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Established 1966

SOUTH SUDAN 2017 ISSUES now available:  Severe inflation has caused the Sudan Post Office to surcharge 19 different stamps.  These surcharges are now in stock in extremely limited quantity.  These are the first South Sudan issues in five years!  To avoid disappointment, please reserve yours now.  Call or email for further information.
Wednesday, April 25, 2018

UPAEP - Postal Union of the Americas

Country Scott # Description Condition Price
ANDORRA - SPANISH383UPAEP - Myths and LegendsNH1.80
ARGENTINA1325Overprint, UPAEPNH2.00
ARGENTINA1666-67UPAEP - ArtifactsNH4.00
ARGENTINA1705-08UPAEP - Postal Union CongressNH6.50
ARGENTINA1705-08 ST  UPAEP - Postal Union Se-tenant PairsNH10.00
ARGENTINA1705-08 TAB  UPAEP - Postal Union Strips with Central TabsNH15.00
ARGENTINA1705-08 CB  UPAEP - Postal Union Block with Central TabsNH25.00
ARGENTINA1705-08 M/S  UPAEP - Postal Union MiniSheet of 16NH39.00
ARGENTINA1709-10Nature ScenesNH6.00
ARGENTINA1733-34Spanish Explorers - UPAEPNH3.50
ARGENTINA1778Columbus - Discovery of America PairNH5.00
ARGENTINA1778 TAB  Columbus - Discovery of America Pair with TabNH8.50
ARGENTINA1778 STR  Columbus - Discovery of America Gutter Strip of 4 with TabNH15.00
ARGENTINA1805-06Whales - UPAEPNH7.00
ARGENTINA1918-19UPAEP - Postal VehiclesNH5.75
ARGENTINA1925-26UPAEP, Endangered Fauna PairNH6.75
ARGENTINA1925-26 TAB  UPAEP, Fauna Pair with Tab inscribed "Fauna en Peligro"NH8.75
ARGENTINA1925-26 TAB  UPAEP, Fauna Pair with Tab inscribed "Upaep"NH8.75
ARGENTINA1925-26 GP  UPAEP, Fauna Gutter Block with both TabsNH45.00
ARGENTINA2109-10America IssueNH6.00
ARGENTINA2160a-bUNESCO World Heritage SinglesNH8.00
ARGENTINA2179UPAEP - EducationNH4.50
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
ARGENTINA2256-57UPAEP - Flora, FaunaNH3.50
ARGENTINA2274Environment - UPAEP PairNH6.00
ARGENTINA2274 TAB  UPAEP with Descriptive TabsNH8.50
ARGENTINA2404-05America UPAEP - Energy SavingNH2.00
ARGENTINA2501-02 S/SUPAEP Flowers SheetsNH7.50
ARGENTINA2539-40UPAEP - EducationNH1.75
ARGENTINA2566-67UPAEP - State SymbolsNH2.00
ARGENTINA2591-92UPAEP - Traditional GamesNH2.00
ARGENTINA2606UPAEP 100th AnniversaryNH4.00
ARGENTINA2619-20UPAEP - MailboxesNH2.85
ARGENTINA2696UPAEP - Discrimination Campaign PairNH4.00
ARGENTINAB1-5Morse, Columbus, Globe - UPAEH12.00
ARGENTINA  B1  3c+2c MorseNH2.00
ARGENTINA  B2  5c+5c Globe, UPAEPNH7.50
ARGENTINAC84Postal Union, UPAE EmblemNH3.50
ARUBA134-36UPAEP - CostumesNH8.50
ARUBA144-46Mailman - UPAEPNH9.50
ARUBA220-21UPAEP, EducationNH5.00
ARUBA375UPAEP, Flags, Hands Vertical Strip of 4NH14.75
ARUBA375 M/S  UPAEP, Flags, Hands MiniSheet of 8NH29.75
ARUBA376 S/SUPAEP, Flags, Hands SheetNH14.75
BARBUDA1035-36Arawaks with SheetNH46.00
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
BARBUDA  1035  ArawaksNH26.00
BARBUDA  1036 S/S  Arawaks SheetNH19.00
BARBUDA1103-12 inc S/SSea Life, UPAEP inc SheetsH65.00
BARBUDA  1103-10  Sea Life, UPAEPH32.00
BARBUDA  1111-12 S/S  Sea Life, UPAEP SheetsH34.00
BOLIVIA792A-BUPAEP - CultureNH12.00
BOLIVIA834-35America IssueNH12.50
BOLIVIA900-01America IssueNH9.00
BOLIVIA921-22America IssueNH11.00
BOLIVIA1017-18America IssueNH27.50
BOLIVIA1028-29America IssueNH5.75
BOLIVIA1086-87UPAEP - New MillenniumNH11.00
BOLIVIA1111-12UPAEP - AIDS FightNH13.00
BOLIVIA1156-57UPAEP - Heritage SitesNH12.50
BOLIVIA1196-97UPAEP - EducationNH8.50
BOLIVIA1209UPAEP - Flora and Fauna PairNH17.00
BOLIVIA1231-32UPAEP - ParrotsNH9.75
BOLIVIA1249-50UPAEP - Fight PovertyNH18.50
BOLIVIA1284-85UPAEP, Save EnergyNH7.75
BOLIVIA1349Education, UPAEP Block of 4NH20.50
BOLIVIA1472-73UPAEP - MailboxesNH8.00
BOLIVIA1530-31UPAEP - Myths and LegendsNH4.50
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
BRAZIL946UPAE EmblemNH2.50
BRAZIL1923First LetterNH.50
BRAZIL2208-09UPAEP, ArtifactsNH2.70
BRAZIL2286-87Wildlife ReserveNH5.50
BRAZIL2333-34Discovery of AmericaNH5.50
BRAZIL2423-24UPAEP - BirdsNH4.50
BRAZIL2464-65UPAEP 1994NH5.50
BRAZIL2558-59UPAEP - Outdoor Scenes PairNH7.00
BRAZIL2604-05Traditional CostumesNH16.00
BRAZIL2614The PostmanNH2.75
BRAZIL2663-66Famous Women Block of 4NH12.00
BRAZIL2718 S/SUPAEP - Millennium Without Arms SheetNH6.00
BRAZIL2755 S/SCampaign Against AIDS SheetNH8.00
BRAZIL2823Bom Jesus de Matosinhos SanctuaryNH4.00
BRAZIL2862Youth LiteracyNH4.00
BRAZIL2883 S/SMedicinal Plants SheetNH15.00
BRAZIL2963-64UPAEP CongressNH4.00
BRAZIL3000UPAEP - EnergyNH4.00
BRAZIL3027UPAEP - EducationNH2.50
BRAZIL3036UPAEP - DancersNH2.00
BRAZIL3091UPAEP - Popular Games Block of 4NH8.00
BRAZIL3147Flag, Music, Emblems UPAEP Block of 4NH5.75
BRAZIL3163UPAEP Centenary, MapNH3.00
BRAZIL3192UPAEP - Post Boxes Block of 4NH16.00
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
BRAZIL3224UPAEP - Children, Baby, Snake, Tree PairNH3.75
CHILE407-11Virgin, Emblem, BuildingsNH3.50
CHILE"411A" S/SVirgin SheetNH10.00
CHILE866-67UPAE Emblem, Pre-Columbian PeoplesNH6.00
CHILE927-28Discovery of AmericaNH6.50
CHILE978-79UPAEP - Sailing ShipsNH4.75
CHILE1070-71UPAEP - BirdsNH3.25
CHILE1124-25UPAEP - Postal Transport VehiclesNH3.50
CHILE1145-46UPAEP - Children's DrawingsNH2.50
CHILE1225-26UPAEP - PostmenNH4.00
CHILE1264-65Prominent Women 
CHILE1304-05UPAEP - Millennium Without ArmsNH6.00
CHILE1346-47UPAEP - World AIDS Day 
CHILE1375-76UPAEP - UNESCO World HeritageNH10.00
CHILE1401-02UPAEP - Youth, Education, and Literacy 
CHILE1424-25UPAEP - Flora and Fauna 
CHILE1435-36UPAEP - Environmental Protection 
CHILE1451UPAEP - Fight Against Poverty PairNH4.50
CHILE1466UPAEP - Energy Block 
CHILE1487America UPAEP Strip of 5NH6.50
CHILE1511-15UPAEP - National FestivalNH29.75
CHILE1534UPAEP CongressNH2.25
CHILE1538-39UPAEP - America, Kite, TopNH3.50
CHILE1560UPAEP, Patriotic SymbolsNH1.50
CHILE1570UPAEP AnniversaryNH1.75
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
CHILE1580UPAEP - MailboxNH2.00
CHILE1585UPAEP - Mythological Forest DwellerNH2.00
COLOMBIA1105-06America IssueNH4.50
COLOMBIA1129-30America IssueNH2.60
COLOMBIA1138-39America IssueNH4.50
COLOMBIA1164UPAEP Millennium PairNH4.50
COLOMBIA1171UPAEP - Against AidsNH4.50
COLOMBIA1214UPAEP - Flora, Fauna Pair 
COLOMBIA1214 BLK  UPAEP Block of 2 Pairs with Descriptive TabsNH18.00
COLOMBIA1214 M/S  UPAEP MiniSheet of 4 PairsNH39.00
COLOMBIA1235-36UPAEP, FishNH8.00
COLOMBIA1235-36 M/S  UPAEP MiniSheets of 4NH35.00
COLOMBIA1255a  UPAEP Single from sheet (not in Year Set)NH12.00
COLOMBIA1283UPAEP - EducationNH3.75
COLOMBIA1283 M/S  UPAEP - Education MiniSheet of 6NH23.00
COLOMBIA1303-04UPAEP - AmericasNH3.00
COLOMBIA1303-04 M/S  UPAEP - Americas MiniSheets of 9NH29.75
COLOMBIA1320UPAEP - Sports PairNH12.00
COLOMBIA1320 M/S  UPAEP - Sports Pair MiniSheet of 6NH36.00
COLOMBIA1343UPAEP - Patriotic SymbolsNH5.50
COLOMBIA1343 M/S  UPAEP - Symbols MiniSheet of 4NH11.00
COLOMBIA1364 S/SUPAEP Anniversary SheetNH3.00
COLOMBIA1368UPAEP - MailboxNH1.25
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
COSTA RICA433-36Birds, UPAEP Pairs 
COSTA RICA476UPAEP - IllustrationsNH5.50
COSTA RICA540-41UPAEP, Fight Against AIDSNH9.75
COSTA RICA543-44UPAEP - Birds 
COSTA RICA587UPAEP - Poverty, Child Strip of 3NH9.50
COSTA RICA603UPAEP - Education PairNH7.50
COSTA RICA603 M/S  UPAEP - Education MiniSheet of 10NH39.75
COSTA RICA631UPAEP - Traditional Games PairNH3.00
COSTA RICA645UPAEP - Mailboxes PairNH4.25
COSTA RICA645 S/SUPAEP - Mailboxes Sheet of 4 (shaped)NH10.00
COSTA RICA652 S/SUPAEP - Myths and Legends Sheet of 4NH4.50
CUBA2772Postal UnionsNH2.00
CUBA3035UPAEP, TrainNH.70
CUBA3149-50UPAEP, ArtNH1.20
CUBA3249-50UPAEP, DiscoveryNH1.40
CUBA3353-54UPAEP, DiscoveryNH1.90
CUBA3408-09UPAEP, DiscoveryNH.70
CUBA3527-28UPAEP - SpeciesNH2.00
CUBA3614-15UPAEP - TransportNH2.00
CUBA3698-99UPAEP, BirdsNH1.60
CUBA3770-71UPAEP, CostumesNH1.60
CUBA3875-76UPAEP, PostmenNH1.60
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
CUBA4115-16UPAEP, Anti-AIDSNH1.60
CUBA4202UPAEP, Bird, ComputerNH1.30
CUBA4346-47UPAEP Bird, FlowersNH1.60
CUBA4517-18UPAEP - PovertyNH2.50
CUBA4626-29UPAEP - EngeryNH5.00
CUBA4728Technology Transfer - UPAEPNH1.40
CUBA4785 S/SUPAEP - Education for All SheetNH6.00
CUBA"4785E-F"UPAEP Pairs - EducationNH6.00
CUBA4876-79UPAEP - National FeastNH7.25
CUBA4879a S/SUPAEP Sheet - National FeastNH7.25
CUBA5027-30UPAEP - Traditional Games (Kite, Dominos, Jacks, Top)NH7.25
CUBA5030a S/SUPAEP, Games SheetNH7.25
CUBA5174-77UPAEP - National SymbolsNH5.75
CUBA5198UPAEP - DancingNH1.50
CUBA5238-41Mailboxes - UPAEPNH5.00
CUBA5322-25UPAEP - Myths and LegendsNH5.25
CUBA5433UPAEP - LetterNH1.50
CUBA5434 S/SUPAEP (Flags, Maps) SheetNH2.00
CUBA5575A-57DUPAEP - Patriots (dated 2014)NH5.25
CUBA5715-18UPAEP - Human TraffickingNH5.25
CUBA4vUPAEP Olympic Sports inc Golf, SoccerNH5.25
CUBA1vUPAEP - Tourism ActivitiesNH5.25
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC1126 IMP  50c Royal Residence IMPERF (scarce)NH20.00
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC1126 IMP MRG  50c Royal Residence IMPERF with Sheet MarginNH24.00
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC1126 IMP PR  50c Royal Residence IMPERF PairNH39.50
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC1126 IMP BLK  50c Royal Residence IMPERF Block of 4NH78.00
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC1167-68Horse, ShipNH11.50
NH Marginal Inscription Block of 695.00
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC1260-61Postal ServiceNH4.75
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC1399-00Plants and Animals, UPAEPNH5.50
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC1406-07War Against Poverty, UPAEPNH6.75
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC1411-12Environmental Protection, UPAEPNHAsk
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC1524-25UPAEP - Mail Boxes (inscribed 2011)NH6.00
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC2vUPAEP - Myths and Legends PairNH6.50
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC2v SO  UPAEP - Myths and Legends Pair in Scott OrderNH7.50
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
ECUADOR1477Manuela Saenz Painting 
ECUADOR1496America Issue - World Without Arms 
ECUADOR1557America Issue - Fight Against AIDS 
ECUADOR1654American Issue - UNESCO 
ECUADOR1655America Issue - Education and  Literacy 
ECUADOR1687America Issue - Flora and FaunaNH11.75
ECUADOR1770-73UPAEP - Artifacts - Fight Against PovertyNH21.00
ECUADOR1822-23UPAEP - Energy ConservationNH17.50
ECUADOR1891-94UPAEP - Education, Child ArtNH22.00
ECUADOR2023 S/SUPAEP (Flags,Hands) SheetNH9.00
ECUADOR2042-43 UPAEP - CyclingNH11.50
ECUADOR2044 S/SUPAEP - Post Office Bay SheetNH15.00
ECUADOR2075-76UPAEP - Cathedral, SceneNH13.50
GRENADA1770 S/SColumbus SheetNH8.50
GRENADA1818-19 S/SButterflies Sheets 
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
GRENADA GRENADINES1142-43 S/SButterfly SheetsNH15.00
GRENADA GRENADINES  1142 S/S  Canna Skipper Butterfly SheetNH9.00
GRENADA GRENADINES  1143 S/S  Monarch Butterfly SheetNH9.00
GUATEMALA644100 Years of the UPAEPNH3.00
GUATEMALA1vUPAEP 2011 Mailbox Theme but issued October 2012NH2.50
HAITI854-58Discovery of the Americas - UPAEPNH19.00
HAITI854-58 FDCDiscovery of the Americas - UPAEPFDC15.00
HAITI854-58 M/S  Discovery of the Americas - UPAEP MiniSheets of 25 (quite scarce thus)NH495.00
HAITI857a S/SUPAEP - Discovery SheetNHAsk
HONDURASC949-50Postal Van, Motorcycle - UPAEPNH3.00
HONDURASC957-59Turtles - UPAEPNH12.50
HONDURASC1046-48Famous WomenNH8.50
HONDURASC1078-80Millenmium of Peace - UPAEPNH17.50
HONDURASC1090-93Birds - UPAEPNH16.00
HONDURASC1113-15UPAEP- Wildlife inc Birds 
MEXICO1629-30UPAEP - Emblem and SymbolsNH2.00
MEXICO1678-79UPAEP - FlowersNH3.75
MEXICO1679a  UPAEP - Flowers plus TabNH4.50
MEXICO1678-79+1679a  UPAEP - Flowers Strip of 4 with TabNH9.50
MEXICO1707-09Columbus VoyagesNH6.00
MEXICO  1707-08 Pair  UPAEP PairNH5.00
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
MEXICO  1707-08 Pair  UPAEP Pair with LabelNH13.00
MEXICO  1707-08 Strip  UPAEP Strip of 4 with LabelNH18.00
MEXICO  1709  1000p Colombus High ValueNH5.00
MEXICO1838-39Endangered Species, UPAEPNH9.00
MEXICO1891UPAEP - Mail Delivery PairNH7.50
MEXICO1926Congress of UPAEPNH3.00
MEXICO2072Organization of American StatesNH2.50
MEXICO2073University of PueblaNH1.40
MEXICO2732UPAEP CentenaryNH2.50
MEXICOC314-15Pennant, Emblem, UPAEPNH5.50
NETHERLANDS ANTILLES699-701UPAEP - Brasiliana ShowNH16.50
NICARAGUA1410-11UPAEP CongressNH4.75
NICARAGUA1862America, VolcanoNH1.50
NICARAGUA1907UPAEP - Columbus FleetNH4.75
NICARAGUA2237-38Famous Nicaraguan Women, UPAEPNH4.75
NICARAGUAC1155-60Discovery of AmericaNH5.50
PARAGUAY2459-60Endangered AnimalsNH5.25
PARAGUAY2521-22Preserve the EnvironmentNH9.50
PARAGUAY2565-66America, Postman, GlobeNH9.50
PARAGUAY2755-56UPAEP Birds, Frog inc SheetNH12.50
PARAGUAY2906-07UPAEP Anniversary - Flags, MapNH12.50
PARAGUAY2919UPAEP - Mail BoxesNH9.00
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
PARAGUAY2935-36 S/S+M/SUPAEP Sheets Myths and Legends (M/S of 7)NH13.00
PERU186Hygiene Institute 
PERU968-69UPAEP - Medicine JarsNH18.50
PERU1013-14UPAEP - Swamp, WaterfallNH6.00
PERU1047UPAEP - Ships, Map PairNH7.50
PERU1114-17UPAEP - Columbus, MailNH22.00
PERU1137-38UPAEP - Rock Formations, CrocodileNH3.75
PERU1160-61Peruvian IndiansNH11.00
PERU1163-64UPAEP - Letter CarriersNH13.50
PERU1197UPAEP - ChabucaNH6.50
PERU1238-39UPAEP - New MillenniumNH6.00
PERU1278UPAEP - Ant-AIDS CampaignNH5.50
PERU1320-21UPAEP - UNESCO World Heritage SitesNH11.00
PERU1361UPAEP - Fauna PairNH5.50
PERU1429-30UPAEP - Youth, Education and LiteracyNH6.00
PERU1434UPAEP - Environmental ProtectionNH6.50
PERU1491America UPAEP - PovertyNH5.00
PERU1539UPAEP Energy PairNH11.50
PERU1592-93UPAEP - EducationNH7.25
PERU1624America UPAEP Pair - FoodNH11.50
PERU1750-51UPAEP - ArmsNH8.25
PERU1761UPAEP Centenary, FlagsNH1.75
PERU1803-04UPAEP - Post BoxesNH16.75
PORTUGAL2245Radium - UPAEPNH5.25
PORTUGAL2477-79Youth Education, UPAEP IssueNH10.50
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
el SALVADOR1190 M/SRuins and Artifacts MiniSheet of 10NH15.00
el SALVADOR1191 S/SDiscovery of America SheetNH5.00
el SALVADOR1214-15UPAEP - AmericaNH4.00
el SALVADOR1243 M/SColumbus MiniSheetNH10.00
el SALVADOR1244 S/SColumbus, Map SheetNH5.00
el SALVADOR1251-52UPAEP - AmericaNH4.75
el SALVADOR1283 M/SDiscovery of America MiniSheet of 6NH10.75
el SALVADOR1284 S/SSail SheetNH5.00
el SALVADOR1285-86UPAEP - America 
el SALVADOR1322-25Discovery of AmericaNH9.00
el SALVADOR1325a M/SDiscovery of America MiniSheet of 8NH15.00
el SALVADOR1326 S/SIndian Pyramid SheetNH8.00
el SALVADOR1331-32UPAEP - America's DiscoveryNH9.50
el SALVADOR1333Exfilna, Discovery of AmericaNH7.00
el SALVADOR1353-54UPAEP - Endangered SpeciesNH6.00
el SALVADOR1381-82UPAEP - Postal TransportNH7.00
el SALVADOR1420-21UPAEP - BirdsNH8.00
el SALVADOR1450-51UPAEP - CostumesNH7.50
el SALVADOR1470-71PostmenNH7.50
el SALVADOR1493-94UPAEP - Famous WomenNH5.00
el SALVADOR1524-25UPAEP - Without Arms 
el SALVADOR1571-72UPAEP - Youth, Education, and LiteracyNH3.75
el SALVADOR1594-95UPAEP - Flora and FaunaNH6.50
el SALVADOR1612-13UPAEP - Environmental ProtectionNH3.00
el SALVADOR1613a TB  UPAEP - Tete-Beche PairNH4.50
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
el SALVADOR1634-35UPAEP - Fight Against PovertyNH3.75
el SALVADOR1654-55UPAEP - Energy ConservationNH4.50
el SALVADOR1671UPAEP - Education PairNH10.50
el SALVADOR1690-91UPAEP - Flowers, FestivalsNH3.50
el SALVADOR1699 VPRUPAEP '09 - Games Vertical PairNH6.50
el SALVADOR1699 HPR  UPAEP '09 - Games Horizontal PairNH8.50
el SALVADOR1706UPAEP '10 Arms, Flag (our choice of format)NH7.50
el SALVADOR1706 VP  UPAEP '10 Arms, Flag Vertical PairNH8.50
el SALVADOR1706 VP SO  UPAEP '10 Arms, Flag Vertical Pair in Scott OrderNH12.00
el SALVADOR1706 HP  UPAEP '10 Arms, Flag Horizontal PairNH9.00
el SALVADOR1712UPAEP Mailboxes PairNH5.75
el SALVADOR2vUPAEP - Myths and Legends PairNH5.50
el SALVADORM/S  UPAEP - Myths and Legends MiniSheet of 10 PairsNHAsk
SPAIN1139UPAE EmblemNH.50
SPAIN2610UPAE, Corn FieldNH1.50
SPAIN2633UPAEP, BirdsNH3.50
SPAIN2657UPAEP, ScienceNH1.75
SPAIN2691UPAEP - America DiscoveryNH4.50
SPAIN2749-50Birds - UPAENH4.25
SPAIN2832Ecology, UPAEPNH2.10
SPAIN2870Traditional Costume, UPAEPNH3.50
SPAIN3017Hands, DoveNH1.50
SPAIN3120Nature Reserve - UPAEPNH5.50
SPAIN3120 TB DT  Nature Reserve UPAEP Tete-Beche Pair with Denominations ApartNH16.50
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
SPAIN3120 TB DA  Nature Reserve UPAEP Tete-Beche Pair with Denominations TogetherNH19.50
SPAIN3376UPAEP - Fight Against PovertyNH2.20
SPAIN3454UPAEP (Energy)NH2.10
SPAIN3525Postal Union of the AmericasNH3.50
SPAIN3603UPAEP - National DayNH3.00
SPAIN3673UPAEP - Playing CardsNH2.40
SPAIN3750UPAEP - Spanish Coat of ArmsNH2.50
SPAIN3811UPAEP - MailboxNH2.75
SPAIN3882UPAEP - Myths & LegendsNH3.00
SPAIN4001UPAEP - FacesNH4.50
SURINAM847-48UPAE, AmericasNH12.00
SURINAM847-48 GP  UPAE, Americas Gutter pairNH35.00
SURINAM876-77UPAE AmericasNH45.00
SURINAM898-99America "Discovery" PairNH15.00
SURINAM898-99 SNG  America "Discovery" SinglesNH13.50
SURINAM932-33America "Discovery", UPAEPNH13.75
SURINAM957-58Alligators, UPAENH30.00
SURINAM989-90UPAEP, Transport (triangles)NH22.00
SURINAM989-90 ST  UPAEP, Transport Se-tenant Pair (triangle)NH23.00
SURINAM1020-21UPAEP, EnvironmentNH18.00
SURINAM1056-57UPAEP - Costumes PairNH17.50
SURINAM1122-23UPAE - Postal WorkersNH6.00
SURINAM1122-23 M/S  UPAE - Postal Workers MiniSheet of 12NH60.00
SURINAM1150-51UPAEP, WomenNH14.00
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
SURINAM1198-99UPAEP, MillenniumNH9.00
NH MiniSheet of 20125.00
SURINAM1228UPAEP - Fight Against AIDS PairNH19.50
SURINAM1260UPAEP - BulidingsNH16.50
SURINAM1261 S/SBuildings Sheet - UPAEPNH18.75
SURINAM1285UPAEP - LiteracyNH15.00
SURINAM1302UPAEP - Flora and FaunaNH21.00
SURINAM1316-17UPAEP - BirdsNH18.00
SURINAM1317a S/SBirds - UPAEPNH18.00
SURINAM1326-27UPAEP - Fight Against PovertyNH19.50
SURINAM1328 S/SFight Against Poverty SheetNH17.50
SURINAM1340-41Solar and Wind EnergyNH21.00
SURINAM1342 S/SEnergy SheetNH21.00
SURINAM1359-60Children in Classroom - UPAEPNH13.50
SURINAM1374UPAEP - Festival Pair with TabNH24.00
SURINAM1375 S/SNational Festival - UPAEPNH16.00
SURINAM1392UPAEP - Children at Play PairNH18.00
SURINAM1392 TAB  UPAEP - Children at Play Pair with Pictorial TabNH24.00
SURINAM1392 M/S  UPAEP - Children at Play MiniSheet of 4 plus TabNH40.00
SURINAM1393 S/SUPAEP - Children at Play SheetNH18.00
SURINAM1405UPAEP Flag, Arms PairNH21.50
SURINAM1405 TAB  UPAEP Flag, Arms Pair with Pictorial TabsNH30.00
SURINAM1405 M/S  UPAEP Flag, Arms MiniSheet of 4NH50.00
SURINAM1406 S/SUPAEP - Anthem Music SheetNH18.50
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
SURINAM1418UPAEP Anniversary, Flags Block of 4NH25.75
SURINAM1418 TAB  UPAEP Anniversary, Flags Block of 4 with TabsNH36.00
SURINAM1418 M/S  UPAEP Anniversary, Flags MiniSheet of 8NH60.00
SURINAM1426UPAEP - Mailboxes PairNH9.00
SURINAM1427 S/SUPAEP - Mailboxes Sheet of 2NH21.50
SURINAM1446 S/SUPAEP Art Sheet of 2NH19.75
TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS836-43Columbus, Fish, UPAENH20.00
TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS844-45 S/SColumbus UPAEP SheetsNH12.50
URUGUAY798Writer Rodo, UPAE EmblemNH2.75
URUGUAY1140-47URUEXPO, CommunicationsNHAsk
URUGUAY  1142  UPAE BuildingNH2.75
URUGUAY1143a,1147a S/SExpo, Communications Sheets, PerfNH14.00
NH Wholesale x1072.50
URUGUAY  1143a S/S  Brasiliana, Auto, UPAEP, Painter Sheet, PerfNH6.00
URUGUAY"1143b,1147b" S/SExpo, Communications Sheets, ImperfNHAsk
NH Wholesale x10Ask
URUGUAY1257UPAE AnniversaryNH.80
URUGUAY1293-94Artifact, UPAE EmblemNH5.00
URUGUAY1355-56UPAEP - AnimalsNH7.50
URUGUAY1392-93Amerigo VespucciNH11.75
URUGUAY1420-21Discovery of America - UPAEPNH11.00
URUGUAY1467Congress of UPAEPNH5.50
URUGUAY1504-05UPAEP - Reptile, BirdNH12.50
URUGUAY1543-44UPAEP - Coach, SteamerNH12.00
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
URUGUAY1585-86UPAEP - AnimalsNH11.75
URUGUAY1635-36Native CostumesNH7.50
URUGUAY1685-86Postal Service - UPAEPNH9.50
URUGUAY1920UNESCO World Heritage Sites PairNH9.50
URUGUAY2215-16UPAEP - EducationNH6.75
URUGUAY2335UPAEP 100th AnniversaryNH4.50
URUGUAY2346-47UPAEP - MailboxesNH7.50
URUGUAY2386-87UPAEP - LengendsNH3.50
URUGUAYC252-53UPAEP FoundingNH1.75
URUGUAYC320-215.90p Bird SurchargesNH1.00
URUGUAYC416-18Olympics, Flags, UPU, UPAE NH6.50
URUGUAYC418a S/SOlympics, Flags, UPU, UPAE SheetNH22.00
URUGUAY"C418b" S/SOlympics, Flags, UPU, UPAE IMPERF SheetNH29.00
USA: 1847-19892426+C121Pre-Columbian America with AirNH1.60
NH Plate Block7.50
NH Zip Block7.50
USPS Commemorative Panel with Sleeve15.00
USPS Commemorative Panel without Sleeve14.00
USA: 1847-19892426Pre-Columbian AmericaNH.50
NH Plate Block2.50
USA: 1847-1989C121Pre-Columbian ArtNH1.10
NH Plate Block5.00
NH Zip Block5.00
USA: 1990 to Date2512+C127Pre-Columbian America, Grand Canyon plus AirmailNH2.00
NH Plate Block11.00
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
NH Zip Block11.00
USPS Commemorative Panel with Sleeve15.00
USPS Commemorative Panel without Sleeve14.00
USA: 1990 to Date2512Pre-Columbian America, Grand CanyonNH.80
NH Plate Block4.50
NH Zip Block4.50
USA: 1990 to DateC127Tropical Coast, UPAEPNH1.20
NH Plate Block6.50
NH Zip Block6.50
USA: 1990 to DateC131UPAEP, Pre-ColumbianNH1.10
NH Plate Block5.50
NH Zip Block5.50
USPS Commemorative Panel with Sleeve15.00
USPS Commemorative Panel without Sleeve14.00
VENEZUELA1433-34UPAE Artifacts PairNH7.00
VENEZUELA1433-34 M/S  UPAE MiniSheet of 10NH42.00
VENEZUELA1443-44America - Water ViewsNH6.50
VENEZUELA1443-44 M/S  America MiniSheets of 10NHAsk
VENEZUELA1450-51UPAEP - America, Indians PairNH5.50
VENEZUELA1450-51 M/S  UPAEP - America, Indians MiniSheet of 10NH35.00
VENEZUELA1476America Discovery PairNH5.50
VENEZUELA1476 M/S  America Discovery MiniSheet of 10NH32.50
VENEZUELA1504Parrots PairNH7.50
VENEZUELA1504 M/S  Parrots MiniSheet of 10NH42.50
VENEZUELA1526 NOTE:Two Types of 1526 exist: 
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
VENEZUELA1526UPAEP - Environment Pair (our choice)NH4.50
VENEZUELA1526 - Type 1  UPAEP - Environment Pair with Bold Border Line above AMERICANH5.50
VENEZUELA1526 - Type 2  UPAEP - Environment Pair with Bold Border Line above AMERICA and DenominationNH7.50
VENEZUELA1526 M/S  UPAEP - Environment MiniSheet of 10NH27.50
VENEZUELA1538UPAEP Costumes, Dancing PairNH3.75
VENEZUELA1538 M/S  Costumes MiniSheet of 10NH24.00
VENEZUELA1573-74Postman Adventures PairNH9.50
VENEZUELA1573-74 M/S  Postman Adventures MiniSheet of 10NH52.00
VENEZUELA1608UPAEP - Famous Women PairNH4.50
VENEZUELA1608 M/S  UPAEP - Famous Women MiniSheet of 10NH27.50
VENEZUELA1619UPAEP - Millennium without Arms PairNH6.50
VENEZUELA1619 M/S  UPAEP - Millennium MiniSheet of 10 with Papal Quotes in the MarginNH59.00
VENEZUELA1714UPAEP - AnniversaryNH1.75
VENEZUELA1714 M/S  UPAEP - Anniversary MiniSheet of 10NH24.50