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Established 1966

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CURACAO 2010-onwards

Scott # Description Condition Price
Netherlands Antilles dissolved politically on October 10, 2010.  CURAÇAO became one of the three separate entities and issued it's first stamp inscribed CURAÇAO on that date.
2010 GPGutter Pair (1)NH19.50
2010 M/SMiniSheet of 20 with Gutters (1)NH85.00
2011 TBTete-Beche Pairs (10)NH60.00
2011 M/SMiniSheets (10)NH295.00
201371 Stamps + 8 S/S inc M/S plus PBKNH275.00
2013 GP97a-102a Gutter Pairs (6)NH37.50
201489 Stamps or, more properly, 71 Stamps + 4 S/SNH199.00
2014 PSPersonalized Stamps NHAsk
2014 PMSPersonalized MiniSheets of 6 (24)NH385.00
201522 Stamps + 5 S/SNH139.00
2015 LALate Arrivals (15)NH32.00
201630 Stamps + 1 S/SNH89.00
201717 StampsNH48.75
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2010-2014Modern Independent CURAÇAO Complete Country as listed above:NH875.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
The first CURAÇAO stamp is a Joint Issue with Netherlands Caribbean and St. Maartin.
1Map of the Caribbean, Flags, ArmsNH4.50
1 GP  Map of the Caribbean Blank Gutter PairNH17.50
1 GP COA  Map of the Caribbean Coat of Arms Gutter PairNH19.50
1 GP FLA  Map of the Caribbean Flag Gutter PairNH19.50
1 M/S  Map of the Caribbean MiniSheet of 20NH85.00
1 FDC  Map of the Caribbean First Day CoverNHAsk
2 S/SBird Sheet of 1NH18.00
3-13New Beginnings - Constitution - FishNH22.00
14-18Year of the Rabbit inc Great Wall of ChinaNH13.00
19-27Musical InstrumentsNH24.00
28-37Money Fair AnniversaryNH27.50
28-37 TB  Money Fair Anniversary Tete-Beche PairsNH60.00
28-37 M/S  Money Fair Anniversary MiniSheets of 10NH295.00
38 S/SDinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals  SheetNH27.50
39-42Technology inc Optics, Cloud ComputingNH19.50
43 S/SPolar Glaciers - UPU SheetNH5.50
44-53Food and CakesNH22.50
54-60Holiday Foods and CandlesNH14.00
61 M/SVegetables MiniSheet of 6NH23.50
62-68Fish Block of 7NH27.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
62-68 TAB  Fish Block of 7 plus TabNH36.00
62-68 M/S  Fish MiniSheet of 14 plus TabNH55.00
69-71 S/SYear of the Dragon plus SheetNH15.00
72 M/SBirds of the Sea and Shore MiniSheet of 8NH25.00
73 S/SRailway Sheet of 4NH12.50
74 S/SCelestral Events SheetNH25.00
75-76 S/SIndonesia Stamp Expo plus SheetNH4.50
77-80Tropical FruitsNH19.75
81 S/SSports Sheet of 8 Hexagonal StampsNH19.75
82-89Flowers and PlantsNH9.75
90 M/STouristic View MiniSheet of 10NH19.00
91-95Christmas - Religious ThemesNH9.50
96 S/SMayan Calendar 12-21-12 Sheet of 3 (round)NH16.50
97-102Religious Faith ThemesNH15.00
97a-102a TB  Religious Faith Themes Tete-Beche PairsNH37.50
103-06 S/SLunar Year of the Snake plus SheetNH15.50
107-12Abstract ArtNH17.00
113-19Going Green - Nature, EnergyNH18.00
120 S/SSuccession to the Dutch Throne SheetNH23.00
121-27Baseball ThemesNH18.00
128-30 S/SFreewinds Cruise Ship plus SheetNH6.00
131-36Virtues: Peace, Mercy, Forgiveness, Hope, Love, RespectNH18.00
137 S/SHarbors Sheet (Joint issue with Malta)NH11.50
138 M/STourist Views MiniSheet of 10NH19.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
139-44Youth Stories inc Frog, AnimalsNH16.00
145-49Christmas Scenes inc FireworksNH9.50
150-57Beetles NH22.50
158 PBKAbolishment of Slavery Prestige Booklet of 4 SheetNH30.00
158a-d S/SSlavery Abolishment SheetsNH32.00

Each Design was issued in 4 Denominations: 65c, 119c, 177c, 305c 
24vPersonalized Unit of 24 Different Stamps in the Four Issued DenominationsNHASK
104vComplete Personalized Unit of 108 Different Stamps in the Four issued DenominationsNHASK
24 M/SComplete (65c,119c,177c,305c) Personalized Unit of 24 MiniSheets of 6NH385.00
6 M/S (short set)  65c Only Personalized Unit of 6  MiniSheets of 6NH80.00
P1A M/S  65c Teddy Bear MiniSheet of 6NH15.00
P1A-D M/S (4)  Teddy Bear 4 MiniSheets of 6NH85.00
P2A M/S  65c Tourism Waterfront MiniSheet of 6NH11.50
P2A-D M/S (4)  Tourism Waterfront 4 MiniSheets of 6NH75.00

P3A M/S  65c Valentine's Day with Hearts (Six Different Colors per Sheet)  MiniSheet of 6NH14.00
P3A-D M/S (4)  Valentine's Day (Six Different Colors per Sheet) 4 MiniSheets of 6NH85.00
P4A M/S  65c Business Envelope MiniSheet of 6NH11.50
P4A-D M/S (4)  Business Envelope 4 MiniSheets of 6NH75.00

P5A M/S  65c General Use (Six Different Colors per Sheet) MiniSheet of 6NH15.00
P5A-D M/S (4)  General Use (Six Different Colors per Sheet)  4 MiniSheets of 6NH75.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
P6A M/S  65c Carnival (Six Different Backgrounds per Sheet) MiniSheet of 6NH15.00
P6A-D M/S (4)  Carnival (Six Different Backgrounds per Sheet) 4 MiniSheets of 6NH85.00
159-63200 Years of the Dutch KingdomNH14.50
164 S/SYear of the Horse Sheet of 4NH13.00
165-70Friendship - Hearts, Bears, DiamondsNH14.50
177 S/SShakespeare Sheet of 4NH18.00
178-8365c-676c Cars inc Mustangs, PorschesNH19.50
184 S/SSoccer Stadiums Sheet of 6NH19.00
185-90Peace Themes (Dove, Globe, Hebrew)NH12.75
191 S/SKorea Exhibition Sheet of 4 - Toys, BirdNH15.50
192-97Fight Against CancerNH15.50
198-203World Orchid Conference in South AfricaNH15.50
204 M/SSpace Tourism MiniSheet of 10 NH17.50
205-09Youth Care - Turtle, Fish, SquidNH12.00
210-14Christmas GiftsNH8.00
217 M/SFish, Sea Life MiniSheet of 10NH17.50
218-23Carnival CelebrationsNH14.00
224-27Lunar New Year of the GoatNH13.50
228 S/SZeppelin Sheet of 4NH18.00
229 S/SPope Francis Travels SheetNH18.00
230-35Young Animals inc Dolphins, BatsNH18.50
236 S/SNASA, Earth, Pluto, Mars Sheet of 4NH17.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
244 S/SSingapore Stamp Exposition Sheet of 4NH18.50
245 S/SElvis Sheet of 4NH18.00
246-51Dogs, Dogs, DogsNH15.00
S/SPope Francis Travels SheetNH18.00
5v65c-434c Children's HealthNH12.00
3vChristmas and New YearNH6.75
3vStylized Port ScenesNH3.75
4v119c-305c QR CodesNH10.00
273 S/SLunar New Year of the Monkey SheetNH19.75
6v66c-440c Numerals ArtNH13.00
6vIndian Wall PaintingsNH16.50
6v300c-550c Ships NH22.00
6vChristmas Themes inc Candy Canes, BellsNH19.50
286-91The Bays of Curacao (unusual printing with highly raised ink)NH29.50
3v+S/SLunar New Year of the Rooster plus SheetNH19.75
6v121c-684c ButterfliesNH19.00
S/SWillem Alexander 50th BirthdayNH17.50
6v121c-684c Views from the 1950'sNH19.00
B1-4Youth Care - ScienceNH10.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
B5-7Youth Care - Children Up the HillNH8.50
B8-11Abolition of SlaveryNH10.50
B12"Coco" BalentienNH2.25
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