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SOUTH SUDAN 2017 ISSUES now available:  Severe inflation has caused the Sudan Post Office to surcharge 19 different stamps.  These surcharges are now in stock in extremely limited quantity.  These are the first South Sudan issues in five years!  To avoid disappointment, please reserve yours now.  Call or email for further information.
Sunday, December 16, 2018


Scott # Description Condition Price
To view our listings for the separatist area of Georgia known as ABHKAZIA please click here.  
1997 M/S171a Dogs MiniSheetNH12.00
1998176-79,186-200,9 DinosaursNH79.00
1999 W M/S 1WWF MiniSheet of 20NH25.00
1999 W M/S 2WWF MiniSheets of 10 NH60.00
1999 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets (2)NH79.00
2000 IMP230-35 ImperfNH11.00
2000 M/SEuropa MiniSheets (2)NH120.00
2001 M/SEuropa MiniSheets (2)NH110.00
2001 BKEuropa Booklets (2)NH82.00
2002 M/SEuropa MiniSheets (2)NH120.00
2002 BKEuropa Booklets (2)NH85.00
2003 E M/S 1Europa MiniSheet of 8 NH45.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2003 E M/S 2Europa MiniSheets of 10NH85.00
2003 O M/SOther MiniSheets (6)NH205.00
2003 E BKEuropa Booklets (2)NH69.00
2003 O BKOther Booklets (3)NH57.50
2003 ERMissing Surcharge Error SheetNH60.00
2004340-61+4v Europa with Imperf MarginsNH65.00
2004 E BKEuropa Booklet (1)NH35.00
2004 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets of 8 and 10 (3)NH124.00
2005 IMPImperforates (3)NH116.00
2005 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets (2)NH115.00
2005 OTBPreolympics Tete-Beche PairNH6.00
2005 O M/SPreolympics MiniSheet of 8NH21.00
2005 IMP O TBPreolympics Imperf Tete-Beche PairNH62.50
2005 IMP O M/SPreolympics Imperf MiniSheet of 8NH250.00
2006 E BKEuropa Booklet (1)NH40.00
2006 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets (3)NH136.00
2006 XXThe 2006 GRAND COLLECTION (16 Stamps + 6 S/S + 1 Europa Booklet + 3 Europa MiniSheets)NH265.00
2006 IMPEuropa Imperforates - please see our detailed individual listings of 2006 issues. 
2007 IMPBird Imperforates (4)NH37.50
2007 W M/SWWF MiniSheets (4)NH65.00
2007 B M/SBird Definitive MiniSheets (4)NH59.00
2007 PRFProofs (4)NH130.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
2008430-44,"439ab-40bc (4)"NH59.00
2008 E BKEuropa Booklets (2)NH72.50
2008 E M/SEuropa MiniSheets of 8 or 10 (5)NH220.00
2008 O M/SOther MiniSheets of 10 (5)NH122.00
2009 NOTE2009 Europa was Issued in 2010 
2010 BKBooklet (1)NH54.00
2010 IMPImperforates (4)NH109.00
2010 M/SMiniSheets ()NHAsk
2011No stamps issued. 
2012 LAEuropa-CEPT 1v+S/SNH25.00
201614 Stamps + 3 S/SNH24.00
20172 Stamps + 1 S/SNH10.50
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1993-199973-227+B10-12+S/S as listed in the Basic Year SetsNH385.00
2000-2003Basic Years as listed above.NH369.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
73-75United NationsNH3.50
75a S/SUNO Admission SheetNH3.75
76-79Gruzija Issue (Arms, Painting, Fresco)NH3.50
  76-79 was originally intended to be the first issue but a vigorous debate arose whether the country should be known as Gruzija or Georgia.  Georgia was decided upon and the Gruzija issue shelved.  Eventually, in October 1993, a decision was made to release the Gruzija stamps as official issues to ease a shortage of stamps.

80-835000c-10,000 SurchargesNH2.75
84-90 '93Synagogue, ChurchesNH5.75
91Writer Niko NikuladzeNH.90
92UPU AdmissionNH1.30
93-95High Value SurchargesNH3.00
"93-95 INV"  High Value Inverted SurchargesNH16.00
95A-BGeorgian CongressNH6.75
96-99Olympic Committee IINH5.00
100-09,110 S/SPiromanashvili Paintings with SheetNH15.00
111-20NVI Church DefinitivesNH15.00
121-24These numbers not utilized by Scott. 
125Poet Paolo IashviliNH1.20
126-34,136 S/SDinosaurs I (9+S/S)NH11.50
  126-34  Dinosaurs INHAsk
  136 S/S    Dinosaurs I SheetNHAsk
135 M/SDinosaurs II MiniSheet of 9NH11.50
137-38 inc S/SUNESCO inc SheetNH6.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
139 M/SBirds, Paintings MiniSheet of 16NH9.75
140-41 M/SBird MiniSheets of 16NH20.00
  140 M/S  Birds MiniSheet I of 16NH11.00
  140a-k    Singles from Birds MiniSheet INH10.75
  141 M/S  Birds MiniSheet II of 16NH12.00
  141a-k    Singles from Birds MiniSheet IINH11.75
142-43 S/SSongbird, Raptor SheetsNH12.00
  142 S/S  Songbird SheetNH6.25
  143 S/S  Raptor SheetNHAsk
144 M/SWater Flora, Fauna MiniSheet of 16NH12.50
145 M/SDinosaurs III MiniSheet of 9NH7.75
146-55Atlanta OlympicsNH7.50
156-57 S/SOlympic SheetsNH15.50
158-61,162 S/SPaintings Issue (inc S/S)NH7.50
163Patriarch Anton INH1.50
164Scientist IavakishviliNH2.50
165-66UNO AnniversaryNH4.75
171a M/SDogs Special MiniSheetlet (not in YS)NH12.00
172 S/SDogs SheetNH4.75
173Cartoons Strip of 5NH9.75
174-75 S/SWomen Chess Champs SheetsNH9.75
174-75 BK  Women Chess BookletNH20.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
176 M/S '98Winter Olympics I MiniSheet of 4NH5.50
177 '98Winter Olympics II MiniSheet of 4NH5.50
178 S/S '98Olympics Sheet I - SkierNH3.50
179 S/S '98Olympic Sheet II - Snow ShoesNH3.50
180Moscow ExhibitionNH3.50
181 S/SMoscow SheetNH4.00
182-83Prince VakhushtiNH3.75
184-85Delphic CongressNH3.90
186 M/SArgonauts MiniSheet of 6NH12.75
188-91,192 S/SHorses plus SheetNH18.00
"192X" M/SPre-Historic Animals (similar to Scott 135 but with reversed images)NH14.50
193-97,198 S/SLocomotives plus S/SNH13.00
199-00Europa - LegendsNH9.00
199-00 M/S  Europa - Legends MiniSheets of 10 NH90.00
201-03Wild AnimalsNH6.00
204 S/SAnimals SheetNH4.00
205 M/STbilisi Bridges MiniSheet of 6NH12.75
206-09WWF - Mink - Thin LettersNH5.50
206-09 M/S  WWF- ink - Thin Letters MiniSheets of 10NH60.00
206A-09AWWF - Mink - BOLD letters: 
206A-09A BLK  WWF - Mink Block of FourNH6.00
206A-09A STR  WWF - Mink Strip of Four (only one per sheet)NH13.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
206A-09A M/S    WWF MiniSheet of 20NH25.00
NOTE WELL:  There are two totally different printings of the WWF issue printed in different formats as we indicated above.  The stamps are clearly different to the naked eye but Scott has completely overlooked the difference.  Michel lists both versions, of course.

210-11Europa - Nature ReserveNH7.50
210-11 M/S  Europa - Nature Reserve MiniSheets of 10 NH80.00
212-13Council of EuropeNH5.75
214-15Olympic CommitteeNH3.75
220-21UPU AnniversaryNH4.00
226 S/STrucks SheetNH5.00
227 S/SSvaneti, UNESCO World HeritageNH5.75
228-29Europa - StarsNH11.50
228-29 M/S  Europa  - Stars MiniSheets of 10 NH120.00
230-34Rustaveli PaintingsNH7.00
235 S/SPainting SheetNH4.50
230-35 IMP  Paintings, ImperfNH15.00
239 S/SCoins SheetNH4.75
245David SaralishviliNH3.00
246Sydney Olympics Strip of 3NH6.75
247Millennium Strip of 3NH6.00
248-49Space ReflectorsNH3.75
250-51Human RightsNH4.25
Scott # Description Condition Price
257UNHCR AnniversaryNH1.75
258-5910,50 Church DefinitivesNH2.40
265-67Aircraft DesignersNH5.50
268 S/SAircraft SheetNH4.00
269Fire PreventionNH2.75
270-71 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 10 NH110.00
270-71 IMP T  Europa Imperf at Top NH13.00
270-71 IMP B  Europa Imperf at Bottom NH13.00
270-71 BK 2  Europa Booklet of 2 Sets NH27.00
270-71 BK 4  Europa Booklet of 4 Sets NH55.00
272Transport CorridorNH2.00
272 M/S  Transport MiniSheet of 6NH24.00
273 S/STransport SheetNH3.00
275Europe-Asia ChessNH4.00
276Writers PairNH3.25
280 S/SPorts SheetNH7.00
281-82History and Culture DefinitivesNH15.00
283-84Europa - CircusNH11.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
283-84 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 10 NH120.00
284aEuropa Imperfs from BookletNH27.00
284a BK  Europa Booklet of 2 Sets NH28.00
284a x2 BK  Europa Booklet of 4 Sets NH57.00
285Refugee CommitteeNH2.25
285 M/S  Refugee MiniSheet of 10NH25.00
286European Soccer CupNH1.60
287Dialogue Among CivilizationsNH4.50
288IFSDA AnniversaryNH4.50
289-90Air ForceNH4.75
297-00Historical CrossesNH7.50
301-04Mountain FlowersNH7.75
305 S/SWriter Dumas SheetNH6.50
306-07Europa - Poster ArtNH8.00
306-07 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 10 NH85.00
307aEuropa - Poster Art Imperf MarginsNH22.00
307a M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 8 NH45.00
307a BK 2  Europa Booklet of 2 Sets NH23.00
307a BK 4  Europa Booklet of 4 Sets NH46.00
308 S/SSoccer SheetNH4.00
309 S/SArchaeology SheetNH4.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
311Women for PeaceNH1.60
312-15 M/S  Zoo MiniSheets of 10NH60.00
312-15 STZoo Se-tenant BlockNH6.75
312-15 M/S  Zoo Se-tenant MiniSheet of 8NH21.50
Both the Zoo Issue (above) and the Minerals and Tourism Issues (below) were prepared in two formats.  One, MiniSheets of 10 for each value.  Second, MiniSheets of 8 containing 2 se-tenant blocks of 4 with Inscription in the Margin. 
315a BKZoo Booklet of 8NHAsk
316-19 M/S  Minerals MiniSheets of 10NH60.00
316-19 STMinerals Se-tenant BlockNH6.00
316-19 M/S  Minerals Se-tenant MiniSheet of 8NH19.75
319a BKMinerals Booklet of 8NHAsk
325 S/SPainting of Ahvlediadi SheetNH3.25
326 S/Svan Gogh, Paintings SheetNH4.75
327-28 S/SIndependence Overprint plus SheetNH7.75
"328a" S/S ERRSheet Overprint Omitted on Lower Right Stamp in S/SNH60.00
329Science AcademiesNH3.25
330Energy CorridorNH3.25
331-34 M/S  Tourism MiniSheets of 10NH47.50
331-34 STTourism Se-tenant BlockNH4.75
331-34 M/S  Tourism MiniSheet of 8NH22.50
334a BK  Tourism Booklet of 8NH27.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
340-41Europa - VacationsNH8.75
340-41 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 10 NH90.00
341a 4vEuropa with Imperf MarginsNH17.00
341a M/S  Europa MiniSheet of 8 NH34.00
341a BK  Europa Booklet of 4 Sets  NH35.00
Unissued '04Prepared but Unissued President Shevardnadze Set of 5 plus S/SNH40.00
343 S/SRose Revolution SheetNH4.50
344-47FIFA AnniversaryNH7.50
348-51Athens OlympicsNH7.50
356-61UNESCO ArchitectureNH12.50
362National FlagNHAsk
363-64Europa - FoodNH11.00
363-64 M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 10 NH115.00
365-66Europa Pair - Larger Size Perfed on 4 sides (our choice of pair)  These are the basic two stamps from Booklet.NH27.00
365-66In our opinion, Scott has not listed the booklet stamps correctly.  There are actually 8 different stamps in the booklet and all are required for a proper "European" Europa-CEPT Collection.  Two are perfed on 4 sides and the other six are imperf on one or more edges.  We include all 8 stamps in our Europa-CEPT Year Sets.  NO ONE ELSE in the USA DOES! 
"365c-h"Europa Block of 6 - Imperf Left, Right or Left, Right and Bottom (6 different stamps as listed below)NH58.00
  "365c-d"  Europa Vertical Pair - 20 Imperf Top and 80 Imperf BottomNH35.00
  "365d-c"  Europa Vertical Pair - 80 Imperf Top and 20 Imperf BottomNH35.00
  "365g-h"  Europa Vertical Pair, Imperf Top, Right and BottomNH37.50
366a-b BK  Europa Booklet NH60.00
367Rabbi KhvolesNH3.40
Scott # Description Condition Price
367 IMPRabbi Khvoles ImperforateNH55.00
368Summer Olympics '08NH2.75
368 IMPSummer Olympics '08 ImperforateNH30.00
368 TB  Summer Olympics Tete-Beche PairNH6.00
368 TB IMP  Summer Olympics Tete-Beche Pair ImperforateNH62.00
368 M/S  Summer Olympics MiniSheet of 8NH21.00
368 M/S IMP  Summer Olympics MiniSheet of 8 ImperforateNH250.00
369World Cup SoccerNH6.00
369 IMPWorld Cup Soccer ImperforateNH31.00
370-71Ballet NH3.20
384-88Winter OlympicsNH6.75
389 S/STbilisi Furnicular SheetNH5.25
390-93Europa-CEPT AnniversaryNH4.00
390-93 IMP  Europa-CEPT Anniversary ImperforateNH5.00
394-97 S/SEuropa-CEPT Anniversary SheetsNH13.00
398-99Europa - IntegrationNH9.00
398-99 M/S  Europa - Integration MiniSheet of 10 NH95.00
398-99 IMPEuropa - Integration Imperforate NH250.00
398-99 IMP M/S  Europa MiniSheets of 10 Imperforate NH1,000.00
399a M/SEuropa - Integration MiniSheet of 8 NH42.50
399a M/S IMP  Europa MiniSheet of 8 Imperforate NH550.00
399a BKEuropa - Integration Booklet of 8 NH40.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
399a BK IMP  Europa Booklet of 8 Imperforate NH550.00
"400-01C"Europa - Integration with Imperf MarginsNH22.00
402-03Europa with Anniversary Overprint Pair (our choice of perforations)NH12.00
402-03 P4S  Europa with Anniversary Overprint Pair, Perfed on 4 SidesNH14.50
402-03 P3S  Europa with Anniversary Overprint Pair, Perfed on 3 SidesNH12.50
402-03 P2S  Europa with Anniversary Overprint Pair, Perfed on 2 SidesNH14.50
403a,b S/S50 Years of Europa Overprinted Sheets of 4 and 6NH32.50
40410t on 1c Surcharge and Overprint on PaintingNH.60
405150 Years of Nikola TeslaNH4.00
406 S/SHorsemen SheetNH3.50
407University of TbilisiNH1.30
407 PRF  University Proofs in 4 Different ColorsNH130.00
408Poet GuramishviliNH1.75
409Chess TournamentNH7.00
412-15WWF Big Spotted EagleNH6.00
412-15 M/S  WWF Eagle MiniSheets of 10NH60.00
419-19 M/S  Eagle MiniSheets of 10NH59.00
416-19 IMPEagles ImperfNH37.50
416-19 IMP M/S  Bird Definitives Imperf MiniSheets NHAsk
424-27Ships under SailNH6.00
Scott # Description Condition Price
428 S/SWeapons SheetNH7.00
429 S/SWinemaking SheetNH3.50
430 S/SArt of Illusion SheetNH4.25
The Europa issues below were issued in 2008 but carry the theme of 2007.  Thus we are including them in the 2007 Europa Year Set and in the 2008 Georgia Year Set.
431-32Europa - ScoutsNH9.00
431-32 M/S  Europa - Scouts MiniSheets of 10 NH90.00
431+432 STEuropa - Scouts Se-tenant PairNH19.50
432a BK  Europa - Scouts Booklet of 8 NH37.50
432a M/S  Europa - Scouts MiniSheet of 8 NH37.50
433Georgia - Japan Friendship Joint IssueNH4.25
433 M/S  Georgia - Japan Friendship MiniSheet of 10NH42.50
434-37Peaks of the CaucasusesNH6.25
438The FrescoNH2.00
439-40Europa - The PostNH8.25
439-40 M/S  Europa - The Post MiniSheets of 10 NH82.50
"439ab-40bc" (4)  Europa Block Imperf at Left and RightNH19.50
440a BKEuropa - The Post Booklet NH35.00
441-44Beijing OlympicsNH8.00
441-44 M/S  Beijing Olympics MiniSheets of 10NH80.00
445Prince OrbelianiNH3.25
446Militarist CholokhashviliNH4.00
447Port of PotiNH5.00
448-54Grape VarietiesNH12.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
455 S/SAnti-War Movement SheetNH8.50
456-57Human Rights, European CouncilNH13.00
4581.0 GEL on 1992 Art NH3.75
459Rugby TeamNH9.75
459 M/S  Rugby Team MiniSheet of 10NH110.00
460Nodar Kumaritashvili - Vancouver TragedyNH9.75
460 M/S  Nodar Kumaritashvili - Vancouver Tragedy MiniSheet of 10NH110.00
460 IMPNodar Kumaritashvili - Vancouver Tragedy, ImperfNH22.50
460 IMP M/S  Nodar Kumaritashvili - Vancouver Tragedy MiniSheet of 10, ImperfNHASK
461Woman's Chess TeamNH12.50
461 M/S  Woman's Chess Team MiniSheet of 10NH135.00
461Woman's Chess Team, ImperfNH39.00
461 M/S  Woman's Chess Team MiniSheet of 10, ImperfNHASK
462-65 M/S  Flowers MiniSheet of 10NH135.00
466-70 M/S  Birds MiniSheet of 10NH65.00
471 S/SCultural Heritage Monastery SheetNH3.25
472 S/SGeorgian Alphabet Sheet of 3NH3.00
PLEASE NOTE:The 2009 Europa Theme stamps were issued in Year 2010.
473-74Europa-CEPT AstronomyNH13.50
473-74 M/S  Europa-CEPT Astronomy MiniSheet of 8 NH54.00
474a S/SEuropa-CEPT Astronomy SheetNH13.50
473+74 STEuropa-CEPT Astronomy Se-tenant PairNH18.50
Scott # Description Condition Price
474b BKEuropa-CEPT Astronomy Booklet of 8 NH54.00
1v IMPEuropa-CEPT Astronomy, Imperf NH47.50
1v IMP M/S  Europa-CEPT Astronomy MiniSheet of 10, Imperf NHASK
The 2010 Theme Europa-CEPT stamps were issued in 2011. 
479 S/SIlluminated Manuscript SheetNH18.50
480-81Past Olympic ChampionsNH16.00
482UN Commission RefugeesNH15.00
1vThree Women OverprintNH5.00
483-84 inc S/SEuropa-CEPT Visit Georgia MiniSheet of 12NH32.50
485Painter PirosmaniNH7.00
486 S/SCultural Heritage Sheet of 4NH33.50
487 S/SBaku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway SheetNH11.00
2014 NOTE:Many issues which appeared in 2014 actually are inscribed 2013.  We have been assured that the stamps and sheets are really 2014 issues.
489-90Smiles - Young and OldNH3.75
489 M/S  Young Smile Sheet of 4NH8.00
491Satuatory (Joint issue with Latvia)NH3.75
492Swallows and FlowersNH5.00
493-94Europa-CEPT Postal VansNH5.00
495 S/SEuropa-CEPT Postman's Van SheetNH6.50
496 S/SLove Sheet of 4NH15.75
Scott # Description Condition Price
497 S/SJewelry Sheet of 4NH15.75
498 S/STrees Sheet of 4NH13.50
499 S/SOld Tbilisi Views SheetNH39.50
500 S/SKings of Georgia Sheet of 7NH14.00
501 S/SFlying Letters Sheet of 1NH6.00
502 S/STram Sheet of 1NH6.00
503 S/SThe "Door at old Tbilisi" SheetNH6.00
504 S/SFather Time Sheet of 1NH6.50
505 S/SEristavi Theater Curtain Sheet of 1NH12.00
S/SChildren's Drawings Sheet of 4NH6.50
507-08 S/SEuropa-CEPT - 2014 Music with SheetNH9.50
509Telecommunications UnionNH2.50
510-11Euro Youth Olympic Festival Mascot, EmblemNH6.75
511a S/SEuro Youth Olympic Festival SheetNH6.75
512-13Europa-CEPT Old ToysNH6.50
513a S/SEuropa-CEPT Old Toys Sheet of 2NH6.50
514 S/SSoccer Player Paichadze SheetNH2.50
515 S/SWriters Sheet - Birds, FlowersNH6.75
B10Olympic CommitteeNH1.60
Scott # Description Condition Price
B13-14War Against Terrorism with SheetNH7.50
  B13  September 11 AttackNH2.50
  B14 S/S  September 11 SheetNH6.00
All New Issues are available from GEORGIA and over 200 other Countries and Topics.
73-79,75a,84-901993 Complete x8 each VF NHNHAsk