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Scott # Description Condition Price
1939-194524-115+B1-27,B27a+C1-10+P1-36+ EX1-2+J1-38NH475.00
1939-1945 NOTE:Please see below for the First Issues - Scott 2-23 - to make these collections complete. 
1939-194524-115+B1-27,B27a+C1-10+P1-36+ EX1-2+J13-38 (as above without J1-12)NH250.00
1993150-51,154,155,156,157,158,159, 159A,160-70,172-75+B28NH36.50
1993 IND M/SIndependence MiniSheet of 6NH30.00
1993 O M/SOther MiniSheets (2)NH30.00
1994 BKBooklets (3)NH19.50
1994 M/SMiniSheets (4)NH28.50
1995 BKBooklets (5)NH56.00
1995 M/SMiniSheets (4)NH42.00
1996 GPKostka Death Gutter Pair on Scott 175NH12.50
1996 BKBooklets (8)NH72.00
1996 M/SMiniSheets (4)NH32.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1997281-83 is not included in the Year Set because the stamps were only issued in the S/S 283a.  See the individual listings under 1998 for further details.     
1997 BKBooklets (6)NH45.00
1997 M/SMiniSheets (5)NH62.00
1998 BKBooklets (7)NH68.00
1998 M/SMiniSheets (4)NH32.00
1999 BKBooklets (5)NH30.00
1999 M/SMiniSheets (6)NH67.50
2000218,225,347-49,351-59,361-69,355 DGNH44.00
2000 BKBooklets (4)NH53.00
2000 M/SMiniSheets (4)NH116.00
2001 M/SMiniSheets (5)NH49.00
2001 BKBooklets (4)NH28.50
2002 M/SMiniSheets (4)NH75.00
2002 Dove M/S 1Dove MiniSheet of 12 with Blank TabsNH17.50
2002 Dove M/S 2Dove MiniSheet of 12 with Personalized TabsNH29.50
2002 BKBooklets (2)NH14.50
2003 M/SMiniSheets (9)NH135.00
2003 BKBooklets (4)NH39.50
2004 OLBTulip Strips with Labels (3)  (These supplement the Pair in the Year Set)NH12.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2004 M/SMiniSheets (7)NH135.00
2004 BKBooklets (2)NH32.50
2005 M/SMiniSheets (6)NH75.00
2005 BKBooklets (3)NH33.00
2006 BKBooklets (3)NH32.00
2006 M/SMiniSheets (6)NH149.00
2006 XXThe 2006 GRAND Collection (all 3 Year Units above):NH245.00
2007 BKBooklets (3)NH40.00
2007 M/SMiniSheets (4)NH84.00
2007 XXThe 2007 GRAND Collection (all 3 Year Units above):NH200.00
2008 BKBooklets (3)NH41.50
2008 M/SMiniSheets (6)NH105.00
2008 XXThe 2008 GRAND Collection (all 3 Year Units above):NH220.00
2009 M/SMiniSheets (6)NH145.00
2009 BKBooklets (2)NH75.00
2009 GPGutter Pairs (2)NH24.00
2009 TBTete-Beche Pairs (2)NH11.50
2009 XXThe 2009 GRAND Collection (all 5 Year Units above):NH325.00
2010 BKBooklets (2)NH48.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2010 M/SMiniSheets (6)NH139.00
2010 XXThe 2010 GRAND Collection (all 3 Year Units above):NH289.00
2011 BKBooklets (2)NH39.00
2011 E M/SEuropa MiniSheetNH27.50
2011 O M/SOther MiniSheets (7)NH139.00
2011 XXThe 2011 GRAND SLOVAKIA Collection (the 4 Year Units above):NH269.00
2012 BKBooklets (3)NH48.00
2012 TBTete-Beche Pairs (2)NH24.00
2012 E M/SEuropa MiniSheet (1)NH34.00
2012 O M/SOther MiniSheets (4)NH98.00
2012 XXThe 2012 GRAND Collection (all 5  Year Units above):NH279.00
2013 BKBooklets (3)NH56.00
2013 M/SMiniSheets (9)NH95.00
2013 XXThe 2013 GRAND Collection (all 3 Year Units above):NH225.00
2014 BKBooklets (3)NH34.75
2014 E M/SEuropa MiniSheet (1)NH18.00
2014 O M/SOther MiniSheets (5)NH56.00
2014 XXThe 2014 GRAND SLOVAKIA Collection (all 4 Year Units above):NH170.00
2015 BKBooklets (3)NH39.75
2015 M/SMiniSheets (4)NH59.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2015 XXThe 2015 GRAND SLOVAKIA Collection (all 3 Year Units above):NH150.00
2016 BKBooklets (4)NH36.00
2016 M/SMiniSheets (5)NH53.00
2016 XXThe 2016 GRAND SLOVAKIA Collection (all 3 Year Units above):NH145.00
201722 Stamps + 2 S/SNH48.75
2017 BKBooklets (3)NH30.00
2017 M/SMiniSheets (5)NH59.75
2017 XXThe 2017 GRAND SLOVAKIA Collection (all 3 Year Units above):NH137.00
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2000-2005Stamps and S/S as listed above.NH309.00
1993-1999 MSMiniSheets (36)NH255.00
2000-2005 MSMiniSheets as listed above.NH479.00
1994-1999 BKBooklets (31)NH235.00
2000-2005 BKBooklets as listed above.NH255.00
All New Issues are available for the SLOVAK REPUBLIC and the CZECH REPUBLIC plus over 200 Countries and Topics
2-235h-10K OverprintsNH775.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
(2-23 are expertised, of course.  Quite a scarce set as only 17,000 sets were issued.) 
  2  5h Coat of Arms 
  3  10h Coat of ArmsNH1.25
  4  20h Coat of ArmsNH1.25
  5  25h Coat of ArmsNH12.00
  6  30h Coat of ArmsNH1.25
  7  40h on Komensky 
  8  50h on President Benes 
  9  50h on General Stefanik 
  10  60h Dull violet 
  11  60h Dull blue 
  12  1k Masaryk 
  13  1.20k Castle Palanok 
  14  1.50k Banska Bystrica 
  15  1.60k St. Barbara's Church 
Scott # Description Condition Price
  16  2k Zvikov Castle 
  17  2.50k Strecno Castle 
  18  3k Cesky Raj Castle 
  19  3.50k Palace with Red SurchargeNH65.00
  20  3.50 Palace with Blue Surcharge 
  21  4k King George Statue 
  22  5k Olomouc Town SquareNH55.00
  23  10k Bratislava Castle Ruins 
23A Note:This stamp was recently moved by Scott to Slovakia from Czechoslavakia where it was 255. 
23A (was CZ 255)60h Stefanik, Dark blue (for use in Slovakia)NH90.00
24-2550h, 1k Andrej Hlinka 
  24  50h Green Hlinka, Perf 12NH.80
    24a    50h Green Hlinka Perf 10NH20.00
    24b    50h Green Hlinka Perf 10x12 
  25  1k Rose Hlinka, Perf 12NH.80
Scott # Description Condition Price
    25a    1k Rose Hlinka, Perf 10 
    25b    1k Rose Hlinka, Perf 10x12NH60.00
26-335h-3k Andrej Hlinka 
  26  5h HlinkaH.40
  27  10h Hlinka, Perf 12H.50
  28  20h HlinkaH.50
  28a  20h Hlinka ImperfNH1.25
  "28b"  20h Hlinka, Perf 10x12NH70.00
  29  30h HlinkaH.50
  29a  30h Hlinka ImperfNH2.00
  29b  30h Hlinka, Perf 10x12 
  31  1k Carmine HlinkaNH2.00
  32  2.50k Blue HlinkaNH2.00
  33  3k Sepia HlinkaNH5.00
  "33a"  3k Hlinka, Perf 10x12NH50.00
  "33b"  3k Hlinka, Perf 10NH50.00
34-37General StefanikNH3.50
38-39Josef Murgas, Radio UnwatermarkedNH.70
40-422k,3k,5k Local ScenesNH5.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  41  3k WoodcutterH1.00
  42  5k Girl, Perf 12H.60
  42a    5k Girl, Perf 10NH8.00
43-43AJosef TisoNH.50
44Presidential HomeNH1.00
  "44a"  Presidential Home with Ribbed gumNH4.00
45-4910h-30h Mountain ScenesNH1.50
  49a  30h Perf 10 
50-54These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
55-571k,2.50k,3k Hlinka with WatermarkNH2.50
  55  1k Hlinka Rose with Watermark, Perf 12NH.95
  56  2.50k Hlinka, Perf 12 
  56a    2.50k Hlinka, Perf 10 
  57  3k Hlinka, Perf 12NH2.00
  57a    3k Hlinka, Perf 10 
58-61Castle ScenesNH.90
62-64Slovak NationNH12.00
6560h Josef Murgas, Radio with WatermarkNH.40
66-68These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
691.30k Hlinka (our choice of shade)NH.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
"69 DV"  1.30k Hlinka Dark violetNH1.10
"69 BV"  1.30k Hlinka Violet blackNH2.25
70-73Philatelic Scenes inc Post HornNH4.00
74-76Postal CongressNH3.25
77-82Education SocietyNH1.40
83Hlinka, New DesignNH.40
84-87Mountain Scenes Unwatermarked 
8870h Dr. Tiso, Perf 12 
89-92Railroad LineNH1.75
93-94A80h-1.30k Hlinka, Stur, RazusNH1.25
103-07Mountain Scenes, AnimalNH.80
108-09+B25-26National ProtectionNH2.25
110-15Dr. Josef Tiso, IndependenceNH3.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
Czechoslovakia Scott 255 which was issued for use in Slovakia only in 1939.  This stamp is not part of the "Complete Collection" since it is listed by Scott under Czechoslovakia.  However, if one is collecting Slovakia per se, then this stamp should be considered for inclusion in one's collection. 
CZ 25560h Stefanik (Please click on this link CZECHOSLOVAKIA to locate Scott 255. 
  Please see below for the listings of Classic Slovakia Semi-Postal, Airmail, Special Delivery, Newspaper and Postage Due stamps.
1503k National Arms (issued 2 January)NH.40
1518k Coat of Arms (issued 1 January)NH5.50
151 M/S  Coat of Arms  (issued 1 January) MiniSheet of 6NH30.00
#151 was intended by Slovakia to be their first stamp despite Scott's numbering of the issues.
152 '952k NitraNH.35
153 '943k BanskaNH.35
154,1555k Ruzomberok, 10k KosiceNH1.50
15630k ZvolenNH3.00
15750k BratislavaNH5.00
158St. John Nepomuk (Joint issue with Germany and Czech Republic)NH1.75
1592k President KovacNH.40
159A3k President KovacNH.40
163-65Famous Men inc ComposerNH3.40
166Europa - ArtsNH6.00
166 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 4 NH25.00
167Slovak LanguageNH.25
168Cyril and Methodius (Joint issue with Czech Republic)NH1.75
1691k Coat of ArmsNH.70
Scott # Description Condition Price
170Illustration - The Big PetsNH.90
171This number not utilized by Scott 
172 TABGavcikovo Dam, Bird with TabNH1.25
172 TAB x2  Dam, Bird Tabs Left and RightNH3.00
174 S/SStefanik MonumentNH3.25
175Bratislava ArtNH1.20
175 GP '96Kostka Death Gutter Pair (released by the Post Office in 1996 when the artist died suddenly.NH12.50
175 M/S  Bratislava Art MiniSheet of 4NH6.00
176Winter OlympicsNH.40
176 BK  Olympics Booklet of 10NH6.00
177Year of the FamilyNH.40
177 BK  Love Booklet of 5NH4.00
178-79Physicist, AviatorNH1.80
180Europa - InventionsNH3.50
180 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 4 NH15.00
182World Cup SoccerNH.40
183 TABOlympic CommitteeNH.40
183 TAB x2  Olympic Tabs Left and RightNH1.25
187Moravian PrinceNH1.25
187 M/S  Prince MiniSheet of 4NH5.00
188UPU AnniversaryNH.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
189-90 TABSlovak Uprising with TabNH1.40
189-90 TAB L  Slovak Uprising with Tab at LeftNH1.75
189-90 TAB R  Slovak Uprising with Tab at RightNH4.50
189-90 TAB LR  Slovak Uprising with Tabs Left and RightNH4.75
191 S/SLyricist SheetNH3.50
192Comenius UniversityNH1.20
193Horse RaceNH.40
196-98Rabbi, InventorNH2.90
196 BK  Rabbi, Weather Vane Booklet of 5NH9.75
199-00Bratislava ArtNH2.20
199-00 M/S  Bratislava Art MiniSheets of 4NH8.75
205-07Conserve NatureNH1.40
205a BK  2k Flowers Booklet of 10NH15.00
206a BK  3k Flowers Booklet of 5NH10.00
209Ice HockeyNH.50
210-11Composer, InventorNH.95
212 S/SWriter Stur SheetNH1.75
213 M/S  Europa-CEPT MiniSheet of 10 NH20.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
214Camp LiberationNH1.20
216Pope John Paul IINH1.50
216 BK  Pope John Paul II Booklet of 10NH19.50
217Slovak PhilatelyNH.65
217a S/SPhilately SheetNH1.00
218 '0050h BardejovNH.50
219 '954k Nova BanaNH.50
220 '984k PresovNH.50
221 '985K Trnava, St. Nicholas ChurchNH.50
222 '977k St. Martin ChurchNH.70
223 '958k Trencin CastleNH1.25
224 '979k ZelinaNH.90
225 '0020k RoznavaNH3.00
226 '0140k PlestanyNH4.00
227 '0150k KomanoNH5.00
228-30World Heritage SitesNH4.50
232 BK 7  2k Art Booklet of 10NH4.50
233 BK 8  3k Art Booklet of 10NH7.50
234St. AdalbertNH.90
235Cleveland PactNH.55
235AUN AnniversaryNH1.10
235A TAB  UN Anniversary with TabNH2.20
Scott # Description Condition Price
235A GP  UN Anniversary Gutter PairNH3.30
235A M/S  UN Anniversary MiniSheet of 8NH11.00
237-38Bratislava ArtNH2.50
237-38 M/S  Bratislava Art MiniSheets of 4NH11.50
239-40Famous MenNH1.00
241Olympic GamesNH1.25
242Folk TraditionsNH.50
242a BK  Folk Traditions Booklet of 10NH7.50
243 S/SPoverty SheetNH1.25
244Europa - Women PairNH2.50
244 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 8NH11.00
245 S/SMotion PicturesNH2.00
246Cycling TourNH.60
246a BK  Cycling Tour Booklet of 10NH9.00
247150 Years of RescueNH2.00
2486k ArmsNH.60
249a BK  Ram Booklet of 10NH7.00
250a BK  Bison Booklet of 10NH7.00
251a BK  Mountain Animals Booklet of 10 NH7.00
252-54Mountainous ViewsNH2.50
255Bratislava ArtNH2.75
255 M/S  Bratislava Art MiniSheet of 4NH12.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
256-57Carriage, Old PlanesNH1.90
256a BK  Carriages Booklet of 10 NH10.00
257a BK  6K Pioneer Airplanes Booklet of 10 NH10.00
258-59 M/S  Paintings MiniSheets of 4NH9.00
262 TAB RStamp Day with Tab at RightNH.75
262 TAB L  Stamp Day with Tab at Left (as shown in Scott)NH3.00
262 TLR  Stamp Day Tabs Left and RightNH3.00
262 GP  Stamp Day with Kostka Death Gutter PairNHAsk
262 BK 15Stamp-on-Stamp Booklet of 10 NH15.00
263-64Famous MenNH.65
266Dew CollectingNH.50
266 BK  Dew Collecting Booklet of 10NH7.50
267Bratislava ChurchNH1.50
2689k Zilina View (now Scott 224) 
269Radio CentenaryNH1.00
270Europa - LegendsNH1.50
270 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 7 NH19.75
271-72Limestone FormsNH1.50
271-72 M/S  Limestone Forms MiniSheet of 8NH15.00
273 S/SFolklore SheetNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
274Native ArtNH.50
274 BK  Native Art Booklet of 10NH7.00
275This number is now Scott 222. 
276Year of SlovaksNH.75
277 BK  Illustrations Booklet of 10NH7.00
278Water MillNH.50
278 BK  Water Mill Booklet of 10NH8.00
280Half MarathonNH1.00
281-83 were issued only in Souvenir Sheet form.  Scott has erred by listing these as individual stamps with major numbers and the S/S as a minor number.  They should be reversed.
283a S/SMushroom SheetNH6.00
284-86Art: Self-Portrait, Altar, MinersNH3.75
284-86 M/S  Art: Self-Portrait, Altar, Miners MiniSheets of 4NH27.50
287Lamenting WomanNH.50
289Figure SkaterNH.60
290Spiritual RevivalNH.50
290a BK  Spiritual Revival Booklet of 10NH7.50
291 TABStamp Day with TabNH.60
291 BK  Stamp Day Booklet of 9NH9.00
292Republic AnniversaryNH.50
292a BK  Republic Booklet of 10NH8.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
293-95Famous Men inc PoetNH1.25
296Nagano OlympicsNH1.75
297Banishing of WinterNH.50
297 BK  Banishing of Winter Booklet of 10NH6.00
300 S/SNitra Castle SheetNH2.00
301 BK  Easter Booklet of 10NH6.50
302 TAB  Europa with Dancers TabNH3.00
302 GPB  Europa Gutter Pair with Blank Label NH5.00
302 GPD  Europa Gutter Pair with Dancers Label NH5.00
302 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 8 NH13.50
303Stylized ButterflyNH1.50
303 BK  Stylized Butterfly Booklet of 10NH14.75
3041918 KragujevacNH.50
3051848-1849 UprisingNH2.00
306-08Train CarsNH2.75
309 S/SFish Sheet of 3NH5.00
310This stamp is now Scott 221. 
311Wooden "Pieta"NH2.25
311 M/S  Wooden "Pieta" MiniSheet of 4NH9.75
312Say NO to Drugs, MothNH.50
313Mum, EcologyNH1.75
313 BK  Mum, Ecology Booklet of 10NH15.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
314-15Landscape, Fisherman PaintingsNH2.00
314-15 M/S  Landscape, Fisherman Paintings MiniSheets of 4NH9.00
316This stamp is now Scott 220. 
317 BK  Christmas Booklet of 10NH6.00
318Stamp Day with one TabNH1.00
318 TT  Stamp Day with Tabs Left and Right (as shown in Scott)NH7.50
318a BK  Stamp Day Booklet of 9NH9.00
319Youth OlympicsNH1.75
319 TAB  Youth Olympics Pair with Two different Tabs:NH3.25
319 VP  Youth Olympics Vertical Pair with Two Different TabsNH4.25
319 HP  Youth Olympics Horizontal Pair with Two Different TabsNH4.75
323UPU AnniversaryNH.50
323a BK  UPU Anniversary Booklet of 10NH6.00
327 BK  Easter Booklet of 10NH7.00
328-29Europa - Parks PairNH2.90
328-29 M/S  Europa - Parks MiniSheet of 8 NH14.00
330Council of EuropeNH2.50
330 M/S  Council of Europe MiniSheet of 10NH29.00
330a S/SCouncil of Europe SheetNH3.50
331Birds, OrchestraNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
332Older PeopleNH.60
333 S/SSlovak Astronaut SheetNH1.50
334-35UPU AnnivesaryNH2.50
336Fine ArtsNH.50
337Illustrators' ShowNH.75
337 BK  Illustrators' Show Booklet of 10NH7.00
338Mine Water PumpNH1.00
339 S/SBirds on Branches SheetNH4.75
340-41Art - PaintingsNH2.50
340-41 M/S  Art - Paintings MiniSheets of 4NH12.50
342 BK  Christmas Booklet of 10NH7.00
343Velvet RevolutionNH.90
344-45Jewish Culture PairNH2.75
344-45 M/S  Jewish Culture Pair MiniSheet of 8NH12.50
346 TabStamp Day with Tab (our choice)NH1.25
346 Tab L  Stamp Day with Tab at LeftNH1.90
346 Tab R  Stamp Day with Tab at RightNH1.50
346 Tab LR  Stamp Day with Tabs Left and Right NH3.50
346 BK  Stamp Day Booklet of 9NH11.00
347Rivers and Gaps PairNH3.00
347 M/S  Rivers and Gaps MiniSheet of 8NH15.00
348-49Actress, InventorNH1.75
350This stamp is now Scott 218 
Scott # Description Condition Price
351Women's BasketballNH1.00
353 BK  Easter Booklet of 10NH25.00
354Poet HollyNH1.25
355 SGEuropa Stars - Shiny Gum Dull PaperNH2.50
355 SG M/S  Europa Stars - Shiny Gum MiniSheet NH22.00
355 DGEuropa Stars - Dull Gum Fluorescent Paper NH4.50
355 DG M/S  Europa Stars - Dull Gum MiniSheet NH45.00
356a BK  UNICEF Booklet of 10NH7.50
358President SchusterNH1.25
359Sydney Olympics with TabNH2.75
360This stamp is now listed in Scott as 225. 
362Wooden BridgeNH1.50
363 S/SBerries Sheet of 3 plus TabNH4.75
364Holy YearNH1.00
364a BK  Holy Year Booklet of 10NH12.50
365Order of Malta Postal AgreementNH5.00
366-67Art: Nativity, CrucifixionNH4.50
366-67 M/S  Art: Nativity, Crucifixion MiniSheets of 4NH19.50
368 TabStamp Day with Tab (our choice)NH1.50
368 Tab R  Stamp Day with Tab at RightNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
368 Tab L  Stamp Day with Tab at Left (as shown in Scott)NH4.50
368 Tabs LR  Stamp Day with Tabs at Left and RightNH6.75
368a BK  Stamp Day Booklet of 9NH15.00
369History of Postal LawNH5.00
369 M/S  Postal Law MiniSheet of 4NH25.00
370Mantel ClockNH1.50
371Singer BlahoNH.75
372Figure SkatingNH1.75
373Agricultural ControlNH1.50
374a-75a BK  Costume Booklets of 10NH12.50
376Archeological Sites PairNH2.00
376 M/S  Archeological Sites MiniSheet of 8NH8.00
379Europa - WaterNH2.50
379 M/S  Europa - Water MiniSheet of 10 NH26.00
380 S/SPrinces of Moravia, Map Sheet of 4NH4.00
381 S/SWild Animals Sheet of 3NH4.75
382Guitar, USA MapNH2.25
383a BK  Illustrators BookletNH8.50
384The RighteousNH1.50
385 S/SDubcek SheetNH2.50
386Postal MuseumNH.75
387Political TrialsNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
388Valeria BridgeNH2.75
389-91Art SeriesNH3.75
389-91 M/S  Art MiniSheets of 4NH15.00
392a BK  Christmas BookletNH7.50
393-94Nobel Laureate, HistorianNH4.25
395Salt Lake OlympicsNH1.60
396Sled Dog ChampsNH.75
397a BK  Easter Booklet of 10NH7.50
398-00High SchoolsNH3.50
40110k Kezmarok ViewNH2.00
40216k Levoca ViewNH1.50
403Europa - CircusNH6.00
403 M/S  Europa - Circus MiniSheet of 8 NH48.00
404-05Wine Production with TabsNH4.75
406 S/SButterflies Sheet of 3 plus TabsNH5.75
407 S/SCardinal Rudnay SheetNH2.25
408Doves and Roses with TabNH2.75
408 M/S 1  Doves MiniSheet of 12 with Blank TabsNH17.50
408 M/S 2  Doves MiniSheet of 12 with Personalized TabsNH29.75
409Ice Hockey ChampsNH1.25
410Architecture Pair (Joint issue with PRC)NH2.50
410 M/S  Architecture MiniSheet of 8NH10.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
411Kosice UniversityNH1.25
412 BK  Christmas Booklet of 10NH7.00
413-15 M/S  Church MiniSheets of 10NH62.50
416 S/SAstronaut Cernan, RoverNH2.50
416a  Astronaut Cernan, Rover Single from Sheet with TabNH2.40
417-18 M/S  Art MiniSheets of 4NH17.50
419 TabNitra Exhibit, Stamp Day with one Tab of our choice as normal (in Year Set)NH2.50
419 Tab L  Nitra Exhibit, Stamp Day with at LNH3.75
419 Tab R  Nitra Exhibit, Stamp Day with at RNH2.75
419 Tab LR  Nitra Exhibit, Stamp Day with Tabs Left and Right (as erroneously shown in Scott) (not in Year Set)NH9.50
420 M/S  Independence MiniSheet of 6NH13.50
421President SchusterNH.70
422 TABRoses with NITRAFILA Tab (different printing method)NH2.75
422 TAB 1  Roses with Tab at RightNH2.75
422 TAB 2  Roses with Tab at LeftNH5.50
422 TAB 3  Roses Strip with Tab in Center between Two StampsNH5.50
422 TAB 4  Roses Strip with Stamp in Center between Two TabsNH6.50
422a M/S  Roses MiniSheet of 8NH39.50
423Easter, CostumeNH.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
423 BK  Easter Booklet of 10NH8.00
42418k Kremnica ViewNH1.50
425100k Pezinok ViewNH8.75
426 S/STwo Saints Sheet of 2 plus TabsNH3.75
428General StefanikNH1.75
428 M/S  Stefanik MiniSheet of 8NH16.00
429Europa - Poster ArtNH2.50
429 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 10 NH27.50
430The Brook by MednanskyNH1.50
430 M/S  The Brook by Mednansky  MiniSheet of 4NH7.00
431Saints Benedict and SvoradNH2.50
432Ice Hockey ChampsNH3.75
432 M/S  Hockey MiniSheet of 4NH16.50
433Comics Matko, KubkoNH1.25
433 BK  Comics Booklet of 10NH15.00
434 S/SWWF - Wild Cat Sheet of 4NH5.75
435Swimming ChampsNH1.25
436Reservoirs, Lakes PairNH2.50
436 VP 1  Reservoirs, Lakes Vertical PairNH2.75
436 VP 2  Lakes, Reservoirs Vertical PairNH2.75
436 HP 1  Reservoirs, Lakes Horizontal PairNH2.75
436 HP 2  Lakes, Reservoirs Horizontal PairNH2.75
436 M/S  Lakes MiniSheet of 4NH12.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
437 BK  Illustrators Booklet of 10NH14.00
438Pope John Paul IINH2.50
438 M/S  Pope MiniSheet of 4NH12.00
439Poet MaginNH.75
440 BK  Christmas Booklet of 10NH7.50
441"Teasures of History" ExhibitionNH1.75
442Powered FlightNH2.00
443-45Art, PaintingsNH4.25
443-45 M/S  Art MiniSheets of 4NH17.00
446 TabMargin Design, Stamp Day with Tab (our choice)NH4.50
446 Tab L  Margin Design, Stamp Day with Tab at LeftNH4.50
446 Tab R  Margin Design, Stamp Day with Tab at Right (as shown in Scott)NH6.75
446 Tabs LR  Margin Design, Stamp Day with Tabs Left and RightNH11.50
447Liptovsky Mikulas BuildingNH2.75
448Valentine's DayNH1.25
450 TABTulips with Slovolympia Tab at RightNH1.50
450  Tulips without TabNH1.00
450 M/S  Tulips MiniSheet of 8NH17.00
TULIP COMBINATIONS (not in Year Set): 
450 TAB 1  Tulips with Tab at LeftNH3.75
450 STR 1  Tulip Strip with Tab in CenterNH4.75
450 STR 2  Tulip Strip with Tabs at  Left and RightNH4.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
451Easter EggNH2.50
451 BK  Easter Booklet of 10NH25.00
452-53Wedding ClothingNH4.00
454Europa - VacationsNH2.75
454 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 10 NH29.00
455European Union AdmissionNH3.25
455 M/S  European Union Admission MiniSheet of 10NH35.00
456NATO AdmissionNH7.50
457TV ProgramNH1.00
459President GasparovicNH.90
460Dobroc ForestNH1.25
461-62Omnibus, WaterNH3.50
461-62 M/S  Omnibus, Water MiniSheet of 8NH28.00
463River RaftsmenNH2.00
464Roman LegionsNH2.25
465-66 M/S  Art MiniSheets of 4NH27.00
467 BK  Christmas Booklet of 10NH13.50
468 BKOlympics BookletNH10.00
469Stamp DayNH2.00
ATM #1 - 12-138Sk, 15Sk 
470Valentine's DayNH1.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
471Family GroupNH1.00
472Banska AnniversaryNH5.75
473Bush, Putin SummitNH6.00
474Easter, LambNH1.10
474 BK  Easter Booklet of 10NH11.00
475 S/SBeatification SheetNH3.25
476Handicapped CyclingNH3.00
477Poor Mother PaintingNH2.50
477 M/S  Poor Mother Painting MiniSheet of 8NH20.00
478Europa - FoodNH2.50
478 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 8 NH21.00
479Peace of BratislavaNH5.75
480Year of PhysicsNH3.75
481 BK  Fish Booklet of 10NH9.50
482Animal IllustrationsNH2.75
483Holic and Town ArmsNH3.50
484President GasparovicNH.85
485 S/SHorses Sheet of 2NH12.50
488-89Rembrandt, Baron PaintingsNH5.50
488-89 M/S  Rembrandt, Baron Paintings MiniSheets of 4NH24.00
490Christmas SceneNH1.00
490 BK  Christmas Scene Booklet of 10NH10.00
491 TABStamp Day with TabNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
491  Stamp Day without TabNH1.50
491 TAB x2  Stamp Day with Two TabsNH6.00
492Karel KuzmanyNH1.25
493 TABTorino Olympics with TabNH6.00
493  Torino Olympics without TabNH3.00
494Poprad, Town Arms DefinitiveNH1.60
495Greetings - FlowersNH.80
496 BK  Easter Booklet of 10NH11.00
497 S/SFossil Sheet of 2NH7.50
498Europa - IntegrationNH2.50
498 M/S  Europa - Integration Minisheet of 10 NH27.50
499-0027k,29k Town ViewsNH4.50
501Children's Day, ArtNH1.50
501 BK  Children's Day, Art Booklet of 10NH13.50
502Pipe Blowing DefinitiveNH2.00
503Devin CastleNH3.00
503 M/S  Devin Castle MiniSheet of 8NH29.00
504-05 M/S  Artifacts MiniSheet of 8NH29.00
506-07 SNGPuppets Singles (Joint issue with Indonesia)NH6.00
506-07 PRPuppets Vertical Pair with Gutter (Joint issue with Indonesia)NH7.00
506-07 M/SPuppets Sheet of 6 (Joint issue with Indonesia)NH19.00
508-09Milly Painting, Venus SculptureNH5.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
508-09 M/S  Painting, Sculpture MiniSheets of 4NH23.00
510Christmas NH1.10
510 BK  Christmas Booklet of 10NH11.00
511Jozef Cincik, Stamp DesignerNH1.75
512Town of Modra DefinitiveNH1.40
513Writer Terezia VansovaNH1.90
514Flower GreetingsNH1.00
515Religious EasterNH1.00
515 BK  Religious Easter Booklet of 10NH11.00
517 S/SDogs Sheet of 2NH10.00
517a-b  Dogs Singles from SheetNH10.00
518American Slovak LeagueNH2.20
519Stories for ChildrenNH1.25
519 BK  Stories for Children Booklet of 10NH13.00
520Europa - Scouts RunningNH2.00
520 M/S  Europa - Scouting MiniSheet of 10 NH22.00
523Stylized Cat - Book IllustrationsNH2.50
524 S/SBratislava Castle SheetNH8.00
"524a"  Bratislava Castle Single from SheetNH8.00
525Castles Pair (Joint issue with San Marino)NH5.50
525 M/S  Castles MiniSheet of 8 (Joint issue with San Marino)NH22.00
526Leader Jozef HurbanNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
527Monument and BridgeNH2.90
528Museum Treasures - Gospel BookNH1.50
529Historian Seton WatsonNH2.25
530-31 GP  Paintings Gutter PairsNH13.00
530-31 M/S  Paintings MiniSheets of 8NH25.00
532 BK  Christmas Booklet of 10NH10.00
533Postal Themes with TabNH2.75
534Republic AnniversaryNH1.00
535Easter CostumesNH1.10
535 BK  Easter Booklet of 10NH10.50
536Krupina Arms, ChurchNH1.40
537 TABDahlias Definitive with TabNH2.50
537  Dahlias Definitive without TabNH1.50
537 M/S  Dahlias Definitives MiniSheet of 8NH20.00
538Constitutional CourtNH2.50
539-40Suchon, Hal'amovaNH3.00
541-42Fire EnginesNH5.00
543Europa - Cat Writing LetterNH2.40
543 M/S  Europa - Cat Writing Letter MiniSheet of 8 NH22.50
544Multi-Headed Dragon StoriesNH1.00
544 BK  Dragon Story Booklet of 10NH10.00
545-46Beijing Olympics, ParalympicsNH5.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
547Relics with Tab (our choice of format)NH4.50
547 TAB BOT  Relics with Tab at BottomNH5.00
547 TAB TOP SO  Relics with Tab at Top as shown in ScottNH7.50
547 TAB L  Relics with Tab at LeftNH5.00
547 TAB R  Relics with Tab at RightNH6.75
547 M/S  Relics with Tabs MiniSheet of 3NH12.00
548 S/SKarol Plicka Sheet (Joint issue with Czech Republic)NH3.75
549King MatthiasNH1.90
550Wooden Churches Pair with Tab (our choice of format)NH6.50
550 SO  Wooden Churches Pair with Tab in Scott Order (Hervartov at Left)NH7.50
550 M/S  Wooden Churches MiniSheet of 4 plus 5 TabsNH13.00
551-52Orchids, GourdNH5.90
553Christmas PaintingNH1.10
553 BK  Christmas Painting Booklet of 10NH10.50
554Stamp DayNH2.75
555-56Palez, Palugyay PaintingsNH6.75
555-56 M/S  Paintings MiniSheets of 2NH26.00
557Euro as CurrencyNH3.75
557 M/S  Euro as Currency MiniSheet of 6NH26.00
558-680,01-2,00 Church DefinitivesNH15.00
  558//68  0,01//2,00 Smaller Size ChurchesNH11.00
  563,565,566  0,33,0.66,0.83 Larger Size ChurchesNH5.50
569 S/SSt. Michael's Church SheetNH3.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
570 TB DA  Easter Tete-Beche Pair, Denominations ApartNH6.00
570 TB DT  Easter Tete-Beche Pair, Denominations TogetherNH11.00
570AEaster, Self-adhesiveNH4.75
570Ab BK  Easter. Self-adhesive, Booklet of 10NH39.50
571Martial ArtsNH1.60
572Engineer Aurel StodolaNH.90
573Philatelic AnniversaryNH1.00
573 M/S  Philately MiniSheet of 8NH9.50
574Supreme Audit OfficeNH2.25
575Europa - AstronomyNH2.75
575 M/S  Europa - Astronomy MiniSheet of 8 NH22.00
576 S/SSofia Bosniakova SheetNH2.25
577 S/SPresident Gasparovic (Gold) SheetNH2.75
578Biennale of IllustrationsNH1.75
579 S/SCarnuntum Sheet (Joint Issue with Austria)NH3.25
580-81Turtle, LizardNH6.00
580-81 M/S  Turtle, Lizard MiniSheet of 6NH37.50
583Christmas, Self-adhesiveNH1.25
583a BK  Christmas, Self-adhesive Booklet of 10NH12.50
584-85Mudroch, Majernik Paintings - ArtNH6.50
584-85 GP  Paintings - Art Gutter PairsNH21.00
584-85 M/S  Paintings MiniSheets of 4NH26.00
586Louis BrailleNH1.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
587Church of MaryNH1.75
588Vancouver OlympicsNH3.00
589President GasparovicNH1.25
590Religious Easter, WAGNH1.25
591Religious Easter, Self-adhesiveNH1.25
591a BK  Religious Easter Booklet of 10NH13.50
592Count MatthewNH2.00
593 S/S400 Years Ziliva Synod SheetNH3.50
594Journalist Milan HodzaNH1.25
595Europa-CEPT Children's StoriesNH3.25
595 M/S  Europa-CEPT Children's Stories MiniSheet of 8 NH25.00
596 S/SWorld Cup Sheet with Moving ImageNH19.00
599 M/SIcon Pair MiniSheet of 5NH18.50
599a-b  Icon Pair with 2 TabsNH3.50
600Topolcany CastleNH3.50
600 M/S  Topolcany Castle Personalizeable MiniSheet of 8NHAsk
601Ancient Art (Joint issue with Egypt)NH3.00
601 GP  Ancient Art (Joint issue with Egypt) Gutter PairNH7.50
601 M/S  Ancient Art (Joint issue with Egypt) MiniSheet of 8NH30.00
602 S/SFlora, Fauna Sheet of 4NH9.50
603Christmas ArtNH1.25
604Christmas Art, Self-adhesiveNH3.50
604a BK  Christmas Art Booklet of 10NH35.00
605-06Majster, Maliar PaintingsNH7.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
605-06 GP  Majster, Maliar Paintings Gutter PairsNH17.00
605-06 M/S  Majster, Maliar Paintings MiniSheets of 4NH30.00
608Stamp Day Women with TabNH2.00
610Church and SculptureNH3.00
611Visegrad Group (Joint issue with Czech, Hungary, Poland)NH3.75
611 KB  Visegrad Group (Joint issue with Czech, Hungary, Poland) MiniSheet of 8NH32.00
612Meringue Lamb, EasterNH1.75
613Easter, Self-AdhesiveNH2.00
613a BK  Easter, Self-Adhesive Booklet of 10NH20.00
614Ice Hockey PairNH4.00
615World Heritage Ice CaveNH4.75
615 M/S  World Heritage Ice Cave MiniSheet of 6NH30.00
616Beatification of Pope John Paul IINH2.00
616 M/S  Beatification of Pope John Paul II MiniSheet of 4NH9.00
617Europa-CEPT - Tree in ForestNH3.25
617 M/S  Europa-CEPT - Tree in Forest MiniSheet of 8 NH27.50
618Flower with TabNH2.00
618 M/S  Flower with Tab MiniSheet of 8NH17.50
619 S/SSlovak Nation 150th Anniversary SheetNH5.25
620-21Old AutomobilesNH5.25
622Composer Jan CikkerNH2.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
624Leader, Poet MiloslavNH1.75
625Otis Tarda BirdsNH4.50
625 M/S  Otis Tarda Birds MiniSheet of 4NH19.00
626Fish-shaped Honey Cake (scented)NH2.00
626 M/S  Fish-shaped Honey Cake (scented) MiniSheet of 8 with TabsNH16.00
627Fish-Shaped Honey Cake, Self-adhesiveNH2.00
627a BK  Fish-Shaped Honey Cake Booklet of 10NH20.00
628Woodcut by StimmerNH5.00
628 M/S  Woodcut by Stimmer MiniSheet of 4NH22.50
629Mailbox and Postrider with TabNH2.25
630 S/SVirgin and Child SheetNH6.50
631Piarist Church AngelNH3.25
632Writer ZaborskyNH1.75
633Poet ChalupkaNH2.25
634Christ Carrying Cross - Easter, WAGNH1.75
635Christ Carrying Cross - Easter, Self-adhesiveNH2.50
635a BK  Christ Carrying Cross - Easter Booklet of 10NH24.00
636 S/SSculptor Koniarek SheetNH9.75
637Europa-CEPT Tourism FriezeNH4.25
637 TB  Europa-CEPT Tourism Frieze Tete-Beche PairsNH24.00
637 M/S  Europa-CEPT Tourism Frieze MiniSheet of 8 NH34.00
638Ice Hockey TeamNH1.50
639Children's Day with TabNH2.00
639 M/S  Children's Day with Tab MiniSheet of 8NH19.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
640Children's Day, Self-adhesiveNH2.50
640a BK  Children's Day, Self-adhesive Booklet of 10NH24.00
641 S/SBattle of Rozhanovce SheetNH4.50
642Summer Olympics and Paralympics PairNH6.75
643Skalka ChurchNH1.50
644Sastin BasilicaNH1.65
645 S/SLinguist Bernolak SheetNH4.50
646 S/SFlowers of the Low Tatras National ParkNH5.75
647L'ubovna CastleNH3.50
647 M/S  L'ubovna Castle MiniSheet of 10NH40.00
648Religious Christmas Art 
648 M/S  Religious Christmas Art MiniSheet of 8 
649Christmas Self-adhesiveNH4.00
649 BK  Christmas Booklet of 10NH22.75
650Viera Zilincanova PaintingNH4.75
650 M/S  Viera Zilincanova Painting MiniSheet of 4NH22.50
651 S/SFresco by Sala Terrena SheetNH6.50
652 Stamp Day - Pavol Sochan with TabNH2.25
653City of Culture with TabNH2.00
653 M/S  City of Culture with Tab MiniSheet of 8NH16.00
65490c Putti with Theater MaskNH2.50
655Soccer Player PopluharNH1.75
"655A"Soccer Player Popluhar with TabNH2.00
"655A" M/S  Soccer Player Popluhar with Tab MiniSheet of 8NH16.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
656Easter Egg DesignNH1.25
657Easter Egg Design, Self-adhesiveNH2.50
657a BK  Easter Egg Design Booklet of 10NH25.00
658Write Dominik Tatarka, HorseNH1.75
659Cancer Research (Twin with USA)NH3.25
660Historic WindmillNH3.50
661Europa-CEPT Mail Delivery TruckNH2.50
662Europa-CEPT Mail Delivery Truck, Self-adhesiveNH2.75
662a BK  Europa-CEPT Mail Delivery Truck Booklet of 6 NH16.50
663-64Performers, Dancers (Joint issue with South Korea)NH6.75
663-64 M/S  Performers, Dancers MiniSheets of 6 (Joint issue with South Korea)NH20.00
665Sun and Zodiac SymbolsNH1.50
665 M/S  Sun and Zodiac Symbols MiniSheet of 8NH14.75
666 S/SEvangelists Sheet (Joint issue with 3 other countries)NH4.75
667Missionary, Poet ZvonickyNH2.00
668Matica Slovenska FoundationNH2.50
669Biennale of Illustrations 2013NH1.50
670-71Tatra MountainsNH7.50
672Minerals PairNH3.75
672 M/S  Minerals MiniSheet of 6NH11.00
673Child Art Christmas with TabNH1.50
673 M/S  Child Art Christmas with Tab MiniSheet of 8NH14.00
674Religious ChristmasNH4.00
675Child Art Christmas, Self-adhesive (scented)NH2.50
675a BK  Child Art Christmas, Self-adhesive Booklet of 10 (scented)NH15.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
676-77 M/S  Paintings MiniSheets of 4NH30.00
678 TABRumansky Drawing with TabNH2.25
678 TAB x2  Rumansky Drawing with Tabs Left and RightNH5.50
679Synagogue in LeviceNH2.75
680Sochi OlympicsNH2.50
681Winter ParalympicsNH2.50
682Year of CrystallographyNH3.00
683Easter CrucifixionNH1.25
684Easter Crucifixion, Self-adhesiveNH1.75
684a BK  Easter Crucifixion Booklet of 10NH15.00
685Diplomat OsuskyNH1.25
688Europa-CEPT BagpipesNH2.50
688 M/S  Europa-CEPT Bagpipes MiniSheetNHAsk
689Europa-CEPT Bagpipes, Self-adhesiveNH3.50
689a BK  Europa-CEPT Bagpipes, Self-adhesive Booklet of 6NH24.00
690Poet HorovNH1.25
691WW I Cemetery MemorialNH2.75
692Ladybug on Dandelion with TabNH1.75
692 M/S  Ladybug on Dandelion MiniSheet of 8NH16.00
693President KiskaNH1.25
694National Uprising MonumentNH1.75
695Bytca Wedding PalaceNH3.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
695 M/S  Bytca Wedding Palace MiniSheet of 8NH27.50
696Father HlinkaNH2.25
696 M/S  Father Hlinka MiniSheet of 4NH10.00
697Peace Marathon in KosiceNH1.25
698 S/SSitno Nature Reserve Insects SheetNH4.00
699Silver Half Denarius CoinNH3.75
700Religious Christmas ArtNH1.75
700 TABReligious Christmas Art with Personalized TabNHAsk
700 M/S  Religious Christmas Art Personalized MiniSheet of 8NH16.00
701Child Art ChristmasNH1.75
702Child Art Christmas, Self-adhesiveNH2.50
702a BK  Child Art Christmas Booklet of 10NH16.50
703Bohun Portrait with FlowersNH4.75
703 M/S  Bohun Portrait with Flowers MiniSheet of 4NH19.00
704 S/SAnimal Painting by Strodl Sheet of 1NH6.75
705Philatelist Zrubec - Stamp DayNH2.50
706Culture - Andrassi MausoleumNH2.75
707Valentine's Day with TabNH1.10
707 M/S  Valentine's Day MiniSheet of 8 with TabsNH9.00
708Stefan PilarikNH1.50
710Easter, Self-adhesiveNH1.25
710a BK  Easter, Self-adhesive Booklet of 10NH13.00
711Bone Marrow TransportNH2.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
712Sport - Vlafimir Dzurilla with TabNH2.00
712 TB  Sport - Vlafimir Dzurilla Tete-Beche Pair with TabsNH4.50
713-14Steam LocomotivesNH2.25
715Europa-CEPT - Old ToysNH2.25
715 M/S  Europa-CEPT - Old Toys MiniSheet of 8NH18.00
716Europa-CEPT - Old Toys, Self-adhesiveNH2.25
716a BK  Europa-CEPT - Old Toys Booklet of 6NH13.50
717Victory over FascismNH2.50
718 S/SIstropolitana Academy SheetNH3.50
719St. John BoscoNH3.00
719 M/S  St. John Bosco MiniSheet of 6NH18.00
720Bratislava ArtNH1.25
721-22Beautiful Czech RepublicNH6.00
723 S/SNature ProtectionNH4.75
725National Cancer InstituteNH3.75
726Christmas Fish DrawingNH1.50
727Madonna of the MountainsNH1.50
728Madonna of the Mountains, Self-adhesiveNH3.75
728a BK  Madonna of the Mountains Booklet of 10NH29.75
729Alfons Mucha ArtNH4.00
729 M/S  Alfons Mucha Art MiniSheet of 4NH16.50
730 S/SJurkovic Art on Stamps SheetNH4.75
731Stamp DayNH2.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
All New Issues are available for The SLOVAK REPUBLIC and CZECH REPUBLIC and over 200 Countries and Topics
B1Child Welfare, TisoNH3.00
B2-4War ScenesNH2.25
B5-7Mother and ChildNH2.25
B8-10Soldier, YouthNH3.50
B14-16War ScenesNH2.50
B17-20Museum, CultureNH1.50
B21-24Soccer, SportsNH2.00
B25-26See 108-09 
B27a S/SChildren MiniSheet of 8NH60.00
B28Red CrossNH.45
Scott # Description Condition Price
B29 S/SSummer Olympics SheetNH1.40
C1-6Tatra MountainsNH3.50
C7-95k-20k Moving PlaneNH4.75
  C9  20k Plane in FlightH1.00
C101k with Watermark 
P1-9Czech Newspaper Stamps OverprintedNH27.50
P10-18Slovakian ArmsNH11.00
P20-30 (9)Slovakian Arms with WatermarkNH5.00
P31-36New "N" DesignNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
J1-12Unwatermarked Numerals, Perf 12NH225.00
Specialized Listing by Gum Types:
J1-12 VRGUnwatermarked Numerals with Vertical Ribbed Gum Complete (12)NH250.00
J1-12 HRGUnwatermarked Numerals with Horizontal Ribbed Gum Complete (10)NH90.00
J1-12 SGUnwatermarked Numerals with Smooth Gum Complete (3) 
J13-23Watermarked Numerals, Perf 12NH45.00
J24-38New Design Watermarked, Perf 14NH25.00