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SOUTH SUDAN 2017 ISSUES now available:  Severe inflation has caused the Sudan Post Office to surcharge 19 different stamps.  These surcharges are now in stock in extremely limited quantity.  These are the first South Sudan issues in five years!  To avoid disappointment, please reserve yours now.  Call or email for further information.
Sunday, December 16, 2018


Scott # Description Condition Price
Blocks of 4 of most issues are available at 4x singles price.
1993 BKBooklets (4)NH80.00
1993 L S/SChess Limited Edition Sheet (36a)NH15.00
1994 SR"13-14" Scarce SurchargesNH125.00
1995 L S/S"52B" Red Barcelona OvptNH150.00
1995 M/SMiniSheets (3)NH45.00
1996 BKBooklets (3)NH75.00
1996 L S/S"89A" Birds Limited Edition SheetNH27.00
1996 L S/S"90C" UN Limited Edition SheetNH8.00
1996 L S/S"98A" Wildcats Limited EditionNH29.00
1997 INV114b Inverted SurchargesNH19.00
1997 M/SMountains Decorative MiniSheet of 3 StripsNH18.00
1999140-41,3 Defins,145-54NH67.00
1999 BKBooklets (2)NH57.00
2000 M/SMiniSheet (1)NH15.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2001 DSDoubled Surcharge ErrorNH30.00
2001 L S/SLimited Printing Communications S/S NH135.00
2001 CBKChess BookletNH8.75
2001 PBKPrestige BookletNH125.00
2001 M/SCIS MiniSheetNH40.00
2001 IMP M/SImperf CIS MiniSheetNH125.00
2002 M/SWWF MiniSheetNH17.00
2003 IMPImperforates (28 in 4 Sheetlets)NH155.00
2003 TBTete-Beche Blocks of 4NH21.00
2004209-48+"240A-46A" ImperfNH238.00
2004 TBTete-Beche Blocks of 4NH10.50
2005 W M/S 4WWF MiniSheets of 10 (4)NH49.00
2005 W M/S 16WWF Perf MiniSheet of 16NH19.50
2005 W M/S IMPWWF Imperforate MiniSheet of 16NH160.00
2005 OIMPOther Imperforates (4+2 S/S + 1 M/S)NH119.00
2005 A M/SAirbus MiniSheet of 8NH95.00
2005 A IMP M/SAirbus MiniSheet of 8 ImperforateNH125.00
2005 W IMPWWF Imperforate (4)NH42.00
2006 IMPImperforates (10 + 1 S/S)NH99.00
2006 M/SMiniSheets of 10 (6)NH175.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2006 XXThe GRAND 2006 TAJIK Collection (36 Stamps + 5 S/S + 10 Imperf Stamps + 1 Imperf S/S + 6 MiniSheets)NH425.00
2007 M/SBirds MiniSheets (6)NH165.00
2007 IMPImperfs (6v + 1 M/S of 8)NH75.00
2008 TBTete-Beche Pairs (4)NH30.00
2009Please compare the above with other offers which are woefully missing items! 
2009 M/SMiniSheets (13)NH229.00
2009 IMPImperforates (20)NH79.00
2010 M/SMiniSheets ()NHASK
2011 M/SMiniSheets (1)NH21.00
2013 M/SWWF MiniSheet of 16 (1)NH75.00
201432 Stamps + 1 S/SNH99.00
2014 M/SLunar New Year MiniSheet (1)NH22.50
201533 Stamps + 3 S/SNH145.00
2016 Stamps + S/SNHRESERVE!
2017 Stamps + S/SNHRESERVE!
2018Click to reserve now for earliest delivery.NHRESERVE!
Scott # Description Condition Price
1992-19991-154,"4A","4B",76a,124a, 129a,136aNH410.00
2000-2003Basic Year Sets as listed above.NH460.00
1National TreasureNH.50
3Musical InstrumentsNH.50
5-715r,15r,50r Surcharges (Nov 12)NH2.50
Three surcharge varieties exist: 
"5A,6A"15r+15r Surcharge spacing 12mm instead of 8mm between value and obliterating barNH32.00
"5+5A,6+6A"  15r+15r  Errors Se-tenant with Normal SurchargeNH39.50
5X15r Overprint on Wrong Stamp!NHAsk
("5x" is listed in the official Tajikian Catalog.) 
8-93r,100r SurchargesNH2.50
10-1110r,15r Surcharges on 2k TransportNH2.75
(Also listed as 10Aa and 11IIAd below.) 
Scott # Description Condition Price
10r Specialized listings:
10 Aa10r Perf, Violet surchargeNH1.25
10 Ab10r Perf, Blue green surchargeNH4.00
10 Ba10r Imperf, Violet surchargeNH35.00
15r Specialized listings (Tajikistan Large or Small Type):
11 I Ab15r Large Type, Perf, Green surchargeNH5.00
11 I Bb15r Large Type, Imperf, Green surcharge 
11 II Ab15r Small Type, Perf, Green surchargeNH1.75
11 II Ac15r Small Type, Perf, Black surchargeNH4.00
11 II Ac DD15r Small Type, Perf, Black Inverted surchargeNH325.00
11 II Ae15r Small Type, Perf, Red surchargeNH40.00
11 II Bc15r Small Type, Imperf, Black surchargeNH35.00
11 II Be15r Small Type, Imperf, Red Surcharge 
11 V a15r on 2k Shiny paperNH250.00
11 V b15r on 2k Normal paperNH175.00
1260r SurchargeNH1.25
12a INV  60r Inverted SurchargeNH9.50
13-14 '925r,25r Mosque SurchargesNH1.60
15-193r-100r AnimalsNH3.75
19 M/S100r Animal MiniSheet of 9NH45.00
20,22,24-26,28,301r,5r,15r,20r,25r,50r,100r Building DefinitivesNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
33 S/SBarcelona '92 Olympics SheetNH8.75
34-37Sah-Nama Epic (Chess) (3+S/S)NH6.75
36a M/SChess Special Sheet of 6 plus 4 labelsNH15.00
36a BK TAJChess Booklet of 6 with Tajikian TextNH19.00
36a BK GERChess Booklet of 6 with German TextNH19.00
36a BK RUSChess Booklet of 6 with Russian TextNH19.00
36a BK ENGChess Booklet lf 6 English TextNH28.00
36a BK (4)  Complete Set of 4 Chess Booklets in Four LanguagesNH80.00
37ACarpet with 1992 InscriptionNH.80
Mi 32-3310r,15r Scarce SurchargesNH125.00
  Mi 32  15.00R on 3k ValueNH25.00
  Mi 32 Invert  Scarcer Inverted OverprintNH290.00
23,27,29,31-3210r,35r,100r,160r,160r Views of DushambeNH3.50
38-39Ali ChamadonyNH6.00
40-52 (8)Coat of Arms INH4.00
42,45,48-49,51These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
52A S/SOlympics Sheet with Stuttgart Overprint in BlackNH11.00
53-60Prehistoric AnimalsNH7.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
53-60 M/S  Prehistoric Animals MiniSheets of 9NH75.00
"60A" S/SPrehistoric Animals Sheet of 8 plus Tab (3,000 issued)NH45.00
"52B" S/SBarcelona S/S with Red OverprintNH900.00
"52B" S/S NOTE:Our "52B S/S" is an official Tajik issue and listed in Michel as BL 3b.  Only 500 S/S were Overprinted.NHAsk
65aSurcharges in strip of 6NH12.75
65a var  Surcharges, Second Printing in Lighter ColorNH13.75
65a var  Surcharges with Dramatic ShiftNH35.00
65a INVSurcharges InvertedNH13.75
62-65 and "62-65 INV" (Normal and Inverted unit of 2 strips):NH25.00
The inverted surcharges above seem to be regularly issued as they are seen as frequently in the market as the normal stamps.  Probably a printing error that was so common the post office simply sold as normal stamps.  We include both types in the year set.  The surcharges are arranged in a checkerboard pattern so some collectors also wish an entire sheet to show the printing arrangement.
62-65 F/SSheet of 36 with Normal SurchargesNH65.00
62-65 INV F/SSheet of 36 with Inverted SurchargesNH65.00
66UNO MembershipNH1.50
66 M/S  UNO Membership MiniSheet of 9NH15.00
67UPU MembershipNH1.50
67 M/S  UPU Membership MiniSheet of 9NH15.00
68CSCE MembershipNH1.50
68 M/S  CSCE Membership MiniSheet of 9NH15.00
69-75 S/SReptiles (6+S/S)NH11.50
76+76a S/SWorld War II SheetsNH14.00
  76 S/S  World War II Sheet with "E" in second line of textNH7.50
  76a S/S  World War II Sheet without "E" in second line of textNH7.00
77-78Exhibition Overprints on ReptilesNH9.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
79-831r-40r Arms II DefinitivesNH2.75
89A M/S  Birds MiniSheet of 12 (Limited Edition)NH27.00
90 S/SBirds SheetNH6.00
90A-B S/SUnited Nations (1+S/S)NH5.50
  90A  United NationsNH1.50
  90A M/S  United Nations MiniSheet of 8NH8.00
  90B S/SUnited Nations SheetNH5.00
91 S/SAral Sea SheetNH6.50
92-97WWF - WildcatsNH10.00
  92-95 M/S  WWF - Wildcats MiniSheets of 10 (4)NH100.00
  92-95  WWF - Palla's CatNH7.50
  92-95 M/S  WWF - Wildcats MiniSheet of 12 (Limited)NH29.00
WWF Booklets of 12: 
94-97 BK TAJ  WWF Booklet, Tajikian TextNH24.00
94-97 BK RUS  WWF Booklet, Russian TextNH24.00
94-97 BK ENG  WWF Booklet, English TextNH28.00
94-97 BK (3)WWF Complete Set of 3 BookletsNH75.00
98 S/SManul SheetNH5.50
99-103Atlanta OlympicsNH12.50
99-103 M/S  Atlanta OlympicsMiniSheets of 9NH125.00
104-05Poet KhudjandiNH11.50
104-05 M/S  Poet Khudjandi MiniSheets of 10NH125.00
  104a  Poet Khudjandi with Shortened name (13mm not 14mm)NH19.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
106Postal UnionNH7.50
106 M/S  Postal Union MiniSheet of 10NH85.00
107-09Mountains, Horizontal Strip of 3NH6.50
107-09 VST  Mountains, Vertical Strip of 3NH13.00
107-09 M/S  Mountains MiniSheet of 3 StripsNH18.00
110 S/SMountains SheetNH13.50
111-14'A' Surcharges on 100r-5000r SinglesNH6.00
114a  'A' Surcharges Strip of 4NH7.50
"114b" INV  'A'  Inverted Surcharges Strip of 4NH19.00
115-18Folk Costumes PairsNH5.00
115-18 M/S  Folk Costumes MiniSheets of 10NH25.00
119-19A M/S  Handicraft MiniSheets of 10NH70.00
120 S/SCeramic Plate SheetNH4.25
121-24 M/S  Flowers MiniSheets of 10NH75.00
124a M/S  Flowers MiniSheet of 4NH4.75
125 S/SFlower SheetNH6.50
126-29 M/S  Butterflies MiniSheets of 10NH70.00
129a M/S  Butterflies MiniSheet of 4NH5.50
130 S/SButterfly SheetNH7.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
131-36 M/S  Minerals MiniSheets of 10NH70.00
136a M/S  Minerals MiniSheet of 6NH7.00
137 S/SMinerals SheetNH7.00
138-39Bobojan GhafurovNH2.50
138-39 M/S  Bobojan Ghafurov MiniSheets of 10NH25.00
140-41Pushkin AnniversaryNH6.00
140-41 M/S  Pushkin MiniSheet of 10NH32.50
145-481100 Years of EmpireNH5.75
145-48 M/S  Empire MiniSheets of 10NH60.00
145-49 BK TAJ  Empire Booklet in TajikNH22.00
145-49 BK ENG  Empire Booklet in EnglishNH35.00
149 S/SEmpire Sheet of 1NH7.75
149a S/SEmpire Sheet of 9NH17.00
150 S/SSamanid Dynasty King SheetNH12.00
151-52 M/S  Mushrooms MiniSheets of 10NH75.00
153-54 S/SMushroom SheetsNH9.00
158a S/SFish Sheet of 4NH7.75
159 S/SFish Sheet of 1NH6.00
160UPU AnniversaryNH1.50
160 M/S  UPU MiniSheet of 9NH15.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
161-65 S/SBirds of Prey with SheetNH11.00
166-68 S/SChess with SheetNH17.50
166-68 IMPChess Issue IMPERFORATENH275.00
166-67 STChess Se-tenant PairNH5.75
166-67 BK1  Chess Booklet, Larger size, brighter coverNH8.75
166-67 BK2  Chess Booklet, Smaller size, lighter color paperNHAsk
169-71Definitive Surcharges on BuildingsNH6.00
"169a-71a"  Definitives with Inverted SurchargesNH22.00
"170b"  "B" with Doubled SurchargeNH30.00
172 S/SCommunications SheetNH4.00
"172a" S/SCommunication Imperf SheetNH135.00
173-75 S/SIndependence SheetsNH110.00
"175" BKIndependence Prestige BookletNH135.00
176-77 S/STransport inc SheetNH11.00
178CIS AnniversaryNH4.00
178 M/S  CIS MiniSheet of 10NH40.00
"178A" IMPCIS ImperfNH11.00
"178A"  IMP M/S  CIS MiniSheet of 10 ImperfNH125.00
179 S/SRegional Communications System SheetNH4.00
179 S/S IMP  Regional Communication Sheet IMPERFORATENH135.00
180-82 S/SAvesto with S/SNH17.50
180-81 M/S  Avesto MiniSheets of 10NH70.00
183 S/SRefugee Committee SheetNH5.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
184 S/SNature Perf Sheet of 8NH15.00
"184A" S/SNature Imperf Sheet of 8NH32.00
185WWF Reed Cat BlockNH7.50
185e M/S  WWF MiniSheet of 8NH17.00
186-91Dushanbe Zoo 
192 S/SDance, Costumes SheetNH5.50
197 S/SBlack Chess Overprint SheetNH13.50
"197a" S/SViolet Blue Chess Overprint SheetNH39.00
198-200Year of the Horse (8v+S/S)NH16.50
198-200 IMPYear of the Horse IMPERFORATENH350.00
201Oriental Bazaar Block of 4NH6.75
202-07Sports inc HorsesNH6.50
"202a-07a"  STSports Se-tenant Block of 6NH12.00
208-11 S/SYear of the Sheep (with S/S)NH13.50
212-17Monument DefinitivesNH4.50
218 S/SFresh Water SurchargeNH8.50
219 S/SAthens, Beijing OlympicsNH10.75
"219A" S/S IMPOlympic Sheets ImperfNH33.00
220 M/SPhilatelic Exhibition, Animals, Panda, Butterfly, Elephant, LionNH16.00
"220A" M/S IMPPhilatelic Exhibitions Imperf, Animals, Panda, Butterfly, Elephant, LionNH35.00
221-22Fresh Water, MountainsNH5.75
221-22 VSTFresh Water, Vertical Se-tenant PairNH8.00
221-22 HSTFresh Water, Horizontal Se-tenant PairNH8.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
223-24Historical PeopleNH5.00
225Scientists PairNH5.75
226Children Drawings BlocksNH5.00
226 TB  Children Drawings Tete-Beche BlocksNH21.00
227 M/SAirplanes Perf MiniSheet of 8NH15.00
"227A" M/S IMPAirplanes Imperf MiniSheet of 8NH45.00
228 M/SNature of East Asia Perf MiniSheet of 8NH15.00
"228A" M/S IMPNature Imperf MiniSheet of 8NH43.00
229 M/SMushroom Sheet Surcharged in RedNH11.50
"229A" M/SMushroom MiniSheet Issued Surcharged in Green (not Red)NH27.50
230National Dances Block of 4NH5.00
230 TB  Dances Tete-Beche BlocksNH10.50
231-32A on 50r, b on 160r SurchargesNH2.00
233 S/SYear of the Monkey SheetNH7.75
234-39Views of Dushanbe 
240-43FIFA - Soccer Anniversary NH8.75
"240A-43A" IMPFIFA - Soccer ImperforateNH40.00
244 M/SOlympics Games Perf MiniSheet of 8NH13.50
'244A" M/S IMPOlympics Imperforate MiniSheet of 8NH40.00
245 M/SDushanbe Circus Perf SheetNH10.50
"245A" M/S IMPCircus Imperforate SheetNH30.00
246 M/STransportation Perf SheetNH10.50
"246A" IMP M/STransport Imperforate SheetNH30.00
247 S/SCapital Dushanbe SheetNH15.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
248Musical Instruments Pair (Joint issue with Kazakhstan)NH11.75
248 M/S  Musical Instruments MiniSheet of 10 PairsNH120.00
261Mountains PairNH7.50
262 S/SWW II VictoryNH4.75
263 S/SNational Hunting Perf SheetNH10.00
"263A" S/S IMPNational Hunting ImperforateNH28.00
264Airbus A-380 First Flight BlockNH13.00
264 M/S  Airbus Perf MiniSheet of 8NH95.00
264 IMPAirbus A-380 First Flight Imperforate BlockNH28.00
264 M/S IMP  Airbus Imperf MiniSheet of 8NH125.00
265 M/SPredatory Animals Perf MiniSheet of 8NH13.00
"265A" M/S IMP  Predatory Animals Perf MiniSheet of 8NH30.00
266WWF - Bahral Block of 4NH4.50
266 M/S  WWF MiniSheet of 16NH19.50
266a-d M/S  4 WWF MiniSheets of 10 (separate printing) 
266 IMP  WWF - Bahral ImperforateNH42.00
266 M/S IMP  WWF - Bahral Imperforate MiniSheet of 16NH160.00
267-72Scientist Avicenna DefinitivesNH7.00
273-78Train, Plane, Letters DefinitivesNH10.50
279Mountain Views Block of 4NH13.50
280 S/SNarional Hunting Perf Sheet of 2 plus TabNH10.50
"280A" S/S IMP  Narional Hunting Imperf Sheet of 2 plus TabNH35.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
281Fairy Tales Block of 4NH12.00
282Costumes Se-tenantNH6.50
"282A" S/SCostumes Souvenir Sheet of 8NH13.00
283 M/SAsian Fauna MiniSheet of 8NH13.50
283 M/S IMP  Asian Fauna Imperf MiniSheet of 8NH28.00
284World Cup Championship Block of 4NH11.50
284e S/SWorld Cup Champs Souvenir Sheet of 8NH23.00
285 S/S2700 Years of Kulob SheetNH8.50
286 S/S15 Years of Independence SheetNH14.50
287 S/S15 Years of Regional Communication System SheetNH7.50
288-93Cotton DefinitivesNH3.50
294Headdresses Block of 4NH10.00
294 IMP  Headdresses ImperforateNH28.00
295-00 M/S  Dogs MiniSheets of 10NH145.00
295-00 IMP  Dogs ImperforateNH28.00
3010,75 Surcharge on BuildingNH2.50
302 S/SSnakes SheetNH10.75
303-08Poet Rumi DefinitivesNH8.50
309Necklaces Block of 4NH15.00
310 M/SHistory of Transport MiniSheet of 8NH13.50
310 M/S IMP  History of Transport MiniSheet of 8 ImperforateNH29.50
311-16Birds of AsiaNH13.50
311-16 M/S  Birds of Asia MiniSheets of 10NH135.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
311-16 IMPBirds of Asia ImperfNH29.50
317 S/SBirds of Asia Sheet of 6NH13.50
318-21Beijing OlympicsNH11.00
321a M/S  Beijing Olympics MiniSheet of 8NH22.00
322-29Household UtensilsNH21.00
330 S/SWater Related Disasters SheetNH10.50
331 S/SBuddha Statues SheetNH11.00
332-351s Surcharges on Pushkin PairsNH15.00
336 S/SRudaki SheetNH9.25
337Plants and Insects BlockNH12.00
338 S/SSnakes SheetNH10.50
339Grapes Block of 4NH11.00
340Musical Instruments Pair (Joint issue with Iran)NH12.00
341 M/SChina Exhibition Overprint MiniSheet of 8NH16.00
342 S/SPaintings SheetNH12.50
343Imami Azam's Celebration YearNH5.50
343 M/S  Imami Azam MiniSheet of 10NH59.00
344-47WWF - Deer SinglesNH6.00
344-47 BLKWWF - Deer Block of 4NH6.00
344-47 M/S  WWF - Deer MiniSheets of 10NH62.50
347a M/S  WWF - Deer MiniSheet of 16NH39.50
"344-47X" IMPWWF - Deer ImperfNH17.00
"344-47X" M/S IMP  WWF - Deer Imperf MiniSheets of 10NH180.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
"344-47X" IMPWWF - Deer Imperf Block of 4NH16.00
"347aX" IMP M/S  WWF - Deer Imperf MiniSheet of 16NH75.00
348-55Asian FaunaNH14.00
348-55 M/S  Asian Fauna MiniSheets of 9 plus TabNH130.00
355a S/SAsian Fauna Sheet of 8NH15.00
"348-55X" IMPAsian Fauna ImperfNH25.00
"348-55X" M/S IMP  Asian Fauna Imperf MiniSheets of 9 plus TabNH240.00
356 S/SCircus Animals Sheet 
357 S/SGlaciers - MountainsNH14.00
358"0,15 2009" Surcharge on OrnamentNH.60
359Melons Se-tenant Block or Strip of 4NH11.50
359 IMP  Melons Imperf Se-tenant Block or Strip of 4NH22.00
360WWII Victory PairNH5.00
360 M/S  WWII Victory Sheet of 6NH15.00
"360X"WWII Victory Pair ImperfNH10.00
"360X" M/S IMPWWII Victory Sheet ImperfNH29.00
361Peony, Butterfly PairNH7.00
361 M/S  Peony, Butterfly Pair MiniSheet of 6NH21.00
"361X"Peony, Butterfly Pair ImperfNH21.00
"361X" M/S  Peony, Butterfly Imperf Pair MiniSheet of 6NH65.00
361c S/SPeony, Butterfly Sheet of 1NH5.25
362-65Hydroelectric PlantNH18.50
366Philosopher Ansari (Joint issue with Afghanistan, Iran)NH8.00
367 S/SPhilately, Fauna Sheet of 4NH17.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
368 S/SAncient Coins Sheet of 2NH14.00
369 S/SMen's Dances Sheet of 2NH14.00
370 M/SYear of the Tiger Overprint on Fauna MiniSheet of 8NH25.00
371 S/SYear of the Rabbit Sheet of 2NH7.75
3720-10 Surcharge on 25t Animal of 1993NH2.50
3730-15 Surcharge on 35t Building of 1993NH1.25
374Locomotives Block of 4NH8.50
375Blossoming Apricot PairNH6.75
375 M/S  Blossoming Apricot MiniSheet of 6NH21.00
376 S/SIndependence 20th Anniversary SheetNH16.00
377 S/SC I S Anniversary SheetNH9.00
378 S/SRegional Communications Sheet 
379-82Sogdian Terra Cotta HeadsNH2.75
383-84Lunar New Year - Fish, DragonNH7.50
385-86Music, Costumes PairNH20.00
385-86 M/S  Music, Costumes MiniSheet of 8NHAsk
385-86 IMPMusic, Costumes Pair 3 ImperfNHAsk
385-86 M/S IMP  Music, Costumes MiniSheet of 8 ImperfNHAsk
387 S/SLondon 2012 Olympics SheetNH11.00
387 S/S IMP  London 2012 Olympics Sheet ImperfNHAsk
388 S/SModern Painting SheetNH9.00
389 S/S (x2)London Oympics Sheets of 4 with Black and Blue Machine OverprintsNH36.00
389 S/S NOTE:The listings below are more precise than that given in Scott 2015. 
Scott # Description Condition Price
  389X S/S  London Oympics Sheet of 4 with Blue Clear Machine OverprintNH18.00
  389Z S/S  London Oympics Sheet of 4 with Black Clear Machine OverprintNH20.00
  389W S/S  London Oympics Sheet of 4 with Blue Handstamped Unclear OverprintNH18.00
  389Y S/S  London Oympics Sheet of 4 with Black Handstamped Unclear OverprintNHAsk
390-91Flowers and Butterflies BlocksNH24.00
392Music PairNH6.75
393 S/S PRFLunar New Year of the Snake SheetNH8.50
393 S/S IMP  Lunar New Year of the Snake IMPERF SheetNH35.00
394-962s CatsNH7.75
394-96 TAB  Cats with TabsNH35.00
394-96 M/S  Cats MiniSheets of 9NH70.00
397-400 SNGWWF  Baby Animals Singles - First PrintingNH14.00
397-400 STRWWF  Baby Animals Strip of 4 - Second PrintingNH19.00
400a M/S  WWF Baby Animals MiniSheet of 16NH75.00
401Academy of Science PairNH13.00
402Trains Block of 4NH9.75
403-05Mobile CommunicationNH5.00
406Transportation Block of 4NHAsk
407-08 S/SSpace Flight Overprinted SheetsNHAsk
409-11Tiger, Bear, FoxNH10.50
409-11 TAB  Tiger, Bear, Fox with TabNH34.00
409-11 M/S  Tiger, Bear, Fox MiniSheet MiniSheet of 7NH68.00
411a S/STiger, Bear, Fox Sheet of 3 plus 3 TabsNH19.50
412Birds Block of 4NH13.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
413Fish Block of 4NHAsk
414 M/SArchitecture Sheet of 4NH17.50
415Year of the Horse Block of 4NH9.75
415 M/S  Year of the Horse MiniSheet of 8NH22.50
416Olympic Games Block of 4NH12.75
417 S/SWinter Olympics Sheet of 2NH12.50
418'Y. Gargarin-80" Overprint on Science StripNH9.75
419-23.10, .30, .50. 1.00, 2.50 DefinitivesNH6.50
424Khujand Airport PairNH6.50
2v"Tajikistan in Sochi Olymp" on StripNH12.75
3vDushanbe ZooNH10.50
428"FIFA WORLD CUP" Overprint on Block of 4NH13.75
3vDogs  Dogs  DogsNH9.00
2vLunar New Year of the Goat PairNH5.50
M/S  Lunar New Year of the Goat MiniSheet of 10NH30.00
4vAntique Cars Block of 4NH10.50
1vMonument to Poet RumiNH4.25
M/S  Monument to Poet Rumi MiniSheet of 4NH18.50
2vBirds of Asia PairNH5.00
M/S  Birds of Asia MiniSheet of 8NH23.50
M/SFlowers, Animals (inc Panda, Elephant) of Singapore MiniSheet of 6NH14.00
S/SViews of Space Sheet of 2NH9.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
M/SWorld War II Victory MiniSheet of 9NH28.00
4vNational Costumes Block of 4NH10.00
M/S  National Costumes MiniSheet of 8NH22.50
S/SSilk Road Sheet of 2NH10.50
4vRailway Stations Block of 4NH10.50
S/SSergej Karyakin Overprint in Black on 2001 Chess SheetNH16.00
S/SSergej Karyakin Overprint in Violet on 2001 Chess SheetNH22.00
1vVictory in World War IINH3.75
1v TAB  Victory in World War II plus TabNH10.50
M/S  Victory in World War II MiniSheet of 5NH21.00
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