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Established 1966

SOUTH SUDAN 2017 ISSUES now available:  Severe inflation has caused the Sudan Post Office to surcharge 19 different stamps.  These surcharges are now in stock in extremely limited quantity.  These are the first South Sudan issues in five years!  To avoid disappointment, please reserve yours now.  Call or email for further information.
Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Scott # Description Condition Price
Wonderful NH Collection of several hundred Stamps, Sets and Souvenir Sheets including "key" items like 518-21, 618, 619, 764-71, 777a, 853-56, 861-64, 877-84, 895-98, 983-92, and 1036a.  Treat yourself to a beautiful group:NHAsk
CM = Commemoratives  DF=Definitives 
The composition of Thai Year Sets can vary greatly.  We list the contents precisely and mention the additional Limited S/S (LSS) which are available.
1972 CM600-04,620-44,632aNHAsk
1972-77 DF605-19NH235.00
1973 CM645-51,662-94,679a,684a+B43-44NHAsk
1973-81 DF652-61NH295.00
1976 DF835-38 
1978 L S/SLimited Edition Sheet, ImperfNH495.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1983 L S/S"1036b" Imperf SheetNH235.00
19851081-82,1087-89,1101-37,1117a, 1120f,1135a+B59NHAsk
1985 L S/S"1117b" Limited Souvenir SheetNH775.00
19881213-27,1230,1233,1241,1248, 1251,1252,1253-91,1264aNH250.00
19891242-47,1249,1292-1336,1319a, 1326a,1332a+B66-69NH180.00
1989 L S S"1319b" LimitedNH160.00
19901337-78,1348a P&I,1360a P&I, 1366a P&I,1378a P&I+B70-73NH105.00
19911379-1428,1384a P&I,1388a P&I, 1389a P&I,1399a,1405a P&I,1409a P&I,1416a P&I,1420a P&I,1424a P&I,1428a P&I+B74-77NH175.00
1991 LSS"1399b","1399c" LimitedNH270.00
19921226A,1228,1429-1513,1444a-45a P&I (4),1466a P&I,1467a P&I, 1477a P&I,1493a P&I,1506a,1510a P&INH170.00
19931229,1514-57,1520a,1529a,1530a P&I, 1530b P&I,1534a,1545a, 1552a,1556aNH125.00
1993 L S/S"1529b","1552b" LimitedNH70.00
1993 B S/SThe Special Bangkok Show Souvenir Sheets (10)NH80.00
1993 M S/SBangkok Show Sheets with matched Numbers (10)NH90.00
19941558-93,1564a,1566a P&I,1566b P&I, 1578a,1578b,1582a,1587a+ B78-78a+B78-81,B78eNH95.00
19951594-1638,1604a,1606a P&I, 1611a,1615b,1620a, 1626a, 1635a,

1637a,1637b,1637c + B79,B79e
1995 L S/S1606b" P&I, "1615d","1615e", 1615c, "1620b","1620cNH239.00
19961639-1704,1648a,1653a,1657a, 1661a,1661b,1662a P&I,1662b P&I,1663a-67a,1673a,1676a, 1685a,1689a, 1692a,1696a,1700aNH190.00
1996 L S/S1662c P&I,1662d P&INH40.00
1996 ER"1690a" ErrorNH55.00
19971705-87,1712a,1715a,1723a, 1724a P&I,1733a,1733b,1737a, 1747a-50a, 1750b,1754a,1765a,1770a, 1774a,1776a,1780aNH289.00
1997 L S/S1696b x2,"1747b-50c","1754b", 1780bNH122.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1997 BKBooklet (1) 1755cNH47.50
19981788-1846,1800a,1801a P&I, 1805a,1810a,1818a,1832a, 1839a,

1998 L S/S1776b,1801b P&I LimitedNH23.50
19991847-1922,1855a,1859a,1864a,1868a,  1869a P&I,1874a,1887a,1891a,1900a, 1905a,1914a,1917a,1921aNH265.00
1999 L S/S1832b,"1832c","1869b P&I","1887b" Limited SheetsNH119.00
1999 ER"1870a" ErrorNH75.00
20001923-54,1927a-30a,1934a P,1939a, 1940a P&I,1943a,1948a,1949a,1950a, 1954aNHAsk
2000 L S/S1776c,"1934a Imperf"NH67.50
20011955-2005,1955a,1961a,1966a,1970a, 1975a,1980a,1984a,1989a,1990a, 1995a,1996a,2001a,2005aNHAsk
2001 L S/SLimited Edition Show Sheet HAFNIANH25.00
20022006-55,2009c,2016a,2017a,2017b, 2017c,2021a,2021b,2025a,2025b, 2029a,2033a,2035a,2039a,2045a, 2049a,2053aNHAsk
20032056-2106,2066a,2072a,2072b,2080a, 2080b,2089a,2090c,2094a,2100aNHAsk
2003 L S/SLimited Souvenir Sheets (13)NH285.00
20042107-60,2113a,2118a,2124a,2124b, 2125c,2131f,2146a,2151a,2151b, 2157a,2159eNH249.00
2004Our Thai 2004 Year Set includes the Limited Edition Souvenir Sheets
20052146b,2161-2211,2171a, 2175a,2178f,2178g, 2179c,2183a,2192a,2197a,2203a, 2210eNH142.00
2005 F M/SRose MiniSheet of 10 (with Fragence)NH42.50
2005 I M/SInsect MiniSheet of 5 StripsNH12.00
2005 TBArcheology Tete-Beche Strip PairNH12.00
2005 A M/SArcheology MiniSheet of 16NH26.00
20062176e,2212-51,2253-68,2226a,2227a, 2233a,2236e,2240a,2240b,2246a, 2246b,2256a.2256b,2260a,2267aNH210.00
2006 K M/SKing MiniSheet of 6NH95.00
2006 F M/SFlower MiniSheet of 10NH27.50
20072269-83,2285-2337,2275a,2280a, 2289a,2298a,2304a,2308a,2312a, 2320a,2328a,2333a,2336a (141 Stamps + 12 S/S inc 5 M/S)NHAsk
2007 QCART IMPQueen's Collection - Art of the Kingdom Sheet Imperforate (1,000 exist)NH245.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2007 PSPersonalized Stamp (1)NH15.00
2007 P M/SPersonalized Stamp MiniSheet (1)NH35.00
2007 BKMail Delivery Booklet of 10NH12.00
2007 EPCElephant Postal CardNH6.50
20082340-44,2346-89,2343e,2353a,2379a, 2387aNHAsk
20092397-2462,2402a,2412a,2416a,2421a, 2434a,2441a,2446a,2450a,2454aNH165.00
2009 LP S/SLimited Edition Perf Sheets (2)NHAsk
2009 PSPersonalized Stamps ()NHAsk
2009 P M/SPersonalized Stamp MiniSheets ()NHAsk
20102463,2465,2466-2567"2483a S/S, 2486a,2490a,2496a,2499a,2503a, 2505a,"2524A","2526X","2541a-b", 2546a,2556a,2560a,2566a  (126 Stamps + 19 S/S - 2465A not included)NHAsk
2010 PSPersonalized Stamps with TabsNHAsk
2010 P M/SPersonalized MiniSheets ()NHAsk
2011 WOSWithout Surcharges:  2547-48 RP,2568-84,"2584X",2589-2664,2584a,2597a, 2632a,2636a,2661aNH215.00
2011 SUR2585-88 Surcharges (15)NH89.50
2011 M/S 4MiniSheets of 4 (6) - A Scarce GroupNH150.00
2011 L S/SFestivals Sheet with China 2011 Emblem, Orchid Paradise Sheets (2)NH46.00
2011 DBKDefinitive Booklets (3)NH48.00
2011 PBKPostman Booklet (1)NH9.75
2011 JI M/SJoint Issue MiniSheet of 10NH14.50
2011 LNY PM/SLunar New Year Festival Personalized Sheets (9)NH189.00
2011 LNY G PM/SLunar New Year Emperor God Personalized Sheet (1)NH35.00
2011 OP M/SOther Personalized MiniSheetsNHAsk
20122665-2725,"2670X","2673A",2689c, 2696a,"2698X",2705j-05k,2707i-l,"2708X",2712a,2718a, 2723aNH205.00
2012 L M/SLimited MiniSheets of 4 (12)NH185.00
2012 L S/SLimited Special Sheets (7)NH200.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
201396 Stamps inc 3 M/S + 17 S/SNH169.00
2013 IMPPerf and Imperf Special Sheets (14)NH375.00
2013 N M/S"Normal" MiniSheets of 5, 9 or 10 (4)NH59.00
2013 L M/SLimited and Special MiniSheets (11)NH269.00
2013 P M/SPersonalized New Graphic with Zoo Animals MiniSheet of 20 (1)NH45.00
2014 Stamps + S/SNHAsk
201559 Stamps + 15 S/SNH49.75
2016 Stamps + S/SNHRESERVE!
2017 Stamps + S/SNHRESERVE!
2018Click to reserve now for earliest delivery.NHRESERVE!
1970-1979Basic Year Sets as listed above.NHAsk
1990-19991337-1992+B70-87+the basic S/S as listed aboveNHAsk
2000-2005Basic Year Sets as listed above.NHAsk
1-51sol-5sa King Chulalongkorn 
61t on 1 sol, Handstamp A 
11-181a-64a King Chulalongkorn 
Scott # Description Condition Price
191a on 1 sio 
201a on 2a 
272a on 3a 
33-344a on 24a (Two different handstamps) 
391a on 64a 
4910a on 24a 
504a on 12a 
51-571a on 12a - 10a on 24a 
65-691a on 12a-2a on 64a 
70-741a-10a King Chulalongkorn 
  75-78  1a-3a King's ProfileH15.00
  921a King 
Scott # Description Condition Price
1091a on 24a 
125-276s on 6a-14s on 14a 
139-442s-28s King Chulalongkorn 
145-562s-20b King Vajiravudh 
  145-482s-12s King VajiravudhH16.00
157-60King Vajiravudh  SurchargesH21.00
161-62King Chulalongkorn Surcharges 
1632s on 14s King Chulalongkorn 
164-752s-10b King Vajiravudh 
176-842s-5b King Vajiravudh with OverprintHAsk
  176  2s King Vajiravudh with OverprintNH7.50
185-86King Vajiravudh Surcharges 
187-982s-50s King Vajiravudh 
Scott # Description Condition Price
199-041t-20t Throne Room 
205-065s on 15s and 10s on 28s Surcharges 
207-222s-40b King PrajadhipokNHAsk
  210  10s King PrajadhipokNH1.90
  211  15s King Prajadhipok 
223-2410s,25s SurchargesH38.00
243-542s-10b King Mahidol, Agriculture, Royal PavilionNHAsk
247-49Ox, Rice Field 
260-635s-50s King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Pin-perfNHAsk
264-735s-20b King Adulyadej Facing ForwardNHAsk
  264  5s King Adulyadej Facing ForwardNH2.00
  266  20s King Adulyadej Facing ForwardNH2.50
  269  2b King Adulyadej Facing Forward 
  271  5b King Adulyadej Facing Forward 
  272  10b King Adulyadej Facing ForwardNH350.00
  273  20b King Adulyadej Facing ForwardNH525.00
2741b King Ananda Mahidol 
275-825s-3b King AdulyadejNHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
  276  10s King Bhumimol Adulyadej 
  278  20s King Bhumimol AdulyadejNH3.00
283-955s-20b King Bhumimol AdulyadejNHAsk
  285A  20s King Bhumimol AdulyadejNH4.00
  286  25s King Bhumimol Adulyadej 
296-99UN Day OverprintedNH25.00
300-035s-10s OverprintsNH35.00
304-0825s-3b King Naresuan, War Elephant 
  308  3b King Naresuan, War ElephantUSED3.00
309-11Tao SuranariNH49.00
312-14King Taksin StatueNH65.00
321-295s-2b DeerNHAsk
  321  5s DeerNH2.00
  322  10s DeerNH2.00
  323  15s DeerNH4.00
  324  20s HandNH4.00
330-3225s UN Day 
  330  25s UN Day - OliveNH1.75
  331  25s UN Day - OcherNH1.75
333-36Thai Archway 
337-38Wat ArunNH4.50
341Elephants, TeakNH2.75
347UN Founding 

Scott # Description Condition Price
348-62A (18)5s-40b King Bhumimol AdulyadejNHAsk
348-60  5s-10b King Bhumimol AdulyadejNHAsk
  348  5s King Bhumimol AdulyadejNH.90
  349  10s King Bhumimol AdulyadejNH.90
  350  15s King Bhumimol AdulyadejNH.90
  351  20s King Bhumimol AdulyadejNH.90
373-80WHO, MalariaNH16.00
386-89Letter Writing 
392-93Rice Harvesting, Freedom From Hunger 
397-411A (19)5s-40b King Bhumimol AdulyadejNHAsk
397-409,411  5s-10b,25b King Bhumimol AdulyadejNHAsk
  400  20s King Bhumimol AdulyadejNH.80
  402A '71  75s King Bhumimol AdulyadejNH3.50
  404   1b King Bhumimol AdulyadejNH4.50
  405  1.50b King Bhumimol AdulyadejNH4.50
  406  2b King Bhumimol AdulyadejNH4.50
  409  10b King Bhumimol AdulyadejNH29.00
412-13Children's DayNH11.00
418UN DayNH1.75
419-20King's BirthdayNH29.50
421-22UNICEF AnniversaryNH6.00
427UN DayNH2.50
430ITU Centenerary 
435International Cooperation Year 
Scott # Description Condition Price
442-49Asian Games at Bangkok 
  444  RunningNH1.00
456United Nations 
  490  50sNH.90
494United Nations DayNH1.50
495-96Thailand Flag Anniversary 
497Elephant Carrying TeakwoodNH10.50
498-99Syncom SatelliteNH4.75
500Earth GoddessNH3.00
501-0810s-4b FishNH95.00
513-1650c-5b Queen Sirikit 
  513-15  50s,2b,3b Queen SirikitNH16.00
517WHO AnniversaryNH2.00
518-21Letter Writing WeekNH15.00
522United Nations DayNH1.75
523Human Rights YearNH2.00
524Rama IINH2.00
525-26Constitution, National AssemblyNH7.00
527ILO Emblem, CogwheelsNH1.00
528-31Ramwong DanceNH11.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
532-35Letter Writing WeekNH10.00
  533-35  Letter WritingNH8.00
536United Nations DayNH2.00
537Tin ExportNH7.00
538-41Loy Krathong FestivalNH14.00
542Airmail ServiceNH2.50
543-46Shadow PlayNH15.50
548Map, Temples. WomenNH2.00
549Satellite CommunicationNH1.00
551UPU HeadquartersNH1.50
552Khun Ram Kamhang TeachingNH2.00
553-56Asian GamesNH13.50
557-60Letter WritingNH13.50
561Royal PalaceNH2.25
562-65Herores of BangrachanNH16.00
5662b Rubber PlantationNH4.50
567Asian GamesNH3.25
568-71Classical Musical Instruments 
576-79Muang Nakhon TempleNH15.00
580Corn, Tractor, ExportsNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
581-84Buddhist FellowshipNH17.50
585Silver JubileeNH2.00
586Visiting Asia, MarketNH3.75
587Boy ScoutsNH2.00
588 BLKTHAILANDPEX '71 with Map Overprint - Rectangles WatermarkNH11.50
589 BLKTHAILANDPEX '71 with Map Overprint - Zig-Zag WatermarkNH10.50
590-93Letter Writing WeekNH9.00
594United Nations DayNH2.75
595-98Rural OccupationsNH9.50
604Postal Union, GlobeNH1.75
605-1910s-100b King BhumibolNH235.00
  605 '72  10s Yellow green King BhumibolNH.50
  606 '72  20s Blue King BhumibolNH.70
  607 '72  25s Red King BhumibolNH.70
  608 '72  75s Purple King BhumibolNH1.75
  609 '72  1.25b Green, pink King BhumibolNH3.00
  618 '77  50b Purple, green King BhumibolNH60.00
  619 '77  100b Orange, black King BhumibolNH80.00
620-23Tribal WomenNH26.00
624-27Precious StonesNH47.50
628Prince VajiralongkomNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
632a S/SWomen's Costumes SheetNH85.00
637-40Water ScenesNH19.00
641Princess MotherNH7.50
642UN Emblem, GlobeNH1.75
643Book YearNH1.25
644Crown PrinceNH2.90
645Veteran's DayNH2.00
646Bank, CoinNH1.25
648-51Water LiliesNH21.00
652-615s-20b King BhumibolNH295.00
  656 '79  50s Olive green King BhumibolNH1.75
666-73Temple FrescoesNH65.00
674-75Postal ServicesNH4.00
679a S/STHAIPEX SheetNH25.00
681-84Literature ScenesNH19.00
684a S/SLetter Writing SheetNH49.00
685United Nations DayNH2.00
686-93Protected AnimalsNH65.00
694Human RightsNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
695Children's DayNH2.00
696Siriraj HospitalNH1.75
701Arbor Day, TreeNH1.50
702World PopulationNH1.50
703-06National MuseumNH14.00
707-10Letter Writing WeekNH16.50
710a S/SLetter Writing SheetNH55.00
712United Nations DayNH2.25
717a S/SOrchids II SheetNH58.00
718Young BoyNH3.00
723-26Protected AnimalsNH25.00
731-32King and QueenNH7.50
748a S/SOrchids SheetNH65.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
This S/S was issued in two formats.  The first Type has perforations around the stamps and through the margins while Type 2 has imperforate margins.  The price above is for Type 1 while Type 2 is $50.
749-52Sea ShellsNH23.50
753-56Yachting, Volleyball, etcNH10.50
756a S/SSEAP Games SheetNH46.00
757-60Beach ViewsNH19.75
761United Nations DayNH1.75
762-63Telegraph SystemNH4.50
764-71Decorative BargesNH72.00
772-73King BhumibolNH8.75
774-77SEAP GamesNH12.50
777a S/SGames SheetNH47.50
778Women's YearNH1.50
779Children's DayNH2.00
780-83Shrimp, LobsterNH24.00
788-91Pottery, Bronze AgeNH19.75
800UN, Anti-DrugsNH2.00
802-05Royal HousesNH19.50
806-09Protected AnimalsNH21.00
810Children's DayNH1.80
Scott # Description Condition Price
816AOPU FlagsNH2.50
817Wheelchair, WoundedNH2.25
818-21Plays, LiteratureNH8.75
826THAIPEX '77NH2.00
827-30Letter WritingNH14.50
831UN BuildingsNH2.50
832King, ScoutsNH3.50
833Rheumatism YearNH2.00
834ASEAN Emblem, MapNH4.75
835-3820s-40b King Bhumibol Adulyadej - RedrawnNHAsk
839Children's Day,NH2.25
853-56Murals, PrinceNH35.00
869UN DayNH1.50
870-73Asian GamesNH10.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
875-76Year of the ChildNH2.50
885Arbor DayNH1.25
886-89Thaipex '79NH8.00
890-93Letter WritingNH8.50
894UN DayNH1.25
895-98Naval ShipsNH19.75
899-06Royal Medallions PairsNH24.50
907-0850s, 2b KingNH2.75
909-10Rice PlantingNH2.23
922-24Queen SirikitNH5.50
925-28Letter Writing WeekNH6.00
929Princess MotherNH3.50
930United Nations DayNH1.00
931This number not utilized by Scott. 
932-4025s-9.50b King DefinitivesNH32.00
    933c    50s Olive Squares watermarkNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
    935a    1.25b Yellow green Squares watermark 
    935b    1.25b Yellow green Perf 14x15NH11.00
946King Rama VIINH1.25
947-50Bowls, Jar, PlatesNH7.50
951King VajiravudhNH1.90
952Children's DayNH1.75
953Hegira TempleNH4.00
954-57Crafts ExhibitionNH4.50
958-59Disabled YearNH2.75
958 BK  Disabled Year Booklet of 10NH15.00
962-65Khon MasksNH7.50
966-69Thaipex'81 ExhibitionNH5.00
970Court MusicianNH1.25
970 BK  Court Musician BookletNH24.00
971-74Letter Writing WeekNH7.50
975World Food DayNH.95
976United Nations DayNH1.25
981Children's DayNH1.00
981 BK  Children's Day BookletNH15.00
982Scouting YearNH1.00
982 BK  Scouting Year BookletNH15.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
983-92Bangkok AnniversaryNH29.00
  992a S/S  Bicentennial Sheet #1NH65.00
  992b S/S  Bicentennial Sheet #2 
993TB BacillusNH1.50
994-97Local FlowersNH6.50
994 BK  Local Flowers BookletNH7.50
998-01Bangkok '83 ExhibitNH7.00
1001a S/SExhibition SheetNH125.00
1002Landsat SatelliteNH1.50
1002 BK  Landsat Satellite BookletNH10.00
1003Prince KambaengbejraNH1.60
1003 BK  Prince Kambaengbejra BookletNH12.00
1004-07Letter Writing WeekNH7.50
1004 BK  Letter Writing Week BookletNH10.00
1008United Nations DayNH1.25
1009-16Musical InstrumentsNH16.00
1011 BK   Musical Instruments BookletNH10.00
1017-20Protected AnimalsNH8.50
1017 BK  Protected Animals BookletNH8.00
1021ASEAN FlagsNH3.00
1022Children's DayNH1.00
1022 BK  Children's Day BookletNH12.75
1023-24Postal CodeNH1.50
1024 BK  Postal Code BookletNH11.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1025-26Bangkok '83 ExhibitionNH6.00
1026a S/SExhibition SheetNH42.50
1029Maritime OrganizationNH1.25
1029 BK  Maritime Organization BookletNH13.00
1030Civil ServantsNH1.00
1030 BK  Civil Servants BookletNH10.00
1031Prince SithipornNH1.00
1031 BK  Prince Sithiporn BookletNH10.00
1032Satellite SystemsNH1.75
1033-36Bangkok ExhibitionNH5.75
1033 BK  Bangkok Exhibition BookletNH5.00
1036a S/SStamp Show, PerforatedNH42.50
1036b S/SStamp Show, ImperforatedNH235.00
1037Prince BhanurangsriNH1.10
1037 BK  Prince Bhanurangsri BookletNH12.00
1038-39Submarine CableNH2.75
1040-43Letter Writing WeekNH7.75
1044Siriraj HospitalNH2.75
1045-46Communications YearNH2.50
1047United Nations DayNH1.75
1047 BK  United Nations Day BookletNH11.00
1048-51Thai AlphabetNH8.50
1052-56 SNGDevelopment Program SinglesNH5.00
1052-56 STRDevelopment Program Strip of 5NH11.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1057Children's DayNH1.10
1057 BK  Children's Day BookletNH12.00
1058-59National GamesNH1.75
1058 BK  National Games BookletNH9.75
1060Rheumatology CongressNH1.50
1060 BK  Rheumatology Congress BookletNH12.00
1061Armed Forces DayNH1.25
1061 BK  Armed Forces Day BookletNH12.00
1062Royal InstituteNH1.00
1062 BK  Royal Institute BookletNH10.00
1063 BK  University BookletNH9.75
1064Broadcasting UnionNH1.75
1065-68Buddha ImagesNH13.75
1069-72Letter Writing Week, Medicinal SucculentsNH8.50
1073Princess MotherNH1.00
1074United Nations DayNH1.00
1080-931b-100b King DefinitivesNH90.00
  1080 '84  1b BlueNH.90
  1081 '85  1.50b Orange 
  1082 '85  2b CarmineNH2.75
    1082a '86    2b Carmine, Perf 11x13NH7.75
    1082b '87    2b Carmine, Perf 14x14NH4.75
  1083 '84  2b Brown, violetNHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1084 '84  4b Blue, brown 
  1085 '84  6.50b Green, brown 
  1086 '84  7b Brown, sepiaNH2.25
  1087 '85  7.50b Orange, greenNH2.00
  1088 '85  8b Violet, greenNH2.25
  1089 '85  9b Blue, oliveNH3.00
  1090 '84  10b Brown, greenNH3.50
  1091 '84  20b Orange, greenNH6.75
  1092 '84  50b Violet, greenNH16.00
  1093 '84  100b Orange, BlueNH27.50
1094-1100These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1101-02Children's DayNH1.25
1103Bangkok MallNH1.00
1104Heroes MonumentNH1.10
1105Government BankNH1.00
1107-10Thai AirwaysNH8.00
1111-12Flag, UPU EmblemNH3.00
1113Communications DayNH1.00
1114-17THAIPEX '85NH7.50
1117a S/STHAIPEX Sheet, Perf NH80.00
"1117b" S/STHAIPEX Sheet, ImperfNH775.00
1118Science DayNH2.50
1119Survey, MapNH.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
1120SEA Games Strip of 5NHAsk
1120f S/SGames Sheet of 5NH45.00
1121-24Letter Writing WeekNH7.50
1125UN DayNH1.00
1126Prince Bridhyakorn with Flowers Going UP on Left BorderNH13.50
1126APrince Bridhyakorn with Flowers Going DOWN on Left BorderNH3.00
1126Ab ST  Prince Se-tenant Pair with both types of Flower BordersNH65.00
1127Prince RangsitNH1.00
1128-29Postal UnionNH3.25
1130Youth YearNH1.30
1131Dental CongressNH1.30
1132-35SEA GamesNH3.50
1135a S/SGames SheetNH42.50
1136-37French RelationsNH3.50
1138Express MailNH1.10
1138 BK  Express Mail BookletNH12.00
1143Children's DayNH1.25
1143 BK  Children's Day BookletNH12.00
1144Poet StatueNH1.25
1144 BK  Poet Statue BookletNH12.00
1145,1146 BK  Fruits BookletsNH35.00
  1145 BK  Fruits BookletNH18.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1146 BK  Fruits BookletNH18.00
1149Year of TreesNH1.00
1149 BK  Year of Trees BookletNH9.00
1150Communications DayNH1.25
1150 BK  Communications Day BookletNH9.00
1151-54Bamboo BasketsNH5.50
1151,1152 BK  Bamboo Baskets BookletsNH17.00
  1151 BK  Bamboo Baskets BookletNH9.00
  1152 BK  Bamboo Baskets BookletNH9.00
1155Peace YearNH1.10
1156Productivity YearNH1.00
1156 BK  Productivity Year BookletNH9.00
1157-60Orchid CongressNH7.50
1157 BK  Orchid Congress BookletNH15.00
1160a S/SOrchid SheetNH140.00
1161,1162 BK  Fungi BookletsNH23.00
  1161 BK  Fungi BookletNH12.00
  1162 BK  Fungi BookletNH12.00
1165,1166 BK  Fish BookletsNH23.00
  1165 BK  Fish BookletNH12.00
  1166 BK  Fish BookletNH12.00
1168A1b on 20s Blue King BhumibolNH2.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
1169-70Children's DayNH2.25
1171Air ForceNH1.50
1171 BK  Air Force BookletNH15.00
1172King Rama IIINH1.40
1175-78THAIPEX '87NH4.75
1178a S/STHAIPEX Sheet of 4, PerfNH65.00
"1178b" S/STHAIPEX Sheet of 4, Imperf (rare)NH495.00
1179-82ASEAN AnniversaryNH3.75
1183Communications DayNH1.10
1184Military AcademyNH2.75
1185Literacy DayNH1.10
1190Auditor's OfficeNH1.00
1192-95Letter Writing WeekNH4.50
1197-04Royal BirthdayNH9.50
1204a S/SBirthday SheetNH50.00
1205-10Large King's BirthdayNH11.00
1211100b King's 60th BirthdayNH79.00
1211 M/S  King's 60th Birthday MiniSheet of 10NHAsk
1211 DLX  King's 60th Birthday DeLuxe SheetNHAsk
12122b on 1.50b SurchargeNHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
1213Children's DayNH1.25
1215Royal Siam SocietyNH1.25
1220Red CrossNH1.75
1221Shiraj HospitalNH4.50
12261b Large surchargeNH2.00
1226A '921b Small surchargeNH2.00
  1226Ab  1b Small surcharge, New watermark 
1227Council of WomenNH1.25
1228-36 (5)25s-1b King with Large HeadgearNH7.50
  1228 '92  25s BrownNH1.00
  1229 '93  50s OliveNH1.50
  1229a '95    50s Olive New watermark 
  1230 '88  1b Bright blue, Perf 14x14NH1.50
    1230a '90    1b Bright blue New watermark 
    1230b '94    1b Bright blue New watermark, Perf 13x13 
  1231-32  These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
  1233 '88  2b Red, Perf 14x14NH2.25
    1233a '92    2b Red, Perf 13x13 New watermark 
    1233b '94    2b Red New watermark, Perf 13x13 
  1234-35  These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
  1236 '90  1b Blue, PhotoNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1237-40These numbers not utilized by Scott. 

1241-52King - Engraved with Large HeadgearNH65.00
  1241 '88  3b Brown, grayNH2.00
  1242 '89  4b Blue, brownNH3.25
  1243 '89  5b Violet, brownNH2.75
  1244 '89  6b Green, violetNH2.75
  1245 '89  7b Red brown, brownNH2.75
  1246 '89  8b Red brown, oliveNH4.75
  1247 '89  9b Blue, brownNH4.75
  1248 '88  10b Brown, blackNH4.00
  1249 '89  20b Orange, greenNH6.00
  1250 '90  25b Green, blueNH13.75
  "1250a" S/S '93  Complete Set of the 10 Bangkok '93 Sheets without matching Serial NumbersNH85.00
  "1250a" S/S '93  Complete Set of the 10 Bangkok '93 Sheets with Matched Serial Numbers (see scan above)NH95.00
  1251 '88  50b Violet, greenNH20.00
  1252 '88  100b Orange, blackNH30.00
1253King BhumibolNH4.00
1254-58King's ReignNH5.00
1264a S/SKing SheetNH80.00
1265Arbor YearNH1.10
1266Communications DayNH1.50
1267-70Letter Writing WeekNH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1272Traffic SafetyNH1.10
1273King's BodyguardNH5.50
1278-85Royal OrdersNH8.50
1286-90Buddha CelebrationsNH7.50
1291 S/SBuddha SheetNH39.00
1292-95Children's DayNH3.00
1296 BK  Communications Booklet of 5NH7.50
1297 BK  University Booklet of 5NH7.50
1298125th Red CrossNH1.50
1298 BK  125th Red Cross Booklet of 5NH9.50
129996th Red Cross AnniversaryNH1.50
1300 BK  Sites Booklet of 5NH6.50
1304Lottery OfficeNH1.00
1304 BK  Lottery Office Booklet of 5NH7.50
1309-12Arts and CraftsNH4.50
1314Ethnologist RajadnonNH1.75
1319a S/STHAIPEX, PerfNH50.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1319b S/STHAIPEX, ImperfNH160.00
1320Anti-Drug DayNH1.25
1321Communication SchoolNH1.00
1322Communicatons DayNH1.75
1326a S/SLetter Writing SheetNH39.50
1328Mental Health CareNH1.75
1329-32Flowering PlantsNH3.75
1332a S/SNew Year SheetNH10.50
1337Population and HousingNH1.75
1338-39Children's DayNH1.75
1340Red CrossNH3.50
1341-44Thai HeritageNH4.75
1348a S/SMinerals Perf and ImperfNH8.50
1348a S/S PRF  Minerals Sheet, PerfNH4.75
1348a S/S IMP  Minerals Sheet, ImperfNH4.75
1351-52APPT CenterNH1.75
1353-56Rotary AnniversaryNH5.75
1357-60Letter Writing WeekNH2.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
1360a S/SLetter Writing Perf and Imperf SheetsNH8.50
1360a S/S PRF  Letter Writing Sheet, PerfNH4.75
1360a S/S IMP  Letter Writing Sheet, ImperfNH4.75
1361Comptroller GeneralNH1.50
1362Princess MotherNH6.75
1363-66New Year 1991NH2.75
1366a S/SNew Year Sheet, Perf and ImperfNH5.50
1366a S/S PRF  New Year Sheet, PerfNH3.25
1366a S/S IMP  New Year Sheet, ImperfNH3.25
1367-72Dusit PalaceNH7.00
1373Krom Pra ParamanNH1.00
1378a S/SRailway Perf and Imperf SheetNH11.00
1378a S/S PRF  Railway Sheet, PerfNH6.00
1378a S/S IMP  Railway Sheet, ImperfNH6.00
1379-82Children's DayNH4.50
1383Land TitlingNH1.75
1384Red Cross FairNH3.25
1384a S/SRed Cross Perf and Imperf SheetNH9.75
1384a S/S PRF  Red Cross Sheet, PerfNH5.50
1384a S/S IMP  Red Cross Sheet, ImperfNH5.50
1385-88Conserve HeritageNH4.50
1388a S/SCulture Perf and Imperf SheetsNH12.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1388a S/S PRF  Culture Sheet, PerfNH6.75
1388a S/S IMP  Culture Sheet, ImperfNH6.75
1389Songkran Day, GoatNH3.50
1389a S/SSongkran Day Perf and ImperfNH24.00
1389a S/S PRF  Songkran Day Sheet, PerfNH13.00
1389a S/S IMP  Songkran Day Sheet, ImperfNH13.00
1391-94Mosaic LotusNH4.00
1399a S/STHAIPEX,Sheet, PerfNH8.00
"1399b" S/STHAIPEX Sheet, ImperfNH45.00
"1399c" S/SPhilaNIPPON Overprint SheetNH225.00
1401I C W ConferenceNH1.00
1402-05Letter Writing WeekNH6.00
1405a S/SLetter Writing Sheet Perf and ImperfNH11.00
1405a S/S PRF  Letter Writing Sheet, PerfNH6.50
1405a S/S IMP  Letter Writing Sheet, ImperfNH6.50
1406-09Bank, IMF MeetingNH4.00
1409a S/SWorld Bank Sheet, Perf and ImperfNH9.00
1409a S/S PRF  World Bank Sheet, PerfNH5.50
1409a S/S IMP  World Bank Sheet, ImperfNH5.50
1410-16Bangkok ExhbitionNH5.00
1416a S/S Bangkok Exhbition Perf and ImperfNH11.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1416a S/S PRF  Bangkok Exhbition Sheet, PerfNH6.50
1416a S/S IMP  Bangkok Exhbition Sheet, ImperfNH6.50
1417-20New Year 1992NH2.00
1420a S/SNew Year Sheet Perf and ImperfNH7.50
1420a S/S PRF  New Year Sheet, PerfNH4.25
1420a S/S IMP  New Year Sheet, ImperfNH4.25
1424a S/SElephants Sheets Perf and ImperfNH13.75
1424a S/S PRF  Elephants Sheet, PerfNH7.50
1424a S/S IMP  Elephants Sheet, ImperfNH7.50
1425-28Wild AnimalsNH5.00
1428a S/SWild Animals Perf and ImperfNH11.00
1428a S/S PRF  Wild Animals Sheet, PerfNH6.25
1428a S/S IMP  Wild Animals Sheet, PerfNH6.25
1429Prince MahidolNH1.10
1430-33Mineral ResourcesNH5.50
1434-36Children's DayNH2.75
1437Great DuelNH1.25
1437 BK  Great Duel Booklet of 10NH11.00
1438-45Orchid ConferenceNH7.50
1444a,1445a S/SOrchids Sheet Perf and Imperf (4)NH15.00
1444a,1445a S/S PRFOrchids Sheets, Perf (2)NH8.50
1444a,1446a S/S IMPOrchids Sheets, Imperf (2)NH8.50
1446Sugar CaneNH2.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
1447Red CrossNH1.00
1448-49Ministry of JusticeNH2.75
1454-57Ministry of InteriorNH2.25
1458-61Ministry of TransportNH3.50
1462Ministry of EducationNH.90
1463-66Conserve HeritageNH3.75
1466a S/SHeritage Sheets Perf and ImperfNH6.50
1466a S/S PRF  Heritage Sheet, PerfNH3.75
1466a S/S IMP  Heritage Sheet, ImperfNH3.75
1467Songkran Day, MonkeyNH2.75
1467a S/SSongkran Day Perf and ImperfNH10.00
1467a S/S PRF  Songkran Day, PerfNH5.75
1467a S/S IMP  Songkran Day, ImperfNH5.75
1469-71Visakabuja DayNH5.25
1472Meteorological DayNH1.75
1473-77Bangkok ExhibitionNH4.50
1477a S/SBangkok Exhibition Sheets Perf and ImperfNH8.50
1477a S/S PRF  Bangkok Exhibition Sheet, PerfNH4.75
1477a S/S IMP  Bangkok Exhibition Sheet, ImperfNH4.75
1478-81Visit ASEAN YearNH3.00
1482Prince BejrabumaNH.90
1483Communications DayNH1.50
1484-87ASEAN AnniversaryNH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1488-93Queen's BirthdayNH5.75
1493a S/SQueen Sirikit Perf and ImperfNH8.00
1493a S/S PRF  Queen Sirikit Sheet, PerfNH4.50
1493a S/S IMP  Queen Sirikit Sheet, ImperfNH4.50
1494-98Queen SirikitNH3.75
1499Medical CenterNH1.00
1500 M/S  Birthday MiniSheet of 10NH250.00
1500 DLX  Birthday DeLuxe SheetNHAsk
1502Professor BirasriNH1.50
1503-06Coral, Letter WritingNH6.00
1506a S/SLetter Writing SheetNH7.50
1507-10New Year 1993NH2.50
1510a S/SNew Year Sheets, Perf and ImperfNH4.50
1510a S/S PRF  New Year Sheet, PerfNH2.75
1510a S/S IMP  New Year Sheet, ImperfNH2.75
1511Allergy CongressNH1.50
1512National AssemblyNH1.50
1513Bank of ThailandNH1.50
The 10 Bangkok '93 Souvenir Sheets are listed as Scott "1250a" which is the stamp in each Sheet.
1514-16Children's DayNH2.00
1517-20Bangkok ExhibitionNH4.00
1520a S/SExhibition SheetNH7.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1521Teacher TrainingNH1.50
1522Kasetsart UniversityNH1.50
1523Maghabuja DayNH1.40
1524Red CrossNH1.50
1525Attorney GeneralNH1.50
1526-29Heritage ConservationNH3.50
1529a S/SConservation Sheet with Small NumberNH5.75
"1529b" S/SConservation Sheet with Large NumberNH35.00
1530Songkran Day, RoosterNH1.00
1530a S/SSongkran Day Sheet, Perf and ImperfNH4.50
1530a S/S PRF  Songkran Day Sheet, PerfNH2.50
1530a S/S IMP  Songkran Day Sheet, ImperfNH2.50
1530b S/SChina '93 Sheet Overprint, Perf and ImperfNH40.00
1534a S/SMushroom SheetNH6.00
1535Communications DayNH1.25
1536Post and TelegraphNH1.75
1537Queen's MonumentNH1.50
1542-45Letter Writing, DogsNH6.00
1545a S/SLetter Writing SheetNH6.50
15465th ASCOPE 
1547King Rama VIINH1.90
1549-52World ExhbitionNH3.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
1552a S/SExhibition Sheet, PerfNH6.00
"1552b" S/SExhibition Sheet, ImperfNH35.00
1553-56New Year 1994NH1.75
1556a S/SNew Year SheetNH3.00
1557Satellite ProjectNH1.50
1558Children's DayNH1.25
1559Red CrossNH1.25
1560Royal InstituteNH1.25
1561-64Conserve HeritageNH3.75
1564a S/SHeritage SheetNH4.50
1565Friendship BridgeNH2.75
1566Songkran Day, DogNH1.00
1566a S/S Songkran Day, Perf and ImperfNH3.50
1566a S/S PRF  Songkran Day Sheet, PerfNH2.75
1566a S/S IMP  Songkran Day Sheet, ImperfNH2.50
1566b S/SThai Phila-Beijing Perf and ImperfNH7.50
1566b S/S PRF  Thai Phila-Beijing Sheet, PerfNH6.00
1566b S/S IMP  Thai Phila-Beijing Sheet, ImperfNH4.25
1567-71Olympic CommitteeNH4.50
1572Thammasart UniversityNH2.50
1573Asalhabuja DayNH2.50
1574Communications DayNH1.50
1575-78Crab Series, IINH5.75
1578a S/SCrab SheetNH6.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1578b S/SPhilaKOREA Overprint SheetNH15.00
1579-82Letter Writing WeekNH4.50
1582a S/SLetter Writing SheetNH6.00
1583Labor OrganizationNH.90
1584-87New Year, HerbsNH1.90
1587a S/SNew Year SheetNH3.50
1588Suan Dusit CollegeNH1.50
1589Council of StateNH2.90
1590ICAO AnniversaryNH1.50
1591-93Pharmacy AnniversaryNH3.25
1594Bar AssociationNH1.25
1595-97Children's DayNH2.50
1598Newspaper AnniversaryNH.90
1599Royal Air ForceNH.90
1600Red CrossNH.90
1601-04Conserve HeritageNH4.25
1604a S/SHeritage SheetNH6.00
1605Ministry of DefenseNH1.25
1606Songkran Day, BoarNH.90
1606a S/SSongkran Day Sheet, Perf and ImperfNH2.75
1606a S/S PRFSongkran Day Sheet,PerfNH1.85
1606a S/S IMP  Songkran Day Sheet,ImperfNH1.85
"1606b" S/SChina '96 Sheet Overprint Perf and ImperfNH19.50
1607Foreign AffairsNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
1611a S/SVisakhabuja DayNH9.50
1612ASEAN EnvironmentNH.90
1613Information TechnologyNH.90
1614-15Elephants, China Relations (Joint issue with China)NH4.50
1615b S/SThai-China, Elephants Sheet (Joint Issue)NH8.00
1615c S/SJAKARTA Overprint SheetNH35.00
"1615d S/SChinaPEX Overprint Sheet, PerfNH22.00
"1615e" S/SChinaPEX Sheet, ImperfNH85.00
1616Communications DayNH1.00
1617-20THAIPEX '95, CatsNH6.00
1620a S/STHAIPEX Sheet, PerfNH8.00
1620b S/SSingapore Sheet OverprintNH48.50
"1620c" S/STHAIPEX Sheet, ImperfNH35.00
1621Revenue DepartmentNH1.40
1623-26Letter Writing WeekNH4.00
1626a S/SLetter Writing SheetNH6.50
1627FAO AnniversaryNH1.25
1628Solar EclipseNH1.50
1629UN AnniversaryNH1.25
1630-33Agriculture, IndustryNH4.25
1634-37New Year 1996NH2.00
1635a,1637c S/SChina '96 OverprintNH19.00
1637a S/SNew Year SheetNH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1637b S/SINDONESIA '96 Sheet OverprintNH25.00
1638Veterinary ScienceNH1.50
1639Nursing SchoolNH1.25
1640-42Children's DayNH2.50
1643Aviation DayNH1.25
1644Asia-Europe MeetingNH1.75
1645-48Maghapuja DayNH4.75
1648a S/SMaghapuja Day SheetNH9.50
1650-53Conserve HeritageNH3.75
1653a S/SHeritage Conservation SheetNH5.50
1654-57Chiangmai AnniversaryNH4.75
1657a S/SChiangmai SheetNH5.75
1658-61Asian HornbillNH4.75
1661a S/SHornbill Workshop SheetNH8.50
1661b S/SCAPEX'96 Overprint SheetNH16.00
1662Songkran Day, RatNH1.50
1662a S/SSongkran Day Sheet, Perf and ImperfNH3.75
1662a S/S  Songkran Day Sheet either Perf or ImperfNH5.00
1662b S/SSongkran (6) S/S Perf and ImperfNH8.00
1662b S/S  Songkran Day either Perf or ImperfNH9.00
1662c S/SCHINA '96 Overprint Perf and ImperfNH11.00
1662c S/S  CHINA '96 Overprint either Perf or ImperfNH12.00
1662d S/SHongKong Overprint Perf and ImperfNH29.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1662d S/S  HongKong Overprint either Perf or ImperfNH32.50
1663-68Golden Jubilee, IINH22.00
1663a-67a S/SGolden Jubilee SheetaNH13.75
1668 MS  Golden Jubilee MiniSheet of 10NH175.00
1668 DLX  Golden Jubilee DeLuxe SheetNH275.00
1669-73Golden Jubilee, IVNH3.50
1673a S/SGolden JubileeNH7.00
1674-76Jubilee, UtensilsNH2.00
1676a S/SGolden JubileeNH5.00
1677-80Modern OlympicsNH3.75
1681Communications DayNH1.40
1682-85Royal ForestNH4.50
1685a S/SForestry Affairs SheetNH7.75
1686-89Letter Writing WeekNH4.50
1689a S/SLetter Writing SheetNH7.50
1690Rotary ConferenceNH1.40
1690 ERRORRotary Conference with   Missing LegsNH55.00
1691UNESCO AnniversaryNH1.25
1692Royal BargeNH2.75
1692 M/S  Royal Barge MiniSheet of 10NH37.50
1692a S/SRoyal Barge SheetNH6.75
1693-96New Year 1997NH2.00
1696a S/SNew YearNH4.00
1696b S/S '97HongKong Sheet with 3 Digit Serial NumberNH12.50
1696b S/S '97HongKong Sheet with 5 Digit Serial NumberNH17.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1700a S/SDuck SheetNH8.50
1701UNICEF AnniversaryNH.90
1702 '96King Abdulyadej with Arc WatermarkNH2.25
1702a '98  King Abdulyadej on Unwatermarked Granite PaperNH3.75
1703This number not utilized by Scott. 
1704First Gold MedalNH1.75
1705School CentenaryNH1.25
1706-07Children's DayNH1.10
1708C.A.T. AnniversaryNH.90
1709Prince BhanuangsiNH.90
1710-11Laksi Mail CenterNH1.75
1712-15State RailwayNH4.00
1712a,15a S/SRailway SheetsNH9.75
1718Red CrossNH1.10
1719Savings BankNH.90
1720-23Heritage DayNH3.75
1723a S/SHeritage ConservationNH6.00
1724Songkran Day, OxNH1.25
1724a S/SSongkran Day, Perf and ImperfNH3.75
1724a S/S PRF  Songkran Day Sheet, PerfNH2.00
1724a S/S IMP  Songkran Day Sheet, ImperfNH2.00
"1724b" S/SChina Overprint SheetNH25.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
"1724b" S/S  China Overprint Sheet either Perf or ImperfNH29.00
1725-294b-20b KingNH16.00
  1725 '97  4b 
  1725a '99  4b Perf 13, UnwatermarkedNH2.75
  1725b '00  4b Unwatermarked, Granite 
  1726 '97  5b 
  1726a '98  5b Perf 13, UnwatermarkedNH3.00
  1726b '00  5b Unwatermarked, Granite 
  1727 '97  7b 
  1728 '97  10b 
  1729 '97  20b 
1733a S/SWaterfowl SheetNH9.00
1733b S/SPACIFIC '97 OverprintNH15.00
1737a S/STelecom SheetNH9.00
1738-41Motion PicturesNH5.50
1742Mecine FacultyNH1.50
1743-456b,9b,100b KingNH12.50
1746Thai-Russian RelationsNH2.50
1747-50Asalhabuja DayNH5.50
1747a-50a S/SAsalahabuja DayNH11.50
1747b-50c S/SChina'97 Sheets UnitNH57.50
1750b S/SAsalahabuja Sheet of 4NH9.00
1751-54THAIPEX '97NH4.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1754a S/STHAIPEX Sheet, PerfNH22.50
"1754b" S/STHAIPEX Sheet, ImperfNH29.50
1755Communications DayNH.90
1755A-BLotus Blossoms Vertical Pair from BookletNH8.00
1755A-B Tabs  Lotus Flowers Vertical Pair with TabsNH13.00
1755c BK  Lotus BookletNH47.50
1756-5725b,200b KingNH32.50
1758-61ASEAN AnniversaryNH6.00
1765a S/SDinosaur SheetNH6.00
1766Switzerland VisitNH1.25
1767-70Vehicles, WritingNH3.75
1770a S/SLetter Writing SheetNH4.75
1774a S/SThai-Singapore Coop SheetNH7.50
1775Conserve EnergyNH.90
1776Royal BargeNH1.50
1776a S/SRoyal Barge SheetNH3.50
1776b '98China OverprintNH13.50
1776c S/SBarge with USA EXPO 2000 OverprintNH50.00
1777-80New Year 1998NH2.00
1780a S/SNew YearNH2.75
1780b S/SIndepex OverprintNH5.50
1781-87King's 70th BirthdayNH4.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1788-91Children's DayNH2.50
1792Dental CongressNH1.00
1793Veteran's DayNH1.50
1794-9550s, 50b KingNH9.75
1796Red Cross FairNH.90
1797-00Heritage DayNH3.75
1800a S/SConserve HeritageNH4.25
1801Songkran Day, TigerNH1.00
1801a S/SSongkran Day Sheet, Perf and ImperfNH3.00
1801a S/S PRF  Songkran Day Sheet, PerfNH2.00
1801a S/S IMP  Songkran Day Sheet, ImperfNH2.00
1801b S/SChina Sheet Overprint Perf and ImperfNH10.00
1801b S/S PRF  China Sheet Overprinted, PerfNH5.75
1801b S/S IMP  China Sheet Overprinted, ImperfNH5.75
1802-05Wild CatsNH3.50
1805a S/SWild Cats SheetNH5.50
1806AEROTHAI AnniversaryNH.90
1807-10Visakapuja DayNH3.75
1810a S/SVisakapuja Day SheetNH4.50
1811Royal Thai NavyNH1.50
1813-14Visit to EuropeNH3.50
1815-18Year of the OceanNH4.50
1818a S/SOcean SheetNH8.00
1819-202b,9b DefinitivesNH10.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1819  2b CarmineNH2.00
  1820  9b Blue and OrangeNH8.50
1823Political ScienceNH.90
1824University AwardNH1.10
1825-28Amazing ThailandNH5.00
1829-32Stone StatuesNH4.75
1832a S/SStone Statue SheetNH7.75
1832b S/S '99Stone, China '99 Overprint SheetNH30.00
1832c S/S '99China'99 Imperf SheetNH55.00
1833-35These numbers not utilized in Scott 2012. 
1836-39Letter Writing WeekNH3.00
1839a S/SLetter Writing SheetNH5.00
1840Lions ClubsNH.90
1841-44New Year 1999NH2.00
1844a S/SNew Year SheetNH3.50
1845-46Royal Decoration OrderNH5.00
(See also 1832b and 1832c for 1999 S/S.) 
1847-50Children's DayNH2.25
1851Disabled PersonsNH1.00
1852-55Rice ProductionNH4.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1855a S/SThai Rice SheetNH5.00
1856-59Maghapuja DayNH4.50
1859a S/SMaghapuja Day SheetNH6.75
1860Red Cross FairNH.90
1861-64Bangkok 2000 ExpoNH4.50
1864a S/SBangkok 2000 SheetNH7.50
1865-68Heritage DayNH5.00
1868a S/SHeritage Conservation SheetNH7.50
1869Songkran Day, RabbitNH1.25
1869a S/SSongkran Day Sheets, Perf and Imperf SheetsNH2.50
1869a S/S PRF  Songkran Day Sheet, PerfNH1.75
1869a S/S IMP  Songkran Day Sheet, ImperfNH1.75
1869b S/SChina '99 Overprint Sheets Perf and Imperf SheetNH9.00
1869b S/S PRF  China '99 Overprint Sheet, PerfNH5.50
1869b S/S IMP  China '99 Overprint Sheet, ImperfNH5.50
1870Consumer ProtectionNH.90
1870 ERROR  Consumer Protection 9 of 1999 and T of BAHT are both omitted!NH75.00
Se-tenant with normalNH80.00
1871-74King's 72nd BirthdayNH4.00
1874a S/SKing's Birthday, I SheetNH7.00
1876-7812b,15b,30b KingNH9.00
1879500b KingNH45.00
1880-81UPU AnniversaryNH3.00
1882Customs DepartmentNH1.10
Scott # Description Condition Price
1883Communications DayNH1.10
1884-87Rabbits, THAIPEX '99NH5.00
1887a S/SRabbits, THAIPEX '99, Perf SheetNH6.50
"1887b" S/SRabbits, THAIPEX '99, Imperf SheetNH25.00
1888-91Bangkok 2000, IINH4.50
1891a S/SBangkok 2000 SheetNH6.75
1892-00King's 72nd BirthdayNH9.75
1900a S/SKing's Birthday II SheetNH16.00
1901Older PersonsNH.90
1902-05Orchids, WritingNH5.00
1905a S/SLetter Writing Week SheetNH6.50
1906-14King's Birthday IIINH7.75
1914a S/SKing's Birthday III SheetNH10.00
1915-17King's 72nd Birthday, Foil EmbossedNH32.50
  1915  King's 72nd Birthday Bronze Foil Embossed 
  1916  King's 72nd Birthday Silver Foil EmbossedUSED6.00
  1917  King's 72nd Birthday Gold FoilUSED6.00
1915-17 M/S  King's 72nd Birthday MiniSheets of 10 (3)NH350.00
1917a S/SKing's 72nd Birthday, Foil Embossed SheetNH30.00
1917 DLX  King's 72nd Birthday DeLuxe SheetNH1,275.00
1918-21New Year 2000NH2.00
1921a S/SNew Year SheetNH3.50
1922Crown PrinceNH1.25
1923 M/SLillies MiniSheet of 12NH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1924 M/SKulap Khao MiniSheet of 12NH2.50
1925 M/SKrachieo Flowers MiniSheet of 12NH2.50
1926 M/SBua Tong Flowers MiniSheet of 12 
1927-30Bee ThemesNH2.50
1927a-30a S/SBee SheetsNH5.00
1931-34Bangkok ExhibitionNH2.75
1934a  S/SBangkok 2000, Perf SheetNH4.75
1934a IMP S/SBangkok Expo Sheet Imperf SheetNH17.50
1935Red Cross 
1936-39Heritage - ClothNH4.75
1939a S/SHeritage SheetNH6.50
1940Angel on SerpentNH.75
1940 BK  Angel on Serpent Booklet 
1940a S/SAngel on Serpent Sheets, Perf and ImperfNH2.75
  1940a PRF S/S  Angel on Serpent Perf SheetNH1.75
  1940a IMP S/S  Angel on Serpent Imperf SheetNH2.00
1941King and Queen Wedding Strip of 5NH5.50
1942Asalhapuja Day 
1943Crown PrinceNH.50
1943 BK  Crown Prince Booklet 
1943a S/SCrown Prince SheetNH1.00
1945-48Tea SetsNH2.50
1948a S/STea Sets SheetNH3.75
1949Princess SrinagarindraNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1949 BK  Princess Booklet 
1949a S/SPrincess SheetNH1.25
1950Royal Barge 
1950 M/S  Barge MiniSheet of 10NHAsk
1950a S/SBarge SheetNH2.00
1951-54New Year, FlowersNH.95
1954a S/SFlowers, New Year SheetNH2.00
1955 BK  Parrots BookletNH4.00
1958a S/SParrots SheetNH6.00
1958b S/SParrots Sheet with Hong Kong EmblemNH27.50
1959Land Deed 
1960 M/SMarine Life MiniSheetNH6.50
1964a S/SGems SheetNH6.00
1964b S/SGems Sheet with Gold BELGICA EmblemNHAsk
1965Red CrossNH.70
1966 BK  Brocades Booklet 
1969a S/SBrocades SheetNH5.00
1970 BK  Snake BookletNH4.00
1970a S/SSnake SheetNH2.75
"1970c" S/S IMPSnake Sheet, ImperfNHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
1970bSnake, Unwatermarked, Granite Paper, Perf 14x14NHAsk
1971Visakhapuja Day 
1972-75Demon StatuesNH3.50
1972 BK  Statues BookletNH4.00
1975a S/SStatues SheetNH4.50
1977 BK  Mushrooms BookletNH2.75
1980a S/SMushrooms SheetNH4.75
1981 BK  Insects BookletNH3.00
1984a S/SInsects SheetNH5.00
1984b S/SInsects Sheet with Phila Nippon '01 EmblemNHAsk
1989a S/SFowl SheetNH5.00
"1989b" IMP S/SFowl Sheet ImperfNHAsk
1990a S/SQueen SheetNH2.50
1991Queen's Visit to PRCNH1.10
1992 BK  Butterflies BookletNH3.25
1995a S/SButterflies SheetNH5.50
1995b S/S  Butterflies Sheet with HAFNIA'01 InscriptionNH25.00
1996-99Medicinal HerbsNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1996 BK  Herbs BookletNH2.75
1999a S/SHerbs SheetNH4.00
2000Police AcademyNH.75
2001Royal BargeNH1.75
2001 M/S  Royal Barge MiniSheet of 10NHAsk
2001a S/SBarge SheetNH2.50
2002-05New Year, FlowersNH1.75
2005a S/SNew Year SheetNH2.75
2006Airport Passenger Terminal 
2009Communications Pair 
2009c S/SCommunications Sheet 
2010Maghapuja Day 
2011Red Cross 
2012Transport and Communications 
2013-16Heritage Conservation 
2016a S/SHeritage SheetNH4.75
2017Angel, Zodiac 
2017a S/SAngel, Zodiac Sheet of 1, Perf 
"2017a I" S/S IMPAngel, Zodiac Sheet of 1, ImperfNHAsk
2017b S/SAngel, Zodiac Sheet of 6, Perf 
"2017b I" S/S IMPAngel, Zodiac Sheet of 6, ImperfNHAsk
2017c S/SAngel, Zodiac Sheet of 6, Perf with BEIJING ImprintNH25.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
"2017c I" S/S IMPAngel, Zodiac Sheet of 6, Imperf with BEIJING ImprintNHAsk
2018-21Fighting Fish 
2021a S/SFish SheetNH5.00
2021b S/SFish Sheet with Amphilex 2002 EmblemNHAsk
2025a S/STemples SheetNH3.75
2025b S/STemples Sheet with PhilaKorea EmblemNH24.00
2026Crown Prince 
2028-29Flowers (Joint issue with Australia) 
2029a S/SFlowers Sheet (Joint Issue with Australia)NH3.50
2033a S/SQueen Sheet 
2034National Archives 
2035Thai Currency 
2035a S/SCurrency Sheet 
2036-39Cultural Objects 
2039a S/SObjects Sheet 
2040-41Royal Palaces (Joint issue with Sweden) 
2040-41Royal Palaces (Joint issue with Sweden), socked-on-the-nose FD CancelO6.75
2040-41 M/S  Royal Palaces (Joint issue with Sweden), MiniSheets of 20 (folded)NH150.00
2040-41 FDC  Royal Palaces (Joint issue with Sweden) FDC 
2042-45Letter Writing, FoodNH3.75
2045a S/SFood, Letter Writing SheetNH4.50
2046-49Thai FoodsNH3.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
2049a S/SFood Sheet 
2050-53New Year, FlowersNH2.25
2053a S/SNew Year SheetNH3.50
2054-55World Scout JamboreeNH2.50
2056Year of the GoatNH1.10
2057Children's Day BlockNH2.00
2058Rose with ScentNH1.75
2059-62Paintings of FlowersNH3.50
2063-66Bangkok InterPEX 03 
2066a S/SBangkok SheetNH4.50
20671b King Bhumibol on Granite PaperNH2.75
2068Red CrossNH.90
2069-72Heritage - BoxingNH3.25
2072a S/SBoxing SheetNH4.75
2072b S/SHeritage - China 2003 SheetNH14.75
2073Princess SirindhornNH.75
2074Princess GalyaniNH.75
2075Inspector AnniversaryNH.75
2076Rama VII DayNH.75
2077-80Bantam ChickensNH3.25
2080a S/SRooster SheetNH4.50
2080b S/SRooster - LankaPhilex 03 SheetNH12.50
2081Arsalahabuja Day 
2082Communication DayNH.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
2083Thai Post Company Strip of 3NH2.00
2084King Rama VNH9.50
2084a S/SKing Rama V SheetNH37.50
"2084b" S/SKing Rama V Sheet Imperf with Bangkok Imprint (Limited edition)NH58.00
2085Government Savings BankNH.75
2086-89Bangkok InterPEXNH4.00
2089a S/SBangkok Sheet - PerfNH5.50
"2089b" S/SBangkok Sheet - Imperf (Limited)NH17.50
2090Flowers Pair (Joint issue with Canada)NH2.50
2090 M/S  Flowers Pair (Joint issue with Canada) MiniSheet of 16NH50.00
2090c S/SCanada, Flower SheetNH4.75
2091-94Letter Writing Week - FruitNH3.50
2094a S/SLetter Writing Sheet - FruitNH4.00
2095October 14 AnniversaryNH.75
2096APEC SummitNH.90
2097-00New Year - FlowersNH2.25
2100a S/SFlowers, New Year SheetNH3.75
2100b S/S '04  Flowers, New Year Sheet with Hong Kong EmblemNHAsk
2101-04Elephant, Flag Definitives 
2101-04 NOTE:Please also see Scott 2368K-N for very similar stamps. 
2105Elephants Pair (Joint issue with South Africa)NH3.00
2105c S/SElephants Sheet (Joint issue with South Africa)NH4.00
BNK '03 10 S/S MBangkok 2003 Sheets with Matched Serial Numbers (7,000 sets issued)NH175.00
BNK '03 10 S/S UBangkok 2003 Sheets with unmatched Serial Numbers (7,000 issued)NH150.00
210650s King - Olive brownNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
21071b King - BlueNH3.50
2108Year of the MonkeyNH1.25
2109Children's DayNH.90
2110-13Vejakorn PaintingsNH2.50
2113a S/SPaintings SheetNH3.00
2114Rose (with Scent)NH1.50
2118a S/STurtles Sheet (Shaped)NH5.00
2118b S/STurtles Sheet with Singapore OverprintNH10.00
2119Siam SocietyNH.90
2120Red CrossNH.90
2121-24Heritage ConservationNH2.75
2124a S/SHeritage SheetNH3.00
2124b S/SHeritage Sheet Overprinted "ESPANA 2004"NH11.00
2125Italy-Thai Joint Issue PairNH4.75
2125a-b  Italy-Thai Joint Issue SinglesNH4.50
2125c S/SItaly-Thai SheetNH39.00
2130 M/SUnseen Thailand, Series 1 (blue gray border) MiniSheetNH12.50
2131Buddha Amulet Strip of 5 
2131f S/SBuddha SheetNH26.50
2132Buddhist Viskabuja DayNH.90
2137 M/SUnseen Thailand, Series 2 (light green border) MiniSheetNH12.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2138Jasmine (with Scent)NH1.50
2139Princess, TechnologyNH1.25
2140National DayNH.90
2141First Underground TrainNH3.00
2142Queen's 6th CycleNH8.00
2142 M/S  Queen's 6th Cycle MiniSheet of 10NH90.00
2146a S/SBoats SheetNH6.50
2146b '05 S/SBoats Sheet with Pacific Explorer 2005 EmblemNH14.00
2147 M/SUnseen Thailand, Series 3 (purple border) MiniSheetNH11.50
2148-51Letter Writing WeekNH3.50
2151a S/SLetter Writing SheetNH4.25
2151b S/SLetter Writing Sheet Overprint "PEKING 04"NH12.00
2152200th Anniversary Rama IVNH.90
2153E-Customs SystemNH1.00
2154-57New Year, FlowersNH5.75
2157a S/SNew Year SheetNH6.75
2158 M/SUnseen Thailand MiniSheet with 4 Tabs (olive green border)NH8.75
2159Bangkok Fashion City Strip of 4NH4.75
2159e S/SFashion City SheetNH5.50
2160Queen RumpaipunneeNH.75
2161Zodiac RoosterNH1.50
2162Children's DayNH.80
2163Thai-Argentina Relations (Joint issue)NH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2164Rose (with Scent)NH3.75
2164 M/S  Scented Rose MiniSheet of 10NH42.50
2165Maghapuja DayNH.80
2166Rotary InternationalNH1.25
2167Red CrossNH.90
2167APrincess Maha ChakriNH.80
2168-71Hanging Art, CultureNH3.25
2171a S/SHanging Art SheetNH3.75
2172-75Authors Born in 1905NH2.50
2175a S/SAuthors SheetNH2.75
2176Insects (our choice of format)NH2.75
2176 STR  Insects - Strip of 4NH3.00
2176 BLK  Insects - Block of 4NH3.00
2176 M/S  Insects MiniSheet of 5 StripsNH19.00
2176e S/S '06Insect Sheet of 8 with Washington Show ImprintNH5.00
2177-77AHearts and BalloonsNH4.00
2177-77A M/S  Hearts and Balloons MiniSheets of 10NH49.00
2178Buddha Amulets Strip of 5NH6.00
2178f S/SAmulets SheetNH7.00
2178g S/SAmulets Sheet with Taipei 2005 SheetNH17.50
2179Panda, PRC PairNH2.75
2179a-b  Panda, PRC SinglesNH2.75
2179c S/SPanda, PRC SheetNH4.00
2180-83Thaipex'05, DancersNH3.50
2183a S/SDancers Sheet, PerfNH4.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2183b S/SDancers Sheet, Imperf (not in basic Year Set)NH29.50
2184Communications DayNH1.50
2185Building Gables (Triangles) Strip of 4NH3.75
2185a-d  Building Gables (Triangles)NH3.75
2185 TBBuilding Gables Tete-Beche Strip of 4NH12.00
2185 M/S  Building Gables MiniSheet of 4 StripsNH26.00
2186-88These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
2192a S/SOrchids SheetNH4.75
2193Day of Peace, DoveNH.90
2194-97Letter Writing, Water BuffaloNH3.50
2197a S/SLetter Writing, Water Buffalo SheetNH4.00
2198National Library 
2199Abolition of SlaveryNH1.00
2200-03New Year, FlowersNH2.25
2203a S/SNew Year SheetNH3.00
2209King, Agriculture Pair NH1.50
2209a-b  King, Agriculture SinglesNH1.50
2210Monks Strip of 4NH4.00
2210a-d  Monks SinglesNH4.00
2210e S/SMonks SheetNH6.00
2211Tsunami PairNH6.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2212-1310b,15b King Bhumibol on Granite PaperNH10.00
2214Year of the DogNH1.00
2215Prince, Finance MinisterNH.80
2216-19Children's DayNH2.50
2220Rose (with Scent)NH2.00
2220 M/S  Roses (with Scent) MiniSheet of 10NH27.50
2221Thailand-Iran RelationsNH2.75
2222Breast CancerNH1.00
2223-26Heritage Conservation 
2226a S/SHeritage SheetNH4.00
2227Thon Buri Palace Block of 4NH2.50
2227a S/SThon Buri Palace SheetNH3.00
2228-33Reign AnniversaryNH12.00
2233a M/SReign Anniversary MiniSheet of 6NH14.00
2234King High ValueNH8.75
2234 M/S  King MiniSheet of 6NH95.00
2235Visakabuja DayNH1.50
2236Buddhadasa Centennial Strip of 4NH5.00
2236e S/SBuddhadasa Anniversary SheetNH6.50
2237-40Sea Anemone, FishNH3.50
2240a S/SSea Anemone SheetNH4.50
2240b S/SSea Anemone, Fish Sheet with BELGICA'06 InscriptionNH17.50
2241Communication DayNH1.00
2242Flowers (embossed)NH3.50
2243-46Royal DogsNH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2246a S/SRoyal Dogs Sheet of 4NH4.75
2246b S/SRoyal Dogs with Inscription "MonacoPhil 2006"NH15.00
2247Suvanabhumi AirportNH1.00
22482b on 20st King Surcharge (Scott 606 - Series 5)NH22.00
22492b Surcharge on 20st Small 20s Blue King (Scott 653a - Series 6)NH3.00
2249a  2b on 20st King Surcharge (Scott 653 - Series 6)NHAsk
22502b Surcharge on 75st Lilac King (Scott 934 - Series 7)NH4.00
22512b Surcharge on 1.50B Yellow orange King (Scott 1081 - Series 7)NH4.00
2252Fireworks with Personalizeable TabNH7.50
2252 M/S 12  Fireworks MiniSheet of 12 with Personalizeable TabsNH32.50
2252 M/S 10  Fireworks MiniSheet of 10 with Personalizeable TabsNHAsk
2253-56Plants, Letter Writing WeekNH3.50
2256a S/SPlants, Letter Writing Week SheetNH3.50
2256b S/SPlants (LWW) Sheet with BEIJING 2006 InscriptionNH14.00
2257-60New Year, FlowersNH2.25
2260a S/SFlowers, New Year SheetNH2.50
2261Naval Academy CentennialNH.90
2262-67Reign Anniversary (Series 3)NH5.00
2267a S/SReign Anniversary (Series 3) SheetNH5.75
"2267b" S/S IMPReign Anniversary (Series 3) IMPERF SheetNHAsk
2268Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge PairNH4.50
2269Year of the PigNH1.00
2270Children's Day (our choice of format)NH3.00
2270 BLK  Children's Day Block of 4NH3.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
2270 STR  Children's Day Strip of 4NH3.50
2271First Thai BankNH.90
2272-75Stamp Expo INH3.25
2275a S/SAsian Stamp Expo I SheetNH4.75
2276Rose (with Scent)NH1.50
2276 M/S  Rose (with Scent) MiniSheet of 20NHAsk
2277-80Carved Fruits and VegetablesNH3.50
2280a S/SCarving Fruit SheetNH4.75
2281King Definitive 50b on 40b SurchargeNH10.00
2282King Definitive 100b on 40b SurchargeNH18.00
2283Postman on ScooterNH2.00
2283 M/S  Postman on Scooter MiniSheetNHAsk
"2283A" PSPostman on Scooter with Personalized TabNHAsk
"2283A" PM/S  Postman on Scooter with Personalized Tab MiniSheet of 10NHAsk
"2283B"Postman Self-adhesiveNH3.75
"2283B" BK  Postman Self-adhesive Booklet of 10NH30.00
2284This number not utilized by Scott. 
2285Red CrossNH.80
2286-89Conserving Our HeritageNH3.50
2289a S/SConserving Our Heritage SheetNH5.50
2290Flowers Vertical Strip of 4NH3.25
2291King's 80th BirthdayNH2.00
2292Princess Sister's BirthdayNH1.00
2293Visakabuja DayNH1.90
2294 M/SSeaside Scenes MiniSheet of 10NH17.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2298a S/SWaterfall SheetNH4.50
2299Pi Ta Khon Masks (our choice of format)NH3.50
2299 STR  Pi Ta Khon Masks Strip of 4NH4.00
2299 STR SO  Pi Ta Khon Masks Strip of 4 in Scott OrderNH5.50
2299 BLK  Pi Ta Khon Masks Block of 4NH5.00
2300 S/SPi Ta Khon Masks SheetNH3.75
2301-04Stone ParkNH3.50
2304a S/SStone Park Sheet with added Rough TextureNH16.00
2305-08Temples IINH3.75
2308a S/STemples II SheetNH5.00
2309-12Bangkok Stamp Expo II, BirdsNH3.75
2312a S/SStamp Expo II SheetNH5.00
2313Communication DayNH.80
2314University GamesNH.80
2315 M/SASEAN Anniversary MiniSheet of 10 (Joint Issue with 9 other Countries)NH8.50
2316 M/SRelations with Japan MiniSheet (Joint issue)NH9.50
2317-20Letter WritingNH2.75
2320a S/SLetter Writing SheetNH4.50
2321-22 M/SEmblems of Provinces MiniSheets of 10NH14.75
  2321 M/S  Emblems of Provinces (Bangkok UL) MiniSheet  
  2322 M/S  Emblems of Provinces (Chaiyaphum UL) MiniSheet   
2323 M/S"amazing THAILAND" - People at Work MiniSheet of 10NH8.75
2324Defense MinistryNH.90
2325-28New Year, FlowersNH1.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
2328a S/SFlowers, New Year SheetNH3.75
23293b Patrol BoatNH.90
2329 M/S  3b Patrol Boat MiniSheet of 10NHAsk
2330-33King's 80th Birthday IIINH2.75
2333a S/SKing's 80th Birthday III SheetNH4.00
2334 M/SKing's 80th Birthday II MiniSheet of 9NH22.50
233515b on 9b Surcharge on King (Granite Paper)NH9.50
2336Kingdom's Arts INH4.50
2336a S/SKingdom's Arts I SheetNH9.50
2336a S/S IMPKingdom's Arts I Sheet, Imperf (not in Year Set)NHAsk
2337 M/SKingdom's Arts II Sheet of 8NH(8.5)
2338-395b Surcharge Strips of 4 (8v)NHAsk
2340Year of the RatNH.90
2341 S/SLunar New Year Sheet of 6NH5.50
2341e S/SLunar New Year Sheet with TAIPEI EmblemNH16.75
2342Children's Art Strip of 5NH4.00
2343Chinese New Year BlockNH(4.00)
2343e S/SChinese New Year SheetNH4.50
2344Pink Rose (with Scent)NH1.00
2345Postman in BoatNH3.00
2345 M/S  Postman in Boat MiniSheet of 10NH29.00
2346Stylized People Holding HeartNH2.25
2346 M/S  Stylized People Holding Heart MiniSheet of 10NHAsk
"2346A" TABStylized People Holding Heart with Personalized TabNH3.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
"2346A" TAB M/S  Stylized People Holding Heart with Personalized Tab MiniSheet of 10NHAsk
2347-48Two 15b Surcharge Strips of 4 (8v)NHAsk
2349 M/SChatukham Rammathep MiniSheet of 12NH16.50
2350-53Angels and DemonsNH2.50
2353a S/SAngeles, Demons Sheet of 4NH4.50
2354 M/SProvincial Seals (Nakon Ratchasima at UL) MiniSheetNH10.00
2355-5715c Surcharges on Dinosaur, FishNHAsk
235815b Surcharge on New Year BlockNHAsk
2358e S/S15b Surcharge on New Year SheetNHAsk
2359Diplomatic Relations with Turkey PairNH3.50
2361Visakhapuja DayNH.75
2362-65World Environment DayNH1.50
2366 S/SOrchids Sheet of 9NH5.75
"2366X" M/S Orchids Personalized MiniSheet of 9 in New Format (scarce - not in Year Set)NHAsk
2367 M/SBangkok Attractions Sheet of 10NH6.75
2368 M/SMountain Regions MiniSheet of 10NH(18.00)
2368K-NRedrawn Flag, Pavilion, Elephants, FlowersNHAsk
2368K-N BK  Four Booklets of 10 (scarce)NHAsk
NOTE:Also see Scott 2101-04 
2369Postman, Tree and Dove, Perf 14NH1.00
2369a  Postman, Tree and Dove, Perf 13NHAsk
2370-74Postal Service Themes 
2375 S/SStamp-on-Stamp SheetNH(7.00)
2376Communications DayNH.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
2377Flower PaintingNH1.25
2379a S/SPeacock SheetNH(5.75)
2380-8210b,50b Surcharges on Asalhapuja Day, BhumibolNHAsk
2383Diplomatic Relations with Korea PairNH3.50
2384-87Letter Writing WeekNH1.25
2387a S/SLetter Writing SheetNH3.75
2388 M/SProvincial Seals (Pattani at UL) MiniSheet of 10NH7.50
2389Equestrian Statue on StampNH1.00
2390-93New Year FlowersNH1.50
2393a S/SNew Year Flowers SheetNH1.75
"2393aX"New Year Flowers with China 2009 World Stamp EmblemNHAsk
2394 S/SCremation of Princess Vadhana Sheet, PerfNH5.00
"2394A" S/S IMPCremation of Princess Vadhana Sheet, ImperfNHAsk
2395King Bhumibol, CameraNH1.00
2396King's RegentNH.80
2397Year of the OxNH.90
2398 M/SChildren's Day MiniSheet of 8NH2.50
2398i S/SChildren's Day Sheet of 4 (not in Year Set)NH12.00
2399-02Prince Bhanurangsi, Postal ServiceNH2.50
2402a S/SPrince Bhanurangsi, Postal Service Sheet, PerfNH12.00
"2402aX" S/S IMPPrince Bhanurangsi, Postal Service Sheet, ImperfNHAsk
2399-02 BK  Prince Bhanurangsi, Postal Service BookletNH29.00
2403White Rose NH.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
2404School of Postal ServiceNH.60
2405Red CrossNH.60
2406Physician Prince KromNH.60
2407-0830b,46b E-Commerce Surcharges on BhumibolNH55.00
2409-12Surin Province ViewsNH2.40
2412a S/SProvince Views SheetNH3.50
2413-16Royal HeadgearNH2.80
2416a S/SHeadgear SheetNH3.50
2417Visakhapuja DayNH.70
2418-21Statue of Hindu GodsNH2.80
2421a S/SStatue of Hindu Gods Sheet, PerfNH3.50
"2421aX" S/S IMPStatue of Hindu Gods Sheet, ImperfNHAsk
2428a S/SOrchid SheetNH5.00
"2428X" S/SOrchid Sheet with OverprintNH22.50
2429Diplomatic Relations Pair with PhilippinesNH3.75
2430Thammasat UniversityNH.70
2431-34Candle ProcessionNH2.50
2434a S/SCandle Procession SheetNH3.50
24353b King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Self-adhesiveNH2.00
2436Communications DayNH.60
2437-38 Puppets and PuppeteersNH7.00
2437-38 M/S  Puppets and Puppeteers MiniSheetsNHAsk
2439 S/SPuppets and Puppeteers Sheet, PerfNH8.00
"2439X" S/SPuppets and Puppeteers Sheet, ImperfNH75.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2440 M/SProvincial Seals (Phuket at UL) MiniSheet of 10NH5.00
2441Guan Yin BodhisatNH2.00
2441a S/SGuan Yin Bodhisat SheetNH3.25
2442Telecommunications CommissionNH.60
2443-46Royal CarriagesNH2.40
2446a S/SCarriages SheetNH3.50
2447-50Urns, Letter Writing Week NH2.40
2450a S/SLetter Writing Week, Urns SheetNH3.50
2451-54New Year FlowersNH2.40
2454a S/SNew Year, Flowers SheetNH3.50
2455Princess Bejaratana BirthdayNH.60
2456-59Army Medical DepartmentNH2.40
2459a S/SArmy Medical Sheet (not in Basic Year Set)NH32.50
2460King Bhumibol's 82nd BirthdayNH2.00
2461Earth Observatory SatelliteNH.90
2462Education for the BlindNH.70
2463Year of the Tiger - ZodiacNH.90
2464This number not utilized by Scott. 
2465Population, Housing CensusNH.60
2465A3b King Bhumibol Lithographed on Granite Paper, Perf 13x14 (not in Year Set)NHAsk
2466-69National Children's DayNH2.40
2470Euah Suntornsanan's CentenaryNH.60
2471-76Memorable Words, WAGNH2.80
2477-82Memorable Words, Self-adhesiveNHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
2477-82 BK - 1  Memorable Word Booklet of 6NHAsk
2477-82 BK - 6  Memorable Words Six Booklets of 5NHAsk
2477-82 PM/SMemorable Words MiniSheet with Personalized TabsNHAsk
"2483a" S/SRose SheetNH5.00
2484-86Chinese Gods Fu Lu ShouNH4.25
2486a S/SChinese Gods Fu Lu Shou SheetNH5.75
2487-90World Painting Competition - BangkokNH3.50
2490a S/SWorld Painting Competition SheetNH5.00
2491Red CrossNH.60
2492Young Postman, Fourth DesignNH.70
2493-96Heritage Conservation - PalacesNH2.40
2496a S/SHeritage Conservation - Palaces SheetNH3.50
2497King Rama I Death BicentenaryNH.60
2498-99Royal Wedding 60th AnniversaryNH4.50
2498-99 M/S  Wedding 60th Anniversary MiniSheets of 4NH20.00
2499a S/SRoyal Wedding 60th Anniversary SheetNH8.00
2500-03Thai AirwaysNH2.40
2503a S/SAirways SheetNH3.50
2504Coronation 60th AnniversaryNH2.00
2505Buddhist DayNH.75
2505a S/SBuddhist DayNH3.00
2506-09Tourism AuthorityNH2.40
2510Election CommissionNH.60
2511 M/SOverprint on Marine Life MiniSheet of 9NH89.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2512Royal Barge OverprintedNH18.00
2513-15General Post OfficeNH2.00
2516King Nang Klao (Rama III)NH.60
2517 S/SProvincial Emblem MiniSheet #5NH4.50
2518National Communications DayNH.60
2519-22Asian Exhibition with Foil and SilkNH9.00
2519-22 M/S  Asian Exhibition with Foil and Silk MiniSheets of 4NH42.50
2519-22 S/S IMPExhibition with Foil and Silk Imperf Sheet of 4NHAsk
"2522A" S/SAsian Exhibition with Foil and Silk Sheet, PerfNH8.00
"2522AX" S/SAsian Exhibition with Foil and Silk Sheet, ImperfNHAsk
2526a S/SOrchid SheetNH3.50
"2526X" S/SOrchid Conference Overprint SheetNH9.00
2527Literature HeritageNH.70
2528-29National Identity (Flowers, Flag)NH1.25
2530-31E-Commerce Letter Writing OverprintsNH11.00
2532+2v10b OverprintsNH6.75
2533 S/SRoyal Majesty Birth SheetNH2.50
2534Royal Mint PairNH2.00
2534c S/SRoyal Mint SheetNH3.00
2535National Youth DayNH.60
2536-41Letter Writing WeekNH3.00
"2541a-b" S/S (2)Two Letter Writing Week SheetsNH10.00
2542-44Tri-Color Graphics NH.60
2545Controller-General's OfficeNH.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
2546Goddess Guan Yin IINH2.00
2546 M/S  Goddess Guan Yin II MiniSheet of 10 
2546a S/SGoddess Guan Yin II Sheet, PerfNH3.00
"2546aX" S/S IMPGoddess Guan Yin II Sheet, ImperfNHAsk
2547-601b-500b King Rama IXNHAsk
2556a+2560a S/S1b-500b King Rama IX Sheets of 10 and 4NHAsk
"2556X+2560X" S/S1b-500b King Rama IX Sheets of 10 and 4, ImperfNH275.00
2561King Chulalongkorn's DeathNH2.00
2562Vajiravudh CollegeCentenialNH.60
2563-66New Year 2011 - FireworksNH2.50
2566a S/SNew Year 2011 - Fireworks SheetNH3.50
2567King's 83rd Birthday Aniversary with
Real Rice Grain
2567 M/S '11  King's 83rd Birthday Aniversary with Real Rice Grain MiniSheet of 4 (issued 2011)NH14.00
DF BKDefinitives Booklets Unit of 4NH48.00
2547-48 RP '111b,2b King Rama 9 - ReprintsNH2.00
2547-48 RP '11 SYM  1b,2b King Rama 9 - Reprints with Two Indicia SymbolsNH8.00
6v RPGreetings and Events - Enscede ReprintsNH5.75
2568Year of the RabbitNH.75
2569-72National Children's DayNH2.40
2577-84Immortal GodsNH4.00
2577-84 M/S (8)  Immortals MiniSheets of 10NH44.00
2584a S/SImmortals MiniSheet of 8, PerfNH5.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
"2584X" S/SImmortals MiniSheet, ImperfNH39.00
258512b on 2b Surcharge - Rama 9th IssueNH4.75
2586Telecom Overprint on King BhumibolNH9.00
2587200b Surcharge on Royal BargeNH22.00
2588 M/SRelief and Amulet 50b Surcharges MiniSheet of 12NH55.00
2589Charoen Krung RoadNH.75
2589 PC (6)  Charoen Krung Road Post Cards (6)Mint Postal Card12.00
2590Valentine's Day Pair (scented)NH1.75
2590 M/S  Valentine's Day MiniSheet of 10NH14.50
2591Suankularb Long BuildingNH.75
2591 M/S  Suankularb Building MiniSheet of 4NH12.00
2592Fine Arts DepartmentsNH.75
2593Red Cross, QueenNH.60
2593 M/S  Queen, Red Cross MiniSheet of 4NH18.00
2594-97Heritage - Temple Prasat Muang TamNH2.50
2594-97 FDC  Heritage - Temple First Day Covers (4)FDC9.50
2594-97 PC  Heritage - Temple Post Cards (4)Mint Postal Card11.00
2597a S/SHeritage - Temple SheetNH3.25
2598-01Pramoj 100th BirthdayNH2.00
2602Diplomatic Relations with Laos Block of 4 (Joint issue)NH3.50
2602 M/S  Diplomatic Relations with Laos (Joint issue) MiniSheet of 16NH14.00
2603Postman with Spoon and ForkNH.75
2603 M/S  Postman with Spoon and ForkNH9.75
2604Postman with Spoon and Fork, Self-adhesiveNH1.25
2604a BK  Postman with Spoon and Fork Booklet of 10NH9.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
2605Pridi Banomyong PairNH1.00
"2605X" M/SIslands and Beaches Sheet of 10NH19.75
2606-09Panyananda Bhikkhu BirthdayNH2.40
2610+"2610X" S/SVisakhapuja Day plus SheetNH4.50
2611-14+ 2614a S/SOrchids plus SheetNH6.00
"2614X" S/SOrchid Sheet with Paradise Show OverprintNH25.00
2611-14 FDC  Orchids First Day Covers (4)FDC12.00
"2611-14" PC  Orchids Post Cards (4)Mint Postal Card11.50
2615Department of Science ServiceNH.75
2615+2615 VAR ST  Department of Science Service with Purple Turning Lines at Right Se-tenant with Normal StampNH10.00
2615 SH  Department of Science Service with Purple Turning Lines at Right in Sheet of 20NH35.00
2617-18500 Years of Portuguese Friendship 2 Pairs (Joint issue)NH5.00
2617-18 M/S  500 Years of Portuguese Friendship MiniSheets of 10NH29.00
2619 M/SProvincial Emblems Sheet (Ship at UL)NH5.75
2619a-j M/S (10)  Provincial Emblems - Ten MiniSheets of 10 of the Individual Values from the Unified Sheet (scarce)NHAsk
2620-21 M/SAlphabet MiniSheets of 24 and 20NH15.00
2622National Communications Day (Stamp-on-Stamp)NH.90
2623-26Dancing - Thaipex ExhibitionNH3.50
2626a S/S PRFDancing - Thaipex Exhibition Sheet, PerfNH4.75
"2626X" S/S IMPDancing - Thaipex Exhibition Sheet, ImperfNH19.75
2627Philatelic Association, CoverNH.90
2627 M/S  Philatelic Association, Cover MiniSheet of 4NH27.50
2628 S/SQueen Grandmother SheetNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2629-32WWF - Big CatsNH1.75
2629-32 4 M/S  WWF - Big Cats MiniSheets of 10NH25.00
2632a S/SWWF - Big Cats Sheet of 4NH2.00
2633-36Letter Writing Week - DrawingsNH2.00
2636a S/SLetter Writing - Drawings Sheet (house-shaped)NH4.50
2637Craftmanship StandardsNH.90
2638Princess SririgarindraNH.90
2639Birthday of Princess Maha ChakriNH.90
2639 M/S  Birthday of Princess Maha Chakri MiniSheet of 4NH21.00
1v15b King - Olive and gray greenNH.50
2640Lotus FlowerNH.60
2641-44Four FestivalsNH2.40
2644a S/STraditional Festivals SheetNH3.75
"2644X" S/STraditional Festivals Sheet with WIXU 2011 China EmblemNH21.00
2645-49,2649a S/SMedallions plus Sheet of 5NH13.50
2654 S/SNew Year Fireworks SheetNH3.75
2655-61King's Seven Cycle Birthday - Gold and Silver (7-sided) (2656 inscribed "7 Cycle")NH6.00
2655-61 M/S  King's Seven Cycle Birthday - Gold and Silver MiniSheets of 6 (2656 inscribed "7 Cycle")NH39.50
2656a  "7th Cycle" instead of "7 Cycle" - sold only within 2661a - see below. 
2661a S/SKing's Birthday Sheet with "7th Cycle" instead of "7 Cycle"NH12.50
2662100b King - Gold - (seven-sided)NH17.50
2662 M/S  100b King - Gold - (seven-sided) MiniSheet of 4NH59.00
2663 S/SKing's Seven Cycle Birthday Anniversary Sheet (contains 7 seven-sided stamps)NH12.50
2664Towers, Flags (Joint issue with Pakistan)NH1.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2664 M/S  Towers, Flags (Joint issue with Pakistan) MiniSheet of 10NH14.50
2665Year of the DragonNH1.00
2666Birthday of Prince Mahidol Con SongklaNH.90
2666 L M/S  Birthday of Prince Mahidol Limited MiniSheet of 4NH9.00
2667-70Children's Day - I-NaoNH2.40
"2667-70X" S/SChildren's Day - I-Nao Sheet of 4 with INDONESIA 2012 Emblem at Upper LeftNH15.00
2671King Bhumibol Adul, TeacherNH.90
971 L M/S  King Bhumibol Adul Limited MiniSheet of 4NH12.50
2672-73Caishenye, God of WealthNH1.25
"2673A" S/S PRFCaishenye, God of Wealth Sheet, PerfNH3.75
"2673X" S/S IMPCaishenye, God of Wealth Sheet, ImperfNH125.00
2674Chiang Rai AnniversaryNH.90
2674 L M/S  Chiang Rai Anniversary Limited MiniSheet of 4NH17.00
2675-76Love: Heart Pair, Teddy Bears PairNH3.00
2677Excise DepartmentNH.90
2677 L M/S  Excise Department Limited MiniSheet of 4NH11.50
2678Red Cross, ChildrenNH.90
2679Asian-Pacific Postal Union, FlagsNH1.00
2680-83Government Savings Bank, KingsNH2.50
2684-87Ministry of TransportNH2.50
2684-87 L M/S  Ministry of Transport Limited MiniSheet of 4NH11.00
2688-89Cultural Preservation PairsNH2.50
2689c S/SCultural Preservation SheetNH4.00
2690 M/SRiyak Thai Air Force  I (Nieuport INN at UL) MiniSheet of 8NH7.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2691 M/SRiyak Thai Air Force II (F-5B at UL) MiniSheet of 8NH7.00
"2691W,X,Y,Z" 4 L S/SAir Force Limited Sheets of 4NH49.00
2692-96Buddha StatuesNH6.00
2696a S/SBuddha Statues Sheet of 5NH7.50
2697Rotary International ConventionNH.90
2697 L M/S  Rotary International Convention Limited MiniSheet of 4NH19.00
2698Vesak DayNH.90
"2698X"Vesak Day Sheet of 1NH10.00
2698 L MS  Vesak Day Limited MiniSheet of 4NH16.75
2699 M/SProvincial Seals MiniSheet of 10NH6.00
2699a-j M/S  Provincial Seals 10 MiniSheets of 10 - One Sheet for each ProvinceNH85.00
2700Prime Minister's OfficeNH.90
2700 L M/S  Prime Minister's Office Limited MiniSheet of 4NH15.00
2701 M/SCoastlines MiniSheet of 10NH15.00
2702Ranong AnniversaryNH.90
2703Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn NH2.00
2704National Communications DayNH.90
2705 M/SQueen Sirikit 80th Birthday MiniSheet of 9NH12.00
2705j-05k S/S PRFQueen Sirikit 80th Birthday Sheets of 4NH19.50
2705l-05o L S/S IMPQueen Sirikit 80th Birthday Limited Sheets of 4, IMPERFNH30.00
2706 S/SQueen Savang Vadhana Sheet of 4NH2.50
2707Thai WorldStamp Exhibition Block of 8NH7.50
2707i-l S/S (4)Thai WorldStamp Exhibition Sheets of 2NH12.50
2708Supreme Buddhist PatriarchNH1.00
"2708X" S/SBuddhist Patriarch Birthday SheetNH11.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2709-12Letter Writing WeekNH2.50
2712a S/SLetter Writing Week SheetNH3.75
2713Prince Nares VarariddhiNH.65
2713 L M/S  Prince Nares Varariddhi Limited MiniSheet of 4NH11.75
2714 S/SKing's Visit to Austria (Joint issue) SheetNH5.50
2715-18Fireworks ScenesNH2.75
2718a S/SFireworks Sheet of 4NH4.00
2719Princess ChulabhornNH1.25
2719 L M/S  Princess Chulabhorn Limited MiniSheet of 4NH15.00
2720-23Prince Damrong and ScenesNH2.50
2723a S/SPrince Damrong SheetNH3.75
2724King in Navy UniformNH7.50
2724 L M/S  King in Navy Uniform Limited MiniSheet of 4NH30.00
2725Chairlady, UN Commission on CrimeNH1.25
2725 L M/S  Chairlady, UN Commission on Crime Limited MiniSheet of 4NH19.00
2726Year of the SnakeNH.75
"2726X" S/SCollective Lunar New Year Sheet of 6NH12.00
2727Children's Day, FlagsNH1.20
2727 M/S  Children's Day, Flags MiniSheet of 5NH9.00
2728-30Tai Sui GodNH2.75
2730a S/STai Sui God Sheet of 3NH4.50
"2730 U+V" S/S  Tai Sui God Perf and Imperf Sheets with "Thailand 2013" OverprintNH45.00
"2730 W+X" S/S  Tai Sui God Perf Sheets with Oval Symbol at UL and different Gold Inscriptions at BottomNH40.00
"2730 Y+Z" S/S  Tai Sui God Perf Sheets with "Taipei 2013" and "Philatelic Association" Overprints in Gold at ULNH65.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2731Love, Flag, Rose PairNH1.90
2731 M/S  Love, Flag, Rose Pair MiniSheet of 10NH25.00
2732 M/SArts Magnificent Heritage MiniSheet of 8NH7.50
2732i-l S/S (4)Arts Magnificent Heritage Four Sheets of 2NH11.00
2733King Chulalongkorn, Queen, Red CrossNH.60
2734-37Government Savings BankNH.75
2734-37 L M/S  Government Savings Bank Limited MiniSheet of 4NH22.50
2738Heritage Conservation - Masks Block of 8NH4.25
"2738X" S/SHeritage Conservation - Masks Sheet of 3NH6.50
"2738Y-Z" P & I S/S  Heritage - Masks Different Sheet Perf and ImperfNH30.00
2739Bangkok World Book CapitalNH1.25
2739 M/S  Bangkok World Book Capital MiniSheet of 10NH18.00
"2739X" S/SBangkok World Book Capital Sheet with a Raised "Book" added to the Stamp DesignNH19.75
2740Visak DayNH.75
2744 L M/S  Irrigation Limited MiniSheet of 4NH19.00
2748a S/SOwls Sheet of 4NH6.00
2749 M/SContemporary Art MiniSheet of 8 with Large NumbersNH8.00
2749 S/S (4)Contemporary Art Four Sheets of 2NH11.00
"2749X-Y" P & I M/S  Contemporary Art Perf and Imperf MiniSheets of 8 both with Small NumbersNH40.00
2750Communications DayNH2.00
2751Thai Postal ServiceNH2.00
2752-54General Post OfficeNH2.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
"2754X" S/SGeneral Post Office Perf Sheet (not in Basic Year set)NH8.00
"2754X-Y" 2 P & I S/S  General Post Office Perf and Imperf SheetsNH125.00
2756Paknam IncidentNH1.25
"2756X" S/SPaknam Incident Sheet of 1NH3.75
"2756Y-Z" 2 P & I S/S  Paknam Incident Different Sheet Perf and ImperfNH30.00
2757Thailand Post CompanyNH3.00
1vGovernment Housing BankNH.65
L M/S  Government Housing Bank Limited MiniSheet of 4NH29.00
4vNyanasamvara 100th BirthdayNH3.75
S/SNyanasamvara 100th Birthday SheetNH13.00
4vLetter Writing WeekNH2.40
S/SLetter Writing Sheet of 4NH4.75
2vSilpakorn UniversityNH3.00
2 L M/S  Silpakorn University Limited MiniSheets of 4NH75.00
1vFamily Name Usage StartsNH.60
L M/S  Family Name Limited MiniSheet of 4NH19.00
1vOctober Democracy DayNH.60
M/S  October Democracy MiniSheet of 10NH16.00
1vKing Prajadhipok's Birthday (Rama VII )NH.60
L M/S  King Prajadhipok's Birthday Limited MiniSheet of 4NH16.00
1vPrince Narisaranuvattiwonse BirthdayNH.60
L M/S  Prince Limited MiniSheet of 4NH28.00
M/SASEAN Flowers, New Year Sheet of 10NH7.50
M/S  Jasmine MiniSheet of 9NH17.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1vKing Bhumibol Adulyadej BirthdayNH1.75
L M/S  King Bhumibol Adulyadej Limited MiniSheet of 4NH13.00
1vCement ManufacturingNH.60
L M/S  Cement Manufacturing Limited MiniSheet of 4NH13.00
1vDigital TelevisionNH.75
L M/S  Digital Television Limited MiniSheet of 4NH35.00
2v3,15 Flags - New DesignNH3.75
16vNew Graphical ImagesNH8.00
P M/S  New Graphic with "Our Zoo" Personalized MiniSheet of 20NH45.00
1vSinod of Ayutthaya (Joint issue with Vatican City)NH2.50
All New Issues are available for THAILAND and over 200 other Countries and Topics.
B1-112s-20b Red Cross Overprints (Rare as only 500 B11 were printed)NHAsk
B12-17Wild Tiger Overprints 
B18-23Scouts Fund and Wild Tiger Overprints 
B24-302s-50s Scouts Fund and Wild Tiger Surcharges 
B31-33Red Cross Founding Surcharges 
B3480s+20s New Constitution 
Scott # Description Condition Price
B35-37Red Cross, DancerNH95.00
B38-40"24 98" Black Overprints 
B41-42Red Cross CentenaryNH3.75
B43-44Red Cross 75s+25s Surcharges Inscribed 1973NH5.00
B45-46Red Cross 75s+25s Surcharges Inscribed 1974NH4.50
B47-48Red Cross 75s+25s Surcharges Inscribed 1975 
B49-50Red Cross 75s+25s Surcharges Inscribed 1976NH4.50
B51-52Red Cross 75s+25s Surcharges Inscribed 1977NH4.50
B53Blood CollectionNH3.50
B54Eye, BlindnessNH3.50
B55Snake VenomNH2.25
B56Nurse, VictimNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
B57Red Cross FairNH2.00
B583.25b+25s Red Cross SurchargeNH3.50
B592b+25s Red Cross SurchargeNH3.00
B60Children's SurtaxNH3.50
B61-64Scouting MovementNH3.00
B652b SurchargeNH3.00
B66-69Sports Welfare INH3.00
B70-73Sport Welfare IINH4.00
B74-77Sport Welfare IIINH2.50
B78SEA Games StripNH3.50
B78e S/SPolo, Tennis, etcNH4.00
B79Fencing, Pool, Track StripNH3.50
B79e S/SSports SheetNH4.50
B80-83Swimming, ShootingNH3.50
B84-87Field Hockey, etcNH4.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
C1-82s-1b Garuda 
C1-8 var  2s-1b Garuda, without gum(*)75.00
C9-14Garuda, New PerfNHAsk
(Issued without gum.) 
O1-610s-2b DesignsNH10.00
O7-1020s-2b DesignsNH9.00