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SOUTH SUDAN 2017 ISSUES now available:  Severe inflation has caused the Sudan Post Office to surcharge 19 different stamps.  These surcharges are now in stock in extremely limited quantity.  These are the first South Sudan issues in five years!  To avoid disappointment, please reserve yours now.  Call or email for further information.
Monday, December 17, 2018


Country Scott # Description Condition Price
BANGLADESH33//343From a group of Never Hinged Sets, we have composed a money-saving Starter Collection.  These 62 sets span the 1972//1990 period and include the beautiful 340-43 WWF Block of 4.  Set-by-set prices exceed $168 and today's price should be very tempting.  Let's get started on Bangladesh!NH129.00
BELGIUM  A MOST UNUSUAL COLLECTION - Spanning Years 1977-1997 is this unusual collection of stamps with complete First Day Cancels on the stamp and accompanying margin.  We've never seen one like this before!  Includes Souvenir Sheets and Booklets.  On black stock pages so it is hard to tell if the collection is complete for the period but, mostly like, it either is complete or very nearly so.  The scan below shows examples.  Simply as USED stamps, this Collection catalogs about E950 ($1100) in the Belgian Officiel Catalog.  As FDCovers, it is far, far higher.  Our price for this unusual collection is quite a bargain at just $21 per year:First Day Cancel444.00

A Clean Collection of about 350 different stamps (up to  1974), mainly sets hinged on album pages.  Includes 1-15, 18A-33, O1-27 (!) and some further Officials and Occupation.  Scott Retail Value is about $925-$950.  The price includes shipping within the USA.HAsk
HUNGARYHUNGARY IMPERFORATES - A delightful collection of these scarce Modern Imperforate Stamps from the 1960-1989 period in Never Hinged condition was figured by the former owner to total $2500 at our individual retail prices.  This intact collection is available for a special value.NH1,250.00
JERSEY1958-1999Handsome Collection of 100's starting with the Regionals and going through the end of 1999.  Issues through 1979 are hinged and everything 1980 onwards is Never Hinged.  The Postage Dues are complete, also.  On White Ace British Empire pages.  Retail value exceeds $1400.  [We can bring this collection uup-to-date, if one desires.]  Bargain of the Day at:NH/H749.00
KOREA - NORTH1976-1985 COLLECTIONNORTH KOREA (now fully listed in Scott!)

  FABULOUS NH Collection between Years 1976-1985 composed of over 200 Sets and over 360 Souvenir Sheets and MiniSheets.  The Michel 2003 Catalog Value exceeds €5,800 (over $9000) with an individual total retail value on our lists of $6000 to $7000.
  This sparkling collection represents a tremendous start for the period!

  Enjoy hours of fun sorting and organizing this holding!
  Check out our “Not-To-Be-Believed” postpaid price!  And, 12 monthly time payments are possible.
  Get this Collection in Three Payments or less and we'll pay normal shipping costs!
KOREA - NORTH1976-1985 COLLECTIONTwelve monthly payments of:NH135.00
KOREA - NORTH1976-1985 COLLECTIONOR Ten monthly payments of:NH161.00
KOREA - NORTH1976-1985 COLLECTIONOR Eight monthly payments of:NH201.00
KOREA - NORTH1976-1985 COLLECTIONOR Six monthly payments of:NH268.00
KOREA - NORTH1976-1985 COLLECTIONOR Five monthly payments of:NH321.00
KOREA - NORTH1976-1985 COLLECTIONOR Four monthly payments of:NH401.00
KOREA - NORTH1976-1985 COLLECTIONOR Three monthly payments of:NH534.00
KOREA - NORTH1976-1985 COLLECTIONOR Two monthly payments of:NH800.00
KOREA - NORTH1976-1985 COLLECTIONOR One Instant Payment ofNH1,599.00


MONGOLIASPECIAL OFFERSpectacular MONGOLIA Mint NH Collection!  Spanning the 1960-2000 period, this Collection contains over 1500 Stamps in Sets and MiniSheets plus over 135 Souvenir Sheets.  Our individual set-by-set retail value exceeds $1200.  The Scott Retail Value is even higher, of course.  But, by buying this Collection intact, you save us the work of breaking it apart and you save yourself much money!  You can add this unusual collection to your holdings (shipping and insurance not included) for:NHRESERVE!
MONGOLIASPECIAL OFFERSix monthly payments of:NH130.00
MONGOLIASPECIAL OFFEROR  Three Monthly Payments of:NH260.00
MONGOLIASPECIAL OFFEROR  Two monthly Payments of:NH389.00
MONGOLIASPECIAL OFFERThe runs of Scott numbers in the above collection are 223//2471, B1//26, C4//189 and CB1.  This indicates the starting and ending numbers contained in the collection.  (They are ranges of numbers.  The complete run is not present.) 

Country Scott # Description Condition Price
NORWAYClean Collection of Mint NH Sets, Souvenir Sheets and Booklets - Retail $350NH175.00
PAPUA NEW GUINEAClean Collection of Mint NH Sets and Souvenir Sheets - Set-by-set Retail $250NH125.00
PAPUA NEW GUINEA137//7281957-89 Almost complete, very clean collection for the period on Kabe pages, all NH except 148-49.  Scott Retail over $500.NHAsk
POLAND149//O31First is the "MAGNIFICIENT COLLECTION" of Mint, Never Hinged Complete Sets, Souvenir Sheets, Miniature Sheets and Coil Strips.  Spanning the 1920-1990 period, this great collection includes sets in these runs:  149//2971, B44//B148, C19//C56, J95//J149 and O19//O31.  By actual count, the collection contains 1228 Stamps, 56 S/S, 5 M/S and 2 Coil Strips of 5!  This sparkling collection has a Retail Value of over $900 and Scott Retail is nicely higher.  While current stock lasts, we have it priced at a superb discount from retail!NH599.00
POLAND149//O31  Or two equal payments of:NH300.00
POLAND149//O31  Or four equal payments of:NH151.00
POLAND153//O20The second "MAGNIFICENT COLLECTION" is comprised exclusively of Cancelled to Order  Used and Postally Used Sets, Souvenir Sheets and Miniature Sheets spanning the 1921-1990 period.  The runs by category are 153//2964, B44//B148, C13//C27, J103-06 and O17-20.  We have counted the contents as 1728(!)  Stamps, 59 S/S and 4 M/S.  This handsome collection has a Retail Value of $625 and Scott Retail is nicely higher.  While current stock lasts, we have it priced at a superb discount from retail!USED379.00
POLAND153//O20  Or two equal payments of:USED190.00
POLAND153//O20  Or four equal payments of:NH96.00
POLANDFDCThe third "MAGNIFICENT COLLECTION" is composed exclusively of FIRST DAY COVERS.  We have created a fantastic collection from the 1960-1989 period with over 900 First Day Covers, virtually all with cachet.  We have not calculated the retail value of this group but are very confident that an estimate of $2.75 per cover is reasonable.  Hence the total retail value is in the $2300 ballpark.  Our quite-reasonable price is:FDC1,195.00
POLANDFDC  Or two equal payments of:FDC598.00
POLANDFDC  Or four equal payments of:FDC299.00
POLANDFDC  Or six equal payments of:FDC199.00
POLANDFDC  Or eight equal payments of:FDC149.00
POLANDAnd now, THE MAGNIFICENT FINALE: Purchase any two of the three Collections above, and receive a Special Philatelic Gift from us!