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Monday, May 2, 2016

UPAEP - Postal Union of the Americas

Country Scott # Description Condition Price
ANDORRA - SPANISH383UPAEP - Myths and LegendsNH1.80
ARGENTINA1325Overprint, UPAEPNH2.00
ARGENTINA1666-67UPAEP - ArtifactsNH4.00
ARGENTINA1705-08UPAEP - Postal Union CongressNH6.50
ARGENTINA1705-08 ST  UPAEP - Postal Union Se-tenant PairsNH10.00
ARGENTINA1705-08 TAB  UPAEP - Postal Union Strips with Central TabsNH15.00
ARGENTINA1705-08 CB  UPAEP - Postal Union Block with Central TabsNH25.00
ARGENTINA1705-08 M/S  UPAEP - Postal Union MiniSheet of 16NH39.00
ARGENTINA1709-10Nature ScenesNH6.00
ARGENTINA1733-34Spanish Explorers - UPAEPNH3.50
ARGENTINA1778Columbus - Discovery of America PairNH5.00
ARGENTINA1778 TAB  Columbus - Discovery of America Pair with TabNH8.50
ARGENTINA1778 STR  Columbus - Discovery of America Gutter Strip of 4 with TabNH15.00
ARGENTINA1805-06Whales - UPAEPNH7.00
ARGENTINA1918-19UPAEP - Postal VehiclesNH5.75
ARGENTINA1925-26UPAEP, Endangered Fauna PairNH6.75
ARGENTINA1925-26 TAB  UPAEP, Fauna Pair with Tab inscribed "Fauna en Peligro"NH8.75
ARGENTINA1925-26 TAB  UPAEP, Fauna Pair with Tab inscribed "Upaep"NH8.75
ARGENTINA1925-26 GP  UPAEP, Fauna Gutter Block with both TabsNH45.00
ARGENTINA2109-10America IssueNH6.00
ARGENTINA2160a-bUNESCO World Heritage SinglesNH8.00
ARGENTINA2179UPAEP - EducationNH4.50
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
ARGENTINA2256-57UPAEP - Flora, FaunaNH3.50
ARGENTINA2274Environment - UPAEP PairNH6.00
ARGENTINA2274 TAB  UPAEP with Descriptive TabsNH8.50
ARGENTINA2404-05America UPAEP - Energy SavingNH2.00
ARGENTINA2501-02 S/SUPAEP Flowers SheetsNH7.50
ARGENTINA2539-40UPAEP - EducationNH1.75
ARGENTINA2566-67UPAEP - State SymbolsNH2.00
ARGENTINA2591-92UPAEP - Traditional GamesNH2.00
ARGENTINA2606UPAEP 100th AnniversaryNH4.00
ARGENTINA2619-20UPAEP - MailboxesNH2.85
ARGENTINA2696UPAEP - Discrimination Campaign PairNH4.00
ARGENTINAB1-5Morse, Columbus, Globe - UPAEH12.00
ARGENTINA  B1  3c+2c MorseNH2.00
ARGENTINA  B2  5c+5c Globe, UPAEPNH7.50
ARGENTINAC84Postal Union, UPAE EmblemNH3.50
ARUBA134-36UPAEP - CostumesNH8.50
ARUBA144-46Mailman - UPAEPNH9.50
ARUBA220-21UPAEP, EducationNH5.00
ARUBA375UPAEP, Flags, Hands Vertical Strip of 4NH14.75
ARUBA375 M/S  UPAEP, Flags, Hands MiniSheet of 8NH29.75
ARUBA376 S/SUPAEP, Flags, Hands SheetNH14.75
BARBUDA1035-36Arawaks with SheetNH44.00
BARBUDA  1035  ArawaksNH26.00
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
BARBUDA  1036 S/S  Arawaks SheetNH19.00
BARBUDA1103-12Sea Life, UPAEP with Sheets 
BARBUDA  1103-10  Sea Life, UPAEP Stamps 
BARBUDA  1111-12 S/S  Sea Life, UPAEP Sheets 
BOLIVIA792A-BUPAEP - CultureNH12.00
BOLIVIA834-35America IssueNH12.50
BOLIVIA900-01America IssueNH9.00
BOLIVIA921-22America IssueNH11.00
BOLIVIA1017-18America IssueNH27.50
BOLIVIA1028-29America IssueNH5.75
BOLIVIA1086-87UPAEP - New MillenniumNH11.00
BOLIVIA1111-12UPAEP - AIDS FightNH13.00
BOLIVIA1156-57UPAEP - Heritage SitesNH12.50
BOLIVIA1196-97UPAEP - EducationNH8.50
BOLIVIA1209UPAEP - Flora and Fauna PairNH17.00
BOLIVIA1231-32UPAEP - ParrotsNH9.75
BOLIVIA1249-50UPAEP - Fight PovertyNH18.50
BOLIVIA1284-85UPAEP, Save EnergyNH7.75
BOLIVIA1349Education, UPAEP Block of 4NH20.50
BOLIVIA1472-73UPAEP - MailboxesNH8.00
BOLIVIA1530-31UPAEP - Myths and LegendsNH4.50
BRAZIL946UPAE EmblemNH2.50
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
BRAZIL1923First LetterNH.50
BRAZIL2208-09UPAEP, ArtifactsNH2.70
BRAZIL2286-87Wildlife ReserveNH5.50
BRAZIL2333-34Discovery of AmericaNH5.50
BRAZIL2423-24UPAEP - BirdsNH4.50
BRAZIL2464-65UPAEP 1994NH5.50
BRAZIL2558-59UPAEP - Outdoor Scenes PairNH7.00
BRAZIL2604-05Traditional CostumesNH16.00
BRAZIL2614The PostmanNH2.75
BRAZIL2663-66Famous Women Block of 4NH12.00
BRAZIL2718 S/SUPAEP - Millennium Without Arms SheetNH6.00
BRAZIL2755 S/SCampaign Against AIDS SheetNH8.00
BRAZIL2823Bom Jesus de Matosinhos SanctuaryNH4.00
BRAZIL2862Youth LiteracyNH4.00
BRAZIL2883 S/SMedicinal Plants SheetNH15.00
BRAZIL2963-64UPAEP CongressNH4.00
BRAZIL3000UPAEP - EnergyNH4.00
BRAZIL3027UPAEP - EducationNH2.50
BRAZIL3036UPAEP - DancersNH2.00
BRAZIL3091UPAEP - Popular Games Block of 4NH8.00
BRAZIL3147Flag, Music, Emblems UPAEP Block of 4NH5.75
BRAZIL3163UPAEP Centenary, MapNH3.00
BRAZIL3192UPAEP - Post Boxes Block of 4NH16.00
BRAZIL3224UPAEP - Children, Baby, Snake, Tree PairNH3.75
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
CHILE407-11Virgin, Emblem, BuildingsNH3.50
CHILE"411A" S/SVirgin SheetNH10.00
CHILE866-67UPAE Emblem, Pre-Columbian PeoplesNH6.00
CHILE927-28Discovery of AmericaNH6.50
CHILE978-79UPAEP - Sailing ShipsNH4.75
CHILE1070-71UPAEP - BirdsNH3.25
CHILE1124-25UPAEP - Postal Transport VehiclesNH3.50
CHILE1145-46UPAEP - Children's DrawingsNH2.50
CHILE1225-26UPAEP - PostmenNH4.00
CHILE1264-65Prominent Women 
CHILE1304-05UPAEP - Millennium Without ArmsNH6.00
CHILE1346-47UPAEP - World AIDS Day 
CHILE1375-76UPAEP - UNESCO World HeritageNH10.00
CHILE1401-02UPAEP - Youth, Education, and Literacy 
CHILE1424-25UPAEP - Flora and Fauna 
CHILE1435-36UPAEP - Environmental Protection 
CHILE1451UPAEP - Fight Against Poverty PairNH4.50
CHILE1466UPAEP - Energy Block 
CHILE1487America UPAEP Strip of 5NH6.50
CHILE1511-15UPAEP - National FestivalNH29.75
CHILE1534UPAEP CongressNH2.25
CHILE1538-39UPAEP - America, Kite, TopNH3.50
CHILE1560UPAEP, Patriotic SymbolsNH1.50
CHILE1570UPAEP AnniversaryNH1.75
CHILE1580UPAEP - MailboxNH2.00
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
CHILE1585UPAEP - Mythological Forest DwellerNH2.00
COLOMBIA1105-06America IssueNH4.50
COLOMBIA1129-30America IssueNH2.60
COLOMBIA1138-39America IssueNH4.50
COLOMBIA1164UPAEP Millennium PairNH4.50
COLOMBIA1171UPAEP - Against AidsNH4.50
COLOMBIA1214UPAEP - Flora, Fauna Pair 
COLOMBIA1214 BLK  UPAEP Block of 2 Pairs with Descriptive TabsNH18.00
COLOMBIA1214 M/S  UPAEP MiniSheet of 4 PairsNH39.00
COLOMBIA1235-36UPAEP, FishNH8.00
COLOMBIA1235-36 M/S  UPAEP MiniSheets of 4NH35.00
COLOMBIA1255a  UPAEP Single from sheet (not in Year Set)NH12.00
COLOMBIA1283UPAEP - EducationNH3.75
COLOMBIA1283 M/S  UPAEP - Education MiniSheet of 6NH23.00
COLOMBIA1303-04UPAEP - AmericasNH3.00
COLOMBIA1303-04 M/S  UPAEP - Americas MiniSheets of 9NH29.75
COLOMBIA1320UPAEP - Sports PairNH12.00
COLOMBIA1320 M/S  UPAEP - Sports Pair MiniSheet of 6NH36.00
COLOMBIA1343UPAEP - Patriotic SymbolsNH5.50
COLOMBIA1343 M/S  UPAEP - Symbols MiniSheet of 4NH11.00
COLOMBIA1364 S/SUPAEP Anniversary SheetNH3.00
COLOMBIA1368UPAEP - MailboxNH1.25
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
COSTA RICA433-36Birds, UPAEP Pairs 
COSTA RICA476UPAEP - IllustrationsNH5.50
COSTA RICA540-41UPAEP, Fight Against AIDSNH9.75
COSTA RICA543-44UPAEP - Birds 
COSTA RICA587UPAEP - Poverty, Child Strip of 3NH9.50
COSTA RICA603UPAEP - Education PairNH7.50
COSTA RICA603 M/S  UPAEP - Education MiniSheet of 10NH39.75
COSTA RICA631UPAEP - Traditional Games PairNH3.00
COSTA RICA645UPAEP - Mailboxes PairNH4.25
COSTA RICA645 S/SUPAEP - Mailboxes Sheet of 4 (shaped)NH10.00
COSTA RICA652 S/SUPAEP - Myths and Legends Sheet of 4NH4.50
CUBA2772Postal UnionsNH2.00
CUBA3035UPAEP, TrainNH.70
CUBA3149-50UPAEP, ArtNH1.20
CUBA3249-50UPAEP, DiscoveryNH1.40
CUBA3353-54UPAEP, DiscoveryNH1.90
CUBA3408-09UPAEP, DiscoveryNH.70
CUBA3527-28UPAEP - SpeciesNH2.00
CUBA3614-15UPAEP - TransportNH2.00
CUBA3698-99UPAEP, BirdsNH1.60
CUBA3770-71UPAEP, CostumesNH1.60
CUBA3875-76UPAEP, PostmenNH1.60
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
CUBA4115-16UPAEP, Anti-AIDSNH1.60
CUBA4202UPAEP, Bird, ComputerNH1.30
CUBA4346-47UPAEP Bird, FlowersNH1.60
CUBA4517-18UPAEP - PovertyNH2.50
CUBA4626-29UPAEP - EngeryNH5.00
CUBA4728Technology Transfer - UPAEPNH1.40
CUBA4785 S/SUPAEP - Education for All SheetNH6.00
CUBA4vUPAEP Pairs - EducationNH6.00
CUBA4876-79UPAEP - National FeastNH7.25
CUBA4879a S/SUPAEP Sheet - National FeastNH7.25
CUBA5027-30UPAEP - Traditional Games (Kite, Dominos, Jacks, Top)NH7.25
CUBA5030a S/SUPAEP, Games SheetNH7.25
CUBA5174-77UPAEP - National SymbolsNH5.75
CUBA5198UPAEP - DancingNH1.50
CUBA5238-41Mailboxes - UPAEPNH5.00
CUBA5322-25UPAEP - Myths and LegendsNH5.25
CUBA5433UPAEP - LetterNH1.50
CUBA5434 S/SUPAEP (Flags, Maps) SheetNH2.00
CUBA4vUPAEP - PatriotsNH5.25
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC1126 IMP  50c Royal Residence IMPERF (scarce)NH20.00
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC1126 IMP MRG  50c Royal Residence IMPERF with Sheet MarginNH24.00
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC1126 IMP PR  50c Royal Residence IMPERF PairNH39.50
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC1126 IMP BLK  50c Royal Residence IMPERF Block of 4NH78.00
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC1167-68Horse, ShipNH11.50
NH Marginal Inscription Block of 695.00
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC1260-61Postal ServiceNH4.75
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC1399-00Plants and Animals, UPAEPNH5.50
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC1406-07War Against Poverty, UPAEPNH6.75
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC1411-12Environmental Protection, UPAEPNHAsk
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC1524-25UPAEP - Mail Boxes (inscribed 2011)NH6.00
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC2vUPAEP - Myths and Legends PairNH6.50
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC2v SO  UPAEP - Myths and Legends Pair in Scott OrderNH7.50
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
ECUADOR1477Manuela Saenz Painting 
ECUADOR1496America Issue - World Without Arms 
ECUADOR1557America Issue - Fight Against AIDS 
ECUADOR1654American Issue - UNESCONH7.50
ECUADOR1655America Issue - Education and  LiteracyNH7.00
ECUADOR1687America Issue - Flora and FaunaNH11.75
ECUADOR2023 S/SUPAEP (Flags,Hands) SheetNH8.00
ECUADOR2042-43 UPAEP - CyclingNH9.50
ECUADOR2044 S/SUPAEP - Post Office Bay SheetNH13.25
ECUADOR2075-76UPAEP - Cathedral, SceneNH10.50
GRENADA1770 S/SColumbus SheetNH8.50
GRENADA1818-19 S/SButterflies Sheets 
GRENADA GRENADINES1142-43 S/SButterfly SheetsNH15.00
GRENADA GRENADINES  1142 S/S  Canna Skipper ButterflyNH9.00
GRENADA GRENADINES  1143 S/S  Monarch ButterflyNH9.00
GUATEMALA644100 Years of the UPAEPNH3.00
GUATEMALA1vUPAEP 2011 Mailbox Theme but issued October 2012NH2.50
HAITI854-58Discovery of the Americas - UPAEPNH19.00
HAITI854-58 FDCDiscovery of the Americas - UPAEPFDC15.00
HAITI854-58 M/S  Discovery of the Americas - UPAEP MiniSheets of 25 (quite scarce thus)NH495.00
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
HAITI857a S/SUPAEP - Discovery SheetNHAsk
HONDURASC949-50Postal Van, Motorcycle - UPAEPNH3.00
HONDURASC957-59Turtles - UPAEPNH12.50
HONDURASC1046-48Famous WomenNH8.50
HONDURASC1078-80Millenmium of Peace - UPAEPNH17.50
HONDURASC1090-93Birds - UPAEPNH16.00
MEXICO1629-30UPAEP - Emblem and SymbolsNH2.00
MEXICO1678-79UPAEP - FlowersNH3.75
MEXICO1679a  UPAEP - Flowers plus TabNH4.50
MEXICO1678-79+1679a  UPAEP - Flowers Strip of 4 with TabNH9.50
MEXICO1707-09Columbus VoyagesNH6.00
MEXICO  1707-08 Pair  UPAEP PairNH5.00
MEXICO  1707-08 Pair  UPAEP Pair with LabelNH13.00
MEXICO  1707-08 Strip  UPAEP Strip of 4 with LabelNH18.00
MEXICO  1709  1000p Colombus High ValueNH5.00
MEXICO1838-39Endangered Species, UPAEPNH9.00
MEXICO1891UPAEP - Mail Delivery PairNH7.50
MEXICO1926Congress of UPAEPNH3.00
MEXICO2072Organization of American StatesNH2.50
MEXICO2073University of PueblaNH1.40
MEXICO2732UPAEP CentenaryNH2.50
MEXICOC314-15Pennant, Emblem, UPAEPNH5.50
NETHERLANDS ANTILLES699-701UPAEP - Brasiliana ShowNH16.50
NICARAGUA1410-11UPAEP CongressNH4.75
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
NICARAGUA1862America, VolcanoNH1.50
NICARAGUA1907UPAEP - Columbus FleetNH4.75
NICARAGUA2237-38Famous Nicaraguan Women, UPAEPNH4.75
NICARAGUAC1155-60Discovery of AmericaNH5.50
PARAGUAY2459-60Endangered AnimalsNH5.25
PARAGUAY2521-22Preserve the EnvironmentNH9.50
PARAGUAY2565-66America, Postman, GlobeNH9.50
PARAGUAY2755-56UPAEP Birds, Frog inc SheetNH12.50
PARAGUAY2906-07UPAEP Anniversary - Flags, MapNH12.50
PARAGUAY2919UPAEP - Mail BoxesNH9.00
PARAGUAYS/S+M/SUPAEP Sheets Myths and Legends (M/S of 7)NH13.00
PERU186Hygiene Institute 
PERU968-69UPAEP - Medicine JarsNH18.50
PERU1013-14UPAEP - Swamp, WaterfallNH6.00
PERU1047UPAEP - Ships, Map PairNH7.50
PERU1114-17UPAEP - Columbus, MailNH22.00
PERU1137-38UPAEP - Rock Formations, CrocodileNH3.75
PERU1160-61Peruvian IndiansNH11.00
PERU1163-64UPAEP - Letter CarriersNH13.50
PERU1197UPAEP - ChabucaNH6.50
PERU1238-39UPAEP - New MillenniumNH6.00
PERU1278UPAEP - Ant-AIDS CampaignNH5.50
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
PERU1320-21UPAEP - UNESCO World Heritage SitesNH11.00
PERU1361UPAEP - Fauna PairNH5.50
PERU1429-30UPAEP - Youth, Education and LiteracyNH6.00
PERU1434UPAEP - Environmental ProtectionNH6.50
PERU1491America UPAEP - PovertyNH5.00
PERU1539UPAEP Energy PairNH11.50
PERU1592-93UPAEP - EducationNH7.25
PERU1624America UPAEP Pair - FoodNH11.50
PERU1750-51UPAEP - ArmsNH8.25
PERU1761UPAEP Centenary, FlagsNH1.75
PERU1803-04UPAEP - Post BoxesNH16.75
PORTUGAL2245Radium - UPAEPNH5.25
PORTUGAL2477-79Youth Education, America IssueNH10.50
el SALVADOR1190 M/SRuins and Artifacts MiniSheet of 10NH15.00
el SALVADOR1191 S/SDiscovery of America SheetNH5.00
el SALVADOR1214-15UPAEP - AmericaNH4.00
el SALVADOR1243 M/SColumbus MiniSheetNH10.00
el SALVADOR1244 S/SColumbus, Map SheetNH5.00
el SALVADOR1251-52UPAEP - AmericaNH4.75
el SALVADOR1283 M/SDiscovery of America MiniSheet of 6NH10.75
el SALVADOR1284 S/SSail SheetNH5.00
el SALVADOR1285-86UPAEP - America 
el SALVADOR1322-25Discovery of AmericaNH9.00
el SALVADOR1325a M/SDiscovery of America MiniSheet of 8NH15.00
el SALVADOR1326 S/SIndian Pyramid SheetNH8.00
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
el SALVADOR1331-32UPAEP - America's DiscoveryNH9.50
el SALVADOR1333Exfilna, Discovery of AmericaNH7.00
el SALVADOR1353-54UPAEP - Endangered SpeciesNH6.00
el SALVADOR1381-82UPAEP - Postal TransportNH7.00
el SALVADOR1420-21UPAEP - BirdsNH8.00
el SALVADOR1450-51UPAEP - CostumesNH7.50
el SALVADOR1470-71PostmenNH7.50
el SALVADOR1493-94UPAEP - Famous WomenNH5.00
el SALVADOR1524-25UPAEP - Without Arms 
el SALVADOR1571-72UPAEP - Youth, Education, and LiteracyNH3.75
el SALVADOR1594-95UPAEP - Flora and FaunaNH6.50
el SALVADOR1612-13UPAEP - Environmental ProtectionNH3.00
el SALVADOR1613a TB  UPAEP - Tete-Beche PairNH4.50
el SALVADOR1634-35UPAEP - Fight Against PovertyNH3.75
el SALVADOR1654-55UPAEP - Energy ConservationNH4.50
el SALVADOR1671UPAEP - Education PairNH10.50
el SALVADOR1690-91UPAEP - Flowers, FestivalsNH3.50
el SALVADOR1699 VPRUPAEP '09 - Games Vertical PairNH6.50
el SALVADOR1699 HPR  UPAEP '09 - Games Horizontal PairNH8.50
el SALVADOR1706UPAEP '10 (our choice of format)NH6.50
el SALVADOR1706 VP  UPAEP '10 Vertical PairNH7.00
el SALVADOR1706 HP  UPAEP '10 Horizontal PairNH6.75
el SALVADOR1712UPAEP Mailboxes PairNH5.75
el SALVADOR2vUPAEP - Myths and Legends PairNH5.50
el SALVADORM/S  UPAEP - Myths and Legends MiniSheet of 10 PairsNHAsk
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
SPAIN1139UPAE EmblemNH.50
SPAIN2610UPAE, Corn FieldNH1.50
SPAIN2633UPAEP, BirdsNH3.50
SPAIN2657UPAEP, ScienceNH1.75
SPAIN2749-50Birds - UPAENH4.25
SPAIN2832Ecology, UPAEPNH2.10
SPAIN2870Traditional Costume, UPAEPNH3.50
SPAIN3017Hands, DoveNH1.50
SPAIN3120Nature Reserve - UPAEPNH5.50
SPAIN3120 TB DT  Nature Reserve UPAEP Tete-Beche Pair with Denominations ApartNH16.50
SPAIN3120 TB DA  Nature Reserve UPAEP Tete-Beche Pair with Denominations TogetherNH19.50
SPAIN3376UPAEP - Fight Against PovertyNH2.20
SPAIN3454UPAEP (Energy)NH2.10
SPAIN3525Postal Union of the AmericasNH3.50
SPAIN3603UPAEP - National DayNH3.00
SPAIN3673UPAEP - Playing CardsNH2.40
SPAIN3750UPAEP - Spanish Coat of ArmsNH2.50
SPAIN3811UPAEP - MailboxNH2.75
SPAIN3882UPAEP - Myths & LegendsNH3.00
SURINAM847-48UPAE, AmericasNH12.00
SURINAM847-48 GP  UPAE, Americas Gutter pairNH35.00
SURINAM876-77UPAE AmericasNH45.00
SURINAM898-99America "Discovery" PairNH15.00
SURINAM898-99 SNG  America "Discovery" SinglesNH13.50
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
SURINAM932-33America "Discovery", UPAEPNH13.75
SURINAM957-58Alligators, UPAENH30.00
SURINAM989-90UPAEP, TransportNH22.00
SURINAM1020-21UPAEP, EnvironmentNH18.00
SURINAM1056-57UPAEP - CostumesNH17.50
SURINAM1122-23UPAE - Postal WorkersNH6.00
NH VERTICAL Gutter Pair14.00
SURINAM1122-23 M/S  UPAE - Postal Workers MiniSheet of 12NH60.00
SURINAM1150-51UPAEP, WomenNH14.00
SURINAM1198-99UPAEP, MillenniumNH9.00
NH VERTICAL Gutter Pair25.00
NH MiniSheet of 20125.00
SURINAM1228UPAEP - Fight Against AIDS PairNH19.50
SURINAM1260UPAEP - BulidingsNH16.50
SURINAM1261 S/SBuildings Sheet - UPAEPNH18.75
SURINAM1285UPAEP - LiteracyNH15.00
SURINAM1302UPAEP - Flora and FaunaNH21.00
SURINAM1316-17UPAEP - BirdsNH18.00
SURINAM1317a S/SBirds - UPAEPNH18.00
SURINAM1326-27UPAEP - Fight Against PovertyNH19.50
SURINAM1328 S/SFight Against Poverty SheetNH17.50
SURINAM1340-41Solar and Wind EnergyNH21.00
SURINAM1342 S/SEnergy SheetNH21.00
SURINAM1359-60Children in Classroom - UPAEPNH13.50
SURINAM1374UPAEP - Festival Pair with TabNH24.00
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
SURINAM1375 S/SNational Festival - UPAEPNH16.00
SURINAM1392UPAEP - Children at Play PairNH18.00
SURINAM1392 TAB  UPAEP - Children at Play Pair with Pictorial TabNH24.00
SURINAM1392 M/S  UPAEP - Children at Play MiniSheet of 4 plus TabNH40.00
SURINAM1393 S/SUPAEP - Children at Play SheetNH18.00
SURINAM1405UPAEP Flag, Arms PairNH21.50
SURINAM1405 TAB  UPAEP Flag, Arms Pair with Pictorial TabsNH30.00
SURINAM1405 M/S  UPAEP Flag, Arms MiniSheet of 4NH50.00
SURINAM1406 S/SUPAEP - Anthem Music SheetNH18.50
SURINAM1418UPAEP Anniversary, Flags Block of 4NH25.75
SURINAM1418 TAB  UPAEP Anniversary, Flags Block of 4 with TabsNH36.00
SURINAM1418 M/S  UPAEP Anniversary, Flags MiniSheet of 8NH60.00
SURINAM1426UPAEP - Mailboxes PairNH9.00
SURINAM1427 S/SUPAEP - Mailboxes Sheet of 2NH21.50
SURINAM1446 S/SUPAEP Art Sheet of 2NH19.75
TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS836-43Columbus, Fish, UPAENH20.00
TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS844-45 S/SColumbus UPAEP SheetsNH12.50
URUGUAY798Writer Rodo, UPAE EmblemNH2.75
URUGUAY1140-47URUEXPO, CommunicationsNHAsk
URUGUAY  1142  UPAE BuildingNH2.75
URUGUAY1143a,1147a S/SExpo, Communications Sheets, PerfNH14.00
NH Wholesale x1072.50
URUGUAY  1143a S/S  Brasiliana, Auto, UPAEP, Painter Sheet, PerfNH6.00
URUGUAY"1143b,1147b" S/SExpo, Communications Sheets, ImperfNHAsk
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
NH Wholesale x10Ask
URUGUAY1257UPAE AnniversaryNH.80
URUGUAY1293-94Artifact, UPAE EmblemNH5.00
URUGUAY1355-56UPAEP - AnimalsNH7.50
URUGUAY1392-93Amerigo VespucciNH11.75
URUGUAY1420-21Discovery of America - UPAEPNH11.00
URUGUAY1467Congress of UPAEPNH5.50
URUGUAY1504-05UPAEP - Reptile, BirdNH12.50
URUGUAY1543-44UPAEP - Coach, SteamerNH12.00
URUGUAY1585-86UPAEP - AnimalsNH11.75
URUGUAY1635-36Native CostumesNH7.50
URUGUAY1685-86Postal Service - UPAEPNH9.50
URUGUAY1920UNESCO World Heritage Sites PairNH9.50
URUGUAY2215-16UPAEP - EducationNH6.75
URUGUAY2335UPAEP 100th AnniversaryNH4.50
URUGUAY2346-47UPAEP - MailboxesNH7.50
URUGUAY2386-87UPAEP - LengendsNH3.50
URUGUAYC252-53UPAEP FoundingNH1.75
URUGUAYC320-215.90p Bird SurchargesNH1.00
URUGUAYC416-18Olympics, Flags, UPU, UPAE NH6.50
URUGUAYC418a S/SOlympics, Flags, UPU, UPAE SheetNH22.00
URUGUAY"C418b" S/SOlympics, Flags, UPU, UPAE IMPERF SheetNH29.00
USA: 1847-19892426+C121Pre-Columbian America with AirNH1.60
NH Plate Block7.50
NH Zip Block7.50
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
USPS Commemorative Panel with Sleeve15.00
USPS Commemorative Panel without Sleeve14.00
USA: 1847-19892426Pre-Columbian AmericaNH.50
NH Plate Block2.50
USA: 1847-1989C121Pre-Columbian ArtNH1.10
NH Plate Block5.00
NH Zip Block5.00
USA: 1847-1989C127Tropical CoastNH1.20
NH Plate Block6.50
NH Zip Block6.50
USA: 1990 to Date2512+C127Pre-Columbian America, Grand Canyon plus AirmailNH2.00
NH Plate Block11.00
NH Zip Block11.00
USPS Commemorative Panel with Sleeve15.00
USPS Commemorative Panel without Sleeve14.00
USA: 1990 to Date2512Pre-Columbian America, Grand CanyonNH.80
NH Plate Block4.50
NH Zip Block4.50
USA: 1990 to DateC127Tropical Coast, UPAEPNH1.20
NH Plate Block6.50
NH Zip Block6.50
USA: 1990 to DateC131UPAEP, Pre-ColumbianNH1.10
NH Plate Block5.50
NH Zip Block5.50
USPS Commemorative Panel with Sleeve15.00
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
USPS Commemorative Panel without Sleeve14.00
VENEZUELA1433-34UPAE Artifacts PairNH7.00
VENEZUELA1433-34 M/S  UPAE MiniSheet of 10NH42.00
VENEZUELA1443-44America - Water ViewsNH6.50
VENEZUELA1443-44 M/S  America MiniSheets of 10NHAsk
VENEZUELA1450-51UPAEP - America, Indians PairNH5.50
VENEZUELA1450-51 M/S  UPAEP - America, Indians MiniSheet of 10NH35.00
VENEZUELA1476America Discovery PairNH5.50
VENEZUELA1476 M/S  America Discovery MiniSheet of 10NH32.50
VENEZUELA1504Parrots PairNH7.50
VENEZUELA1504 M/S  Parrots MiniSheet of 10NH42.50
VENEZUELA1526 NOTE:Two Types of 1526 exist: 
VENEZUELA1526UPAEP - Environment Pair (our choice)NH4.50
VENEZUELA1526 - Type 1  UPAEP - Environment Pair with Bold Border Line above AMERICANH5.50
VENEZUELA1526 - Type 2  UPAEP - Environment Pair with Bold Border Line above AMERICA and DenominationNH7.50
VENEZUELA1526 M/S  UPAEP - Environment MiniSheet of 10NH27.50
VENEZUELA1538UPAEP Costumes, Dancing PairNH3.75
VENEZUELA1538 M/S  Costumes MiniSheet of 10NH24.00
VENEZUELA1573-74Postman Adventures PairNH9.50
VENEZUELA1573-74 M/S  Postman Adventures MiniSheet of 10NH52.00
VENEZUELA1608UPAEP - Famous Women PairNH4.50
VENEZUELA1608 M/S  UPAEP - Famous Women MiniSheet of 10NH27.50
VENEZUELA1619UPAEP - Millennium without Arms PairNH6.50
VENEZUELA1619 M/S  UPAEP - Millennium MiniSheet of 10 with Papal Quotes in the MarginNH59.00
VENEZUELA1714UPAEP - AnniversaryNH1.75
Country Scott # Description Condition Price
VENEZUELA1714 M/S  UPAEP - Anniversary MiniSheet of 10NH24.50