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SOUTH SUDAN 2017 ISSUES now available:  Severe inflation has caused the Sudan Post Office to surcharge 19 different stamps.  These surcharges are now in stock in extremely limited quantity.  These are the first South Sudan issues in five years!  To avoid disappointment, please reserve yours now.  Call or email for further information.
Sunday, December 16, 2018


Scott # Description Condition Price
"Introductory Handbook of Ukrainian Philately"  This 1993 publication of the Ukrainian Philatelic Society has been out of print for many years.  The 115+ lavishly illustrated pages add to almost anyone's knowledge of Ukraine.  From the first issues of 1918-20 period through the 1992-93 issues of modern Independence, this Handbook offers information not found in standard catalogs.  New condition!NH35.00
1992100-02,118-22,124-30,133-46 + 12 Trident SurchargesNH29.75
1993148,150,166-70,171,172,175,176,178, 179,188-90NH9.50
1993-94  Scott changed numbers for the Definitive Series issued in 1993 and 1994 in the 2007 Scott Catalog.
  We list the new Scott numbers in our Year Set Contents.
1997 M/S291b MiniSheet (1)NH8.75
1999 BKEuropa Folder (1)NHAsk
1999 M/SMiniSheets (2)NH5.25
2001 M/SMiniSheets (11)NH170.00
2002 M/SMiniSheets (20)NH155.00
2002 BKBooklets (3)NH138.00
2003493-531,531c,524 GP Var+9 Scott UnlistedNH53.00
2003 M/SMiniSheets (5)NH89.00
2003 BKBooklets (2)NH47.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2004 M/SMiniSheets of 8, 9 or 12 (16)NH85.00
2004 L M/SMiniSheets of 16 (11)NH100.00
2004 BKEuropa Booklet (1)NH110.00
2005572-613,615-21,597c BK,621c + 7 ReprintsNH99.00
2005 E M/SEuropa MiniSheet (1)NH60.00
2005 S M/SMiniSheets of 7 to 12 (25)NH160.00
2005 L M/SMiniSheets of 16 (7)NH43.50
2006 DEF PERF418a-22a Perf 11NH17.50
2006 TBTete-Beche Pair and Gutter Tete-Beche Pairs (3)NH44.50
2006 EBKEuropa Booklet (1) (Scott 630)NH16.00
2006 E M/SEuropa MiniSheet (1)NH62.50
2006 O M/SOther MiniSheets (26)NH220.00
2006 XXThe GRAND Collection (85 Stamps + 5 S/S + 1 Booklet + 23 MiniSheets + 1 Tete-Beche Pair + Perf 11 Definitives)NH469.75
2007655-56,28 definitives,672-05,696a-d,705cNH109.00
2007 TBTete-Beche PairNH3.75
2007 E M/SEuropa MiniSheet (1)NH25.00
2007 EBKEuropa Booklet (1)NH10.00
2007 O M/SSmall MiniSheets of 12 or less (17)NH155.00
2007 L M/SLarger Sheetlets (9)NH230.00
2007 XXThe GRAND Collection of Ukraine 2007 (one of each Year Unit listed above):NH509.00
2008658b//671b (24),706-55,"724X","755X","755C"NH109.00
2008 EBKEuropa Booklet (1)NH10.00
2008 E M/SEuropa MiniSheet (1)NH25.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2008 O M/SMiniSheets of 8,10,11 and 12 (31)NH259.00
2008 XXThe GRAND Collection of Ukraine 2008 (one of each Year Unit above):NH418.00
2008 TABStamps with Tabs (11)NH18.50
2009660f//764a (12),756-84,"766C"NH63.00
2009 TABStamps with Tabs (8)NH32.50
2009 EBKEuropa Booklet (1)NH12.50
2009 M/SMiniSheets (15)NH195.00
2009 GSPictorial Gutter Strips of 6 (2)NH10.00
2009 XXThe GRAND Collection of Ukraine 2009 (one of each Year Unit above):NH309.00
2010659e//764c (16),785-813,803a,806a-bNH84.00
2010 M/SMiniSheets (14)NH114.00
2010 BKBooklet (1)NH9.75
2010 TABStamps with Tabs (5)NH14.00
2010 XXThe 2010 GRAND Collection of Ukraine - One each of the 4 Year Sets aboveNH199.00
2011659g//818a (19),814-52NH95.00
2011 E M/SEuropa MiniSheet (1)NH17.50
2011 O M/SOther MiniSheets (27)NH419.00
2011 TBTete-Beche Pairs (3)NH6.75
2011 XXThe 2011 GRAND Collection of Ukraine - One each of the 4 Year Sets aboveNH519.00
2011 TABStamps with TabsNH1.00
2012661i//862b (36),853-908,881c,"887X"NH195.00
2012 LS/SLimited Souvenir Sheets (2)NH215.00
2012 AYSAdvanced Year Set - 81 Stamps + 13 S/S (including the two Limited Sheets)NH360.00
2012 BKBooklets (1)NH11.50
2012 M/SMiniSheets (26)NH469.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2012 TABStamps with Tabs (4)NH27.50
2012 XXThe 2012 GRAND Collection of Ukraine - One each of the five Year Sets aboveNH899.00
2012 SP M/SSoccer Personalized MiniSheets (4)NH200.00
201370 Stamps + 12 S/S (inc BK)NH109.00
201461 Stamps + 8 S/S inc BK, M/SNH145.00
2014 BT DGSBiathalon Team Decorative Gutter Strip of 8NH20.00
2014 TABStamps with Tabs (5)NH15.00
2014 B M/SBasic MiniSheets (30)NH359.00
2014 BT M/SBiathalon Team Overprint MiniSheet of 12 (1)NHASK
201556 Stamps + 7 S/SNH44.50
2015 LALATE ARRIVALS (24+1 S/S)NH16.00
2015 CMB80 Stamps + 8 S/S (combined parts)NH74.00
2015 E BKEuropa Booklet (1)NH2.75
2015 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets of 9NH12.50
2015 O M/SOther MiniSheets of 8 or 10 (28)NH285.00
2016 Stamps + S/SNHRESERVE!
2017 Stamps + S/SNHRESERVE!
2018Click to reserve now for earliest delivery.NHRESERVE!
1992-1999100-369+B9-11+12 SurchargesNH319.00
2000-2005Basic Year Sets as listed above.NH429.00
We are able to offer groups of 25 different postally used covers showing a wide variety of imprint markings, etc.  Cover19.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
A selection of 100 covers,  mostly different but we can't check them all to be sure.Cover69.00
PA1Posthorn 060 valueNH2.00
PA2  Posthorn, 075 valueNH4.00
PA3  Posthorn, 095 valueNH2.00
PA4  Posthorn,096 valueNH2.00
PA5  Posthorn, 130 valueNH3.50
PB1Posthorn + Letter 60 valueNH2.00
PB2  Posthorn + Letter, 75 valueNH2.50
PB3  Posthorn + Letter, 80 valueNH5.00
PB3-N    Posthorn + Letter, Pair with Narrow SpacingNH13.00
PB3-W    Posthorn + Letter, Pair with Wide SpacingNH15.00
Please add 20% for Type C copies with sheet margin. 
PC2  Posthorn + Letter, 30k valueNH1.50
PC3  Posthorn + Letter, 50k valueNH1.50
PC4  Posthorn + Letter, 1K valueNH.75
PC5  Posthorn + Letter, 2K valueNH1.00
PC6  Posthorn + Letter, 3K valueNH1.00
PC8  Posthorn + Letter, 10K valueNH3.50
PC9  Posthorn + Letter, 20K valueNH4.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
Please ask about 1918 to 1923 issues.
100-01Folk, Canadian ImmigrationNH.90
102Musician LysenkoNH.60
102 GP  Lysenko Horizontal Gutter PairNH30.00
  102 GP  Lysenko Vertical Gutter PairNH40.00
  102 CGP  Lysenko Cross-Gutter block of fourNH175.00
103-17These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
118-22 (4)Narbut Definitives, Part 2NH1.40
123This number not utilized by Scott. 
124-30 (4)5kb-50kb Narbut Definitives, Part 1NH5.50
  124-30 MI4 (4)  Narbut Definitives Imprint Blocks of 4 (6 blocks)NHASK
  124-30 MI6 (4)  Narbut Definitives Imprint Blocks of 6 (with dots)NHASK
131-32These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
133M.I. KostomarovNH.60
134-36Summer OlympicsNH1.50
137Ukranian World ForumNH.60
137 FDCUkranian World Forum, First Day CoverFDC3.50
137 MIUkranian World Forum, set of two Imprint BlocksNH9.75
138Trident, FlagNH.60
138 FDCTrident, Flag, First Day CoverNH2.75
138 MITrident, Flag, set of two Imprint BlocksNH4.50
139 S/SFolk Music and Dance SheetNH.70
140UPU, Letter WritingNH.50
140 MIUPU, Letter Writing, set of two Imprint BlocksNH5.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
141Lawyers MeetingNH.90
141 MILawyers Meeting, set of two Imprint BlocksNH4.75
142Ukrainians in AustriaNH.60
142 MISame, set of two Imprint BlocksNH7.50
143Embroidery, RoosterNH.60
144Kiev AcademyNH.60
145 S/SOlympic Winners SheetNH4.50
145 S/S FDCOlympic Winners Sheet First Day CoverFDC7.50
146-47These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
Our #G 4A-15B were originally listed by Michel as Ukraine issues.  However, they have recently reclassified these stamps as Kiev Local issues and listed them in a separate section. 
G 4A-8A,9B-15B0,35k-50,00k SurchargesNH12.00
G 4A-8A,9B-15B MIImprint Blocks of 12NH190.00
G 4A-8A,9B-15B FSComplete Sheets of 100NH500.00
G 4B-8B,9A-11AReversed Impressions (Blocks/9)NH75.00
G 4B-8B,9A-11ABlock of nine showing the Reversed Impression in Center 
A group of surcharge Plate Varieties and other interesting items exist on 4-15. Our Specialized Price List is available for an SASE. 
The inverts below are from the original find shortly after issue.  Since then reprints have been made and circulated in quantity which we also offer further below. 
G 4A-Invert0,43k on 2k Inverted surchargeNH15.00
G 4B-Invert  Same, Reversed ImpressionNH75.00
G 4B-Invert  Same, Block of 9 (4A x8,4B)NH200.00
G 4B-Invert  Same, Imprint Block of 12NH250.00
G 9B-Invert1k on 3k Inverted surchargeNH15.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
G 9A-Invert  Same, Reversed ImpressionNH75.00
G 9A-Invert  Same, Block of 9 (8B x8,8A)NH200.00
G 9A-Invert  Same, Imprint Block of 12NH250.00
G 15B-Invert50k on 1k Inverted SurchargeNH50.00
Three original inverts as a set (4A-I,9B-I and 15B-I) NH30.00
G 4R-15RReprinted Inverts: The complete set of 12NH30.00
G 16-ReprintReprints now exist which can be distinguished from the originalsNH19.00
G 16 SheetThe First Patriotic Sheet which includes approximately 30 different 1,00k overprints plus a 10,00k Surcharge Center Block and margin inscriptionsNH150.00
G 16-InvertSame, Inverted Sheet (Original)NH200.00
G 16 Reprint-InvertSame, but a ReprintNH25.00
G 26-ReprintReprints now exist which can be distinguished from the originalsNH27.00
G 26A SheetLight violet surchargeNH150.00
G 26-InvertSame, Inverted Surcharge SheetNH200.00
G 27 SheetThird Patriotic Sheet of 100 (on 3k stamps) also issued in Lviv.NH200.00
G 27-InvertSame, Inverted Surcharge SheetNH750.00
Patriotic Sheets (16,22,27) INVERTED as one unit:NH1,000.00
148,150City ArmsNH1.70
149,151-65These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
166Cardinal SlipyjNH.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
170Human Rights, UNNH.90
  Scott changed numbers for the Definitive Series below in the 2007 Scott Catalog.
171//79 (6) '9350kb//500kb DefinitivesNH2.00
  171 '93  50kbNH.40
  172 '93  100kbNH.40
  175 '93  150kbNH.40
  176 '93  200kbNH.40
  178 '93  300kbNH.40
  179 '93  500kbNH.40
173//84 (8) '94100kb//17,000kb Lettered DefinitivesNH7.00
  173 '94  (100kb) BrownNH.50
  174 '94  (100kb) MagentaNH.50
  177 '94  (250kb) GreenNH.50
  180 '94  (1800kb) Orange brownNH.50
  181 '94  (5000kb) RedNH2.50
  182 '94  (5300kb) BlueNH1.00
  183 '94  B (10,000kb) Blue, Perf 12x12NH.50
  183a '99  B (10,000) Blue, Perf 14NH7.00
  184 '94  (17,000) Red brownNH2.00
185-87These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
189Stamp AnniversaryNH.70
190Kiev WWII RescueNH.70
Scott # Description Condition Price
191+B9Christmas, Wise ManNH2.00
The two issues above are inscribed 1993 but were issued in 1994. 
194 S/SIndependence SheetNH1.25
194AUniversity of KievNH1.00
194B S/SUniversity of Kiev SheetNH2.50
195WW2 Victory Block plus LabelNH1.25
196100 Years Archeological DigsNH.40
197First Ukrainian BookNH.40
198Sofievka ParkNH.40
199Painter RepinNH.40
2001100 Years of UzhgorodNH.40
201-03Ukrainian WritersNH.90
206M. RylskiNH.90
207WWII Victory DayNH1.75
208Children's CampNH.40
209-10Famous WritersNH.65
211Hetman SahaidachnyNH.70
212Luhansk ArmsNH.40
213Chernihiv ArmsNH.40
214Hetman KhmelnytskyNH.95
215Hetman Ivan MazepaNH.75
216Protect Nature YearNH1.20
Scott # Description Condition Price
217Children's DayNH1.20
218UN AnniversaryNH1.20
219Playwright KarylNH1.20
220First PresidentNH.75
221Writer SafarikNH1.20
222-24I,K,3 Transport DefinitivesNH3.75
  222  I (1000kb) Trolley without MicrotextNH1.00
  222a '03  I (1000kb) Microtext 2003 at Lower RightNH2.50
  222b '05  I (1000kb) with Microtext 2005 at Lower RightNH3.75
  222c '06  I (1000kb) with Microtext 2006 at Lower RightNH2.50
  223  2 (2000kb) StreetcarNH2.75
  224  3 (3000kb) City Bus Transport without MicrotextNH1.00
  224a '06  3 (3000kb) City Bus Transport with Microtext 2006NH2.75
225Observatory Strip of 3NH2.00
226 S/SOlympic Medals SheetNH2.25
227Writer KrymskyNH.75
228Charkov ZooNH.60
229Opera Singer KozlovskyiNH.90
230Cinema Centenary StripNH1.00
231Cernobyl AnniversaryNH.60
232Scientist SmyrenkoNH.60
233Writer StefanykNH.60
234Explorer Myklukho-MaklaiNH1.50
235-37Atlanta OlympicsNH2.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
238 S/SOlympic SheetNH2.25
240Ukrainian SatelliteNH.80
241-42Locomotives Horizontal Pair (our choice)NH2.40
241-42 SO  Locomotives Horizontal Pair in Scott Order)NH3.25
243-46Airplanes Block of 4NH15.00
248Antarctic ExpeditionNH1.60
249-50Mountain Flowers Pair with TabNH2.25
252Composer KosenkoNH.50
253-56Churches Block of 4NH2.00
253-56 TAB  Churches Singles with Inscription TabsNH9.00
258Petro MogilaNH.50
259-60Animals Pair with TabNH3.50
264 S/SEuropa SheetNH12.00
265Philatelic ExhibitionNH.75
266Scientist KondratiukNH1.20
268Summer FeastNH.60
269-70Famous WomenNH2.75
271Argentinian UkrainiansNH.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
272-76Military Decorations Strip of 5NH15.00
272-76 M/S  Medals Complete Sheet of 5 Strips showing the diagonal progression of the design (scarce)NH95.00
277 S/SDecorations SheetNH9.50
280Actress Somalia KrushelNH1.20
283-84Steam ShipsNH2.25
285Space with TabNH1.75
286Writer KritchevskijNH.75
288-91Folk Art with Colored BordersNH4.00
288a-91aFolk Art without Colored Borders Block of 4NH4.00
291b M/S  Folk Art without Colored Borders MiniSheet of 8NH8.75
292Carpathian ArmsNH1.20
293 S/SAnimals SheetNH6.00
294Philosopher SkovorodaNH1.20
295V. SosodiuraNH.80
296-97Nagano OlympicsNH1.50
299Ships PairNH.90
300 M/SCoins MiniSheet of 6NH12.00
301Europa - CEPTNH4.00
302 S/SAskania Horses SheetNH3.00
303-05Paintings Strip of 3NH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
306 S/SPaintings SheetNH2.25
307 S/SKiev Technical SheetNH5.00
308Duke Askold and Dyr with TabNH4.00
309 M/SHetman Chmelnicki MiniSheet of 6NH8.00
310Halych 100 YearsNH.80
311Anna JaroslawnaNH1.25
312Explorer LysianskyiNH1.25
313Actress Natalia UshvijNH1.25
314-18Kiev Scientists Strip of 5NH5.00
320UPU Stamp DayNH.60
323WWF - Goose, Perf 13NH6.00
323 F/S  WWF-Goose Sheet of 36, Perf 13NHAsk
323eWWF Block, Perf 11NH7.50
323j M/S  WWF-Goose MiniSheet of 8, Perf 11NH21.00
326Hetman DoroshenkoNH.80
327Writer GrincenkaNH.60
329Australian UkrainiansNH.60
330Meteor ImpactNH1.25
331-32Art Pair with TabNH1.75
1vCyrilic A DefinitiveNH.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
1vCyrilic B DefinitiveNH.90
1vCyrilic I Definitive on Chalky PaperNH.90
333Cinema with TabNH.80
334Composer IvasiukNH.40
335-38Gold TreasuresNH2.25
338aTreasures Block of 4NH2.25
339Spring Easter FestivalNH.50
340Europa - Nature PairNH3.00
340 FLD  Europa - Nature Decorative Folder of 2 NH3.75
341Writer MyrnyiNH.50
342Writer BalzacNH.50
343European CouncilNH.50
344Poet PushkinNH.50
345Sailing Ships PairNH1.00
346 S/SPrince Yaroslav SheetNH1.50
347Principality Galicia-VolynNH.75
348Art Museum StripNH1.50
350UPU AnniversaryNH.50
351Poltava AnniversaryNH.80
352Military OrdersNH.50
352 M/S  Military Orders MiniSheet of 10NH3.00
353 S/SMedals Sheet of 2NH5.50
354Fauna I PairNH4.50
355-56 S/SNational Bank plus SheetNH6.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
357Hetman Vyhovskii, Cavalry in WaterNH.50
358Hetman Polubotok, Ships in WaterNH.50
361Drawings Strip of 3NH1.50
361 SO  Drawings Strip of 3 in Scott OrderNH2.00
361 M/S  Drawings Strip MiniSheet of 6NH3.50
362Fauna II Strip of 3NH1.65
363St. Andrew with TabNH1.20
364 S/SMushrooms SheetNH2.50
365New Year GreetingsNH2.00
366Car and Truck PairNH1.00
367Folk Art Strip of 3NH1.00
368G. GulevichivnaNH.50
369 S/SFauna SheetNH7.50
1vE DefinitiveNH2.50
1vD Definitive with Dry GumNH1.75
1vB Definitive with Chalky GumNH1.75
370 S/SChristianity SheetNH5.50
371 S/SOpera Houses SheetNH6.50
372Bridges BlockNH4.75
373 S/SEvangelism SheetNH5.00
374Oksana PetshrusenkoNH1.75
375Singer Marusha ChuraiNH1.00
376Hetman Danila Apostola, Church, CastleNH1.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
377Hetman Samoilovich, Tent, Winter SceneNH1.00
379Europa - StarsNH5.50
380Easter MiniSheetNH6.00
381 S/SPhilatelix Show SheetNH4.50
382Doneck Region, Flowers, MapNH.75
383Kiev Region, MapNH.75
384Doneck ShowNH.75
385Ostgor 900th AnniversaryNH.75
386-89Sydney OlympicsNH4.50
390Prokopovich, BeesNH1.25
391Ships PairNH3.00
392Crafts, FlowersNH2.25
393Dubno 900th AnniversaryNH1.00
394Harvest FestivalNH1.00
395 S/SPresidential Symbols SheetNH7.50
396Volyn District, DeerNH.80
397Krym (Crimea) RepublicNH.80
398Kiev Post OfficeNH.90
399Fauna PairNH3.00
400Astronomer DrogobychNH1.00
401 S/SCarpathian Park SheetNH7.50
402 M/SFlowers, Plants MiniSheet of 10NH12.00
403Cartoons Strip of 3NH3.50
404New YearNH1.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
408 S/SDuke St. Vladimir SheetNH6.00
409St. Dimitry RostovskyNH.90
410Valentines DayNH.75
411 S/SPrince Romanovich SheetNH2.75
412-13Hetmen Khmelnitsky, KhanenkoNH.90
414Telephone AnniversaryNH.75
415-17Children's PaintingsNH1.00
415-17 M/S  Children's Paintings MiniSheets of 12 NH15.00
418-22+F1Flower Definitives inc RegistrationNHAsk
  418 '01  B Flower DefinitiveNH.75
  419 '01  Δ Flower DefinitiveNH.75
  420 '01  E Flower DefinitiveNH.90
  420b '03    E Flower Definitive Inscribed 2003NH1.25
  420c '04    E Flower Definitive Inscribed 2004NH1.25
  421 '01  X Flower DefinitiveNH2.50
  421b '03    X Flower Definitive Inscribed 2003NH3.00
  421c '05    X Flower Definitive Inscribed 2005NH2.75
  421d '06    X Flower Definitive Inscribed 2006NH2.75
  422 '01  E Flower DefinitiveNH3.50
  422b '03    E Flower Definitive Inscribed 2003NH4.25
  422c '04    E Flower Definitive Inscribed 2004NH4.25
  422d '05    E  Flower Definitive Inscribed 2005NH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  422e '06    E  Flower Definitive Inscribed 2006NH3.50
418a-22a '06B-E (10k-3.65h) Flowers, Perf 11, with Microtext 2006NH17.50
  418a '06  B (10k) Hollyhocks, Perf 11, with Microtext 2006NH1.25
  419a '06  Delta (30k) Marigolds, Perf 11, with Microtext 2006NH1.25
  420a '06  E (71k) Sunflower, Perf 11, with Microtext 2006NH1.50
  421a '06  ZK (2.66h) Berries, Perf 11, with Microtext 2006NH4.75
  422a '06  E (3.65h) Wheat, Perf 11, with Microtext 2006NH6.50
423Folk Tales Strip of 3NH1.75
423 M/S  Folk Tales MiniSheets of 9NH4.00
424Shipbuilding PairNH.60
425Europa - Water PairNH5.00
425 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 6 NH16.00
426Holy TrinityNH.50
427 S/SBeekeeping Sheet of 6NH4.00
428 S/SLavra Anniversary SheetNH1.75
429Pope John Paul II VisitNH3.00
430Zakarpatska RegionNH.50
431Kharkov RegionNH.50
432Chernigov RegionNH.50
433Kirovograd RegionNH.50
434 S/SMuseum of Art SheetNH1.00
435Red Book Fauna Pair (our choice of format)NH2.25
435 HPR  Red Book Fauna Horizontal PairNH2.75
435 VPR  Red Book Fauna Vertical  PairNH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
435 TB  Red Book Fauna SinglesNH1.75
435 M/S  Red Book Fauna MiniSheet of 12NH15.00
436Composer BortnjanskyNH.40
438 S/SIndependence Anniversary SheetNH3.00
439Philatelic ExhibitionNH.50
440Civilization DialogueNH8.00
440 M/S  Civilization Dialogue MiniSheet of 9NH100.00
441 S/SBlack Sea Fauna Sheet 
443St. NicholasNH.50
444New YearNH.50
445Poets Shevchenko, Tsereteli PairNH.90
445 M/S  Poets MiniSheet of 6NH4.75
446-48Costumes PairsNH2.00
446-48 M/S  Costumes MiniSheets of 8NH20.00
448c S/SCostumes SheetNH2.00
449-51Three HetmanNH.60
452Army History BlockNH.80
452 M/S  Army History MiniSheet of 4 BlocksNH4.00
4535k Flower Definitive Inscribed 2002 
  453a '06  5k Flower, Perf 11 Inscribed 2006NH1.50
  453b '04  5k Flower Definitive Inscribed 2004NH.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
  453c '05  5k Flower Definitive Inscribed 2005NH.75
  453d '06  5k Flower Definitive Inscribed 2006NH.75
454 '0210k Flower Definitive Inscribed 2002 
  454a '06  10k Flower, Perf 11 Inscribed 2006NH1.50
  454b '03  10k Flower Definitive Inscribed 2003NH.75
  454c '05  10k Flower Definitive Inscribed 2005NH.75
  454d '06  10k Flower Definitive Inscribed 2006NH.75
455-56 M/S  Champions MiniSheets of 16NH7.00
457Kiev RegionNH.40
458Old Sailing ShipsNH.40
459Modern StampsNH.50
459 M/S  Modern Stamps MiniSheet of 8NH5.00
460Writer L. GlibovNH.40
460 M/S  Glibov MiniSheet of 16NH4.50
461Chess ChampionshipNH1.70
461 M/S  Chess MiniSheet of 16NH28.00
462 S/SEuropa - Circus SheetNH16.00
462 BK  Europa Circus Booklet of 2 NH110.00
463Palm SundayNH.40
463 M/S  Palm Sunday MiniSheet of 16NH4.50
464WWF - Snake Block, Perf 13NH2.25
464 F/S  WWF Sheet of 9 BlocksNH27.50
464 BK  WWF Booklet of 4NH10.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
464e BLKWWF - Snake Block, Perf 11NH2.50
"464e" TAB  WWF Snake Block, Perf 11 with two WWF LabelsNH9.00
"464e" M/S  WWF Snake Block, Perf 11 MiniSheet of 16NH12.00
465 S/SOpera Houses SheetNH1.25
All 466-68 Stamps are Perf 13 unless otherwise indicated. 
46630k Flower Definitive Inscribed 2002NH.50
  466a '06  30k Flower, Perf 11 Inscribed 2006NH1.75
  466b '03  30k Flower Definitive Inscribed 2003NH.60
  466c '04  30k Flower Definitive Inscribed 2004NH.60
  466d '05  30k Flower Definitive Inscribed 2005NH.60
  466e '06  30k Flower Definitive Inscribed 2006NH.60
467 '0245k Flower Definitive Inscribed 2002NH.50
  467a '06  45k Flower, Perf 11 Inscribed 2006NH1.75
  467b '03  45k Flower Definitive Inscribed 2003NH.60
  467c '04  45k Flower Definitive Inscribed 2004NH.60
  467d '05  45k Flower Definitive Inscribed 2005NH.60
  467e '06  45k Flower Definitive Inscribed 2006NH.60
468 '02C Flower Definitive Inscribed 2002NH1.50
  468a '06  C Flower, Perf 11 Inscribed 2006NH2.50
  468b '03  C Flower Definitive Inscribed 2003NH1.00
  468c '04  C Flower Definitive Inscribed 2004NH.75
469Lugansk RegionNH.40
470Tchernivtsy RegionNH.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
471Odessa RegionNH.40
472Tcherkassy RegionNH.40
473Sumy RegionNH.40
474Bird, Whale Red Book Fauna PairNH1.75
474 M/S  Fauna MiniSheet of 12NH4.50
475Composer LeontovichNH.40
475 M/S  Composer MiniSheet of 16NH4.25
476 S/SBlack Sea Birds SheetNH1.25
477Arts of Ukraine Strip of 3NH.65
478Fairy Tales StripNH.65
478 M/S  Fairy Tales MiniSheet of 9NH2.75
479-82Space FlightsNH1.10
479-82 M/S  Space Flights MiniSheets of 12NH16.00
483Marine Life PairNH1.00
483 M/S  Marine Life MiniSheet of 16NH20.00
483 BK  Marine Life BookletNH18.00
4841000 Years of KhotinNH.50
485Odessa ExhibitionNH.50
485 M/S  Odessa Exhibition MiniSheet of 16NH9.00
486-88Paintings of KievNH.50
489New YearNH.50
489 M/S  New Year MiniSheet of 16NH9.00
490-92Costumes PairsNH1.50
490-92 M/S  Costumes MiniSheets of 16NH27.50
492c S/SCostumes SheetNH7.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
493Fairy Tales StripNH.70
493 M/S  Fairy Tales MiniSheet of 9NH2.50
495History of Army BlockNH1.00
496Historical ShipsNH1.00
497Composer ArkasNH.40
498 S/SPark, Bird, Butterfly, OrchidNH1.75
499Europa - Poster Art PairNH5.00
499 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 6 Sets NH32.50
499c BK  Europa Booklet with Special Format NH35.00
500-03Rockets, DesignersNH1.50
504Red CrossNH.40
505Regions: Dnipropetrovsk (Rocket, Bridge)NH.40
506Regions: Lviv (Lion Sculpture)NH.55
507Regions: Khmelnitsky (Rider)NH.40
508Regions: Mykolaiv (Sunflower, Ship)NH.40
509Regions: Zaporizhzha (Sculpture, Dam)NH.40
512 S/SDuke Monomakh SheetNH1.75
513 M/SOwls Sheet of 12NH5.00
514Singer MyshuhaNH.30
515 '0365k Sweet Pea, Perf 13x14 Inscribed 2003NH1.25
  515a '06  65k Sweet Pea, Perf 11, Inscribed 2006NH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  515b '04  65k Sweet Pea, Perf 13x14  Inscribed 2004NH2.00
  515c '05  65k Sweet Pea, Perf 13x14  Inscribed 2005NH1.25
516-19Paintings of KyivNH1.00
520Feast Day PairNH.50
521Composer HmyryaNH.30
522 S/SMonasteriesNH1.30
5232500 Years of EvpatoriaNH.30
524Varangians (Vikings) with Narrow GutterNH.90
524 varVikings with Wide and Narrow Gutters BetweenNH3.50
524 M/S  Vikings MiniSheet of 12NH7.50
524c-e BK  Vikings Booklet in Special FormatNH9.75
525Writer OsnovyanenkoNH.30
527 M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 16NH24.00
528New YearNH2.00
528 M/S  New Year MiniSheet of 12NH24.00
529-31Costumes PairsNH2.50
529-31 M/S  Costumes MiniSheets of 16NH22.50
531c S/SCostumes SheetNH5.75
53285 Years of UnitingNH.40
532 M/S  Uniting MiniSheet of 12NH4.00
533Composer LiudkievitchNH.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
533 M/S  Composer MiniSheet of 16NH6.75
534 S/SKhmelnitsky Symbols Sheet o 6NH1.25
535 S/SFleet Sheet of 3NH4.50
536Regions: TernopilNH.50
537 M/S  UNESCO MiniSheet of 16NH9.00
538 S/SButterflies SheetNH4.75
539Balletmaster LyfarNH.50
539 M/S  Lyfar MiniSheet of 12NH3.75
540Actress ZankovetskaNH.40
540 M/S  Actress MiniSheet of 12NH6.00
541Scientist MaximovitchNH.50
541 M/S  Scientist MiniSheet of 12NH7.00
542Missile DesignNH.50
543Weightlifting ChampsNH.50
543 M/S  Weightlifting MiniSheet of 16NH9.00
544 S/SEuropa Sheet of 4NH9.00
"544A" BKEuropa Booklet of 4 (stamps smaller size than the S/S)NH110.00
54550 Years of UEFANH1.75
545 M/S  UEFA MiniSheet of 16NH29.00
546Soccer Centenary BlockNH2.75
546 M/S  Soccer MiniSheet of 16NH12.50
547Politician PetliuraNH.40
547 M/S  Petliura MiniSheet of 16NH7.00
548-51Paintings of KievNH1.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
548-51 M/S  Paintings MiniSheets of 12NH14.00
552Fairy Tales Strip of 3NH.90
552 M/S  Tales MiniSheet of 9NH3.00
553Athens OlympicsNH1.30
553 M/S  Olympics MiniSheet of 12NH16.50
554Regions: Rovenska OblastNH.50
555Regions: KhersonNH.50
556Regions: PoltavaNH.50
5572500 Years of BalaklavaNH.50
558350 Years of KharkovNH.50
558 M/S  Kharkov MiniSheet of 16NH8.50
559Bridges Block of 4NH.90
559 M/S  Bridges MiniSheet of 16NH4.50
560 S/SUniversity Anniversary OverprintNH1.30
561250 Years of KirovogradNH.50
562Army History BlockNH1.00
562 M/S  History MiniSheet of 16NH5.00
563 S/SDanube Reserve, BirdsNH4.00
564-65Space ExplorationNH.50
564-65 M/S  Space MiniSheets of 12NH7.00
566Merry Christmas StripNH.90
566 M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 16NH4.50
567Happy New Year StripNH.90
567 M/S  New Year MiniSheet of 16NH4.50
568Airplanes Strip with TabNH.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
568 M/S  Planes MiniSheet of 8 plus TabsNH5.00
569-71Costumes PairsNH2.25
569-71 M/S  Costumes MiniSheets of 8 PairsNH19.00
571c S/SCostumes Sheet of 6NH2.25
572 '051k Flowers, Perf 13x14 Inscribed 2005NH1.25
  572a '06  1h Flower, Perf 11, with Microtext 2006NH3.50
  572b '06  1k Flowers, Perf 13x14 Inscribed 2006NH1.50
573 TAB  Independence with TabNH1.10
573 M/S  Independence MiniSheet of 7NH2.50
574Balletmaster VirskyNH.40
574 M/S  Ballet MiniSheet of 12NH3.50
575 M/S  Vinnichenko MiniSheet of 12NH3.50
576 S/SButterflies SheetNH4.50
577Vinnitsa RegionNH.50
579Ivano-Frankovsk RegionNH.50
580Zhitomir RegionNH.50
581Aivazovsky Art Pair with TabNH.50
581 M/S  Aivazovsky MiniSheet of 8NH2.50
582Shepherd by YakutovichNH1.90
582 M/S  Shepherd MiniSheet of 12NH24.00
583-86Space ExplorationNH1.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
583-86 M/S  Rockets MiniSheets of 12NH13.00
587Victory DayNH1.25
587 TAB  Victory with TabNH5.00
587 M/S  Victory MiniSheet of 8NH11.50
588 S/SVictory SheetNH.50
5899th Stamp ExhibitionNH.50
590-93Kiev on PaintingsNH3.25
590-93 M/S  Kiev Paintings MiniSheets of 12NH40.00
594Singer RuslanaNH.50
594 TAB  Singer with TabNH1.00
594 M/S  Singer MiniSheet of 7NH2.25
595Eurovision Song ContestNH1.35
595 M/S  Song MiniSheet of 12NH17.00
596Europa - Food PairNH7.00
596 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 16 NH60.00
597Europa Pair from Booklet (Smaller Size than Sheet Stamps) - Note:  the Tab on Left (if present) will always have booklet remnants on the gum side.NH15.00
597c BK  Europa Booklet of 4 NH30.00
598 M/S  Literature MiniSheet of 16NH10.00
599 S/SNature Reserve Sheet of 4NH3.85
600Informatics SummitNH1.40
600 M/S  Informatic MiniSheet of 12NH17.50
601-04 TAB  Locomotives with TabsNH4.50
601-04 M/S  Locomotives MiniSheets of 11NH18.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
606 '0525k Nasturtium Inscribed 2005NH.75
  606a '06  25k Flower Definitive, Perf 11, with Microtext 2006NH2.50
  606b '06  25k Flower Definitive, Perf 13, with Microtext 2006NH1.00
607 '0570k Water Lily, Perf 13 Inscribed 2005NH1.50
  607a '06  70k Flower, Perf 11, Microtext 2006NH2.50
  607b '06  70k Flower, Perf 13, Microtext 2006NH2.50
608 '05N Viola (1.53h), Perf 13 Inscribed 2005NH2.00
  608a '06  N Viola (1.53h), Perf 11 Inscribed 2006NH4.00
  608b '06  N Viola (1.53h), Perf 13 Inscribed 2006NH2.00
609 '05L Brier (2.55h) Perf 13 Inscribed 2005NH2.50
  609a '06  L (2.55h) Flower, Perf 11 with Microtext 2006NH6.00
  609b '06  L Brier (2.55h) Perf 13 Inscribed 2006NH3.50
610Horses Block (our choice of format)NH1.50
610 BLK 1  Horses Block - Format 1NH1.60
610 BLK 2  Horses Block - Format 2NH1.60
610 M/S  Horses MiniSheet of 8NH3.25
611Say No to Drugs Strip of 3NH1.25
611 M/S  Drugs MiniSheet of 12NH5.50
612Army History Block of 4NH1.50
612 M/S  Army MiniSheet of 16NH6.75
613 M/S  Yavornytskyi MiniSheet of 12NH5.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
614 '06Aircraft Designer AntonovNH.60
614 M/S '06  Aircraft Designer Antonov MiniSheet of 12NH8.00
615-16Christmas, New YorkNH.75
615-16 M/S  Christmas MiniSheets of 16NH13.00
617Barbara Church with LabelNH.60
618Lviv Museum StripNH.75
618 M/S  Lviv Museum MiniSheet of 8NH4.00
619-21Costumes PairsNH2.25
619-21 M/S  Costumes MiniSheets of 16NH19.00
621c S/SCostume SheetNH4.50
62250 Years of First Europa PairNH1.90
622 TB  50 Years of First Europa Tete-Beche PairNH4.75
622 M/S  50 Years of First Europa MiniSheet of 20NH23.00
623 S/S50 Years of First Europa SheetNH1.90
624Artist NarbutNH1.60
624 TAB  Artist Narbut with TabNH6.00
624 M/S  Artist Narbut MiniSheet of 11 + TabNH21.00
1v3 DefinitiveNH1.70
625 M/SWomen's Headdresses MiniSheet of 12NH11.00
626-28Cosmonauts DayNH1.25
626-28 M/S  Cosmonauts Day MiniSheets of 12NH16.50
629Europa Integration PairNH7.00
629 TB GP  Europa Integration Tete-Beche Gutter Pair NH17.50
629 TB  Europa Integration Tete-Beche  Pair NH22.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
629 M/S  Europa Integration MiniSheet of 16 NH62.50
630 BKEuropa Integration Booklet of 2 (the two stamps in the Booklet are larger than the sheet stamps)NH27.00
630 M/S  Europa Integration MiniSheet of 2 (not in Year Sets) NHAsk
631-32World Cup ChampionshipNH3.00
631-32 M/S  World Cup Championship MiniSheets of 12NH37.50
633GUAM Kiev SummitNH.40
633 M/S  GUAM Kiev Summit MiniSheet of 12NH6.00
634-37Paintings of KievNH1.40
634-37 M/S  Paintings of Kiev MiniSheets of 12NH19.75
638 S/S750 Years of Lviv SheetNH1.60
639 S/SShatsk Nature Reservation SheetNH1.75
640 S/SUkrainian Cossacks SheetNH7.00
641Writer FrankoNH.35
641 M/S  Writer Franko MiniSheet of 12NH6.00
642-45 TAB  Locomotives with TabsNH9.00
642-45 M/S  Locomotives MiniSheet of 11 with TabNH20.00
646Lviv Philatelic ExhibitionNH.40
647History of Army Block of 4NH2.50
647 M/S  History of Army MiniSheet of 16NH12.50
648Horses Block of 4NH3.00
648 M/S  Horses MiniSheet of 8NH7.50
649St. Nicholas PairNH.90
649 M/S  St. Nicholas MiniSheet of 16NH17.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
650 M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 16NH12.50
651Ferdinand Square, Lviv (Joint issue with Austria)NH1.70
651 M/S  Ferdinand Square, Lviv (Joint issue with Austria) MiniSheet of 10 plus TabsNH18.00
652-54Costumes PairsNH2.10
652-54 M/S  Costumes MiniSheets of 16NH20.00
654c S/SCostumes SheetNH2.10
655Writer OgienkoNH.50
655 M/S  Writer Ogienko MiniSheet of 12NH5.00
656Igor StravinskyNH.55
656 M/S  Igor Stravinsky MiniSheet of 12NH5.50
657-71 "2007"Folk Art Definitives with MicroPrint "2007" (15) 
  657-61 "2007"  1k-50k Folk Art Definitives (1k,3k,5k,10k,50k) with MicroPrint "2007"NH3.00
  657 "2007"  1k Folk Art DefinitiveNH1.00
  658 "2007"  3k Folk Art DefinitiveNH1.00
  659 "2007"  5k Folk Art DefinitiveNH1.00
  660 "2007"  10k Folk Art DefinitiveNH1.25
  661 "2007"  50k Folk Art DefinitiveNH1.25
  662,670 "2007"  60k,R Folk Art Definitives with MicroPrint "2007"NH2.25
  663-65,667 "2007"  70k,85k,1h,2h Folk Art Definitives with MicroPrint "2007"NH2.50
  666,668-69 "2007"  Zh,E,N,P Folk Art Definitives with MicroPrint "2007"NH9.50
657a//71a "2007 II" (13)Definitives with MicroPrint "2007 II" (13) 
  657a-61a "2007 II"  1k,3k,5k,10k,50k Folk Art Definitives with MicroPrint "2007 II"NH4.00
    657a "2007 II"    1k Folk Art Definitive with MicroPrint "2007 II"NH1.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
    658a "2007 II"    3k Folk Art Definitive with MicroPrint "2007 II"NH1.75
    659a "2007 II"    5k Folk Art Definitive with MicroPrint "2007 II"NH1.75
    660a "2007 II"    10k Folk Art Definitive with MicroPrint "2007 II"NH2.00
    661a "2007 II"    50k Folk Art Definitive with MicroPrint "2007 II"NH2.00
  663a-65a,667a "2007 II"  70k,85k,1h,2h Folk Art Definitives with Microprint "2007 II"NH2.50
  666a,668a-69a,671a "2007 II"  N,Zh,E,P Folk Art Definitives with MicroPrint "2007 II"NH9.50
658b//71b (24)3k-P 2008 Definitives with ReprintsNH22.50
  658b "2008"  3k Straw Horse inscribed 2008NH.40
  659b "2008"  5k Whistle inscribed 2008NH.50
  659c "2008 II"  5k Whistle inscribed 2008-IINH.50
  659d "2008 IIII"  5k Whistle inscribed 2008-IIINH.40
  660b "2008"  10k Jug inscribed 2008NH.50
  660c "2008 II"  10k Jug inscribed 2008-IINH.50
  660d "2008 III"  10k Jug inscribed 2008-IIINH.40
  660e "2008 IV"  10k Jug inscribed 2008-IVNH.40
  661b "2008"  50k Spinning Wheel inscribed 2008NH.40
  662a  "2008"  60k Wine Vessel inscribed 2008NH.50
  662b "2008 II"  60k Wine Vessel inscribed 2008-IINH.40
  663b "2008"  70k Jug inscribed 2008NH.50
  663c "2008 II"  70k Jug inscribed 2008-IINH1.75
  663d "2008 III"  70k Jug inscribed 2008-IIINH.40
  664b  "2008"  85k Ladle inscribed 2008NH.60
  665b  "2008"  1h Jug inscribed 2008NH.75
  665c "2008 II"  1h Jug inscribed 2008-IINH.40
  667b  "2008"  2h Jug inscribed 2008NH1.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
  667c "2008 II"  2h Jug inscribed 2008-IINH1.50
  667d "2009"  2h Jug inscribed 2009NH1.40
  666b  "2008"  N Candles inscribed 2008NH.90
  668b  "2008"  ZH Bull inscribed 2008NH1.65
  669b  "2008"  JE Inkwell inscribed 2008NH2.00
  670a  "2008"  R Bottle inscribed 2008NH2.50
  671b  "2008"  P Doll inscribed 2008NH5.50
672St. Michael CathedralNH1.75
659e//667h (6) '10Crafts Definitives with 2010 Microprint (5k, 10k, 30k, 50k, 1.00h, 2.00h)NH3.00
660g "2010"10k Jug with Microprint 2010NH.75
6v  "2010 II"  5k Whistle with Microprint 2010-II; 30k, Microprint 2010-II; 50k, Microprint 2010-II; 1.00, Microprint 2010-II; 2.00 Microprint 2010-II; 10k, Microprint 2010-IINH6.50
659f "2010 II"  5k Whistle with Microprint 2010-IINH2.00
720e "2010 II"  30k Carved Pipe with Microprint 2010-IINH2.00
661f "2010 II"  50k Spinning Wheel with Microprint 2010-IINH2.00
665g "2010 II"  1h Jug with Microprint 2010-IINH2.00
667g "2010 II"  2h Jug with Microprint 2010-IINH3.00
660g "2010"  10k Jug with Microprint 2010-IINH3.00
667g II "2010 II"2.00h Crafts Microprinted 2010 IINH.70
667h III  "2010 III"2.00h Crafts Microprinted 2010 IIINH1.25
659g "2011"5k Animal Figure Microprinted 2011NH2.50
660i "2011"1k Jug Microprinted 2011NH.75
660j "2011 II"10k Jug Microprinted 2011 IINH.75
661g "2011"50k Spinning Wheel Microprinted 2011NH.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
661h "2011 II"50k Spinning Wheel Microprinted 2011 IINH.75
661i,667l,720g "2012"Crafts Definitives 30k,50k,2.00h with Microprint 2012NH2.50
665h  "2011"1.00h Vase Microprinted 2011NH.75
665i "2011 II"1.00h Microprinted 2011 IINH1.50
666d "2011"N Candlelabra Microprinted 2011NH1.50
667i "2011"2.00h Jar Microprinted 2011NH1.00
667j  "2011 II"2.00h Jar Microprinted 2011 IINH1.00
667k "2011 III"2.00h Jar Microprinted 2011 IIINH.75
670b "2011"R Face Microprinted 2011NH2.50
671c "2011"P Doll Microprinted 2011NH5.50
660f//764a '09 (12)Craft, Tiles Definitives - 6 Inscribed 2009, 5 Inscribed 2009 II, 1 Inscribed 2009 IIINH8.50
672 M/S  St. Michael Cathedral MiniSheet of 12NH22.50
673 S/SWriter Shevchenko SheetNH3.00
674 TABMy Stamp for Wedding with TabNH2.00
674 M/S  My Stamp for Wedding MiniSheet of 22NH45.00
675 TABMy Stamp with Flowers with TabNH2.00
675 M/S  My Stamp with Flowers MiniSheet of 22NH45.00
676 TABMy Stamp with Monastery with TabNH2.00
676 M/S  My Stamp with Monastery MiniSheet of 22NH45.00
677 TABMy Stamp with Oranta Winner with TabNH2.00
677 M/S  My Stamp with Oranta Winner MiniSheet of 18NH44.00
678-79Space, Sea LaunchNH.80
678-79 M/S  Space, Sea Launch MiniSheets of 12NH10.00
680Europa - Scouts PairNH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
680 M/S  Europa - Scouts MiniSheet of 12 NH25.00
681Europa - Larger Scouts Pair from BookletNH10.00
681 BK  Europa - Larger Scouts Booklet of 2 NH10.00
681 S/SEuropa - Scouts Sheet from Booklet NH9.75
682-85Kiev PaintingsNH1.50
682-85 M/S  Kiev Paintings MiniSheets of 12NH20.00
686 S/SDogs SheetNH2.25
687 S/SCats SheetNH2.25
688Roman ShukhevychNH.40
688 M/S  Shukhevych MiniSheet of 12NH5.00
689-92 TAB  Locomotives with TabsNH15.00
689-92 M/S  Locomotives MiniSheets of 11NH50.00
693 M/SHeaddresses MiniSheet of 12 
694Fish Strip (Joint Issue with Moldova)NH2.25
694 M/S  Fish MiniSheet of 5 Strips (Joint Issue with Moldova)NH11.00
695Pereyaslav Khmelnytskyi Folk ArchitectureNH.40
695 M/S  Pereyaslav Khmelnytskyi MiniSheet of 12NH5.00
696 P14WWF Pelican Block of 4, Perf 14NH4.25
696a-d P11 TAB 1WWF Pelican Block of 4 with Flying Pelican Tab, Perf 11NH4.25
696a-d P11 TAB 2WWF Pelican Block of 4 with Descriptive Tab, Perf 11NH5.75
696e M/S  WWF Pelican MiniSheet of 16, Perf 11NH22.50
697 S/SFirst Satellite SheetNH1.75
698 M/S 1Houses I MiniSheet of 6 with Tabs (Ukrainian Peasant House text in Red)NH2.25
699 M/S 2Houses II MiniSheet of 6 with Tabs (Ukrainian Peasant House text in Gray)NH2.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
700Christmas PairNH.80
701 TABNew Year with TabNH.60
701 M/S  New Year MiniSheet of 18 with Personalizeable TabsNH12.50
702Soccer TriangleNH1.75
702 TB  Soccer Triange Tete-Beche PairNH3.75
702 M/S  Soccer MiniSheet of 12NH22.50
703-05Costumes PairsNH2.25
703-05 M/S  Costumes MiniSheets of 16NH20.00
705c S/SCostumes Sheet of 6NH2.25
706-17 M/S  Zodiac 12 MiniSheets of 12NH90.00
718Beijing OlympicsNH4.25
718 S/SBeijing Olympics Sheet of 8NH8.00
719My Stamp - Congratulatory NH2.00
719 SH  My Stamp - Congratulatory Sheet of 22 (not in M/S Year Set)NH55.00
720  30k Pipe inscribed 2008NH.50
720a  30k Pipe inscribed 2008-IINH.40
720f '1130k Pipe Microprinted 2011 IINH.75
721-23Art of Taras ShevchenkoNH2.50
721-23 TAB  Art of Taras Shevchenko with TabsNH7.50
721-23 M/S  Shevchenko Art MiniSheets of 11 plus TabNH28.00
724Europa - Letter Writing (inc Email) PairNH5.00
724 M/S  Europa - The Letter MiniSheet of 10 NH25.00
"724X"Europa Pair - Large Size Letter Writing in SheetletNH10.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
"724X" BKEuropa Pair - The Letter Booklet NH10.00
725Nikolai Gogol PairNH2.25
725 M/S  Nikolai Gogol MiniSheet of 6 PairsNH15.00
726 SH  Easter Sheet of 16NH13.50
727 M/SClocks MiniSheet of 9NH5.25
728 S/SDogs SheetNH2.90
729 S/SCats SheetNH2.90
730 S/SCrimean Nature Reserve SheetNH2.25
731-32 S/SFirst Stamps SheetsNH6.75
733 S/SMykhailovskiy Monastery SheetNH1.75
734-37 TAB  Locomotives with TabsNH7.50
734-37 M/S  Locomotives MiniSheets of 11 plus TabsNH20.00
738-41National SongsNH1.90
738-41 M/S  National Songs MiniSheets of 8NH16.00
742Jewels Pair with Tab (Joint Issue with Azerbaijan)NH3.00
742 M/S  Jewels MiniSheet of 8NH12.00
743Swedish-Ukrainian WarNH.60
743 4 TABS  Swedish-Ukrainian War Strip with Four TabsNH3.50
743 M/S  Swedish-Ukrainian War MiniSheet of 8NH6.00
744Ukrainian Philatelic ExhibitionNH.60
745Exhibition with TabNH4.25
745 M/S  Exhibition with Tab MiniSheet of 10NH45.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
746 M/S  Chernovtsi MiniSheet of 12NH9.00
747Baturin TreatyNH.60
748Merry ChristmasNH.60
749Happy New YearNH.60
749 M/S  New Year MiniSheet of 12NH9.00
750Marko VovchokNH.55
750 M/S  Marko Vovchok MiniSheet of 10NH6.50
751V. ChetnovilNH.55
751 M/S  V. Chetnovil MiniSheet of 12NH8.00
752 M/SHeaddresses MiniSheet of 12NH7.50
753-55Regional Costumes PairsNH2.50
"755X" STCostumes Se-tenant Strip of 6 (Second Printing)NH4.50
753-55 M/S  Regional Costumes MiniSheets of 16 (not in M/S Year Set)NH22.50
755c S/SCostumes SheetNH2.25
756Politician S. BanderaNH.50
757Writer S. RudanskyNH.50
758Writer Sholom-AleihemNH1.00
759 S/SKiev Zoo SheetNH1.75
760-62Paintings by ShevchenkoNH1.75
760-62 TAB  Paintings by Shevchenko with TabsNH3.50
760-62 M/S  Paintings by Shevchenko MiniSheets of 11 with Decorative MarginsNH22.50
763 PRPolar Regions - our choice of pair formatNH2.25
763 VPR  Polar Regions Vertical PairNH2.75
763 HPR  Polar Regions Horizontal PairNH2.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
763 M/S  Polar Regions MiniSheet of 8 with Decorative MarginsNH19.50
  764b '10  1.50h Art with Horse Microprinted 2010NH.60
  764c II '10  1.50h Art with Horse Microprinted 2010 IINH.60
764d '111.50h Tile of Cossack on Horse Microprinted 2011NH.80
764e '111.50h Tile of Cossack on Horse Microprinted 2011 IINH.80
764f '111.50h Crafts Microprinted 2011 IIINH.75
765 S/SWriter Gogol SheetNH1.25
766Europa - Astronomy PairNH6.00
766 M/S  Europa - Astronomy MiniSheet of 10 with Decorative Margins NH32.50
"766C"Europa - Astronomy Large Size Pair from BookletNH12.00
"766C" BK  Europa - Astronomy Large Size Booklet of 2 NH12.50
767Architecture Pair (Joint Issue with China) with Central TabNH4.25
767 M/S  Architecture Pair MiniSheet of 10NH25.00
768 S/SGorgani Nature Reserve SheetNH2.25
769-72 TAB  Locomotives with TabsNH15.00
769-72 M/S  Locomotives MiniSheets of 11NH65.00
773 S/SLighthouses Sheet of 6NH3.50
774Leading Liberation CouncilNH.60
774 M/S  Leading Liberation Council MiniSheet of 16NH9.00
775-78Folk SongsNH4.50
775-78 TAB  Folk Songs with TabsNH17.50
775-78 M/S  Folk Songs MiniSheets of 8NH37.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
779-80Christmas, New YearNH1.25
779-80 M/S  Christmas, New Year MiniSheets of 12NH13.00
781-82 GS  Winemaking Pictorial Gutter Strips of 6NH10.00
781-82 M/S  Winemaking MiniSheets of 12NH15.00
783Perestroika AnniversaryNH.60
784 S/SMinerals SheetNH5.50
785Winter Olympics - Vancouver Strip of 4NH1.25
785 M/S  Vancouver Olympics MiniSheet of 8NH5.00
786 S/STaras Shevchenko SheetNH1.25
787 S/SConstitution of Philipp Orlik SheetNH.75
788WWII VictoryNH.60
788 TAB L  WWII Victory with Tab at LeftNH3.00
788 TAB T  WWII Victory with Tab at TopNH3.00
788 M/S  WWII Victory MiniSheet of 8 plus TabNH4.00
789-90 S/S90th Stamp Anniversary SheetsNH4.50
791Europa-CEPT Children's Stories PairNH3.50
791 M/S  Europa-CEPT Children's Stories MiniSheet of 4 NH7.00
792Europa-CEPT Children's Stories  Larger Size - Strip with TabNH9.75
792 BK  Europa-CEPT Children's Stories  Larger Size - Strip with Tab Booklet NH9.75
793Philosopher PotebniaNH.50
793 M/S  Philosopher Potebnia MiniSheet of 12NH6.00
794Nikolai Pirogov BirthNH.50
794 M/S  Nikolai Pirogov Birth MiniSheet of 12NH6.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
795World Boxing Champs -  Brothers KlichkoNH1.25
795 S/SWorld Boxing Champs -  Brothers Klichko Sheet of 10 with Decorative Margins (considered an S/S in Europe)NH10.00
796Personalizeable Flowers Stamp with TabNH3.60
796 M/S  Personalizeable Flowers Stamp MiniSheet of 10NH39.00
797-00 TAB  Locomotives with TabsNH11.00
797-00 M/S  Locomotives MiniSheets of 11 with TabsNH24.50
801Sculptor Pinzel PairNH1.20
801 M/S  Sculptor Pinzel MiniSheet of 16NH10.00
802 S/STechnical University Sheet of 11 NH6.50
803-04,803aDefinitive "X" Surcharges on 1.50h 2007-II, 1.50h 2008 and 2.00h 2007-IINH5.00
805 S/SLighthouses Sheet of 6NH3.75
806Cossack Leaders Rebellions "Block" of 2 plus 2 TabsNH3.75
806 M/S  Cossack Leaders MiniSheet of 6NH17.50
807History of the Army Block of 4NH2.40
807 M/S  Army History MiniSheet of 16NH10.00
808Hetman PolubotakNH.60
808 M/S  Hetman Polubotak MiniSheet of 12NH7.25
809 S/SKiev Metro SheetNH2.50
810Winemaking in UkraineNH.75
810 M/S  Winemaking in Ukraine MiniSheet of 12 plus TabNH9.00
811 S/SNational Natural Park SheetNH2.25
812Human RightsNH.60
812 M/S  Human Rights MiniSheet of 12NH7.50
813 S/SMinerals SheetNH3.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
814Yuri Gargarin FlightNH2.00
814 M/S  Yuri Gargarin Flight Decorative MiniSheet of 16NH35.00
815Cosmonaut BeregovoiNH.75
815 M/S  Cosmonaut Beregovoi MiniSheet of 18NH14.50
816Shevchenko PaintingNH.60
816 TAB L  Shevchenko Painting with Painter Tab at LeftNH3.50
816 TAB T  Shevchenko Painting with Painter Tab at TopNH3.50
816 M/S  Shevchenko Painting MiniSheet of 11 plus TabNH7.00
817-201.90h, 2.20h, 6.00h, 7.00h Crafts Definitives with Microtext 2011NH5.75
817a '11  1.90 Crafts Microprinted 2011 IINH1.00
818a '11  2.20 Jar Microprinted 2011 IINH1.25
821-22Cossack Rebellion Block with 2 TabsNH1.25
821-22 M/S  Cossack Rebellion MiniSheet of 6NH4.50
822  Constitution Pair with Central TabNH4.50
822 M/S  Constitution Decorative MiniSheet of 12 plus 6 Different TabsNH25.00
823 S/SDomestic Farm Animals Sheet of 5 inc CatNH2.90
823a-e  Animals Singles from SheetNH2.90
824Personal Stamp - Small Posthorn, Arms with 'V' TabNH2.25
824 M/S  Personal Stamp - Small Posthorn, Arms with 'V' Tab Decorative MiniSheet of 18NH42.50
825-28 TAB S  Locomotives with Tabs at SideNH12.00
825-28 TAB B  Locomotives with Tabs at BottomNH12.00
825-28 M/S  Locomotives MiniSheets of 11 plus TabsNH46.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
829Balloon Flight CentenaryNH.80
829 M/S  Balloon Flight Centenary Decorative MiniSheet of 15NH13.50
830Emmigration to Brazil (Joint issue)NH.90
830 M/S  Emmigration to Brazil Decorative  MiniSheet of 16NH14.00
831Independence AnniversaryNH.80
831 M/S  Independence Anniversary Decorative MiniSheet of 15NH13.50
832"The Snow Queen" Story PairNH2.50
832 M/S  "The Snow Queen" Story Decorative MiniSheet of 10 PairsNH13.50
833Odessa ExhibitionNH1.50
833 M/S  Odessa Exhibition Decorative MiniSheet of 16NH24.00
834 S/SStamp Anniversary Sheet (inc Windmill)NH6.75
834a-f  Stamp Anniversary Singles from Sheet (inc Windmill)NH6.75
835Tatyana Markus Birth AnniversaryNH.55
835 M/S  Tatyana Markus Birth Anniversary MiniSheet of 16NH9.00
836Babi Yar TragedyNH1.90
836 M/S  Babi Yar Tragedy Decorative MiniSheet of 16NH35.00
837Operatic Film "Natalka-Poltavka" PairNH2.50
837 M/S  Operatic Film Decorative MiniSheet of 16NH22.00
838Lviv UniversityNH.60
838 M/S  Lviv University Decorative MiniSheet of 15NH9.00
839Communications Cooperation (triangle)NH.75
839 TB S  Communications Cooperation Tete-Beche Pair (2 triangles making a square)NH2.25
839 TB P DT  Communications Cooperation Tete-Beche Pair Denominations Together (2 triangles making a parallelogram)NH2.25
839 TB P DA  Communications Cooperation Tete-Beche Pair Denominations Apart (2 triangles making a parallelogram)NH2.25
839 M/S  Communications Cooperation MiniSheet of 12 (triangles)NH9.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
840Mikhailo Yanhel - Missile DesignerNH.75
840 M/S  Mikhailo Yanhel Decorative MiniSheet of 16NH15.00
841Personal Stamp - Large Arms, Posthorn "V"NH2.65
841 M/S  Personal Stamp - Large Posthorn, Arms MiniSheet of 12NH35.00
842Sofia of Kiev Pair plus TabNH3.00
842 M/S  Sofia of Kiev MiniSheet of 5 PairsNH19.50
843 S/SFrogs of Ukraine Sheet of 5NH4.25
844 S/SSpring in Ukraine Sheeet of 6NH5.25
845-46Grape Vines of UkraineNH2.25
845-46 GP  Grape Vines of Ukraine Gutter PairsNH8.75
845-46 M/S  Grape Vines of Ukraine MiniSheets of 12 with GuttersNH30.00
847Fight AIDSNH.90
847 M/S  AIDS MiniSheet of 12NH11.00
848CIS AnniversaryNH.85
848 M/S  CIS Anniversary MiniSheet of 12NH9.75
849 S/SNatural Wonders Sheet of 7NH5.25
850-51Europa-CEPT - Trees PairNH3.00
850-51 M/S  Europa-CEPT - Trees MiniSheet of 6 Sets NH17.50
851Christmas - New Years PairNH1.25
851 M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 6 SetsNH7.75
852 S/SWater Mills Sheet of 4NH6.25
853-65 '12 (13)5k-10h Tree Leaves and Fruit with Microprint 2012NH18.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  853//59 '12 (4)  Tree Leaves and Fruit: 5k,30k,50k,2.00h with Microprint 2012NH2.50
  854//60 '12 (4)  Tree Leaves and Fruit: 20k,40k,70k,2.50h with Microprint 2012NH2.75
  861-65 '12 (5)  Tree Leaves and Fruit: 3.00h,4.80h,5.00h,8.00h,10.00h with Microprint 2012NH14.00
853 '125k Mountain Ash Microprinted 2012NH.60
  853a '12  5k Mountain Ash Microprinted 2012 IINH.60
  853b '12  5k Mountain Ash Microprinted 2012 IIINH.60
  853c '13  5k Mountain Ash with 2013 ImprintNH.60
  853d '14  5k Mountain Ash with 2014 MicroprintNH.75
  853e '14  5k Mountain Ash with 2014 II MicroprintNH1.50
  853f '15  5k Mountain Ash with 2015 MicroprintNH.75
  853g '15  5k Mountain Ash with 2015 II MicroprintNH1.00
854 '1220k Acacia Microprinted 2012NH.60
  854a '12  20k Acacia Microprinted 2012 IINH.60
  854b '12  20k Acacia Microprinted 2012 IIINH.60
  854c '13  20k Acacia with 2013 ImprintNH.60
  854d '14  20k Acacia 2014 MicroprintNH.75
  854e '15  20k Acacia with 2015 MicroprintNH.75
  854f '15  20k Acacia Definitives with 2015 II MicroprintNH.75
855 '1230k Ash Microprinted 2012NH.60
  855a '12  30k Ash Microprinted 2012 IINH.60
  855b '12  30k Ash Microprinted 2012 IIINH.60
  855c '13  30k Ash with 2013 ImprintNH.60
  855d '13  30k Ash with 2013 II ImprintNH.60
  855e '13  30k Ash with 2013 III ImprintNH.75
  855f '14  30k Ash with 2014 MicroprintNH.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
856 '1240k Chestnut Microprinted 2012NH.60
  856a '12  40k Chestnut Microprinted 2012 IINH.60
  856b '12  40k Chestnut Microprinted 2012 IIINH.60
  856c '13  40k Chestnut with 2013 ImprintNH.60
  856d '14  40k Chestnut with 2014 MicroprintNH.75
  856e '15  40k Chestnut with 2015 MicroprintNH.50
  856f '15  40k Chestnut Definitives with 2015 II MicroprintNH.75
857 '1250k Walnut Microprinted 2012NH.60
  857a '12  50k Walnut Microprinted 2012 IINH.60
  857b '12  50k Walnut Microprinted 2012 IIINH.60
  857c '13  50k Walnut with 2013 ImprintNH.60
  857d '13  50k Walnut with 2013 II ImprintNH.60
  857e '13  50k Walnut with 2013 III ImprintNH.75
  857f '14  50k Walnut Microprinted 2014NH.60
  857g '14  50k Walnut Microprinted 2014 IINH.60
  857h '14  50k Walnut with 2014 III MicroprintNH1.00
  857i '15  50k Walnut Definitive with 2015 MicroprintNH.60
858 '1270k Birch Microprinted 2012NH.60
  858a '12 70k Birch Microprinted 2012 IINH.60
  858b '13 70k Birch Microprinted 2013NH.90
  858c '14  70k Birch with 2014 MicroprintNH.75
859 '122.00h Oak Microprinted 2012NH.80
  859a '12  2.00h Oak Microprinted 2012 IINH.80
  859b '12  2.00h Oak Microprinted 2012 IIINH.80
  859c '13  2.00h Oak with 2013 ImprintNH1.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  859d '13  2.00h Oak with 2013 II ImprintNH1.75
  859e '14  2.00h Oak Self-adhesive with 2014 MicroprintNH1.25
  859e '14  2.00h Oak with 2014 MicroprintNH1.50
  859f '14  2.00h Oak with 2014 II MicroprintNH1.50
  859g '14  2.00h Oak with 2014 III MicroprintNH1.25
860 '122.50h Maple Microprinted 2012NH1.00
  860a '12  2.50h Maple Microprinted 2012 IINH1.00
  860b '12  2.50h Maple Microprinted 2012 IIINH1.00
  860c '13  2.50h Maple Microprinted 2013NH1.10
  860d '13  2.50h Maple Microprinted 2013 IINH1.25
20v RPFlora Reprints inscribed 2013: 5k, 20k,30k,40k,50k,70k,2,00r,2.50r, 3.00r,4.80r,5.00r,8.00r
  Insribed 2013 II: 30k,50k,2.00r, 2.50r,4.80r,N
  Inscribed 2013 III: 30k,50k
861 '123.00h Linden Microprinted 2012NH1.25
  861a '12  3.00h Linden Microprinted 2012 IINH1.25
  861b '13  3.00h Linden Microprinted 2013NH1.25
  861c '14  3.00h Linden with 2014 MicroprintNH.90
  861d '15  3.00h Linden with 2015 MicroprintNH1.50
  861e '15  3.00h Linden Definitives with 2015 II MicroprintNH1.50
862 '124.80h Beech Microprinted 2012NH2.00
  862a '12  4.80h Beech Microprinted 2012 IINH2.00
  862b '12  4.80h Beech Microprinted 2012 IIINH2.00
  862c '13  4.80h Beech with 2013 ImprintNH2.75
  862d '13  4.80h Beech with 2013 II ImprintNH3.00
863 '125.00h Alder (Alnus incana) Microprinted 2012NH2.00
  863a '13  5.00h Alder with 2013 MicroprintNH2.00
  863b '14  5.00h Alder with 2014 MicroprintNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  863c '14  5.00h Alder with 2014 II MicroprintNH1.75
  863d '15  5.00h Alder with 2015 MicroprintNH3.50
864 '128.00h Elm Microprinted 2012NH2.75
  864a '13  8.00h Elm with 2013 MicroprintNH2.50
  864b '14  8.00h Elm with 2014 MicroprintNH2.00
865 '1210.00h Aspen Microprinted 2012NH4.00
  865a '15  10.00h Aspen with 2015 II MicroprintNH1.50
866-69Soccer Stadiums Personalized StampsNH24.50
866-69 M/S  Soccer Stadiums Personalized MiniSheets of 14NH200.00
870-71Shevchenko ArtNH1.50
870-71 TAB  Shevchenko Art with TabNH7.50
870-71 M/S  Shevchenko Art MiniSheets of 11NH17.00
872 S/SFlag and Arms Sheet of 2NH1.70
873Ivano-Frankivsk BirthNH.75
873 M/S  Ivano-Frankivsk Birth MiniSheet of 12NH9.00
874Writer StelmakhNH.75
874 TAB  Writer Stelmakh with TabNH5.00
874 M/S  Writer Stelmakh MiniSheet of 11 plus TabNH9.00
875Two Players and CupNH1.65
875 M/S  Two Players and Cup MiniSheet of 12NH21.00
876Stadiums and FlowersNH4.00
876 M/S  Stadiums and Flowers MiniSheet of 12NH50.00
877UEFA Euro 2012 EmblemNH10.00
877 M/S  UEFA Euro 2012 Emblem MiniSheet of 11NH110.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
878-79Stadium, Cities Blocks of 4NH13.00
878-79 M/S  Stadium, Cities MiniSheets of 16NH55.00
880 S/SUEFA Euro 2012 Emblem SheetNH20.00
"880X" S/SUkraine Welcomes EURO Soccer 2012 Sheet (cream color)NH95.00
"880Y" S/SUEFA EURO Soccer Limited Sheet (Joint issue with Poland) showing the Championship Cup (purplish background color)NH125.00
881Europa-CEPT - Visit Pair, Perf 14NH3.50
881 M/S  Europa-CEPT - Visit Pair MiniSheet of 5 Pairs NH22.00
881cEuropa-CEPT - Visit Pair, Perf 11 (from Booklet)NH11.50
881c BK  Europa-CEPT Booklet of 2 NH11.75
882-83L, Zh Tree Definitives without MicroprintNH4.25
884-86Railway CarsNH2.00
884-86 TAB  Railway Cars with TabsNH10.50
884-86 M/S  Railway Cars MiniSheets of 11 with TabsNH22.00
887Olympics Block of 4NH4.00
887 x2 S/SOlympics Sheet of 8NH8.00
888Odessa Philatelic ExhibitionNH.75
888 M/S  Odessa Philatelic Exhibition MiniSheet of 16NH10.75
889 S/SStamps of Soviet Ukraine SheetNH4.50
890Cosmonaut PopovichNH.75
890 M/S  Cosmonaut Popovich MiniSheet of 12NH9.50
891 S/SHomestead SheetNH3.75
892Horizontal Frame Stamp with Post Horn Personalized IssueNH3.75
892 M/S  Post Horn Personalized MiniSheet of 18NH39.75
893Fairy Tale PairNH1.50
893 M/S  Fairy Tale Decorative MiniSheet of 10 PairsNH16.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
894 S/SGenerous Ukraine SheetNH3.50
895First Skyscraper in KievNH.75
895 M/S  First Skyscraper in Kiev Decorative MiniSheet of 15NH11.00
896Fortress of SudakNH.75
896 M/S  Fortress of Sudak MiniSheet of 12NH9.00
897 S/S80 Years of the Donetsk Region SheetNH.75
898 S/SBotanical Garden SheetNH4.00
899Children's DrawingsNH.75
899 M/S  Children's Drawings MiniSheet of 16NH12.50
900Tchigirin CityNH.75
900 M/S  Tchigirin City Decorative MiniSheet of 12NH9.00
901Battle of Blue WatersNH.75
901 M/S  Battle of Blue Waters MiniSheet of 12NH9.75
902 S/SWindmills Sheet of 4NH4.25
903Andrei Malishko CentenaryNH.75
903 TAB  Andrei Malishko Centenary with TabNH4.50
903 M/S  Andrei Malishko Centenary MiniSheet of 11 plus TabNH9.00
904 S/SSeven Wonders of Ukraine SheetNH7.00
905Christmas, New Year PairNH1.60
905 M/S  Christmas, New Year MiniSheet of 12 plus 3 TabsNH9.50
906 S/SFrogs and Toads SheetNH6.50
907Traditional CostumesNH.75
907 M/S  Traditional Costumes MiniSheet of 12NH9.00
908"Man with a Motion-Picture Camera" PairNH1.50
908 M/S  "Man with a Motion-Picture  Camera" MiniSheet of 16NH12.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
909 '13N Leaf Definitive Microprinted 2013NH2.50
909a '13N Leaf Definitive Microprinted 2013 IINH2.75
910 S/SCharter of Vladimir Monomakh SheetNH2.25
911Vladimir Vernadski BirthNH.75
911 M/S  Vladimir Vernadski Birth MiniSheet of 12NH8.75
912-13Schevchenko IllustrationsNH2.75
912-13 TAB  Schevchenko Illustrations with TabsNH15.00
912-13 M/S  Schevchenko Illustrations MiniSheets of 11 plus TabNH32.50
914Composer Gulak-Artemovsky BirthNH.75
914 M/S  Gulak-Artemovsky Birth MiniSheet of 12NH8.75
915-18 TAB  Trains with TabsNH19.00
915-18 M/S  Trains MiniSheets of 11 plus TabNH45.00
919Borispol AirportNH.75
919 M/S  Borispol Airport MiniSheet of 12NH8.75
920-21Crimean AttractionsNH1.50
920-21 M/S  Crimea MiniSheets of 12NH19.00
922 S/SCrimean Attractions Sheet inc WineNH4.75
923 M/S  Easter MiniSheet of 12NH8.75
924The Slavic Writing AnniversaryNH1.25
924 M/S  The Slavic Writing Anniversary 
925 S/SFirst Russian Olympiad SheetNH2.25
926Europa-CEPT Postman, Van, Perf 14x14NH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
926 M/S  Europa-CEPT Postman, Van  NHAsk
"926C-D"Europa-CEPT Postman, Van, Perf 11NH11.75
926c BK  Europa-CEPT Postman, Van Booklet of 2NH12.00
927Children's Day PairNH1.75
927 SO  Children's Day Pair in Scott Order (Rainbow at Left)NH3.50
927 M/S  Children's Day MiniSheet of 16NH24.00
928Sevastopol CathedralNH3.25
928 M/S  Sevastopol Cathedral MiniSheet of 12NH48.00
929 S/SPrimary Chronicle SheetNH2.00
930 S/SChristianization of Russia Sheet (Joint issue with Belarus)NH2.00
931Silver Frame Personalized Stamp (vignette will vary)NH6.00
931 M/S  Silver Frame Personalized Stamp Sheet of 28 (vignette will vary)NHAsk
932 S/SBread Sheet of 5 with 4 Tabs inc WindmillNH7.50
933Dnipropetrovsk SkylineNH.90
933 M/S  Dnipropetrovsk Skyline MiniSheet of 12NH13.50
934 S/SDnipropetrovsk Region Sheet of 4NH4.25
935Painter Voloshinov - PumpkinsNH.90
935 M/S  Painter Voloshinov - Pumpkins MiniSheet of 12NH12.00
936AN-158 PlaneNH.90
936 M/S  AN-158 Plane MiniSheet of 10NH10.00
937Vinnytsia Water TowerNH.75
937 M/S  Vinnytsia Water Tower MiniSheet of 12NH11.50
938 S/SVinnytsia Region Sheet  of 4NH3.85
939 S/SLiadov Cave Monastery SheetNH1.50
940History of CommunicationsNH.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
940 M/S  History of Communications MiniSheet of 12NH11.00
941 S/SGenerous Ukraine - Autumn Sheet of 4NH3.25
942-43G Pear, E Sea BuckthornNH4.00
944Actress KholodnaNH.75
944 M/S  Actress Kholodna MiniSheet of 12NH11.00
945Heorhii Malakov Art: Our Kyiv!NH.75
945 M/S  Heorhii Malakov Art: Our Kyiv! MiniSheet of 12NH11.00
946 S/SHomestead in Winter SheetNH3.00
947Writer Olha KobylianskaNH.75
947 M/S  Writer Olha Kobylianska MiniSheet of 12NH11.00
948Religious Christmas NH.75
948 M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 12NH12.00
949Surgeon AmosovNH.75
949 TAB  Surgeon Amosov with TabNH5.50
949 M/S  Surgeon Amosov MiniSheet of 11NH11.00
950 S/SChest Decoration Sheet of 4NH7.75
951Moroccan, Belarus Ports (Joint issue) PairsNH4.00
951 M/S  Moroccan, Belarus Ports (Joint issue) MiniSheet of 8 PairsNH40.00
952Churches Pair with Tab (Joint issue with Romania)NH4.00
952 M/S  Churches Pair with Tab (Joint issue with Romania) MiniSheet of 10NH25.00
953-54 S/SEastern Horoscope Sheets of 6NH10.00
LEAVES Definitives with 2014 MICROPRINT
Scott # Description Condition Price
955Huk Art - BouquetNH.60
955 M/S  Huk Art - Bouquet MiniSheet of 12NH6.50
956 M/S  First President Kravchuk MiniSheet of 12NH6.50
957Biathlon TeamNH2.50
957 DGS  Biathlon Team Decorative Gutter Strip of 8NH20.00
957 M/S  Biathlon Team MiniSheet of 12NH29.00
"957X"Biathlon Team with OverprintNHAsk
"957X" M/S  Biathlon Team with Overprint MiniSheet of 12NHAsk
958 M/SArchitect Gorodetsky MiniSheet of 10NH12.00
959Archangel GabrielNH1.50
959 M/S  Archangel Gabriel MiniSheet of 8NH14.75
960 Kirovograd Region, Art SchoolNH.80
960 M/S  Kirovograd Region MiniSheet of 12NH6.50
961 S/SKirovograd Region SheetNH2.60
962UKRPOSHTA AnniversaryNH.80
962 M/S  UKRPOSHTA Anniversary MiniSheet of 12NH11.50
963Metropolitan Vasil LipkivskijNH.70
963 M/S  Metropolitan Vasil Lipkivskij Decorative MiniSheet of 12NH7.50
964Actress Mariya KapnistNH.70
964 M/S  Actress Mariya Kapnist MiniSheet of 12NH7.50
965 M/S  UNICEF MiniSheet of 12NH6.50
966Juan de Zurbaran Still Life PaintingNH2.00
966 M/S  Juan de Zurbaran Painting MiniSheet of 8NH19.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
967Plane: Ilya MurometsNH.70
967 M/S  Plane: Ilya Muromets MiniSheet of 10NH8.00
968-69Europa-CEPT Music InstrumentsNH2.25
968-69 M/S  Europa-CEPT Music MiniSheet of 10NH24.00
968a-69a BKEuropa-CEPT Music BookletNH6.50
970Cossacks Painting by RepinNH1.00
970 TAB  Cossacks Painting by Repin with TabNH4.50
970 M/S  Cossacks Painting by Repin MiniSheet of 8NH11.00
971-74 M/S  Cacti MiniSheets of 9NH59.75
975 M/S  Euromaidan MiniSheet of 9NH7.50
976Odessa Monument - Seamen's WifeNH.75
976 M/S  Odessa Monument - Seamen's Wife MiniSheet of 12NH9.50
977 S/SOdessa Region Sheet with LighthouseNH5.75
978Mykolaiv Monument:  Sea CaptainsNH.75
978 M/S  Mykolaiv Monument:  Sea Captains MiniSheet of 12NH8.00
979 S/SMykolaiv Monument SheetNH4.50
980-81Taras ShevchenkoNH1.75
980-81 TAB  Taras Shevchenko with TabsNH9.75
980-81 M/S  Taras Shevchenko MiniSheet of 11NH25.00
982 S/STaras Shevchenko Sheet of 2NH3.25
983Lady in Black PaintingNH.75
983 TAB  Lady in Black Painting with TabNH3.75
983 M/S  Lady in Black Painting MiniSheet of 8NH7.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
984-87 M/S  Pigeons MiniSheets of 12NH39.75
98870th Anniversary of LiberationNH1.00
988 TAB  70th Anniversary of Liberation with TabNH6.00
988 M/S  70th Anniversary of Liberation MiniSheet of 11NH15.00
989Post Office Anniversary in ChernovtsyNH.75
989 M/S  P.O. Anniversary in Chernovtsy MiniSheet of 8NH7.00
990 S/SFamily Tereschenko Sheet of 2NH3.25
991New Years and ChristmasNH.75
991 M/S  New Years and Christmas MiniSheet of 12NH10.00
992Lutsk CityNH.60
992 M/S  Lutsk City MiniSheet of 12NH7.50
993 S/SVolyn Region Sheet of 4NH3.50
994Army of UkraineNH.75
994 M/S  Army of Ukraine MiniSheet of 12NH8.50
995 S/SGenerous Ukraine Sheet of 4NH2.75
997 S/SUkraine-Pakistan (Joint issue) SheetNH2.75
998Poet Vasil SymonenkoNH.60
998 M/S  Poet Vasil Symonenko NH8.00
999Unity of UkraineNH.60
999 M/SNH8.00
1001Composer VerbytskyNH.50
1001 M/S  Composer Verbytsky MiniSheet of 12NH6.75
1002Pianist RichterNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1002 M/S  Pianist Richter MiniSheet of 12NH6.75
1003Engineer LutskyNH.80
1003 M/S  Engineer Lutsky MiniSheet of 12NH11.00
1004WWII HeroesNH.75
1004 M/S  WWII Heroes MiniSheet of 12NH9.00
1005-08Tatars of CrimeaNH1.75
1005-08 M/S  Tatars of Crimea MiniSheets of 12NH24.00
1009First European Games - BakuNH.75
1009 M/S  First European Games - Baku MiniSheet of 12NH10.00
1010Nobel Prize Winner Illia MechnykovNH.75
1010 M/S  Nobel Prize Winner Illia Mechnykov MiniSheet of 12NH10.00
1011-12Kiev Funicular, TramNH.75
1011-12 M/S  Kiev Funicular, Tram MiniSheets of 12NH10.00
1013 S/SVolodymyr the Great SheetNH1.65
1014Bishop Andrei SheptytskyiNH.50
1014 M/S  Bishop Andrei Sheptytskyi MiniSheet of 12NH7.50
1015Chernivtsi UniversityNH.50
1015 M/S  Chernivtsi University MiniSheet of 12NH7.50
1016 S/SChernivtsi Region Sheet of 4NH1.90
1017-18Europa-CEPT - Old Toys (smaller size)NH1.25
1017-18 M/S  Europa-CEPT - Old Toys MiniSheets of 9NH12.50
"1017X-18X"Europa-CEPT - Old Toys (larger size)NH2.75
"1018a" S/SEuropa-CEPT - Old Toys (larger size) Sheet of 2NH2.75
"1018b" BKEuropa-CEPT - Old Toys (larger size) Booklet of 2NH2.75
1019-22Domesticated Animals - CowsNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
1019-22 M/S  Domesticated Animals - Cows MiniSheets of 12NH15.00
1023Ternopol MonumentNH.50
1023 M/S  Ternopol MiniSheet of 12NH7.50
1024 S/STernopol Region Sheet of 4NH1.75
1025"V" Flora DefinitiveNH.50
1026-27These numbers not utilized in Scott 2017. 
1028 S/SNational University - Kiev-Mohyla SheetNH1.00
1029 S/SPochaev Larva SheetNH2.75
1030Kiev RegionNH.50
1030 M/S  Kiev Region MiniSheet of 12NH7.50
1031 S/SKiev Region Sheet of 4NH1.75
1032Roerich PactNH.50
1032 M/S  Roerich Pact MiniSheet of 12NH7.50
1033Lviv Brewery AnniversaryNH.50
1033 x4 TabsLvov Brewery Anniversary with TabsNH5.75
1033 M/S  Lvov Brewery Anniversary MiniSheet of 8NH7.50
1v"E" Post Crossing, Self-adhesive NH1.75
4v  "E" Post Crossing Tete-Beche Pairs in Block of 4NH7.50
M/S  "E" Post Crossing, Self-adhesive  MiniSheet of 16NH32.00
1035Chess Champs MuzychukNH.50
1035 M/S  Chess Champs Muzychuk MiniSheet of 12NH7.50
1037-38Trolley, BusNH1.00
1037-38 M/S  Trolley, Bus MiniSheets of 12NH14.00
1039 S/SOstrozhskys Princely Family Sheet of 3NH2.25
1040-42Orchids NH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1040-42 TAB  Orchids with TabsNH7.50
1040-42 M/S  Orchids MiniSheets of 8NH22.00
1043Happy HolidaysNH.75
1044Personalized Frame StampNHAsk
1044 M/S  Personalized Frame Stamp Sheet of 9 plus TabsNHAsk
1045Wooden Tserkvas (Joint issue with Poland)NH1.00
1045 M/S  Wooden Tserkvas (Joint issue with Poland) MiniSheet of 8NH8.00
3vFlora from the Red BookNH1.00
3v TABFlora from the Red Book with TabsNH4.50
3 M/S  Red Book Flora MiniSheets of 8 plus TabsNH8.50
1v"F" Leaf and Flower DefinitiveNH.75
1v"F" Leaf and Flower Self-adhesive DefinitiveNH1.00
M/S  "F" Leaf and Flower Self-adhesive Definitive MiniSheet of 10NH10.00
1vHeroes of the Heavenly HundredNH.75
M/S  Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred Decorative MiniSheet of 10NH10.00
1046Composer VeryovkaNH.75
1046 M/S  Composer Veryovka MiniSheet of 12NH10.00
All New Issues are available from UKRAINE and over 200 Countries and Topics!
Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic
Scott # Description Condition Price
B9Mercy and Health Fund - Please see by 191. 
B10Lviv ExhibitionNH1.20
B11 S/SIcon SheetNH5.50
F1 '01P (10.84h) Unframed Trident, Perf 13NH7.00
F1a '03P (10.84h) Unframed Trident, Perf 13 with 2003 MicroprintNH8.00
F1b '06P (10.84h) Unframed Trident, Perf 11 with 2006 MicroprintNH8.00
F2 '05P (10.10h) Framed Trident, Perf 13NH6.75
F2a '06P (10.10h) Framed Trident, Perf 13, with 2006 MicroprintNH6.75
F2b '06P (10.10h) Framed Trident, Perf 11, with 2006 MicroprintNH24.00
F2c M/S '06Flower, Registration Definitives in MiniSheet of 18 with 2006 MicroprintNH25.00
"F2d" M/S IMP '06Flower, Registration Definitives IMPERF in MiniSheet of 18 with 2006 MicroprintNHAsk
  This most interesting set consists of 10 stamps in varying denominations in a horizontal strip for each of 25 different Cities.  Thus a complete set consists of 250 different stamps.  Each stamp is surcharged with a new denomination and overprinted 
The Cities in this issue are:  Ternopil  -  Sevastopol  -  Kirovograd  -  Poltava  -  Dnepropetrovsk  -  Zaporozhyeh  -  Vinitsa  -  Chernovitsi  -  Uzhgorod  -  Loogansk  -  Lvov  -  Donyetsk  -  Kiev  -  Cherkassy  -  Chernigev  -  Ivano-Frankovsk  
  We offer the complete set of 250 different stamps (25 different strips) at $150.  If you prefer just one strip of 10 to serve as an example of this issue, we offer one strip of 10 (our choice of city) at $19 or one strip of 10 (your choice of city)NH150.00
  Three different stamps serve as the basic stamp for overprinting (the 1k, 2k and 3k Soviet definitives).  Thus there are actually 750 stamps in the complete unit.  That is, 250 stamps on each of three denominations.  We offer the second and third p 
Scott # Description Condition Price
(photocopy of any available for 39c each plus SASE) 
BD 1-10Belgorod-Dnestrovsky First Issue Short SetNH15.00
BD 1-20Belgorod-Dnestrovsky Complete First IssueNH35.00
BD 21a-30aBelgorod-Dnestrovsky Second IssueNH12.00
BD 21a-30a x3C  Belgorod-Dnestrovsky Second Issue, 3 different colorsNH30.00
BD 23,24,25,30Belgorod-Dnestrovsky Center BlocksNH30.00
BD 23,24,25,30 x3C  Belgorod-Dnestrovsky Center Blocks, 3 different colorsNH90.00
BD 21-33 SH  Belgorod-Dnestrovsky Second Issue SheetsNH375.00
BD 31Belgorod-Dnestrovsky High ValueNH15.00
BD 31 x3C  Belgorod-Dnestrovsky High Value, 3 Different ColorsNH40.00
BD 34-39Belgorod-Dnestrovsky Third IssueNH12.00
BD 40-46  Belgorod-Dnestrovsky Third Issue InvertedNH30.00
BD 47-52  Belgorod-Dnestrovsky Negative ImpressionsNH35.00
BD 53-57  Belgorod-Dnestrovsky Inverted and NegativeNH85.00
BD 34-57Belgorod-Dnestrovsky The Complete SetNH150.00
BD 58-63Belgorod-Dnestrovsky Fourth IssueNH7.50
BD 58a-63a  Belgorod-Dnestrovsky Negative ImpressionsNH15.00
BD 59-63Belgorod-Dnestrovsky Fifth IssueNH4.50
BE 1-4Bessarabia - First IssueNH4.00
BE 5-12Bessarabia - Second IssueNH8.50
BE 5a-12aBessarabia - Second Issue - InvertedNH16.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
CHN 1-10Cherniegev - First Issue 
CHR 1-6Cherkasy - WreathNH10.00
CHR 7-12Cherkasy - PosthornNH8.00
CRN 1-15Chernovci Inverted SurchargesNH24.00
CRN 16-30Chernovci - 15 Inverted BlocksNH45.00
CRN 31-45Chernovci Normal SurchargesNH29.50
CRN 46-60Chernovci - 15 Normal BlocksNH55.00

Shown above are 25 stamps from the CR 1-125 set. 
CR 1-125Crimea - First Issue - Complete Set of 125NH129.00
CR 1-125  Crimea - First Issue Complete - Se-tenant Full Sheets of 100NH525.00
CR 1-75  Crimea - First Issue - Short set of 75NH25.00
CR 1-100 INV  Crimea - First Issue Inverted Overprints in Strips of 5NHAsk
CR 126-37Crimea - Second IssueNH8.00
CR 126-37 ST VP  Crimea - Second Issue Vertical Se-tenant PairsNH15.00
CR 126-37 ST HP  Crimea - Second Issue Horizontal Se-tenant PairsNH15.00
CR 138-40  Crimea - Second Issue Center BlocksNH30.00
CR 141-48Crimea - Third Issue NH7.00
KH 1-5Kherson - First IssueNH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
KI 1-14Kirovograd - First Issue 
KI 15-16Kirovograd - Second IssueNH6.00
KI 15a  Kirovograd - Second Issue, InvertNH7.00
KI 17-21Kirovograd - Third IssueNH10.00
KI 24-33Kirovograd - Fourth IssueNH6.00
Covers with Kirovogrod Locals - 8 assorted - $14NH14.00
KO 1-15Kologriv - First Issue 
KO 1-3  Kologriv - First Issue - Short set of 3NH5.00
OD 1-9Odessa - First Issue 
  OD 1-3  Odessa - 3oo in Three ColorsNH8.00
  OD 4-6  Odessa - 70oo in Three ColorsNH3.00
PO 1-4Poltava - First IssueNH4.00
RV 1-2Rovno - Normal + InvertNH2.50
SV 1-20Sevastopol Two strips of 10NH28.00
SV 21-22Sevastopol 25,50 SurchargesNH2.50
SN 1-6Snamenka - First Issue TridentsNH7.50
SU 1-5Sumi - First IssueNH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
SU 6-10Sumi - Second IssueNH4.00
SU 11-19Sumi - Third IssueNH6.00
SU 20-23Sumi - Fourth IssueNH5.00
SU 24-27Sumi - Fifth IssueNH30.00
SU 28-32Sumi - ixth IssueNH5.00
VL 1-4Volin - First IssueNH6.00
VL 1-4 SPVolin - First Issue Se-tenant PairsNH18.00
VZ 1-5Voznesensk - First IssueNH7.50
Covers with Voznesensk LocalsNHAsk
Issued: November, 1992.  Five Soviet stamps were overprinted in different colors.  The top two rows of each sheet have 0.50 stamps; the next two rows have 1.00 stamps; the 5th and 6th rows have 1.50 stamps; the 7th and 8th rows have 10.0 stamps and t 
  Three pairs of rows contains five national symbols repeated four times in varying sequences.  The two other pairs of rows contain the five symbols repeated twice and a map of Crimea 10 times.  The symbols (in order from the top left stamp of the sheet are: 1) Tatars; 2) Ukrainians (Trident); 3) Russians (Map of Crimea with letters "PK" standing for "Russian Crimea;"  4) Germans (Iron Cross) and 5) Jews (Star of David). 
  Thus, a basic complete set consists of 125 stamps - five denominations each with five designs each in five colors.  The right margin of each sheet contains inscriptions written in Russian, Tatar and Ukrainian. 
G 34Fourth Patriotic Sheet (Lutsk)NH59.00
956First President KravchukNH.60