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SOUTH SUDAN 2017 ISSUES now available:  Severe inflation has caused the Sudan Post Office to surcharge 19 different stamps.  These surcharges are now in stock in extremely limited quantity.  These are the first South Sudan issues in five years!  To avoid disappointment, please reserve yours now.  Call or email for further information.
Sunday, December 16, 2018


Scott # Description Condition Price
A collection of 35 mint postal cards, maximum cards and stamped envelopes mainly from the Czech Republic, with a few from Czechoslovakia.NH30.00
Instead of recognizing that the CZECH REPUBLIC is a different philatelic (as well as political) entity from Czechoslovakia, Scott has persisted in listing Czech Republic issues under Czechoslovakia.  Other Catalogues, Michel for example, list the Czech Republic as the new entity it actually is.
1993 BKBooklets (14)NH245.00
1993 M/SMiniSheets (6)NH95.00
1994 BKBooklets (16)NH150.00
1994 M/SMiniSheets (7)NH55.00
19952939-67,2968,2969,2970, 2971-76,2947BNH31.00
1995 BKBooklets (14)NH80.00
1995 M/SMiniSheets (5)NH29.00
1996 BKBooklets (5)NH26.00
1996 M/SMiniSheets (7)NH58.00
1997 BKBooklets (13)NH83.00
1997 M/SMiniSheets (7)NH89.00
1998 BKBooklets (11)NH81.00
1998 M/SMiniSheets (9)NH130.00
1999 BKBooklets (12)NH62.00
1999 M/SMiniSheets (8)NH65.00
1999 HCHologram Postal Cards (22)NH27.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2000 BKBooklets (11)NH60.00
2000 M/SMiniSheets (7)NH59.00
2001 BKBooklets (11)NH65.00
2001 M/SMiniSheets (6)NH70.00
2002 BKBooklets (3)NH42.00
2002 M/SMiniSheets (7)NH66.00
2002 ATMATM (22)NHAsk
2003 BKBooklets (8)NH56.00
2003 M/SMiniSheets (11)NH77.00
2003 ATMATM (1)NHAsk
2004 E M/SEuropa MiniSheet (1)NH9.00
2004 O M/SOther MiniSheets (8)NH92.00
2004 BKBooklets (4)NH24.00
2005 GPGutter Pairs (7)NH32.50
2005 BKBooklets (8)NH47.50
2005 M/SMiniSheets (7)NH78.00
2005 ATM 1Frama Stamps - Last of the Old Series with a very short life (5) 
2005 ATM 2Frama Stamps - New Series (14)NH23.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
2005 HOLPostal Cards with Hologram Emblem (15)NH26.00
2006 BKBooklets (6)NH45.00
2006 M/SMiniSheets (11)NH169.00
2006 P2TABPersonalized Stamps (6) Each with Two Tabs (only one per sheet)NH27.00
2006 XXThe GRAND Collection (46 Stamps + 1 S/S + 6 Booklets + 11 MiniSheets + 6 Personalized Stamps each with Two Tabs)NH325.00
2007 BKBooklets (5)NH55.00
2007 M/SMiniSheets (9)  NH112.00
2007Unlike others, we include the scarce 9th MiniSheets! 
2008 TBTete-Beche Pairs (4)NHAsk
2008 BKBooklets (3)NH65.00
2008 M/SMiniSheets (10)NH175.00
2008 XXThe GRAND Collection of 2008 - the 4 Year Sets  listed above:NH345.00
2008 P M/SPersonalized MiniSheets (4)NH42.00
2009 M/SMiniSheets (8)NH88.00
2009 BKBooklets (6)NH46.50
2009 GPGutter Pairs (6)NH30.00
2009 TABStamps with Positional Tabs (6)NH18.00
2009 XXThe GRAND Collection of 2009 - the 5 Year Sets listed above:NH239.00
2010 GPGutter Pairs (8)NH39.50
2010 M/SMiniSheets (13)NH145.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2010 BKBooklets (10)NH105.00
2010 XXThe GRAND Collection of 2010 - the 4 Year Sets listed above:NH365.00
2011 BKBooklets (7)NH83.00
2011 M/SMiniSheets (10)NH139.00
2011 XXThe CZECH REPUBLIC 2011 GRAND Collection - the 3 Year Sets listed above:NH314.00
2012 BKBooklets (3)NHAsk
2012 M/SMiniSheets (11)NH195.00
2012 XXThe CZECH REPUBLIC 2012 GRAND Collection - the 3 Year Sets listed above:NHAsk
20133560-83+ 9v+S/S (not yet in Scott)NH95.00
2013 BKBooklets (7)NH125.00
2013 M/SMiniSheets (7)NH109.00
2013 STSe-tenant Pairs ()NHAsk
2013 XXThe CZECH REPUBLIC 2013 GRAND Collection - the 4 Year Sets listed above:NH349.00
2014 BKBooklets ()NHAsk
2014 M/SMiniSheets (8)NH81.00
2014 XXThe CZECH REPUBLIC 2014 GRAND Collection - the 3 Year Sets listed above:NHAsk
2015 BKBooklets (5)NH65.00
2015 M/SMiniSheets (9)NH89.00
2015 XXThe CZECH REPUBLIC 2015 GRAND Collection - the 3 Year Sets listed above:NH225.00
20163660-93+8v not yet in ScottNH109.50
2016 BKBooklets ()NHAsk
Scott # Description Condition Price
2016 M/SMiniSheets ()NHAsk
2016 XXThe CZECH REPUBLIC 2016 GRAND Collection - the 3 Year Sets listed above:NHAsk
201747 Stamps + 2 S/SNH86.00
2017 BKBooklets (5)NH53.00
2017 M/SMiniSheets (8)NH89.75
2017 XXThe CZECH REPUBLIC 2017 GRAND Collection - the 3 Year Sets listed above:NH225.00
2018Click to reserve now for earliest delivery.NHRESERVE!
1993-1999 M/SMiniSheets (48)NH518.00
1993-1999 BKBooklets (78)NH725.00
2000-2005 M/SMiniSheets (as listed above)NH450.00
2000-2005 BKBooklets (as listed above)NH292.00
2000-2005 FRBasic ATM Complete (52)NHAsk
2877National Coat of ArmsNH.65
2877 BK  Coat of Arms BookletNH20.00
2878Figure Skating, FlowerNH.50
2878 BK  Skates, Flower BookletNH20.00
2879President HavelNH.40
2879 x5 BK  President Havel BookletNH20.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2879 x10 BK  Historic Prague BookletNH11.00
2880St. John NepomukNH1.00
2881Europa - PaintingNH7.00
2881 M/S  Europa - Painting MiniSheet of 4 NH29.00
2882Prague ChurchNH1.10
2882 M/S  Prague Church MiniSheet of 8NH10.00
2883Brevnov MonasteryNH.65
2884Weight LiftingNH.70
2885Brno Tower, ChurchNH1.20
2885 M/S  Brno Tower, Church MiniSheet of 8NH13.00
2886Cyril and MethodiusNH.90
2887 S/SState Arms SheetNH3.00
2887a  State Arms Sheet SingleNH1.50
2888-95 (11)1k-50k DefinitivesNH13.50
  2888,89,90,92,95,96,97,98 (8)  1k,2k,3k,5k,8k,10k,20k, 50kNH11.50
  2888 '93  1k BudejoviceNH.40
  2888 x10 BK    Budejovice Strip BookletNH18.00
  2889 '93  2k LabemNH.40
  2889 x10 BK    Nad Labem Block BookletNH11.00
  2889 x10 BK    Chest BookletNH9.00
  2889 x10 BK    Historic PostHorn BookletNH9.00
  2889 x10 BK    Stylized Post Wagon BookletNH9.00
  2889 x10 BK    Museum Painting BookletNH7.00
  2890 '93  3k KrumlovNH1.50
  2890 x5 BK    Krumlov Stamp BookletNH28.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
  2890 x5 BK    HUP, Red Cover BookletNH60.00
  2890 x5 BK    HUP, Blue Cover BookletNH16.00
  2890 x5 BK    Ceska Posta BookletNH9.00
  2890 x5 BK    Krumlov Castle BookletNH9.00
  2890 x5 BK    Horses, Carriage BookletNH9.00
  2891 '94  3k BrnoNH.40
  2891 x5 BK    Brno BookletNH9.00
  2891 x5 BK    Post Automobile BookletNH8.50
  2891 x5 BK    Post Museum BookletNH7.00
  2892 '93  5k PlzenNH.50
  2892 x5 BK  Plzen Block BookletNH8.00
  2893 '94  6k SlanyNH.80
  2894 '94  7k OstravaNH.90
  2895 '93  8k OlomoveNH.70
  2896 '93  10k KraloveNH.80
  2897 '93  20k PrahaNH1.60
  2898 '93  50k OpavaNH4.00
2899-2900These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
2901Rowing ChampsNH.50
2902-03Sedlacek, CechNH.50
2908-10 M/S  Paintings MiniSheets of 4NH45.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2911Year of the FamilyNH.50
2912Composer KubelikNH.60
2913-14Voltaire, AgricolaNH1.10
2915Winter OlympicsNH.80
2916-17Europa - DiscoveriesNH4.00
2916-17 M/S  Europa - Discoveries MiniSheet of 4 NH9.50
2918Eduard BenesNH.80
2918 x5 BK  Dr. Benes BookletNH9.00
2919-20Houses, UNESCONH2.50
2919-20 M/S  Houses, UNESCO MiniSheets of 8NH20.00
2921Children's DayNH.50
2922-24 BK  Dinosaur Booklets Set of 3NH36.00
2922 x10 BK    2k Dinosaur BookletNH15.00
2923 x5 BK    3k Dinosaur BookletNH15.00
2924 x5 BK    5k Dinosaur BookletNH15.00
2925World Cup SoccerNH1.10
2926Sokol RallyNH.50
2926 x10 BK  Stylized Bird BookletNH7.00
2927Olympic CommitteeNH.80
2928UPU AnniversaryNH1.50
2928 M/S  UPU Anniversary MiniSheet of 8NH12.00
2929-30 BK  Birds Booklets Set of 2NH18.00
2929 x5 BK  3k Birds BookletNH10.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2930 x5 BK  5k Birds BookletNH11.00
2932-34Historic CarsNH2.00
2932 x10 BK  2k Classic Car BookletNH9.00
2933 x5 BK  3k Classic Car BookletNH9.00
2935 x10 BKChristmas BirdNH8.00
2936-38Fine ArtsNH3.50
2936-38 M/S  Fine Arts MiniSheets of 4NH14.00
2939Tourism GroupNH.80
2940Stamp ProductionNH.30
2941European UnionNH2.00
2942-44Famous MenNH1.40
2945-47Theater PeopleNH1.50
2945-47a BK  Comics Booklets Set of 4NH29.00
2945 x5 BK  Comic - Talker BookletNH8.00
2946 x5 BK  Comic - Fisher BookletNH9.00
2947 x5 BK  Comic - Concertina BookletNH9.00
2945-47 x2 BK  Three Comics BookletNH10.00
2947B S/STheater, Piano SheetNH2.50
29483.60k HavelNH.55
2948 x5 BK  3,60k Prague View BookletNH4.00
2949-50Rural ArchitectureNH.50
2950 x10 BK  P&T URADNH2.00
2951-533k-6k InsectsNH1.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
2951-53 BK  Insect Booklets Set of 3NH20.00
2951 x5 BK  3k Insect BookletNH8.00
2952 x5 BK  5k Insect BookletNH9.00
2953 x5 BK  6k Insect BookletNH10.00
2954-55Europa - PeaceNH4.25
"2954a"  Europa - Peace with 9k Omitted NHAsk
2956-57Mountain, BridgeNH1.70
2956-57 M/S  Mountain, Bridge MiniSheets of 8NH16.00
2958Cat - Children's DayNH.90
2959-60Train AnniversaryNH1.50
2959 x5 BK  3k Old TrainNH7.50
2961Wrestling ChampsNH.50
2962-64Cartoon CharactersNH1.20
2962-64 BK  3 Humor BookletsNH13.00
2962 x5 BK  Humor - Red CrossNH5.00
2963 x5 BK  Humor - Doctor, BearNH7.00
2964 x5 BK  Humor - BottleNH7.00
2965Children's VillageNH.50
2966-70 (8)2.40k-14k PortalsNH5.75
  2966 '95  2.40k GothicNH.50
  2967 '95  3k SecessionNH.55
  2967A '95  3.60k Classic PortalNH.50
  2968 '96  4k PortalNH.50
  2968 BK    4k Portal BookletNH3.00
  2968A '97  4.60k PortalNH.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
  2969 '95  9.60k RenaissanceNH1.00
  2969A '97  12,60k PortalNH1.00
  2970 '95  14k BaroqueNH1.50
2971UN AnniversaryNH1.50
2972Roentgen, X-RaysNH.70
2973-75 M/S  Paintings MiniSheets of 4NH13.00
2976 x5 BK  Christmas Bell BookletNH7.00
2978Stamp ProductionNH.50
2979Chess PlayerNH.75
2980 x5 BK  Welcome, Easter Costume BookletNH12.50
2982 S/SRulers SheetNH6.00
2982a-d  Rulers Sheet SinglesNH5.50
2982a-d ST  Rulers Se-tenant PairsNH5.75
2983First OlympicsNH1.10
2984Rodents - WWFNH3.00
2984 M/S  Rodents - WWF MiniSheet of 8NH11.00
2985Europa - WomenNH.90
2985 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 10 NH11.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2986Mime DeburauNH1.25
2987Summer OlympicsNH.50
2987 x5 BK  Olympics Booklet of 5NH6.00
2988Cat - Children's DayNH.50
2989-90Church, TowerNH1.70
2989-90 M/S  Church, Tower MiniSheets of 8NH15.00
2992-93Horses PairNH2.50
2992-93 BK  Horse 2 Booklets of 5NH13.50
2992x2, 2993x3 BK  Horses Booklet of 5 (format 1)NH7.50
2992x3, 2993x2 BK  Horses Booklet of 5 (format 2)NH7.50
2994 S/SHavel's Birthday SheetNH1.40
2994a  Havel's Birthday Sheet SingleNH.80
2995"The Baroque Chair"NH2.40
2995 M/S  "The Baroque Chair" MiniSheet of 4NH10.00
2996Astronomer BraheNH.75
3000 x5 BK  Christmas Booklet of 5NH4.00
3001-02Art SeriesNH2.75
3001-02 M/S  Art Series MiniSheets of 4NH12.00
3003Stamp ProductionNH.75
3004 BK  Easter Booklet of 5NH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
3005-08 BK  Four Flowers 4 Booklets of 5NH29.50
  3005 BK  3.60k Flower Booklet of 5NH7.00
  3006 BK  4k Flower Booklet of 5NH8.00
  3007 BK  5k Flower Booklet of 5NH9.00
  3008 BK  8k Flower Booklet of 5NH10.00
3009-10Jewish MonumentsNH2.50
3009-10 M/S  Judaica MiniSheet of 8NH25.00
3011Cats, LoveNH.60
3011 BK  Cats, Love Booklet of 5NH6.00
3012St. Adalbert (Joint issue with Germany and Vatican City)NH2.50
3012 M/S  St. Adalbert MiniSheet of 8 (Joint issue with Germany and Vatican City)NH22.50
3013-14Europa - LegendsNH2.50
3013-14 M/S  Europa - Legends MiniSheets of 8 NH25.00
3015 S/SRudolph II SheetNH3.00
3016Nature ComicNH1.25
3017Inventor KrizikNH.70
3018Swimming, DivingNH1.50
3019-21Fine ArtNH1.75
3019-21 TAB  Fine Art with LabelsNH5.50
3019-21 PR TAB  Fine Art Pairs with Central TabNH8.00
3019-21 BK  Fine Arts Booklets of 8 with Tab (3)NH13.00
3022-23Praga ExhibitionNH3.50
3023a S/SPraga Exhibition SheetNH4.50
3024-26Vehicles inc Fire TruckNH2.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
3024-26 BK  Vehicles inc Fire Truck 3 Booklets of 5NH23.00
  3024 BK  4k Post Bus Booklet of 5NH7.00
  3025 BK  4.60k Sentinel Truck Booklet of 5NH7.00
  3026 BK  8k Fire Truck Booklet of 5NH13.00
3027a BK  Christmas Booklet of 5NH7.00
3028-30 M/S  Paintings MiniSheets of 4NH18.00
3031Winter OlympicsNH.90
3032Stamp ProductionNH1.50
3032 TAB  Stamp Production with TabNH5.00
3032 PR+TAB  Stamp Production Pair with Central TabNH6.00
3032a BK  Stamp Production BookletNH12.50
3033President HavelNH.55
3034 BK  Love BookletNH6.00
3035Skibob ChampionshipNH1.00
3036 S/SPrague International '96 SheetNH7.50
3036a  Prague International '96 Sheet SingleNH4.75
3037 BK  Easter BookletNH6.00
3038Ondrejov ObservatoryNH.55
3039Ice Hockey Single from SheetNH2.90
"3039a" S/SIce Hockey SheetNH3.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
3040 S/SUniversity, Prague SheetNH7.50
3041Book and Copyright DayNH1.25
3042-45Nature ConservationNH5.00
3042-45 BK  Nature BookletsNH40.00
3042,43 BK  4.60k Birds Booklet (our choice)NH12.00
3042-43 BK    4.60k Birds (format 1)NH13.00
3043-42 BK    4.60k Birds (format 2)NH13.00
3044,45 BK  8k Moose Booklet (our choice)NH12.50
3044-45 BK    8k Moose (format 1)NH13.00
3045-44 BK    8k Moose (format 2)NH13.00
3046-47Europa - FestivalsNH3.00
3046-47 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 10 NH32.50
3048-49Children's DayNH1.00
3048 TAB  Children's Day Stamp with TabNH1.75
3048 PR+TAB  Children's Day Pair with Central TabNH2.75
3049 TAB  Children's Day Stamp with TabNH1.75
3049 PR+TAB  Children's Day Pair with Central TabNH4.00
3048a BK  4k Children's Day Booklet of 6+labels 
3049a BK  4.60k Children's Day Booklet of 6+labelsNH4.50
3050-52Famous MenNH1.70
30531848 RevoltNH1.90
3054-55Fine ArtNH5.00
3054-55 M/S  Fine Art MiniSheets of 4NH22.00
3056-57World HeritageNH2.90
3056-57 M/S  World Heritage MiniSheets of 8NH27.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
3058-60Republic AnniversaryNH4.00
3060 M/S  Republic Anniversary MiniSheet of 6NH35.00
3061-62 BK  Christmas 2 Booklets of 5NH7.50
3063-741k-26k Zodiac DefinitivesNH15.00
  3063,3064 '98  1k, 10k ZodiacNH1.50
  3065 '99  9k ZodiacNH1.25
  3066-67 '99  8k, 20k ZodiacNH3.25
  3068,3069 '99  5k, 5.40k ZodiacNH1.25
  3070 '00  2k VirgoNH1.50
  3071 '01  40h PiscesNH1.00
  3072 '01  12k LeoNH1.50
  3073 '02  17k GeminiNH2.50
  3074 '03  26k AriesNH3.00
3075-76 M/S  Paintings MiniSheets of 4NH15.00
3077Stamp TraditionNH.75
3077 TAB  Stamp Tradition with TabNH2.50
3077 PR+TAB  Stamp Tradition Pair with Central TabNH5.00
3077a BK  Stamp Tradition Booklet of 8 with TabsNH13.00
3078a-80a BK  Cat Booklets of 5NH16.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
3082-85Butterflies, Birds PairNH2.75
3083a,3085a BK  Butterflies, Birds Booklets (4)NH35.00
3086Admission to NATO NH1.75
3087Council of EuropeNH3.00
3088Olympic CommitteeNH1.50
3089-90Europa - CEPT NatureNH3.25
3089-90 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 8 NH27.00
3091For the ChildrenNH.75
3091 TAB  For the Children with TabNH4.00
3091 PR+TAB  For the Children Pair with Central TabNH7.00
3091a BK  Children Booklet of 8NH13.50
3092-93 M/S  Bridges MiniSheets of 8NH16.00
3094 S/SPaleontologist BarrandeNH5.50
3095Mining RightsNH.75
3095 TAB  Mining Rights with TabNH2.75
3095 PR+TAB  Mining Rights Pair with Central TabNH4.50
3095a BK  Mining Booklet of 8NH12.50
3096UPU AnniversaryNH1.25
3096 M/S  UPU Anniversary MiniSheet of 5NH7.50
3097Priessnitz - UNESCONH.65
3098-00Folk ArtNH3.00
3098a-00a BK  Folk Art BookletsNH15.00
3101-03Graphic HumorNH2.25
3103 BK  Humor BookletNH7.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
3104 S/SArt School SheetNH3.50
3105-07Art - PaintingsNH6.75
3105-07 M/S  Paintings MiniSheets of 4NH29.75
3109Stamp ProductionNH.50
3109 TAB  Stamp Production with TabNH2.75
3109 PR+TAB  Stamp Production Pair with Central TabNH4.00
3109a BK  Stamp Production Booklet 
3110Brno ExhibitionNH1.10
3110 TAB  Brno Exhibition with TabNH1.00
3110 TAB L  Brno Exhibition with Tab at LeftNH2.00
3110 TAB R  Brno Exhibition with Tab at RightNH2.00
3110 TAB LR  Brno Exhibition with Tabs Left and RightNH4.50
3110 x2 TAB  Brno Exhibition Pair with Central TabNH5.00
3111 S/SBrno 2000 Exhibition SheetNH4.00
3112Mining LawNH.40
3112 TAB  Mining Law with TabNH2.75
3112 PR+TAB  Mining Law Pair with Central TabNH4.00
3112a BK  Mining  Law Booklet 
3113 S/SPresident Masaryk SheetNH2.00
31145.40k HavelNH.80
3116 S/SPrague Culture SheetNH5.75
3117 S/STrains SheetNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
3118-19Writer, ComposerNH2.00
3120Europa - StarsNH2.00
3120 M/S  Europa - Stars MiniSheet of 6 NH13.00
3121Children's YearNH.50
3121 TAB  Children's Year with TabNH3.75
3121 PR+TAB  Children's Year Pair with Central TabNH5.00
3121a BK  Children's Year Booklet 
3122Mathematics YearNH1.25
3123-25Prague LandmarksNH3.00
3123-25 M/S  Prague Landmarks MiniSheets of 8NH25.00
3126-27Mushroom PairsNH2.50
3126a-27b  Mushroom SinglesNH2.25
3126a-27b BK  4 Mushroom Booklets (all formats)NH14.00
3126a,26b BK  5k Mushroom (our choice)NH3.25
3126a-26b BK    5k Mushroom Booklet (format 1)NH3.50
3126b-26a BK    5k Mushroom Booklet (format 2)NH3.50
3127a,27b BK  5.40k Mushroom (our choice)NH3.25
3127a-27b BK    5.40k Mushroom Booklet (format 1)NH3.50
3127b-27a BK    5.40k Mushroom Booklet (format 2)NH3.50
3128Fund, BankNH.75
3129Ancient OlympicsNH1.80
3130Sydney OlympicsNH1.10
3130 TAB 1  Sydney Olympics with TabNH1.50
3130 TAB 2  Sydney Olympics with Tabs Left and RightNH3.50
3130 TABS T  Sydney Olympics with Two Tabs at TopNH4.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
3130 TABS B  Sydney Olympics with Two Tabs at BottomNH4.00
3130 TABS BLK  Sydney Olympics Block with Two Tabs in the MiddleNH5.50
3131-32Hunting PairsNH2.50
3131a-32b  Hunting SinglesNH2.25
3131a-32b BK  4 Hunting Booklets (all formats)NH14.00
3131a,31b BK  Falcon, Deer Booklet (our choice)NH3.25
3131a-31b BK    Falcon, Deer Booklet (format 1)NH3.50
3131b-31a BK    Falcon, Deer Booklet (format 2)NH3.50
3132a,32b BK  Ducks, Deer Booklet (our choice)NH3.25
3132a-32b BK    Ducks, Deer Booklet (format 1)NH3.50
3132b-32a BK    Ducks, Deer Booklet (format 2)NH3.50
3133-3513K,17K,25K PaintingsNH4.75
3133-35 M/S  Paintings MiniSheets of 4NH21.00
3137End of MillenniumNH2.00
ATM 1Castle Veveri (10)NHAsk
ATM 1 var  Castle Veveri (10) Set without *, R even with Roof 
ATM 1 var  Castle Veveri (10) Set without *, R below Roof 
ATM 1 var  Castle Veveri (10) Set with *, R even with Roof 
ATM 1 var  Castle Veveri (10) Set with *, R below Roof 
3138New MillenniumNH1.25
3139Stamp ProductionNH.50
3139 TAB  Stamp Production with TabNH3.75
3139 PR+TAB  Stamp Production Pair with 2 Tabs BetweenNH4.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
3139a BK  Stamp Production Booklet Booklet of 8 
3140Jan KomenskyNH.80
3141 S/SArchitecture SheetNH5.00
3143 S/SVaclav Reiner Art SheetNH4.00
3144Europa - WaterNH2.50
3144 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 8  NH20.00
3145Vollyball ChampionshipNH1.00
3146Children's DayNH.50
3146 TAB  Children's Day with TabNH4.00
3146 PR+TAB  Children's Day Pair with Central TabNH5.00
3146a BK  Children's Day Booklet of 8 
3147-48Famous MenNH1.70
3149 BK  Congratulations BookletNH5.75
3150-51 HPDogs Horizontal PairsNH2.75
3150-51 VPDogs Vertical PairsNH4.00
3150a-51b  Dogs SinglesNH2.25
3150a-51b BK  4 Dog Booklets (all formats)NH16.00
3150a,50b BK  5.40k Dogs Booklet (our choice)NH3.50
3150a-50b BK    5.40k Dogs Booklet (format 1)NH4.00
3150b-50a BK    5.40k Dogs Booklet (format 2)NH4.00
3151a,51b BK  5.40 Dog Booklet (our choice)NH3.75
3151a-51b BK    5.40k Dogs Booklet (format 1)NH4.00
3151b-51a BK    5.40k Dogs Booklet (format 2)NH4.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
3152-53Zoo Animals PairsNH3.00
3152a-53b  Zoo Animals SinglesNH3.00
3152a-53b BK  4 Zoo Animals BookletsNH18.00
3152a,52b BK  Animals Booklet 1 (our choice)NH4.25
3152a-52b BK    Animals Booklet (format 1)NH4.50
3152b-52a BK    Animals Booklet (format 2)NH4.50
3153a,53b BK  Zoo Animals 2 Booklet (our choice)NH4.25
3153a-53b BK    Animals Booklet (format 1)NH4.50
3153b-53a BK    Animals Booklet (format 2)NH4.50
3154-55UNESCO SitesNH3.25
3154-55 M/S  UNESCO Sites MiniSheets of 8NH29.50
3156Year of DialogueNH4.00
3160-62 M/S  Religious Designs MiniSheets of 4NH21.00
3163Stamp Production TraditionsNH.45
3163 TAB  Stamp Production with TabNH2.50
3163 PR+TAB  Stamp Production Pair with 2 Tabs BetweenNH4.00
3163a BK  Stamp Production Booklet of 8NH8.00
3164Winter OlympicsNH1.00
3165Winter ParalympicsNH.50
3166Composers Vejvoda and VacekNH.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
3169Painting, BukovacNH1.40
3169 M/S  Painting MiniSheet of 4NH6.50
3170 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 8  NH14.00
3171 S/SCulture Sheet with FranceNH4.50
3172Children's Day - Butterfly, FlowersNH1.50
3172 TAB  Children's Day with TabNH9.00
3172 PR+TAB  Children's Day Pair with Central TabNH10.00
3172a BK  Children's Day Booklet 
3173Margaritifera ShellNH.75
3174Religious Leader, Jan HusNH.75
3175 S/SBlue Butterflies SheetNH7.00
31766.40k Pansy NH.50
3177-78World Heritage SiteNH2.50
3177-78 M/S  World Heritage Site MiniSheets of 8NH25.00
3179Olympic Long Distance RunningNH.75
31806.40k HavelNH.50
3181St. Nicholas DayNH.50
3181 TAB  St. Nicholas Day withTabNH3.00
3181 BLK+TAB  St. Nicholas Day Block with TabNH4.50
3181a BK  Nicholas BookletNH9.00
3183NATO SummitNH.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
3188-90 M/S  Art MiniSheets of 4NH21.00
AT 2cCastle Zvikov 6,50k (November 1, 2003)NH3.50
3191 S/SCzech Anniversary Sheet (our choice)NH2.50
"3191X" S/S  Czech Anniversary Sheet (stamp Perf 11x11NH4.75
"3191Y" S/S  Czech Anniversary Sheet (stamp Perf 11NH4.75
3192Czech Stamp ProductionNH.70
3192 TAB  Stamp Production with TabNH3.00
3192 PR+TAB  Stamp Production Pair with Central TabNH4.00
3192a BK  Stamp Production BookletNH9.00
3193-94Famous MenNH1.50
3196Roses above PragueNH.80
3196 M/S  Roses MiniSheet of 9 with TabsNH10.00
3197-98 TAB  Lace Stamps with TabsNH5.25
3197-98 PR+TAB  Lace Pairs with Central Tabs BetweenNH7.25
3197a-98a BK  2 Lace BookletsNH14.00
3199Europa - Poster ArtNH1.50
3199 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 8 NH12.00
3200-01Geologic AttractionsNH3.00
3200-01 GP  Geologic Attractions Gutter PairsNH6.75
3200-01 M/S  Geologic Attractions MiniSheets of 8NH26.00
3202Children's Television NH1.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
3202 TAB  Children's Television with TabNH4.00
3202 PR+TAB  Children's Television Pair with Central TabNH5.00
3202 BK  Television Booklet of 8NH13.50
3203Electric RailwayNH1.25
3204-05Observation TowersNH1.60
3206Shooting ChampionshipNH1.00
3207Josef Dobrovsky 
32086.40k President Vaclav KlausNH.75
32096.50k President KlausNH.75
3210 S/STropical Fish SheetNH6.75
3211-12Oriental CarpetsNH2.50
3211-12 M/S  Oriental Carpets MiniSheets of 4NH11.00
3213 TAB  Monastery with TabNH3.75
3213 PR+TAB  Monastery Pair with 2 Tabs BetweenNH4.50
3213a BK  Monastery Booklet of 8NH10.00
3214-16Birds of PreyNH(3.00)
3214a-16a BK  3 Birds BookletsNH13.00
3217-19Fire FightersNH3.75
3220-2150h,6.50k FlowersNH1.00
3222-23Prague Castle LanternNH1.75
3222-23 M/S  Prague Castle Lantern MiniSheets of 9NH18.50
3224-26 M/S  Art MiniSheets of 4NH29.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
3228Stamp ProductionNH.75
3228 TAB  Stamp Production with TabNH2.50
3228 PR+TAB  Stamp Production Pai with Central TabNH2.75
3228a BK  Stamp Production BookletNH5.75
3229Church of the AssumptionNH2.50
3229 M/S  Church MiniSheet of 4NH10.00
3230-31Industrial BuildingsNH2.75
323326k Art by ProchazkaNH3.00
3233 M/S  26k Art by Prochazka MiniSheet of 4NH12.00
3234Ice Hockey ChampionshipNH1.50
3235Admission to European UnionNH1.75
3236EU MembershipNH1.75
3236 var  EU with Hologram in MarginNH4.75
3236 M/S  EU MiniSheet of 10NH18.00
3237Europa - VacationsNH1.50
3237 varEuropa with Hologram in Margin NH3.50
3237 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 6 NH9.00
3238-40Composers of Czech OperasNH2.75
3241Cartoon FrogNH1.00
3241 TAB  Cartoon Frog with TabNH2.75
3241 PR+TAB  Cartoon Frog Pair with Central TabNH3.50
3241a BK  Cartoon Frog Booklet of 8NH8.50
3242Statue of RadegastNH.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
3243-44Tourist AttractionsNH3.00
3243-44 M/S  Tourist Attractions MiniSheets of 8NH25.00
3246Summer OlympicsNH1.25
3247Poet PetrarchNH1.50
3248-49 BK  Trees Booklets of 5NH9.75
3250 S/SVivid Birds Sheet of 4NH9.00
3250a-dSingles from SheetNH6.75
3255-5720K,22K,25K PaintingsNH7.50
3255-57 M/S  Paintings MiniSheets of 4NH31.00
3259Stamp DayNH.75
3259 TAB  Stamp Day with Label (Issued only in Booklets)NH1.25
3259 GP  Stamp Day Gutter PairNH3.00
3259a BK  Stamp Day BookletNH5.75
3260Personalizable PeacockNH.85
3260 M/S  Peacock MiniSheet of 9 with TabsNH8.75
3261 S/SMoon Shuttle SheetNH6.75
3262-63Flower Definitives (7.50k,19k)NH2.90
3264President KlausNH.80
3265Grandmother BookNH.85
Scott # Description Condition Price
3267-68World Heritage, Beauty of the CountryNH3.50
3267-68 GP  World Heritage, Beauty Gutter PairsNH7.75
3267-68 M/S  World Heritage, Beauty MiniSheets of 8NH28.00
3269-71Famous MenNH4.50
3272Europa - CuisineNH1.50
3272 TAB  Europa with Hologram Tab NH3.50
3272 M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 6 NH9.00
3273Napoleon without TabNH2.00
3273 TAB 2  Napoleon Pair with Different TabsNH5.50
3274 S/SBattle at Austerlitz SheetNH3.50
3275Children CartoonsNH.85
3275 TAB  Cartoon with "Butterfly" LabelNH2.75
3275 GP  Cartoon Gutter Pair (Issued only in Booklet)NH4.50
3275a BK  Children Booklet with "Butterfly" LabelsNH7.00
3276Einstein AnniversaryNH3.00
3277Baseball ChampsNH.80
3278 S/SFlora, Fauna SheetNH7.00
3279-81 BK  Bells Booklets of 5 (3)NH16.00
3282-84 BK  Tractors Booklets (3)NH19.00
3285Information SummitNH1.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
3287-89 GP  Paintings Gutter PairsNH17.50
3287-89 M/S  Paintings MiniSheetsNH33.00
ATM 1Frama Additional Values to Prior Series (5)NHAsk
ATM 2New Frama Series (12)NHAsk
3292Stamp DayNH.80
3292 TABStamp Day with TabNH1.75
3292 TAB PAIR  Stamp Day Pair with TabNH2.75
3292a BK  Stamp Day Booklet with TabsNH6.75
3293-9411k,24k FlowersNH4.00
3295 NOTE:For a stamp with the identical design to 3295 but with a 11k denomination, please see 3340. 
3295-9610k,12k Flowers with TabsNH3.50
  3295  10k,12k Flowers, Congratulations with TabNH2.50
  3295 TAB  10k Flowers Congratulations with two Identical TabsNH3.50
  3295 TABS L R  10k Flowers Congratulations with two Different TabsNH6.00
  3295 M/S  Congratulations MiniSheet of 9 with 12 TabsNH24.00
  3296  Fruit and Wine with Grapes TabNH2.50
3296 2 IT  Fruit and Wine with Two Grapes TabsNH4.00
3296 GPT  Fruit and Wine with Grapes Tab and Peaches TabNH7.50
3296 M/S  Fruit and Wine MiniSheet of 9 and 12 TabsNH29.00
3297 M/S  Madonna MiniSheet of 4NH11.00
3299Torino OlympicsNH1.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
3300Olympic Gold MedalistNH1.25
3304Easter, RoosterNH1.00
3305-06Beautiful CountryNH3.00
3305-06 M/S  Beautiful Country MiniSheets of 8NH25.00
3307Congratulations, LoveNH1.50
3307 BK  Congratulations Booklet of 8NH6.00
3308-09Europa Integration (Dog, Horse)NH4.25
3308-09 M/S  Europa Integration (Dog, Horse) MiniSheets of 8 NH40.00
3310Children, CartoonNH1.00
3310 TAB  Children, Cartoon with TabNH2.50
3310 BK  Children, Cartoon Booklet with TabsNH8.00
3311Kamenice Pass National ParkNH2.25
3314 S/SCzech Kings Sheet of 5NH16.50
3315 S/SPrague 2008 Philatelic Exhibition SheetNH7.50
3316-17Flowers and Cacti PairsNH6.25
3316-17 BK  Flowers and Cactus Pairs in Booklets (4)NH19.00
3319 TABChristmas Special Stamp with TabNH1.00
3319 TAB x2  Christmas Special Stamp with Two Blue TabsNH2.00
3319 TAB 2BR  Christmas Special Stamp with Blue and Red TabsNH4.00
3319 M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 9 with 12 TabsNH8.00
3320Prague 2008 ExhibitionNH.75
3320 TABPrague 2008 Exhibition TabNH1.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
3320 BK  Prague 2008 Exhibition Booklet with LabelsNH5.75
3323-25 M/S  Paintings MiniSheets of 4NH32.00
3327Prague 2008 Exhibition NH1.40
3328Technical UniversityNH1.00
3329-30Famous PeopleNH3.00
3331Musician SlavikNH.85
3331 BK  Musician Slavik Booklet of 8 
3334-35Japanese and Indian ArtNH4.25
3334-35 M/S  Japanese and Indian Art MiniSheets of 4NH17.00
3337Praga 2008 ExhibitionNH1.10
3337 TAB LEFT  Praga 2008 Exhibition with Tab at LeftNH3.50
3337 TAB RIGHT  Praga 2008 Exhibition with Tab at RightNH4.25
3337 TAB PR  Praga 2008 Exhibition Pair with Central TabNH7.75
3337 BK  Praga Exhibition Booklet of 8NH15.00
3338-39Buildings (Joint Issue with Belgium)NH6.50
For a stamp with the identical design to 3340 but with a 10k denomination, please see 3295. 
334011k FlowersNH1.40
3340 TAB LEFT  11k Flowers with Tab at LeftNH1.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
3340 TAB RIGHT  11k Flowers with Tab at RightNH3.00
3340 TAB LEFT + RIGHT  11k Flowers with Tabs Left and RightNH6.00
3340 M/S  11k Flowers MiniSheet of 9 with 12 TabsNH24.00
3341Praga Exhibit IINH1.25
3342-43Scenic ViewsNH3.00
3342-43 M/S  Scenic Views MiniSheets of 8NH25.00
3344Europa - Scouting Music, TwirlingNH1.25
3344 M/S  Europa - Scouting MiniSheet of 6 NH9.00
3345,33471k,23k Flowers DefinitivesNH3.00
334615K Flower DefinitiveNH2.25
3348Children ComicsNH.85
3348 TL  Children Comics with Tab at LeftNH4.00
3348 TR  Children Comics with Tab at RightNH5.00
3348 PR TL+TR  Children Comics Pair with Central TabNH7.00
3348 BK  Children BookletNH16.75
3349-50Stoves in HistoryNH2.25
3349-50 BK  Stoves in History Booklets of 5NH11.50
3351 S/SEngraver V. Hollar SheetNH5.50
3352 S/SCharles Bridge SheetNH8.75
3353Movies CentennialNH.85
3354Komensky OperaNH1.35
3355 M/SButterfly and Flower Sheet of 4NH4.75
3356Naturalist Emil HolubNH1.30
3357-58Water TowersNH2.90
Scott # Description Condition Price
3359-61 M/S  Paintings MiniSheets of 4NH38.00
3363 '072.50k Plant DefinitiveNH.40
3364 '083k Flower DefinitiveNH.50
3365 '0810k Rose DefinitiveNH1.40
3366 '0821k Flower DefinitiveNH2.75
3367EU Schengen AccordNH4.75
3368Prague ExhibitionNH2.25
3369Traditional Stamp - TrainNH1.25
3369 TAB  Traditional Stamp - Train with TabNH3.00
3369 BK  Traditional Stamp Booklet of 8NH13.50
3370-71Famous PeopleNH3.00
337210k Peacock at Gate plus TabNH1.50
3372 M/S  10K Peacock MiniSheet of 9NH15.00
337317K Fruit and WineNH2.50
3373 M/S  17K Fruit and Wine MiniSheet of 9NH25.00
3374King PodebradNH1.50
3374 M/S  King Podebrad MiniSheet of 8NH15.00
3375Year of Planet EarthNH2.50
3376Easter ArtNH1.25
3377King Wencelas IV, ExhibitionNH1.25
3377 BK  Wencelas Booklet of 8NH11.00
3378Orbis PictusNH1.50
3379-80Jested, Kralove MonumentsNH3.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
3379-80 GP  Jested, Kralove Monuments Gutter PairsNH8.00
3379-80 M/S  Jested, Kralove Monuments MiniSheets of 8NH28.00
3381President KlausNH1.25
3382-84Prague Technical MuseumNH5.50
3385Hockey AssociationNH2.25
3386Europa - Letter WritingNH2.20
3386 M/S  Europa - Letter Writing MiniSheet of 8 NH19.00
3387Doggy's and Pussy's TalesNH1.50
3387a BK  Doggy's and Pussy's Tales Booklet of 8 
3388 S/SLedeburk Gardens SheetNH6.75
3389 S/SUNESCO Biosphere SheetNH7.00
3390Beijing ParalympicsNH1.50
3391Beijing Olympics, DiscusNH2.50
3392-93Explorers Stolicka, MusilNH4.75
3394Palacek Children's BookNH1.50
3394 TAB L  Palacek Children's Book with Tab at LeftNH1.75
3394 TAB R  Palacek Children's Book with Tab at RightNH4.50
3394 PR L+R  Palacek Children's Book Pair with Central TabNH7.50
3394 M/S  Palacek Children's Book MiniSheet of 9NH15.00
3395Emmaus MonasteryNH1.25
3395 TBMonastery Unit of 4 Tete-Beche PairsNH17.50
3395 TB 1  Monastery Vertical T-B Pair - Denominations CloseNH5.00
3395 TB 2  Monastery Vertical T-B Pair - Denominations ApartNH5.00
3395 TB 3  Monastery Horizontal T-B Pair - Denominations CloseNH5.00
3395 TB 4  Monastery Horizontal T-B Pair - Denominations ApartNH5.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
3396Applied Art DesignersNH3.00
3397 S/SKarl Plicka SheetNH4.00
3398 S/SMail Coach SheetNH4.00
3399-00Antique StovesNH4.50
3399a-00a BK  Antique Stoves Booklets of 5NH22.50
3401-02Paintings by Braunerova, NejedlyNH9.00
3401-02 GP  Paintings by Braunerova, Nejedly Gutter PairsNH20.00
3401-02 M/S  Paintings by Braunerova, Nejedly MiniSheets of 4NH36.00
3403 S/SWater Allegory (by Hartman) SheetNH5.50
3404Basket with ApplesNH1.60
3405Winter Scene with TabNH2.00
3405 M/S  Winter Scene with Tab MiniSheet of 9 with 12 TabsNH22.50
3406 S/SMechanical Christmas Display SheetNH5.50
3407EU Presidency with TabNH6.75
3408-09Louis Braille, Charles DarwinNH3.50
3410Stamp TraditionsNH1.40
3410 TAB  Stamp Traditions with TabNH2.75
3410 TAB  Stamp Traditions Pair with Central TabNH5.50
3410a BK  Stamp Traditions Booklet of 8NH12.50
3411Skiing ChampionsNH1.75
3412 S/SPenguins - Polar Year SheetNH5.75
3414-15Asian Art and PaintingsNH4.50
3414-15 GP  Asian Art and Paintings Gutter PairsNH10.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
3414-15 M/S  Asian Art and Paintings MiniSheets of 4NH18.00
3416 S/SSt. Maurs SheetNH5.00
3418Ministry BuildingNH1.00
3419Europa CEPT - AstronomyNH2.25
3419 TAB  Europa CEPT - Astronomy with Hologram TabNH4.25
3419 M/S  Europa CEPT - Astronomy MiniSheet of 6 NH13.50
3420-21Architectural GreatsNH2.60
3420-21 GP  Architectural Greats Gutter PairsNH6.50
3420-21 M/S  Architectural Greats MiniSheets of 8NH21.00
3422Tales For the ChildrenNH2.00
3422 BK  Tales For the Children BookletNH19.50
3423Rabbi LowNH2.25
3423 TAB R  Rabbi Low with Tab at RightNH3.50
3423 TAB L  Rabbi Low with Tab at LeftNH2.50
3423 TAB T  Rabbi Low with Tab at TopNH2.50
3423 TAB B  Rabbi Low with Tab at BottomNH3.50
3423 M/S  Rabbi Low MiniSheet of 5 plus 4 TabsNH11.00
3424King Rudolf IINH2.60
3425Fire BrigadesNH1.75
3426 S/SOwls, Nature Sheet of 4NH7.75
3427 S/SVolcano Sheet of 1NH6.50
3428-29Watermills and WindmillsNH2.50
3428-29 BK  Watermills and Windmills Booklets of 5NH13.00
3430National AnthemNH1.10
Scott # Description Condition Price
3431Explorer EliasovaNH2.00
3432-33 BK  Stoves Booklets of 5NH15.00
3434November 17th AnniversaryNH2.25
3435-36Sisley, Justitz PaintingsNH6.25
3435-36 GP  Sisley, Justitz Paintings Gutter PairsNH14.00
3435-36 M/S  Justitz, Sisley Paintings MiniSheets of 4NH25.00
3437 S/SPainting SheetNH5.75
3438Christmas BellNH1.75
3439Stamp TraditionsNH1.00
3439 TAB  Stamp Traditions with TabNH2.50
3439 x2 TAB  Stamp Traditions Pair with TabNH5.00
3439a BK  Stamp Traditions BookletNH10.00
3440Writer M.D. RettigovaNH1.25
3441-42Vancouver Olympic GamesNH3.60
3443 S/SShanghai Exposition SheetNH3.50
3444Easter CelebrationNH1.00
3445Vancouver Olympics MedalNH4.25
3446 S/SKarel Hynek Macha SheetNH4.50
3447Travel Writer Enrique Stanko VrazNH2.50
3448-49Decorative CarpetsNH4.50
3448-49 GP  Decorative Carpets Gutter PairsNH10.00
3448-49 M/S  Carpets MiniSheets of 4NH18.00
3450Ctyrlistek Comic Strip CharacterNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
3450a BK  Ctyrlistek Comic Strip Character Booklet of 10NH12.50
3451Prague CastleNH1.75
3451 GP  Castle Gutter Pair with InscriptionNH4.00
3451 M/S  Castle MiniSheet of 4NH7.50
3452Europa-CEPT Children's Stories, DogNH2.00
3452 TAB  Europa-CEPT Children's Stories, Dog with Hologram TabNH3.00
3452 M/S  Europa-CEPT Children's Stories, Dog MiniSheet of 6 NH13.00
3453For the ChildrenNH1.00
3453 TAB  For the Children with TabNH2.50
3453 x2 TAB  For the Children Strip with Central TabNH5.00
3453a BK  For the Children BookletNH21.50
3454-55Mucha Art Deco DesignsNH3.50
3454a-55a BK  Mucha Art Deco Designs Booklets of 6NH23.00
3456Zdarske HillsNH1.10
3457Ascession to the Throne (Joint issue with Luxembourg)NH1.75
3457 TAB  Ascession to the Throne (Joint issue with Luxembourg) with Tab (our choice of position)NH2.25
3457 TAB UNIT  Ascession to the Throne Unit of 4 Different Tab Position (Joint issue with Luxembourg)NH10.00
3457 TAB L  Ascession to the Throne (Joint issue with Luxembourg) with Tab at LeftNH2.50
3457 TAB R  Ascession to the Throne (Joint issue with Luxembourg) with Tab at RightNH3.00
3457 TAB T  Ascession to the Throne (Joint issue with Luxembourg) with Tab at TopNH2.50
3457 TAB B  Ascession to the Throne (Joint issue with Luxembourg) with Tab at BottomNH3.00
3457 M/S  Ascession to the Throne (Joint issue with Luxembourg) MiniSheet of 5 with 4 TabsNH10.00
3458Astronomical ClockNH2.50
3459-60Klatovy, Stramberk ViewsNH2.75
3459-60 GP  Klatovy, Stramberk Views Gutter PairsNH6.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
3459-60 M/S  Klatovy, Stramberk Views MiniSheet of 8NH22.50
3462 TLCartoon Personalized with Tab at LeftNH1.10
3462 TR  Cartoon Personalized with Tab at RightNH3.50
3462 TLR  Cartoon Personalized with Tabs at Left and RightNH4.00
3462 M/S  Cartoon Personalized MiniSheet of 9NH11.00
3463-64 TLPhilately Personalized with Tab at LeftNH3.00
3463-64 TR  Philately Personalized with Tab at RightNH6.75
3463-64 TLR  Philately Personalized with Tabs at Left and RightNH7.00
3463-64 M/S  Philately Personalized MiniSheets of 9NH29.00
3465Women's Basketball ChampsNH1.80
3466 S/SBird, Nature Sheet of 4, UnescoNH5.75
34674k Anemone DefinitiveNH.50
3468-6925k,30k Tulip, Iris DefinitivesNH6.00
3470Postal Museum, Coat of ArmsNH1.25
3471-72Famous PeopleNH2.40
3473Ctyrlistek Science Lab CartoonNH1.10
3473 BK  Ctyrlistek Science Lab Cartoon Booklet of 10NH11.00
3474-75Old and New BridgesNH2.40
3474-75 BK  Old and New Bridges Booklets of 5NH13.00
3476-77Decorative StovesNH3.25
3476-77 BK  Decorative Stoves Booklets of 5NH18.00
3478-80Skreta, Jiranek, Spillar PaintingsNH8.50
3478-80 GP  Skreta, Jiranek, Spillar Paintings Gutter PairsNH19.00
3478-80 M/S  Skreta, Jiranek, Spillar Paintings MiniSheets of 4NH35.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
3481Christmas Nativity PaintingNH1.10
3483 S/SKaspar Maria von Sternberg SheetNH5.50
3484Traditional Horse-drawn WagonNH1.75
3484a BK  Traditional Horse-drawn Wagon Booklet of 8NH13.50
3485Holy Agnes of BohemiaNH1.50
3486Comic Pinda from BookletNH1.30
3486a BK  Comic Pinda Booklet of 10NH14.00
3487Jiri Melantrich Coat of ArmsNH3.75
3488-89Czech Architecture, Black MadonnaNH3.50
3488-89 GP  Czech Architecture Gutter PairsNH8.50
3488-89 M/S  Czech Architecture MiniSheets of 8NH16.50
3490Visegrad Group (Joint issue with Poland, Slovakia and Hungary)NH2.50
3490 M/S  Visegrad Group (Joint issue) MiniSheet of 8 with Flag TabsNH22.50
3491-92A, E Architecture DefinitivesNH3.75
3493Z ArchitectureNH2.60
3494 S/SYear of the Rozmberka SheetNH6.25
3495Easter, Flowers, ChicksNH1.30
3496Cinema's Vlasta BurianNH1.30
3497Conservatory of the Arts (Dance)NH1.30
3498Comic Bobik from BookletNH1.50
3498a BK  Comic Bobik Booklet of 10NH15.00
3499Europa-CEPT Forests, RiverNH2.30
3499 M/S  Europa-CEPT Forest, River MiniSheet of 6 NH14.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
35002k Flowers DefinitiveNH.50
3501 S/SJohann Gerstner Music Sheet (Joint issue with Slovenia)NH4.25
3502Cartoon, For the Children (Bird)NH2.00
3502a BK  Cartoon, for the Children Booklet of 8NH14.50
3503Aviator Jan KasparNH2.60
3504"The Execution" PaintingNH3.25
3504 GP  "The Execution" Painting Gutter PairNH7.50
3504 M/S  "The Execution" Painting MiniSheet of 4NH14.00
3505Baby AnimalsNH1.25
3505 BK  Baby Animals Booklet of 5NH13.50
3506Florists Europa CupNH3.00
3507Volleyball ChampsNH2.50
3508Composer MozartNH2.50
3508a BK  Composer Mozart Booklet of 6NH15.00
3509 S/SUNESCO Biosphere SheetNH7.50
3510Church OrganNH1.25
3511Travel Writer ElstnerNH1.75
3512Pat and Mat, TV ShowNH1.25
3512a BK  Pat and Mat, TV Show Booklet of 10NH12.50
3513World Post DayNH2.50
3514-15Film Poster ArtNH2.50
3516-17Peacock, Roses with TabNH3.50
3516-17 M/S  Peacock, Roses with Tab MiniSheets of 9NH34.00
3518-20 GP  Paintings Gutter PairsNH24.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
3518-20 M/S  Paintings MiniSheets of 4NH40.00
3521Christmas MangerNH1.25
35226k Dolni Vidim Building DefinitiveNH.75
3523Artist Josef LieslerNH1.25
3523a BK  Artist Josef Liesler Booklet of 8 plus Tabs 
3524Artist Jiri Trnka AnniversaryNH1.25
3525Sokol Anniversary (Birds)NH1.75
3526Physics and MathematicsNH1.60
3527-28Beautiful CountrysideNH4.00
3527-28 M/S  Beauties MiniSheets of 8NH32.00
3529Tourism PersonalizeableNH1.50
3529 M/S  Tourism Personalizeable MiniSheet of 9NH15.00
3530Mendel, GeneticsNH3.50
3531First Hebrew BookNH5.00
3532Europa-CEPT Visit Us!NH2.25
3532 M/S  Europa-CEPT Visit Us MiniSheet of 8NH19.75
3534Bat'a Canal, BoatNH1.25
3534 TAB  Bat'a Canal, Boat with TabNH3.00
3534a BK  Bat'a Canal, Boat Booklet of 8 with TabsNH9.00
3535Tintoretto Whipping of Christ PaintingNH4.50
3535 M/S  Tintoretto Painting MiniSheet of 4NH20.00
3536St. WencelasNH2.00
3537Lezaky MassacreNH1.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
3538Lidice WWII MassacreNH2.50
3539St. HostynNH3.00
3539 M/S  St. Hostyn MiniSheet of 8NH26.50
3540-42Postman Self-AdhesiveNH7.50
3543London Olympics - Javelin ThrowerNH2.25
3543 TAB 1  London Olympics with Olympic Rowing TabNH3.25
3543 TAB 2  London Olympics with Paralympia Swimming TabNH3.25
3543 M/S  London Olympics MiniSheet of 3 plus TabsNH8.75
3544Map of AfricaNH2.00
3545 BKHistoric Cars Booklet of 6NH19.75
3545a-f   Historic Cars Singles from BookletNH18.75
3546 S/SOrchids Sheet of 4NH11.25
3547 S/SSicily Golden BullNH6.75
3548 TABOrchid with Personalizeable Tab (our choice of format and Tab)NH2.50
3548 SO  Orchid with Personalizeable Tab as shown in ScottNH6.00
3548 TAB x2  Orchid with Two TabsNH5.50
3548 M/S  Orchid Personalizeable MiniSheet of 9NH29.50
3549-50Car, Motorcycle RacingNH5.75
3551Telephone, World Post DayNH3.75
3552-53Lhotak, Kupecky PaintingsNH11.00
3552-53 M/S  Paintings MiniSheets of 4 with GutterNH46.00
3554 S/SKupka Paintings SheetNH11.00
3555Christmas with TabNH2.00
3555 M/S  Christmas MiniSheet of 9NH16.00
3556-57Ctyrlistek Cartoon, Self-adhesive PairNH3.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
3557a BK  Cartoon Booklet of 5 PairsNH19.00
35585k Busanovice BuildingNH.90
3559A House GablesNH2.50
3560Stamp Designer StrnadNH1.50
3560a BK  Stamp Designer Strnad Booklet of 10NH15.00
3561Nobelist von SuttnerNH2.00
356214k CottageNH1.75
3563Helicopter, Tugboat Pair (our choice of format)NH5.75
3563 VP  Helicopter, Tugboat Vertical PairNH7.00
3563 VP SO    Helicopter, Tugboat Vertical Pair in Scott Order as shown in ScottNH7.75
3563 HP  Helicopter, Tugboat Horizontal PairNH6.00
3563 HP SO  Helicopter, Tugboat Horizontal Pair in Scott OrderNH8.00
3564Zlata Koruna MonasteryNH1.75
3564 M/S  Zlata Koruna Monastery MiniSheet of 8NH16.00
3565Writer George OrwellNH3.00
3566President Milos ZemanNH1.25
3567Europa - WagonNH2.75
3567 M/S  Europa - Wagon MiniSheet of 6NH18.00
3568Flaje DamNH1.75
3568a BK  Flaje Dam Booklet of 8NH16.00
356925k Jacob Konig PortraitNH3.00
3569 M/S  25k Jacob Konig Portrait MiniSheet of 4NH15.00
3570Cross of Zavis of FalkensteinNH3.00
3570 M/S  Cross of Zavis of Falkenstein MiniSheet of 5NH18.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
3571Krtek the MoleNH1.50
3571a BK  Krtek the Mole Booklet of 10NH15.00
3572Tatra, Motorcycle PairNH4.00
3573 S/SEvangelists Cyril, Methodius Sheet (Joint issue with 3 other countries)NH5.50
3574Postal Banking NH2.25
3575Writer Franz KafkaNH2.25
3575a BK  Writer Franz Kafka Booklet of 6NH16.50
357613k St. Wenceslas NH2.50
3577Canoe Slalom World ChampsNH2.25
3578Novy Jicin 700th AnniversaryNH2.25
3579 S/SFlora, Fauna of Karlstejn Sheet of 4NH7.50
3580-81Antique Autombiles PairNH3.00
3581a BK  Antique Autombiles Booklet of 8NH13.00
3582 HZ"A" with Silver Background (horizontal)NH3.00
3582 VT"A" with Silver Background (vertical)NH2.50
3582a BK  "A" with Silver Background Booklet of 8NH25.00
3583 HZ"E" with Yellow Background (horizontal)NH3.00
3583 VT"E" with Yellow Background (vertical)NH2.50
3583a BK  "E" with Yellow Background Booklet of 8NH25.00
3584Josef Bican BirthdayNH1.25
3585-8613k,17k Horses NH3.50
358729k SalajnaNH3.25
3588 S/SPeople's Army SheetNH6.00
3589Bible in CzechNH2.00
3590Chemist Otto WichterieNH2.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
3591-93Works of ArtNH10.00
3591-93 M/S  Works of Art MiniSheets of 4NH44.00
1vVitezslava KapralovaNH1.40
4vThey Brought FreedomNH4.25
BK  They Brought Freedom Booklet of 8NH8.50
1vPizen - European Capital of CultureNH2.25
M/S  Pizen - European Capital of Culture MiniSheet of 4 plus 2 TabsNH9.00
2vClassic Car and Plane PairNH2.00
2v SO  Classic Car and Plane Pair in Scott OrderNH2.75
1vVecernicek Cartoon FigureNH1.10
1v TABFlying Post Office with Tab 1NH1.25
3v TAB  Flying Post Office with Tabs 2, 3 and 4NH6.00
M/S  Flying Post Office MiniSheet of 9NH11.00
S/SMilan EXPO 2015 Sheet - The Last SupperNH2.75
1vChomutov Philatelic ExhibitionNH2.25
1v TAB  Chomutov Philatelic Exhibition with Tab (our choice)NH4.50
2v TAB  Chomutov Philatelic Exhibition with Two Different TabsNH9.00
1v TAB STR  Chomutov Philatelic Exhibition Strip of 2 with Central Tab (our choice)NH5.00
2v TAB STR  Chomutov Philatelic Exhibition Strip of 2 with Two Different Central Tabs (our choice)NH10.00
BK  Chomutov Philatelic Exhibition Booklet of 8NH20.00
1vWorld Ice Hockey Championship, FlagsNH2.50
2vBob and Bobek PairNH2.00
BK  Bob and Bobek Booklet of 10NH20.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
1vEuropa-CEPT - Steam Shovel, ToysNH2.00
1v HOL  Europa-CEPT - Steam Shovel, Toys with Hologram TabNH4.00
M/S  Europa-CEPT - Toys MiniSheet of 6 NH12.00
1vMoldava RailwayNH1.25
1v TAB  Moldava Railway with Tab (our choiceNH2.25
2v TAB  Moldava Railway with Two Different TabsNH4.00
1v TAB STR  Moldava Railway Strip of 3 with Central Tab (our choice)NH3.00
2v TAB STR  Moldava Railway Strips of 3 with Two Different Central TabsNH5.00
BK  Moldava Railway Booklet of 8 with TabsNH10.00
1vPrague Castle Painting - Hans von AachenNH2.90
M/S  Prague Castle Painting - Hans von Aachen MiniSheet of 4NH12.00
1vCastle RabiNH1.50
M/S  Castle Rabi MiniSheet of 8NH12.00
1vPainting Master Jan HusNH1.25
S/SOwls Sheet of 4NH7.50
2vVaclav Zapadlik - AutomobilesNH2.50
BK  Vaclav Zapadlik - Automobiles BookletNH10.00
1vPost CrossingNH2.50
1vTribute to Sir Nicholas WintonNH1.25
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