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SOUTH SUDAN 2017 ISSUES now available:  Severe inflation has caused the Sudan Post Office to surcharge 19 different stamps.  These surcharges are now in stock in extremely limited quantity.  These are the first South Sudan issues in five years!  To avoid disappointment, please reserve yours now.  Call or email for further information.
Sunday, December 16, 2018

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Scott # Description Condition Price
1-171947-48 Definitives,15-17 hinged, F-VF, VF, H, NH. Scott as NH:NH / H
NEW ZEALAND1998 1484-89a Felines on 2 Official, Unaddressed, Cacheted FDC'sFDC
9LC11-131937 Franco Surcharges x11 sets, VG-F NH (scarce thus). Michel Euro 209 ($181)**
9LC11-131937 Franco Surcharges x11 sets, VG-F NH (scarce thus). Michel Euro 209 ($181)**
AUSTRIA1067//1290 Collection of 8 BLACK PROOFS on 5 descriptive folders. Owner's original cost:Proof
BELGIUM1337 x4 Special Olympics, 1338 x2 Soccer, 1339x 3 Basketball, all IMPERF w/ control numbers on reverse, VF**
AUSTRIA994//B348 Collection of 17 BLACK PROOFS on 11 descriptive folders. Original owner's cost:Proof
221954 25R Overprint IMPERF w/o gum, VF*
HUNGARY1000-03+C107-08 1952 Helsinki Games x30 F-VF NH**
HUNGARY1000-03+C107-08 1952 Helsinki Games x30 F-VF NH**
HUNGARY1000-03+C107-08+1160-67 x20 ea F-VF NH**
HUNGARY1000-03+C107-08 and 1160-67 x20 ea F-VF NH**
249//3461996-99 Dealer stock of 14 diff mint sets, 2-10 ea, VF NH (Face value about $170)**
249//3521996-99 Comprehensive Dealer Stock of 44 diff mint sets, 4-10 ea inc Dogs, Trains,Flowers,Mushroom, VF NH (Face value about $440)**
39//133,B1,O1-61994-2000 Mint Sets: 13 diff, 1-10 ea, VF NH (Face value about $85)**
39//133,B1,O1-61994-2000 Mint Sets: 13 diff, 1-10 ea, VF NH (Face value about $85)**
1-71920 Arms on philatelic cover tied by KIRJASALO 30.111.20 cancels, 5m,10m well-centered and Scott's 100% premium has been applied to the value of these 2 stampsCover
1-141920 Country Complete, 5-7 NH (hinged in margin only), 7 w/ diagonal crease o/w F-VF LH, Scott as H:*
31862 2c Jackson, hinge thin, repaired to F-VF appearance, usedO
8,8a1863 2c Jackson(2) in Brown Red and Pale Red shades w/ Charleston and part Richmond cds, faults but VF appearanceO
8//MR11911-75 Beautiful collection on Kabe pages, mainly NH and complete from 1946 (w/o wmk var's) F-VFCOL
1995-99 MICRONESIA 211//257; 1998-99 MARSHALL ISL. 655//712 each almost complete for the periods, F-VF NH**
C46-591939 Aerial View w/ exceptionally nice centering and very lightly hinged - CHOICE SET*
7b1927 6d Olive bister shade, 2 blocks of 4 F-V, Scott as H - $64, these are NH!**
1963-83 Clean collection of 100's of stamps (usually in sets) and S/S from Aitutaki($74),Cook($157),Niue($159) and Penrhyn($45) F-VF NH or usedCOL
Scott # Description Condition Price
1//1061963-82 Little collection of sets and S/S, NH, LH or used, F-VFCOL
Complete collection from 1-330 including the scarce surcharges in VF NH condition!  (The Official stamp is favor cancelled as always, of course.)  Beautiful and pristine.  Save us labor and save yourself $$.NH495.00
126-301902-03 10d-10sh Victoria(Mi 92-96) F,VF H*
781863 8d Orange Victoria fresh w/ bold 8 watermk,tiny natural inclusion, about F H*
1891 Collection of 40 Official Mint Reprints, colorful and fresh, F-VF mostly LHCOL
N851923 30c on 300m Brown surcharge toned perf at R o/w F-VF H*
N861923 60c on 500m Orange Surcharge F-VF H*
NB31923 15c on 50m Brown Surcharge F-VF H*
Interisland Postage set of 5 VF LH*
1-5,7-161908-10 Overprints, F-VF H*
311921 2d Surcharge WITHOUT WATERMARK F NH. Scott as H:**
101915 L1 Kangaroo F-VF LH*
Worldwide collection of over 200 Booklets mainly from the 1990's inc keys like Tonga 870,Iceland 801-02,Philippines 2550A (damaged cover). A host of uncommon countries are represented such as Nicaragua, India, Algeria, Malaysia, Chile, South Africa with oBOOKLET
1960's-1990's Worldwide mint NH sets - NO SAND DUNES - NO SE ASIA - no junky stuff - F-VF up to 10 each**
ALBANIASame as above, but margin BLOCKS of 4 F-VF NH**
Attractive collection of 30 official REPRINTS made in 1894 and laterReprint
Attractive collection of 30 official REPRINTS made in 1894 and laterReprint
81857 6d Victoria w/4 clear margins and a light, face-free cancel - a gem!O
81857 6d Victoria Proof w/o watermark, VF, quite a nice spacefiller!Proof
81-85 var1886 Postage and Revenue w/ SPECIMEN ovpt plus extra L1, LHSPECIMEN
1884//89 Group of 9 Official Reprints or Specimens, some w/o gumReprint
Attractive collection of 23 REPRINTS made in 1891 and laterReprint
75 var1885 10sh Overprintd Specimen w/ hinge thin (SG 247), VG-F centering*
20b1901 L1 w/ GORGEOUS centering, VF H*
2//92+J1//251908-57 Fairly complete, clean selection of used to NH stamps, F-VFCOL
Scott # Description Condition Price
1//108,J1//251908-57 Clean collection of sets plus a few additional singles, F-VF H,NHNH/H
4//241850-64 Selection inc a useful 24, VG-VF HO
Attractive collection of 54 Booklets from the 1996-98 period w/ high face, VFBOOKLET
1735a//1902a1994-97 Small collection of 21 booklets (+ 10 unofficials) inc 1735a. Face about $50BOOKLET
3N1-20,4N1-13,5N1//8NB5-61945-49 Selection of French Zones, AMG, etc. inc 6N7-9, 8N36-37**, F-VF, H-NHNH/H
1984-88, 1991-94 NH collection in 9 Year Packs VF**
219-21,229-31,244-46,262-641962-65 Issues - dealer buy price $110 but each issue has one stamp w/mount gum glazing**
3//293B,B1-B57,C1//C181870-1948 Collection inc 48-57*,151-57*,B1-B57*, F-VF, used to LH*/O
One of the rarest Indies stamps is also one of the rarest Insect Thematic items!  We're looking at Scott 49 witth an Imperforate top margin (NVPH 49v).  VF, LH and stunning!NH700.00
Scott 46a (NVPH 38f) - the Rare Double Overprint Error!  VF LH with Koopman Certificate - beautiful!NH160.00
This #2 is an amazing stamp - perfectly centered and nicely used for this "impossible-to-get-in-nice- quality" issue.  Get a gem!NH225.00
2K1-121919 LEVANT Overprint - 20f w/ crease o/w F-VF. 50f w/ interesting full offset on gum variety, H-LH*
Collection of 100's on pages inc used unless noted Indies 1 VF,62,164-88,289,290*,Curacao 2*,19-23 mixed,229,C4-17*,CB1-8,Surinam 74-102 mixed,132-38*,263a*,C18* plus 424//onwards NH. Lots of semi sets, too.  Overall F-VFCOL
26//327,B1//49,C1//55,CB1-421911-55 Selection missing only a few scarce stamps for completion for the period, F-VF H-LH*
6//1691866-1920 Selection inc 6 used (cat $125.00),13 used, 14*, many sets such as 27-32*,33-39*,87-97*,155-67* F-VF H-LH*/O
13//170,P1-111866-1920 Selection inc 13 used, 27-32*,33-39,79-86*,108-23*,125-26*,P1-11 F-VF H-LH*/O
7//131908 1/4 Block of 4 x2, 9 used, 10*, 10 used x2, 13* F,F-VF H*/O
1-191939 Definitive overprints on Czech stamps, F-VF NH. Michel DM:**
30//821864-99 Interesting selection, VG-F, used to H*/O
N1-N33,NP1-NP41918 Regulars complete F-VF H-LH*
1940-44 Collection inc France N27-57**,Luxembourg N1-16**,substantial General Government,Jersey N3-8* and more F-VF H-NHNH/H
1940-44 Selection inc Albania 332-44,B17-23,E3, France N27-N58, Luxembourg N1-32,NB1-7, Montenegro 3N1-9,3NB7-10*
UX7,UY91953 Stationery, quite fresh and VF**
3055a1996 Postal Service S/S x100**
Scott # Description Condition Price
3066a1996 Election S/S x100**
2814a,2930b,2981b1991-94 Booklets: Lighthouse x10,'93 Dog x20,'94 Pig x20 VFBOOKLET
1980's-1990's Dealer stock of NH sets, S/S and Booklets - up to 20 each - a top selling country**
1980-s-1990's Dealer stock of NH sets - to 20 each - a top selling country F-VF**
N20//N134,NC13-NC241953-67 Collection inc N20-56*,NC13-24*,a few stamps with sweated gum not counted, F-VF H-NHNH/H
30//231,J1-J411970-81 Substantially complete inc 33-36,J1-7 plus booklet pane sheets, F-VF NH**
26//305,J7-J461969-83 Substantially complete for period in S/S and panes**
12-206,J1a-J161973-81 Virtually complete for period, missing only 26-27**
239-337,467-5241989-95 WWII Basic set complete (face $67) now a premium item**
B1-B12,C1-C9,CE1-CE3,E7-11,EO1-21928-76 Collection inc C1**,C2-4*,EO1-2** F-VF H-NHNH/H
Collection of many, many 100's, mint and used inc Australia and States, Cook, Fiji, Gilbert, New Zealand, Samoa, Solomons and Tonga. M ost value in 19th century w/ varying quality although Australia goes to 1989.COL
W17x-W23x,WZ15-16,S49//521958 President Heuss Zusammendrucke**
S12//SK361918-39 Collection of these interesting items priced as hinged (NH less 40% by Michel). Minor duplication.  Michel:NH/H
1156//2209,B158//B1881969-81 Collection containing better sets, S/S**
B14//B1551949-69 Selection inc B21*, thereafter fairly complete NH**
314//11551957-69 Substantially complete run for period**
1N1//58,1NJJ1-101919-21 Useful selection inc 1N15,1N18-29,1N25-38,1N42-58,1NJ1-10 less 1N57*
1-90,B1-28,EX1-2,J1-14,O1-24,P1939 Complete used (inc P1-19)O
N17//103,B1-35,O1-24,L1-41939-44 Collection inc N 17-55,NB1-35,NO1-24*
2N1//45,B7//37,C1-20,J1-81941-43 Nice collection*
This is a very clean stock of 880 mint and used stamps we simply have not had the time to process.  Starts off with 1-9,11-19 used on pieces with Praha 5 August 39 cancels (Michel DM 177 as used) and follows with a nice run of sets and singles, mintNH145.00
AUSTRIA1975-84 Complete collection of the 10 BLACK PROOFS for the period w/ owner's retail cost of:Proof
MONACO1023-24 Fine Art (1976) x30 in blocks VF NH**
PORTUGAL-MADEIRAEuropa BLACK PRINTS (9) for Years 1982-90 VF**
Scott # Description Condition Price
TURKEY1665 UL Corner Margin Pair - IMPERF at left and partially at top. Great item for the advanced collector (color photocopy for SASE) VF NH**
BULGARIA3612-13 ('91) x32; 3764-65 ('93) x10 all in multiples VF NH**