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Many 2016 YEAR SETS are now available!  Russia, Vatican City, Japan, Italy, United States, Czech Republic, Aruba, San Marino, Israel Tabs, Austria, Surinam, Alderney, Luxembourg, Christmas Island, Switzerland, Virgin Islands, Aland, United Nations, Azores, Estonia, Madeira, Greece, Curacao, Pitcairn Islands, Portugal, Cape Verde, Lebanon and all Scandinavia.  Click on YEAR SETS below to see the current listings and all those expected.
Saturday, August 19, 2017

Weekly Specials


Every seven to fifteen days we place an attractive group of philatelic items on Special Sale.  Often these Weekly Special Sale items are from recent purchases made in quantity.  These Special Prices will not be available too long so check this page frequently to snap up some of our Special Sale items for yourself.  You'll be pleased you did!

When you register as a client on the Home Page , you will receive automatic notification when additions or changes are made to including the WEEKLY SPECIAL SALES and OFFERS page.

Here's the current list:

These SPECIAL OFFER PRICES may end at anytime and without prior notice.   So don't delay, order now!


Country Scott # Description Condition Price
AUSTRALIAAn interesting Collection of 93 Stamped Envelopes and Aerogrammes.Special Offer Price95.00
AUSTRALIAAn interesting Collection of 204 Stamped Envelopes and Aerogrammes.Special Offer Price190.00
Special Offer Price47.00
BELGIUMAn Interesting collection of 50 mint postal cards, envelopes and aerogrammes. Mainly from the 1980's and 90's. Not seen often.Special Offer PriceAsk
BELGIUMAn Interesting collection of 25 mint postal cards, envelopes and aerogrammes. Mainly from the 1980's and 90's. Not seen often.Special Offer PriceAsk
BELGIUM221a4F Antwerp SingleNH180.00
Special Offer Price120.00
BHUTAN101-01G+101h,101i3-D Insects CompleteNH55.00
Special Offer Price44.44
FINLANDInteresting collection of 18 government-issued post and postal cards.Special Offer Price19.00
GERMANY5NB4a S/SArms of Baden Sheet of 4, ImperfNH75.00
Special Offer Price49.99
GERMANY6NB6a S/SRhine Arms Sheet, ImperfNH110.00
Special Offer Price59.99
GREENLANDAn interesting collection of 21 mint, government-issued post cards.Special Offer Price25.00
MEXICO1550a BK+1541b BKBoth booklets as one unit:NH479.00
Special Offer Price399.00
NETHERLANDS20180c Queen and ShipsNH325.00
Special Offer Price340.00
NETHERLANDSO16-19Permanent Court, Second Printing - Open LettersUSED40.00
Special Offer Price31.00
NORFOLK ISLANDA little collection of Norfolk Island postal stationery, consisting of 8 stamped envelopes and 1 aerogramme.Special Offer PriceAsk
ROMANIA"C57B" S/S '59Centenary Sheet with Philatelic Trade Overprint (Michel 180 Euros - $225)NH150.00
Special Offer Price109.00