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Established 1966

SOUTH SUDAN 2017 ISSUES now available:  Severe inflation has caused the Sudan Post Office to surcharge 19 different stamps.  These surcharges are now in stock in extremely limited quantity.  These are the first South Sudan issues in five years!  To avoid disappointment, please reserve yours now.  Call or email for further information.
Tuesday, December 11, 2018


Scott # Description Condition Price
STAMPS for use as POSTAGE:  We often have excess Canadian stamps which we sell for use as postage below the face value of the stamps themselves.  The discount ranges from 20% below face for small amounts to 30% below face value for C$1000 or more.  Please see sample prices below.  All offers subject to change without notice.  If you would like at least C$150 worth of postage, you can save on your postage expense.  Shipping costs extra.
C$100C$100 Face Value of Canadian stamps valid for postage.NH65.00
C$200C$200 Face Value of Canadian stamps valid for postage.NH125.00
C$300C$300 Face Value of Canadian stamps valid for postage.NH185.00
C$400C$400 Face Value of Canadian stamps valid for postage.NH245.00
C$500C$500 Face Value of Canadian stamps valid for postage.NH305.00
C$1000C$1000 Face Value of Canadian stamps valid for postage.NH575.00

J15-37A nice Collection of Plate and Imprint Blocks has been received.  Please ask for details.NHAsk
An interesting collection of 95 government-issued post cards, postal cards, aerogrammes and stamped envelopes.NH95.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1967-72 DF454-65B,466-68BNH23.50
1972 M/SEarth Science MiniSheets (2) Normal and TaggedNH75.00
1972-76 DF586-601,604-05NH14.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1977-79 DF705-30NH18.00
1979-83 DF781-92,797,800,806NH7.00
1982-87 DF917-53NH33.00
1987-91 DF1155-94CNH49.50
1990 WHCSWildlife Habitat Conservation BookletNH13.50
19911302-48,1356,1357,1363,1367,1371, 1394NH65.00
1991 BKCommemorative Booklets (7)NH63.00
19921349-55,1358,1359,1364,1368,1372, 1388,1395,1399-1455,1407aNH92.00
1992 S/S"1407b" Signature SheetNH69.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1992 BKCommemorative Booklets (9)NH105.00
1993 BKCommemorative Booklets (7)NH74.00
1994 BKCommemorative Booklets (7)NH74.00
19951360,1361,1366,1370,1374,1396, 1541-90NH88.00
1995 BKCommemorative Booklets (10)NH105.00
1996 BKCommemorative Booklets (9)NH122.00
Please note that 1997 and 1998 Year Sets contain stamps with changed Scott numbers. 
1997 BKCommemorative Booklets (5)NH48.00
19981362,1681,1682,1684,1685,1686, 1687,1690,1695,1696,1697,1698,1699,1708-13,1715-66,1708a,1724b,1737b, 1737c,1737d,1737e,1760bNH167.00
1998 BKBooklets (12)NH250.00
1999 BKBooklets (11)NH76.00
1999 MBKMillennium Hardcover BookNH129.00
1999 M/S 41812a-14a MiniSheets of 4 (3)NH27.50
2000 BKBooklets (13) (3 additional booklets are in the Basic Year Set above or available separately)NH155.00
2000 M/S 11812b-14b MiniSheets of 1 (3)NH30.00
2001 BKBooklets (8) (3 additional Booklets are in the Basic Year Set above or available separately)NH84.00
2002 BKBooklets (13) (2 additional booklets are in the Basic Year Set above or available separately.  Two further Specialized Booklets listed in Unitrade are available separately)NH175.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2003 BKBooklets (15) (4 additional booklets are in the Basic Year Set above or available separately.  The Vancouver Booklets are available separately below.)NH200.00
2003 VBKVancouver Booklets (2)NH96.00
2003 M/SAlaska MiniSheet (1)NH149.00
2003 WHC BKWildlife Habitat Conservation BookletNH11.00
2004 DCSDie Cut to Shape Special FormatNHASK
2004 WMRM2045-48 Write Me - Ring Me Singles (not in basic 2004 Year Set)NH59.00
2004 WMRM BKWrite Me - Ring Me Booklets with Phone Cards (4)NH119.00
2004 DBKDefinitive Booklets (8)NH69.00
2004 CBKCommemorative Booklets (18)NH185.00
20051688-89,1689b,1691-92,1692b,2083-2120,2121a-d BP,2122-39,2084a,2106b, 2018a,2123bNH218.00
2005 DCSDie Cut to Shape Special FormatNHASK
2005 BKBooklets (15)NH225.00
2006 DCSDie Cut to Shape Special FormatNHASK
2006 BKBooklets (24)NH330.00
20072201-44,2245-56, 2205b,2219a,2238aNH119.00
2007 LNY2Lunar New Year Sheet without Bar CodeNH25.00
2007 BKBooklets (22)NH325.00
2007 M/SMiniSheets of 8 (4)NH69.00
2007 GPGutter Pairs (13)NH69.00
2007 GP M/SGutter Pair MiniSheets (2)NH140.00
2007 DCSDie Cut to Shape (13)NH46.00
2007 XXThe Fabulous 2007 Complete Canada Selection as listed above.NH825.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2007 3PV3c Insect Plate Variety (Scott 2235a) with 2235NH10.50
20082244A,2353B (+2249-53),2257-95+B14NH116.00
2008 LNY PSLunar New Year Press Sheet of 12NH85.00
2008 M/SMiniSheets (4)NHASK
2008 BKBooklets (25)NH245.00
20092296-2307,2307A-B,2308-47,2297a, 2323c,2327b,2341a+ B15NH175.00
2009 BKBooklets (21)NH335.00
20102299f,2305f,2366c,2348-2415,2383b-c,2387c-d,2410a+B16+1 unlisted PairNH209.00
2010 M/SMiniSheet (1)NH36.00
2010 BKBooklets (22)NH325.00
2010 ICGBInsect Cross Gutter Blocks (3)NH50.00
2010 IGPInsect Gutter Pair Unit of 6 Horizontal and 3 Vertical Gutter PairsNH15.00
20112416-45,2449-52,2461-94,2477b, 2479a-82a,2482b+B17-18NH209.00
2011 BKBooklets (34)NH579.00
2011 M/SDecorative MiniSheets (4)NH175.00
2011 PSLATE ARRIVAL: Special Holiday Personalized Stamps (6)NH24.50
2011 PS M/SLATE ARRIVAL: Special Holiday Personalized Stamps MiniSheets of 21 (6)NH495.00
20122409b,2446,2453-56,2495-2598,2496a, 2540a+B19NH259.00
2012 BKBooklets (44)NH599.00
2012 GUTTER BKBooklets with Gutters (2)NH59.00
2012 XXCANADA Combined Year Set of 96 Stamps, 17 Souvenir Sheets and 46 BookletsNH859.00
2012 T M/STitanic MiniSheet of 4 BlocksNH19.50
2012 E M/SElizabeth MiniSheets of 4 (6)NH54.00
20132447-48,2457-60,2599-2698,2600a+B20  (100v + 19 S/S)NH329.00
2013 BKBooklets (50)NH750.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2013 M/STete-Beche Pair and Gutter Sheet of 24 (2)NH72.50
2013 IMPChina Imperf Sheet (1)NH250.00
2013 PCSpecial Postal Cards (10)NH43.00
2013 DCSDie Cut to Shape from Special Printings (62)NH227.00
2014 BKBooklets (33)NH595.00
2014 DCSDie Cut to Shape from Special Printings (39)NH219.00
2014 M/SMiniSheet of 16 plus 4 Different TabsNH27.00
201565 Stamps + 21 S/S inc Withdrawn UNESCO Strip and Sheet (as listed in Scott)NH309.00
2015 DCSDie Cut to Shape (57)NH159.00
2015 BKBooklets (24) inc Withdrawn UNESCO BookletNH375.00
2015 M/SMiniSheet (1)NH15.00
201662 Stamps + 14 S/S (Scott 2915-16 is not included but available separately.)NH219.00
2016 BKBooklets ()NHAsk
2016 M/SMiniSheets ()NHAsk
2016 DCSDie Cut to Shape (76)NHAsk
201780 Stamps + 21 S/SNH199.00
2018Click to reserve now for earliest delivery.NHRESERVE!
1982-1991907-1348,1358//94,913a,1039a,  1066b,1107bNH459.00
1992-19961349//95,1399-1629,1700,1407a,  1621b+B13NH399.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1997-1999Basic Year Sets as listed above.NH409.00
2000-2003Basic Year Sets as listed above. (Does not include 2045-48.)NH685.00
1991-1997 BKCommemorative Booklets (54)NH589.00
14, 201c Rose, 2c Rose (both no gum) but design clear of perfs. (Scott as no gum: $575)(*)225.00
155c BeaverF USED15.00
253c Queen Victoria Reddish brownUSED20.00
253c Queen Victoria Reddish brown F-VF centering, beautifully regummed. Catalogued as no gum:(*)375.00
2915c Queen Victoria Violet grayH65.00
Montreal and Ottawa Printings
34-39Wove paper set to 6c, but 5c without gumUnused450.00
  34  c Black Queen Victoria NH40.00
  35  1c Yellow Queen Victoria NH90.00
  36  2c Green Queen Victoria NH150.00
  373c Orange red Queen Victoria NH325.00
  38  5c Green Queen Victoria NH700.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
F-VF USED15.00
  39  6c Yellow brown Queen Victoria NH600.00
VF USED20.00
4010c Dull rose lilac Queen Victoria NH925.00
F USED35.00
Ottawa Printing
413c Bright vermilion Queen Victoria NH125.00
425c Gray Queen Victoria NH500.00
436c Red brown Queen Victoria NH475.00
448c Violet black Queen Victoria NH450.00
4510c Brown red Queen Victoria NH1,200.00
F-VF USED29.00
4620c Vermilion Queen Victoria NH900.00
4750c Deep blue Queen Victoria NH900.00
4750c Blue Queen Victoria, hinge thin, short perf at Right*50.00
48-49These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
Scott # Description Condition Price
50-65c-$5 Queen Victoria Jubilee  
  50  c Black Queen Victoria Jubilee NH250.00
  51  1c Orange Queen Victoria Jubilee NH55.00
  52  2c Green Queen Victoria Jubilee NH60.00
  53  3c Bright rose Queen Victoria Jubilee NH40.00

  54  5c Blue Queen Victoria Jubilee NH140.00
  55  6c Yellow brown Queen Victoria Jubilee NH600.00

  56  8c Violet Queen Victoria Jubilee NH275.00
  57  10c Brown violet Queen Victoria Jubilee NH290.00
  58  15c Blue Queen Victoria Jubilee NH590.00
  59  20c Vermilion Queen Victoria Jubilee NH590.00

Scott # Description Condition Price
  60  50c Ultramarine Queen Victoria Jubilee NH425.00
  61  $1 Lake Queen Victoria Jubilee NH2,500.00
  62  $2 Purple Queen Victoria Jubilee NH2,500.00
  63  $3 Yellow bister Queen Victoria Jubilee NH2,500.00
  64  $4 Purple Queen Victoria Jubilee NH2,500.00
  65  $5 Olive green Queen Victoria Jubilee NH3,600.00
66-73c-10c Queen Victoria with Maple Leafs at LL and LR 
  66  c Black with Maple Leafs at LL and LRNH35.00
  67  1c Blue green with Maple Leafs at LL and LRNH80.00
  68  2c Purple with Maple Leafs at LL and LRNH110.00
  69  3c Carmine with Maple Leafs at LL and LRNH145.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  70  5c Dark blue with Maple Leafs at LL and LRNH350.00
  71  6c Brown with Maple Leafs at LL and LRNH285.00
  72  8c Orange with Maple Leafs at LL and LRNH575.00
  73  10c Brown Violet with Maple Leafs at LL and LRNH975.00
  73  10c Victoria, F-VF centering, NH but with fingerprint on the gum side.  Specially priced:NH475.00
74-84c-20c Queen Victoria with Numerals at LL and LRH750.00
  74  c Black with Numerals at LL and LRNH20.00
  75  1c Gray green with Numerals at LL and LRNH75.00
  76  2c Purple with Numerals at LL and LRNH67.50
  76a  2c Purple, Thick Paper with Numerals at LL and LRH125.00
  77  2c Carmine, Type I with Numerals at LL and LRNH67.50
  77a  2c Carmine, Type II with Numerals at LL and LRH50.00
  78  3c Carmine with Numerals at LL and LRH60.00
  79  5c Blue with Numerals at LL and LRNH450.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  80  6c Brown with Numerals at LL and LRNH450.00
  81  7c Olive green with Numerals at LL and LRNH300.00
  82  8c Orange with Numerals at LL and LRNH600.00
  83  10c Brown with Numerals at LL and LRNH725.00
  84  20c Olive green with Numerals at LL and LRNH1,250.00
85-862c,2c Christmas - Penny PostNH150.00
  85  2c Lavender Christmas - Penny PostNH90.00
  86  2c Blue Ocean Christmas - Penny PostNH90.00
872c on 3c Victoria with Maple Leaf at LL and LRNH45.00
882c on 3c Victoria with Numerals at LL and LRNH75.00
89-951c-50c Edward VII DefinitivesNHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
  89  1c Green Edward VII NH85.00
  90  2c Carmine Edward VII, Type IINH90.00
  90e  2c Carmine Edward VII, Type INHAsk
  91  5c Blue Edward VII NH525.00
  92  7c Olive Edward VII NH525.00
  93  10c Brown Edward VII NH960.00
  94  20c Olive green Edward VII NH1,350.00
  95  50c Purple Edward VII NH1,750.00
96-103c-20c Quebec TercentenaryNH1,250.00
  96  c RoyaltyNH16.00
  97  1c Cartier, ChamplainNH50.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  98  2c King, QueenNH75.00
  99  5c Champlain's HomeNH175.00
  100  7c GeneralsNH350.00
  101  10c Quebec ViewNH425.00
  102  15c ChamplainNH495.00
H, Small Faults75.00
  103  20c Cartier in QuebecNH495.00
H, Small Faults85.00
104-221c-$1 King George V, AdmiralNHAsk
  104  1c GreenNH32.00
105  1c Orange yellow, Die INH39.00
  106  2c CarmineNH36.00
  107  2c Yellow greenNH29.00
  108  3c BrownNH32.00
  109  3c Carmine, Die INH32.00
The DIE TYPES of the 1c and 3c King George V issues: 
Scott # Description Condition Price
1c - Die IThe 'N' of 'ONE' is clearly separate from the oval frame. 
1c - Die IIThe 'N' of 'ONE' almost touches the oval frame. 
3c - Die IIThe 'R' of 'THREE' is clearly separate from the oval frame. 
3c - Die IIThe 'R' of 'THREE' almost touches the oval frame. 
  110  4c Olive bisterNH99.00
  111  5c Dark blue 
  112  5c VioletNH70.00
  113  7c OcherNH99.00
  114  7c Red brownNH49.00
  115  8c BlueNH75.00
  116  10c PurpleNH550.00

  116 F  10c Purple, Fine (Scott NH $425)NH160.00
  117  10c BlueNH550.00
  118  10c BrownNH89.00
  119  20c Olive greenNH250.00
  120  50c Black brownNH165.00
  122  $1 OrangeNH200.00
  122 XF  $1 Extremely FineNHAsk
123-24George, Perf 8 Horizontal CoilsNH450.00
  123  1c George, Perf 8 Horizontal CoilNH225.00
  124  2c George, Perf 8 Horizontal CoilNH240.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
125-301c-3c King George, Perf 8 Vertical CoilsH90.00
  125  1c George, Green Perf 8 Vertical CoilNH46.00
  126  1c George, Orange yellow, Die II Perf 8 Vertical CoilNH20.00
  127  2c George, Red Perf 8 Vertical CoilNH56.00
  128  2c George, Green Perf 8 Vertical CoilNH40.00
  129  3c George, Brown Perf 8 Vertical CoilNH45.00
  130  3c George, Red, Die I, Perf 8 Vertical CoilNH120.00
131-34King George, Perf 12 Horizontal CoilsNHAsk
  131  1c Green, Perf 12 Horizontal CoilNH14.00
  132  2c Carmine, Perf 12 Horizontal CoilNH75.00
  133  2c Yellow green, Perf 12 Horizontal CoilNH125.00
  134  3c Brown, Perf 12 Horizontal CoilNH18.00
135Fathers of ConfederationNH95.00
136-381c-3c ImperfsNH135.00
  136  1c Orange yellowNH59.00
  137  2c GreenNH59.00
  138  3c CarmineNH29.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
139-402 CENTS SurchargesNH115.00
  139  2 CENTS, One Line, Die INH95.00
  140  2 CENTS in Two LinesNH46.00
  141  1c MacdonaldNH6.50
  142  2c Fathers of ConfederationNH3.00
  143  3c ParliamentNH15.00
  144  5c LaurierNH9.50
  145  12c Map of CanadaNH39.00
VG-F NH9.00
  146  5c McGeeNH7.00
  147  12c Laurier, MacdonaldNH18.00
  148  20c Baldwin, LafontaineNH42.00
149-59Definitives, Scenes, BluenoseH265.00
  149  1c King George VNH6.00
  150  2c King George VNH3.00
  151  3c King George VNH45.00
  152  4c King George VNH40.00
  153  5c King George VNH28.00
  154  8c King George VNH32.00
  155  10c Mount HurdNH35.00
  156  12c Quebec BridgeNH68.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  157  20c WheatNH85.00
  158  50c BluenoseNH425.00
  159  $1 ParliamentNH575.00
160-611c, 2c Coils, Perf 8 VerticallyNH65.00
  160  1c Orange, Perf 8 VerticallyNH62.50
  161  2c Green, Perf 8 VerticallyNH60.00
162-77George V, Views 
  162  1c OrangeNH2.50
  163  1c Green, Die IINH3.50
  164  2c GreenNH3.25
  165  2c Red, Die INH3.25
  166  2c Brown, Die IINH3.50
  166b  2c Brown, Die INH9.00
  167  3c RedNH3.50
  168  4c BisterNH35.00
  169  5c VioletNH16.00
  170  5c BlueNH15.00
  171  8c BlueNH48.00
  172  8c Red orangeNH13.00
  173  10c LibraryNH13.00
  174  12c CitadelNH48.00
  175  20c WheatNH85.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  176  50c MuseumNH400.00
  177  $1 Mt. Edith CavellNH400.00
  178  1c OrangeNH24.00
  179  1c GreenNH14.00
  180  2c GreenNH10.00
  181  2c RedNH39.00
  182  2c BrownNH19.00
  183  3c RedNH30.00
1843c George V, RedNH14.00
185-89These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1913c on 2c Red, Die IINH1.75
192-94Economic ConferenceNH27.00
  192  3c King George RedNH1.75
  193  5c Prince of WalesNH11.00
  194  13c British Empire AllegoryNH15.00
195-201King George V, New Design 
  195  1c GreenNH2.00
  196  2c BrownNH2.25
  197  3c Red, Die INH2.25
  198  4c OcherNH70.00
  199  5c BlueNH20.00
  200  8c OrangeNH70.00
  201  13c CitadelNH65.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
202Ottawa GovernmentNH14.00
203Grain ExhibitionNH55.00
204Steamship Royal WilliamNH14.00
  205  1c Green, Perf 8 VerticallyNH20.00
  206  1c Black brown, Perf 8 VerticallyNH25.00
  207  3c Red, Perf 8 VerticallyNH22.50
208Cartier's ArrivalNH7.00
209Loyalists MonumentNH42.50
210New BrunswickNH7.50
211-16Royal FamilyNH29.00
  211  1c ElizabethNH.90
  212  2c Duke of YorkNH1.00
  213  3c George V, MaryNH2.50
  214  5c Prince of WalesNH6.75
  215  10c Windsor CastleNH10.00
  216  13c Royal YachtNH11.50
  217  1c George VNH.50
  218  2c George VNH.70
  219  3c George VNH1.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
217a,218a,219a BK  Booklet (CSC 27E)  An elusive item in nice condition!NH175.00
  220  4c George VNH2.50
  221  5c George VNH5.50
  222  8c George VNH5.50
  223  10c RCMPNH11.50
  224  13c ConferenceNH14.00
  225  20c Niagara FallsNH35.00
  226  50c ParliamentNH50.00
  227  $1 ChamplainNH160.00
  228  1c George V CoilNH22.50
  229  2c George V CoilNH28.00
  230  3c George V CoilNH22.00
231-36George VI and ElizabethNH10.00
  231  1c George VINH.50
  232  2c George VINH.90
  233  3c George VINH1.00
  234  4c George VINH4.50
  235  5c George VINH5.50
  236  8c George VINH4.50
2373c King and QueenH.40
238-40George VI Coils, Perf 8 VerticallyNH22.00
  238  1c Green, George VI Coil, Perf 8 VerticalNH3.25
  239  2c Brown, George VI Coil, Perf 8 VerticalNH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  240  3c Carmine, George VI Coil, Perf 8 VerticalNH11.00
241-45Buildings, HarborsNH95.00
  241  10c Dark carmineNH14.00
    241a    10c Carmine roseNH13.00
  242  13c Deep blueNH18.00
  243  20c Red brownNH24.00
  244  50c GreenNH68.00
  245  $1 Dull violetNH115.00
246-48Royal VisitNH1.50
249-62War IssueNH195.00
  249  1c George VINH.40
  250  2c George VINH.60
  251  3c CarmineNH1.00
  252  3c VioletNH.80
  253  4c Grain ElevatorsNH1.80
  254  4c George VINH1.00
  255  5c George VINH2.25
  256  8c Farm SceneNH2.50
  257  10c ParliamentNH7.50
  258  13c Ram TankNH9.00
  259  14c Ram TankNH10.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  260  20c ShipNH13.50
  261  50c Munitions FactoryNH50.00
  262  $1 DestroyerNH110.00
263-67King George VI CoilsNH18.00
  263  1c King George Green CoilNH2.00
  264  2c King George Brown CoilNH2.75
  265  3c King George Carmine CoilNH2.75
  266  3c King George Rose violet CoilNH5.00
  267  4c King George Carmine CoilNH8.00
268-73Rural ScenesNH80.00
  268  8c Farm SceneNH2.00
  269  10c LakeNH3.00
  270  14c Electric StationNH4.00
  271  20c CombineNH5.00
  272  50c LoggingNH25.00
  273  $1 Ferry, IslandNH45.00
274Alexander Graham BellNH.40
276Princess ElizabethNH.40
277Ottawa Parliament BuildingNH.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
278-81New Design CoilsNH40.00
NH Pair80.00
  278  1c GreenNH5.00
NH Pair10.00
  279  2c BrownNH12.00
NH Pair25.00
  280  3c Rose violetNH9.00
NH Pair18.00
  281  4c CarmineNH15.00
NH Pair30.00
283Halifax FoundingNH.40
284-881c-5c George VI with POSTES  POSTAGENH2.50
  284  1c Green with POSTES  POSTAGENH.40
  285  2c Sepia with POSTES  POSTAGENH.40
  286  3c Rose violet with POSTES  POSTAGENH.40
  287  4c Carmine with POSTES  POSTAGENH.50
  288  5c Blue with POSTES  POSTAGENH1.00
289-931c-5c George VI without POSTES  POSTAGENH2.80
  289  1c Green without POSTES  POSTAGENH.40
  290  2c Sepia without POSTES  POSTAGENH.40
  291  3c Rose violet without POSTES  POSTAGENH.40
  292  4c Carmine without POSTES  POSTAGENH.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
  293  5c Blue without POSTES  POSTAGENH1.25
294Oil WellsNH25.00
295-001c-4c Perf 9 Coils (without POSTES-POSTAGE)NH25.00
NH Pair50.00
  295  1c Green Perf 9 Coil (without POSTES-POSTAGE)NH.70
NH Pair1.50
  296  3c Rose violet Perf 9 Coil (without POSTES-POSTAGE)NH1.20
NH Pair2.50
  297  1c Green Perf 9 Coil (with POSTES-POSTAGE)NH.40
NH Pair.80
  298  2c Sepia Perf 9 Coil (with POSTES-POSTAGE)NH3.60
NH Pair7.25
  299  3c Rose violet Perf 9 Coil (with POSTES-POSTAGE)NH2.25
NH Pair4.50
  300  4c Carmine Perf 9 Coil (with POSTES-POSTAGE)NH18.00
NH Pair36.00
301Indians, FurNH.80
303Minister BordenNH.40
304Minister MacKenzieNH.40
3052c George VINH.40
3064c George VINH.40
  306a BP  4c George VI Pane of 3NH7.75
  306b BP  4c George VI Pane of 6NH9.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
307-08These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
3092c Olive green Edward CoilNH1.50
NH Pair3.00
3104c Orange Edward CoilNH3.25
NH Pair6.50
311-14Stamp CentenaryNH3.25
315Royal VisitNH.40
316Newsprint PaperNH1.25
317Red CrossNH.40
318Sir John AbbottNH.40
319Alexander MacKenzieNH.40
321Totem Pole, HouseNH8.75
322-24Wildlife WeekNH1.00
325-29Elizabeth IINH1.10
  325  1c Violet brownNH.40
  325 IM  1c Violet brown with Imperf MarginNH1.25
  325a BP    1c Violet brown Elizabeth Pane of 3NH2.50
  326  2c GreenNH.40
  327  3c Carmine roseNH.40
  327 IM  3c Carmine rose with Imperf MarginNH.60
  327a BP    3c Carmine rose Elizabeth Pane of 3NH2.50
  327b BP    3c Carmine rose Elizabeth Pane of 4NH1.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
  328  4c VioletNH.40
  328a BP    4c Violet Pane of 3NH2.50
  328b BP    4c Violet Pane of 6NH1.75
  3295c UltramarineNH.40
330Queen Elizabeth II CoronationNH.50
331-33Queen Elizabeth CoilsNH5.50
NH Pair11.50
  331  Queen Elizabeth 2c GreenNH2.00
NH Pair4.00
  332  Queen Elizabeth 3c Carmine roseNH2.00
NH Pair4.00
  333  Queen Elizabeth 4c VioletNH3.00
NH Pair6.00
334Spinning WheelNH3.50
"336b" IM  Beaver with Imperf MarginNH.60
336a BP  Beaver Pane of 5NH2.75
337-431c-15c Elizabeth, GannetNH3.75
  337  1c ElizabethNH.40
    337a BP    1c Elizabeth Pane of 5NH1.50
  338  2c ElizabethNH.40
    338a BP    2c Elizabeth Pane of 25NH4.50
  339  3c ElizabethNH.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
  340  5c ElizabethNH.40
    340a BP    5c Elizabeth Pane of 5NH1.75
    340b BP    5c Elizabeth Pane of 6NH8.50
  341  5c ElizabethNH.40
    341a BP    5c Elizabeth Pane of 5NH2.50
    341b BP    5c Elizabeth Pane of 20NH8.00
  342  6c ElizabethNH.50
  343  15c GannetNH1.50
337p-41p '621c-5c Elizabeth TaggedNH16.75
  337p  1c Brown TaggedNH2.00
  338p  2c Green TaggedNH2.00
  339p  3c Carmine TaggedNH2.00
  340p  4c Violet TaggedNH5.75
  341p  5c Blue TaggedNH7.50
345-48 (3)2c,4c,5c Elizabeth Perf 9 CoilsNH4.00
NH Pair8.00
  345  2c Green Elizabeth Perf 9 NH.50
NH Pair1.00
  346  This number not utilized by Scott. 
  347  4c Violet Elizabeth Perf 9 NH1.50
NH Pair3.00
  348  5c Blue Elizabeth Perf 9 NH2.00
NH Pair4.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
351Eskimo and KayakNH.40
352Musk OxNH.40
353Whooping CranesNH.40
354ICAO AnniversaryNH.40
355Pioneers SettlersNH.40
356Boy ScoutsNH.40
357R. B. BennettNH.40
358C. TupperNH.40
359Ice HockeyNH.40
361Mountain GoatNH.40
362Paper IndustryNH1.20
363Chemical IndustryNH1.50
364House on FireNH.40
365-68 SOOutdoor Recreation Block in Scott OrderNH1.75
365-68 NOTE:Many Different Blocks, Strips of 3 and Pair Combinations are available.  Most are in stock, please let us know your needs. 
  365  5c FishingNH.75
  366  5c SwimmingNH.75
  367  5c Hunter, DogNH.75
  368  5c SkiingNH.75
370Explorer ThompsonNH.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
371-72Ottawa UPUNH1.90
373Miner, DrillNH.40
374Elizabeth, PhilipNH.40
375Free PressNH.40
376Geophysical YearNH.40
377Miner, GoldNH.40
378La VerendryeNH.40
379Champlain, QuebecNH.40
380Health, NurseNH.40
381Kerosine, LampNH.40
382First MeetingNH.40
383Airplane FlightNH.40
384NATO AnniversaryNH.40
385Country WomenNH.40
386Elizabeth VisitsNH.40
387St. Lawrence SeawayNH.40
388Plains of AbrahamNH.40
389Girl GuideNH.40
390Long Sault BattleNH.40
391Earth MoverNH.40
392Emily JohnsonNH.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
393Arthur MeighenNH.40
394Power PlantNH.40
397Red RiverNH.40
398Jean TalonNH.40
400TransCanada HighwayNH.40
401-051c-5c Elizabeth and IndustryNH1.75
  401  1c Elizabeth and Industry Deep brownNH.40
  401a BP    1c Elizabeth and Industry Deep brown Pane of 5NH4.00
  402  2c Elizabeth and Industry GreenNH.40
  402a BP    2c Elizabeth and Industry Green Pane of 25NH14.75
  403  3c Elizabeth and Industry PurpleNH.40
  404  4c Elizabeth and Industry CarmineNH.40
  404a BP    4c Elizabeth and Industry Carmine Pane of 5NH4.00
  404b BP    4c Elizabeth and Industry Carmine Pane of 25NH16.50
  405 '62  5c Elizabeth and Industry Violet blueNH.40
  405a BP    5c Elizabeth and Industry Violet blue Pane of 5NH4.50
  405b BP    5c Elizabeth and Industry Violet blue Pane of 20NH21.00
401p-05p1c-5c Elizabeth and Industry Tagged IssueNH3.50
  401p  1c Elizabeth and Industry Brown TaggedNH.50
  402p  2c Elizabeth and Industry Green TaggedNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  403p  3c Elizabeth and Industry Purple TaggedNH.50
  404p  4c Elizabeth and Industry Carmine TaggedNH1.75
  405p  5c Elizabeth and Industry Blue TaggedNH.90
  405q BP    5c Elizabeth and Industry Blue Tagged Pane of 20NH50.00
406-091963-64 Elizabeth CoilsNH12.50
NH Pair25.00
  406  2c Green Elizabeth CoilNH3.25
NH Pair6.50
  407 '64  3c Purple Elizabeth CoilNH2.25
NH Pair4.50
  408  4c Carmine Elizabeth CoilNH3.30
NH Pair6.50
  409  5c Violet blue Elizabeth CoilNH3.30
NH Pair6.50
410C. S. GzowskiNH.40
411Export CrateNH10.00
413Postal ServiceNH.40
414 '647c Blue JetNH.50
416World PeaceNH.40
417-29A (14)5c Nature, Provinces SymbolsNH5.50
  417 '64  Three-Maple-LeafNH.40
  418 '64  OntarioNH.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
  419 '64  Lily, QuebecNH.40
  420 '65  Nova ScotiaNH.40
  421 '65  New BrunswickNH.40
  422 '65  ManitobaNH.40
  423 '65  British ColumbiaNH.40
  424 '65  Prince Edward IslandNH.40
  425 '66  SaskatchewanNH.40
  426 '66  AlbertaNH.40
  427 '66  NewfoundlandNH.40
  428 '66  Yukon TerritoryNH.75
  429 '66  Northwest TerritoriesNH.40
  429A '66  National Arms of CanadaNH.40
4308c on 7c SurchargeNH.50
432Quill, Maple LeafNH.40
433Elizabeth VisitsNH.40
  434a BP  Christmas Pane of 25NH15.00
  434p  3c Christmas TaggedNH1.25
  434q BP  3c Christmas Tagged Pane of 25NH39.75
  435p  5c Christmas  TaggedNH2.25
4368c JetNH.40
437Cooperation YearNH.40
438Hospital ShipNH.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
439Maple Leaf FlagNH.40
441Parliamentary UnionNH.40
442Capital OttawaNH.40
443-44Gift of the MagiNH.60
  443a BP  3c Gift of the Magi Pane of 25NH10.00
  443p  3c Gift of the Magi TaggedNH.50
  443q BP  3c Gift of the Magi Tagged Pane of 25NH19.50
  444p  5c Gift of the Magi TaggedNH.70
446La Salle, MapNH.40
447Traffic SignsNH.40
448BNA ActNH.40
449Atomic ReactorNH.40
451-52Drer's HandsNH.50
  451a  3c Drer Pane of 25NH4.50
  451p  3c Drer TaggedNH.50
  451q  3c Drer Tagged Pane of 25NH15.00
  452p  5c Drer TaggedNH.75
453Flag over GlobeNH.40
453p  Flag over Globe TaggedNH.90
454-65B1c-$1 Elizabeth, ScenesNH11.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  454 '67  1c Northern LightsNH.40
  454a BP    1c Northern Lights Pane of 5NH1.50
  454b BP    1c Northern Lights Pane of 5, Perf 10NH4.00
  454c BP    1c Northern Lights Pane of 10NH2.25
  454d    1c Northern Lights Perf 10NH.50
  454e    1c Northern Lights Perf 12x12NH.60
  455 '67  2c Totem PoleNH.40
  455a BP    2c Totem Pole Pane of 8 (2xc x4, 3c x4)NH2.50
  456 '67  3c Combine, RigNH.40
  456a    3c Combine, Rig Perf 12x12NH7.00
  457 '67  4c Ship in LockNH.40
  457a BP    4c Ship in Lock Pane of 5NH2.50
  457b BP    4c Ship in Lock Pane of 25NH29.00
  457c BP    4c Ship in Lock Pane of 25, Perf 10NH10.00
  457d    4c Ship in Lock Perf 10NH1.00
  458 '67  5c Lobster TrapsNH.40
  458a BP    5c Lobster Traps Pane of 5NH7.00
  458b BP    5c Lobster Traps Pane of 20NH39.50
  458c BP    5c Lobster Traps Pane of 20, Perf 10NH9.75
  458d    5c Lobster Traps Perf 10NH.75
  459 '68  6c Orange, Perf 10NH.40
  459a BP    6c Orange Pane of 25NH11.00
  459b    6c Orange Perf 12x12NH.40
  460 '70  6c BlackNH.40
  460a BP    6c Black Pane of 25NH15.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  460b BP    6c Black Pane, Perf 12x12NH24.00
  460c    6c Black Type II, Perf 12x12NH.50
  460d BP    6c Black Pane of 4NH5.00
  460e BP    6c Black Pane of 4, Perf 10NH15.00
  460f    6c Black Type II, Perf 10NH.75
  460g    6c Black Type I, Perf 10NH2.00
  460h    6c Black Type II, Perf 10NH6.00
  461 '67  8c HighwayNH.40
  462 '67  10c Jack PineNH.40
  463 '67  15c Bylot IslandNH.50
  464 '67  20c Quebec FerryNH.60
  465 '67  25c "Solemn Land"NH1.10
  465A '67  50c GrainNH2.50
  465B '67  $1 OilfieldNH6.50
454p-65p (11)1c-25c Tagged DefinitivesNH15.00
  454p  1c TaggedNH.50
  454ep '71    1c Tagged Perf 12x12NH.95
  455p  2c TaggedNH.40
  456p  3c TaggedNH.90
  457p  4c TaggedNH.60
  458p  5c TaggedNH.90
  458bp BP    5c Tagged Pane of 20NH70.00
  459p '68  6c OrangeNH2.00
  459bp '69    6c Orange Perf 12x12NH2.50
  460p '70  6c BlackNH1.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
  460cp '70    6c Black Type II, Perf 12x12NH3.00
  460fp '72    6c Black Type II, Perf 12NH1.60
  462p '70  10c TaggedNH1.75
  463p '70  15c TaggedNH1.75
  464p '70  20c TaggedNH2.50
  465p '70  25c TaggedNH10.00
466-68B1c-6c Coil IssuesNH12.00
  466  1c Combine, Oil CoilNH6.00
  467  4c Ship in Lock CoilNH1.50
  468  5c Lobster Traps CoilNH3.50
  468A '69  6c Orange CoilNH.70
  468B '70  6c Black CoilNH.60
469EXPO, PavilionNH.40
470Woman, BallotNH.40
471Elizabeth VisitsNH.40
472Pan-Am GamesNH.40
473Globe, PressNH.40
474G. P. VanierNH.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
476-773c,5c ChristmasNH.50
  476a BP  3c Christmas Pane of 25NH4.75
  476p  3c Christmas  TaggedNH.60
  476q BP  3c Christmas Tagged Pane of 25NH5.50
  477p  5c Christmas TaggedNH.55
478Gray JaysNH.50
479Weather MapNH.40
482Nonsuch VoyageNH.50
484G. Brown, "Globe"NH.50
485Henri BourassaNH.40
486War MemorialNH1.50
487McCrae, "Flanders"NH.50
488-89Eskimo Family - ChristmasNH.50
  488a BP  5c Eskimo Family - Christmas Pane of 10NH3.50
  488p-89pEskimo Family - Christmas TaggedNH2.00
  488p  5c Eskimo Family - Christmas TaggedNH.40
  488q BP  5c Eskimo Family - Christmas Tagged Pane of 10NH5.75
  489p  6c Eskimo Family - Christmas TaggedNH1.50
491Vincent MasseyNH.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
492Suzor-Cote PaintingNH2.25
493Tools, ILONH.40
494Vickers Vimy PlaneNH1.50
495Sir W. OslerNH.50
496-986c,10c,25c BirdsNH4.00
  496  6c BirdNH.50
  497  10c BirdNH1.00
  498  25c BirdNH2.75
499Prince Edward IslandNH.40
500Canadian GamesNH.40
501Isaac BrockNH.40
502-03Various Races PrayingNH.50
  502a BP  5c Pane of 10NH3.50
502p-03pVarious Races Praying - TaggedNH.90
  502q BP  5c Tagged Pane of 10NH4.50
504Humorist LeacockNH.40
505p  Manitoba Phosphor TaggedNH.60
506Northwest TerritoriesNH.40
507Leaf ViewNH.40
508-11 BLKOsaka EXPO Block of 4NH7.00
508-11 STR  Osaka EXPO Strip of 4NH8.00
508-11 COMBOA wide variety of Combinations are available in Se-tenant Pairs, Strips and Blocks.  Please let us know your needs. 
508p-11p BLKOsaka EXPO Tagged Block of 4NH10.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
508p-11p STR  Osaka EXPO Tagged Strip of 4NH11.00
508p-11p COMBOA wide variety of Combinations are available in Se-tenant Pairs, Strips and Blocks.  Please let us know your needs. 
512Explorer KelseyNH.40
513-14UN AnniversaryNH1.50
  513p  UN Anniversary TaggedNH1.00
  514p  UN Anniversary TaggedNH2.00
515Louis RielNH.40
516Explorer MackenzieNH.40
517Mowat, ParliamentNH.40
518Isle of SpruceNH.50
519-30Christmas Designs SinglesNH7.50
519-306c Strips of 5 plus 10c,15cNH9.50
519p-30pChristmas Designs Singles with TaggingNH13.00
519p-30p6c Strips of 5 plus 10c,15cNH15.00
  "522a,525a" CENTER BLOCKS: 
  522a,525a BLK  Christmas Normal Center Block of 4NH43.00
  522a,525a BLK PH  Christmas Tagged Center Block of 4NH250.00
531Railroad BuilderNH.40
532Big Raven PaintingNH.40
533Insulin DiscoveryNH.50
534Physicist RutherfordNH.50
535-38The Four SeasonsNH1.50
539L.J. PapineauNH.40
540Copper Mine RiverNH.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
541Maple Leaves, RadioNH.85
541p  Maple Leaves TaggedNH2.00
5437c TransportNH.40
  543a BP  7c Transport Pane of 5NH7.00
  543b BP  7c Transport Pane of 20NHAsk
543p  7c Transport TaggedNH.75
5448c LibraryNH1.25
  544a BP  8c Library Pane of 6 (1c x3,6c x1,8c x2)NH2.25
  544a BP x10   8c Library Pane of 6 Complete Set of 10 Booklets with Different CoversNH29.75
  544b BP  8c Library Pane of 18 (1c x6,6c x1,8c x11)NH8.50
  544c BP  8c Library Pane of 10 (1c x4,6c x1,8c x5)NH3.75
544p  8c Library TaggedNH.60
  544q  Tagged Pane of 6 (1c x3,6c x1,8c x2)NH6.00
  544r BP  Tagged Pane of 18 (1c x6,6c x1,8c x11)NH7.50
  544s BP  Tagged Pane of 10 (1c x4,6c x1,8c x5)NH4.50
545-48These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
5497c Green CoilNH.75
5508c Slate CoilNH.85
550p  8c Slate Coil TaggedNH1.00
551This number not utilized by Scott. 
552Abstract "BC"NH.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
553Kane PaintingNH.40
554p-57p6c-15c Snowflakes TaggedNH3.75
  554p  6c Snowflakes TaggedNH.50
  555p  8c Snowflakes TaggedNH.50
  556p  10c Snowflakes TaggedNH.60
  557p  15c Snowflakes TaggedNH2.50
558Pierre LaporteNH.40
559Figure SkatingNH.40
560World HealthNH.40
560p  World Health TaggedNH1.25
561Count FrontenacNH.40
561p  Count Frontenac TaggedNH1.50
562-63Buffalo, ArtifactsNH.75
562p-63p  Buffalo, Artifacts TaggedNH2.00
564-65Thunderbird, DanceNH.80
564p-65pThunderbird, Dance TaggedNH1.75
566-67 '73Artifacts, MicmacNH.60
568-69 '73Belt, AlgonkiansNH.60
570-71 '74House, ArtifactsNH.60
572-73 '74Blanket, ThunderbirdNH.60
574-75 '75Artifacts, DanceNH.60
576-77 '75Costume, ThunderbirdNH.60
578-79 '76Artifacts, CampNH.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
580-81 '76Thunderbird, IroquoisNH.60
582-85Earth Science (our choice of format)NH6.75
582-85 BLK  Earth Science Block of 4NH7.00
582-85 STR  Earth Science Strip of 4NH9.75
582-85 M/S  Earth Science MiniSheet of 16NH30.00
582p-85pEarth Science Tagged (our choice of format)NH10.50
582p-85p BLK  Earth Science Block of 4 TaggedNH11.00
582p-85p STR  Earth Science Strip of 4 TaggedNH12.50
528p-85p M/S  Earth Science Tagged MiniSheet of 16NH47.50
586-6011c-$2 DefinitivesNH13.00
586 '731c MacdonaldNH.50
  586a BP  1c Macdonald Pane of 6 (1c x3, 6c x1,8c x2)NH2.00
  586b BP  1c Macdonald Pane of 18NH4.00
  586c BP  1c Macdonald Pane of 10NH2.00
587 '732c LaurierNH.40
588 '733c BordenNH.40
589 '734c KingNH.40
590 '735c BennettNH.40
591 '736c PearsonNH.40
592 '747c St. LaurentNH.55
593 '738c ElizabethNH.40
  593b  8c Elizabeth Perf 13x13NH1.20
593A '7610c ElizabethNH.40
  593Ac  10c Elizabeth Perf 12x12NH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
594 '7210c ForestNH.40
595 '7215c SheepNH.50
596 '7220c Grain FieldsNH.70
597 '7225c Polar BearsNH.80
598 '7250c SeashoreNH1.40
$1 Vancouver: 
599 '73  $1 Vancouver Perf 12x12NH1.50
600 '72  $1 Vancouver Perf 11NH3.25
601 '72$2 QuebecNH4.50
594a-99aDefinitives - Perf 13 IssueNH6.50
  594a '76  10c ForestNH.50
  595a '76  15c SheepNH.50
  596a '76  20c Grain FieldsNH.70
  597a '76  25c Polar BearsNH1.40
  598a '76  50c SeashoreNH1.50
  599a '77  $1 VancouverNH3.75
602-03These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
604 '748c Coil, BlueNH.60
NH Pair1.20
605 '7610c Coil, RedNH.60
NH Pair1.20
606-09Christmas CandlesNH2.00
606p-09pChristmas Candles TaggedNH4.00
  606p  6c Christmas TaggedNH.60
  607p  8c Christmas TaggedNH.80
Scott # Description Condition Price
  608p  10c Christmas TaggedNH1.50
  609p  15c Christmas TaggedNH3.50
610Krieghoff PaintingNH.40
610p  Krieghoff Painting TaggedNH.55
611Bishop LavalNH.40
612-14Mounted PoliceNH1.50
615Nurse ManceNH.40
616Governor HoweNH.40
617MacDonald PaintingNH.60
618Prince Edward IslandNH.40
619Scottish SettlersNH4.00
620-21Elizabeth VisitsNH1.00
622Nellie McClungNH.40
623-24Montreal OlympicsNH1.00
625-286c-15c ChristmasNH1.75
629-32Summer Sports (our choice of format)NH1.50
629-32 BLK  Summer Sports Block of 4NH1.80
629-32 STR  Summer Sports Strip of 4NH1.90
629-32 SNG  Summer Sports SinglesNH1.60
634-39 SNGLetter Carriers SinglesNH2.50
634-39 BLK  Letter Carriers Block of 6NH3.00
634-39 PRS  Letter Carriers PairsNH2.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
634-39 STR  Letter Carriers StripsNH2.75
642World CyclingNH.40
643Mennonite SettlersNH.40
644-47Winter Sports (our choice of format)NH1.40
644-47 BLK  Winter Sports BlockNH1.50
644-47 STR  Winter Sports Strip of 4NH1.60
644-47 SNG  Winter Sports SinglesNH1.30
648-49UPU CentenaryNH.90
650-536c-15c Christmas PaintingsNH1.25
655Welland CabalNH.50
656-57Sports SculpturesNH6.50
656-57 M/S  Sports Sculptures MiniSheets of 8NH55.00
658-59Montgomery, Hemon PairNH.50
660-61Bourgeoys, DesjardinsNH.60
662-63Church Leaders PairNH.60
664-66Montreal OlympicsNH2.50
667Calgary FoundingNH.50
668Women's YearNH.50
669Supreme CourtNH.50
670-73Coastal Ships BlockNH1.25
670-73 SO  Coastal Ships Block in Scott Order (Lawrence at UL)NH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
670-73 SNG  Coastal Ships SinglesNH1.10
670-73 STR  Coastal Ships Strip of 4NH1.60
674-796c-15c Christmas inc PairsNH1.60
680Canadian LegionNH.50
681-83Montreal OlympicsNH1.75
684-86Olympic Fine ArtsNH4.50
687-88Olympic High ValuesNH7.50
687-88 M/S  Olympics MiniSheets of 8NH55.00
689Innsbruck OlympicsNH.50
690Flowers, HabitatNH.50
691Ben Franklin (Joint issue with USA)NH.50
692-93Military College PairNH.60
694Disabled OlympiadNH.60
695-96Authors PairNH.50
697-998c-20c ChristmasNH1.00
700-03Inland Vessels (our choice of format)NH1.30
700-03 SO  Inland Vessels Block of 4 in Scott Order (Northcote at UL)NH3.00
700-03 SNG  Inland Vessels SinglesNH1.20
700-03 BLK  Inland Vessels Block of 4NH1.50
700-03 STR  Inland Vessels Strip of 4NH2.50
704Elizabeth's ReignNH.85
705-271977-79 Flowers, Queen, Parliament, Scenes DefinitivesNH17.50
  705  1c Bottle GentianNH.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
NH Plate Block1.60
NH Matched Set of Plate Blocks6.00
  706  This number not utilized by Scott. 
  707  2c ColumbineNH.40
NH Plate Block1.60
  708  3c LilyNH.40
NH Plate Block1.60
NH Matched Set of Plate Blocks6.00
  709  4c HepaticaNH.40
NH Plate Block1.60
  710  5c Shooting StarNH.40
NH Plate Block1.60
  711  10c Lady's-slipperNH.40
NH Plate Block1.60
    711a '78    10c Lady's-slipper Perf 13 x 13.3NH.50
  712 '78  12c JewelweedNH.40
NH Plate Block1.60
NH Matched Set of Plate Blocks6.00
  713  12c ElizabethNH.40
    713a    12c Elizabeth Perf 12x12NH.50
  714  12c ParliamentNH.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
  715 '78  14c ParliamentNH.40
  716 '78  14c ElizabethNH.40
    716a    14c Elizabeth Perf 12x12NH.50
    716b BP    14c Elizabeth Pane of 25NH9.00
  717  15c AspenNH.40
  718  20c Douglas FirNH.40
  719  25c MapleNH.50
  720 '78  30c Red OakNH.60
  721 '79  35c White PineNH.70
  722  This number not utilized by Scott. 
  723 '78  50c Main Street (Darker License Plate)NH1.00
  723A '78  50c Main Street (License Plate "1978" but hard to read)NH3.00
  723A var 1  50c Main Street with Dented Bumper on Yellow CarNH6.00
  723A+723A var 1  50c Main Street Normal plus the  Dented Bumper on Yellow Car VarietyNH12.00
  723C  60c Ontario CityNH1.25
  724 '78  75c Old HousesNH1.50
  725 '78  80c StreetNH1.65
  726 '79  $1 Fundy Park, TaggedNH2.00
    726a    $1 Fundy Park, UntaggedNH4.00
  727 '79  $2 Kluane ParkNH4.00
728This number not utilized by Scott. 
72912c Blue CoilNH.40
NH Pair.80
730 '7814c Red CoilNH.40
NH Pair.80
Scott # Description Condition Price
731This number not utilized by Scott. 
732Protect WildlifeNH.60
733-34Painter Thomson PairNH.55
735Governors GeneralNH.50
736Order of CanadaNH.50
737Peace BridgeNH.50
738-39Railway, Arctic PairNH.90
740Peace TowerNH.50
744-47Sailing Ships (our choice of format)NH1.00
744-47 SNG  Sailing Ships SinglesNH1.00
744-47 BLK  Sailing Ships Block of 4NH1.25
744-47 STR  Sailing Ships Strip of 4NH1.90
748-51Inuit Hunt PairsNH1.25
748-51 SO  Inuit Hunt Pairs in Scott OrderNH2.00
748-51 SNG  Inuit Hunt SinglesNH1.00
753-56CAPEX ExhibitionNH3.60
756 WOT  CAPEX $1.25 without TaggingNH3.25
756a S/SCAPEX Exhibition SheetNH3.25
757-58Badminton, StadiumNH1.00
759-62Sports, Games PairsNH2.00
759-62 SNG  Sports, Games SinglesNH1.90
763-64Captain Cook PairNH.70
Scott # Description Condition Price
763-64 SNG  Captain Cook SinglesNH.60
765-66National Resources PairNH.70
765-66 SNG  National Resources SinglesNH.60
767Prince's GateNH.40
768Miracle of FoodNH.40
769-72Inuit Travels PairsNH1.40
769-72 SNG  Inuit Travels SinglesNH1.25
776-79Sailing Ships (our choice of format)NH1.25
776-79 SNG  Sailing Ships SinglesNH1.25
776-79 BLK  Sailing Ships Block of 4NH1.50
776-79 STR  Sailing Ships Strip of 4NH2.00
780Quebec CarnivalNH.40
781-92 (11)1979-83 Flower, Queen and Parliament DefinitivesNH5.00
781 '79  1c Bottle GentianNH.40
NH Plate Block1.60
NH Matched Set of Plate Blocks8.00
  781a '77    1c Bottle Gentian Perf 12x12 from BookletNH.75
  781b BP    1c Bottle Gentian Pane of 2NH1.50
782 '79  2c ColumbineNH.40
NH Plate Block1.60
NH Matched Set of Plate Blocks8.00
  782a BP    2c Columbine Pane of 4NH1.50
  782b '78    2c Columbine Perf 12x12, with Imperf MarginNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
783 '79  3c LilyNH.40
NH Plate Block1.60
NH Matched Set of Plate Blocks8.00
784 '79  4c HepaticaNH.40
NH Plate Block1.60
NH Matched Set of Plate Blocks8.00
785 '79  5c Shooting StarNH.40
NH Plate Block1.60
NH Matched Set of Plate Blocks6.00
786 '79  10c Lady's SlipperNH.40
NH Plate Block1.60
NH Matched Set of Plate Blocks6.00
787 '79  15c VioletNH.40
NH Plate Block1.60
NH Matched Set of Plate Blocks8.00
788  This number not utilized by Scott. 
789 '79  17c ElizabethNH.40
  789a    17c Elizabeth, Perf 12x12 from BookletNH1.60
  789b BP    17c Elizabeth Pane of 25NH10.00
790 '79  17c ParliamentNH.40
791 '82  30c ElizabethNH.60
792 '83  32c ElizabethNH.70
793-96These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
7971c Parliament from BookletNH1.00
  797a BP  1c Parliament Pane of 6NH1.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
798-99These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
8005c Violet brown (from Booklet)NH.50
801-05These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
80617c Parliament CoilNH.50
NH Coil Pair1.10
807-12These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
813-14Endangered WildlifeNH1.25
815-16Use Postal Code PairNH.75
815-16 SNG  Use Postal Code SinglesNH.70
817-18Grove, Nelligan Paintings PairNH.75
817-18 SNG  Grove, Nelligan Paintings SinglesNH.70
819-20 SNG  Canadian Colonels SinglesNH.70
819-20Canadian Colonels PairNH.75
821-32 M/SProvincial Flags MiniSheet of 12NH5.00
821-32 SNG  Provincial Flag SinglesNH4.75
833White Water Kayak RacingNH.40
834Women's Field HockeyNH.40
835-38Inuit Themes PairsNH1.70
835-38 SNG  Inuit Themes SinglesNH1.50
839-41Wooden Trains, ChristmasNH1.40
842Watering Tree of LifeNH.40
843-46Classic Airplanes PairsNH2.25
843-46 SNG  Classic Airplanes SinglesNH2.10
847Arctic IslandsNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
848Downhill SkiingNH.75
849-52Academy of Arts PairsNH2.25
849-52 SNG  Academy of Arts SinglesNH2.10
855Flower ShowNH.40
857-58"O Canada" Composers PairNH.80
857-58 SNG  "O Canada" Composers SinglesNH.70
859John DiefenbakerNH.40
860-61Musical Themes PairNH.75
860-61 SNG  Musical Themes SinglesNH.70
862Oarsman HanlanNH.40
863-64Saskatchewan, AlbertaNH.80
866-69Inuit Spirits (our choice of format)NH2.25
866-69 HPR  Inuit Spirits Horizontal PairsNH2.50
866-69 VPR  Inuit Spirits Vertical PairsNH2.50
866-69 SNG  Inuit Spirits SInglesNH2.10
873-76Military Aircraft PairsNH2.50
873-76 SO  Military Aircraft Pairs in Scott OrderNH3.75
873-76 SNG  Military Aircraft SinglesNH2.25
877Dr. LachapelleNH.40
878Mandora InstrumentNH.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
879-82 BLKFamous Women BlockNH1.50
879-82 SNG  Famous Women SinglesNH1.40
885-86Saints PairNH.75
885-86 SO  Saints Pair in Scott Order NH1.10
890-93Maps over Time Strip of 4NH1.50
890-93 SO  Maps over Time Strip of 4 in Scott OrderNH3.00
890-93 M/S  Maps over Time MiniSheet of 16NH7.50
894-95Botanists PairNH.75
894-95 SO  Botanists Pair in Scott OrderNH1.25
898Acadian CongressNH.40
899Aaron MosherNH.40
903-06Airplanes PairsNH2.25
903-06 SO  Airplanes Pairs in Scott OrderNH3.25
903-06 SNG  Airplanes SinglesNH2.10
907"A" Maple Leaf from SheetNH1.00
908"A" Maple Leaf CoilNH1.25
NH Coil Pair2.50
909-13Stamp-on-Stamp inc BluenoseNH3.75
913a S/SStamp-on-Stamp Exhibition SheetNH4.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
914Jules LegerNH.60
915Terry FoxNH.60
917-53 (38)1982-87 1c-36c DefinitivesNH34.00
917 '821c Decoy Perf 14x13.3NH.40
  917a '85  1c Decoy Perf 13x13.3NH.40
918 '822c Fishing Spear Perf 14x13.3NH.40
  918a '84  2c Fishing Spear Perf 13x13.3NH.40
919 '823c Lantern Perf 14x13.3NH.40
  919a '85  3c Lantern Perf 13x13.3NH.40
920 '825c Bucket Perf 14x13.3NH.40
  920a '84  5c Bucket Perf 13x13NH.40
921 '8210c Weathercock Perf 14x13.3NH.40
  921a '85  10c Weathercock Perf 13x13NH.55
922 '8220c Ice SkatesNH.40
923 '8230c Maple LeafNH.65
  923a BP  30c Maple Leaf Pane of 20NH15.00
  923b  30c Maple Leaf Perf 12x12NH.75
924 '8332c Maple LeafNH.75
  924a BP  32c Maple Leaf Pane of 25NH17.00
  924b  32c Maple Leaf Perf 12x12NH.95
925 '8534c ParliamentNH.70
  925a BP  34c Parliament Pane of 25, Perf 13x13NH19.00
"925a SNG"  34c Parliament from Pane, Perf 13x13NH1.25
  925b  34c Parliament Pane Perf 13x14NH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
  925c BP  34c Parliament Pane of 25NH19.00
926 '8534c ElizabethNH.70
926A '8736c ElizabethNH3.00
926B '8736c ParliamentNH.75
  926Bc BP  36c Parliament Pane of 10, Perf 13x14NH8.00
  926Bd BP  36c Parliament Pane of 25NH19.00
  926Be '87  36c Parliament, Perf 13x14NHAsk
927 '8337c PlowNH.75
928 '8539c Settle-bedNH.80
929 '8248c CradleNH1.00
930 '8550c SleighNH1.00
931 '82Now listed in Scott as 723C 
932 '8364c StoveNH1.40
933 '8568c Spinning WheelNH1.50
934 '82$1 Glacier ParkNH2.25
935 '82$1.50 LakesNH3.50
936 '82$2 Moraine LakeNH4.25
937 '82$5 Point PeleeNH11.00
938 '871c Parliament from BookletNH.40
939 '852c Parliament from BookletNH.40
  939a '89  2c Parliament Slate green from BookletNH.60
940 '825c Maple Leaf from BookletNH.40
941 '855c Parliament from BookletNH.40
942 '876c Parliament from BookletNH.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
943 '838c Maple Leaf from BookletNH.75
944 '8210c Maple Leaf from BookletNH.75
945 '8230c Maple Leaf from BookletNH1.00
  945a BP  30c Maple Leaf Pane of 4NH1.75
  945a BK  30c Maple Leaf Booklet of 4NH1.80
946 '8332c Maple Leaf from BookletNH.75
  946b BP  32c Maple Leaf Pane of 4NH1.65
  946b BK  32c Maple Leaf Booklet of 4NH1.80
947 '8534c Parliament from BookletNH2.25
  947a BP  34c Parliament Pane of 6NH2.50
  947a BK  34c Parliament Booklet of 6NH2.75
948 '8736c Parliament from BookletNH2.25
  948a BP  36c Parliament Pane of 5NH3.25
  948a BK  36c Parliament Booklet of 5NH3.50
949This number not utilized by Scott. 
Stamps from Coils: 
950 '8230c Maple Leaf CoilNH1.10
951 '8332c Maple Leaf CoilNH1.00
952 '8534c Parliament CoilNH.90
953 '8736c Parliament CoilNH.90
954Salvation ArmyNH.60
955-66 M/SPaintings SheetNH10.00
955-66  Paintings SinglesNH10.00
968Henley RegattaNH.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
969-72Airplanes PairsNH4.00
969-72 SNG  Airplanes SinglesNH3.60
977Commonwealth DayNH5.00
978-79Writers PairNH1.40
978-79 SNG  Writers SinglesNH1.30
981-82University GamesNH2.00
983-92Forts, Canada Day Pane of 10NH9.50
983-92 SNG  Forts, Canada SinglesNH9.25
983-92 BK  Forts, Canada Day Booklet of 10NH9.75
993Scouting YearNH.70
994Council of ChurchesNH.70
995Humphrey GilbertNH.70
996Nickel DiscoveryNH.70
997Preacher HensonNH.70
998Antoine LabelleNH.70
999-1002 SNG  Locomotives SinglesNH3.40
1003Law SchoolNH.75
1004-0632c-64c Christmas inc ChurchesNH2.75
1007-08Army Regiments PairNH1.30
1007-08 SNG  Army Regiments SinglesNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
1009Yellowknife, MineNH.75
1010Montreal SymphonyNH.75
1011Cartier's Landing (Joint issue with France)NH.90
1012Tall ShipsNH.75
1013Red CrossNH.75
1014New BrunswickNH.75
1015St. Lawrence SeawayNH.75
1016-27 M/SLandscapes MiniSheet of 12NH9.75
1016-27 SNG  Landscapes Singles from SheetNH9.75
1028Loyalists, FlagNH.75
1029Catholic ChurchNH.75
1030-31Papal VisitNH2.00
1030-31 MI4  Papal Visit Imprint Block of 4NH12.00
1030-31 F/S  Papal Visit Full Sheets of 50NH99.00
1036-39Locomotives inc PairNH3.75
1036-39 SNG  Locomotives SinglesNH3.50
1039a S/SLocomotive Sheet of 4NH4.00
1040-4232c-64c ChristmasNH2.60
1043Air ForceNH.65
1044LaPrese CentenaryNH.65
1045Youth YearNH.65
1046Men in SpaceNH.65
Scott # Description Condition Price
1047-48Casgrain, MurphyNH1.30
1049Northwest RebellionNH.65
1050-59Forts Pane of 10NH11.75
1050-59 SNG  Forts Singles from PaneNH11.50
1050-59 BK  Forts Booklet of 10NH11.75
1062Girl GuidesNH.70
1063-66Lighthouses BlockNH3.75
1063-66 SNG  Lighthouses SinglesNH3.50
1066b S/SLighthouse SheetNH5.00
1067-6934c-68c ChristmasNH3.00
10703c Polar FloatNH.75
1070a BK  3c Polar Float Booklet of 10NH9.50
1071-74Locomotives inc PairNH3.75
1071-74 SNG  Locomotives SinglesNH3.60
1075Royal NavyNH.70
1076Fine Arts MuseumNH.70
1077Alberta, MapNH.70
1078-79Vancouver EXPONH1.50
1084$5 LaMauricie ParkNH10.75
1085-89These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1090-91Gaspe, BrantNH1.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
1092-93Vancouver EXPONH2.10
1094Postal ServiceNH.70
1095-98Bird CongressNH4.00
1107b S/SExploration Sheet of 4NH4.50
1108-09Peacemakers Pair (our choice)NH1.40
1108-09 HA  Peacemakers Pair with Heads ApartNH1.50
1108-09 HT  Peacemakers Pair with Heads TogetherNH2.00
1110Peace YearNH.70
1111-12Calgary OlympicsNH1.40
1113-1534c-68c ChristmasNH3.00
111629c Angel, Perf 13NH1.00
  1116a BK  29c Angel Booklet of 10NH11.50
  1116b  29c Angel Perf 12 HorizontalNH8.50
  1116c  29c Angel Perf 12 Horizontal Booklet of 10NH85.00
1118-21 PRLocomotives inc PairNH3.75
1118-21 SNG  Locomotives SinglesNH3.60
1122-2534c-72c CAPEX P.O.'sNH4.00
1125A S/SCAPEX Post Office Sheet of 4NH4.50
1130-31Winter OlympicsNH1.65
Scott # Description Condition Price
1132Volunteers WeekNH.75
1133Law DayNH.75
1134Engineering InstituteNH.75
1145Air CanadaNH.75
1146Francophone SummitNH.75
1148-5036c-72c ChristmasNH3.25
115131c GiftsNH.70
  1151a BK  31c Gifts Booklet of 10NH6.75
1152-53Winter OlympicsNH1.60
1154Football Grey CupNH.75
1987-1991 Definitive Issues
1155-94C (43)1c-$5 Accumulated DefinitivesNH49.75
  1155 '88  1c Squirrel, Perf 13.1x13.6NH.40
  1155a    1c Squirrel Perf 13.1x12.8NH7.50
  1156 '88  2c PorcupineNH.40
  1157 '88  3c MuskratNH.40
  1158 '88  5c HareNH.40
  1159 '88  6c Red FoxNH.40
  1160 '88  10c Skunk, Perf 13.1x13.6NH.40
  1160a    10c Skunk, Perf 13.1x12.8NH56.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1161 '88  25c BeaverNH.50
  1162 '87  37c ElizabethNH.80
  1163 '87  37c Parliament, Perf 13x13NH.80
  1163a BK    37c Parliament Booklet of 10NH9.00
  1163b BK    37c Parliament Booklet of 25NH22.00
  1163c    37c Parliament, Perf 13x14NH1.00
  1164 '88  38c Elizabeth, Perf 13x12NH.80
  1164a    38c Elizabeth, Perf 13x13NH.90
  1164b BK    38c Elizabeth Booklet of 10NH9.50
  1165 '88  38c ParliamentNH.80
  "1165c" '88  38c Parliament Single from 1165a BKNH1.25
  1165a BK    38c Parliament Booklet of 10NH9.50
  1165b BK    38c Parliament Booklet of 25NH24.50
  1166 '89  39c Flag, Clouds, Perf 13x13NH.80
  1166a BK    39c Flag, Clouds Booklet of 10NH9.50
  1166b BK    39c Flag, Clouds Booklet of 25NH24.50
  1166c    39c Flag, Clouds, Perf 12x13NH29.00
  "1166d"  39c Elizabeth Single from 1166b BKNH1.25
  1167 '90  39c Elizabeth, Perf 13x13NH.80
  1167a BK    39c Elizabeth Booklet of 10NH13.00
  "1167c"    39c Elizabeth, Perf 13.1x12NH25.00
  1168 '90  40c Elizabeth, Imperf on one side (our choice)NH.90
  1168 P4 '90  40c Elizabeth, Perfed on Four SidesNH1.90
  1168 IMP L '90  40c Elizabeth, Imperf on Left SideNH1.00
  1168 IMP R '90  40c Elizabeth, Imperf on Right SideNH1.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1168 STR '90  40c Elizabeth Strip of 3r, Imperf Left, Perf 4 Sides, Imperf RightNH3.75
  "1168b"  40c Single from BookletNH1.40
  1168a BK    40c Elizabeth Booklet of 10NH10.00
  1169 '90  40c Flag, Mountains, Imperf on One SideNH.90
  1169 P4 '90  40c Flag, Mountains, Perf on 4 SidesNH2.00
  1169 IMP T '90  40c Flag, Mountains, Imperf at TopNH1.00
  1169 IMP B ''90  40c Flag, Mountains, Imperf at BottomNH1.00
  1169 STR ''90  40c Flag, Mountains Vertical Strip of 3, Imperf at Top, Perf on 4 Sides, Imperf at BottomNH3.75
  1169a BK    40c Flag, Mountains Booklet of 25NH27.50
  1169b BK    40c Flag, Mountains Booklet of 10NH10.00
  1170 '88  43c LynxNH1.20
NH Plate Block6.00
NH Matched Set of Plate Blocks30.00
  1171 '89  44c Walrus, Perf 14x14NH1.20
NH Plate Block6.00
NH Matched Set of Plate Blocks30.00
  1171a    44c Walrus, Perf 12x13NH3.50
  1171b BK    44c Walrus Booklet of 5NH18.00
  1171c    44c Walrus, Perf 13x13NH550.00
  1172 '90  45c Pronghorn, Perf 14x14NH1.00
NH Plate Block5.00
NH Matched Set of Plate Blocks25.00
  1172b BK    45c Pronghorn Booklet of 5NH12.50
  1172d    45c Pronghorn, Perf 13NH25.00
  1172f    45c Pronghorn, Perf 12x13NH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1172A '90  46c Wolverine, Perf 13.1NH1.25
  1172Ac    46c Wolverine, Perf 12x13NH1.75
  1172Ae BK    46c Wolverine Booklet of 5NH10.00
  1172Ag    46c Wolverine, Perf 14x14NH5.00
  1173 '88  57c Killer WhaleNH1.40
NH Plate Block7.00
NH Matched Set of Plate Blocks35.00
  1174 '89  59c Musk Ox, Perf 14x14NH1.40
NH Plate Block7.00
NH Matched Set of Plate Blocks35.00
  1174a    59c Musk Ox, Perf 13NH14.75
  1175 '90  61c Timber Wolf, Perf 14x14NH1.40
NH Plate Block7.00
NH Matched Set of Plate Blocks35.00
  1175a    61c Timber Wolf, Perf 13NH99.00
  1176 '90  63c Porpoise, Perf 14x14NH4.50
  1176a    63c Porpoise, Perf 13NH12.00
  1177 '88  74c WapitiNH1.75
NH Plate Block9.00
NH Matched Set of Plate Blocks45.00
  1178 '89  76c Grizzly BearNH1.80
NH Plate Block9.00
NH Matched Set of Plate Blocks45.00
  1178a    76c Grizzly Bear Perf 12x13NH3.00
  1178b BK    76c Grizzly Bear Booklet of 5NH16.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1178c    76c Grizzly Bear Perf 13NH36.00
  1179 '90  78c Beluga, Perf 14x14NH2.25
NH Plate Block12.50
NH Matched Set of Plate Blocks62.50
  1179a BK    78c Beluga, Booklet of 5NH16.00
  1179b    78c Beluga, Perf 13NH33.00
  1179c    78c Beluga, Perf 12x13NH3.00
  1180 '90  80c Caribou, Perf 13NH2.00
  1180a    80c Caribou, Perf 12x13NH2.75
  1180b BK    80c Caribou, Booklet of 5NH15.00
  1180c    80c Caribou, Perf 14x14NH6.00
  1181 '89  $1 LibraryNH2.00
  1182 '89  $2 Railway StationNH4.25
  1183 '90  $5 MarketNH10.75
1184 '901c Flag, Perf 13.3x14NH.40
1184a  1c Flag, Perf 12x13NH15.00
1185 '905c Flag, Perf 13.3x14NH.40
1185a  5c Flag, Perf 12x13NH9.00
1186 '896c Purple ParliamentNH1.25
1187 '8837c Blue ParliamentNH1.50
1187a BP  37c Blue Parliament Pane of 4NH2.25
1188 '8938c Blue ParliamentNH1.50
1188a BP  38c Blue Parliament Pane of 5NH2.75
1189 '9039c Flag, Perf 13x14NH4.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
1189a BK  39c Flag Booklet of 4, Perf 13x14NH5.00
1189b  39c Flag, Perf 12x13NH29.00
1189c BK  39c Flag Booklet of 4, Perf 12x13NH44.00
1190 '9040c FlagNH9.50
1190a BP  40c Flag Pane of 4NH10.00
1191 '8938c Flag, ForestNH1.20
1191a BK  38c Flag, Forest Booklet of 12NH14.75
1192 '9039c Flag, FieldNH1.20
1192a BK  39c Flag, Field Booklet of 12NH14.75
1193 '9140c Flag, CoastNH1.50
1193a BK  40c Flag, Coast Booklet of 12NH16.00
1194 '8837c Parliament CoilNH.90
NH Pair1.80
1194A '8938c Parliament CoilNH.90
NH Pair1.80
1194B '9039c Flag CoilNH.90
NH Pair1.80
1194C '9040c Flag CoilNH1.50
NH Pair3.00
1195-98Olympics inc PairNH4.00
1195-98 SNG  Olympics SinglesNH3.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
1203 M/S  Painting MiniSheet of 16NH25.00
1204-05 PRConservation PairNH1.60
1204-05 SNG  Conservation SinglesNH1.50
1214St. John'sNH.75
12154-H CouncilNH.75
1216Industrial ComplexNH.75
1217-20Dog, Kennel ClubNH4.50
1222-2437c-74c Christmas Icons (Ukraine)NH3.25
122532c IconNH.90
1225a BK  32c Icon Booklet of 10NH10.00
1226Anglican ChurchNH.75
1227Painter HopkinsNH.75
1228Bluenose, WaltersNH.75
1229-32Canoes, KayakNH4.00
1241Headpiece ArtNH1.10
1241 M/S  Headpiece Art MiniSheet of 16NH22.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1249-50Infantry (our choice of pair)NH1.80
1249-50 HPR  Infantry Horizontal PairNH1.80
1249-50 VPR  Infantry Vertical PairNH2.00
1252-55Performing ArtsNH4.00
1256-5838c-76c ChristmasNH3.60
1256a BK  Christmas Booklet of 10NH49.75
1256b    Christmas, Perf 13x12 from BookletNH5.00
1257a BK  Christmas Booklet of 5NH20.00
"1257b"    Christmas, Perf 13x12 from BookletNH4.00
1258a BK  Christmas Booklet of 5NH35.00
"1258b"    Christmas, Perf 13x12 from BookletNH7.00
125933c LandscapeNH1.10
1259a BK  33c Landscape Booklet of 10NH13.75
1260-63War Declared (our choice of format)NH4.75
1260-63 BLK  War Declared Block of 4NH5.00
1260-63 STR  War Declared Strip of 4NH5.75
1260-63 M/S  World War II MiniSheet of 16NH22.00
1260-63 FLDWar Declared Special Souvenir Edition Folder containing a Mint Block of 4 plus a First Day CoverNH11.75
WHCSWildlife Habitat Coonservation Stamp BookletNH13.50
1264-65Surgeon Bethune (Joint Issue with China)NH3.00
1264-65 FLD  Official Bethune Folder containing the Mint Set from each country and two First Day Covers (each with both sets tied by different cancels).  UncommonNH19.50
1264-65 FDCSurgeon Bethune Joint First Day Cover with the Chinese Issue, tooFDC12.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1266-69Small BoatsNH4.00
1266-69 SNG  Small Boats SinglesNH3.75
1271 M/S  Painting MiniSheet of 16NH22.00
1272-73Mail Trucks PairNH2.40
1272+1272+1273  Postal Vans Strip of 3 (tough item as only one per booklet)NH25.00
1273a-73b BP  Postal Vans Booklet Panes of 8 and 9NH26.75
1273a-73b BK  Postal Vans Prestige Booklet of 8 and 9NH27.00
  1273a BP PA  Postal Vans Pane of 8 with Postal Artifacts in selvedgeNH13.50
  1273a BP S  Postal Vans Pane of 8 with Stamp on selvedgeNH16.50
  1273a BP  Postal Vans Pane of 9 plus 3 TabsNH16.75
1274-77Dolls Block of 4NH4.50
1274-77 SNG  Dolls SinglesNH4.25
1278Flag AnniversaryNH.85
1279-82Prehistoric Life I BlockNH4.00
1279-82 SNG  Prehistoric Life I SinglesNH3.90
1283a-86b M/S  Forests MiniSheets (4)NH45.00
1289-92Creatures Block, Perf 12x13NH4.50
1289-92 SNG  Creatures SinglesNH4.25
1289a-92c  Creatures Block, Perf 12x12NHAsk
1293Agnes CampbellNH.85
Scott # Description Condition Price
1294-9639c-78c ChristmasNH3.25
"1294b-96b"  Christmas Singles From BKNH5.50
1294a BK  39c Christmas Booklet of 10NH12.50
1295a BK  45c Christmas Booklet of 5NH12.00
1296a BK  78c Christmas Booklet of 5NH19.00
129734c RebirthNH.80
1297a BK  34c Rebirth Booklet of 10NH9.75
1298-01 BLKWorld War II Block of 4NH4.75
1298-01 STR  World War II Strip of 4NH5.50
1298-01 SNG  World War II SinglesNH4.50
1298-01 M/S  World War II MiniSheet of 16NH24.00
1298-01 FLD  World War II Special Souvenir Edition Folder containing a Mint Block of 4 plus a First Day CoverNH11.75
1302-05Physicians BlockNH4.50
1306-09 BLKPrehistoric Life II Block of 4NH4.50
1306-09 STR  Prehistoric Life II Strip of 4NH5.00
1306-09 PRS  Prehistoric Life II PairsNH4.40
1306-09 SNG  Prehistoric Life II SinglesNH4.30
1310Forest PaintingNH1.25
1310 M/S  Forest Painting MiniSheet of 16NH25.00
1311-15Public Gardens Strip of 5NH6.00
1311-15 SNG  Public Garden SinglesNH5.75
1315b BK  Public Gardens Booklet of 10NH8.50
1316Canada DayNH.90
1317-20Small Craft BlockNH4.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
1321-25Rivers Strip of 5NH5.50
1321-25 SNG  Rivers Singles from StripNH5.25
1325b BK  Rivers Booklet of 10NH11.00
1326-29Kurelek Paintings, UkraniansNH4.50
1326-29 SNG  Kurelek Paintings, Ukranians SinglesNH4.25
1330-33Public ServiceNH5.50
1334-37 SNG  Folktales SinglesNH4.50
1338Queen's University, KingstonNH.90
1338a BK  Queen's University Booklet of 10NH9.75
1339-41Christmas Santa ClausNH3.60
"1339b-41b"  Christmas Santa Claus Singles from BookletNH4.00
1339a BK  40c Christmas Booklet of 10NH10.00
1340a BK  46c Christmas Booklet of 5NH5.50
1341a BK  80c Christmas Booklet of 5NH9.50
134235c Santa ClausNH.75
1342a BK  35c Santa Claus Booklet of 10NH9.50
1344 S/SBasketball SheetNH6.50
1344a-c  Basketball Singles from SheetNH6.25
1345-48World War II (our choice of format)NH4.75
1345-48 BLK  World War II Block of 4NH5.00
1345-48 STR  World War II Strip of 4NH5.50
1345-48 M/S  World War II MiniSheet of 16NH22.00
1345-48 FLD  World War II Special Souvenir Edition Folder containing a Mint Block of 4 plus a First Day CoverNH11.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
1349//96 (35)1991-98 Definitive Major Numbers  Complete (actually 1349-76,1378,1388-89,1394-96)NH39.00
1349 '921c Blueberry (our choice of paper)NH.40
  1349 '92 AP  1c Blueberry on Coated Paper printed by Ashton-Potter Limited PaperNH.50
  1349 '94 CBN  1c Blueberry on Harrison Paper printed by Canadian Bank Note CompanyNH.50
  1349 '95 APC  1c Blueberry on Coated Paper printed by Ashton-Potter Canada LtdNH1.10
1350 '922c StrawberryNH.40
1350 var 1  2c Strawberry with Rose Thorn Plate VarietyNH9.50
1350 var 2  2c Strawberry with Snake in Bush Variety - Se-Tenant with Normal StampNH6.00
1351 '923c CrowberryNH.40
1351 var  3c Crowberry with Poisoned Berry VarietyNH10.00
1351 var  3c Crowberry with Poisoned Berry Variety in Center of Block of Nine NH13.00
1352 '925c Rose HipNH.40
1353 '926c Black RaspberryNH.40
1354 '9210c KinnikinnickNH.40
1355 '9225c Saskatoon BerryNH.50
1355 var  25c Saskatoon Berry with Snake in Bush Variety - Se-Tenant with Normal StampNH15.00
1356 '9142c Flag, HillsNH.90
1356a BK  42c Flag, Hills Booklet of 10NH10.00
"1356d"  42c Flag with Imperf MarginNH.85
"1356d" IT  42c Flag Imperf at TopNH.95
"1356d" IB  42c Flag Imperf at BottomNH.95
"1356d" IPR  42c Flag Pair Imperf Top and BottomNH1.90
"1356d" IS3  42c Flag Strip of 3 Imperf Top and BottomNH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
"1356d" IS4  42c Flag Strip of 4 Imperf Top and BottomNH5.50
"1356d" TAB B  42c Flag with Tab at BottomNH3.00
"1356d" TAB T  42c Flag with Tab at TopNH4.00
"1356d" TAB L  42c Flag with Tab at LeftNH3.00
"1356d" S+T+S  42c Flag Strip: Stamp + Tab + StampNH6.50
"1356d" T+S+T  42c Flag Strip: Tab + Stamp + TabNH9.50
1356b BK  42c Flag, Hills Booklet of 50NH115.00
1356c BK  42c Flag, Hills Booklet of 25NH21.00
1357 '9142c ElizabethNH.90
"1357b"  42c Elizabeth with Imperf MarginNH.90
"1357b" IL  42c Elizabeth Imperf at LeftNH.90
"1357b" IR  42c Elizabeth Imperf at RightNH.90
"1357b" IPR  42c Elizabeth Pair Imperf Left and RightNH1.90
1357a BK  42c Elizabeth Booklet of 10 (our choice)NH9.75
1357a BK PBM  Elizabeth Booklet with Perf Bottom MarginNH11.00
1357a BK IBM  Elizabeth Booklet with Imperf Bottom MarginNH11.00
1358 '9243c Elizabeth NH.90
1358a BK  43c Elizabeth Booklet of 10NH10.75
"1358b"  43c Elizabeth with Imperf MarginNH.90
"1358b" IL  43c Elizabeth Imperf at LeftNH.95
"1358b" IR  43c Elizabeth Imperf at RightNH.95
"1358b" IPR  43c Elizabeth Pair Imperf Left and RightNH2.00
1359 '9243c Flag, Prairie, Perf 13x13
1359a BK  43c Flag, Prairie, Perf 13x13 Booklet of 10NH9.75
"1359f"  43c Flag with Imperf MarginNH1.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
"1359f" IT  43c Flag Imperf at TopNH1.20
"1359f" IB  43c Flag Imperf at BottomNH1.20
"1359f" IPR  43c Pair Imperf at Top and BottomNH2.50
"1359f" TAB T  43c Flag with Tab at TopNH4.00
"1359f" TAB L  43c Flag with Tab at LeftNH6.00
"1359f" IST  43c Flag Imperf Strip of 3NH7.50
1359b BK  43c Flag, Prairie, Perf 13x13 Booklet of 25NH27.50
1359c '94  43c Flag, Prairie, Perf 14NH.90
1359d '94 BK    43c Flag, Prairie, Booklet of 10, Perf 14NH10.75
1359e '94 BK    43c Flag, Prairie, Booklet of 25, Perf 14NH27.50
1360 '9545c ElizabethNH.90
1360a BK  45c Elizabeth Booklet of 10NH9.75
"1360b"  45c Elizabeth with Imperf MarginNH1.10
"1360b" IL  45c Elizabeth Imperf at LeftNH1.10
"1360b" IR  45c Elizabeth Imperf at RightNH1.10
"1360b" IPR  45c Elizabeth Pair Imperf Left and RightNH2.40
1361 - 45c Flag - Stamp Design measures 17x21mm. 
1361 '9545c Flag, Buildings, Perf 14 (Larger size)NH.90
1361a BK  45c Flag, Buildings, Perf 14 Booklet of 10NH10.75
"1361f"  45c Flag with Imperf MarginNH.90
"1361f" IT  45c Flag Imperf at TopNH1.00
"1361f" IB  45c Flag Imperf at BottomNH1.00
"1361f" IPR  45c Flag Pair Imperf Top and BottomNH2.00
"1361f" IST  45c Flag Imperf StripNH5.00
"1361f" TAB L  45c Flag with Tab at LeftNH6.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
"1361f" TAB T  45c Flag with Tab at TopNH4.00
1361b BK  45c Flag, Buildings, Perf 14 Booklet of 25NH29.00
1361c  45c Flag, Buildings, Perf 13x13 (One Side Imperf)NH1.10
1361d BK  45c Flag, Buildings, Perf 13.6x13, Booklet of 10, NH9.75
"1361c" IT  45c Flag Imperf at TopNH.90
"1361c" IB  45c Flag Imperf at BottomNH.90
"1361c" IPR  45c Flag Pair Imperf Top and BottomNH2.00
"1361c" TAB L  45c Flag with Tab at LeftNH7.00
"1361c" TAB T  45c Flag with Tab at TopNH5.00
1361e BK  45c Flag, Buildings, Perf 13x13, Booklet of 25NH25.00
1362 - 45c Flag - measures 16x20mm 
1362 '9845c Flag, Smaller Size Perf 13x13NH.90
1362 GP '98  45c Flag, Smaller Size Gutter Pair Perf 13x13NH4.00
"1362c"  45c Flag with Imperf MarginNH.90
"1362c" IT  45c Flag Imperf at TopNH1.00
"1362c" IB  45c Flag Imperf at BottomNH1.00
"1362c" GP  45c Flag Gutter Pair Imperf at Top and BottomNH3.00
1362a BK  45c Flag, Smaller Size Booklet of 10NH9.75
1362b BK  45c Flag, Smaller Size Booklet of 30NH27.00
"1362d"  45c Flag with Imperf MarginNH1.10
"1362d" IT  45c Flag Imperf at TopNH1.25
"1362d" IB  45c Flag Imperf at BottomNH1.25
"1362d" IST  45c Flag Imperf Strip with Imperf Tab at BottomNH3.50
"1362d" GP  45c Flag Gutter Pair Perf at Top and BottomNH7.00
"1362d" GP IT  45c Flag Gutter Pair Imperf at TopNH10.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
"1362d" GP IB  45c Flag Gutter Pair Imperf at BottomNH10.00
1363 '9148c McIntosh Apple (from sheet)NH1.10
1363a  48c McIntosh Apple Perf 14x14, 3 sides (from booklet)NH1.90
1363b BK  48c McIntosh Apple Booklet of 5NH9.00
1363a IT  48c Apple Imperf at TopNH1.80
1363a IB  48c Apple Imperf at BottomNH1.80
1363a IPR  48c Apple Pair, Imperf Top and BottomNH3.60
1363a TAB L  48c Apple Tab at LeftNH7.50
1363a TAB T  48c Apple Tab at TopNH7.75
1364 '9249c Delicious Apple, Perf 13.1 (from sheet)NH1.10
1364a  49c Delicious Apple, Perf 14.4x13.8 (from booklet)NH5.75
1364a IT  49c Apple Imperf at TopNH2.50
1364a IB  49c Apple Imperf at BottomNH2.50
1364a IPR49c Delicious Apple Imperf Top and BottomNH5.00
1364b BK  49c Delicious Apple, Perf 14.4x13.8, Booklet of 5NH30.00
1364a TAB L  49c Apple Tab at LeftNH12.00
1364a TAB T  49c Apple Tab at TopNH12.00
1364c '94 BK  49c Delicious Apple, Perf 13.1, Booklet of 5NH65.00
"1364d"  49c Apple, Perf 13.1 on 3 SidesNH9.75
"1364d" IT  49c Apple Imperf at TopNH7.00
"1364d" IB  49c Apple Imperf at BottomNH7.00
"1364d" IPR  49c Apple Pair, Imperf Top and BottomNH14.00
"1364d" TAB L  49c Apple Tab at LeftNH25.00
"1364d" TAB T  49c Apple Tab at TopNH25.00
136550c Snow Apple, Perf 13NH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
1365a BK  50c Snow Apple, Perf 13, Booklet of 5NH11.00
"1365d"  50c Snow Apple, Perf 13, One Side ImperfNH2.50
"1365d" IT  50c Apple Imperf at TopNH2.50
"1365d" IB  50c Apple Imperf at BottomNH2.50
"1365d" IPR  50c Apple Pair, Imperf Top and BottomNH5.00
"1365d" TAB L  50c Apple Tab at LeftNH9.00
"1365d" TAB T  50c Apple Tab at TopNH9.00
1365b  50c Snow Apple, Perf 14x14NH7.00
1365c '95 BK  50c Snow Apple, Perf 14x14, Booklet of 5NH30.00
1365b IT  50c Apple Imperf at TopNH7.25
1365b IB  50c Apple Imperf at BottomNH7.25
1365b IPR  50c Apple Pair, Imperf Top and BottomNH14.50
1365b TAB L  50c Apple Tab at LeftNH15.00
1365b TAB T  50c Apple Tab at TopNH15.00
1366 '9552c Apple, Perf 13NH1.75
1366 TAB L  52c Apple, Perf 13 with Tab at LeftNH6.00
1366 IB  52c Apple, Perf 13 Imperf at BottomNH5.00
1366 IT  52c Apple, Perf 13 Imperf at TopNH5.00
1366 ITB  52c Apple, Perf 13 Pair Imperf Top and BottomNH10.00
1366 TAB T  52c Apple, Perf 13 with Tab at TopNH6.00
1366a BK  52c Apple, Perf 13 Booklet of 5NH25.00
1366b  52c Apple, Perf 14x14NH2.25
1366c BK  52c Apple, Perf 14x14, Booklet of 5NH56.00
"1366d" IT  52c Apple, Imperf at TopNH11.00
"1366d" IB  52c Apple Imperf at BottomNH11.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
"1366d" IPR  52c Apple Pair, Imperf Top and BottomNH23.00
"1366d" TAB L  52c Apple Tab at LeftNH29.00
"1366d" TAB T  52c Apple Tab at TopNH29.00
1367 '9165c WalnutNH1.50
1368 '9267c HazelnutNH1.60
1369 '9469c HickoryNH1.70
1369i APC '95NHAsk
1370 '9571c Chestnut, Perf 13NH1.70
1370i APC '95NHAsk
1370a  71c Chestnut, Perf 14x14NH59.00
1371 '9184c Plum, Perf 13NH1.90
1371a  84c Plum, Perf 14x14, 3 sidesNH4.75
1371b BK  84c Plum, Booklet of 5NH22.50
1371a IT  84c Plum Imperf at TopNH5.00
1371a IB  84c Plum Imperf at BottomNH5.00
1371a IPR  84c Plum Pair, Imperf Top and BottomNH10.00
1371a TAB L  84c Plum Tab at LeftNH12.50
1371a TAB T  84c Plum Tab at TopNH12.50
1372 '9286c Pear, Perf 13NH2.10
1372a  86c Pear, Perf 14x14NH6.00
1372b BK  86c Pear, Perf 14x14 Booklet of 5NH30.00
1372a IT  86c Pear Imperf at TopNH6.00
1372a IB  86c Pear Imperf at BottomNH6.00
1372a IPR  86c Pear Pair, Imperf Top and BottomNH12.50
1372a TAB L  86c Pear Tab at LeftNH16.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1372a TAB T  86c Pear Tab at TopNH16.00
1372c '94 BK  86c Pear, Perf 13 Booklet of 5NH65.00
"1372d"  86c Pear One Side ImperfNH10.00
"1372d" IT  86c Pear Imperf at TopNH11.00
"1372d" IB  86c Pear Imperf at BottomNH11.00
"1372d" IPR  86c Pear Pair, Imperf Top and BottomNH20.00
"1372d" TAB L  86c Pear Tab at LeftNH30.00
"1372d" TAB T  86c Pear Tab at TopNH30.00
1373 '9488c Apricot, Perf 13NH2.10
1373a BK  88c Apricot, Perf 13 Booklet of 5NH18.00
"1373d"  88c Apricot One Side ImperfNH3.50
"1373d" IT  88c Apricot Imperf at TopNH4.00
"1373d" IB  88c Apricot Imperf at BottomNH4.00
"1373d" IPR  88c Apricot Pair, Imperf Top and BottomNH8.00
"1373d" TAB L  88c Apricot Tab at LeftNH10.00
"1373d" TAB R  88c Apricot Tab at TopNH10.00
1373b  88c Apricot, Perf 14x14NH9.00
1373c '95 BK  88c Apricot, Perf 14x14, Booklet of 5NH38.00
1373b IT  88c Apricot Imperf at TopNH9.00
1373b IB  88c Apricot Imperf at BottomNH9.00
1373b IPR  88c Apricot Pair, Imperf Top and BottomNH19.00
1373b TAB L  88c Apricot Tab at LeftNH20.00
1373b TAB T  88c Apricot Tab at TopNH20.00
1374 '9590c Peach, Perf 13NH4.75
1374a BK  90c Peach, Perf 13 Booklet of 5NH36.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
"1374d"  90c Peach One Side ImperfNH6.00
"1374d" IB  90c Peach Imperf at BottomNH6.50
"1374d" IT  90c Peach Imperf at TopNH6.50
"1374d" IPR  90c Peach Pair, Imperf Top and BottomNH13.50
"1374d" TAB L  90c Peach Tab at LeftNH20.00
"1374d" TAB T  90c Peach Tab at TopNH20.00
1374b  90c Peach, Perf 14x14NH11.50
1374c BK  90c Peach, Perf 14x14, Booklet of 5NH55.00
1374b IT  90c Peach Imperf at TopNH11.50
1374b IB  90c Peach Imperf at BottomNH11.50
1374b IPR  90c Peach Pair, Imperf Top and BottomNH22.00
1374b TAB L  90c Peach Tab at LeftNH28.00
1374b TAB T  90c Peach Tab at TopNH28.00
1375 '94$1 Court House, Perf 14x14 (Facade Orange under UV)NH2.25
1375b  $1 Court House, Perf 13x13NH2.50
1376 '94$2 Truro School, Perf 14x14 (Building Glows Orange Brown under UV)NH4.50
1376c  $2 Truro School, Perf 13x13NH5.00
1377This number not utilized by Scott. 
1378 '96$5 LibraryNH10.75
1378a  $5 Library ReprintNHAsk
1379-87These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1388 '9242c Flag, MountainsNH1.25
1388a BK  42c Flag, Mountains Booklet of 12NH19.50
1389 '9343c Flag, ShoreNH1.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
1389a BK  43c Flag, Shore Booklet of 12NH19.50
1390-93These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1394 '9142c Red Flag CoilNH.90
NH Pair1.90
1395 '9243c Olive Flag CoilNH.90
NH Pair1.90
1396 '9545c Blue-green Flag CoilNH.95
1399-03Winter Olympics Strip of 5NH5.50
1399-03  Winter Olympics SinglesNH5.25
1403b BK  Winter Olympics Booklet of 10NH10.50
1404-07Montreal HistoryNH4.75
1407a S/SMontreal Sheet of 4NH5.75
"1407b" S/S  Montreal Sheet of 4 with SignatureNH69.00
1408-12Rivers Strip of 5NH5.50
1408-12  Rivers SinglesNH5.25
1412b BK  Rivers Booklet of 10NH10.75
1413Alaska HighwayNH.90
1414-18 STRBarcelona Olympics Strip of 5NH6.00
1414-18 SNG  Barcelona Olympics SinglesNH5.50
1418b BK  Barcelona Olympics Booklet of 10NH12.50
1419Milne Painting - Red NasturtiumsNH1.10
1419 M/S  Milne Painting - Red Nasturtiums  MiniSheet of 16NH25.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1420-31 M/SCanada Day MiniSheet of 12NH23.50
1420-31 SNG  Canada Day Single StampsNH19.75
1436-40 STRMinerals Strip of 5NH6.00
1436-40 SNG  Minerals SinglesNH5.75
1440b BK  Minerals Booklet of 10NH12.00
1441-42Canada in Space Pair (our choice of format)NH2.00
1441-42  Canada in Space Pair (Hologram at Right)NH2.00
1442 PR  Hologram Stamp only in PairNH4.00
1442+41  Canada in Space Pair (Hologram at Left)NH4.00
1441-42  Canada in Space SinglesNH1.90
1441-42 M/S  Canada in Space MiniSheet of 10NH25.00
1443-45Hockey LeagueNH2.90
1443a-45a BK  Hockey League BookletNH22.50
1446-47Order of CanadaNH2.00
1446-47 PR  Order of Canada Pair (our choice)NH2.00
1446-47 PRM-L  Order of Canada Pair - Medal at LeftNH2.25
1446-47 PRM-R  Order of Canada Pair - Medal at RightNH2.50
1446-47 PRM-T  Order of Canada Pair - Medal at TopNH2.50
1446-47 PRM-B  Order of Canada Pair - Medal at BottomNH2.50
1446+1446 PR  Order of Canada - Medal PairNH2.25
1447+1447 PR  Order of Canada - Governor PairNH2.25
1446-47 M/S  Order of Canada MiniSheet of 25NH30.00
1448-51 BLKWorld War II Block of 4NH5.50
1448-51 SNG  World War II SinglesNH5.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
1448-51 STR  World War II Strip of 4NH5.75
1448+50 BLK  World War II Block I of 2 PairsNH5.40
1449+51 BLK  World War II Block II of 2 PairsNH5.40
1448-51 M/S  World War II MiniSheet of 16NH24.00
1448-51 FLD  World War II Special Souvenir Edition Folder containing a Mint Block of 4 plus a First Day CoverNH11.75
1452-5442c-84c ChristmasNH4.75
1452a  42c Christmas Perf 13NH.90
1452b BK  Christmas Perf 13 Booklet of 10NH10.00
1453a  48c Christmas Perf 13NH1.25
1453a BK  Christmas Perf 13 Booklet of 5NH7.00
1454a  84c Christmas Perf 13NH2.50
1454a BK  Christmas Perf 13 Booklet of 5NH11.00
1455Santa Claus from Booklet (our choice of format)NH.95
1455 IMP-L  37c Santa Claus Imperf at LeftNH1.10
1455 IMP-R  37c Santa Claus Imperf at RightNH1.20
1455 PR  37c Santa Claus Imperf PairNH2.25
1455a BK  Santa Claus Booklet of 10NH9.75
1456-59Famous Women (our choice of format)NH4.25
1456-59 BLK  Famous Women Block of 4NH4.50
1456-59 STR  Famous Women Strip of 4NH4.75
1460Stanley CupNH.90
1461-65 STRTextiles Strip of 5NH6.00
1461-65  Textiles SinglesNH5.75
1461-65  Textiles BlocksNHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
1465b BK  Textiles Booklet of 10NH11.75
1466Owl PaintingNH1.90
1466 M/S  Owl Painting MiniSheet of 16NH38.00
1467-71 STRRailway Hotels Strip of 5NH6.00
1467-71  Railway Hotels SinglesNH5.75
1471b BK  Railway Hotels Booklet of 10NH12.00
1472-83 M/SParks MiniSheet of 12NH18.50
1472-83  Parks SinglesNH18.00
1485-89Rivers Strip of 5NH6.00
1485-89 SNG  Rivers SinglesNH5.75
1489b BK  Rivers Booklet of 10NH12.00
1490 S/SAutomobiles Sheet of 6 (#1)NH9.50
1490 S/S FLD  Automobiles Sheet (#1) in Presentation FolderNH11.00
1490a-f  Automobiles SinglesNH9.25
1491-94 BLKFolk Songs BlockNH4.50
1491-94 SNG  Folk Songs SinglesNH4.25
1495-98Dinosaurs (our choice of Block or Strip)NH4.25
1495-98 BLK  Dinosaurs BlockNH4.50
1495-98 STR  Dinosaurs Strip of 4NH5.00
1495-98 SNG  Dinosaurs SinglesNH4.00
1499-0143c-86c ChristmasNH4.25
1499a BK  43c Christmas Booklet of 10NH9.75
1500a BK  49c Christmas Booklet of 5NH6.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
1501a BK  86c Christmas Booklet of 5NH12.00
150238c Santa ClausNH.90
1502a BK  Santa Claus Booklet of 10NH10.50
1503-06 BLKWorld War II BlockNH4.50
1503-06 SNG  World War II SinglesNH4.25
1503-06 STR  World War II Strip of 4NH5.00
1503-06 M/S  World War II MiniSheet of 16NH21.00
1503-06 FLD  World War II Special Souvenir Edition Folder containing a Mint Block of 4 plus a First Day CoverNH11.75
1507-0843c Silver GreetingsNH2.75
1508a BK  43c Greetings Booklet of 10NH14.50
1509Jeanne SauveNH.90
1509a BLK  Jeanne Sauve Block with LabelsNH4.00
1509a STR  Jeanne Sauve Strip with LabelsNH4.50
1510Eaton CompanyNH.90
1510a BK  Eaton Company Booklet of 10NH9.75
1511-15 STRRivers Strip of 5NH5.25
1511-15 SNG  River SinglesNH5.00
1515b BK  Rivers Booklet of 10NH10.75
1516Varley PaintingNH1.90
1516 M/S  Varley Painting MiniSheet of 16NH39.00
1517-22Sporting Games (our choice of format of the 43c stamps)NH5.50
1517-22 SNG  Sport Games SinglesNH5.00
1517-22 HPR  Sporting Games with 43c in Horizontal PairsNH5.50
1517-22 VPR  Sporting Games with the 43c in Vertical PairsNH6.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1523 S/SYear of the Family SheetNH5.00
1523a-e  Year of the Family Singles from SheetNH4.90
1524 M/SMaple Trees MiniSheet of 12NH13.75
1524a-l  Maple Trees Singles from SheetNH13.00
1525-26Bishop, TraversNH1.70
1527 S/SHistoric Vehicles Sheet of 6 (#2)NH9.75
1527 S/S FLD  Historic Vehicles Sheet (#2) in Presentation FolderNH11.00
1527a-f  Historic Vehicles SinglesNH9.75
"1527g" BK  Booklet of 9 self-adhesive Labels created by the Post Office for PhilaKorea'94 and Capex'96.  A vignette shows the 88c Bus.  Rarely seen!NH39.50
1528ICAO AnniversaryNH.95
1529-32Prehistoric Life III BlockNH4.50
1529-32 SNG  Prehistoric Life III SinglesNH4.25
1533-3543c-88c Christmas CarolsNH4.00
"1533B-55B"  Christmas Booklet SinglesNH4.75
"1533B-55B" PR  Christmas Booklet PairsNH9.50
1533a BK  43c Christmas Booklet of 10NH10.50
1534a BK  50c Christmas Booklet of 5NH6.75
1535a BK  88c Christmas Booklet of 5NH11.75
153638c SoloistNH1.10
1536 IMP-L  38c Soloist Imperf at LeftNH1.20
1536 IMP-R  38c Soloist Imperf at RightNH1.20
1536 PR  38c Soloist Imperf PairNH2.40
1536a BK  38c Soloist Booklet of 10NH10.75
1537-40 BLKWorld War II Block of 4NH4.50
1537-40 STR  World War II Strip of 4NH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1537-40 SNG  World War II SinglesNH4.25
1537-40 M/S  World War II MiniSheet of 16NH22.50
1537-40 FLD  World War II Special Souvenir Edition Folder containing a Mint Block of 4 plus a First Day CoverNH11.75
1541-44 BLKWorld War II Block of 4NH4.50
1541-44 STR  World War II Strip of 4NH4.75
1541-44 SNG  World War II SinglesNH4.25
1541-44 M/S  World War II MiniSheet of 16NH22.50
1541-44 FLD  World War II Special Souvenir Edition Folder containing a Mint Block of 4 plus a First Day CoverNH11.75
1545Pellan PaintingNH1.90
1545 M/S  Pellan Painting MiniSheet of 16NH39.00
1546Flag over LakeNH.90
1547-51Louisbourg Strip of 5NH5.25
1547-51  Louisbourg SinglesNH5.00
1551b BK  Louisbourg Booklet of 10NH11.50
1552 S/SHistoric Vehicles Sheet of 6 (#3)NH9.75
1552 S/S FLD  Historic Vehicles Sheet (#3) in Presentation FolderNH11.50
1552a-f  Historic Vehicles SinglesNH9.50
1553-57Golfing Strip of 5NH5.50
1553-57  Golfing SinglesNH5.25
1557b BK  Golfing Booklet of 10NH11.75
1558Lunenburg AcademyNH.90
1559-61 S/S"Group of Seven" Paintings Sheets of 3 or 4NH14.50
1559a-61c (10)  "Group of Seven" Paintings Singles from SheetsNH14.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1563-66Wildlife Singles (Kingfisher inscribed "aune")NH4.50
  1563-66 BLK  Wildlife Block of FourNH5.00
  1563-66 STR  Wildlife Strip of FourNH6.00
  1564  Kingfisher Single inscribed "aune"NH4.00
1567Kingfisher with Faune CorrectionNH5.50
1567a BLK  Kingfisher with Faune Correction in Block of 4 with Scott 1563,1565-66NH6.50
1568-6945c Greetings (Smaller 46x22mm size)NH2.50
  1569a BK  45c Greetings (Smaller 46x22mm size) Booklet of 10NH13.50
1568-69 DCS45c Greetings (Smaller 46x22mm size) Die Cut to ShapeNHAsk
"1569b" BK  45c Greetings (46x22mm) with Chiropractic College Cover BookletNH15.00
1570-73Bridges (our choice of block or strip)NH4.50
1570-73 SNG  Bridges SinglesNH4.25
1570-73 BLK  Bridges Block of 4NH4.75
1570-73 STR  Bridges Strip of 4NH5.00
1574-78Arctic Scenes Strip of 5NH5.50
1574-78  Arctic Scenes SinglesNH5.50
1578b BK  Arctic Scenes Booklet of 10NH11.50
1579-83Comic Books Strip of 5NH5.00
"1579-83 PS"  Comic Book SuperHeroes Post Card Pack of 5 Different Official Postal CardsNH11.00
1583b BK  Comic Books Booklet of 10NH11.50
1584UN AnniversaryNH1.75
1584 M/S  UN Anniversary Decorative MiniSheet of 10NH19.00
1585-8745c-90c ChristmasNH3.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
1585a BK  45c Christmas Booklet of 10NH9.75
1586a BK  52c Christmas Booklet of 5NH5.50
1587a BK  90c Christmas Booklet of 5NH9.75
158840c HollyNH.90
1588a BK  40c Holly Booklet of 10NH9.50
1589Franophone CooperationNH.90
1590Holocaust EndsNH1.00
1590 TAB 1  Holocaust with SHOAH Tab at TopNH6.00
1590 TAB 2  Holocaust with SHOAH Tab at BottomNH10.75
1591-94Birds Strip of 4NH4.50
1591-94  Birds Singles from StripNH4.25
1591-94 M/S  Birds MiniSheet of 12 with Margin InscriptionNH22.50
1595-98Technology Block of 4NH4.50
1595-98  Technology SinglesNH4.25
1598a BK  Technology Booklet of 12NH14.00
1600-0145c Greetings (Larger 51x25mm size)NH3.75
1601a BK  45c Greetings (Larger 51x25mm size) Booklet of 10NH23.00
1600-01 DCS45c Greetings (Larger 51x25mm size) Die Cut to ShapeNHAsk
1602 M/S  Sculpture MiniSheet of 16NH39.00
1603AIDS AwarenessNH1.25
1604 S/SHistoric Vehicles Sheet of 6 (#4)NH9.50
1604 S/S FLD  Historic Vehicles Sheet (#4) in Presentation FolderNH11.00
1604a-f  Historic Vehicles SinglesNH10.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1605 M/S25 Vehicles Sheet of 25 (#5)NH13.75
1605 S/S FLD  25 Vehicles Sheet (#5) in  Presentation FolderNH17.00
  1605 S/S x2  1605 (Vehicles) Separated into two large pieces as called for in some albums.NH13.50
  1605a-y  Vehicles Singles from SheetNH12.75
  1605a  Steam BuggyNH.50
  1605b  Touring CarNH.50
  1605c  Military AmbulanceNH.50
  1605d  Police WagonNH.90
  1605e  Ski-DooNH.90
  1605f  Electric VanNH.50
  1605g  Road RollerNH.50
  1605h  Farm Tractor 
  1605i  Delivery TruckNH.50
  1605j  Road Grader 
  1605k  StreetcarNH.75
  1605l  Motor CoachNH.75
  1605m  Tractor-TrailerNH1.75
  1605n  Logging TruckNH.75
  1605o  Model TNH1.25
  1605p  Studebaker Champion DeluxeNH1.25
  1605q  Fire EngineNH3.75
  1605r  McLaughlin-Buick Model 28-496NH1.75
  1605s  Gray-Dort Model 25-SMNH1.75
  1605t  SnowblowerNH1.75
  1605u  Multi-Passenger SnowmobileNH2.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1605v  Farm TruckNH1.75
  1605w  Tracked CarrierNH1.75
  1605x  Self-Propelled CombineNH2.00
  1605y  Bricklin Sports CarNH4.75
1606Yukon Gold Rush Strip of 5NH5.75
1606a-e  Yukon Gold Rush Singles from Strip NH5.50
1606 M/S  Yukon Gold Rush MiniSheet of 10NH11.75
1607Maple Leaf - Canada DayNH1.50
1607a M/S  Maple Leaf MiniSheet of 12NH22.00
1608-12 STROlympic Medalists Strip of 5NH6.00
1608-12  Olympic Medalists SinglesNH5.75
1612b BK  Olympic Medalists Booklet of 10NH12.50
1613British ColumbiaNH.90
1615-16 S/SMotion Pictures SheetsNH10.75
1615-16  Motion Pictures SinglesNH10.50
1617Educator MontpetitNH.90
1618-21 BLKWinnie the Pooh Block of 4NH4.50
1618-21  Winnie the Pooh SinglesNH4.25
1621b S/SWinnie the Pooh Sheet of 4NH7.50
1621a BK  Winnie the Pooh Booklet of 16NH15.00
1622-26 STRAuthors Strip of 5NH5.75
1622-26  Authors SinglesNH5.50
1626b BK  Authors Booklet of 10NH11.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
1627-2945c-90c Christmas Activities - UNICEF (Perf on 4 sides)NH3.75
1627-29 IL  Christmas Imperf at Left (3)NH3.75
1627-29 IR  Christmas Imperf at Right (3)NH3.75
1627-29 IPR  Christmas 3 Pairs Imperf Left and RightNH7.50
  1627 IL  45c Christmas Imperf at LeftNH.90
  1627 IR  45c Christmas Imperf at RightNH.90
  1627 IPR  45c Christmas Pair Imperf Left and RightNH1.75
  1628 IL  52c Christmas Imperf at LeftNH1.10
  1628 IR  52c Christmas Imperf at RightNH1.10
  1628 IPR  52c Christmas Pair Imperf Left and RightNH2.50
  1628 TAB R  52c Christmas with UNICEF Tab at RightNH3.50
  1628 TAB B  52c Christmas with UNICEF Tab BelowNH3.50
  1629 IL  90c Christmas Imperf at LeftNH2.00
  1629 IR  90c Christmas Imperf at RightNH2.00
  1629 IPR  90c Christmas Pair Imperf Left and RightNH4.50
  1629 TAB R  90c Christmas with UNICEF Tab at RightNH5.75
  1629 TAB B  90c Christmas with UNICEF Tab BelowNH5.75
1627a BK  45c Christmas Booklet of 10NH9.75
1628a BK  52c Christmas Booklet of 5NH5.50
1629a BK  90c Christmas Booklet of 5NH9.75
1630Year of the OxNH.95
1630a S/SYear of the Ox Fan SheetNH4.75
"1630P" P/SYear of the Ox Press Sheet of 12NH325.00
"1630c" S/SYear of the Ox Sheet with Hong Kong Overprint at Lower RightNH11.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
1631-34Birds (our choice of format)NH4.50
1631-34 SNG  Birds SinglesNH4.25
1631-34 BLK  Birds Block of 4NH4.75
1631-34 STR  Birds Strip of 4NH5.00
1631-34 M/S  Birds Sheet of 20NH24.00
1635 M/S  Painting MiniSheet of 16NH39.00
1636Canadian TireNH1.00
1636 var  Canadaian Tire with Thin Line through part of "Canada 45"NHAsk
1636 M/S  Canadian Tire MiniSheet of 12NHAsk
1637Musicologist GadboisNH1.00
1638Blue PoppyNH1.00
1638 IT  Blue Poppy Imperf at TopNH1.00
1638 IB  Blue Poppy Imperf at BottomNH1.00
1638 IPR  Blue Poppy Pair Imperf Top and BottomNH2.25
1638a BK  Blue Poppy Booklet of 12NH11.00
1639Nursing OrderNH1.00
1640Law SocietyNH1.00
1640 var  Law Society with Damaged Wax ImpressionNH9.00
1641-44Salt Water Fish (our choice of format)NH4.50
1641-44 SNG  Salt Water Fish SinglesNH4.25
1641-44 BLK  Salt Water Fish Block of 4NH4.75
1641-44 STR  Salt Water Fish Strip of 4NH5.25
1641-44 M/S  Salt Water Fish MiniSheet of 20NH22.50
1645-46Lighthouse, Bridge PairNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1647-48Race Car Driver SinglesNH2.75
1648b  Race Car Driver Pair (our choice)NH5.00
1648b VPR    Race Car Driver Vertical Pair (our choice)NH5.50
1648b HPR  Race Car Driver Pair Horizontal PairNH5.50
1648b BLK  Race Car Drive Checkerboard Block of 4NH10.00
1648b S/SRacing Sheet of 4 PairsNH16.75
1649Cabot's Voyage (Joint Issue with Italy)NH1.75
1650-53Scenic Highways, Wine, Skiing, Mountains, Horse Block (our choice of format)NH5.00
1650-53 BLK  Scenic Highways, Wine, Skiing, Mountains, Horse Block of 4NH5.25
1650-53 BLK SO  Scenic Highways, Wine, Skiing, Mountains, Horse Block of 4 in Scott OrderNH6.00
1650-53 SNG  Scenic Highways, etc SinglesNH4.75
1650-53 STR  Scenic Highways, Wine, Skiing, Mountains, Horse Strip of 4NH5.50
1650-53 M/S  Scenic Highways, Wine, Skiing, Mountains, Horse MiniSheet of 20NHAsk
1654Industrial Design with Tab (our choice)NH.90
1654 var  Industrial Design Tab Variations:NHAsk
1654a M/S  Industrial Design MiniSheet of 24NH35.00
1655Highland GamesNH.90
1656Knights of ColumbusNH.90
1657PTT CongressNH.90
1658Asia-Pacific YearNH.90
1659-60 HPIce Hockey Horizontal Pair (our choice)NH2.00
1659-60 VP  Ice Hockey Vertical Pair (our choice)NH2.50
1659-60 HP SO  Ice Hockey Horizontal Pair in Scott OrderNH2.50
1659-60 VP SO  Ice Hockey Vertical Pair in Scott OrderNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1660a BK  Ice Hockey Booklet of 10NH10.00
1660a BP  Ice Hockey Unfolded Pane of 10 with Canada-Soviet Series Anniversary OverprintNHAsk
1661-64Politicians (our choice of block or strip)NH4.50
1661-64 BLK  Politicians Block of 4NH4.75
1661-64 BLK SO  Politicians Block of 4 in Scott OrderNH6.00
1661-64 STR  Politicians Strip of 4NH4.75
1661-64 STR SO  Politicians Strip of 4 in Scott OrderNH6.50
1661-64  Politicians SinglesNH4.25
1665-68Fantasies Block of 4NH4.50
1665-68  Fantasies SinglesNH4.25
1669-7145c-90c ChristmasNH4.00
"1669B-71B"  Christmas Booklet Singles (with Imperf Margins)NH4.75
  "1669B"  45c Christmas with Imperf SidesNH1.50
  "1670B"  52c Christmas with Imperf SidesNH2.00
  "1671B"  90c Christmas with Imperf SidesNH2.50
1669a BK  45c Christmas Booklet of 10NH9.75
1670a BK  52c Christmas Booklet of 5NH6.50
1671a BK  90c Christmas Booklet of 5NH10.75
1672Winter FairNH.90
Please order the definitive issues below with great care as Scott has changed numbers several times.
1673-80 '99HandiworkNH2.00
  1673  1c BookbindingNH.40
  1674  2c IronworkNH.40
  1675  3c Glass blowingNH.40
  1676  4c Oyster FarmingNH.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1677  5c WeavingNH.40
  1678  9c QuiltingNH.40
  1679  10c WoodworkingNH.40
  1680  25c LeatherworkingNH.50
1681 '9846c ElizabethNH1.10
1682 '9846c Flag, IcebergsNH.90
1682 GP '98  46c Flag, Icebergs Gutter PairNH4.00
1682a BK  46c Flag, Icebergs Booklet of 10NH10.00
1683 '0047c ElizabethNH1.50
1684 '9855c Maple LeafNH1.60
1684a BK  55c Maple Leaf Booklet of 5NH8.50
1685 '9873c Maple LeafNH1.50
1686 '9895c Maple LeafNH2.75
1686a BK  95c Maple Leaf Booklet of 5NH15.00
1687 '98$1 LoonNH2.00
1688 '05$1 White-tailed DeerNH2.25
1689 '05$1 WalrusNH2.25
1689a '05  $1 Deer, Walrus PairNH4.50
1689b '05 S/SDeer, Walrus Sheet of 4NH9.00
1690 '98$2 Polar BearNH4.00
1691 '05$2 Peregrine FalconNH4.50
1692 '05$2 HorsesNH4.50
1692a '05Falcon - Horses PairNH9.00
1692b '05  S/SFalcon Horse Sheet of 4NH17.50
1693 '03$5 MooseNH9.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
1693 '03 M/S  $5 Moose MiniSheet of 4NH40.00
1694 '97$8 Grizzly BearNH15.50
1694 '97 M/S 1  $8 Grizzly Bear MiniSheet of 4 with Inscription at RightNHAsk
1694 '97 M/S 2  $8 Grizzly Bear MiniSheet of 4 without InscriptionNHAsk
1695 '9846c Red CoilNH3.25
NH Pair2.25
1696-97These numbers were formerly Scott 1714 and 1714B 
1696 '9745c Maple Leaf Self-adhesive Straight Line Die CutNH2.00
1696a BK '97  45c Maple Leaf Self-adhesive Booklet of 18NH35.00
1697 '9745c Maple Leaf Self-adhesive Die Cut 13NH1.50
NH Pair3.00
1697 var 1 '97  45c Maple Leaf with "Bullet Hole"NHAsk
1697 var 2 '97  45c Maple Leaf with Backing Paper Rouletted HorizontallyNHAsk
1698 '9846c Flag over Icebergs Self-AdhesiveNH1.75
1698a BK  46c Flag over Icebergs Self-Adhesive Booklet of 30NH45.00
1699 '9846c Maple Leaf, Self-AdhesiveNH4.00
1699a BK  46c Maple Leaf, Self-Adhesive Booklet of 18NH69.00
1700 '0047c Flag, InukshukNH1.20
1700a '00 BK  47c Flag, Inukshuk Booklet of 10NH2.00
1700b '00 BK  47c Flag, Inukshuk Booklet of 30NH35.00
1701-07These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
1708Year of the TigerNH.90
1708a S/SYear of the Tiger SheetNH3.75
"1708P" P/SYear of the Tiger Press Sheet of 12NH150.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
"1708b" S/SYear of the Tiger Sheet with Marginal Inscription AddedNH5.75
1709 M/SProvincial Leaders MiniSheet of 10NH13.00
1709a-j  Provincial Leaders SinglesNH13.00
1710-13Birds SinglesNH4.00
1710-13 BLK  Birds Block of 4 (our choice of block)NH4.25
1710-13 BLK SO  Birds Block of 4 in Scott Order (Woodpecker at UL)NH5.75
1710-13 STR  Birds Strip of 4 (our choice of format)NH5.75
1710-13 STR SO  Birds Strip of 4 in Scott Order (Woodpecker at Left)NH7.75
1710-13 M/SBirds MiniSheet of 16NH20.00
1714This number not utilized by Scott. 
1715-20Fly Fishing Strip of 6NH7.00
1715-20  Fly Fishing SinglesNH6.75
1720a BK  Fly Fishing Booklet of 10NH14.00
1721Mining, PetroleumNH1.00
1722Penny PostNH.80
1722 TAB  Penny Post with TabNH10.00
1722 STR TAB  Penny Post Pair with Central TabNH13.00
1722 M/SPenny Post MiniSheet of 14 with TabNH22.00
1723-24 SNGSumo Wrestling SinglesNH2.00
1723-24 HP  Sumo Wrestling Horizontal PairNH2.25
1723-24 VP  Sumo Wrestling Vertical PairNH3.25
1724b S/SWrestling Champs SheetNH4.75
1725-34Canals Pane of 10NH16.00
1729a,1734a Canals Two Half Panes of 5NH14.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
1725-34 SNG  Canals Single StampsNH14.50
1734a BK  Canals Booklet of 10NH18.00
1735Health ProfessionalsNH.90
1736-37Mounted Police: 
1736-37 TAB 1  Mounted Police Pair with Tab 1NH2.00
1736-37 TAB 2  Mounted Police Pair with Tab 2NH2.00
1736-37 PR+TABS 1+2  Mounted Police Strip of 4 arranged:  Stamp + Tab + Stamp + TabNH9.00
1736-37 PR+TABS 1+2+3  Mounted Police Strip of 5 arranged:  Tab + Stamp + Tab + Stamp + TabNH13.00
1737b S/SRoyal Canadian Mounted Police SheetNH3.75
1737c S/SRoyal Canadian Mounted Police Sheet with SignatureNH5.75
1737d S/SRoyal Canadian Mounted Police Sheet with Portugal '98NH6.75
1737e S/SRoyal Canadian Mounted Police Sheet with Italia '98NH8.50
1738Naval ArchitectNH.90
1739-42Scenic Highways SinglesNH4.25
1739-42 BLK  Scenic Highways Block of 4NH4.50
1739-42 BLK SO  Scenic Highways Block of 4 in Scott OrderNH7.00
1739-42 STR  Scenic Highways Strip of 4NH6.50
1739-42 STR SO  Scenic Highways Strip of 4 in Scott OrderNH10.00
1743-49Paintings Booklet SinglesNH10.50
1749a BK  Paintings Complete Booklet of 7NH11.00
1750-53Outdoorsmen SinglesNH4.25
1750-53 BLK  Outdoorsmen Block of 4NH4.50
1750-53 BLK SO  Outdoorsmen Block of 4 in Scott OrderNH6.50
1750-53 STR  Outdoorsmen Strip of 4NH5.75
1750-53 STR SO  Outdoorsmen Strip of 4 in Scott OrderNH7.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
1750-53 M/S  Outdoorsmen MiniSheet of 20NH26.00
1754Bobak PaintingNH1.80
1754 M/S  Bobak Painting MiniSheet of 16NH39.00
1755 M/S FLDHousing MiniSheet of 9 plus Tabs (folded)NH14.75
1755 M/S UNFLDHousing MiniSheet of 9 plus Tabs (unfolded)NH17.75
1755a-i  Housing Singles from SheetNH14.50
1756Ottawa UniversityNH.90
1757-60Circus SinglesNH4.25
1757-60 BLK  Circus Block of 4 (our choice)NH4.50
1757-60 BLK SO  Circus Block of 4 in Scott OrderNH6.00
1760a BP  Circus Pane of 12NH13.00
1760a BK  Circus Booklet of 12NH13.50
1760b S/SCircus Sheet of 4NH5.25
"1760c-f"  Circus Singles from SheetNH5.00
1761Human RightsNH.90
1762-63Naval Reserve Pair (our choice)NH2.25
1762-63 SONaval Reserve Pair in Scott OrderNH2.75
1762-63 SNG  Naval Reserve SinglesNH2.00
1764-66Christmas (45c Perf 13, 52c,90c Perf 13x13)NH4.25
1764a-66a BK  Christmas Booklets (3) with the scarcer perforationsNH75.00

1764b  45c Christmas, Perf 13x13 (rare)NHAsk
1764c-66c BK  Christmas Booklets (3) with the more common perforations (1764c Perf 13x13,1765c-66c Perf 13)NH27.50
"1764d-66d"  Christmas Booklet Singles with Imperf MarginNH7.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
"1764d-66d" PR  Christmas Booklet Pairs with Imperf MarginsNH16.00
1765a-66a BK  52c,90c Christmas Booklets (2), Perf 13x13 
"1765e-66e" TAB  52c,90c Christmas with Tabs (45c Tab doesn't exist)NH8.00
1767Year of the RabbitNH1.00
1768 S/SYear of the Rabbit SheetNH3.50
"1768P" P/SYear of the Rabbit Press Sheet of 12NH125.00
"1768b" S/SYear of the Rabbit Sheet with China '99 OverprintNH7.50
1770-73 SNGBirds SinglesNH4.25
1770-73 BLK  Birds Block of 4NH4.50
1770-73 STR  Birds Strip of 4NH6.50
1774-77Birds Self-adhesive BlockNH5.50
1777a,b BK  Birds Self-adhesive Booklet of 12NH18.50
1779Sailing Ship, Perf 13x12NH1.00
1779a S/SWorld Stamp Expo Sheet of 2NH3.75
1779b   Sailing Ship, Perf 13NH3.50
1780-83Scenic Highway Single StampsNH4.25
1780-83 BLK  Scenic Highway Block of 4NH4.50
1780-83 BLK SO  Scenic Highway Block of 4 in Scott Order (Hangliding at UL)NH5.75
1780-83 STR  Scenic Highway Strip of 4NH7.00
1780-83 STR SO    Scenic Highway Strip of 4 (Hangliding at UL)NH9.00
1784Nunavut TerritoryNH1.00
1785Older PersonsNH1.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1786Sikh Religious HolidayNH1.00
1787-90 SNGOrchid Paintings SinglesNH4.50
1787-90 BLK  Orchid Paintings Block of 4NH4.75
1787-90 STR  Orchid Paintings Vertical Strip of 4NH4.75
1787-90 BLK SO  Orchid Paintings Block of 4 in Scott OrderNH6.50
1790a BK  Orchid Paintings Booklet of 12NH15.50
1790b S/SOrchid Sheet of 4NH6.50
1791-94Horses Single StampsNH4.25
1791-94 BLK  Horses Block of 4NH4.50
1791-94 BLK SO  Horses Block of 4 in Scott OrderNH6.75
1791-94 STR  Horses Strip of 4NH5.75
1791-94 STR SO  Horses Strip of 4 in Scott OrderNH8.00
1795-98Horses Self-adhesive Block of 4NH6.50
1798b BK  Horses Booklet of 12NH21.00
1799Bar AssociationNH1.00
1800Dallaire PaintingNH2.00
1801-04 BLKPan Am Games Block of 4NH4.50
1801-04  Pan Am Games SinglesNH4.25
1805Rowing ChampsNH1.00
1806UPU AnniversaryNH1.00
1807-08 M/SInternational Air Show MiniSheets of 4 and 16NH25.00
1807-08 M/S FLD  International Air Show MiniSheets of 4 and 16 which has been folded in half veticallyNH23.00
1807a-08p  International Air Show SinglesNH23.00
1809NATO AnniversaryNH1.00
1810Frontier CollegeNH1.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1811 BKKites Booklet of 8NH15.00
1811a-d BP  Kites Booklet Pane of 4NH7.50
1811a-d  Kites Block of 4NH6.50
1811a-d  Kite SinglesNH6.00
1812-14Millennium, Birds inc HologramNH6.00
  1812  Millennium Dove (Hologram)NH2.00
  1813  Girl and DoveNH2.00
  1814  Dove in Banknote FrameNH3.00
1812-14 FDC  First Day Covers (3) with Bird Cachets and CancelsFDC7.50
1813 PCMillennium Postal CardMint Postal Card7.50
"1812a-14a" M/SMillennium MiniSheets of 4NH27.50
  "1812a" M/S  Millennium Dove (Hologram) MiniSheet of 4NH8.50
  "1813a" M/S  Girl and Dove MiniSheet of 4NH8.50
  "1814a" M/S  Dove in Banknote Frame MiniSheet of 4NH13.00
"1812b-14b" S/SMillennium Sheets of 1NH30.00
  "1812b" S/S  Millennium Dove (Hologram) Sheet of 1NH13.00
  "1813b" S/S  Girl and Dove Sheet of 1NH12.00
  "1814b" S/S  Dove in Banknote Frame Sheet of 1NH15.00
1815-1746c-95c ChristmasNH4.75
1815a-17a BK  Christmas Booklets (3)NH28.00
"1815b-17b" BP SNG  Christmas Booklet Singles with an Imperf MarginNH5.50
"1815b-17b" BP PRS  Christmas Booklet Pairs Imperf Left and RightNH12.00
"1816c-17c" TAB  55c,95c Singles from Booklet with Pictorial Tabs (46c Tab doesn't exist)NH10.00
1818-21 S/SCanadian Life Sheets, December IssueNH35.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1818 S/S  Media Technologies SheetNH9.00
  1818a-d  Media Technologies Singles from SheetNH8.75
  1819 S/S  Entertainment SheetNH9.00
  1819a-d  Entertainment Singles from SheetNH8.75
  1820 S/S  Extraordinary Entertainers SheetNH9.00
  1820a-d  Extraordinary Singles from Entertainers SheetNH8.75
  1821 S/S  Fostering Talent SheetNH9.00
  1821a-d  Fostering Talent Singles from SheetNH8.75
BK68 Millennium Stamps, valid for postage, a limited issue produced in a hardcover book by the Canadian Post OfficeNH129.00

"1834X" 34 S/S  The Large "Souvenir Sheets" of 2 stamps each shown above and below are part of the group of 34 Sheets issued in 2000 to commemorative the Millennium.
  While Scott does list the small Sheets of 4 as 1818-34, these larger Sheets of 2 are mentioned but not listed.  However, Scott does mention that the stamps in the large sheets can easily be distinguished from those in the small sheets!  Given that the stamps are different, shouldn't they be assigned numbers?  We think so, but until that happens, the price of these 34 sheets remains stable.  Add this beautiful group of Souvenir Sheets to your collection today.  Since they measure about 9" by 9" they will readily fit on most album pages.  (Some modest wrinkling is typical on these sheets.)

1822-25 S/SCanadian Life Sheets, January IssueNH35.00
  1822 S/S  Medical Innovators SheetNH9.00
  1823 S/S  Social Progress SheetNH9.00
  1824 S/S  Hearts of Gold SheetNH9.00
  1825 S/S  Humanitarians and Peacekeepers SheetNH9.00
1826-30 S/SCanadian Life Sheets, February IssueNH44.00
  1826 S/S  Canada's First People SheetNH9.00
  1827 S/S  Cultural Fabric SheetNH9.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1828 S/S  Literary Legend SheetNH9.00
  1829 S/S  Great Thinkers SheetNH9.00
  1830 S/S  Tradition of Generosity SheetNH9.00
1831-34 S/SCanadian Life Sheets, March IssueNH35.00
  1831 S/S  Engineering and Technology SheetNH9.00
  1832 S/S  Fathers of Invention SheetNH9.00
  1833 S/S  Food! SheetNH9.00
  1834 S/S  Enterprising Giants SheetNH9.00
1835Year 2000 PartnershipNH1.00
1836Year of the DragonNH1.00
1837 S/SYear of the Dragon SheetNH2.50
"1837P" P/SYear of the Dragon Press Sheet of 12NH100.00
1838 S/SHockey All-Stars Sheet of 6NH7.50
1838a-f  Hockey All-Stars SinglesNH7.50
1839-42Birds including Loon, Osprey SinglesNH4.25
1839-42 BLK  Birds Block of 4NH4.50
1839-42 STR  Birds Strip of 4NH5.00
1843-46Birds from Booklet Self-adhesiveNH6.50
1846a BP  Birds Pane with two WarblersNH7.50
1846b BP  Birds Pane with two LoonsNH9.50
1846a-46b BK  Birds Booklet of 12NH17.00
1847Supreme CourtNH1.00
1848Engineer's CallingNH1.00
1848a  Engineer Tete-BecheNH3.00
1849-52Rural MailboxesNH4.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1852b BK  Mailbox Booklet of 12NH13.50
185346c Golden Picture FrameNH1.50
1853 DCS  46c Golden Picture Frame Die Cut to ShapeNH3.25
1853a BK  46c Golden Picture Frame Booklet of 5NH8.00
1853b M/S  46c Golden Picture Frame Sheet of 25NHAsk
1854 BK55c Fresh Waters Booklet of 5NH13.00
1855 BK95c Fresh Waters Booklet of 5NH23.00
1856Queen MotherNH2.75
1856 M/S  Queen Mother MiniSheet of 8NH27.50
1857Boys and Girls ClubsNH1.00
1858Seventh Day AdventistsNH1.00
1859-62Stampin' the Future SinglesNH4.25
1859-62 BLK  Stampin' the Future Block of 4NH4.50
1859-62 STR  Stampin' the Future Strip of 4NH4.75
1862b S/SStampin' the Future SheetNH6.00
1863Artist at NiagaraNH2.25
1864-65Ships PairNH2.50
1865b BK  Ships Booklet of 5NH12.00
1866Labor DepartmentNH.90
1867a BK  Petro-Canada Booklet of 12NH14.00
1867b  Petro-Canada Inverted Die-CuttingNH11.00
1868-71Whales Block of 4NH4.50
1868-71 SNG  Whales SinglesNH4.25
187246c Christmas Frame with HollyNH1.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
1872 DCS  46c Christmas Frame with Holly Die Cut to ShapeNH2.75
1872a BK  46c Christmas Booklet of 5NH7.50
1872b M/S  46c Christmas Pane of 25 plus TabsNHAsk
1873-7546c,55c,95c Christmas, ReligionNH4.25
1873a-75a BK  46c,55c,95c Christmas, Religion BookletsNH27.50
1873b-75b  46c,55c,95c Christmas, Religion Singles from Booklet with Imperf MarginNH5.75
1873b-75b PR  46c,55c,95c Christmas, Religion Pairs from Booklet with Imperf Margins Left and RightNH11.50
1876-77Regiments PairNH2.00
1878-8147c-$1.05 Leaves, AnimalsNH5.75
  1878  47c LeavesNH1.00
  1879  60c Red FoxNH1.50
  1879a BK  60c Red Fox Booklet of 6NH11.50
  1880  75c Gray WolfNH1.75
  1881  $1.05 White-tailed DeerNH2.50
  1881a BK  $1.05 White-tailed Deer Booklet of 6NH11.50
1882 BP47c Holidays Greetings plus Tabs Self-adhesive Pane of 5NH9.00
1882 BK  47c Holidays Greetings plus Tabs Self-adhesive Booklet of 5NH13.00
1882f M/S  47c Holidays Greetings Self-adhesive Pane of 25 plus StickersNHAsk
1883Year of the SnakeNH1.00
1884 S/SYear of Snake SheetNH2.75
"1884P" P/SYear of Snake Press Sheet of 12NH95.00
1885 S/SHockey League SheetNH7.50
1885a-f  Hockey League Singles from SheetNH7.25
1886-89Birds SinglesNH3.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
1886-89 BLK  Birds Block of 4NH4.00
1886-89 STR  Birds Strip of 4NH4.50
1890-93Self-adhesive BirdsNH6.50
1893a BP  Self-adhesive Birds Pane of 6, 2 EaglesNH7.00
1893b BP  Self-adhesive Birds Pane of 6, 2 PtarmiganNH7.00
1893a-93b BKBirds Booklet of 12NH17.50
1894-95Jumper, DancerNH2.00
1896-99Figure Skating, SinglesNH4.25
1896-99 BLK  Skating Block of 4NH4.50
1896-99 STR  Skating Strip of 4NH4.75
1900First Stamps AnniversaryNH1.00
1900 M/S  First Stamp MiniSheet of 10NH15.00
1901Blue Jays BaseballNH1.00
1901 DCS  Blue Jays Baseball Die Cut to ShapeNHAsk
1901a BK  Blue Jays Booklet of 8NH10.00
1902Summit of AmericasNH1.00
1903 BK$3 Tourist Attractions Booklet - USA RateNH7.75
1903a-e STR  $3 Tourist Attractions Strip of 5NH7.25
1903a-e SNG  $3 Tourist Attractions SinglesNH7.00
1904 BK$5.25 Tourist Attractions Booklet - International RateNH15.70
1904a-e STR$5.25 Tourist Attractions Strip of 5NH15.00
1904a-e SNG$5.25 Tourist Attractions SinglesNH14.75
1905Armenian ChurchNH1.25
1906Military CollegeNH1.00
1907-08Pole Vault, RunnerNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1909Prime Minister TrudeauNH1.25
1909a S/STrudeau Sheet of 4 (Rose)NH12.00
1910 S/SRoses SheetNH7.75
1911-14Roses Self-adhesiveNH4.75
1914a x3 BK  Roses BookletNH15.00
1915Montreal PeaceNH1.00
1916Art - Space Between ColumnsNH2.00
1918 BKPicture Frames BookletNH8.75
1919-20Theater PairNH2.00
1921 BKHot Air Balloons Booklet (in Booklet Year Set)NH13.75
1921a-d BPBalloons Pane of 4 (in Basic Year Set)NH4.75
1921a-d SNG  Balloons Singles from BookletNH4.75
1922-2447c-105c ChristmasNH4.50
1922a-24a BK  Christmas BookletsNH28.00
1922b-24b  Christmas Singles from BookletsNH5.00
1922b-24b PR  Christmas Pairs from BookletsNH10.00
1926Canadian LegionNH1.00
192748c Flag, PostNH1.00
192865c Jewelry MakingNH1.30
1928a BK  65c Jewelry Booklet of 6NH8.50
192977c Basket WeavingNH1.60
1930$1.25 SculptureNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
1930a BK  $1.25 Sculpture Booklet of 6NH16.00
193148c Flag from BookletNH1.00
1931a BK  48c Pane of 10 (our choice)NH10.00
1931a BK1  Left "Booklet" of 10 from 1931bNH12.00
1931a BK2  Center "Booklet" of 10 from 1931bNH13.00
1931a BK3  Right "Booklet" from 1931bNH12.00
1931b BK  48c Booklet of 30NH35.00
1932Queen ElizabethNH1.00
1933Year of the HorseNH1.30
1934 S/SYear of the Horse SheetNH4.00
"1934P" P/SYear of the Horse Press Sheet of 12NH100.00
1935 S/SNHL Stars Sheet of 6NH7.50
1935a-f  NHL Stars Singles from SheetNH6.90
1936-39Winter Olympic SinglesNH4.50
1936-39 BLK  Olympics Block of 4NH4.75
1936-39 STR  Olympics Strip of 4NH5.50
1940First GovernorNH1.00
1941a-44a BP  Universities PanesNH35.00
  1941a BP    Manitboa PaneNH9.00
  1942a BP    Laval PaneNH9.00
  1943a BP    Trinity College PaneNH9.00
  1944a BP    St. Mary's PaneNH9.00
1941a-44a BK  Universities BookletsNH36.00
  1941a BK    Manitboa BookletNH10.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1942a BK    Laval BookletNH10.00
  1943a BK    Trinity College BookletNH10.00
  1944a BK    St. Mary's BookletNH10.00
1945Church, Horse PaintingNH2.50
1946 BPTulips Pane of 4NH4.50
1946a BKTulips Booklet of 8NH10.00
1947 S/STulips Sheet of 4NH9.50
1948-51Corals (Joint Issue with Hong Kong) - our choice of formatNH11.00
1948-51 BLK  Corals Block of 4 (Joint Issue with Hong Kong)NH11.75
1948-51 STR  Corals Strip of 4 (Joint Issue with Hong Kong)NH11.75
1951b S/SCorals Sheet (Joint Issue with Hong Kong)NH7.75
1952 BK65c Tourism, Yukon BookletNH9.50
1953 BK$1.25 Tourism, Northern Lights BookletNH18.50
1954-55Sculpture SinglesNH2.00
1954-55 HPR  Sculpture Horizontal PairNH2.25
1954-55 VPR  Sculpture Vertical PairNH2.25
1956Postmasters, Stamps-on-StampsNH1.00
1956 M/S  Postmasters Sheet of 16NH20.00
1957World Youth DayNH2.50
1957a BK  Youth Day Booklet of 8NH22.00
1958Public ServiceNH1.00
1959Public PensionsNH1.00
1960 S/SMountains Round SheetNH12.50
1961World Teachers' DayNH1.00
1962Toronto Stock ExchangeNH1.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1963-64Communication, TechnologyNH2.00
1965-67Christmas, ArtNH5.00
1965a-67a BK  48c-$1.25 Christmas BookletsNH35.00
Because the stamps within these booklets are identical to the sheet stamps, only the sheet stamps are in the Year Set. 
1965b-67b  Christmas Singles from Booklet (the tiny margins on these stamps are the only way to distinguish them from the sheet stamps)NH6.00
1965b-67b PR  Christmas Pairs from Booklet (the tiny margins on these stamps are the only way to distinguish them from the sheet stamps)NH12.00
1968Quebec SymphonyNH1.00
1969Year of the RamNH1.70
1970 S/SYear of the Ram SheetNH3.50
"1970P" P/SYear of the Ram Press Sheet of 12NH95.00
1971 S/SHockey League Sheet of 6NH23.00
1971 BLK  Hockey Block of 6 plus 6 Tabs (no top or bottom selvedge)NH21.00
1972 BKHockey Self-adhesive Booklet of 6NH65.00
1973-77Five UniversitiesNH5.00
  1973  Bishop's UniversityNH1.10
  1974  Western OntarioNH1.10
  1975  St. Francis XavierNH1.10
  1976  Macdonald InstituteNH1.10
  1977  MontrealNH1.10
1973a-77a BPUniversities PanesNH50.00
  1973a BP  Bishop's University Pane of 10NH11.00
  1974a BP  Western Ontario Pane of 10NH11.00
  1975a BP  St. Francis Xavier Pane of 10NH11.00
  1976a BP  Macdonald Institute Pane of 10NH11.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  1977a BP  Montreal Pane of 10NH11.00
1973a-77a BKUniversities BookletsNH60.00
  1973a BK  Bishop's Booklet of 10NH12.00
  1974a BK  Western Ontario Booklet of 10NH12.00
  1975a BK  St. Francis Booklet of 10NH12.00
  1976a BK  Macdonald Institute Booklet of 10NH12.00
  1977a BK  Montreal Booklet of 10NH12.00
1978This number not utilized by Scott. 
1979-82Bird PaintingsNH4.50
1983Self-adhesive BirdNH1.50
1983a BK  Bird Booklet of 6NH10.00
1985Hellenic EducationNH1.25
1987Queen Elizabeth CoronationNH1.00
1988Pedro da SilvaNH1.00
1989 BK$3.25 Tourism Booklet (Falls, Police)NH7.50
1990 BK$6.25 Tourism Booklet (Boat Races)NH18.50
1991Flags, "Vancouver 2010"NH6.50
1991a BK  Flags, "Vancouver 2010" Booklet of 10NH26.00
1991b BK  Flags, "Vancouver 2010" Booklet of 30NH70.00
1991C-DCanada-Alaska CruisesNH22.00
1991C-D M/S  Canada-Alaska Cruises Sheet of 10NH149.00
1992Lutheran FederationNH1.00
1993Korean War ArmisticeNH1.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
1994-97 BLK  Authors Block of 4NH5.00
1997b BP  Authors Pane of 8NH12.50
1997b BK  Authors Booklet of 8NH13.00
1998a BK  Cycling Booklet of 8NH10.00
1999 BKAstronauts Booklet of 8NH11.50
2000-01Canada, Thailand Trees (Joint issue)NH3.00
2001b S/STrees Sheet (Joint issue)NH4.00
2002 M/SPainting Sheet of 6NH9.00
2003 S/SPainting SheetNH3.50
2004a-06a BK  Christmas Booklets (3)NH38.00
2004b-06b  Christmas Singles from BookletsNH7.00
2004b-06b PR  Christmas Pairs from BookletsNH14.00
200849c Maple LeafNH2.00
200980c LeafNH2.25
2010$1.40 LeafNH3.50
201149c FlagNH1.25
2011a BK  49c Flag Booklet of 10NH11.50
201249c QueenNH1.20
2012a BK  49c Queen Booklet of 10NH11.50
201380c Maple LeafNH3.50
2013a BK  80c Maple Leaf Booklet of 6NH18.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2014$1.40 Maple LeafNH5.50
2014a BK  $1.40 Maple Leaf Booklet of 6NH29.00
2015Year of MonkeyNH3.00
2016 S/SYear of Monkey New Year SheetNH5.00
"2016P" P/SYear of Monkey Press Sheet of 12NH110.00
2016a S/SYear of the Monkey Sheet with Hong Kong Overprint underneath Right StampNH12.50
2017 S/SHockey Sheet of 6NH12.50
2018 BKHockey Self-adhesive Booklet of 6NH26.75
2018a-f  Hockey Self-adhesive Singles from BookletNH26.00
2019Quebec Winter CarnivalNH1.25
2019a BK  Winter Carnival Booklet of 6NH7.50
2020St. Joseph's OratoryNH1.25
2020a BK  St. Joseph's Oratory Booklet of 6NH7.50
2021Jazz FestivalNH1.50
2021a BK  Jazz Festival Booklet of 6NH10.00
2022Swimming MarathonNH1.25
2022a BK  Swimming Marathon Booklet of 6NH7.50
2023National ExhibitionNH1.10
2023a BK  National Exhibition Booklet of 6NH7.50
2024Governor GeneralNH1.00
2025Army CadetsNH1.25
2025a BP  Army Cadets Pane of 4NH4.75
2025a x2 BK  Army Cadets BookletNH10.00
2026Artic Explorer Otto Sverdrup Ship (Joint issue with Greenland)

Ship (Joint issue with Greenland and Norway)
Scott # Description Condition Price
2027 S/SSverdrup Ship Sheet (Joint issue with Greenland and Norway)NH5.50
2028-31Transit and Light Rail Strip of 4NH5.00
2032Home HardwareNH1.25
2032a BP  Home Hardware Pane of 10 + LabelNH12.50
2032a BK  Home Hardware BookletNH13.00
2033Sherbrooke UniversityNH1.50
2033a BP  Sherbrooke University Pane of 8NH13.00
2033a BK  Sherbrooke University Booklet of 8NH14.00
2034Prince Edward Island UniversityNH1.50
2034a BP  Prince Edward Island University Pane of 8NH13.00
2034a BK  Prince Edward Island University Booklet of 8NH14.00
2035Teddy Bears, HospitalNH3.50
2035a BP  Teddy Bears Pane of 4NH10.00
2035a x2 BK  Teddy Bears BookletNH20.00
2036-39Bird PaintingsNH5.00
2040a BP  Sparrow Pane of 6NH12.00
2040a BK  Sparrow Booklet of 6NH13.00
2041-42Mail Service PioneersNH2.50
2043D-Day AnniversaryNH1.50
2044Pierre Dugua de Mons (Joint Issue with France)NH2.00
2045-48Write Me - Ring Me (only 20,520 sets issued)NH59.00
2045a-48aWrite Me - Ring Me Booklet Panes of 2NH109.00
2045aPC-48aPCWrite Me - Ring Me Complete Booklets with Phone Cards (only 12,500 sets issued)NH119.00
  2045  Butterfly, FlowerNH35.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  2045a BP  Butterfly Pane of 2NH75.00
  2045 PC    Matching Butterfly Phone CardNH7.50
  2045 BK    Butterfly, Flower Booklet with Phone CardNH60.00
  2046  Children on BeachNH21.00
  2046a BP  Children Pane of 2NH42.00
  2046 PC    Matching Beach Phone CardNH4.00
  2046 BK    Beach Booklet with Phone CardNH35.00
  2047  RoseNH29.00
  2047a BP  Rose Pane of 2NH58.00
  2047 PC    Matching Rose Phone CardNH6.00
  2047 BK    Rose Booklet with Phone CardNH42.00
  2048  DogNH37.00
  2048a BP  Dog Pane of 2NH75.00
  2048 PC    Matching Dog Phone CardNH7.50
  2048 BK    Dog Booklet with Phone CardNH80.00
2049-50Summer Olympics PairNH2.50
2051-52Golf Championship PairNH3.75
2051-52 M/S  Golf Championship MiniSheet of 8NH17.00
205349c Large Maple Leaf CoilNH3.75
205480c Red Maple Leaf CoilNH5.50
2055$1.40 Green Maple Leaf CoilNH6.50
2056Heart InstituteNH1.00
2056 DCS  Heart Institute Die Cut to ShapeNHAsk
2056a BP  Heart Institute Pane of 4NH4.75
2056a x2 BK  Heart Institute Booklet of 8NH9.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2060a BP  Pets Pane of 4NH5.00
2060a x2 BK  Pets Booklet of 8NH11.00
2061-62Chemistry Nobel Laureates PairNH2.50
2063Ribbon FrameNH2.00
2063 DCS  Ribbon Frame, Die Cut to ShapeNHAsk
2063 M/S  Ribbon Sheet of 21NHAsk
2063 M/S 2  Personalizeable Sheet of 21NHAsk
2064Album FrameNH2.00
2064 DCS  Album Frame, Die Cut to ShapeNHAsk
2064 M/S  Album Sheet of 21NHAsk
2064 M/S 2  Personalizeable Sheet of 21NHAsk
2065-66Victoria Cross PairNH2.50
2065-66 M/S  Victoria Cross Sheet of 20NH65.00
2067Lemieux Painting, Perf 13x13NH1.25
2067aPainting, Perf 13NH6.50
2068 S/SPainting SheetNH6.75
2069-7149c-$1.40 Christmas ScenesNH6.00
2069a-71a BKChristmas BookletsNH44.00
2069a BP  Christmas Scenes Pane of 6NH7.00
2069a x2 BK  Christmas Scenes Booklet of 12NH13.50
2069-71 DCS  Christmas Scenes Die Cut to ShapeNHAsk
2070a BK  Christmas Scenes Booklet of 6NH11.00
2071a BK  Christmas Scenes Booklet of 6NH19.50
2072 '0450c Red Calla Lily, Die Cut 8NH1.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2072 DCS  50c Red Calla Lily, Die Cut to ShapeNHAsk
2072a '05  50c Calla Lily, Die Cut 6NHAsk
2072b '05  50c Calla Lily, Die Cut 7NHAsk
2073 '04  85c Yellow Calla Lily, Die Cut 8NH2.25
2073 DCS  85c Yellow Calla Lily, Die Cut to ShapeNHAsk
2073a '05  85c Calla Lily, Die Cut 6NHAsk
2074 '04  $1.45 Iris, Die Cut 8NH3.50
2074 DCS  $1.45 Iris, Die Cut to ShapeNHAsk
2074a '05  $1.45 Iris, Die Cut 6NHAsk
207550c ElizabethNH1.25
2075 DCS  50c Elizabeth Die Cut to ShapeNHAsk
2075a BK  50c Elizabeth Booklet of 10NH11.50
2076-80Flags, Provinces Strip of 5NH5.75
2076-80 DCS  Flags, Provinces Die Cut to ShapeNHAsk
2080a BK  Provinces Booklet of 10NH12.00
208185c Yellow Calla LilyNH2.50
2081a BK  85c Yellow Calla Lily Booklet of 6NH18.50
2082$1.45 IrisNH3.25
2082a BK  $1.45 Iris Booklet of 6NH22.50
2072a-75aPlease see these numbers for additional 2005 issues. 
2083Year of the RoosterNH1.75
2084 S/SYear of the Rooster SheetNH5.00
"2084P" P/SYear of the Rooster Press Sheet of 12NH95.00
2084a S/SYear of the Rooster with Flags added at Upper RightNH8.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2085 M/SHockey League Sheet of 6NH10.50
2086 BPHockey Self-adhesive Pane of 6NH13.50
2087 S/SFishing Flies Sheet of 4NH11.00
2088 BPFishing Flies Pane of 4NH5.75
2088 BP DCS  Flies, Die Cut to ShapeNHAsk
2088 x2 BK  Flies Booklet of 8NH12.50
2089Nova Scotia Agricultural CollegeNH1.10
2089  Nova Scotia Agricultural College Die Cut to ShapeNHAsk
2089a BP  Nova Scotia Agricultural College Pane of 4NH5.50
2089a x2 BK  Nova Scotia Agricultural College BookletNH11.50
2090Aichi EXPONH1.25
2091 S/SDaffodils SheetNH3.00
2092-93Daffodils Self-adhesiveNH3.75
2093a BK  Daffodils Self-adhesive Booklet of 10NH19.75
2094TD BankNH1.20
2094 DCS  TD Bank Die Cut to ShapeNHAsk
2094a BK  TD Bank Booklet of 10NH13.00
2095-98Audubon PaintingsNH4.75
2099Painting, Self-adhesiveNH2.00
2099a BK  Painting, Self-adhesive Booklet of 6NH13.00
2100-03Bridges (our choice of format)NH4.75
2100-03 BLK  Bridges Block of 4NH5.00
2100-03 STR  Bridges Strip of 4NH5.00
2104Maclean's MagazineNH1.10
2105-06Biosphere Reserves PairNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2106b S/SBiosphere SheetNH6.50
2107WWII BattleNH1.50
2108War MuseumNH1.50
2108 DCS  War Museum, Die Cut to ShapeNHAsk
2108a BP  War Museum Pane of 4NH6.50
2108a x2 BK  War Museum Booklet of 8NH14.00
2109Watson Painting, Perf 13x13NH1.50
2109a  Watson Painting, Perf 13x13NH5.75
2110 S/SPainting SheetNH6.00
2110a  85c Painting from SheetNH5.00
2111 M/SSearch and Rescue MiniSheet of 8NH16.00
2111a-d  Search and Rescue Strip of 4NH7.00
2112Ellen FaircloughNH1.10
2113-14Diver, Swimmer PairNH2.50
2113-14 M/S  Swimmers Pair MiniSheet of 8NH14.00
2115Port-Royal, Nova ScotiaNH1.25
2116Alberta ProvinceNH1.25
2116 DCS  Alberta Province, Die Cut to ShapeNHAsk
2116 M/S  Alberta Province MiniSheet of 8NH12.50
2117Saskatchewan CentenaryNH1.25
2117 M/S  Saskatchewan Centenary Decorative MiniSheet of 8NH14.50
2118Pianist PetersonNH1.25
2118a S/SPianist Sheet of 4NH9.50
2119Flag StampNH1.25
2120Polio VaccinationsNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
2121 BKYouth Sports Booklet of 8NH11.00
2121a-d BP  Youth Sports Booklet Pane of 4NH6.00
2122-23Puma and Panther PairNH2.50
2123b S/SPuma and Panther SheetNH3.50
2124 DCS  Snowman, Die Cut to ShapeNHAsk
2124a BP  Snowman Pane of 6NH7.00
2124a x2 BK  Snowman Booklet of 12NH15.00
2125-27Nativity ScenesNH7.00
2125-27 DCS  Nativity Scenes, Die Cut to ShapeNHAsk
2125a-27a BKNativity Booklets (3) NH42.00
2125a BP  Nativity Pane of 6NH6.50
2125a x2 BK  Nativity Booklet of 12NH13.00
2126a BK  Nativity Booklet of 6NH17.50
2127a BK  Nativity Scene Booklet of 6NH20.00
2128-31Flowers CoilNH8.75
213289c Flowers NH3.00
2132a BK  89c Flowers Booklet of 6NH18.00
2133$1.05 FlowersNH3.50
2133a BK  $1.05 Flowers Booklet of 6NH21.00
2134$1.49 FlowersNH4.50
2134a BK  $ 1.49 Flowers Booklet of 6NH27.00
2135-39Flags and Tourist ViewsNH6.00
2135-39 x2 BK  Flags BookletNH12.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2140Year of the DogNH2.00
2141 S/SYear of the Dog SheetNH5.00
"2141P" P/SYear of the Dog Press Sheet of 12NH100.00
2142Queen's Birthday Self-adhesiveNH1.25
2142 DCS  Queen's Birthday Die Cut to ShapeNHAsk
2142a BK  Queen Booklet of 10NH12.00
2143-44Turin Olympics PairNH2.75
2145 BKGarden Scenes Self-adhesive BookletNH13.50
2145  Garden Scenes Die Cut to ShapeNHAsk
2145a-d  Garden Self-adhesive SinglesNH8.75
2146Balloons Self-adhesiveNH1.50
2146 DCS  Balloons, Die Cut to ShapeNHAsk
2146a BK  Balloons Self-adhesive Booklet of 6NH8.00
2147Dorothy Knowles PaintingsNH1.25
2147a  Knowles Paintings Perf 12x12NH4.50
2148 S/SKnowles Paintings SheetNH5.00
2148a  89c Knowles Painting SingleNH4.00
2149Labor CongressNH1.25
2150 S/SQueen's Birthday SheetNH9.00
2150a  Queen SingleNH4.50
2151McClelland & Stewart Publishers NH1.25
2151 DCS  McClelland & Stewart Publishers, Die Cut to ShapeNHAsk
2151a BP  Publishers Pane of 4 with StickersNH5.50
2151a BK  Publishers Booklet of 8NH10.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2152Northwest Coast ExhibitNH2.00
2152 DCS  Northwest Coast Exhibit, Die Cut to ShapeNHAsk
2152a BP  Northwest Coast Exhibit Pane of 4NH8.00
2152a BK  Northwest Coast Exhibit Booklet of 8NH17.00
2153 S/SCanadian Actors SheetNH6.75
2153a-d  Actors Sheet SinglesNH6.50
2154 BPCanadian Actors Pane of 4 with StickersNH6.75
2154 x2 BK  Actors Booklet of 8 (choice of format) plus TabsNH13.00
2154 x2 BK 1  Actors Booklet of 8 - Fray Wray at Upper LeftNH15.00
2154 x2 BK 2  Actors Booklet of 8 - John Candy at Upper LeftNH15.00
2154 x2 BK 3  Actors Booklet of 8 - Mary PickfordNH14.00
2154 x2 BK 4  Actors Booklet of 8 - Lorne GreeneNH14.00
2154 x2 BK 1-4  Actors Complete Unit of 4 BookletsNH50.00
2155de Champlain ExplorationNH1.50
2156 S/S NOTE:The Canadian version of this sheet has a bar code at the lower left.  The United States version does not have the bar code.  So a Joint Issue collection should have both sheets as they are different. 
2156 S/Sde Champlain Sheet (Joint issue with the USA.)NH8.50
2156a  Canadian de Champlain Single (Joint issue with the USA.)NH4.75
2157Vancouver Aquarium NH1.50
2157 DCS  Vancouver Aquarium Die Cut to ShapeNHAsk
2157a BP  Vancouver Aquarium Pane of 5NH7.00
2157a x2 BK  Vancouver Aquarium BookletNH15.00
2158-59Snowbirds Aerobatics PairNH2.75
2159b S/SSnowbirds SheetNH3.50
2160James White and MapNH1.25
2160 M/S  White, Map MiniSheet of 16NH35.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2161Lacrosse Championship NH1.25
2161 DCS  Lacrosse Championship Die Cut to ShapeNHAsk
2161a BK  Lacrosse Booklet of 8NH11.00
2162Mountain Climbers NH1.25
2162 DCS  Mountain Climbers Die Cut to ShapeNHAsk
2162a BK  Mountain Climbers Booklet of 8NH10.00
2163-66Ducks and DecoysNH6.00
2166b S/SDucks SheetNH6.00
2167Graphic Designers SocietyNH1.25
2168-71Wine and Cheese NH7.75
2168-71 DCS  Wine and Cheese Die Cut to ShapeNHAsk
2168-71 BP  Wine and Cheese Booklet Pane of 4NH9.75
2171a BK  Wine and Cheese Booklet of 8NH17.50
2172Macdonald College NH1.25
2172 DCS  Macdonald College Die Cut to ShapeNHAsk
2172a BP  Macdonald College Pane of 4NH5.00
2172a x2 BK  Macdonald College BookletNH10.00
2173 S/SEndangered Species Sheet with LabelsNH5.00
2174-77Endangered Species NH5.00
2177b BK  Endangered Species Booklet of 8NH11.00
2178-82Opera Singers NH7.00
2182a  Opera Singers Strip of 5NH7.00
2182a M/S  Opera Singers MiniSheet of 10NH14.00
2183Madonna and Child Self-adhesiveNH1.25
2183a BK  Madonna and Child Booklet of 12NH14.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2184-8651c-$1.45 ChristmasNH6.00
2184-86 DCS  Christmas Die Cut to ShapeNHAsk
2184a-86a BKChristmas BookletsNH42.00
2184a BK  51c Christmas Booklet of 12NH13.75
2185a BK  89c Christmas Booklet of 6NH12.00
2186a BK  $1.45 Christmas Booklet of 6NH19.00
2187Orchid Self-adhesiveNH2.00
2187 DCS  Orchid Self-adhesive Die Cut to ShapeNHAsk
2188Queen ElizabethNH1.25
2188a BK  Queen Booklet of 10NH11.50
2189-93Flags and Tourist Views (Bears, Lighthouse, etc)NH6.00
2193a BK  Flags Booklet of 10NH12.00
2193b BK  Flags Booklet of 30NH40.00
2194 S/SFlowers Sheet of 4NH9.00
2194a-d  Flowers Sheet SinglesNH9.00
2195-9793c-$1.55 Flowers Coils (our choice of Fluoresence)NH7.75
2195-97 DF  93c-$1.55 Flowers Coils with Dull FluoresenceNH9.75
2195-97 BF  93c-$1.55 Flowers Coils with Bright FluoresenceNHAsk
  2195  93c Bladderwort Flower CoilNH2.00
  2195 DF    93c Bladderwort with Dull FluoresenceNH3.00
  2195 BF    93c Bladderwort with Bright FluoresenceNH3.75
  2196  $1.10 Marsh Skullcap Flower CoilNH2.50
  2196 DF    $1.10 Marsh Skullcap with Dull FluoresenceNH3.25
  2196 BF    $1.10 Marsh Skullcap with Bright FluoresenceNH4.00
  2197  $1.55 Larkspur Flower CoilNH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  2197 DF    $1.55 Larkspur with Dull FluoresenceNH4.50
  2197 BF    $1.55 Larkspur with Bright FluoresenceNHAsk
2195-97 DCS  Flower Coils Die Cut to ShapeNHAsk
2198-0093c, $1.10, $1.35 Flowers from BookletsNH9.00
  2198  93c Bladderwort Flower from BookletNH2.50
  2199  $1.10 Marsh Skullcap Flower from BookletNH3.00
  2200  $1.55 Larkspur Flower from BookletNH4.50
2198a-00a BKFlowers Booklets of 6NH49.50
  2198a BK  93c Flower Booklet of 6NH13.50
  2199a BK  $1.10 Flower Booklet of 6NH16.50
  2200a BK  $1.55 Flower Booklet of 6NH22.00
2201Year of the PigNH1.00
2202 S/SYear of the Pig Sheet with Bar Code (normal)NH5.00
"2202A" S/SYear of the Pig Sheet without Bar Code (scarce)NH25.00
"2202P" P/SYear of the Pig Press Sheet of 12NH350.00
2203 DCS  Celebrations Die Cut to ShapeNH2.50
2203a BK  Celebrations Booklet of 6NH7.00
2204-05International Polar Year PairNH2.75
2204-05 GP  Polar Year Gutter PairNH15.00
2204-05 M/S  Polar Year MiniSheet of 10 PairsNH75.00
2205b S/SInternational Polar Year SheetNH3.50
2206 S/SLilacs Souvenir SheetNH2.75
2207-08Lilacs Pair (our choice of format)NH4.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
2207-08 ST  Lilacs Se-tenant PairNH5.00
2207-08 ST DCS  Lilacs Die Cut to ShapeNH7.50
2208a BK  Lilacs Booklet of 10NH24.75
2209HEC MontrealNH1.25
2209 DCS  HEC Montreal Die Cut to ShapeNH2.75
2209a BK  HEC Montreal Booklet of 8NH9.00
2210University of SaskatchewanNH1.25
2210 DCS  University of Saskatchewan Die Cut to ShapeNH2.75
2210a BK  University of Saskatchewan Booklet of 8NH9.00
2211Artist Mary PrattNH1.25
2211 GP  Artist Mary Pratt Vertical PairNH4.50
2211 M/S  Artist Mary Pratt MiniSheet of 16 (not in M/S Year Set)NH27.50
2212 S/SArtist Mary Pratt Sheet of 2NH5.75
2213 S/SOttawa 1857-2007 SheetNH5.50
2214Ottawa 1857-2007NH1.25
2214 DCS  Ottawa 1857-2007 Die Cut to ShapeNH3.00
2214a BK  Ottawa 1857-2007 Booklet of 8NH9.00
2215-18Architectural Institute Strip of 4NH6.00
2215-18 M/S  Architectural MiniSheet of 8NH12.00
2219Captain George VancouverNH3.50
2219 M/S  Captain George Vancouver MiniSheet of 8NH35.00
2219a S/SGeorge Vancouver SheetNH3.75
2220World Cup CanadaNH1.25
2220 M/S  World Cup Canada MiniSheet of 16NH27.50
2221 S/SSingers and Recording ArtistsNH8.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2221a-d  Singers and Recording Artists from SheetNH8.50
2222 BPSingers from Booklet Self-adhesive (our choice of pane)NH9.50
2222 BP x4  Singers from Booklet - the Complete Unit of Four Different Panes (4)NH37.00
2222 4 BKSingers Booklets of 8 - Complete Unit of 4 DifferentNH70.00
  2222 BK 1  Booklet of 8 with Singer Gordon Lightfoot at Upper LeftNH18.00
  2222 BK 2  Booklet of 8 with Singer Joni Mitchell at Upper LeftNH18.00
  2222 BK 3  Booklet of 8 with Singer Anne Murray at Upper LeftNH18.00
  2222 BK 4  Booklet of 8 with Singer Paul Anka at Upper LeftNH18.00
2223Terra Nova National ParkNH1.25
2223 DCS  Terra Nova National Park Die Cut to ShapeNH3.00
2223 GP  Terra Nova Park Gutter PairNH3.00
2223a BK  Terra Nova Park Booklet of 10NH11.00
2224Jasper National ParkNH1.25
2224 DCS  Jasper National Park Die Cut to ShapeNH3.00
2224 GP  Jasper Park Gutter PairNH3.00
2224a BK  Jasper Park Booklet of 10NH11.00
2223+24 GPTerra Nova - Jasper Parks Gutter PairNH12.00
2223+24 GP M/S  Terra Nova - Jasper Parks Gutter Pair MiniSheet of 10NH65.00
2223+24 UPSTerra Nova - Jasper Parks Uncut Press SheetNHASK
2225Scouting AnniversaryNH1.25
2225 DSC  Scouting Anniversary Die Cut to ShapeNH6.00
2225a x2 BK  Scouting Booklet of 8NH9.00
2226Chief MembertouNH2.50
2227Saskatchewan Law SocietyNH1.25
2227 M/S  Saskatchewan Law Society MiniSheet of 8NH12.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2228Alberta Law SocietyNH2.00
2228 M/S  Alberta Law Society MiniSheet of 16NH36.00
2229 S/SEndangered Species SheetNH5.50
2229a-d  Endangered Species from SheetNH5.50
2230-33Endangered Species Self-adhesiveNH5.00
2233b M/S  Endangered Species Self-adhesive MiniSheet of 8NH10.00
2234-381c-25c Beneficial Insects DefinitivesNH1.10
2235a  3c Without Space between Canada and Chryspoa OculataNH9.50
2235+2235a VPR  3c Vertical Pair, Bottom stamp without any space between Canada and Chryspoa OculataNH10.50
2235+2235a HPR  3c Horizontal Pair, Left stamp without any space between Canada and Chryspoa OculataNH14.50
2235+2235a BLK 4  3c Block of 4, Lower Left stamp without any space between Canada and Chryspoa OculataNH15.50
2235+2235a BLK 12  3c Block of 12, Lower Left 4 stamps all without any space between Canada and Chryspoa Oculata plus Bilingual Inscription at TopNH40.00
2235+2235a SH   3c Compact Sheet of 50 with 4 Error stamps plus Bilingual Inscription and other Marginal MarkingsNH50.00
2234-38 9 GPInsect Unit of 9 Gutter Pairs (3 Vertical and 6 Horizontal)NH36.00
2234-38 3 VGP  Insect Vertical Pairs with Horizontal Gutters (3)NH30.00
2234-38 6 HGP  Insect Horizontal Pairs with Vertical Gutters (6)NH15.00
2234-38 3 CGBInsect Cross Gutter Blocks (3)NH79.00
2234 AUTO1c Ladybug Block of 8 Autographed by the DesignerNH75.00
2234-38 6 NVGP-EInsect Vertical Gutter Blocks (6) with "Beneficial insects" Inscription in EnglishNHASK
2234-38 6 NVGP-FInsect Vertical Gutter Blocks (6) with "Insectes utiles" Inscription in FrenchNHASK
2234-38 UPSInsect Uncut Press Sheet of 400NHASK
2238a S/SInsects Souvenir SheetNH1.25
2239Christmas ReindeerNH1.25
2239 DCS  Christmas Themes Die Cut to ShapeNH3.00
2239a x2 BK  Christmas Reindeer Booklet of 12NH13.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2240-42P-$1.55 Christmas ThemesNH6.50
2240-42 DCS  Christmas Reindeer Die Cut to ShapeNH12.50
2240a-42a BK  Christmas Themes Booklets (3)NH45.00
2243 S/SOrchid Sheet of 4NH9.00
2244NVI (52c) Orchids CoilNH1.25
2244 GP  NVI (52c) Orchids Coil Gap PairNH4.00
2244A '08Red Orchid Coil on Backing Paper which is Larger than the Stamp, Die Cut 9.2NH6.50
NH Pair13.00
224596c Orchids CoilNH2.00
2245 GP  96c Orchids Coil Gap PairNH6.00
2246$1.15 Orchids CoilNH2.50
2246 GP  $1.15 Orchids Coil Gap PairNH7.50
2247$1.60 Orchids CoilNH3.50
2247 GP  $1.60 Orchids Gap PairNH11.00
2248P Queen from BookletNH1.25
2248a BK  P Queen Booklet of 10NH11.75
2249-53P Flag, Lighthouse from BookletNH6.00
2253a BK 10  P Flag, Lighthouse Booklet of 10NH12.00
2253a BK 30  P Flag, Lighthouse Booklet of 30NH39.00
2253B '08P Flag, Smaller LighthouseNH20.00
2253Bc BK '08  P Flag, Smaller Lighthouse Booklet of 10 (not in 2008 Booklet Year Set)NH45.00
2253Bd BK '08  P Flag, Smaller Lighthouse Booklet of 30 (not in 2008 Booklet Year Set)NH125.00
225496c Orchids from BookletNH2.00
2254 BK  96c Orchids Booklet of 6NH12.00
2255$1.15 Orchids from BookletNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2255 BK  $1.15 Orchids Booklet of 6NH14.00
2256$1.60 Orchids from BookletNH3.50
2256 BK  $1.60 Orchids Booklet of 6NH19.75
2257Year of the RatNH1.25
2257 M/S  Year of the Rat MiniSheet of 25NH45.00
2258 S/SYear of the Rat SheetNH3.75
2258 S/S UVPR  Year of the Rat Uncut Vertical Pair of SheetsNH22.00
"2258P" P/SYear of the Rat Press Sheet of 12NH175.00
2259 DCS  Fireworks Die Cut to ShapeNH2.25
2259a BK  Fireworks Booklet of 6NH6.75
2260 S/SFlowers Sheet of 2NH3.50
2261-62Flowers from BookletsNH2.75
2262b BK  Flowers Booklet of 10NH11.00
2263a-64a BK  Universities Booklets of 8NH18.50
2264b GP  Universities Gutter PairNH3.50
2264b GP 4  Universities Gutter BlocksNH8.50
2265Hockey ChampionshipsNH1.25
2265a BK  Hockey Booklet of 10NH11.00
2266Guide DogsNH1.25
2266a BK  Guide Dogs Booklet of 10NH12.50
2267-68Trans-Canada PipelineNH2.75
2268a BK  Pipeline Booklet of 10NH11.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2269Quebec City 400th Anniversary (Joint issue with France)NH3.00
2269 M/S  Quebec City 400th Anniversary (Joint issue with France) MiniSheet of 16NH60.00

"2269X" S/S  Quebec City Sheet (Joint issue with France)NHAsk
2270Karsh Self-PortraitNH1.25
2271 S/SKarsh Sheet of 3NH7.00
2271a-b  Hepburn and Churchill Singles from SheetNH7.00
2272-73Portraits from BookletsNH5.50
2272a BK  Self-Portrait Booklet of 4NH11.75
2273a BK  Churchill Booklet of 4NH26.50
2273b GP 4  Churchill Gutter Block of 4NH24.00
2273b GP 1  Churchill Gutter PairNH8.00
2274Fifty-Cent CoinNH1.50
2274 M/S  Fifty-Cent Coin MiniSheet of 16NH35.00
2275a BK  Nurses Booklet of 10NH11.00
2276 S/SAnne of Green Gables SheetNH4.50
2277-78Anne of Green Gables from BookletNH2.50
2278a BK  Anne of Green Gables Booklet of 10NH12.50
2279 S/SCanadians in Hollywood SheetNH5.25
2280 BPCanadians in Hollywood from BookletNH4.75
2280 x2 BKCanadians in Hollywood Booklet of 8NH9.50
2281Beijing Summer OlympicsNH1.25
2281a BK  Olympics Booklet of 10NH11.00
2282Lifesaving SocietyNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
2282a BK  Lifesaving Booklet of 10NH11.00
2283British Columbia Map, GoldNH1.50
2283 M/S  British Columbia Map, Gold MiniSheet of 16NH34.00
2284Samuel McLaughlin, BuickNH1.50
2284 M/S  Samuel McLaughlin, Buick MiniSheet of 16NH34.00
2285 S/SEndangered Animals Sheet of 4NH5.25
2286-89Endangered Animals from BookletNH4.75
2289b BK  Endangered Animals Booklet of 8NH9.50
2290Francophone SummitNH1.50
2290 M/S  Francophone Summit MiniSheet of 16NH35.00
2291 S/SChristmas Sheet of 3NH6.75
2292 Christmas from BookletNH1.25
2292a BK  Christmas Booklet of 12NH12.00
2293Christmas from BookletNH1.25
2293a BP  Christmas Booklet Pane of 6NH7.50
2293a x2 BK  Christmas Booklet of 12NH15.00
2294Christmas from BookletNH2.00
2294a BK  Christmas Booklet of 6NH12.00
2295Christmas from BookletNH3.50
2295a BP  Christmas Booklet of 6NH21.00
2295b GP  Christmas Gutter PairNH32.50
2296Year of the OxNH1.25
2297 S/SYear of the Ox SheetNH3.75
"2297P" P/SYear of the Ox Press Sheet of 12NH115.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2297a S/SYear of the Ox Sheet with Gold OverprintNH5.75
2298Queen Elizabeth II from BookletNH1.25
2298a BK  Queen Elizabeth Booklet of 10NH12.00
2299 S/SWinter Sports Sheet of 5NH5.50
2299f S/S '10Winter Sports Sheet of 5 with Vancouver 2010 Overprint (see under 2010)NHAsk
2300-04Winter Sports from BookletNH6.00
2304a BK  Winter Sports Booklet of 10NH12.00
2304b BK  Winter Sports Booklet of 30NH45.00
2305 S/SOlympics, Paralympics Sheet of 5NH10.00
2305f S/S '10Paralympics Sheet with Vancouver 2010 Overprint (see under 2010)NHAsk
2306-07Olympics, Paralympics Die Cut 7-9 with Sawtooth Tips Die Cut 9 with Rounded TipsNH3.75
2307A-BOlympics, Paralympics Die Cut 7-9 with Sawtooth TipsNH10.00
2307Bc PR  Olympics, Paralympics Vertical Pair Die Cut 7-9 with Sawtooth TipsNH10.50
2307Bc GP  Olympics, Paralympics Die Cut 7-9 Pair of Pairs with Printer Information Tab and Traffic Lights Between (Gutter Strip of 4)NH24.75
2308-1098c,$1.18,$1.65 Olympics, Paralympics Die Cut 7-9 with Sawtooth TipsNH9.75
2311-13Olympics, Paralympics from Booklet Die Cut 9 with Rounded TipsNH8.50
2311a-13a BK  Olympics, Paralympics Booklets of 6 Die Cut 9 with Rounded TipsNH46.00
2314a BK  Celebration Booklet of 6NH6.50
2315-16Black History MonthNH2.75
2317First Flight in CanadaNH1.25
2318 S/SRhododendrons SheetNH3.50
2319-20Rhododendrons from BookletNH2.75
2320a BK  Rhododendrons Booklet of 10NH13.00
2321Jack Bush Painting, Perf 13x13NH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
2321a  Jack Bush Painting Perf 12x13NH4.50
2322 S/SPaintings SheetNH5.25
2322a  $1.65 Painting, Perf 12x13NH4.75
2323 S/SAstronomy Sheet of 2NH3.50
"2323P" P/SAstronomy Press Sheet of 14NHAsk
2323c S/SAstronomy Sheet with Buff Background behind Product CodeNH7.50
2324-25Astronomy from BookletNH2.50
2325a BK  Astronomy Booklet of 10NH12.00
2326-27Polar Bears, Arctic PairNH2.50
2327b S/S  Polar Scenes Sheet of 2NH3.50
2328Beneficial Insects - CaterpillarNH1.75
2328 MI4  Beneficial Insects - Caterpillar Corner Marginal Imprint Block of 4NH9.00
2328 NBLK 8  Beneficial Insects - Caterpillar Name Block of 8NH19.75
2328 SH  Beneficial Insect - Caterpillar Compact Sheet of 50NH59.50
2329-30Horses, CarriageNH2.50
2330a BK  Horses, Carriage Booklet of 10NH12.00
2331Foreign Affairs and International TradeNH1.20
2332Boundary Waters TreatyNH1.20
2333 S/SSingers SheetNH5.25
2334 BPSingers Pane of 4NH4.75
2334 x2 BK  Singers Booklet of 8NH9.50
2334 x2 BK 1  Singers Booklet with Charlebois CoverNH10.50
2334 x2 BK 2  Singers Booklet with Butler CoverNH10.50
2334 x2 BK 3  Singers Booklet with Connors CoverNH10.50
2334 x2 BK 4  Singers Booklet with Adams CoverNH10.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2335 S/SRoadside Attractions SheetNH5.25
2336 BPRoadside Attractions Self-adhesive  from BookletNH4.75
2336 x2 BK  Roadside Attractions Booklet of 8NH11.00
2337Arctic Explorer BartlettNH1.25
2338 S/SSports SheetNH5.00
2338 x2 BK  Sports Booklet of 8NH10.00
2339Montreal CanadiensNH1.25
2339a BK  Montreal Canadiens Booklet of 10NH12.00
2340 S/SMontreal Canadiens Motion-Sensitive Sheet of 3NH16.50
2341National War MemorialNH2.50
2341a S/S  National War Memorial Sheet of 2NH5.75
2342War Memorial from BookletNH1.25
2342a BK  War Memorial Booklet of 10NH12.00
2343 S/SChristmas Sheet of 4NH8.75
2344Christmas Ornaments from BookletNH1.20
2344a BP  Christmas Christmas Ornaments  Booklet Pane of 6NH7.50
2344a BK  Christmas Christmas Ornaments Booklet of 12NH15.00
2345-47Religious Christmas from BookletsNH8.00
2345a-47a BP  Religious Christmas Panes of 6NH44.00
2345a-47a BK  Religious Christmas Booklets of 6 (3)NH50.00
2347b BK  Religious Christmas 98c,$1.65 Booklet of 12NH45.00
2299f,2305f,2366c S/S '10Winter Olympics, Paralympics Sheets with VANCOUVER in SilverNH45.00
2348Year of the TigerNH1.20
2349 S/SYear of the Tiger SheetNH3.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
"2349P" P/SYear of the Tiger Press Sheet of 12NH100.00
2350 S/SFlags Sheet of 5NH5.50
2351-55Flags Stamps from BookletNH5.50
2355a BK  Flags Booklet of 10NH11.00
2355b BK  Flags Booklet of 30NH33.00
2356 S/SFlowers Sheet of 4NH8.75
2357-61Flowers from Coil (P with different Die Cuts)NH9.75
1vOrchid DefinitiveNH1.00
1v"P" Orchid Coil, Imperf Left and RightNH1.50
PR  "P" Orchid Coil Pair, Imperf BetweenNH4.50
STR  "P" Orchid Strip of 10, Imperf VerticallyNH25.00
2362-64 Flowers from BookletNH7.50
2362-64 DCS  Flowers Die Cut to ShapeNH11.00
2362a-64a BK  Flowers Booklets of 6NH47.00
2365Queen Elizabeth IINH1.10
2365 DCS  Queen Elizabeth II Die Cut to ShapeNH1.75
2365a BK  Queen Elizabeth II Booklet of 10NH11.00
2366 S/SOlympic Venues SheetNH2.25
2366a-b  Olympic Venues SinglesNH2.20
2366c S/SOlympics Venues Sheet with Vancouer 2010 Overprint (see Special S/S unit above)NHAsk
2367-68 SNGOlympic Venues Singles from BookletNH2.25
2367-68 DCS  Olympic Venues Die Cut to Shape SinglesNH3.75
2367-68 HPR  Olympic Venues Horizontal Pair from BookletNH4.25
2367-68 VPR  Olympic Venues Vertical Pair from BookletNH4.25
2368a BK  Olympic Venues Booklet of 10NH11.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2369William HallNH1.10
2370Governor-General LeBlancNH1.10
2371 S/SGold Medal Sheet of 2NH2.25
2371a  Gold Medal SingleNH1.70
2372Gold Medal from BookletNH1.10
2372a BK  Gold Medal Booklet of 10NH11.00
2373 S/SSpirit of the Winter Olympics SheetNH2.25
2373a-b  Olympic Spirit SinglesNH2.25
2374-75Oympic Spirit from BookletNH2.25
2374-75 DCS  Oympic Spirit Die Cut to ShapeNH3.75
2375a BK  Olympic Spirit Booklet of 10NH11.50
2376 S/SAfrican Violet Hybrids Sheet of 2NH2.25
2376a-b  African Violet Singles from SheetNH2.20
2377-78Violet Hybrids from BookletNH2.75
2377-78 DCS  Violet Hybrids Die Cut to ShapeNH4.25
2378a BK  Violet Hybrids Booklet of 10NH13.50
2379Israeli FriendshipNH3.50
2379 DCS  Israeli Friendship Die Cut to ShapeNH5.00
2379a BP  Israeli Friendship Booklet Pane of 3NH12.50
2379a x2 BK  Israeli  Friendship Booklet of 6NH21.00
2380-83Indian Kings (Our choice of format)NH4.40
2380-83 STR  Indian Kings Strip of 4NH4.50
2380-83 BLK  Indian Kings Block of 4NH5.00
2383b S/SKings Sheet of 4NH4.50
2383c S/SKings Sheet of 4 with London 2010 OverprintNH4.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2384 S/SCanadian Navy SheetNH2.25
2384a-b  Navy Singles from SheetNH2.25
2385-86Canadian Navy from BookletNH2.75
2385-86 DCS  Canadian Navy Die Cut to ShapeNH4.00
2386a BK  Canadian Navy Booklet of 10NH13.50
2387 S/SSea Mammals Sheet (Stamps with Maple Leaf Syncopation Between) (Joint issue with Sweden)NH2.50
2387a-b  Sea Mammals Singles, Syncopation on Left and Right Side (Joint issue with Sweden)NH2.50
2387c-dSea Mammals Pair (Stamps with Normal Perf Syncopation Between) (Joint issue with Sweden)NH3.00
2387e BK  Sea Mammals Booklet of 8 (Joint issue with Sweden)NH9.50
2388 S/SCanadian Geography Wildlife Photography Sheet of 5NH9.50
2388a-e  Photography SinglesNH9.50
2389-93Canadian Geography Wildlife Photography from BookletNH9.50
2389-93 DCS  Canadian Geography Die Cut to ShapeNH12.50
2393a BK  Canadian Geography Booklet of 10NH27.50
2394Rotary InternationalNH1.10
2394 DCS  Rotary International Die Cut to ShapeNH2.25
2394a BK  Rotary International Booklet of 8NH10.00
2395Prudence Heward PaintingsNH1.10
2396 S/SPaintings Sheet of 2NH4.50
2396a  $1.70 Stamp from SheetNH4.25
2397 S/SRoadside Attractions Sheet of 4NH4.50
2397a-d  Attractions SinglesNH4.50
2398-2401Roadside Attractions Stamps from BookletNH4.50
2401a BK  Roadside Attractions Booklet of 8NH11.00
2402Girl GuidesNH1.10
Scott # Description Condition Price
2402 DCS  Girl Guides Die Cut to ShapeNH2.00
2402a BK  Girl Guides Booklet of 10NH11.00
2403Cupid's CoveNH1.10
2404Home ChildNH1.10
2405$10 WhaleNH18.00
2405 M/S  $10 Whale MiniSheet of 2NH36.00
2405 GP  $10 Whale Unit of Vertical and Horizontal Gutter Pairs plus Cross Gutter BlockNHASK
2406-104c-9c Insect DefinitivesNH.70
2406a,2409a '124c,8c with Added InscriptionsNH4.75
2406-10: 3CGB+9GP UnitInsects Cross Gutter Blocks (3) and Vertical and Horizontal Gutter Pairs (9) UnitNH55.00
2406-10: 9 GPInsects Horizontal Gutter Pairs (6) and Vertical Gutter Pairs (3)NH15.00
2406+07: HGP4c+6c Insects Horizontal Gutter PairNH2.00
2407+10: HGP6c+9c Insects Horizontal Gutter PairNH2.00
2407+08: HGP6c+7c Insects Horizontal Gutter PairNH2.00
2408+06: HGP7c+4c Insects Horizontal Gutter PairNH2.00
2409+07: HGP8c+6c Insects Horizontal Gutter PairNH2.00
2410+08: HGP9c+8c Insects Horizontal Gutter PairNH2.00
2406+07 VGP4c+6c Insects Vertical Gutter PairNH3.00
2407+08 VGP6c+7c Insects Vertical Gutter PairNH3.00
2409+07 VGP8c+6c Insects Vertical Gutter PairNH3.00
2409b S/S '12Insect Definitives Sheet of 3NH4.75
2410a S/S4c-9c Insects Sheet of 5NH.70
2411 S/SChristmas Ornament SheetNH6.50
2412Religious ChristmasNH1.10
2412 DCS  Religious Christmas Die Cut to ShapeNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2412a BK  Religious Christmas Booklet of 12NH14.00
2413-15Christmas OrnamentsNH6.50
2413-15 DCS  Christmas Ornaments Die Cut to ShapeNHASK
2413a-15a BK  Christmas Ornaments BookletsNH45.00
2416-17 S/SYear of the Rabbit with SheetNH4.50
"2417P" P/SYear of the Rabbit Press Sheet of 12ASK
2418 S/SFlags - The True North SheetNH5.75
2419-23Canadian Pride Flag Strip of 5NH6.00
2419-23 DCS  Canadian Pride Flag Strip Die Cut to ShapeNH9.00
2423a BK  Canadian Pride Flag Booklet of 10NH12.00
2423b BK  Canadian Pride Flag Booklet of 30NH45.00
2424 S/SBaby Animals Sheet of 4NH9.00
2425Two Rabbits Coil Die Cut 9 on Large Backing PaperNH4.75
2426-29Baby Animal Coils Die Cut 8-8NH9.00
  2426 PR  Two Rabbits Coil Pair, Imperf VerticallyNH6.00
  2426 STR  Two Rabbits Coil Strip of 10, Imperf VerticallyNH34.50
2430-32Baby Animals inc Bear (from Booklets)NH7.75
2430-32 DCS  Baby Animals inc Bear Die Cut to ShapeNHASK
2430a-32a BK  Baby Animals inc Bear - Booklets of 6NH47.50
2433Carrie BestNH1.20
2433 DCS  Carrie Best Die Cut to ShapeNH2.50
2433a BK  Carrie Best Booklet of 10NH12.00
2434Pitcher Ferguson JenkinsNH1.20
2434 DCS  Pitcher Ferguson Jenkins Die Cut to ShapeNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2434a BK  Pitcher Ferguson Jenkins Booklet of 10NH12.00
2435Celebrations - GiftNH1.25
2435 DCS  Celebrations - Gift Die Cut to ShapeNH2.75
2435a BK  Celebrations Booklet of 6NH7.00
2436Daphne OdjigNH4.00
2436 GP  59c Daphne Odjig Gutter PairNH16.00
2436 P/S  Daphne Odjig Press SheetNH65.00
2437 S/SDaphne Odjig Sheet of 3NH6.50
2437 GP S/S  Daphne Odjig Souvenir Sheet Gutter PairNH32.50
2438-39Artist Daphne Odjig NH5.25
2438-39 DCS  Artist Daphne Odjig Die Cut to ShapeNH9.75
2438a-39a BK  Artist Daphne Odjig Booklets of 6NH32.50
2440 S/SSunflowers Sheet of 2NH2.25
2441-42Sunflowers Coil PairNH4.00
2443-44 DCS  Sunflowers Die Cut to ShapeNH4.50
2444a BK  Sunflowers Booklet of 10NH15.75
2445 S/S '11Zodiac Sheet: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, CancerNH5.75
2446 S/S '12Zodiac Sheet: Leo, Virgo, Libra, ScorpioNH5.75
2447 S/S '13Zodiac: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarious, Pisces Sheet of 4NH11.75
2448 S/S '13Zodiac MiniSheet of 12NH30.00
2448 x2 SP GS '13Zodiac Gutter Sheet of 24: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarious, Pisces NH65.00
2449 '11Zodiac - Aries the RamNH1.20
Scott # Description Condition Price
2449 DCS '11  Zodiac - Aries the Ram Die Cut to ShapeNH2.50
2449a BK '11  Zodiac - Aries Booklet of 10NH12.00
2450 '11Zodiac - TaurusNH1.20
2450 DCS '11  Zodiac - Taurus Die Cut to ShapeNH2.50
2450a BK '11  Zodiac - Taurus Booklet of 10NH12.00
2451 '11Zodiac - GeminiNH1.20
2451 DCS '11  Zodiac - Gemini Die Cut to ShapeNH2.25
2451a BK '11  Zodiac - Gemini Booklet of 10NH11.75
2452 '11Zodiac - Cancer (Crab)NH1.25
2452 DCS '11  Zodiac - Cancer (Crab) Die Cut to ShapeNH2.25
2452a BK '11  Zodiac - Cancer (Crab) Booklet of 10NH12.00
2453 '12Zodiac - LeoNH1.25
2453 DCS '12  Zodiac - Leo  Die Cut to ShapeNH2.50
2453 BK '12  Zodiac - Leo Booklet of 10NH12.50
2454 '12Zodiac - VirgoNH1.25
2454 DCS '12  Zodiac - Virgo Die Cut to ShapeNH2.50
2454 BK '12  Zodiac - Virgo Booklet of 10NH12.50
2455 '12Zodiac - LibraNH1.25
2455 DCS '12  Zodiac - Libra Die Cut to ShapeNH2.50
2455 BK '12  Zodiac - Libra Booklet of 10NH12.50
2456 '12Zodiac - ScorpioNH1.25
5 GPZodiac Gutter Pairs - Complete Unit of 5 inc Cross Gutter BlockNH29.00
2456 DCS '12  Zodiac - Scorpio Die Cut to ShapeNH2.50
2456 BK '12  Zodiac - Scorpio Booklet of 10NH12.50
2457-60 '13Zodiac: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarious, PiscesNH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2457-60 '13 DCS  Zodiac: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarious, Pisces Die Cut to ShapeNH9.50
2457a-60a '13 BK  Zodiac: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarious, Pisces Booklets of 10NH49.00
2460b BK '13Zodiac Booklet of 24 (Scorpio, Leo, Virgo, Libra)NH37.50
2461 S/SYear of the Forests SheetNH3.25
2462-63Year of the Forests PairNH8.00
2462-63 DCS  Year of the Forests Die Cut to Shape PairNH14.00
2463a BK  Year of the Forests Booklet of 4 PairsNH39.75
2464-65Royal Wedding (Kate and William) PairNH8.50
2464-65 M/S  Royal Wedding (Kate and William) MiniSheet of 16NHAsk
2466-67    Royal Wedding (Kate and William) Self-adhesiveNH4.50
2466-67 DCS  Royal Wedding (Kate and William) Singles Die Cut to ShapeNH6.75
2466a-67a BK  Royal Wedding (Kate and William)NH65.00
2467b GBK  Royal Wedding Booklet of 10 with Large Gutter between the Panes (not in BK Year Set)NHAsk
2468-69Mail Delivery PairNH2.50
2470National ParksNH1.20
2470 DCS  National Parks Die Cut to ShapeNH2.25
2470a BK  National Parks Booklet of 10NH11.75
2471 S/SArt Deco Structures Sheet of 5NH6.00
2472-76Art Deco Strip of 5NH7.00
2472-76 DCS  Art Deco Die Cut to Shape SinglesNH9.00
2476a BK  Art Deco Booklet of 10NH12.75
2477William-Kate Wedding Day Sheet of 2NH3.75
2477b S/SWilliam-Cate Sheet with ROYAL TOUR Emblem in Gold AddedNH9.75
2478William-Kate Wedding DayNH1.20
Scott # Description Condition Price
2478 DCS  William-Kate Wedding Die Cut to ShapeNH2.25
2478a BK  William-Kate Wedding Booklet of 10NH12.00
2479-82Recording Artists, Perf 12NH7.50
2479a-82aRecording Artists, Perf 12x13NH9.00
2479a-82a M/S  Recording Artists Decorative MiniSheets of 16NH175.00
2482b S/SRecording Artists Sheet of 4NH9.00
2483 BPRecording Artists Booklet Pane of 4 (our choice of format)NH4.75
2483 x2 BK  Recording Artists Booklet of 8 (our choice of format)NH9.50
2483 - GR  Recording Artists Block of 4 - Reno ULNH5.50
2483 BK - GR  Recording Artists Booklet of 8 - Reno on CoverNH11.00
2483 - RR  Recording Artists Block of 4 - Robertson ULNH5.50
2483 BK - RR  Recording Artists Booklet of 8 - Robertson on CoverNH11.00
2483 - BC  Recording Artists Block of 4 - Cockburn ULNH5.50
2483 BK - BC  Recording Artists Booklet of 8 - Cockburg on CoverNH11.00
2483 - KAM  Recording Artists Block of 4 - McGarrigle ULNH5.50
2483 BK - KAM  Recording Artists Booklet of 8 - McGarrigle on CoverNH11.00
2484 S/SRoadside Attractions Sheet of 4NH4.75
2485Roadside Attractions Block of 4, Self-adhesiveNH4.75
2485 x2 BK  Roadside Attractions Booklet of 8NH9.50
2486 S/SMiss Supertest III Boat Sheet of 2NH4.75
2487Miss Supertest III BoatNH1.25
2487 DCS  Miss Supertest III BoatNH2.25
2487 BK  Miss Supertest III Boat Booklet of 10 with TabsNH12.00
2488 BPInnovations Pane of 4NH4.75
2488 x2 BK  Innovations Booklet of 8NH9.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2489International Year of Chemistry, NobelistNH2.25
2489 DCS  International Year of Chemistry, NobelistNH4.50
2489a BK  International Year of Chemistry (Nobelist) Booklet of 10NH22.00
2490 S/SChristmas Stained Glass Sheet of 3NH6.00
2491Christmas - HollyNH1.25
2491 DCS  Christmas - Holly Die Cut to ShapeNH2.50
2491a BK  Christmas - Holly Booklet of 12NH14.00
2492-94Christmas Stained GlassNH7.50
2492-94 DCS  Christmas Stained Glass Die Cut to ShapeNH12.50
2492a-94a BK  Christmas Stained Glass Booklets of 6 or 12 (3)NH46.00
2493+2494 GP  $1.03+$1.75 Stained Glass Gutter PairNH11.00
2494b BK  $1.03+$1.75 Stained Glass Combined Booklet of 12NH32.00
PHS '11Special Personalized Holiday Stamps (6)NH24.50
PHS '11 M/S  Special Personalized Holiday Stamps MiniSheets of 21 (6)NH595.00
2495Year of the Dragon - Full ShapeNH1.50
2496 S/S 1Year of the Dragon Sheet of 1NH3.60
2496a S/S 2Year of the Dragon Sheet of 2NH7.00
2497Year of the Dragon - Head OnlyNH3.50
2497 DCS  Year of the Dragon Die Cut to ShapeNH4.75
2497a BK  Year of the Dragon Booklet of 6NH21.00
2498 S/SCanadian Flag Pride Sheet of 5NH6.25
2499-03Canadian Flag Pride Strip of 5NH10.00
2499-03 SO  Canadian Flag Pride Strip of 5 in Scott OrderNH13.50
2499-03 DCS  Canadian Flag Pride Strip of 5 Die Cut to ShapeNH14.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2503a BK  Canadian Flag Pride Booklet of 10NH12.00
2503b BK  Canadian Flag Pride Booklet of 30NHAsk
2499-01+2502a+2503Canadian Flag Pride Strip of 5 with "Lueders" in microtext. (not in Year Set)NHAsk
2503c BK  Canadian Flag Pride Booklet of 10 with "Lueders" in microtext. (not in Year Set)NHAsk
2504 S/SBaby Wildlife Sheet of 4NH9.50
2505Three Racoons Coil on Large Transparent PaperNH4.75
2506-09Baby Wildlife from CoilsNH9.25
2510-12Baby Wildlife from BookletsNH8.00
2510-12 DCS  Baby Wildlife Die Cut to ShapeNH11.00
2510a-12a BK  Baby Wildlife Booklets of 6NH48.00
2513-18Elizabeth Reign 60th AnniversaryNH7.50
2513-18 M/S  Elizabeth Reign 60th Anniversary MiniSheets of 4NH37.50
"2513X-18X" PCElizabeth Reign 60th Anniversary Set of 6 Postal CardsNH12.50
  2513  Elizabeth Reign - 4c Scott 330NH1.75
  2513 M/S  Elizabeth Reign - 4c Scott 330 MiniSheet of 4NH8.50
  2514  Elizabeth Reign - 5c Scott 471NH1.75
  2514 M/S  Elizabeth Reign - 5c Scott 471 MiniSheet of 4NH8.50
  2515  Elizabeth Reign - 25c Scott 704NH1.75
  2515 M/S  Elizabeth Reign - 25c Scott 704 MiniSheet of 4NH8.50
  2516  Elizabeth Reign - 40c Scott 1168NH1.75
  2516 M/S  Elizabeth Reign - 40c Scott 1168 MiniSheet of 4NH8.50
  2517  Elizabeth Reign - 48c Scott 1932NH1.75
  2517 M/S  Elizabeth Reign - 48c Scott 1932 MiniSheet of 4NH8.50
  2518  Elizabeth Reign Oval Portrait PNH1.75
  2518 M/S  Elizabeth Reign Oval Portrait P MiniSheet of 4NH8.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  2518 P/SDiamond Jubilee - 60 Years Press SheetNHAsk
2519Queen Elizabeth Diamond JubileeNH1.25
2519 DCS  Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Die Cut to ShapeNH1.75
2519a BK  Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Booklet of 10NH12.00
2520-21Desmond, Ware (Black History)NH2.50
2520-21 DCS  Desmond, Ware (Black History) Die Cut to ShapeNH3.75
2520a-21a BK  Desmond, Ware (Black History) Booklets of 10NH24.00
2520+2521 GPDesmond, Ware (Black History) Gutter PairNH8.75
2521b GP BK  Desmond, Ware (Black History) Booklet of 12 with 3 Gutter PairsNH25.00
2522Sculptor Joe Fafard - CowNH2.50
2523 S/SSculptor Joe Fafard Sheet of 3NH7.00
2524-25Sculptor Joe FafardNH5.75
2524-25 DCS  Sculptor Joe Fafard Die Cut to ShapeNH8.75
2524a-25a BK  Joe Fafard Normal Booklets of 6NH34.00
2525b GP  Joe Fafard Gutter PairNH7.00
2525b GBK  Joe Fafard Gutter Booklet of 6NH17.00
2526 S/SDaylilies SheetNH2.50
2527-28Daylilies Coil PairNH2.50
2529-30 ST  Daylilies Pair from BookletNH2.50
2529-30 DCS  Daylilies Die Cut to ShapeNH4.50
2530a BK  Daylilies Booklet of 10NH12.00
2531-34Titanic, Map Block of 4NH5.00
2531-34 GP  Titanic, Map Gutter Block of 4NH10.00
2531-34 M/S  Titanic, Map Blocks in MiniSheet of 16NH19.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2531-35 FDCTitanic First Day Covers (2)NHAsk
2 PCTitanic Commemorative Post CardsNHAsk
2535 S/STitanic at Sea, Map Sheet of 1NH3.50
2535 S/S H GP  Titanic at Sea, Map Horizontal Gutter Pair of SheetsNH15.00
2535 S/S V GP  Titanic at Sea, Map Vertical Gutter Pair of SheetsNH19.75
2535 S/S PS  Titanic at Sea, Map Press Sheet of 12 plus a Tab the width of the SheetNH55.00
2536-37Titanic, Map Pair, Self-adhesiveNH2.40
2536-37 DCS  Titanic, Map Pair Die Cut to ShapeNH3.75
2537a BK  Titanic, Map Pair, Booklet of 10NH12.00
2538Titanic at Sea, Map, Self-adhesiveNH3.50
2538 DCS  Titanic at Sea, Map Die Cut to ShapeNH6.50
2538a BK  Titanic at Sea, Map Booklet of 6NH21.00
End of the TITANIC Commemorative Issues
2539Red River SettlementNH1.25
2540$2 Queen Young and OldNH4.00
2540 M/S  Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee MiniSheet of 4NH17.00
2540a S/SQueen Young and Old in Sheet of 1NH4.50
2541 S/SFranklin the Turtle Sheet of 4NH5.00
2542-45Franklin the Turtle Block of 4, Self-adhesiveNH8.50
2542-45 BK  Franklin the Turtle Booklet of 12NH16.50
2546 S/SCalgary Stampede Sheet of 2NH3.25
2547-48Calgary StampedeNH3.25
2547-48 DCS  Calgary Stampede Die Cut to ShapeNH5.25
2547a-48a BK  Calgary Stampede Booklets of 10NH32.00
2547a-48a GP BK  Calgary Stampede Booklet of 4 and 6 with GuttersNH17.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2549 S/SDifference Makers Sheet of 4NH5.00
2550-53Difference Makers (Fox, Watt-Cloutier, Hansen, Arbour)NH4.75
2550-53 DCS  Difference Makers (Fox, Watt-Cloutier, Hansen, Arbour) Die Cut to ShapeNH6.75
2550a-53a BK  Difference Makers (Fox, Watt-Cloutier, Hansen, Arbour) Booklets of 10NH48.00
2554-55War of 1812 PairNH2.50
2556London Olympic GamesNH1.25
2556 DCS  London Olympic Games Die Cut to ShapeNH2.50
2556a BK  London Olympic Games Booklet of 10NH12.00
2557Tommy Douglas - MedicareNH1.25
2567 S/SGrey Cup Games Sheet of 9NH11.00
2558 S/SFootball Sheet of 8NH9.75
2559-67Football CoilsNH10.00
2568-76Grey Cup Games 100th AnniversaryNH10.50
2568-76 DCS  Grey Cup Games 100th Anniversary Die Cut ShapeNH11.00
2568a-76a BK  Grey Cup Games 100th Anniversary Booklets of 10NH100.00
2577 S/SThe Regiments Sheet of 3NH3.75
2578The Black WatchNH1.25
2578 DCS  The Black Watch Die Cut to ShapeNH2.50
2578a BK  The Black Watch Booklet of 10NH12.00
2579Royal Hamilton Light InfantryNH1.25
2579 DCS  Royal Hamilton Light Infantry Die Cut to ShapeNH2.50
2579a BK  Royal Hamilton Light Infantry Booklet of 10NH12.00
2580Royal RegimentNH1.25
2580 DCS  Royal Regiment Die Cut to ShapeNH2.50
2580a BK  Royal Regiment Booklet of 10NH12.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2581 S/SChristmas Cookies Sheet of 3NH5.00
2582Christmas Stained GlassNH1.25
2582 DCS  Christmas Stained Glass Die Cut to ShapeNH2.50
2582a BK  Christmas Stained Glass Booklet of 12NH14.50
2583-85Christmas CookiesNH5.00
2583-85 DCS  Christmas Cookies Die Cut to ShapeNH9.50
2583a-85a BK  Christmas Cookies Booklets of 6 or 12NH48.00
2586-97Picture Postage FramesNH26.00
2598Grey Cup Winners - Argonauts OverprintNH3.00
2598 BKGrey Cup Winners - Argonauts Pane with CONGRATULATIONS OverprintNHAsk
2599Embossed Year of the Snake (sheet format)NH1.40
2600 S/SEmbossed Year of the Snake SheetNH7.75
2600a S/SLunar New Year 2012-2013 Combined SheetNH7.50
2601Year of the Snake, Self-adhesiveNH3.75
2601 TB  Year of the Snake Tete-Beche PairNH7.50
2601 DCS  Year of the Snake Die Cut to ShapeNH7.00
2601a BK  Year of the Snake Booklet of 6NH20.00
2602 S/SBaby Wildlife Sheet of 4NH10.00
2603P Baby Wildlife Coil, Die Cut 9 on Translucent PaperNH4.50
2604-07P,$1.10, $1.34, $1.85 Baby Wildlife Coils, Die Cut 8NH12.00
2604-07 DSC  P,$1.10, $1.34, $1.85 Animals Coils Die Cut to ShapeNH22.00
2608-10$1.10, $1.34, $1.85 Baby Wildlife on Thick White Backing PaperNH12.75
2608-10 DCS  $1.10, $1.34, $1.85 Animals Die Cut to ShapeNH24.00
2608a-10a BK  $1.10, $1.34,$1.85 Baby Wildlife Booklets of 6NH46.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2611 S/SFlag, Pride inc Sailboat, Ice Fishing Sheet of 5NH6.25
2612-16Flag, Pride inc Sailboat, Ice FishingNH6.50
2612-16 DCS  Flag, Pride inc Sailboat, Ice Fishing Die Cut to ShapeNH12.00
2616b BK  Flag, Pride inc Sailboat, Ice Fishing Booklet of 5NH12.50
2616b x3 BKPride Flags Book of 30, Self-adhesiveNH40.00
2617Queen Elizabeth in Yellow HatNH1.25
2617 DCS  Queen Elizabeth in Yellow Hat Die Cut to ShapeNH2.50
2617a BK  Queen Elizabeth in Yellow Hat Booklet of 10NH12.25
2617b  Queen Elizabeth with "Canada"  visible on reverse of stamp (not in Year Set)NHAsk
2617c BK  Queen Elizabeth with "Canada"  visible on reverse of stamp Booklet of 10 (not in Booklet Year Set)NHAsk
2618Raoul WallenbergNH3.75
2618 DCS  Raoul Wallenberg Die Cut to ShapeNH7.00
2618a BK  Raoul Wallenberg Booklet of 6NH21.00
2619-20Black History - Fortes, JonesNH2.50
2619-20 DCS  Black History - Fortes, Jones Die Cut to ShapeNH5.00
2619a-20a BK  Black History - Fortes, Jones Booklets of 10NH24.50
2621 S/SMagnolias Sheet of 2NH2.50
2622-23Magnolias Coil PairNH2.50
2624-25Magnolias PairNH2.50
2624-25 DCS  Magnolias Pair Die Cut to ShapeNH4.75
2625a BK  Magnolias Booklet of 10NH12.50
2626-27 S/SPhotography Sheets of 3 and 4NH12.50
2628-34150 Years of PhotographyNH16.50
2628-34 DCS  150 Years of Photography Die Cut to ShapeNH29.50
2632a-34a BK  Photography Booklets of 6, 6 and 10NH47.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2635Princess of Wales RegimentNH1.25
2635 DCS  Princess of Wales Regiment Die Cut to ShapeNH2.75
2635a BK  Princess of Wales Regiment Booklet of 10NH12.50
2636 S/SAdapt A Pet Sheet of 5NH6.50
2637-41Adopt A Pet, Pane of 5 Self-adhesiveNH6.50
2641a BK  Adopt A Pet Booklet of 10NH12.50
2642 S/SGates in Chinatown Perf Round Sheet of 8 with Hole in CenterNH10.00
"2642X" S/S IMPGates in Chinatown Imperf Round Sheet of 8 with Hole in CenterNH250.00
"2642" Type PCGates in Chinatown Postal Cards (8)NH29.50
2642 P/SGates in Chinatown Press Sheet of 5 Souvenir SheetsNHAsk
2643 Gates in Chinatown Pane of 8, Self-adhesiveNH10.00
2643 BK  Gates in Chinatown Booklet of 8NH10.00
2644Queen Elizabeth Coronation AnniversaryNH1.25
2644 DCS  Queen Elizabeth Coronation Anniversary Die Cut to ShapeNH2.50
2644a BK  Queen Elizabeth Coronation Anniversary Booklet of 10NH12.50
2645Big Brothers - Big SistersNH1.25
2645 DCS  Big Brothers - Big Sisters Die Cut to ShapeNH2.50
2645a BK  Big Brothers - Big Sisters Booklet of 10NH12.50
2646 S/SMotorcycles Sheet of 2NH2.75
2647-48Motorcycles Pair: CCM, Indian NH2.50
2647-48 DCS  Motorcycles: CCM, IndianNH4.75
2648a BK  Motorcycles: CCM, Indian Booklet of 10NH12.50
2649Postal Service - Ben FranklinNH1.25
2649 DCS  Postal Service - Ben Franklin Die Cut to ShapeNH2.50
2649a BK  Postal Service - Ben Franklin Booklet of 10NH12.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2650-51War of 1812 Se-tenant PairNH2.50
2652 S/SStella Sheet of 2NH2.50
2653-54Stella Children's Literature PairNH2.50
2653-54 DCS  Stella Pair Die Cut to ShapeNH5.00
2654a BK  Stella Pair Booklet of 10NH12.50
2655 S/SRecording Artists (round) Sheet of 4NH8.50
2656-59Recording Artists inc The Guess WhoNH9.50
2656-59 DCS  Recording Artists Die Cut to ShapeNH10.00
2656a-59a BK  Recording Artists Booklets of 10NH49.75
2660Author Robertson DaviesNH1.25
2660 DCS  Author Robertson Davies Die Cut to ShapeNH2.50
2660a BK  Author Robertson Davies Booklet of 10NH12.50
2661 S/SNHL Team Logos Sheet of 7NH8.75
2662-68NHL Team LogosNH8.75
2669 S/SNHL Team Jerseys Sheet of 7 plus 2 TabsNH14.75
2670-76NHL Team JerseysNH12.00
2670-76 DCS  NHL Team Jerseys Die Cut to ShapeNH22.00
2670a-76a BK  NHL Team Jerseys Booklets of 10NH85.00
2677 S/S75 Years of Superman Sheet of 5NH8.00
2678Superman Costume Coil SingleNH1.75
2678 MESS  Superman Coil Strip of 5 with Encoded Message in KryptonianNH9.00
2679-83Superman Strip of 5 from BookletNH9.00
2679-83 SO  Superman Strip of 5 from Booklet in Scott OrderNH12.00
2683a BK  Superman Booklet of 10 (our choice of Booklet Cover)NH17.00
2683a BK x5  Superman Booklet Unit of 5 Booklets each with a Different CoverNH90.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2683a BK A  Superman Profile CoverNH24.00
2683a BK B  The Man of Steel, Costume CoverNH18.00
2683a BK C  Action Comics, Train CoverNH18.00
2683a BK D  The Man of Steel Faces the Alien CoverNH18.00
2683a BK E  Superman, Tall Buildings CoverNH20.00
2679-83 Type PCSuperman Domestic and International Postal Cards (10)NH43.00
2684Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment NH1.25
2684 DCS  Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment Die Cut to ShapeNH2.50
2684a BK  Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment Booklet of 10NH12.50
2685 S/SPrince George and Royal Family Sheet of 2NH2.50
2686Prince George and Royal FamilyNH1.25
2686 DCS  Prince George and Royal Family Die Cut to ShapeNH2.50
2686a BK  Prince George and Royal Family Booklet of 10NH12.50
2687 S/SChristmas Crafts Sheet of 3NH7.25
2688St. Anne with Baby JesusNH1.25
2688 DCS  St. Anne with Baby Jesus Die Cut to ShapeNH2.50
2688a BK  St. Anne with Baby Jesus Booklet of 12NH15.00
2689-91Christmas CraftsNH7.25
2689-91 DCS  Christmas Crafts Die Cut to ShapeNH15.00
2689a-91a BK  Christmas Crafts Booklets of 6, 6 and 12NH49.75
269263c Baby Wildlife CoilNH1.25
2692 GS  63c Baby Wildlife Coil Gutter Strip of 4NH12.50
2693-97Canada Pride Denominated Strip of 5NH9.50
2693-97 DCS  Canada Pride Denominated Die Cut to ShapeNH13.75
2697a BK  Canada Pride Denominated  Booklet of 10NH19.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2698Queen Elizabeth with 63c DenominationNH2.00
2698 DCS  Queen Elizabeth with 63c Denomination Die Cut to ShapeNH4.00
2698a BK  Queen Elizabeth with 63c Denomination Booklet of 10NH16.50
2699Year of the HorseNH3.75
2700 S/SYears of the Horse / Snake Sheet of 2NH7.25
2700a S/SYear of the Horse Sheet of 1NH3.75
2701 DCS  Year of the Horse Die Cut to ShapeNH7.50
2701a BK  Year of the Horse Booklet of 6NH22.00
2702-03Africville, Hogan's AlleyNH2.50
2702-03 DCS  Africville, Hogan's Alley Die Cut to ShapeNH5.00
2702a-03a BK  Africville, Hogan's Alley Booklets of 10NH24.50
2704 S/SWinter Sports - Hockey, Skiing, Skating Sheet of 3NH3.75
2705-07Winter Sports - Hockey, Skiing, SkatingNH3.75
2705-07 DCS  Winter Sports - Hockey, Skiing, SkatingNH7.50
2705a-07a BK  Winter Sports Booklets of 10NH36.00
2708Monarch ButterflyNH.50
2709 S/SBaby Animals Sheet of 5NH10.50
2710-14Baby Animals CoilsNH10.50
2710-14 DCS  Baby Animals Die Cut to ShapeNH16.00
2710A$1 Owl Chick CoilNH4.50
2715-17$1.20,$1.80,$2.50 Baby WildlifeNH11.00
2715-17 DCS  $1.20,$1.80,$2.50 Baby Wildlife Die Cut to ShapeNH19.75
2715a-17a BK  $1.20,$1.80,$2.50 Baby Wildlife Booklets of 6NH65.00
2718 S/SWorld Heritage Sites (small) Sheet of 5NH8.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2719-23World Heritage Sites (small) Strip of 5NH8.00
2719-23 SOWorld Heritage Sites (small) Strip of 5 in Scott OrderNH13.00
2723a BKWorld Heritage Sites (small) Booklet of 10NH15.00
2723b BKWorld Heritage Sites (small) Booklet of 30NH42.00
2724 S/SRoyal Ontario Museum Artifacts Sheet of 2NH3.00
2725-26Royal Ontario Museum Artifacts PairNH3.00
2725-26 DCS  Royal Ontario Museum Artifacts Pair Die Cut to ShapeNH5.00
2726a BK  Royal Ontario Museum Artifacts Booklet of 10NH17.00
2727 S/SRed, Yellow Roses Sheet of 2NH3.25
2728-29Red, Yellow Roses Coil PairNH3.50
2730-31Red, Yellow Roses Pair from BookletNH3.25
2730-31 DCS  Red, Yellow Roses Pair Die Cut to ShapeNH4.75
2731a BK  Roses Booklet of 10NH16.00
2732Komagata Maru ShipNH5.00
2732 DCS  Komagata Maru Ship Die Cut to ShapeNH7.50
2732a BK  Komagata Maru Ship Booklet of 6NH30.00
2733 S/SNational Film Board Sheet of 5NH7.50
2734-38National Film Board Strip of 5NH8.50
2734-38 DCS  National Film Board Strip of 5 Die Cut to ShapeNH12.50
2738a BK  National Film Board Booklet of 10NH17.00
2739 S/SWorld Heritage Sites (large) Sheet of 5NH15.75
2740-44World Heritage Sites (large) Strip of 3 plus PairNH15.75
2740-44 DCS  World Heritage Sites (large) Strip of 5 Die Cut to ShapeNH22.00
2742a,2744a BKWorld Heritage Sites (large)  Booklets of 6NH44.00
2745Empress of Ireland NH1.70
Scott # Description Condition Price
2745 x2 with Tab  Empress of Ireland Anniversary Pair with Tab (our choice)NH4.00
2745 M/S  Empress of Ireland Anniversary MiniSheet of 16 with 4 Different TabsNH27.00
2746 S/SEmpress of Ireland SheetNH5.00
2746 x2 S/S Pair  Empress of Ireland Pairs of Sheets with Gutter (not in Basic Year Set)NH22.50
2746 P/S  Empress of Ireland Press Sheet of 12 Sheets (The margins on this Press show the names of all those who perished in the disaster.NH75.00
2747Empress of Ireland, Self-adhesiveNH2.00
2747 DCS  Empress of Ireland Die Cut to ShapeNH7.50
2747a BK  Empress of Ireland Booklet of 10NH17.00
2748 S/SHaunted House Canada SheetNH8.50
2749-53Haunted CanadaNH8.50
2749-53 DCS  Haunted Canada Die Cut to ShapeNH12.75
2753a BK  Haunted Canada Booklet of 10NH17.00
2754Ottawa Redblacks CoilNH2.50
2755Ottawa Redblacks Football TeamNH1.70
2755 DCS  Ottawa Redblacks Football Team Die Cut to ShapeNH3.50
2755a BK  Ottawa Redblacks Football Team Booklet of 10NH17.00
2756-57 S/S150 Years of Photography Sheets of 3 and 4NH15.75
2758-64150 Years of PhotographyNH16.00
2758-64 DCS  150 Years of Photography Die Cut to ShapeNH24.00
2762a-64a BK  150 Years of Photography Booklets of 6, 6 and 10NH60.00
2765 S/SCountry Music Sheet of 5NH10.75
2766-70Country Music (Twain, lang, Hunter, Snow, Martel)NH8.50
2766-70 DCS  Country Music (Twain, lang, Hunter, Snow, Martel) Die Cut to ShapeNH13.50
2766a-70a BK  Country Music Country Music (Twain, lang, Hunter, Snow, Martel) Booklets of 10NH85.00
2771Museum for Human RightsNH1.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
2771 DCS  Museum for Human Rights Die Cut to ShapeNH2.75
2771a BK  Museum for Human Rights BookletNH16.00
2772 S/SComedians / Humorists Sheet of 5NH8.50
2773-77Comedians / HumoristsNH8.50
2773-77 DCS  Comedians / Humorists Die Cut to ShapeNH13.50
2773a-77a BKComedians / Humorists Booklets of 10NH17.00
2778 S/SZamboni Sheet of 7NH11.00
2779-85Zamboni CoilsNH17.50
2786 S/SOriginal Six NHL Teams Sheet of 6NH12.50
2787 BKOriginal Six NHL Teams Booklet of 6NH17.50
2787 DCS  Original Six NHL Teams Die Cut to ShapeNH19.75
2788-93 S/SOriginal Six NHL Teams SheetsNH35.00
2794Wait for Me Daddy WAGNH6.75
2795Wait for Me Daddy, Self-adhesiveNH1.75
2795 DCS  Wait for Me Daddy Die Cut to ShapeNH3.25
2795a BK  Wait for Me Daddy Booklet of 10NH17.00
2796 S/SSanta Claus Sheet of 3NH9.00
2797Christmas Madonna and ChildNH2.00
2797 DCS  Christmas Madonna and ChildNH3.75
2797a BK  Christmas Madonna and Child Booklet of 12NH20.00
2798-00Santa Claus NH9.00
2798-00 DCS  Santa Claus Die Cut to ShapeNH13.00
2798a-80a BK  Santa Claus Booklets of 12, 6 and 6NH64.00
2801Year of the Ram NH4.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
2801 DCS  Year of the Ram Die Cut to ShapeNH2.00
2802 S/SYear of the Ram Sheet of 1NH4.00
2802a S/SYear of the Ram Sheet of 2NH7.00
2803Year of the Ram from BookletNH4.00
2803 DCS  Year of the Ram Die Cut to ShapeNH7.50