Global City Sheet with Coca-Cola Label and World Stamp Championship EmblemNH15.00
  1043j S/S '04  Global City Sheet with McDonald's Label and World Stamp Championship EmblemNH15.00
  1043k S/S '04  Global City Sheet with Reader's Digest Label and World Stamp Championship EmblemNH12.00
  1043l S/S '04  Global City Sheet with Swatch Label and World Stamp Championship EmblemNH15.00
1044-45Year of the RamNH6.00
1045a M/SYear of the Ram Sheet of 18NH39.00
1045b S/SYear of the Ram Sheet with BANGKOK '03 EmblemNH7.00
1045c S/SYear of the Ram Sheet with CHINA '03 EmblemNH7.00
1046-49Empress Place BuildingNH7.00
1050-53Night CreaturesNH7.50
1053a S/SNight Creatures SheetNH14.00
1058Global City Pair with GutterNH7.50
1058c-g S/SGlobal City SheetsNH33.00
  1058c S/S  Global City Sheet with CNN LabelNH10.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1058d S/S  Global City Sheet with Creative Technologies LabelNH12.00
  1058e S/S  Global City Sheet with Microsoft LabelNH15.00
  1058f S/S  Global City Sheet with Siemens LabelNH12.00
  1058g S/S  Global City Sheet with Singapore Airlines LabelNH12.00
1058h-l S/S '04Global City Sheets with World Stamp Championship EmblemNH49.00
  1058h S/S '04  Global City Sheet with CNN Label and World Stamp Championship EmblemNH12.00
  1058i S/S '04  Global City Sheet with Creative Technologies Label and World Stamp Championship EmblemNH15.00
  1058j S/S '04  Global City Sheet with Microsoft Label and World Stamp Championship EmblemNH20.00
  1058k S/S '04  Global City Sheet with Siemens Label and World Stamp Championship EmblemNH15.00
  1058l S/S '04  Global City Sheet with Singapore Airlines Label and World Stamp Championship EmblemNH15.00
1059 M/SJoy and Caring Greetings MiniSheet of 10NH10.00
1059a-j  Joy Sheet SinglesNH9.75
1059k M/STeddy Bear, Hearts Personalized Sheetlet of 20NHAsk
1059l M/SFlower Personalized Sheetlet of 20NHAsk
1059m S/STeddy Bear, Hearts with Generic Tabs MiniSheet of 20NHASK
1059m '04 S/S MCDTeddy Bear, Hearts with Tabs for McDonald's / World Stamp Championship MiniSheet of 20NH75.00
1060 BKJoy and Caring Self-adhesive Booklet of 10NH8.00
1060a-j  Joy and Caring Self-adhesive Booklet SinglesNH8.00
1061-63Transit SystemNH6.00
1064 S/STransit System Sheet of 6NH8.00
1065-68National Day - Many Races - One PeopleNH7.00
1068a M/SNational Day Personalized Sheetlet of 20NHAsk
1068a S/SNational Day SheetNH8.00
1068c-d  National Day Personalized SinglesNHAsk
1068B S/SNational Day Sheet of 5 plus LabelsNHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
1069-70 M/SPowered Flight MiniSheets of 10NH17.50
1070k M/SAircraft Personalized Sheetlet of 20 
1071-72  M/SPowered Flight Self-Adhesive MiniSheets of 10NH22.50
1077Gardens, Self-AdhesiveNH1.50
1077a BK  Garden Booklet of 10NH7.50
1078-79Year of the MonkeyNH6.00
1079a M/SYear of the Monkey MiniSheet of 18NH49.00
1079b S/SYear of the Monkey Sheet for Hong KongNH6.50
1080-81 M/SPaintings MiniSheets of 10NH12.00
1082-83 M/SPaintings, Self-Adhesive MiniSheets of 10NH21.00
1084Industrial Park (Joint issue with China)NH3.25
1084a M/S  Industrial Park MiniSheet of 8  (Joint issue with China)NH27.00
1087a M/S TAB  Skyline MiniSheet of 5 with LabelsNHAsk
1088-89 S/S$1, $5 Skyline Sheets ($5 is Slania)NH27.50
  1088 S/S  $1 Skyline SheetNH6.00
  1089 S/S  $5 Skyline Sheet (Slania Engraved)NH22.00
1090Global City Pair with Tab betweenNH7.00
1090c-g S/SGlobal City SheetsNH37.50
  1090c S/S  Global City Sheet with AIA LabelNH10.00
  1090d S/S  Global City Sheet with GSK LabelNH10.00
  1090e S/S  Global City Sheet with HSBC LabelNH10.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1090f S/S  Global City Sheet with Shell Oil LabelNH16.00
  1090g S/S  Global City Sheet with Sony LabelNH15.00
1090h-l S/SGlobal City Sheets with World Stamp Championship EmblemNH39.50
  1090h S/S  Global City Sheet with AIA Label and World Stamp Championship EmblemNH12.00
  1090i S/S  Global City Sheet with GSK Label and World Stamp Championship EmblemNH12.00
  1090j S/S  Global City Sheet with HSBC Label and World Stamp Championship EmblemNH12.00
  1090k S/S  Global City Sheet with Shell Oil Label and World Stamp Championship EmblemNH18.00
  1090l S/S  Global City Sheet with Sony Label and World Stamp Championship EmblemNH17.50
1090m S/SGlobal City Sheet of 6, PerfNH22.00
"1090n" S/SGlobal City Sheet of 6, ImperfNH400.00
1091-94FIFA Soccer inc Map on Fuzzy PaperNH11.00
1103-06Holidays, Self-adhesive 
1103-06 M/S  Holidays, Self-adhesive MiniSheets of 10NH75.00
1107-10Monuments PairsNH7.50
1110c S/SMonuments SheetNH4.50
1111-14Olympic GamesNH6.50
1115-18Postage Stamps AnniversaryNH6.50
1115a M/S TABAnniversary MiniSheet of 15 with LabelsNHAsk
1118a S/SAnniversary SheetNH7.00
1119-21 TABCaring with LabelNHAsk
1120a TABFlower and Heart with LabelNHAsk
1121a TABHeart and Bear with LabelNHAsk
1119 M/S TAB  Caring Minisheet of 5 with LabelsNHAsk
1120 M/S 1 TAB  Hearts MiniSheet of 5 with LabelsNHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
1120 M/S 2 TAB  Hearts MiniSheet of 10 with LabelsNHAsk
1121 M/S TAB  Bear MiniSheet of 10 with LabelsNHAsk
1122Nature Strip of 4NH5.75
1123-24Nature, Self-adhesive PairNH2.75
1124a BKNature, Self-adhesive Booklet NH7.50
1125-26Year of the RoosterNH6.50
1126a M/SYear of the Rooster MiniSheet of 9NH57.00
1126b S/SYear of the Rooster Sheet, Pacific ExplorerNH6.50
1126c S/SYear of the Rooster Sheet, Taipei '05 
1127Greetings, Strip of 5NH2.75
1128-32Greetings, Self-adhesiveNH5.00
1132a BKGreetings, Self Adhesive Booklet PaneNH9.00
1133-36Hans Christian AndersenNH7.00
1136a S/SHans Christian Andersen SheetNH8.00
1141 M/S"Uniquely Singapore" MiniSheet of 5 with TabsNHAsk
1142-45Heritage CenterNH6.50
1146-49Admiral He (Joint Issue with China)NH6.75
1147a M/SAdmiral He (Joint Issue with China) MiniSheet of 10NH25.00
1150-53Olympic CommitteeNH6.00
1154 M/SOlympic MiniSheet with TabsNHAsk
1155-56 M/SNational Day MiniSheets of 20 with TabsNH25.00
1157-58 M/SNational Day, Self-adhesive MiniSheets of 20 with LabelsNH35.00
1159a S/SNational Day SheetNH15.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1160-63Buildings (Joint issue with Belgium)NH9.00
1160a-62a  Buildings, Perf 13x13 (Joint issue with Belgium)NHAsk
1160a-62a M/S  Building Personalized SheetletsNHAsk
1163a S/SBuildings Sheet (Joint issue with Belgium)NH9.75
1164Tree Tops Strip of 4NH7.00
1165Tree Tops, Self-adhesiveNH1.50
1165a BK  Tree Tops, Self-adhesive Booklet of 10NH9.00
1167-68Year of the Dog (singles)NH7.00
1167-68 ST  Year of the Dog Se-tenant Pair (scarce)NH22.00
1167aNVI Year of the Dog with Tab, Perf 13x12NHAsk
1167a M/S  Year of the Dog with Tabs MiniSheet of 10NHAsk
1168a M/SYear of the Dog MiniSheet of 18NH55.00
1168b S/SYear of the Dog Sheet with Washington '06 EmblemNH13.50
1168c S/SYear of the Dog Sheet with Belgica '06 EmblemNH9.00
1169-70Hian Art (23c, 50c) Strips of 5NH12.00
1171 S/SHian Art SheetNH6.00
1172-75Dolphins, PorpoisesNH9.00
1175a S/SDolphins SheetNH9.50
1175BBottlenose Dolphin (not in Year Set)NHAsk
1175B M/S  Bottlenose Dolphin MiniSheet of 10NHAsk
1184-87Holidays, Self-AdhesiveNH6.00
1188 TABTraveler's Palm Strip of 5 with TabsNHAsk
1188 M/S  Traveler's Palm MiniSheet of 10 with Tabs 
Scott # Description Condition Price
1189 TABOrchid Strip of 4 with TabsNHAsk
1189 M/S 1  Orchid MiniSheet of 8 with Tabs 
1189 M/S 2  Orchid MiniSheet of 8 with Tabs 
1190-99Vanishing VocationsNH15.00
1200-04Vanishing Vocations, Self-adhesiveNH8.00
1209-13Chamber of Commerce and IndustryNH12.00
1213a S/SChamber of Commerce and Industry SheetNH13.50
1214-17National Day - Hopes and DreamsNH6.75
1218 S/SNational Day - Hopes and Dreams SheetNH5.50
1219-24IMF - World Bank Meetings (see below)NH22.50
  1219  Biennale ArtNH13.50
  1220-22  Orchids, Performing Arts CenterNH6.00
  1222a M/S  Orchids, Performing Arts MiniSheet of 8 with TabsNHAsk
  1223-24  Monetary Fund Coins with FoilNH8.50
1225-30Orchids and Flower PaintingsNH12.00
1230a M/S  Orchids and Flower Paintings MiniSheet of 8 with Tabs 
1231 M/S  Orchids and Paintings MiniSheet of 6NH12.00
1232-33Relations with Vatican City (Joint issue with Vatican)NH6.00
1233a S/SRelations with Vatican City Sheet (Joint issue with Vatican)NH7.00
1234Care for Nature Block of 4NH6.00
1235-36Care for Nature Pair, Self-adhesiveNH4.00
1236a BK  Care for Nature Booklet of 5 PairsNH12.00
1237-38Year of the PigNH7.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1238a M/S  Year of the Pig MiniSheet of 18NH55.00
1238b S/SYear of the Pig with Bangkok '07 EmblemNH6.00
"1238c" M/S  Lunar New Year MiniSheet of 18 different Zodiac DesignsNH110.00
1239 M/SChildren's Art Greetings MiniSheetNH6.00
1240 BKGreetings Self-adhesive BookletNH7.50
1241Wedding Dress Blocks of 4 (Joint Issue with Korea)NH12.00
1241 M/S  Wedding Dress MiniSheets of 16NHAsk
1241i S/SWedding Dress SheetNH12.00
1242-45Cultural DancesNH8.50
1246-595c-$10 Plants and Animals DefinitivesNH45.00
1259a M/S5c-$10 Flowers MiniSheet of 14 (not in Year Set)NH59.00
1246a//60e RPREPRINTS - Complete Set of 56 Reprints Inscribed 2007B, 2007C, 2007D, 2007E 2007F and 2007G.  Extremely difficult to assemble!NHAsk
12601st Flowers Self-adhesiveNH2.00
1260 GP  1st Flowers Self-adhesive Gutter PairNH5.50
1260 M/S  1st Flowers Self-adhesive MiniSheet of 20NH30.00
1260a BK  1st Flowers 2007 A Self-adhesive Booklet of 10NH9.00
1261-64National ServiceNH8.50
1265 M/SASEAN Architecture MiniSheet of 10 (Joint Issue with 9 other Countries)NH9.75
1266-69National Day - Tourist AttractionsNH7.50
1270 S/SNational Day - Tourist Attractions SheetNH12.00
1271-79Uniformed Groups in SchoolNH9.00
1280Coral Reef Block of 4NH7.50
1281-82Coral Reef Pairs, Self-adhesiveNH4.50
1282a BK  Coral Reef Booklet of 6NH9.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1283-86National Library BoardNH9.75
1287-90Changi Airport TerminalNH11.00
1291-93Year of the RatNH6.75
1291a-92a(26c),65c Year of the Rat, Perf 13x13NH7.50
1293a S/SYear of the Rat Sheet with TAIPEI EmblemNH7.50
1293b S/SYear of the Rat Sheet with OLYMPEX Beijing EmblemNH8.00
1293c S/SYear of the Rat Sheet with JAKARTA EmblemNH9.00
1294 S/SYear of the Rat Sheet with Holographic FilmNH42.50
1295Year of the Rat, Self-adhesiveNH3.50
1308-11Festivals, Self-adhesiveNH12.00
1312-15 (8)Embroidery PairsNH12.50
1316 S/SDeer Design Embroidery Sheet with BeadsNHAsk
1317Youth Olympic Games PairNH8.50
1318-19 (8)Singaporean and Macanese Cuisine Blocks of 4NH9.00
1320 S/SRice and Crab Sheet of TwoNH10.00
1321-24Beijing OlympicsNH7.75
1325-34National Day PhotographsNH10.00
1335 S/SPhotographs SheetNH5.50
1336-40Singapore Air ForceNH9.00
1341Formula 1 Grand Prix PairNH12.00
1341 IMP S/SFormula 1 Grand Prix, Imperf SheetNHAsk
1342-46Singapore Post OfficeNH8.00
1347-50Cash Crops of Early SingaporeNH10.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1351Pepper, Self-AdhesiveNH2.25
1351a BK  Pepper Booklet of 10NH12.50
1352-53Fruit (Joint issue with Vietnam)NH4.50
1353a S/SFruit Sheet (Joint issue with Vietnam)NH5.50
1354-56Year of the OxNH6.00
1356a S/SYear of the Ox Sheet with CHINA 2009 EmblemNH6.50
1356b S/SYear of the Ox Sheet with HONG KONG 2009 EmblemNH7.00
1357 S/SYear of the Ox Sheet with Hologram 
1358Year of the Ox, Self-AdhesiveNH3.50
1359Greetings Strip of 5NH4.00
1360-64Greetings Strip of 5, Self-adhesiveNH4.50
1364a BK  Greetings Booklet of 10NH8.00
1365-69Old Movie TheatersNH9.00
1370-71Pea Vine, Orchid FlowersNH2.00
1372 S/SPea Vine, Orchid Flowers Sheet 
1373-74Pea Vine, Orchid from BookletsNH4.00
1373a-74a BK  Pea Vine, Orchid Flowers Booklets of 10NH15.00
1375-78SMRT Circle LineNH9.75
1379Botanic Gardens Strip of 4NH6.75
1380 S/SBotanic Gardens SheetNH6.00
1386-92National Day - SculpturesNH8.00
1393 S/SNational Day - Sculptures SheetNH5.00
1394-97Youth Olympic GamesNH12.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1398-01Bridges (Joint issue with Philippines)NH7.50
1401a S/SBridges Sheet (Joint issue with Philippines)NH8.00
1402-05Tourist Sites (Joint issue with Indonesia)NH7.00
1405a S/STourist Sites Sheet (Joint issue with Indonesia)NH8.00
1406-07Economic Cooperation Pairs plus TabNH11.00
1408-10Year of the Tiger NH6.00
1410a S/SYear of the Tiger Sheet with London EmblemNH6.00
1410b S/SYear of the Tiger Sheet with Bangkok EmblemNH6.75
1411 S/SYear of the Tiger Sheet of 2 NH37.50
1412 Year of the Tiger Self-adhesiveNH4.75
1427Butterflies, Self-adhesiveNH3.00
1427a BK  Butterflies Booklet of 10NH10.00
1428-37Trees and Nature 
1438 BKTrees and Nature Self-adhesive Booklet of 10NH7.00
1439-4026c,32c FlowersNH5.00
1440a  32c Rhodoendron, Dated 2010BNH3.50
1440b  32c Rhodoendron, Dated 2010CNH2.75
1441(26c) Simpoh Air FlowerNH2.50
1441a BK  (26c) Simpoh Air Flower Booklet of 10NH12.00
1441b(26c) Simpoh Air Flower Dated 2010BNH3.00
1441c BK  (26c) Simpoh Air Dated 2010B Flower Booklet of 10NH15.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1442-47National Monuments 
1448 S/SMonument SheetNH5.00
1449-52Youth OlympicsNH12.00
1452a M/SYouth Olympics Special Sheet of 4NH49.50
1453Heritage Strip of 4NH6.75
1453 M/S  Heritage MiniSheet of 16NHAsk
1462 M/SFestival MiniSheet of 8NH25.00
1463-66Festivals, Self-adhesiveNH4.75
1463a-66a BK  Festivals Booklets of 10NH25.00
1467-69Year of the RabbitNH4.50
1469a S/SYear of the Rabbit Sheet of 3 with INDIPEX Emblem 
1470 S/SYear of the Rabbit Sheet with Holographic Film 
1471(25c) Year of the Rabbit Self-adhesive 
1472-73Spirit of GivingNH7.50
1474-875c-$10 Pond Life 
1487a M/SPond Life MiniSheet of 14 
1488(26c) Water Lilly 
1488a BK  (26c) Water Lilly Booklet of 10 
1489-93Aviation Themes 
1494-97Hawker Centers 
1498Otters Strip of 4NH7.50
1499-03Spices and Dishes 
1504-05Economic DevelopmentNH5.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
1506-09Historic AreasNH7.75
1510 S/SOld and New BuildingsNH5.25
1511 M/SYour Singapore MiniSheet of 10NH7.00
1512 M/SYour Singapore MiniSheet of 10, Self-adhesive 
1513-14Rivers (Joint issue with Egypt)NH7.50
1515 S/SRivers Sheet (Joint issue with Egypt)NH8.50
1516-20World Orchids ConferenceNH10.75
1521 S/SOrchids Conference SheetNH11.75
1522-24Year of the DragonNH3.50
1524a S/SYear of the Dragon with Jakarta EmblemNH6.50
1524b S/SYear of the Dragon with Beijing Expo EmblemNH6.50
1525 S/SYear of the Dragon SheetNH30.00
S/SYear of the Snake Collectors Sheet with Metallic Ink and Hidden ImageNH32.00
1526NVI Year of the Dragon, Self-adhesiveNHAsk
1527-30Tea Time SnacksNH4.75
1531Tea Time Snacks, Self-adhesiveNH1.00
1572-79Festivals inc Lunar New YearNH5.50
S/SFestivals Collectors SheetNH15.50
1591 S/SYear of the Snake Sheet of 2 with Hidden Images and a ViewerNH27.50
"1592X" S/SLunar New Year Sheet of Six Perf 13 (should be numbered in Scott)NH32.50
1593-96Railroad HistoryNH6.50
S/SKangaroo Stamp Centenary Sheet with Year of the Snake StampsNH3.50
1597-98Gentian, Geli geli - Pond Life WAGNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
1599Geli geli - Pond Life, Self-adhesiveNH.75
1599a BK  Geli geli - Pond Life Booklet of 10NH4.25
1600Marina Bay Skyline BlockNH5.00
3v RP2013 Reprints of 2012 Festivals NH3.50
3 BK RP   2013 Reprints of 2012 Festivals Booklets of 10NH15.00
1vTelecom Design Single 
16vTelecom Design Set of 16 
1vLion Heads Design Single 
16vLion Heads Design Set of 16 
1vFullerton Building Design Single 
16vFullerton Building Design Set of 16 
1vHaw Par Villa Design Single 
16vHaw Par Villa Design Set of 16 
1vTrishaw Design Single 
16vTrishaw Design Set of 16 
1vSkyline Design Single 
16vSkyline Design Set of 16NH25.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1vOrchid Design Single 
17vOrchid Design Set of 17 
1vSun over Singapore Design Single 
16vSun over Singapore Design Set of 16 
1vHealthy Living Design Single 
13vHealthy Living Design Set of 13 
1vTourist Attractions Design Single 
13vTourist Attraction Design Set of 13 
1vGarden City Design Single 
16vGarden City Design Set of 16 
11v1988-2007 Sample Collection of 11 Different Framas 
171v1988-2007 Complete Collection of 171 Framas 
All New Issues are available for SINGAPORE and the rest of ASIA plus over 200 Countries and Topics of the World.
The 1969 Dues were issued on White Paper. 
J1-81c-50c Dues on Toned paperNH30.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  J1  1c GreenNH1.00
  J2  2c RedNH1.00
  J3  4c Yellow orangeNH2.00
  J4  8c BrownNH2.00
  J5  10c MagentaNH2.25
  J5 WP '69    10c Bright magenta, White PaperNH12.00
  J6  12c VioletNH4.25
  J6 WP '69    12c Bright violet, White PaperNH16.00
  J7  20c BlueNH8.00
  J7 WP '69    20c Light blue, White PaperNH20.00
  J8  50c OliveNH15.00
Glazed Paper with Watermark
J5a10c Magenta on Glazed Paper with WatermarkNH3.00
J8a50c Green on Glazed Paper with WatermarkNH19.00
White Paper without Watermark
J1a1c Green on White Paper without WatermarkNH70.00
J3a4c Yellow orange on White Paper without WatermarkNH90.00
J5b10c Magenta on White Paper without WatermarkNH115.00
J7a20c Blue on White Paper without WatermarkNH160.00
J8b50c Green on White Paper without WatermarkNH170.00
J9-13 '81New Design, Perf 12x11NH15.00
J9a-13a '78  New Design, Perf 13x13 NH12.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
Fluorescent, Unwatermarked Paper, Perf 12x11
SG#Scott has not listed these stamps so we have used Stanley Gibbons numbers for them. 
D 26-301c-50c Fluorescent, Unwatermarked Paper, Perf 12x11  
  D 26  1c Blue green 
  D 27  4c Pale orange 
  D 28  10c Red 
  D 28a '88    10c Red Perf 13 
  D 29  20c Light blue 
  D 29a '87    20c Light blue Perf 13 
  D 29b '88    20c Darker blue shade 
  D 30  50c Yellow green 
  D 30a '87    50c Yellow green Perf 13 
  D 30b '88    50c Darker yellow green shade 
J14-175c-50c Third Due DesignNH9.75
  J14  5c MauveNH1.25
  J14 var    5c Bright Mauve Shade 
  J15  10c Rose redNH1.60
  J15 var    10c Bright red '92NH2.00
  J16  20c Pale blueNH2.50
  J16 var    20c Lighter blue '92 
  J17  50c Yellow greenNH4.50
  J17 var    50c Bright yellow green '92 
Scott # Description Condition Price
J18$1 Greenish brownNH13.75
J19-201c, 4c DuesNH145.00
  J19  1c Blue greenNH70.00
  J20  4c Pale orangeNH95.00
Singapore quietly issued these two Postage Due stamps on November 7, 1997 and withdrew them on December 31.  The 1c, and 4c Dues were not distributed by the Post Office's agents and have become rather scarce as records indicate that only about 6,000 sets were issued.